Kingdom Karnage NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Kingdom Karnage?

Kingdom Karnage is a virtual trading card game that can be played on both PC and Android. All game assets are tokenised NFTs that are injected with Enjin Cryptocurrency and may be withdrawn.

Kingdom Karnage is now completely reliant on Enjin’s Jumpnet, which means there are no longer any gas fees.

Kingdom Karnage Gameplay

  • At the start of a match you draw 3 cards at random from your deck.
  • Each card has a cooldown and requires 1-4 turns to become playable.
  • At the start of each turn the cooldown of each card in your hand decreases by one.
  • When a cards countdown reaches 0, click to select it.
  • Select one of the Drop-Zones highlighted in GREEN.
  • Click again in the same place to confirm playing that character.
  • The battlefield highlights in YELLOW where your character will move and in RED where your character will attack.
  • When you select an available Drop-Zone you can change your mind or click again to confirm playing that character.

In Kingdom Karnage, your goal is to overrun the enemy forces and defeat your opponent’s hero. Each character has a health and an attack value.

The attack power of a character determines how much damage they deliver to opponent characters and heroes. You win when the enemy hero’s health is reduced to zero.

Kingdom Karnage Characters

There are 5 character rarities as listed below and each character has 10 levels in Kingdom Karnage:

  • Common, 
  • Uncommon, 
  • Rare, 
  • Epic, Legendary 

It is possible to upgrade to the next level by combining two characters of the same level.

Characters’ Attack Power and Health Points rise when you upgrade them in Kingdom Karnage, and they may even earn a new ability.

The majority of characters follow the combination rules and have ten levels, but a few unique characters are in short supply and have a dynamic level.

Kingdom Karnage gives each character a maximum of three special talents. Each ability has a significant impact on battle strategy and allows you to create a unique deck that stands out from your opponents.

All Kingdom Karnage characters have a base movement speed of 2.

Ability NameDescriptions
AggressiveDeals 200% damage on first attack
AngeredGains +1/+0 when an ally takes damage
Armor 1Reduces physical damage taken by 1
Armor 2Reduces physical damage taken by 2
Armor 3Reduces physical damage taken by 3
Armor PiercingAttacks ignore armor
Berserk 1Attack increases by 1 when taking damage
Berserk 2Attack increases by 2 when taking damage
Berserk 3Attack increases by 3 when taking damage
BloodlustGains +1/+1 when an enemy dies
BruteWhen killing target gains max health equal to targets health
Carnivore150% damage vs fleshies
CleaveAttacks 1×3 area
CorneredWhen in last lines of defence deals double damage
DevotionWhen healing gains +1 Max HP
DevourWhen killing target heals health equal to targets health
DisengageMoves backwards after attacking
Drain Life 1Heals up to 1 HP when dealing damage
Drain Life 2Heals up to 2 HP when dealing damage
Drain Life 3Heals up to 3 HP when dealing damage
Eager50% chance to be in first 3 cards drawn
EmpowerKilling blows increase attack power by the attack power of the victim
Fanatic 1Attack increases by 1 when dealing damage
Fanatic 2Attack increases by 2 when dealing damage
Fanatic 3Attack increases by 3 when dealing damage
Fear 1Attacks reduce targets damage by 1
Fear 2Attacks reduce targets damage by 2
Fear 3Attacks reduce targets damage by 3
FreezeAttacks immobilize target for 1 turn
FuryAttacks two times
Golden TouchEarns $KKT with killing blows
GuardAttacks rearmost targets first
GuardianTakes damage in place of hero
HeroicDeals 200% damage if target has more attack power
KnockbackKnocks target back 1 space
MaliciousAttacks enemy creatures directly behind for 200% damage
Pack LeaderWhilst in play gives allied lycans +1/+0
PenetrateAttacks target and character or hero behind the target
PiousDamage cannot be mitigated
RampageWhen damages target also damages targets summoning hero
Range 1Can attack 1 square away
Range 3Can attack 3 squares away
Range 4Can attack 4 squares away
Regeneration 1Regenerates 1 hp each turn
Regeneration 2Regenerates 2 hp each turn
Regeneration 3Regenerates 3 hp each turn
Resistance 1Reduces magical damage taken by 1
Resistance 2Reduces magical damage taken by 2
Resistance 3Reduces magical damage taken by 3
RetributionAttacks after being hit if in range
RushAdvances when able
ShockAttacks stun target
Siphon Power 1Steals 1 Attack Power from target when dealing damage
Siphon Power 2Steals 2 Attack Power from target when dealing damage
Siphon Power 3Steals 3 Attack Power from target when dealing damage
SpearDeals 150% damage to cavalry
Speed 3Can move 3 squares each turn
Speed 4Can move 4 squares each turn
Strike FirstStrikes first if attacked by an enemy in range
Triage 1Heals most damaged ally by 1
Triage 2Heals most damaged ally by 2
Triage 3Heals most damaged ally by 3
UndyingResurrects after dying (once only)
VengefulGains +1/+1 when an ally dies
WardenDamage dealt heals hero
ZealWhen healing gains +1/+1

