Heroes of Arcan NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Heroes of Arcan?

Heroes Of Arcan is an epic fantasy game set on the planet Arcan. Heroes of Arcan is inspired by World of Warcraft’s great fantasy world, League of Legends.

Once you’ve decided which faction you want to join, you’ll try to become the dominant force on Arcan by defending and expanding their territory. You can work towards this goal by gathering resources to craft tools and items, as well as building structures that correspond to their survival style.

Each player controls the economy of the Heroes of Arcan universe: they can control their destiny by owning, buying, selling, and exchanging the resources earned in the Heroes of Arcan game..

Heroes Of Arcan is a game in which you must devise a strategic plan to ascend to power by attaining the highest rankings or being rewarded with the resources he/she desires. These collected resources have distinct values and benefits that are proportional to their scarcity.

While Heroes of Arcan is a strategic game, it also has the characteristics of a strong social network, with players able to communicate via a dedicated discord server. Your chosen factions have a significant impact on the social network.

Heroes of Arcan is designed to generate revenue through the exchange or sale of resources owned by each player..

The benefits of using blockchain are the ability to have complex economies and to reward players who achieve advanced skill levels. Each player can shape their own destiny by setting goals and pursuing them while enjoying all aspects of Heroes of Arcan. Because of the unique economic system and the demand from in-game players, the resources players earn have real monetary value..

Each transaction is secure and authenticated by the blockchain.

Heroes of Arcan will be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) owned by the players who hold tokens. You will be able to vote and evolve the Heroes of Arcan game using these tokens.

Heroes Of Arcan is a game that rewards players for the time and effort they put into playing as well as for contributing to the game’s ecosystem..

The money belongs to the players in Heroes of Arcan. Rather than selling the game or merchandise, the Heroes of Arcan will be on an organic growth model based on the growth of the player-to-player economy in order to avoid an economic imbalance.

A portion of the Heroes of Arcan in-game fees will be paid to a community wallet, which will reward game token stakes..

Holders, such as founders, will receive a percentage of transaction fees, allowing the community to grow and benefit token holders.

Heroes of Arcan Game Story

Heroes of Arcan Game Story 3 Armies

“Shraaaak” – A blue-violet lightning bolt appeared and then vanished in the middle of the day during the Arcan Solstice Festival, the year’s biggest celebration.

“Auhhhh ….” As he recognized his son, Alden’s, heavy howling from a distance, King Eon felt his entire spine chill. He dashed off to find him, only to find Alden on his deathbed. As tears streamed down King Eon’s face, he fell to his knees and held his son’s dead body. He felt overwhelmed by grief and rage. He took a look around. There are no signs of blood. There are no signs of violence. His mind couldn’t fathom what could have caused his son’s death. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him… betrayal.

He shrieked in agony so loudly that everyone at the Arcan Solstice Festival looked up. He rose from his knees, his arms around his son’s body. The words came out of his mouth “BROKEN PEACE”

The Arcan Peace Treaties, which had been held sacred for centuries, were shattered at this precise moment.

The Peace of Accords

To understand the history of the Arcan Peace Accords, we must first go back 500 years. Arcan was a mystical, perplexing, and prosperous planet. It was primarily populated by three factions: the Wisers, The Conquerers  and The Preachers.

  • The Wisers’ founding value was to bring about peace through the application of their knowledge and magical abilities..
  • The Conquerors are the warriors. Their conviction was to rule over all of Arcan, and their strategy was to rely on their physical strength and power..
  • Finally, The Preachers, the archaic political nationals, lurked in the shadows, and their strategy was to rule others through manipulation and control. 

For centuries, all three factions sought power, might, and greatness. As a result, Arcan has been ruled by a sense of uncertainty, conquest, and war for as long as history can remember.

Alliances were formed as quickly as they were broken between these various factions.

Battles were frequent, but the real turning point came when the factions discovered the use of magic and mystical powers. Each faction attempted to use magic to gain control and gain an advantage over their opponents.

Arcan, on the other hand, was one-of-a-kind…  

Arcan, unlike any other land, had a hidden treasure buried underground called Arcanium. Arcanium was a simple translucent blue-violet stone on the outside… Even so, few understand the magnitude of its power when combined with magic.

