Gunstar NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Gunstar?

Gunstar is a Play & Earn NFT game inspired by Worms / Gunbound games, is an exciting Play & Earn NFT game for gamers of all skill levels to put their skills to the test and compete with their friends in an attempt to create the “ultimate-high” shooting game, or even have the golden opportunity to engage in highly tactical games to secure an awesome victory.

Gunstar and Fantasy StarWorld will also provide gamers the opportunity to participate in real-world experiences, which is something that a typical tactic game does not provide. Customers’ attention is piqued by excitement and the thrill of anticipation while playing.

Gunstar Game Introduction

Gunstar Lore

Thousands of years ago, in the country of Fantasy StarWorld, people and creatures lived and worked together to create a beautiful and peaceful planet, according to legend.

However, mankind invented a technology over a thousand years ago that had various adverse effects, converting animals into corrupted and violent creatures.

The monsters became stronger over time and gradually conquered the lands, destroying human civilisation and returning everyone to the Stone Ages.

Fortunately for us, there are still formidable summoned monsters who have not been harmed by that savage force.

Humans eventually learn to befriend them, harnessing the strength of summoned beasts and available technology to gradually become powerful enough to withstand the monsters’ destructive force.

And the story begins with a group of people banding together to tame the summoned beasts, to fight the monsters, and to save StarWorld’s human civilisation.

Gunstar Fantasy StarWorld

Fantasy Star Environment is a mega-sized virtual world that vaguely depicts a thousand-year-old peaceful coexistence between mortals and mystical creatures.

Pearl Island is a massive continent encircled by a slew of islands that is also home to all of the gamers beginning on their quests to combat these hostile monsters and save their Star World.

After completing their assigned objectives on Pearl Island, the Players’ main goal is to collect enough GSC tokens to continue their heroic march to Skyland, the center-based country that has recently been under attack by monsters.

Fortresses have been built in these central places to protect the remaining unaffected cities from the monsters’ wrath.

The mythical animals have also chosen strange areas that are beyond our reach. In order to exist in the cities, players must spend a portion of their GSC budget on housing on a daily or monthly basis.

Renting out houses is also a good way to boost your GSC token earnings. It is recommended that players return to Pearl Island to acquire and manage their houses.

Additional conveniences will be available in city residences, such as the expansion of storage units and the availability of pet-related items, such as teleport, medicine, and power-up, which will be available in lieu of purchasing in actual flag businesses. This does, in fact, result in a boost in the value of the homes.

In addition, players can use the Market Place system to sell or buy their own homes. The players’ daily missions are to gain worthy bounties by hunting the Monsters that arise on the city’s boundaries. Especially while hunting Monster Bosses that have a chance of dropping Pet Fragment, which is used to allow domesticated pets to be re-created. Of course, those creatures are violent and unpredictable.

As a result, players are advised to go solo or work in groups with their fellow city dwellers in order to combat these Monsters, who grow stronger and more wicked as they travel further into the StarWorld continents.

The more powerful animals that players can defeat, the higher their score will be. So, with that said, who here has what it takes to be a pioneer who has firsthand experience reaching this beautiful center area? Before the calamity, the civilization was known to be the epitome of affluence and magnificence for 1000 years.


You will need a place to dwell when they arrive in the cities of the continents. You have the option of renting a house (paying by the day in $GSC) or purchasing a property (paying in $GST). Additional features can be added to housing, such as increased storage space and the production of pet support supplies.

Gunstar Gameplay

Turn-Based Artillery Game

The game focus on skills and game analysis as a turn-based game. Furthermore, in order to maximize their powers, players must comprehend the companion pet they have picked. You can use the power of human technology, in addition to the power of pets, to make it easier for you to journey across the world with the help of technology.

Gunstar Core Gameplay

Gunstar is a two-dimensional game with turn-based and ballistics simulation elements. In Gunstar, you are divided into two teams, with the opponent being either an AI monster or another player. You’ll take turns firing yout pets at each other.

Each pet has three distinct abilities: two standard abilities and one Ultimate ability.

External conditions such as terrain, winds, and storms have an impact on the outcome of a match in this game.

This necessitates players constantly changing their aim and trajectory power while also evaluating their approach.

The predicted trajectory system is in place to help novice players learn the game faster, but because it does not account for terrains, winds, or weather conditions, you must still rely on skill, experience, and calculation to defeat their opponents.

Gunstar Pet Art & Design

Even with summoned monsters like dragons, phoenixes, and unicorns, players are accompanied by highly powerful pets. There are 23 different varieties of pets, each with unique strengths and skills.

These 23 different types of pets are separated into several categories based on their mythological level, such as:

  • Ascended
  • Legendary
  • Elite
  • Rare
  • Normal

Gunstar Pet Fragment & Merging System

Creating new pets in Gunstar Game

When you play the game, particularly in the Boss stage, a time-limited event appears in several cities, with the possibility of dropping Pet Fragments.

When you’ve collected all of the Pet Fragments needed to make a new pet, you can opt to Merge them together to make a new one.

Gunstar In-game Items

Aside from talents for your dogs, there are a slew of things made with human technology to aid you in battle. There are a few different types of things available right now:

TeleportationTeleport to a location during battle. It has no effect outside of battle.
Goddess’s DrinkHeal 30% of pet’s maximum health.
Symbol of deadFires your skills twice for 1 turn. Use only for 1st and 2nd Skill.
Villainous ElixirIncreases damage output by 30% for 1 turn. Use only for 3rd Skill.
Prismatic ShieldGive you the ability of phoenix, immunity to all damage until your next turn.
Miter of the GnomeLock items of opponent for 2 turns

For a match, you can choose up to three items. The sole way to obtain these things is to use the game’s currency (GSC) to purchase them via the Fortune Wheel feature; however, you have a slight possibility of receiving stuff while playing the Campaign mode.