Kingdom Karnage Dynamics

Instead of leveling through traditional ways, some Kingdom Karnage characters have a set supply and dynamic level. Their levels are determined by the ratio of circulating supply to the number of players (player logins for the past 30 days).

The number of these two characters cannot be increased, but the number of players can be increased. As more individuals play Kingdom Karnage, the scarcity of these characters grows, and the rarity and level of these characters grows in tandem.

They can no longer be acquired directly because they are all in the hands of other players on the Enjin Marketplace; the only way to get them now is to buy them from other players on the Enjin Marketplace.

Kingdom Karnage Dynamic Cards

These new Enjin-backed characters are the first of a new type of token. Known as “Dynamic Cards.”

The rarity and level of the characters alter each month dependent on the active number of Kingdom Karnage players from the previous month vs the amount of cards in circulation due to the limited supply of dynamic cards.

Because the number of these cards will not increase, they will become rarer as the number of players increases. As a result, Kingdom Karnage will continue to improve character levels, rarity, stats, and abilities to represent this genuine uniqueness.

Each dynamic in your deck is restricted to one.

Velkan (2,000 Total Supply)

Players requiredRarityAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3LevelAttackHealth
1CommonSpeed 3213
2,000UncommonSpeed 3Rampage312
6,000RareSpeed 3Rampage425
20,000EpicSpeed 3RampageArmor Piercing526
200,000LegendarySpeed 3RampageArmor Piercing10310

Crimson Paladin (1,000 Total Supply)

Players requiredRarityAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3LevelAttackHealth
200UncommonGuardBerserk 1315
1,000RareGuardBerserk 2416
10,000EpicGuardBerserk 2Warden517
100,000LegendaryGuardBerserk 3Warden10112

Mistress of Nightmares (100 Total Supply)

Players requiredRarityAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3LevelAttackHealth
1CommonRange 3211
20UncommonRange 3Fanatic 1312
100RareRange 3Fanatic 2413
1,000EpicRange 3Fanatic 2Drain Life 2513
10,000LegendaryRange 3Fanatic 3Drain Life 31017

Meta City Characters

These three characters, each with a 15,000 supply, can be used in a variety of games:

  • Kingdom Karnage
  • MyMetaverse

The character level, stats, and power upgrades for all owners of the character increase as the supply of each increases. Now is the time to get yours at

Each dynamic in your deck is restricted to one.

Gael (160 / 7,500 Circulating)

Circulating SupplyRarityAbility 1Ability 2LevelAttackHealth

Aelene (157 / 7,500 Circulating)

Circulating SupplyRarityAbility 1Ability 2LevelAttackHealth
1RareRange 3Disengage113

Elrond (165 / 7,500 Circulating)

Circulating SupplyRarityAbility 1Ability 2LevelAttackHealth
1RareRange 3Triage 2112

Equipment in Kingdom Karnage

You can choose a Hero and equipment to empower your Hero on the equipment page.

Equipment, unlike characters, cannot be improved, but it does come in five different rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary), with higher rarities conferring greater bonuses.

Kingdom Karnage supports a large range of Enjin Multiverse Equipment in addition to the basic game equipment.

Due to the fact that Enjin Multiverse products have supplies that are beyond our control, their power in Kingdom Karnage is dynamic. The more Kingdom Karnage players there are, the rarer the multiverse assets become, and the more powerful they become. When the supply of a Multiverse Item increases dramatically, it is regarded more common, and its power drops.

Kingdom Carnage Heroes

You can choose a Hero and equipment to empower your Hero on the equipment page.

There are currently 3 Heroes available in Kingdom Karnage game.

  1. Everyone starts out with a hero that has 10 HP.
  2. Mike from the Multiverse The health of the Enjin Multiverse character has been increased to +1 HP.
  3. The Hero HP bonus from Multiverse Mike is dynamic, increasing as the Kingdom Karnage playerbase grows in proportion to the circulating supply of Multiverse Mike.
  1. The Wyden is the most powerful Hero. Sold out he is only available on the marketplace from other players.