When used wisely, arcanium had the power to heal and save entire civilizations. However, when used recklessly, it can have equally disastrous consequences. All three factions attempt to use Arcanium to rule over each other in their quest to increase their magical powers.  

The unjust use of Arcanium to enhance magical power gradually created a black hole, The Void, which became uncontrollable and all-consuming to anyone who used it. The Void began to alter reality and physical appearance, and it even drained all of Arcan’s natural resources of energy. Arcan was in jeopardy.

As a result, the Wise, Conquerors, and Preachers had to stop fighting each other. They had no choice but to unite their forces in order to defeat the greater evil they had created in order to save their planet.

The Void surrendered as a result of this unity. They worked together to bring peace to Arcan.

As a result, the Peace Accords were signed by the three faction leaders: Argmash, leader of the Conquerers, Eon, leader of the Wisers, and Thorumdil, leader of the Preachers. The use of Arcanium to create and possess any magical power was eventually prohibited.

As true peace and harmony reigned over Arcan, the Void had lost all of its power. As a result, Arcan seemed to become more beautiful and peaceful by the day over the last 500 years. Current generations had never witnessed a war. They existed only through Arcan legends. Every year on the brightest and longest day of the year, everyone came together to celebrate “The Arcan Solstice festival” as a tribute to the great peace created in Arcan.

The Age of Expansion

As a result, the tragic death of King Eon’s son during the Solstice Festival caused widespread chaos. The Preachers blamed the Conquerors, who blamed the Wise for a set-up. Arcan had returned to war and separation.

Mistrust, treachery, and a thirst for vengeance had replaced alliances, mutual aid, and all forms of benevolence.

The Expansion was named after this time period. Because of the chaos, no rules had any meaning anymore, and peace was a thing of the past.

Trade between the Conquerers, Wisers, and Preachers was simple and common during times of peace, but since the Expansion, bartering had become impossible. The leaders were forced to seek assistance from the Gnomes in order to exploit their lands with various tools.

The gnomes are small, self-sufficient, and neutral beings who took advantage of the opportunity to profit and prosper as fine traders. During times of war, they sell to the highest bidder, including trading uninhabited land, because they have no allegiance to a faction.

The current situation was a land conquest war. Because they contain more tools and resources, the territories with the highest value have become the ultimate targets. The goal of each faction is to gather as many resources as possible in order to prepare for conflict, protect themselves, and expand their territories. Everyone gathered to commemorate the “Arcan Solstice Festival“.

Heroes of Arcan Gameplay

Your primary goal as an Arcan hero at first is to amass an arsenal of tools. Your hero must be a member of one of three factions:

  • Wisers,
  • Preachers,
  • Conquerors.

Each faction provides a positive bonus and a disadvantage.

Heroes of Arcan Factions

Building tools will cost internal coins and resources, which can be obtained or rented from the marketplace. Of course, you can buy them if you want to invest in the game.

Food, gold, and wood can all be collected using tools. These resources have an effect on your gameplay, and the amount you gather on the land plot is determined by the tools you have.

Heroes of Arcan – The Wisers Faction Flag

Heroes of Arcan – The Conquerers Faction Flag

Heroes of Arcan – The Preachers Faction Flag

A detailed table describing the utility and extraction power of each tool can be found here. The price of the tools is determined by the game, and the team reserves the right to change it in the future to make the gameplay more sustainable.

Food can be used to replenish your Hero’s energy (which ranges from 200 to 500 and can be increased by completing missions and conquering objectives), Wood is required to construct in-game structures that increase the value of your plot, and Gold is required to repair used tools that may break or become less efficient.

Heroes in Arcan can go on missions and, if successful, receive rewards such as chests or extra tokens for themselves or their faction.

All resources can be individually stored or sent to the faction. Because all resources are perishable, sending them to the faction ensures that you do not lose any while the Heroes of Arcan game is inactive. 

If you are AFK for an extended period of time (for example, because you are on vacation), the game will provide you with the tools you need to keep your resources safe while not contributing to the faction. Following the fantasy narrative, these will most likely take the form of potions or enchantments.

Factions will be tokenized and traded as NFTs. They are currently owned by Heroes of Arcan.

Resources and Tools

Each player has the ability to choose their fate by selecting the faction to which they wish to belong.