Strengthening Character in Gunstar Game

Every match you play and win will earn you experience as a hero. Over time, your character will grow stronger and tougher.

Renting pet in Gunstar

As always, your pet is the most powerful weapon in a combat. As a result, the more powerful the pet, the easier it is to overcome the opponent. But, because gaining a legendary pet isn’t always as simple as talking, we’ve implemented a system where you can borrow your pet from the market for a limited time.

During the activation period once the pet has been rented, you are able to use all of its features. Depending on the market, you must pay the Pet’s owner a fee.


You are the most important part of Fantasy Starworld. In the Fantasy Starworld, the rider represents you.

Rider Level

Winning PvE battles gives the rider experience. The rider gains 10 experience points for each battle won. This is significant since your pet’s level cannot exceed your rider’s. If you buy a pet from a marketplace with a higher level than your rider, the level of the pet will be capped at Rider’s level.

Gunstar Game NFT Pet System

Gunstar Metaverse is primarily concerned with pets. They occur in a variety of sizes, forms, abilities, rarity, and effects.

Acquiring Pets

You can get pets in a variety of ways:

  • Purchasing and hatching pet eggs from online NFT marketplaces.
  • Purchasing pets from other players directly.
  • Obtaining and combining pet fragments.

Pet Rarity in Gunstar

The pets are divided into several rarities as shown below:

  • Ascend
  • Legendary
  • Mythic
  • Elite
  • Rare
  • Normal
  • Trial

The highest rarity of the NFT pets is Ascend, while the lowest rarity is Normal. The Trial pets are not based on NFT and are hence weaker than the rest of the pets.

Gunstar NFT Pets

In terms of power, all rarities are built similarly. In the hands of a good player, a common pet can defeat pets of greater rarity. As a result, the game is more about skill than on how much money you have.

When you’ve mastered a higher rarity pet, it might be a lot more fun to play. When utilized appropriately, these pets usually have more unique talents and can deal more damage, but if you don’t master the pet, it can potentially become a nuisance rather than a benefit.

Having higher-rarity pets provides you with a slew of advantages, including:

  • GSC Bonus from PvE
  • Ability to purchase more rewarding passes

Gunstar Trial Pets

Trial pets are free pets that are given to all players as a way to see if they like the game. In comparison to other other pets, this trial pet has less power. You can still gain stat boosts by leveling up this pet.

GSC tokens can still be earned while playing with this pet, but they will be locked until you buy two NFT pets.

Gunstar Pet Skills

Each pet currently have:

  • Skill 1 (Lowest damage, lowest delay count)
  • Skill 2 (Medium damage, medium delay count)
  • Skill 3 – Ultimate Skill (Highest damage, highest delay count)
  • Passive Skill (Additional effects for the pet, or team)

Each of the attacking skill are split into 3 functions:

  1. Skill Delay
  2. Skill Damage Range
  3. Skill Effects (if any)

Skill Delay

Because Gunstar is a turn-based game, the next turn’s delay is used to determine the turn.

  • Taking time on a turn increases the delay count.
  • Using items on a turn increases the delay count.
  • Using skills on a turn increases the delay count.

Delay counts will vary dramatically between skills. Even the same skills have a different delay count each time they are used. This adds a little more variety to the game, as the pet with the most damage may not necessarily be the best pick in all situations.

Do you want a pet that turns a little faster but does a little less damage? When both of you have less than 1% of your health left, the speed advantage can come in just in time with an additional.

Do you want the same pet but with a little more damage? Trying to take advantage of your injury as soon as possible.

Skill Damage Range

All pets, with the exception of trial pets, have a range of values for all of their stats to keep the game fair and exciting.

Example: Bawaving’s Skill 3 Full Range:

  • Skill Delay: 900 to 964
  • Skill Damage: 225 to 303

Within that skill damage range there are 5 sub ranges

  • 225 to 275
  • 232 to 282
  • 239 to 289
  • 246 to 296
  • 253 to 303

The larger the damage, the longer the wait. As a result, all ranges are still able to compete with one another. Do you want to take a little more damage or have the opportunity to act first? Highest damage isn’t always the best option.

Each skill has its own range, therefore it’s possible to get a pet with a high Skill 1 range, a lower Skill 2 range, and the highest Skill 3 range.

The range of a skill determines how much damage it deals. You will be able to do the maximum damage of the damage range if the angle of your shot falls within the correct angle.

The damage display does not take into account the defenses of the opponent. As a result, the 282 damage mentioned above would be lowered dependent on the opponent’s defensive percentage.

Skill Effects

Some skills have additional effects, such as the ability to run for a few seconds on the ground before exploding, or the ability to split into numerous smaller bombs.

Gunstar Pet Stats

The pets have a total of six different stats as shown below:

  • HP
  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • Movement


The number of hit points indicates how healthy your pet is. You are knocked out of the fight if this reaches zero during a combat.


This is represented in percentages in defense. 10 defense = 10% defense, resulting in a 10% reduction in damages.


Attack damage is displayed in terms of skill damage.

Critical Chance

Critical Chance is expressed as a percentage of the likelihood that one of your attacks will result in a critical hit. Each attack is calculated separately; for example, if your attack shoots three fireballs, each one has a chance to hit critical.