At level 1, the Wyden provides a tremendous +5 HP boost. As you level up your Wyden, you’ll gain additional +1 HP. Wydens can only advance to the next level by defeating other Wydens in a 1v1 competition.

Kingdom Carnage Decks

By pressing the Deck Icon on the Main Menu, you can get to the Deck Menu. Your Hero may be found in the top left corner, and by clicking on his icon, you can access the Hero Equipment Options.

The buttons 1 through 5 represent various deck saves. They are initially locked, with only one deck save available.

When equipped, a special item known as “Codex” unlocks extra deck saves as well as increasing your hero’s HP. There are four Codex rarities, each of which grants more deck saves and HP than the last.

Unlocks +1 Deck Save+1 Hero HP
Unlocks +2 Decks Saves+1 Hero HP
Unlocks +3 Decks Saves+1 Hero HP
Unlocks +4 Decks Saves+1 Hero HP

The “Deck Power” is visible under the deck name “Deck Five.” Deck Power is the average power of the cards you’ve chosen for your deck, and it rises and falls as you add and remove characters.

Select one of the available cards at the bottom of the screen to add a character to your deck. Then, in the middle, click on an empty Deck Slot to add it to your current deck.

Similarly, you can choose a card from the bottom and replace the previously selected character by clicking on a Deck Slot that is already in use.

A white number appears at the bottom of each card, indicating how many of that card you hold.

You can insert more than one Kingdom Karnage character into your deck if you own more than one. There are, however, upper and lower Rarity restrictions for each Character.

You can have up to 3 of the same character in your deck, whether 3 level 1’s of the same character or 1x level, 1x level 2, 1x level 3. When no more of a character is allowed in your deck it becomse “greyed out” and un-selectable.

3 Per Deck
3 Per Deck
3 Per Deck
1 Per Deck
1 Per Deck

Use the Filter options to save time finding the cards you wish to add to your deck. To access the Filter options, click the Filter button at the top of the screen.

You can choose only the rarity, the level, or the race of the character. You can also refine your search using a mix of rarity, level, and race. When you’re satisfied with your filter choices, click the Filter button to apply them.

To return to the Main Menu, click the “Done” button when you’re finished with your deck.

  • Clicking the “Upgrade” button opens up the Standard Upgrade menu.
  • Clicking the Enchanted Coin button opens up the Epic Upgrade menu.
  • Clicking the yellow settings button opens up the Theme menu.

Upgrading Cards in Kingdom Carnage

Please keep in mind that campaign-bound cards cannot be upgraded or withdrawn to your wallet. On, any cards gained in other game modes can be uprated and withdrawn for trading.

2 of a kind (same level, same character) are traded for 1 of the same character 1 level higher when upgrading characters.

For eg, 2x level 1 Human Warrior creates 1x level 2 Human Warrior.

Characters’ Attack Power and Health Points rise as they level up, and they may even receive a new ability.

  • To open the Upgrade Menu click on the “Upgrade” button on the Deck Menu.
  • The upgrade view is scrollable up and down. Any characters you have in Kingdom Karnage will show on the upgrade screen if you have 2 or more of any particular level.
  • If you only have 1 of a character it will not appear in the upgrade view.
  • If you have characters in your Enjin Wallet they will not appear in the upgrade view.

To upgrade characters you have in your Enjin Wallet, click the link in game or follow this link here:

  • The numbers above the input boxes are the character levels.
  • The numbers underneath the input boxes is the amount you own in your account.
  • If you own characters the balance text is green.
  • Note you cannot input a number for level 10’s because level 10 is the top level, however you can see your balance for level 10’s.

For speed and ease you can upgrade multiple characters in 1 upgrade.

In the input boxes, type in how many of each character you want to level up, then click the “Confirm” button.

The view will switch to a summary of the characters you’ve chosen to enhance. To complete the upgrade, click “Confirm” one again.

You can utilize the Filter options to save time finding the cards you want to enhance. To access the Filter options, click the Filter button at the top of the screen.

You can choose only the rarity, the level, or the race of the character. You can also refine your search using a mix of rarity, level, and race.

In Kingdom Karnage, Epic and Legendary Characters are so uncommon that they cannot be paired to level up. Fortunately, these rare magic coins mysteriously endow Epic and Legendary Characters with the power to level up without the need to combine.

