How to Buy Solana NFT?

Without a doubt, last year was the year of NFTs, and with this year showing no signs of slowing down, many people are wondering, “How do you buy Solana NFT art?” Solana’s appealing features include lower gas fees, higher energy efficiency, and high scalability—all of which have led to an increase in the number of creators and collectors flocking to Sol Art.

Why should you pursue Sol Art?

Solana NFTs, unsurprisingly, took center stage in 2021. Furthermore, the rising popularity of Sol Art has resulted in massive gains for its native cryptocurrency, Solana (SOL). According to Business Insider, SOL’s value increased by nearly 9,500% in a year. To put things into perspective, a $150 investment in SOL at the start of 2021 would have resulted in over $14,000 by the end of 2021.

Not to mention the million-dollar sales of several Solana NFTs! In September, a Degenerate Ape NFT sold for around $1.1 million, making it the network’s first million-dollar NFT sale. The following month, a Solana Monkey was sold for $2 million.

Solana NFT secondary sales are expected to reach $500 million between August and November 2021. It made $189.4 million in September alone. Even when the top blockchains are ranked by NFT sales volume in the last 30 days, Solana ranks third, trailing only Ethereum and Ronin, according to CryptoSlam rankings.

“While Ethereum continues to be the dominant NFT market leader today, Solana has begun to carve out its space within the NFT landscape,” Messari research analyst Mason Nystrom said in a tweet.

Mason Nystrom

All of this points to the tremendous opportunities available in the Solana NFT ecosystem. Furthermore, NFTs on Solana are less expensive than those on Ethereum, making it particularly appealing to new investors. With Solana’s rise expected to continue in 2022, we’ll show you how to invest in Sol Art!

How to buy Solana NFTs

You’ll need three things before you can buy Sol Art:

  • a Solana wallet,
  • some SOL,
  • a Solana marketplace.

1. Set up a Solana wallet

Because Solana NFTs are stored on the Solana blockchain, Ethereum wallets such as MetaMask are incompatible. If you send SOL to MetaMask, it’s gone for good. Instead, you’ll need a Solana wallet such as Phantom, Solflare, or Sollet. Phantom is the most well-known of these—think of it as the MetaMask of the Solana world.

Phantom Wallet
Setting up a Phantom Wallet is quite easy

Before you begin purchasing NFTs on Solana, you must first learn how to set up a Phantom wallet:

3 easy steps to set up a Phantom Wallet:

  • Step #1: Go to and select your browser (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, or Edge). If you’re using Chrome, you can add the extension directly from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Step #2: Download and install the Phantom browser extension.
  • Step #3: Click “Create New Wallet,” then enter the secret recovery phrase, create a password, and confirm. You’re ready to go!

2. You’ll need some SOL for your NFT: Here’s how to buy it

Following that, you’ll need some SOL to purchase Solana NFTs from marketplaces. Simply purchase SOL from a supported exchange, such as Binance, Coinbase, or FTX, and send it to your wallet. You can also add USDT stablecoins to Phantom and exchange them for SOL in the wallet.

3. Find a Solana Marketplace to buy Sol Art

Now that you know how to buy SOL, you’ll need to find an NFT marketplace to purchase your first Sol NFT!

There are several Solana-based marketplaces where you can do this. Solanart, the most popular option, offers curated NFT collections such as Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurory, SolPunks, and Galactic Gecko Space Garage. It has generated a total sales volume of 4.5 million SOL to date. DigitalEyes is yet another Solana marketplace with popular collections such as Solana Monkey Business and Frakt. You can also look into Solsea, an open NFT marketplace.

Solanart marketplace

Are you undecided about which Sol Art to purchase? We’ve compiled a list for you!

Sol Art: Upcoming Solana NFT projects to watch in 2022

Now that you know how to purchase Solana NFTs, the question is, which ones do you want? With the popularity of Solana NFT collections on the rise, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, not all are great—some are simply clones of Ethereum NFTs. Keep the following projects in mind when deciding which sol art project to invest in:

Shadowy Super Coder: The top Sol Art project

With a market cap of around $190 million, Shadowy Super Coder is currently the most valuable Solana NFT project (at the time of writing). GenesysGo, a blockchain infrastructure project, came up with the idea for the 10,000 NFT collection. It all began when US Senator Elizabeth Warren referred to blockchain developers as “a shadowy, faceless group of super-coders and miners.”