Critical Damage

Critical Damage is expressed as a percentage of how much more damage you should add to your base assault before deducting your opponent’s defense.


Movement is expressed as an absolute number that indicates how far you can move per turn.

Stats Range

Each statistic has its own set of numbers, divided into five sections:

  1. Very High
  2. High
  3. Medium
  4. Low
  5. Very low

Each part is then subdivided into five digits. For example, the pet Bawaving’s HP is set at medium, therefore a level 1 Bawaving’s HP ranges between 2,900 to 3,180.

  1. 2,900 – Medium 1
  2. 2,970 – Medium 2
  3. 3,040 – Medium 3
  4. 3,110 – Medium 4
  5. 3,180 – Medium 5

Each of the pet’s six stats has its own set of five digits, so it’s possible to get a Bawaving with:

  • Medium 3 for HP
  • Medium 1 for DEF
  • Medium 4 for MOV
  • High 5 for CRIT Chance %
  • High 4 for CRIT Damage
  • Different numbers for each attacking skill as you have learned in the previous section.

Gunstar Pet Leveling

Gunstar Leveling Requirements

Leveling up pets does not require experience points.

Your rider’s current level determines their highest possible level. If your rider is now at level 10, your pet’s maximum level is also level 10. To level up your pet, you’ll need a GSC token. As a result, you’ll need to keep some GSC tokens on hand in order to proceed.

Pet Fragments are also required. As a result, you’ll need to maintain some Pet Fragments on hand in order to advance. Please see Leveling Requirements for information on the minimum quantity of Pet Fragments required.

Once you’ve reached a specific rider level, there’s no need to replay the campaign in order to acquire more experience points. If your rider is level 5, you can use your GSC to raise all of your pets to that level. You can use your GSC to level up all of your pets to level 70 if your rider is level 70.

Stats Improvement For Leveling in Gunstar

A pet receives more stat points in two ways when it advances to a new level:

  1. Base Increase
  2. Point Increase

Before any percent from new points is counted, the stat will increase by a fixed percentage at every level.

Points increase signifies that a number will be added to a stat based on how many points are added to it.

Because we are raising stats on a compounding basis, it is critical to keep up with the majority of players, as each level gives you more stats than the previous levels.

With merely a base increase, let’s use Radenting as an example:

RadentingHP Before LevelHP Gain
Level 1 to Level 23,800194
Level 30 to Level 3116,079820
Level 70 to Level 71117,5905,997

Points Distribution

Each level provides you 5 points to distribute among 6 stats for your pet as listed below:

  • HP – increases your hit points
  • Defense – increases your defense
  • Attack – increases damage from your skills
  • Critical Chance – increase chances of landing a critical hit
  • Critical Damage – increase the damage of a critical hit
  • Movement – increases the area the pet can move during a turn

Stats Increase for HP and ATK

Before you allocate any extra points, both HP and ATK grow by a base of 5.0 percent on your existing HP and ATK.

Each additional point you enter into the metrics adds 0.1 percent to your current number.

Three identical Radentings with their level 20 stats are shown here:

  • Radenting A: doesn’t add any points into HP and ATK
  • Radenting B: add 1 point per level into HP and ATK each
  • Radenting C: add 2 points per level into HP and ATK each

We are using level 20 stats as it’s easier to see the difference, the higher the level, the larger the divergence and more unique each pet would be.

Radenting AHPSkill 3 ATK – AVG
Level 209,602619
Level 2110,083650
Level 2210,587683
Level 2311,116717
Level 2411,672753
Radenting BHPSkill 3 ATK – AVG
Level 209,778630
Level 2110,276663
Level 2210,800696
Level 2311,351732
Level 2411,930769
Radenting CHPSkill 3 ATK – AVG
Level 209,956642
Level 2110,474675
Level 2211,018710
Level 2311,591747
Level 2412,194786

Stat Increase for Defense

There is no base boost for defense. Each point you gain to your stats increases your level 1 value by 0.20 percent.

As an example, consider a with a 12.50 percent defense at level 1. Adding one point to 12.50 percent equals a 0.20 percent increase, or 0.025 percent. So the new defense is 12.525%

Maximum defense is limited to 61.3%. This is nearly impossible to achieve because it necessitates adding all points to defense on the pet with the highest potential defense at level 1, making your pet weaker in other metrics. Especially if it’s compatible with future pets that don’t care about defenses.

Stat Increase for Movement

There is no rise in the base of movement. You get an extra 0.03 for each point you add to the statistics.

As an example, consider a Radenting with a 12.00 movement at level 1. Adding 1 point to 12.00 = 0.03 increase = 12.03. As a result, the new movement is 12.03.

Stat Increase for Critical Chance

There is no base increase for Critical Chance. Each additional point you add to your stats increases your level 1 value by 0.15 percent.

As an example, consider a Radenting with an 8.00 percent critical chance at level 1. Adding one point equals a 0.15% gain on a percentage of 8.00%, or 0.012%. So the new critical chance is 8.012%

Maximum defense is limited to 75.0%. This is nearly tough to achieve because it necessitates adding all points to the pet with the highest possible critical chance at level 1, making your pet inferior in other metrics.

Stat Increase for Critical Damage

There is no base increase for Critical Chance. Each additional point you add to your stats provides you a 0.10 percent increase in your level 1 score.

As an example, consider a Radenting with a critical damage of 30.00 percent at level 1. Adding one point equals a 0.10% increase on a percentage of 8.00%, or 0.030%. So the new critical chance is 30.030%

Pro Tip: There is no maximum cap for Critical Damage.