The higher the level of the Epic or Legendary Kingdom Karnage Characters, the more Enchanted Coins are needed to have enough magic power to upgrade. It should be noted that the Wyden is far too powerful to be controlled by Enchanted Coins.

Kingdom Carnage Game Currencies

In the game, there are two currencies:

The blue gem is the first. When you aren’t lucky enough to earn Characters or Equipment, blue jewels appear in dungeons.

The Red gem is the second. Red gems are a premium currency that may be used in a variety of game variants.

Challengers pay a charge in red gems to challenge the current King in King of Karnage Mode. The current King earns a passive income by receiving red gems from challengers.

To enter the famed Catacombs dungeon, you’ll need a Catacombs Key. Key owners can rent their keys to other players in exchange for red gems.

Both gem types can be used to buy extra cards in the game. Buying one, five, or ten cards at a time has no bearing on the cards you receive. The cards that are picked are at random and may be Common, Uncommon, or Rare.

Kingdom Carnage Campaigns

The Human Campaign is the first campaign you’ll encounter; each level is designed to teach you a new character ability so you can understand game fundamentals.

Each campaign level grants you a character card that is tied to your account. Cards that have been bound cannot be upgraded or withdrawn from your wallet.

On, any cards gained in other game modes can be uprated and withdrawn for trading.

The Undead campaign unlocks if you’ve finished the first 25 stages of the Human Campaign.

Challenge in Kingdom Karnage

Challenge Mode is a simple, enjoyable mode. You’re up against an unknown opponent. A chance to hone your deck without fear of repercussions.

Endurance in Kingdom Karnage

Endurance Mode is not for those who are easily frightened. The opposing boss has 999 HP, kills troops that go too close, and has his deck bolstered on a regular basis. Fortunately, the goal isn’t to win; rather, it’s to survive as long as possible before being despised.

When you are vanquished, Blue Gems are rewarded and your kill score is displayed in the lower left corner. The more gems you earn, the more kills you get.

12 Kills1 Blue Gem
38 Kills2 Blue Gems
78 Kills3 Blue Gems
123 Kills4 Blue Gems
171 Kills5 Blue Gems
219 Kills6 Blue Gems
267 Kills7 Blue Gems
315 Kills8 Blue Gems
363 Kills9 Blue Gems
411 Kills10 Blue Gems

Ranked 1v1 at Kingdom Karnage

A full deck of 30 cards is required for ranked PvP. You are free to combine races.

The weekly prize is a personalized goal that rewards everyone who participates in at least one PvP match per week. You will receive a card drop and a gem prize if you participate positively (Minimum 5 gems and 1x common card). If you have a PvP score of over 2000, you can get up to 20 gems and 2 rare cards!

Balanced 1v1 at Kingdom Karnage

Battle with preset decks in 1v1 mayhem where the playing field is equal, only skill counts.

Kingdom Carnage Normal Dungeons

Dungeons are a 3v1 battle against a fierce foe in which players can win common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary characters and equipment.

Only by playing or trading with other players can you obtain Epic and Legendary cards. They aren’t available in the game store.

When you’ve achieved Level 10 of the Human Campaign, you’ll be able to access the first Dungeon. As you progress through the Human and Undead Campaigns, more dungeons become available.

Brigand BaseHuman 10
Ancient RuinsHuman 20
The KeepHuman 30
The TunnelsUndead 10
MemoriesUndead 20
Pillar of BoudicaUndead 30
Kargals PortalUndead 30
Jail HouseUndead 30
Throne RoomUndead 30
Catacombs 1Human 20
Catacombs 2
Catacombs 3

If you don’t win a character or item card in the first six dungeons, you’ll get a Blue Gem. 2 Blue Gems are dropped by Kargals Portal, Jail House, and Throne Room.

If a greater rarity card is not allowed in a lower tier dungeon, it is changed with a random card that is allowed. Before you begin the dungeon, the character restrictions will be displayed.

Kingdom Carnage Catacombs

Multiverse Mike is the first of three stages of Catacombs Dungeon. You’re handed a pre-made deck and challenged against Multiverse Mike in a one-on-one dungeon combat. Mike, on the other hand, may not fight fairly.

The best loot drops in Kingdom Karnage are guaranteed in the Catacombs dungeon, including guaranteed card drops! It’s also the only spot where enchanted money, exclusive cosmetic items, and multiverse loot can be found! Owning and donning a Lucky Trinket, which levels up with each Catacombs victory, will boost all of your loot drop chances.

To enter the Catacombs a Key is required.