Each faction receives a resource boost:

  • Gold for the Wisers
  • Wood for the Preachers
  • Food for the Conquerers

After selecting their race and gender, players must equip themselves with tools to begin extracting resources.

The game’s three resources are wood, gold, and food. Tools will be required to obtain these resources.

Gold mining

  • Sieve
  • Pickaxe
  • Sluice

Wood processing

  • Axe
  • Saw
  • Chainsaw

Food exploitation

  • Trap
  • Bow
  • Rifle

Depending on the level of the working tools used, the operating performance will vary.

BONUS: The Meka

Meka are epic creations of the gnomes. These futuristic-looking tools provide a tenfold increase in performance, much like an extra. To obtain his Meka, a player must complete a series of quests.

MekaMeka SieveMeka ChainsawMeka Rifle

After cutting wood and gathering food, players can choose whether to sell their resources or keep them to craft tools. This decision will be influenced by each player’s strategy.

The player’s energy will deplete during the extraction process, and he will need to eat to replenish it. Similarly, the mining process deteriorates the mining tools. The tools will need to be repaired on a regular basis.

The Heroes of Arcan game token will be useful in making these repairs or creating new tools.

Repairing Tools

Heroes of Arcan has a token that is required not only to acquire new tools but also to repair damaged tools. The necessary tokens differ according to the tools.

To improve your token you can burn and blend them :

  • Normal: Normal item
  • Uncommon: Blent 2 Normal Items
  • Rare: Blend 2 Uncommon Items
  • Epic: Blent 3 Rare Items
  • Legendary: Blent 5 Epic Items

Energy and Sustainability

The three main resources in the Heroes of Arcan game are wood, food, and gold. They are all directly related to two factors: Energy and Durability.

The energy level range for participation is 200-500, with 200 being the minimum and 500 being the maximum. A player’s energy level can be increased by gaining game experience, purchasing improvements, or completing various quests.

A tool’s durability varies, and this index is listed in the table below.

When you extract resources, he expends energy and makes use of his equipment (durability index).

The recovery process necessitates the use of resources:

  • Energy: 1 FOOD gives 1 energy point.
  • Durability: 1 GOLD gives 1 durability point.

New Tools

There are several ways to obtain new tools in Heroes of Arcan. It can be obtained as a quest reward, used to purchase new tools, create them, and loot them.

You must use the Heroes of Arcan game token and two resources to create a new tool: Wood and Gold.


Resources in Heroes of Arcan are perishable. This is why, if you want to keep your resources for a long time (for example, to craft a better tool), you must store them in your faction bank!

The faction bank in Heroes of Arcan will allow you to store and preserve your resources!

The bank will operate as a Sharable NFT (at the beginning it will be owned 100 percent by the team and little by little part of the bank will be sold or earned as NFT).

Having a stake in the bank allows you to collect a percentage of the fees and accelerate the growth of your resources reserve in Heroes of Arcan.

If you do not put your resources in the bank, the amount of the token you hold will gradually decrease, and the percentage that is perishable will increase day by day.

This is an incentive for people to play the game and return frequently.

If you are unable to connect to the game for any reason, you will be able to buy or craft a potion that will protect your resources from becoming perishable. This will have a long cooldown (in days) to prevent you from leaving the game.

What are Heroes of the Arcan Heroes?

There are 3 type Heroes in Heroes of Arcan which are Wisers, Conquerers and Preachers.

Before each hero is introduced into the game, their backstories will be gradually revealed. The presence of a hero enables the player to search for chests and obtain rewards. Heroes will eventually be able to complete quests, missions, and so on.

Heroes of Arcan Heroes

Each player will have three “Active” Hero slots and one “Reserve” slot that can be obtained. These slots will be used to take advantage of the heroes’ passive bonuses. A player can have as many heroes as he wants, but only three can be active at the same time.

However, the passive bonus of a hero who is not on one of the three dedicated slots will be ignored.

Pro Tip: You can have as many heroes in your inventory as you want, but only three passive bonuses will be active by default. To obtain more Active heroes at the same time, you must first enable the feature.

What is Heroes of Arcan Chests?

You will be able to open a maximum of one chest every three days, which will grant you the opportunity to win items. The chests will be accessed through the use of resources and the token.

There will be two types of probability: the probability of obtaining a chest and the probability of what is inside a chest.