Leveling Requirements

Leveling up your pets cost GSC and Pet Fragments. We’ve listed down the projected numbers for the GSC and Pet Fragments.

This is the base requirement for the first 50 levels. If you get a lower number for either the GSC cost or Pet Fragment it means that your account is currently enjoying a leveling discount.

Upgrading Pets with Pet Fragments in Gunstar

When leveling up, pets required an extra boost of pet pieces to help them gain more power. Pets can upgrade themselves using any pet fragment.

For example, if you own an Elite Pet, you can upgrade it with a pet fragment of any rarity from Normal to Ascend, and the same is true if you own a Normal or other rarity pet.

All pet fragments used for upgrading are treated the same; employing a greater rarity fragment will not provide you with any additional benefits.

For upgrading, you can also mix rarities. Due to balance, the figures are subject to change.

Pet Energy in Gunstar

When you first start the game, each pet has a three-energy bar. When you bring the chosen pet into a battle in the PvE campaign, 1 bar of energy is consumed. Every four hours, pets regenerate one bar of energy. In the future, we will offer techniques to boost your pet’s energy.

Gunstar Pet List

This is a complete list of the pets available in the Gunstar game right now. Each pet has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own specialization; some are better for co-opt boss raids, some for PvP, and others for having strong passive skills that you want on your squad. There are 7 Pets available in Gunstar game as listed below:

  1. Rosaging
  2. Bawaving
  3. Sniffing
  4. Horiding
  5. Pifating
  6. Woruffing
  7. Radenting

1. Rosaging

Rosaging, well rounded in all stats, easy to use, a great pet to start your adventure in the Gunstar Metaverse.

2. Bawaving

Bawaving is a challenging pet to master. Understanding the timing to the second and third skill is the key to dealing big damages to multiple opponents at the same time.

3. Sniffing

Sniffing has higher defense on average, relies on its passive skill to prevent opponents from healing, while at the same time dealing poison damage.

4. Horiding

Horiding specializes in multiple shots and with its higher than average chances of critical hits and damages. Great for those feeling lucky and wanting to do some terrain destruction.

5. Pifating

Pifating does a great job at dealing damage to multiple opponents via the third skill – super cool mini flying pigs. What it lacks in defense and critical hits is covered by its great versatility in offense.

6. Woruffing

Woruffing is generally slower with its turns, taking longer to cool down its skills, but deals higher damage per skill, especially with its third skill.

7. Radenting

Radenting has the lowest damage of all pets, but it comes with the HP and speed advantage, taking 2 to 3 turns or more while other pets only has a single turn along with a faster cooldown time.

Pet Fragments

Pet Fragments are pet soul shards that require the player’s assistance to assemble into a new pet. You will be able to merge pets for your personal training or to sell to another player as a result of this.

We intend to use this method to add new species of pets, therefore the only way to get a new species of pet is to hunt your own fragments and merge them, or to buy the new pet from another player.

As a result, pet pieces from new species of pets can be quite valuable.

How to Acquire Pet Fragments in Gunstar Game?

Players can now obtain Pet Fragments by opening Fragment Packs, which can be obtained by:

  1. Raid Boss Milestones
  2. Raid Boss Leaderboards

Where to Use Pet Fragments in Gunstar Game?

Pet Fragments can currently be used for the following purposes:

  1. Merging into Pet Souls
  2. Upgrading their pets

Upgrading Pets with Pet Fragments in Gunstar

When leveling up, pets required an extra boost of pet pieces to help them gain more power. Pets can upgrade themselves using any pet fragment.

For example, if you own an Elite Pet, you can upgrade it with a pet fragment of any rarity from Normal to Ascend, and the same is true if you own a Normal or other rarity pet.

All pet fragments used for upgrading are treated the same; employing a greater rarity fragment will not provide you with any additional benefits.

For upgrading, you can also mix rarities.

Gunstar Pet Merging

Gunstar Metaverse has most fascinating features. While earning money through GSC is appealing, the chance to merge pets is even more so. This method will be used to introduce new pet species.

As a result, users who want to possess additional pets or newer types of pets must either combine existing pets or purchase them from the marketplace.

How To Merge Pets in Gunstar Game?

Merging pets would be a two-step process as shown below:

  1. Obtaining the necessary Pet Fragments and merging them into a Pet Soul for $GSC.
  2. Players that have Pet Soul can directly mint the pet with $GST; the stats will be finalized during the minting process.

Fragments Needed in Gunstar

Varying rarities of pets require different amounts of fragments.

  • For example, to merge into Pet Soul, Woruffing, a pet with Normal Rarity, will require 30 Woruffing Fragments and GSC.
  • For example, to merge into Pet Soul, Bawaving, an Epic Rarity pet, will require 70 Bawaving Fragments and GSC.

Getting The Pet Soul in Gunstar

After you’ve collected all of the Pet Fragments, you’ll need to use GSC to Merge the Pet Fragments into a Pet Soul. The greater the use of GSC, the better the odds of success.

The Pet Fragments and GSC utilized will be subtracted if the merge fails. This is to allow players with lower GSC to obtain a pet.

Gunstar Game Items

Gunstar game have the following items for the initial launch:

Item NameItem Description
Goddess’s DrinkHeal 30% of pet’s maximum health.
Villainous ElixirIncreases damage output by 30% for 1 turn. Use only for 3rd Skill.
ImmunityImmunity to all damage received until your next turn.
Symbol of DeathFires your skills twice for 1 turn. Use only for 1st and 2nd Skill.
ShovelIncrease terrain destruction of your skills by 200%.
TeleportationTeleport to a location during a battle.

