Kingdom Quest NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Kingdom Quest?

Kingdom Quest is a blockchain-powered casual gaming bundle. PC and mobile versions of the games will be available (Both Android and iOS). All in-game characters, items, and currencies will be available to players as NFT and tokens.

A group of heroes will fight against enemies from a dark dimension under your command in Kingdom Quest. Their ultimate goal is to maintain the Kingdom’s tranquility. They’ll navigate mazes, solve complex puzzles, explore deeper dungeons, defeat all adversaries, and seek out priceless riches. Despite unforeseen risks, brave adventurers will join missions to explore the planet and hunt for hidden treasures.

There is also an arena where heroes from all around the Kingdom gather to compete for the ultimate prize.

Kingdom Quest Story

Claudia’s Story

Claudia, a beautiful country blessed by the Ancient Goddess, is located in a faraway land. She is the life goddess. All of the creatures that live in Claudia were created by her. The Ancient Goddess rested after the creation of the human race in order to reclaim her magic via human honesty and love.

The absolute charm that was all over Claudia, on the other hand, drew undesired attention. Pure magic is intended to keep creatures decent, but it is not a reliable magic. Dark magic can break it, making creatures weak and unable to control themselves. That’s what the God of Chaos wants to achieve.

The God of Chaos is the Ancient Goddess’s first creation, or her first blunder. He used too much pure magic for his own creations and went out of it, rather than using it to guide other species to live in peace. He opted to withdraw dark magic from the dark dimension because there was no more mana to extract. The power was immense, but dark magic came at a high price: it required the consumption of pure mana from living beings.

The God of Chaos then cursed every living thing he saw. Countless lives were eaten by dark mana in Claudia. All species, including humans, went on the rampage because they had no control over their own bodies. There were wars all over the place. The Ancient Goddess sacrificed herself with what little magic she had left to heal all living beings and send the God of Chaos, along with dark magic, to the dark dimension.

Claudia was once again at peace. The portal to another dimension, however, remains open in Claudia’s far west. The Kingdom was founded when the human race came together. To deal with any anomalies, they sent their heroes to set up camp near the dimensional barrier. Before the first outbreak of monsters behind the barrier, Claudia had 600 years of peace. The planet was once again threatened by evil magic, or worse. The God of Chaos is on the way.

The Kingdom Universe

The “4 game – 1 token” ecosystem, which means the Kingdom Quest token (KGC) will be able to be used for all of the games in its metaverse, as well as switch NFT products and characters across games to complete specific duties, is what sets Kingdom Quest apart from the competition.

We – The Kingdom Maker – understand that bringing everything together will take a lot of work, which is why the dev team is working on the forthcoming games in this metaverse.

Kingdom Quest: The Beginning

Kingdom Quest: The Beginning

Kingdom Quest, being the first game in the Kingdom Metaverse, has the goal of providing the finest gaming experience while simultaneously allowing users to earn money by playing.

This will be a puzzle-based RPG built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game will be available for PC, Android, and iOS, and because to the project’s use of NFTs, users will be able to own all in-game characters, objects, and currencies.

Players will be able to recruit heroes and lead them in battles against the dark dimension in Kingdom Quest. The ultimate goal of the heroes and players is to bring peace to the entire Kingdom.

Kingdom Quest Heroes

Heroes – Class

The evil energy is powerful, and heroes must be educated to battle in a variety of fighting methods in order to defeat it. As a result, the most common Hero classes are:

  • Warrior,
  • Mage,
  • Assassin.

Assassin: Mastering dark art of assassination, they are the fear of anyone. Assassins will have advantages against Mages.

Mage: Favored by mana, Mages are blessed with talents of using magic. Mages will have the upper hand against Warriors.

Warrior: Warriors are trained to be disciplined and shall make no mistake in combat. This is why Warriors are great against Assassins

Heroes – Rarity

Many heroes with amazing talents exist in Kingdom Quest’s enormous globe, each with their own legends circulating among the populace. They are warriors with several battle scars and victories under their belts. As a result, they have superior abilities and stand out from the crowd.

Heroes are ranked with different rarities:

  • Common,
  • Rare,
  • Epic,
  • Legendary.

The higher rarity, the better status the hero will have.

