Legends of Elumia NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

Legends of Elumia (Elumia) is a next-generation Play to Earn Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) developed by a seasoned team of MMORPG developers.

With high-quality graphics and feature-rich, engaging gameplay, we set ourselves apart from other Play to Earn games by allowing users to earn money directly through online play. Elumia leverages Solana to ensure that digital asset ownership is rapid, secure, and decentralized in a liquid and secure marketplace.

Players can immerse themselves in a variety of global zones, taking part in multiplayer adventures, quests, and intense player combat against both in-game adversaries and other real-time players.

Players will have full ownership of their characters and equipment in the Elumia metaverse, with several entertaining chances to earn by winning battles against other players and progressing through conquering dungeons and killing the world’s foes. Holders of Elumia Crowns ($ELU), our governance token, will have a vote in the game’s future evolution.

Elumia & The Infinite Tower

The infinite tower leads to realms brimming with adventure, challenge, and reward. Elumia is a thriving metropolis centered on The Infinite Tower, an ancient structure. The city of Elumia gradually rose around the Tower when the portal opened, feeding on its enigmatic powers, which are harnessed to a limited degree of their overall power using a mix of technological and occult means.

Those who enter the portal do not always return, and those who do are viewed with suspicion because each one tells a different story about what is within. Players can connect with other players socially or through trade in the city, fight for bragging rights and rewards in the arena, shop for equipment to preparation for their next excursion into The Tower, and take up new missions or jobs from interested parties.

The Infinite Tower’s portals are where players go to finish PvE content and advance in the game. The enormous portal transfers players and groups to new and fascinating open regions and dungeons, each with its own set of creatures and dangers to face. Minting goods found in the game and bringing them out of the Infinite Tower into the real world is an option available to players.

We intend to make tokenized buildings available in the city, allowing anyone to own a piece of the game environment. Players who own buildings will be able to customize them as houses, shops, or crafting stations, and will be paid a tiny share of the cash generated when other players utilize such services.

You can now own land, buildings, and your own piece of Elumia city, from blacksmith shops to taverns.

Legends of Elumia Gameplay

Legends of Elumia is a fast-paced multiplayer action MMORPG where the player can team up to battle in exciting outdoor areas and underground dungeons to earn experience and levels, gain new loot, and obtain valuable resources. Players can also fight each other in duels and team battles. Through gameplay, characters can level up and upgrade their characters and equipment, fand gain rare items. In addition to a variety of challenging play areas, the game contains a vibrant city metaverse where players can interact, and create their own thriving virtual economies and communities, incentivizing frequent activity and creating long lasting bonds.

Elumia is a fantasy world where you can go single or with company to explore and adventure.


Explore perilous dungeons and planets. To defeat formidable foes, form a team. Players can form guilds and join them. Upgrading and strengthening your characters is a must. ​


Compete against other players. In the Arena, fight team battles are held. Various battle modes are available to try. Take part in esports with your group.

Legends of Elumia Metaverse

In Elumia City, you can buy and own land. Place and personalize structures. Make new acquaintances and interact with other players. Characters and equipment can be bought, traded, and upgraded.

Legends of Elumia Character Avatars

Uniquely created player character avatar NFTs help players navigate and interact with the world. Because these avatars have such a wide range of visual appearances, no two characters are ever the same. Each avatar has a pre-determined set of characteristics and talents that influence their ideal play style. This enables for social and team play, with various players working together to overcome obstacles.

Defi & P2E Elements

Players in high-involvement genres like MMORPGs have long wished for a direct say in the game’s destiny. Players can now vote on the game’s future development using a hybrid of DeFi and play-to-earn systems. Staking prizes inspired by DeFi, as well as in-game benefits and reward systems, are among the additional perks.

Legends of Elumia Character Abilities

When a player first begins their quest, their character has a number of various talents and qualities. Traditional MMO archetype skills for tanks, healers, and damage dealers, as well as novel skills based on Elumia legend, are included. Characters can gain experience and levels, as well as upgrade their power, while playing.

Legends of Elumia Equipment, Pets & Mounts

Characters can equip a variety of items to improve their battle abilities. Weapons, Battle Pets, and mounts are all included. Completing missions, beating monsters, or purchasing things from the Marketplace are all ways for players to get new stuff in the game. Players can upgrade their items during gaming, and items come in a variety of rarities.

Legends of Elumia NFT

We want players to have complete control over their things and characters, which is at the heart of our game. In game, a variety of NFTs will be accessible for purchase and trading. These are available in three different formats: a 2D avatar image, a 3D viewer version, and a fully animated in-game 3D asset. Everyone owns their characters, which they can trade and sell outside of the game ecosystem if they so desire.

Weapons, pets, mounts, and even buildings are examples of NFT types. Elumia NFTs can be staked to earn in-game benefits or used to enhance characters. Players will be able to exchange their assets both on and off our website using marketplaces. Every transaction on the Elumia marketplace will be subject to a minor fee.

Weapons, pets, horses, and even structures are examples of NFT kinds. Elumia NFTs can be staked to earn in-game benefits or used to enhance characters. Players will be able to exchange their assets both on and off our website using marketplaces. Every transaction on the Elumia marketplace will be subject to a tiny commission, which will be stored in a vault and recycled into player rewards and used to fund Elumia’s ongoing development. The Vault will also support community efforts and reward governance token holders.

Legends of Elumia Tokens

There are 2 tokens for the Elumia ecosystem, ELU for Governance and EKS for in game rewards​$ELU Elumia Crowns

  • Governance and decision-making process (DAO).
  • Staking for In-Game Rewards.
  • Used for power upgrades.
  • Spent on in-game activities

$EKS Elumia Krystals

  • Medium of exchange.
  • Earned by playing the game.
  • Economy balancing mechanic.
  • Spent on in-game activities

Legends of Elumia Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here we have compiled some of the most important questions about Legends of Elumia nft game project. Make sure to check back occasionally as the list will grow as we release more information about the game.

What is Legends of Elumia?

Legends of Elumia (Elumia for short) is a next generation Play-to-Earn Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) where players can immerse themselves in various world zones, engaging in multiplayer adventures, quests and fierce player battles with in-game enemies and against other real time players.

When Can I Play Elumia?

Elumia is currently in Alpha and you will be able to play it soon. We will be hosting various Private Alphas for NFT and $ELU token stakers in Q2 2022, so if you are interested playing, follow our official channels for the next available chance.

Where Can I Buy $ELU?

$ELU governance token will first be available for public sale on FireStarter, StarLaunch, and GameFi. Afterwards, liquidity will be available on Raydium and selected exchanges for market price. If you want the best price, we highly recommend you apply for Whitelist on one of the launchpads listed.

Is Legends of Elumia Free to Play (F2P)?

Elumia will require players to own a Character NFT in order to play. There will be several ways to purchase or even win one during giveaways over time. More details about Character NFTs will be revealed later.


Legends of Elumia (Elumia) is a next-generation Play to Earn Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) developed by a seasoned team of MMORPG developers.

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You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Legends of Elumia (Elumia) already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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