Acquiring Items

The fortune wheel can be used to obtain these items. In the near future, we will be able to sell products directly for speedier access.

There’s also a chance you’ll get them as a drop from the PvE campaign’s item drops.

Item Usage

Because the items are scarce, it’s best to keep them until you absolutely need them. Using too many goods at lesser levels may force you to purchase them at a later time.

You should save your stuff for future PvP matches as well.


Houses are an important aspect of our lives in real life, and they will play an important role in bringing the Fantasy Starworld to life.

Houses are divided into two categories:

  1. System Owned Houses
  2. Player Owned Houses

Every night, just as in real life, we all require a place to sleep. Similarly, riders in Fanstasy Starworld will require a place to stay every night.

Everyone has the option of staying in their own home, renting from other players, or renting from the system.

Buying Houses in Gunstar

On the mainland, there will be a total of 8,800 houses.

Houses are sold in limited house sales that occur on a regular basis. GST tokens are used to purchase these items on future markets that will be disclosed.

Current Benefits of Owning A House
  • If you are staying in your own house you don’t have to rent from the system.
  • If you are staying in your own upgraded house, you get free random items.
  • If you own a house and rent it out for more than what you are paying for rental, you are earning GSC daily for not doing anything.
  • You can sell the houses in the future for profits.
Renting Houses in Gunstar

If you plan on staying in Fantasy Starworld for more than a day, you’ll need to rent a house.

Houses are divided into two categories:

  1. System Owned Houses
  2. Player Owned Houses

Benefits of Renting From System Owned Houses

  • It’s usually the cheapest option.
  • You don’t have to do anything such as searching for the best priced option, location, etc

Benefits of Renting From Player Owned Houses

  • You can get random items and other bonuses if you are renting from upgraded houses.
Renting Out Your House

Congratulations for becoming a Fantasy Starworld homeowner.

You can now choose to live in your own house or rent it out.

Staying In Your Own Home

  • You can now save on the rental fee.
  • If you upgrade your own home you stand to get all the benefits.

Renting It Out

  • You can set the price in GSC that you want to rent it out for.
  • The system will take a 10% rental fee on any price that you set.
  • You keep 90% of the price that you set.
  • You won’t get the items and other benefits.

Gunstar Game Earning Ecosystem

Playing & Earning requirements

In the Gunstar Game Metaverse, there are two methods for playing and earning.

  1. Free to Play: aiming to provide a gaming experience to all players, Gunstar Metaverse provides a free pet – Rosaging.
    • Rosaging is a Trial-class pet provided to all players after creating the Game account by default.
    • Rosaging can be used in PvE game mode in the mainnet version and PvP mode released in the next updates.
    • Rosaging can be used in all Game activities likely other Pet classes.
    • Rosaging isn’t NFT Pet and can’t be sold on Marketplace.
    • Rosaging is weaker than all other pets, it’s meant for new players to try out the game, not for a long term pet.​
  2. Play to Earn: we aim to have stabilized earning Ecosystem for the long term. Gunstar Metaverse has researched and studied the Gamefi market to develop in-game money flows (GSC token) that allow us to control the inflation and deflation rates over time with our full features.
    • Players need at least 2 NFT pets to be able to withdraw GSC out of the game
    • It takes XX days to withdraw GSC out of the game which counts from the moment when the NFT pets (at least 2) are sent to the Player’s wallet following example:
      • IF players buy pet A (remaining time 3 days 10 hours on marketplace) & pet B (remaining time 1 day 5 hours on marketplace). Players transfer them to in-game and they only need 3 days 10 hours to withdraw the GSC
      • IF players own pet A in-game over than 7 days & buy pet B (remaining time 1 day 5 hours on the marketplace). Players transfer them to in-game and they only need 1 day 5 hours to withdraw the GSC
    • Targeting to avoid the Selling Pressure that causes a major impact on GSC price then to the whole Starworld, we apply the GSC withdrawal (20% of earning for a day can be withdrawn at the 7th-day counting since 1st day earned ). Example in below


A. Scenario players only Play and earn GSC without spending GSC

B. Scenario players Play and earn GSC and spend GSC in a day:

Day 1: IF a Player earn 1000 GSC and spend 400 GSC in-game

600 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 200 GSC per day from the 7th to 9th day

Day 2: IF a Player earn 300 GSC and spend 200 GSC in-game

100 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 60 GSC on the 8th day and 40 GSC on the 9th day

Day 3: IF a Player earn 500 GSC and spend 600 GSC in-game

-100 GSC are deducted in the profit from the previous day: 40 GSC of D2’s profit and 60 GSC of D1’s profit on the 9th day

Day 4: IF a Player earn 400 GSC and spend 200 GSC in-game

200 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 80 GSC on the 10th & 11th day and 40 GSC on the 12th day

Day 5: IF a Player earn 600 GSC and spend 400 GSC in-game

200 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 120 GSC on the 11th day and 80 GSC on the 12th day

Day 6: IF a Player earn 800 GSC and spend 510 GSC in-game

290 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 160 GSC on the 12th day and 130 GSC on the 13th day

Day 7: IF a Player earn 1000 GSC and spend 50 GSC in-game

950 GSC profit can be withdrawn at 200 GSC each day from the 13th to the 16th day and 150 GSC on the 17th day

SPENDING in-game mechanism

When players spend GSC on activities like as pet level upgrades, Fortune wheel spins, house rental fees (future updates), etc., the GSC will be deducted from the Lock Wallet, which will take precedence over the Available Wallet. As seen in the instances above, the deduction system will be used.