Heroes – Stats

Heroes in Kingdom Quest: The Beginning are differentiated by their stats (statistic). They have a distinct natural, in-born trait, as evidenced by the following five ability scores:

  • Vitality
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence
  • Speed

All of the characters in the kingdom universe use this stats system. As a result, the characters in Forgotten Waterworld, The Vast Claudia, and Defense of the Adventurers have the same five power stats as the characters in Forgotten Waterworld. This enables NFTs from the Kingdom universe to travel between the four games.


For the Expedition feature, the ship NFTs is employed. Ship NFT owners can send their heroes to discover new worlds and reap well-deserved benefits.

The ships are classified according to four rarity levels:

  • Common,
  • Rare,
  • Epic,
  • Legendary.

The higher the rarity, the larger the ship’s loot capacity, which means players can get more booty.

Each ship not only possesses unstoppable power, but it also has a very gorgeous aesthetic. You’ll discover your favorite ship in the Kingdom Quest, whether you’re a great admirer of “Black Pearl” or the rugged aesthetic of “Flying Dutchman.”

Mystery Chest

Players will receive one random hero with a random class and rarity when they open the Mystery Chest.

Mystery Chest will be available in 2 versions:

  • Mystery Chest (Locked): earn via in-game activities and would require some KGC tokens to open
  • Mystery Chest (Normal): available in some bundles released during limited events and free to open

Players will also be able to craft Locked Mystery Chests after collecting enough Mystery Chest Shards. These Shards are rewarded to players by completing daily, weekly or monthly quests.

Kingdom Quest Heroes Game Modes

There are 2 game modes available in Kingdom Quest Heroes as listed below:

  • PVE game mode,
  • PVB game mode.

PVE Game Mode: Campaign

  • Requirement:

Campaign is the most basic game mode of Kingdom Quest: the Beginning. In this mode, you need to own at least 3 heroes to create a team to conquer challenges.

  • Mission

Your team will explore maps by decoding the puzzles, collect the items, fight the monsters and find the exit to pass the map.

Each hero will have a set amount of mana, which corresponds to the number of fights they can participate in. Furthermore, you must use tactical thinking to determine how to combine heroes with adequate power stats in order to defeat the corresponding monsters.

  • Awards

The campaign mode winner will earn rewards consisting of a fixed quantity of silver coins per map, as well as the chance of receiving Mystery Chest Shards. Silver coins can be used to increase a hero’s stats, while Mystery Chest Shards can be used to merge two Mystery Chests.

PVE Game Mode: Expedition

Expedition mode is a passive earning system that allows players to earn valuable rewards even when they are not connected to the internet. Players must own Ship NFTs to participate in this function. Heroes will be transported on board and given a set amount of time to explore new regions, based on the rarity of the NFTs utilized. During the Expedition, heroes that are sent on board will be unable to engage in other missions such as Campaign.

The team will confront difficult problems like as pirates, storms, and creatures during their voyage. As a result, tactical thinking is required to select the correct heroes, aid in the successful completion of the expedition, and maximize the quantity of loot obtained.

Kingdom Quest: Forgotten Waterworld

Kingdom Quest: Forgotten Waterworld

Kingdom Quest: Forgotten Waterworld is a farm game title made for players who want to own islands and farm to the south of Claudia continent. Waterworld is the only part of the world which was not attacked by the God of Chaos.

Kingdom Quest: Forgotten Waterworld Art Concept

Creatures that live in Waterworld are the best farmers in the world. In this game, other than islands, players will be able to obtain a new type of NFT: Pets, which are adorable and helpful in combat.

Kingdom Quest: The Vast Claudia

Kingdom Quest: The Vast Claudia

Kingdom Quest: The vast Claudia is a MMORPG title specially made for players who want to explore Claudia continent or other faraway lands. Players will be able to have NFT lands or NFT predefined structures (Castle, Harbor, Mines, etc) as private property.

On your own holdings, you can also build or cultivate. Players will benefit from pre-defined structures in a variety of activities within in-game groups (For example: owning a Castle to be a royal member and being able to collect taxes from transactions within the Kingdom). Aside from owning real estate in the game, users will also be paid for sending their FT heroes and FT Ship on missions.

Clearing dungeons, fighting world bosses, uncovering a strange phenomena, delivering items, escorting royal members, and so on are examples of tasks. For this new game, new NFT and Token are also accessible. You’ll be able to make houses, decorations, horse carts, even dragon wagons if you’re lucky.