GenesysGo Shadowy Super Coder NFT Collection

In response to the remark, GenesysGo created Shadowy Super Coder to encourage people to make more NFTs. The NFTs have a variety of attributes such as outfit, background, tabletop, and different monitor screen combinations. Furthermore, for each NFT they own, all NFT holders will receive 10,000 $SHDW Tokens.

Boryoku Dragonz

Boryoku Dragonz is a limited edition of 1,111 dragon NFTs set in the year 4269 in a post-apocalyptic world. All holders will receive seven BOKU tokens, the collection’s native cryptocurrency, every day.

As a result, holding Dragon NFTs is an excellent way to generate passive income. In addition, the collection includes utilities such as daily token airdrops and a breeding game in which you can breed two dragons with some BOKU to receive a dragon egg.

If you’re wondering where you can get these Solana NFTs, you can find them on both DigitalEyes and Magic Eden. The current floor price is 169 SOL.

Degenerate Ape Academy

Degenerate Ape Academy is another popular collection on the Solana blockchain. It contains 10,000 “smoothest brained” apes, the purchase of which grants you exclusive access to the “Academy,” which contains a plethora of utilities! Owners of rare twin, triplet, and quadruplet apes, for example, can breed them to produce new apes. Holders can also join the Degen DAO to earn passive income by staking SOL. Furthermore, you can form a “student council” to make community proposals.

Degenerate Ape NFT

The NFTs are an excellent choice for fans of Solana NFT art due to their outstanding 3D artwork. A Degen Ape will cost you an average of 40.2 SOL at the current prices.

Catalina Whale Mixer

Catalina Whale Mixer is another exciting Solana NFT project to watch in 2022. It includes 5,555 unique whale NFTs that were generated algorithmically from over 165 traits such as mouth, species, hat, clothing, and more.

Catalina Whales, according to the website, are “aggressive, passionate, a touch degenerate, with a lust for success.” Holders of these Sol NFTs receive a variety of benefits, including exclusive beach airdrops and mints. Not only that, but they also gain access to an exclusive Solana NFT community. The collection debuted at a mint price of 1 SOL, but the floor is now at 11.3 SOL.

Catalina Whale Mixer

Solana Monkey Business

Solana Monkey Business (SMB) needs no introduction when it comes to how to buy Solana NFTs and which to choose. The blue-chip project is made up of 5,000 randomly generated monkeys that come with perks like a community wallet, a future voting system, and exclusive SMB merch.

Do you need another reason to get a Solana Monkey? Celebrities such as Steve Harvey have also backed the project! The monkeys, on the other hand, will not be cheap. A single NFT from the project currently costs an average of 182.4 SOL.

Aurory SOL Art Project

It is up to you how you purchase Solana NFTs; however, if you want to participate in an exciting Solana-based play to earn game this year, Aurory is the way to go! The game takes place in the virtual worlds of Antik and Cryptos and revolves around tradable magical creatures known as NPCs and Nefties.

You can use these characters in a variety of different game modes. So, what is the element of play to earn? Tokens worth $AURY! These tokens can be obtained by participating in various game modes and then traded on exchanges.

Furthermore, these Solana NFT holders are granted governance rights in the game. The game’s market cap was $36 million at the time of writing, with a floor price of 20.9 SOL.

Aurory SOL Art Project

Galactic Gecko Space Garage

Galactic Gecko Space Garage is another intriguing Sol Art project to keep an eye on (GGSG). On Solana, there is a “NFT Social Adventure Club” with 10,000 space racing geckos. Purchasing a Gecko NFT entitles you to membership in the “universe’s most elite, fierce, and thrill-seeking club.”

As a club member, you’ll have access to exclusive giveaways, meetups, merch, and more. The Solana NFT art collection will be released in September 2021, with a mint price of 2 SOL per piece. The floor is now at 7.1 SOL. Gecko NFTs can be purchased from GGSG’s own marketplace,, or Solanart.

Knowing how to buy Solana NFTs is only the first step.

Solana NFTs are still in their infancy. While there are a lot of Sol Art projects coming out right now, not all of them will be successful. Now that you know how to buy Solana NFTs with confidence, make sure to do your homework before jumping on the bandwagon. Solanalysis,, and Solana Floor are excellent resources for market research.

If you have any questions please do let us know by using our comment section below and we will do our best to help you out.

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