Gunstar Game Modes

At the time, there are four game modes available in Gunstar:

  • Campaign: Single PvE
  • Raid boss: Single / Co-op PvE
  • Arena – Solo: Single PvP
  • Arena – Team: Co-op PvP

Each of these thrilling games has a distinct game experience and goal. For a better knowledge of the game mechanic, you should play all of them.

Gunstar Campaign Mode : Single PvE

In campaign mode, you can explore StarWorld. You can unlock more worlds and pets by defeating the enemies there.

The following are the rewards for playing campaign mode:

  1. Experience Points for your rider
  2. GSC currency
  3. Low chance of Items
  4. Low chance of Pet Fragments

Higher-level maps will have a larger rarity of Items and Pet Fragments, as well as a higher likelihood of finding them.

The campaign mode’s goal is to accomplish the following:

  1. Build up your rider’s experience points
  2. Earn GSC to increase the level of one of your pets
  3. To understand and gain mastery over your pet’s skills
  4. Prepare for PvP

​The campaigns will provide you with enough GSC currency to fully level up one pet. Then you’ll employ this leveled-up pet to compete in PvP to gain the big prizes (more GSC) and level up your other pets. ​

Earning GSC From PvE Campaigns

PvE campaigns aren’t meant to generate a lot of GSC; that’s what the PvP mode is for.

Here’s how to get the most GSC out of your PvE campaigns: Your pet has reached the recommended level in order to earn the maximum amount of GSC.

  1. The highest level of your pets is the same as your rider’s level.
  2. Your pet is at the recommended level to earn the maximum amount of allocated GSC.
  3. Amount of GSC earning following Rider’s level vs Recommend level of a campaign mission
    • If Rider’s level <= Recommend level need for a mission –> 100% earning (100 GSC)
    • If Rider’s level – Recommend level need for a mission = 1 –> 50% earning (50 GSC)
    • If Rider’s level – Recommend level need for a mission = 2 –> 0 earning

Using GSC Earned From PvE Campaigns

The GSC acquired from PvE campaigns should be put to the following purposes:

  • Focus on leveling up a single pet, always keep your main pet at the recommended level.
  • Getting items from the fortune wheel.
  • Level up a second pet if you have extra GSC.

Overselling GSC or attempting to power level many pets at the same time will result in you not having enough GSC to level up your pets in time for the forthcoming PvP matches. ​

Bonus GSC From PvE Campaigns (In development)

Owners of higher rarity pets gain more GSC when they own numerous higher rarity pets as an added bonus.

Starting with your second pet, each pet you own awards you more GSC based on its rarity, up to a maximum of 20% more GSC every map.

The recommended level will still have an impact on your bonus. If you’re at or below the recommended level, you’ll get the entire bonus; if you’re one level over the recommended level, your bonus will be cut in half; and if you’re two or more levels above the recommended level, you won’t get any GSC at all.

Pet TypeBonus Per Pet

How it works:

Scenario 1

  • 1 normal pet, 2 rare pets, 3 elite pets
  • Lowest rarity = normal
  • Bonus: Normal = 0%
  • Rare = 0.40% * 2 = 0.80%
  • Elite = 0.60% * 3 = 1.80%
  • Total Bonus = 2.6%

Scenario 2

  • 2 rare pet, 2 elite pets, 3 mythic pets
  • Lowest rarity = normal
  • Bonus:
  • Rare = 0.40% * 1 = 0.40%
  • Elite = 0.60% * 2 = 1.20%
  • Mythic = 0.80% * 3 = 2.40%
  • Total Bonus = 4.0%

Campaign Tickets

In the early towns, each battle in the PvE Campaign uses two tickets.

There are a total of 18 tickets available.

When it recharges, you can acquire up to 36 tickets per day.

Gunstar Raid Boss Mode : Single / Co-op PvE

The game’s raid boss is a unique feature. It’s a limited-time event that will only be available for a limited time.

In future events, participants will be able to play the Boss Raid in co-op or solo mode. The award will be determined by the amount of damage dealt to the boss.

Pet Fragments, a rare item in Gunstar, are the major prize of the boss raiding event. Pet Fragments are used to create new pets and are also necessary for pet leveling.

In this game, the enemy is a true Boss with numerous tiers. If the HP is reduced to zero, the creature will develop to the next stage, which will have more HP, be stronger, and smarter.

Event Schedule

Every two weeks, there is a Solo Raid Boss Event. Each event will take place over the course of 24 hours. The Boss will emerge in a different city each time.

Types of Raid Rewards

3 types of raid rewards will be given out:

  1. Specialist Fragment Pack – with higher chances [75%] to get specific pet fragments – hardest boss drop these [more chances to appear in later cities].
  2. Rarity Fragment Pack – with equal chances to only get fragments from that rarity – medium bosses.
  3. Generic Fragment Packs – with chances to get all pets – easiest bosses [more chances to appear in earlier cities].

Gunstar Solo Raid Pass

Each player will be given 2 Raid Passes per event. If players own more than 1 Raid Pass (from the previous event or buy from Grocery), then the free ones won’t be added.

  • Each run uses 1 Solo Raid Pass. Playing Raid Boss does NOT use energy from Pets.
  • The player can keep playing as long as all their pets have HP.
  • Once the event is over, all unused Raid Passes will be removed.

Players can acquire more Raid Pass using Runes. Runes can be earned by playing quests or via converting from GSC.