Kingdom Quest: Defense of The Adventurers

Kingdom Quest: Defense of The Adventurers

Kingdom Quest: Defense of the Heroes is a Tower Defense title where players need to defend the Kingdom from creatures of Winter from the North. Creatures of Winter were created by the Ancient Goddess to help her build this world. After the goddess sacrificed herself to save Claudia, these creatures felt this world did not deserve the love of the goddess. They blamed Claudia for the Goddess’ death, which is why they decided to destroy everything.

Players will not only be able to use NFT from prior games, but they will also have access to two new NFT: Base and Guardians This game will certainly delight any Tower Defense lovers who also wish to make a genuine contribution to the gaming industry.

Kingdom Quest Economy

Free to play

Kingdom Quest: The Beginning are supposed to be free to play. Players who are new to the game can utilize the basic characters given and gain experience without having to pay an admission fee.

Players will be able to collect Mystery Chest Shard by completing daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, which will be used to create Mystery Chest (Locked). Players can gain more powerful characters by opening Mystery Chests (Locked) by purchasing a small quantity of KGC tokens.

Players can earn even more money by listing Mystery Chest in our marketplace and trading it.

Play to Earn

Kingdom Quest offers a flexible and transparent earning system to its players. Players can earn money in two ways by playing in the game:

  • Token Rewards: Players that complete tasks and achieve a high rank on our leaderboard will be rewarded with $KGC on a regular basis in the amount according to their rank. In addition, as a way of rewarding Kingdom Quest faithful companions, we offer a high-value $KGC bonus that is distributed randomly to participants in the leaderboard.
  • NFTs Collecting: Mystery Chest Shards are awarded to players who participate in PvE game mechanics. By gathering enough shards, the Mystery Chests can be created. Players can either open these chests to receive characters or offer them for trading on the marketplace.

Players in Kingdom Quest can also make money by participating in special events such as tournaments, arena battles, or staking KGC tokens to earn interest. In Kingdom Quest, the earning method is depicted in detail in the diagram below.

Kingdom Quest Community Treasury

Creating a game product with a lot of value is always a top focus for us. We recognize that we cannot succeed without the support of a dedicated and enthusiastic Kingdom Quest community. As a result, we believe it is appropriate to delve a little deeper into one of the most important aspects of the Kingdom Quest ecosystem: the Community Treasury. The money would be re-distributed as rewards for active participants in the ecosystem’s interactions.

The Treasury Inflows

  • Marketplace transaction fee
  • Functional fee as NFTs crafting fee, Mystery Chest open fee and other in-game consumables.
  • NFTs sale

Kingdom Quest Reward Pool

Kingdom Quest Games reward players based on their ranking on leaderboards using tokens in Reward Pools.

Reward pools are designed to reward players dynamically as the number of players change. The pools are made of 2 parts:

  1. Fixed Pool: Fixed Pool would draw a fixed amount of tokens from Play-to-earn Reward Allocation every week
  2. Dynamic Pool: Dynamic Pool would get tokens every week from marketplace transaction fee and also functional fee which users spend when they perform specific actions like creating NFTs, enhancing NFTs, buying in-game items/currencies, etc.

More transactions and activities will be begun as more players join, increasing the dynamic pool. The reward pool will swiftly respond to the growth in player numbers thanks to this manner of operation.

Kingdom Quest Marketplace

Marketplace is where players can buy or sell NFTs to each other using KGC or stable coins. All kind of NFTs can be listed on marketplace for sale included:

  • In-game Character NFTs and Item NFTs (not included default characters)
  • Mystery Chest (Locked)
  • Mystery Chest (Normal)

The fee for each transaction on marketplace would be 15%. Most marketplace fee would go to Reward Pool and Treasury​.

Kingdom Quest Tokenomics

The Kingdom Gold Coin Token ($KGC) is the native currency in Kingdom Quest. Players use it to obtain new Hero and buy/sell on Marketplace.

Ticker: $KGC

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

Token Utility

Kingdom Gold Coin token ($KGC) represents for Kingdom Quest in the Coin Market, $KGC is used in the following sections:

  • Buy NFTs
  • Crafting NFTs with NFT Shards
  • Unlocked Mystery Chest (Locked)
  • In-game activities
  • Staking


Kingdom Quest is a blockchain-powered casual gaming bundle. PC and mobile versions of the games will be available (Both Android and iOS). All in-game characters, items, and currencies will be available to players as NFT and tokens.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Kingdom Quest already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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