Because the distribution of rewards within each chest type varies, a “epic” chest does not guarantee an epic tool.

This addition will maintain the game’s interest and luck.

It not only adds liquidity to the Heroes of Arcan, but it also adds randomness, which provides equity to all players.

Potions and Enchantments

Potions and enchantments will reward the player account with bonuses. This enhancement will be temporary for potions and permanent when using an enchantment. Potions and enchantments boost the percentage of:

  • possibility of obtaining resources
  • profits
  • profitability (for example: update every 55 minutes instead of 1 hour)
  • hardness of the material (which means fewer repairs)
  • ease (which means less energy spent)

Heroes of Arcan Buildings

These will be NFT cards, and each building will take a different amount of time and resources to construct, ranging from a few hours to a few days depending on the building.

Influence of the buildings on the Heroes of Arcan game:

  • The construction of a Town Hall grants the ability to be a Village and grants a +1 percent attribute.
  • The creation of a Keep grants the ability to be a City and grants +3 percent attribute.
  • The construction of a Castle grants +5% attribute.

Other bonuses, such as unique buildings, heroes, and so on, will be added to the main three buildings!

Other improvements, such as adding a market within the castle, will also affect the percentages.

  • Soldiers will be trained in barracks. The forge will allow players to craft armor, weapons for heroes, and soldier enhancements (e.g. so that the armies attack 10 percent faster).
  • The laboratory will be used to create improvements for other buildings, productivity, and so on.
  • The Heroes of Arcan Marketplace will allow players to purchase resources at a lower cost while also increasing the variety of resources available to them.
  • The “Alchemy Shop” potion store will allow players to obtain various potions that provide bonuses for a set period of time. For example, for one hour, profitability is increased by 100%, the player is exempt from repairs, the army’s attack is improved, and so on. These potions can also be resold. It also allows you to create enchantments that can be used on your own account or sold as an NFT.

Good to know: There will be a maximum of two potion available at the same time (upgradable in the future). There will also be a limit to the number of active enchantments per account (upgradable in the future)

What are the Lands in Heroes of Arcan?

Lands & Universe

Arcan, the Heroes’ Land, is made up of 20,000 plots of land. These plots are represented as NFT, and players can freely exchange them.

Each player will use a so-called standard land in the first version of the Heroes of Arcan game. This one will be identical to the other existing lands in every way.

Later on, the lands will be differentiated based on the resources that they allow for the most (wood, gold, food).

As a result, you will be able to own one or more plots.

This land acquisition will allow the owner to either exploit it for his own purposes or rent it to players who are unable to acquire one. Players who own plots will have de facto rights to a portion of the resources recovered from their land (a percentage of the resources made on this land).

A player who is unable or unwilling to purchase land has two options:

  • Use public land with a medium yield. Each resource recovered from this land will be lightly taxed and will go directly into the founders’ pockets (that will be a percent ).

A portion of this tax will be distributed to holders of the $ARCAN token.

  • Use land owned by a landowner, with a specific yield tied to the land’s quality (more gold, more wood, more food). Each resource recovered from this land will be taxed at a rate set by the landowner. (percentage based on profit)

The rarer your land, the higher your percentage profit on this land.

After minting land, the characteristics of the land will be revealed.

The lands cannot be combined or burned. As a result, the scarcity of your land will never change.

Heroes of Arcan MarketPlace

An internal marketplace will be made available to allow players to sell resources they have obtained (with taxes ranging from 5 percent to 10 percent in case of high demand).

Each player must devise a strategy to maximize his or her yield.

The yield should ideally be updated in real time. If it is technologically possible, the results will be updated every hour.

Heroes of Arcan Arcanium Token

In the Arcan universe, there are two Tokens. Holders will be rewarded for staking, playing, and voting in key governance votes.

Arcanium ARCAN and Arcanyx ARCX are two types of arcanium.

Heroes of Arcan $ARCAN Token

The Arcan token will be used as a token of governance in Heroes of Arcan game. You will gain multiple benefits by holding it or staking it:


  • DAO Vote (to decide the future of Arcan)


  • Staking reward
  • Higher DAO vote (to decide the future of Arcan)
  • Whitelist for future NFT drops (depends on your amount staked)
  • Airdrop from the game
  • Possible airdrop for future collaboration (depends on the amount staked)
  • Special price NFT Drops
  • Special NFT drop (more related to skins, it won’t affect the gameplay and won’t give an in-game advantage)

Heroes of Arcan $ARCX Token

  • Purchase in-game resources (price updated daily)
  • Buy in-game items
  • Craft tools
  • Obtain Chests

Heroes of Arcan aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for each player who will be an active member of the community. This decentralization goal will be pursued gradually and prudently in order to avoid any stagnation or regression caused by potential inertia in major decisions.