  • 1 Raid Pass: 1,200 Rune
  • 2 Raid Passes: 2,400 Rune
  • 3 Raid Passes + 1 random item: 2,900 Rune

Event Flow

  1. Players need to unlock the city the boss is in before being able to challenge the boss.
  2. Each run uses 1 Solo Raid Pass.
  3. The player starts the raid, they choose up to 3 pets to bring in. The 3 pets must be of different species, ie; cannot have 2 Radentings.
  4. There is no level cap for riders or pets, players can join any event with rider and pet of any level as long as the pet level is below or equal to the rider they are using.
  5. The player can bring up to 3 items into the raid event. Upgradable to 5 items in the future. The players do their best to clear as many bosses as possible.
  6. The player fails to clear the stage, dies and returns to the city map.
  7. They can attempt again if they have Raid Pass left.

Raid Boss Flow

  1. The raid bosses start at the lowest level, generally with dumber AI and using only Skill 1 and 2.
  2. Players will use 3 pets at the same time. If the player chose to bring in lesser than 3 pets, all of them will be used.
  3. Turns delays will happen the same as the Campaigns, it will affect the individual pet.
  4. Using items that affects the pet whose turn you are using the item on.
  5. There is no match timer for Raid Boss. Shot counter is still in effect.
  6. The player’s HP doesn’t recover automatically between each boss level. Unless they choose to recover their HP.
  7. If a pet dies, it won’t be available for the rest of the current run. It will only be available in the next run.
  8. The boss is protected by an aura. Do not try to get too close to the boss.

Raid Boss Player’s Selection Choices

Players can choose to buff up their pets between each stage of the Boss Raid.

Players can open their item inventory and refill it, as well as choose from two random temporary bonuses for all of their dogs. Each of the bonuses has a 50/50 chance of appearing at random.

  1. Recover 10% of total HP.
  2. Increase ATK by 3%.
  3. Increase 5% of total HP.
  4. Increase DEF by 3% of current.
  5. Increase CRIT Chance by 5% of current.
  6. Increase CRIT Dmg by 5% of current.

Gunstar Arena – Solo Game Mode : Single PvP

A player will face off against another player in a single 1v1 encounter in this mode. Your objective is to defeat your opponent and advance in rank.

At the start of a match, each player is permitted two pets. In this mode, players can swap between those two pets once per turn, each with its unique set of stats.

You’ll be paired with opponents based on who has the higher-ranking pet.

Gunstar Arena – Team Game Mode

This is a 4 against 4 contest in which participants are paired with their teammates or find teammates at random using our match-making algorithm.

Two teams of eight players are formed. Unlike Solo PvP, players in this mode can only bring one pet to the match with them.

When a player dies, they have access to a three-in-a-row rolling slots machine, where they can gain soft cash, change the wind, or drop a random bomb into the sky.

What are Gunstar Daily Quests?

Players can earn Runes by participating in daily quests.

There will be 5 new quests daily:

  • 2 Easy Quests
  • 2 Medium Quests
  • 1 Hard Quest

You get extra Runes and an item if you complete all of the quests.

To engage in the raid boss feature and win Pet Fragments, you’ll need Runes to buy Raid Passes.

Gunstar Ranking System

We use the ranking system to match players based on their ELO from Arena matches. Arena Point is the name we gave it ( AP ). Our goal is to establish confrontations with players of similar ability levels in order to provide a better match. It’s also utilized to provide gamers rewards at the end of each Arena Season.

All rank levels are determined by 3 factors:

  • A minimum pet level for your selected pet
  • A maximum pet level for your selected pet
  • Arena Point Ranking

Climbing Ranks

Matches have dynamic Arena Points that are calculated depending on victories, losses, and draws.

When you win against lower-ranked opponents, you will earn a slight AP boost compared to when you win against higher-ranked opponents. Losing to a lower-ranked opponent, on the other hand, will result in a greater loss of AP than losing to a higher-ranked opponent.

If you leave the game in the middle of a combat, you will be penalized on your AP to safeguard the experience of other players.

Dropping Ranks

Every participant’s rank will decline by one tier at the end of each season.

This is to encourage more active players to go through the ranks and to give everyone a better shot with each new season.

What are Gunstar Rank Rewards?

Gunstar Solo ranked rewards are given out at the end of each Arena season.

Awards fluctuate depending on a variety of circumstances, including the amount of PvP participants; more participants will likely result in more rewards in the upper positions.

Gunstar Family & Clan

We are always aware of the importance of communication with everyone in any situation. And, since its inception, an online game has been designed with the goal of bringing people together.

As a result, we’re striving for the Family and Clan Systems. The primary concept is that a Family is a place for tiny people to connect with others, whether they are friends or family, so we limit the number of Families to four. Building, Farming, Family Battles, and other features will be released alongside Family in the future.

But what if your neighborhood is more than four people? What if you’re a leader, an inspiration, or a KOL who can rally your team to help us save our Fantasy StarWorld…? Don’t be concerned!

We’ll feature a Clan System, which is a community made up of many different families. Of course, there will be many Clan-related elements introduced in the future, such as Clan war, Clan royalty, and so on.

Gunstar Gameplay Tips

We’ve put together some broad guidelines and pointers on how to master this game. The majority of these hints may be found throughout the whitepaper, but we’ve gathered them here for your convenience.

Gunstar Pet Tips

Understand your pet thoroughly; regardless of rarity, the player who masters their pet the best frequently wins the match.

