League of Kingdoms NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is an massive multiplayer online strategy game in which you compete for dominance. You can fully own and trade digital assets. You will take part in game governance via transparent voting and a congress system.

Below you can watch League of Kingdoms game trailer video.

The aim of League of Kingdoms is to provide their players a virtual land and items that they truly own, which have real value in real life.

League of Kingdoms NFT Game

You can earn money while playing by selling some of the items, such as resources, as an NFT and enhancing for real money.

League of Kingdoms Graphics

League of Kingdoms Graphics

The graphics and visuals of League of Kingdoms is just awesome and if you played Rise of Kingdoms its very looking like the same game.

League Of Kingdoms Gameplay

League of Kingdoms Gameplay

League of Kingdoms is a fully pledged MMO strategy game that can be played in the same way as other common strategy games; in fact, League of Kingdoms has more features than other strategy games that I’ve tried.

You will start the game with simple story.

In the story you will be king of your small kingdom and suddenly attacked by small group of Orcs, skeletons and golems.

Thanks to your allies you will defeat this attack and save your kingdom and the story mode will be finished.

This introduction story will not take too much of your time and after completing the story mode you will be king of your small kingdom and you will have lots of responsibility to manage your kingdom.

As usual like all other strategy games in the game world you will need a lot of resources to grow your kingdom.

You will use your resources to train your troops and upgrade every structures within your kingdom.

Like some strategy game you need a lot of resources to run your kingdom, resources are needed to train your troops and upgrade every infrastructure inside of your own kingdoms, resources will serve as fuel and without it, your kingdom will not operate.

You can build many structure in your kingdom like:

  • You can build your own farm
  • Lumber camp
  • Quarry
  • Gold mines
  • Barracks to train your army

All this resources are very important in the game and because with missing items you will have no chance to survive and fail when you get an attack from your enemies.

If you do not have enough resources to expand your kingdom, you can send your troops outside of your kingdoms to gather resources from forests, gold mines and so on but be careful because other players may attack your troops while they are gathering the resources and even worse, they may attack your kingdoms while your troops are out gathering and you don’t have troops inside to defend your kingdom.

With your troops that you have produces from your barracks you can use them to attack mobs or attack another kingdoms to steal their resources.

Attacking to another kingdoms will be not always to good idea since you will be get attacked from them.

My recommendation is wait your kingdom to get powerful before engaging with other kingdoms and try to be in peace with nearby kingdoms for sometime.

The only thing you need to do to play this game is gather resources, train your soldiers, and use your strategy for offense and defense of your kingdom.

How to create an account in League of Kingdoms?

Create Account For League of Kingdoms with Metamask Wallet

To play the game you will need to create an account.

You can do this following below guide:

  • Step #1 You need to have MetaMask wallet to play the game. Go to
  • Step #2 Install Metask for Chrome, then add Metamask to your Chrome extension.
  • Step #3 After installing MetaMask wallet in your Chrome extension, you’ll need to continue creating an account by pressing the Get Started button.
  • Step #4 When you click the Get Started button, two options will appear: Import wallet and Create a wallet. If this is your first time, select the Create a wallet option.
  • Step 5# After clicking the Create Wallet options and agreeing to some terms, you will now receive your Secret Backup Phrase. Be careful because this is one of the most important parts because you must have a copy of your secret backup phrase. If you lost your secret backup phrase you can never acccess to your MetaMask wallet again.
  • Step #6 Following the creation of a duplicate of your secret backup phrase, proceed to the next step, where you will place each phrase in order to proceed in the next step.
  • Step #7 It is all set and ready to access once you have correctly written all of your secret backup phrases.

After you’ve created your first Metamask Wallet, you’re ready to play League of Kingdoms, which you can do by visiting their website.

I’ve played a lot of strategy games and the mechanics of all strategy games are the same and League of Kingdoms is no exception so it should be easy for anyone

And, based on my years of experience playing strategy games, allow me to share some key tips for making League of Kingdoms play much easier for you.

League of Kingdoms Beginners Guide

Here is a quick list of tactics to be succeed in League of Kingdoms:

  1. Keep an eye of your resources
  2. Always keep your hospital upgraded
  3. Join a strong alliance
  4. Always upgrade your castle
  5. Always train your troops
  6. Upgrade all of your buildings to the maximum level
  7. Always upgrade the Technology of your Academy

Keep an Eye Of Your Resources

As I previously stated, resources, like in a strategy game, serve as a fuel for your kingdoms; you’ll need them to train your soldiers and upgrade the level of every instruction in the game, so it’s best to keep an eye on resources.

To obtain more resources, send your troops to gather some outside of your kingdom, and always look for the highest level of resources nearby, as the higher the level, the more you can obtain.

You can also obtain resources by defeating monsters; for example, you can obtain food by defeating Orcs, stone by defeating the golem, and lumber by defeating the skeleton, but keep in mind that you should only attack monsters of your level otherwise you will be defeated and loose your troops.

Always Upgrade your Hospital

This is a war game and there is a chance that a hostile player will attack your kingdom.

Your wounded troops will be transported to the hospital, and when your hospital reaches capacity, some of your wounded soldiers will perish; upgrading your hospital will increase the number of wounded soldiers who can be treated.

Join a Strong Alliance

Like any strategy game joining an alliance is a must because it is much faster to grow when you are in an alliance than when you are alone and there are many benefits to joining the alliance that you can read about below this text.

Benefits of Joining an Alliance

  • Protection: Your alliance can protect you from enemy players, especially if you are in a strong alliance; enemies will hesitate to attack your kingdom if you are in a strong alliance.
  • Alliance Technology: Alliance technology will assist you in obtaining additional buffs for your troops such as attack, defense, HP, troop speed, and in production such as increases in food, lumber, stone, gold production, gathering speed, and more.
  • Upgrade speed: Alliance can assist you in expediting your building upgrade.
  • Alliance Shop: By making a donation in alliance, you will earn a coin, which can be used to purchase useful items in the alliance shop. However, don’t worry, because the donations you make will be added to the attribute of your kingdom.
  • Join a Rally: You should lead or participate in a rally against powerful monsters such as the Deathkar and the dragon to earn rewards such as crystals, gold, treasure, resources, and more..

Always Upgrade Your Castle

Your castle is the foundation of your kingdom; in order to increase your power, you must upgrade your castle in order to unlock more features in your kingdom, such as troop limit, marching troop capacity, and greatly increased kingdom power.

Always Trian Your Troops

Your troops have many uses, including defending your kingdom against invading enemies, defeating monsters outside of your kingdom, attacking other enemies during a guild war, and gathering resources outside of your kingdom.

The more troops you have, the more resources they can get, so always train more troops if possible.

Upgrade all of your buildings to the maximum level

The level of your kingdom is determined by the level of your castle, but before you can upgrade the level of your castle, certain requirements must be met.

For example, some of your buildings must reach a certain level before you can upgrade your castle level, so it is best to keep your building level close to your castle level.

Always Upgrade the Technology of your Academy

Your academy is one of the keys to your kingdom’s progress; always upgrade academy technology because it will increase your troops’ stats such as HP, attack, defense, speed, troop load, and allow you to train higher tier soldiers who are much stronger than your previous ones.

Your academy technology can also improve resource production, gathering speed, gathering storage, and other aspects.

Now that you know what the best thing to do in League of Kingdoms is, you may be wondering how you can make money in this game and sell it for a profit.

Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to earn money in League of Kingdoms one by one.

How to Earn Money In League of Kingdoms?

You can sell your resources in the marketplace.

The resources obtained in this game can be tokenized and converted to NFT and sold in the marketplace.


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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played League of Kingdoms already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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