Heroes of Arcan will have a dual-token economy, with $ARCAN for governance and Arcanyx ($ARCX) for trading. Heroes of Arcan is being built on the WAX blockchain.

$ARCAN can be staked to generate a positive return from marketplace fees and resource conversion to tokens. Holders and stakeholders will also have access to exclusive information and whitelists for future events, NFT drops, and private sales.

$ARCX will be used to buy in-game resources, with prices changing on a daily basis, as well as to buy in-game items, craft tools, and obtain chests.

The $ARCAN token ICO will be divided into three rounds. The first two rounds require a whitelisted wallet, while the third is open to all. 

Pro Tip: In Heroes of Arcan, the token prices are fixed.

Heroes of Arcan Game Economy

Economic Sustainability

Various additions will help the economy in the coming months:

  • Additional Features: Territory updates, mini-games, seasonal events, and new gameplays are all available. Players will constantly have new objectives to achieve.
  • Evolutionary Progression: At first, progression will consist of having better tools and heroes. Later on, a player’s progression will also be possible through the use of improvements (to heroes, lands, tools…). Potions, enchantments, and expanded architecture will also be introduced, allowing each player to fine-tune and optimize his strategy.
  • New Player Integration: It will be possible to begin the game several months after its initial release without being disadvantaged in comparison to players who have been present since the beginning. To accomplish this, we intend to implement a horizontal gameplay system in which each new feature added to the game can be played concurrently with the existing ones.
  • Also, Heroes of Arcan is aimed at the mobile industry, which means that many former players will be able to “rent” their tools to newcomers who are unlikely to be familiar with cryptocurrency. The point is that they will bring money by purchasing our NFTs or token resources through an in-app purchase, and they will also have ads to watch on the app. These two methods will bring money into the game and allow us to remain sustainable.

Heroes of Arcan aspires to be a DAO. It is critical that the community participates in the game’s ecosystem and that each player is appropriately rewarded. As a result, there will be a strong sense of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). People could vote on the next features, heroes to be released, events, and so on.


The in-game price of resources will be fixed. This price may change depending on the player’s supply and demand.

Withdrawals Fees

A withdrawal fee will be charged when converting extracted resources into tokens (and could change)

These withdrawal fees will be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • to remunerate the partners
  • recruit experts for an optimal development
  • add liquidity
  • Rewards for holders


Prices in the game change every hour to keep profitability consistent and not dependent on token price.

Resource Sales

A fee will be charged for each sale of a resource based on a predetermined scale.

These withdrawal fees will be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • to remunerate the partners
  • recruit experts for an optimal development
  • add liquidity
  • Rewards for holders

Purchases of Resources

When a resource is purchased, a fee will be assessed based on a predetermined scale. This sum will be distributed among the team’s liquidity pool and its Wallet.

Token Price of Heroes Of Arcan

  • If the token’s price is too high, it pushes people to buy tools.
  • If the price is too low, there is a strong incentive to purchase resources.

Purchasing NFT (tools, heroes, buildings, objects, and so on) will be possible using the game token or the blockchain token.

When purchasing NFT using the token of the chosen blockchain, a portion goes to the wallet and a portion goes to LP.


  1. The player has only one object

Example : “axe” tool which allows for obtaining the resource “wood”.

The player farms a resource with the help of his tool, in this case wood with the help of the axe. This enables him to own more wood or sell wood in exchange for tokens.

The token obtained from the sale of wood can be removed from the game or used to purchase food or gold (objectives: buy another tool, repair, energy, progress)

The wood harvested by the player and sold in tokens will be stored in a dedicated wallet. Wood prices can be controlled in one of two ways:

  • If the price of wood is too high, dump it to reduce the price and thus the value.
  • If the price of wood is too low, it should be burned to raise the price and thus the value.
  1. The player has two tools

Example, with the possession of the tools “trap” and “axe”.

