Kart Racing League NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Kart Racing League Game?

Kart Racing League is a kart racing NFT game. You can play with your Racer NFTs and earn the Essence of Creation (EoC), which can be exchanged for real money.

Kart Racing League is a Sonic inspired universe in which you can earn tokens by playing skillfully and contributing to the ecosystem.

You can race against another players in an online multiplayer mode while also collecting, trading, and evolving your playable NFT characters.

Below you can watch Kart Racing League Game trailer video.

Kart Racing League allows you to compete online in intense multiplayer racing across stunning tracks while collecting power-ups and speed boosts along the way.

Kart Racing League Gameplay

Kart Racing League is an arcade style kart racing NFT game in which you can earn money by playing skillfully and contributing to the ecosystem.

You will have a competition in online kart races while controlling one of several characters available for purchase as NFTs from the marketplace.

Each race will feature up to eight characters competing. A series of laps will be completed by the racers.

You can use power-up items to support yourself to finish the race faster or to slow down your opponents in the race.

At any given time, up to three power-ups can be stored.

Power-ups will be easy to drop and swap, and they will be picked up by driving over them with their vehicle.

The first player to complete all of the laps and cross the finish line wins, but the second and third-place finishers also receive prizes.

There is 4 power-ups available that you can use. These are the power-ups:

  1. Repair power-up: to restore your vehicle’s health.
  2. Guard power-up: to temporarily shield yourself from other players.
  3. Missile power-up: to launch a missile to other players.
  4. Turbo power-up: to temporarily increase your speed.

The Essence of Creation is awarded to the racers who finish first (EoC).

Earnings are restricted to a maximum of 100 wins per day.

You can race as many times as you want each day, but once you’ve won 100 races, you won’t be able to earn $EOC until the next day.

How to Evolving in Kart Racing League?

The Racers are a race-obsessed breed of amphibian creatures from an alternate reality known as the Mohru realm.

When a warmongering species forcibly removed them from their ancestral home, they were teleported to Earth and are now trapped as NFT characters.

The Racers require our assistance in collecting Essence of Creation (EoC) to respawn as a stronger, smarter, bigger, and more powerful version of themselves in order to retake their homeland.

When you evolve your Racer, an improved version of your Racer is created.

The new version will have improved attributes that will allow you to race better and earn more EoC to assist the Racers in returning to their realm!

Kart Racing League Evolving

The Racer’s evolution is divided into 3 stages. These stages are listed below:

  1. Original: The Racer species’ original form.
  2. Fledgling: The first evolutionary step beyond Natural, with increased size and abilities.
  3. Champion: Beyond Natural, there is a second evolution. This is the most significant Racer evolution ever seen. These are extremely powerful and intelligent creatures with exceptional racing abilities.

What is the Cost of Evolving in Kart Racing League?

You must spend the Essence of Creation (EoC) to evolve your Racer.

Furthermore, the cost of evolving a Racer increases each time until the third time.

First time evolving costs 18,000,000 Essence of Creation (EoC) and Second time evolving costs 30,000,000 Essence of Creation EoC

Evolving is not a quick process and takes 5 days to complete in Kart Racing League game.

The evolution system in Kart Racing League works as follows:

  • Evolution 1: A Level 1 NFT Racer can progress to a Level 2 NFT Racer. You can keep your Level 1 Racer, and a new evolved Level 2 Racer will be minted. The Level 1 NFT Racer cannot be evolved again after this.
  • Evolution 2: A Level 2 NFT Racer can progress to a Level 3 NFT Racer. You will be able to keep your Level 2 Racer, while a new evolved Level 3 Racer will be created. The Level 2 NFT Racer cannot be evolved again after this.
  • Evolution 3: Level 3 Racers are the final Racer form and cannot be evolved further.

Racers in Kart Racing League

Your Racer NFTs stats are referred to as attributes.

When the Racer NFTs are purchased for the first time, these attributes are generated at random on a scale of 1 to 51, with 51 being the maximum number of points allotted to one attribute.

The attributes for each Racer in Kart Racing Leagure are listed below:

  • Speed: This determines your Racer’s top speed.
  • Acceleration: This is the rate at which you accelerate to your top speed.
  • Mass: This influences how your Kart reacts to collisions.
  • Handling: More handling improves your Racer’s ability to navigate turns.
  • Durability: This determines your Racer’s health.

Each Racer will have a maximum attribute cap of 109 points at the start of the Racer evolution.

The attributes are fixed numbers that are recorded on the blockchain and linked to your specific Racer NFT.

Kart Racing League Racers
Each Racer NFT in Kart Racing League is unique and has varying attributes. Credits: KRL

How Much Can I Earn in Kart Racing League Game?

You will earn a total of 12,000 Essence of Creation (EoC) for finishing first in each race.

Furthermore, there will be no daily earnings cap in this initial release.

This means you can complete more than 100 wins per day if you want to.

With 100 wins per day and a price of $0.000015 per Essence of Creation (EoC) token, your potential earnings are:

  • 0.18 USD per race winning
  • 18 USD per day

Kart Racing League Tokens

Kart Racing League game’s native token is called KRL tokens (KRL) are ERC-20 governance tokens used in the game universe.

Holders of KRL tokens will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and vote in key governance elections.

You can also earn $KRL by participating in various KRL Universe games and user-generated content initiatives.

What is Essence of Creation – $EOC?

Essence of Creation (EoC) is an uncapped utility token that is minted as a reward to users through gameplay (its supply grows as more players join the game).

The token is required to evolve characters, which is a major way to earn money while playing the game.

Essence of Creation - $EOC

You can buy followings by using your Essence of Creation (EoC) token in Kart Racing League Game:

  • Land
  • Weapons
  • Equipment
  • Pets


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Have you ever played Kart Racing League Game? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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