Catacombs Keys of Kingdom Karnage

Each key provides entrance to the dungeon once each day to its owner. You can rent out your key to other players if you don’t want to run Catacombs that day. Note that rented keys will continue to be leased the next day, providing you with a steady stream of red gems without the need to log in.

Similarly, if you don’t already have a key, you can click “Rent Key” to be presented with the cheapest Catacombs key currently available. All key rentals/lease payments are made in red gem currency, which can be purchased via our store at

There will only be 1000 NFT Catacombs Keys ever made. These were available for purchase in our store, but they have since sold out. Currently, these can only be obtained by purchasing from other players, but we plan to give weekly key rentals as a prize in social media competitions on a regular basis.

The future of Catacombs

We intend on further developing and updating Catacombs. We already have plans to:

  • Make Catacombs a multiplayer experience, allowing you to both run the dungeon & generate income by charging for the two remaining dungeon slots
  • Add two additional difficulty levels with even better loots.
  • Periodically add new items to the loot table.

Kingdom Karnage Drop rates

Kingdom Karnage Standard Drops

Cata 1100%50%5%0.1%0.01%

Kingdom Karnage Special Drops

DungeonEnchanted CoinMultiverse
Cata 12%0.1%

Kingdom Karnage Multiverse Drops

EnjokerCata 1143
Wanderers ElixirCata 153
ArchspireCata 1155
Bottle of Enchanted PowersCata 137
Mask of UthuchulCata 122
MikeCata 178
OindrasdainCata 2145
Epochrome SwordCata 260
APG M55Cata 220
Soulshift ArmorCata 220
ForgehammerCata 345
StormwallCata 330
ShadowsongCata 310

Lucky Trinket drop rates in Catacombs

King of Karnage

Challenge the present King of Karnage, defeat him, and ascend to the throne.

The King is controlled by AI, and the reigning player receives red gems from the challenge fee each time the King is challenged.

The deck you used to defeat a King is then saved and used by the AI to defend your throne, allowing you to freely switch decks when playing different scenarios.

King of Karnage has 10 levels, and everyone starts at level one.

Defeating the level 1 king provides you with 2 options.

  1. Take the throne and receive the challenge fees until someone defeats your defending deck. More passive income.
  2. Leave the current King in place and move on to the next level.
  • As you move up each level you can only fight at that new level.
  • Losing 3 King of Karnage challenges in a row drops you back to down 1 level.
  • If you lose your throne you continue at the same level.

Lower King of Karnage levels now have rarity locks

  • Common – unlocks at level 1
  • Uncommon – unlocks at level 1
  • Rare – unlocks at level 3
  • Epic – unlocks at level 4
  • Legendary – unlocks at level 5

If you begin low King of Karnage levels with high quality cards that are above the correct levels, they will disappear from your deck during battle.

Dynamics characters can’t be employed in levels below the dynamics level, and they won’t show up in your battle deck.

At each level, the number of cards available is limited. As a result, your card stats are capped at level 2 when you challenge the level 2 king.

Monthly Prizes awarded on the 1st of each month.

Kingslayer prize for killing the most kings at each level.

Dynasty prize for the most times you are challenged whilst king at each level.

When you take a throne, you receive 1 extra defence point every 24 hours you hold your throne.

Pioneer: Kingdom Karnage founders token

The Kingdom Karnage Founders Token (FT) is an epic character in the game and a wonderful way to gain more character cards.

Each month a new quest is available to anyone who has a Pioneer.

Complete the quest at any point throughout that month, and you’ll be rewarded on the 1st of the following month.

There are only 1000 Pioneer FTs and all are in circulation. The only way to acquire 1 now is from another player on the Enjin Marketplace.

Kingdom Carnage Themes

Themes are the first cosmetic items to be offered, and they affect the look and feel of the Battle Interface. They each have a limited supply, which means there will never be more.

How to Earn in Kingdom Carnage Game

  • Play Ranked 1v1 PvP in the Monthly competition
  • Ranked PvP requires a full deck of 30 cards. You can mix races.
  • When fighting in ranked PvP each win/loss moves you along the monthly PvP ladder. Battle your way into the top 100 to win $enj
   120 – JENJ 
  215 – JENJ 
  310 – JENJ 
4 – 105 – JENJ 
11 – 501 – JENJ 
51 – 1000.5 – JENJ 


Kingdom Karnage is a virtual trading card game that can be played on both PC and Android. All game assets are tokenised NFTs that are injected with Enjin Cryptocurrency and may be withdrawn.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Kingdom Karnage already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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