The player has the ability to farm the resources “food” and “wood.”

The surplus from these two resources can then be exchanged for gold (objective: tool repair) or saved for future purchases (an investment that will leave the game).

  1. The player has three tools (almost self-sufficiency)

The player can farm the three resources in the game thanks to the possession of three specific tools. The surplus of what the players farm with these three tools will be used to:

  • Buy and reinvest to grow
  • Sell to get tokens to craft

To crack tools, you must first have a token from the game. This mechanic allows you to send money (wood, gold, food) to specific wallets, allowing you to control and master the prices of various resources.

Despite having three tools, a player will not be truly self-sufficient because he will need to make repairs, improve his equipment, maintain his energy level, and so on.

Also, because anything can happen in life, the tool may break! In this case, you will require additional resources to repair it!

However, because life is full of surprises, it is possible that you will occasionally make a larger profit when you use your tool and get lucky!

What are Heroes of Arcan NFTs?

Heroes of Arcan includes three types of NFT assets: Heroes, Lands, and Tools. The most commonly traded NFTs will be tools, which can be included in tool packages or chests, while Heroes and Lands will most likely remain a one-time purchase to invest in the game.

Each NFT will have its own rarity system. A luck percentage, as in any game, will accompany you on your journey. This means that you will have a chance to obtain rarer NFTs (Tools, Heroes, Weapons, and so on) simply by performing routine crafts and quests!

So, if you make a pickaxe and expect to get a normal one, you might get a rarity chance of:

  • Normal : 58,999%
  • Uncommon: 30%
  • Rare: 10%
  • Epic: 1%
  • Legendary: 0,001%

This rarity system will be applicable to other nfts such as Heroes, Weapons, Lands, and so on.

Nfts rarity system
  • The price of Tool Nfts drops will be around 100-150$ per pack.
  • The price of Heroes NFT drops will be around 150-200$ per pack.

Good to know: Price and information are subject to change in order to adjust and maintain the project’s stability. The remaining prices and supplies will be determined later in the process.

Heroes of Arcan Tokenomics

Heroes of Arcan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are NFTs?

NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are digital items that rely on blockchain technology to ensure their uniqueness. Heroes of Arcan is a digital game that uses NFTs and is registered on the WAX blockchain.

What blockchain does Heroes Of Arcan use?

Heroes of Arcan is a blockchain-based video game.

What is Heroes Of Arcan?

The first Heroic Fantasy strategy game to run on NFT is Heroes of Arcan. Players select appropriate tools, exploit various resources, expand your territory, and devise the best growth strategies.

What is a Hero in Heroes of Arcan Game?

That’s you as a player in the Heroes of Arcan! Use the game tools to develop your world.

How to participate in Heroes Of Arcan?

You must have a WAX wallet to join Heroes Of Arcan. Then you’ll get some tools to get started on your adventure.

How to get tools in Heroes Of Arcan?

You have two options: buy them on the market or use the crafting function in the game to make new ones.

What are wood, food and gold in Heroes Of Arcan?

These are the three most important resources in Heroes Of Arcan.

How to get wood, food, gold in Heroes of Arcan?

There are three types of tools for utilizing these resources.

  • Wood: Axe, Saw, Chainsaw
  • Food: Trap, Bow, Gun.
  • Gold: Sieve, pickaxe, sluice

These items can be obtained from markets or from other heroes.

What is durability in Heroes of Arcan?

This index measures a tool’s durability. Each tool has its own durability index.

The durability index will decrease during the extraction process. Players must use gold to reclaim it. Players cannot remove or switch to another tool if the tool’s durability index is insufficient. It is worth noting that a tool with a durability index of 0 is not lost.

What is energy in Heroes of Arcan?

This index represents the energy lost during the extraction process. The amount of energy consumed by each tool varies. To recover energy, you must consume food.

What is the countdown in Heroes of Arcan?

After each mining, you must wait a certain amount of time before you can continue playing. Items cannot be deleted or changed while the countdown is running.

Heroes of Arcan NFT Game


Heroes of Arcan is inspired by the great fantasy worlds of World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and other masterpieces that we have all played in the past. Their goal is to create a fun, engaging game in which players can own assets and immerse themselves in the lore.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time. It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces. You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Heroes of Arcan already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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