  • Woruffing – Knowing how long your third talent takes to break into five smaller bombs is critical to mastering this pet, as it might mean the difference between 1x and 5x damage.
  • Bawaving – You must know how long it takes for the sound wave to shatter, similar to Woruffing. Hitting an opponent before it breaks or too far implies you are doing very little damage.
  • Sniffing – The name of the game is Poison. All other pets in the area are affected by the poison mist. Use it if there’s a chance of affecting more opponents. Use Skill 1 and 2 to damage opponents who have dug themselves into the terrain by rolling a specific distance before exploding.
  • Pifating – Pifating’s Skill 2 and 3 run along the terrain for a specific distance before self-detonating; figure out how far it will run before exploding for maximum damage.
  • Radenting – Radenting skill 2 and 3 pull and push pets, respectively. You can use them to change the location of your opponents or your own. It is greatly influenced by terrain, thus knowing the terrain is essential.
  • Horiding – Horiding’s three skills deal a lot of damage to the landscape, so use them wisely to thwart your opponent’s intentions.

Gunstar Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts, such as the spacebar to fire a second shot with the same angle and force as the first, can help you save time on your turn and give you additional turns in the game.

Gunstar Battling Tips

Understand how long delayed explosions from various talents will take, and use the predictive angle to help you master each shot.

How to Maximize Daily GSC Earnings From Quests in Gunstar?

Before engaging in any PvE encounters, take a look at all of the tasks and try to complete as many as possible each day. This boosts your daily revenue without adding to your expenses.

How to Maximize Earning GSC From PvE Campaigns in Gunstar?

PvE campaigns aren’t meant to generate a lot of GSC; that’s what the PvP mode is for.

Here’s how to get the most GSC out of your PvE campaigns: To gain the highest amount of GSC, make sure your pet is at the recommended level.

If the game suggests playing this map with a level 5 pet, the following are the results:

  • Using a level 4 pet and below, it should be pretty hard for you to win, unless you have exceptional skills.
  • Using a level 5 pet, you can win and receive 100% of allocated GSC.
  • Using a level 6 pet, you can win and receive 50% of allocated GSC.
  • Using a level 7 pet, you can win and receive 0% of allocated GSC.

This is to prevent players from effortlessly grabbing large amounts of GSC with a high-powered pet and selling them on the market.

To optimize your GSC earning, DO NOT employ higher level pets to play a map with a lower recommended level. Otherwise, you won’t be able to level up your pet since you won’t have enough GSC.

How to Use GSC Earned From PvE Campaigns in Gunstar?

The GSC acquired from PvE campaigns should be put to the following purposes:

  • Concentrate on leveling up a single pet at a time, and always keep your main pet at the recommended level.
  • Obtaining items from the fortune wheel
  • If you have extra GSC, you can level up a second pet.

Overselling your GSC will result in insufficient GSC to level up your pets and compete for larger prizes in the upcoming PvP battles.

Gunstar Game Tokenomics

Gunstar GST Token

How to get Gunstar GST?

  • By participating in Arena and get yourself on the ranking leaderboard.
  • By trading in Marketplace.
  • By joining special events from Gunstar such as Alpha Release, Close Beta, Open Beta, …

What is Gunstar GST used for?

  • Staking
  • Governance
  • Exchange NFT Pet
  • Borrow Pet in Marketplace.
  • Buying/Selling NFT House

Gunstar GSC Token

  • Symbol: GSC
  • Total supply: Unlimited

How to get Gunstar GSC?

Participating in in-game activities in which:

  • Campaign
  • Daily Quest
  • Boss raid
  • Arena Rewards
  • Leaderboard reward
  • Or exchange directly from other players

What is Gunstar GSC used for?

GSC was created with the intention of serving as a game soft-currency in Gunstar.

It will be used for the following purposes:

  • Use in fortune wheel for rolling in-game items
  • Use for merging pet fragment into a NFT Pet
  • Use for level up Pet
  • Buying stamina (with limited time per day)
  • Paying for house rental
  • Transportation

Gunstar Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Gunstar GST?

$GST is a governance token that is used outside of the game. It is primarily used for:

  • Buying pets
  • Staking
  • Buying houses
  • Voting power for future game features/decisions/directions

What is Gunstar $GSC Token?​

$GSC is an in-game token that can only be used within the game. This is the primary token that players will receive for completing in-game actions such as winning PvE campaigns, completing quests, and ranking in PvP leaderboards. It is primarily used for:

  • Leveling up your pets
  • Get items from the fortune wheel
  • All future in-game features will require $GSC, such as:
  • Buying items in-game
  • Paying house rental fees
  • Transportation between cities

Do I need money to start Gunstar Game?

Playing the game with our Rosaging Pet is completely free. You, like all other players, can earn $GSC on a regular basis. However, in order to be able to withdraw your $GSC tokens, you must own and hold two NFT pets for seven days in a row.

How much money can I make from Gunstar Metaverse?

Gunstar Metaverse is a play-and-earn game, so it depends. We do, however, encourage players to come in with a positive attitude and a desire to play and enjoy the game. Earnings from Gunstar Metaverse will most likely rise in future updates with the addition of PvP. Rewarding players with higher skill levels and/or game experience.

When can I withdraw my $GSC token in Gunstar?

You can withdraw your $GSC tokens after you unlock the ability to do so by owning and holding two NFT pets for seven days in a row.

Which pet is the best in Gunstar game?

This is a personal preference; there is no single best pet for all players and features. Each pet has advantages and disadvantages, so we recommend playing with the pet that makes you the happiest.

Can I play Gunstar with my friends ?

Yes, we are currently working on a PvP feature that will allow you to either co-opt or compete with your friends. Aside from that, you can organize a party with your friends to participate in the Raid Boss event, which is currently in development.

If I buy a pet that has been leveled up and then return it to your nick, will it be reset to lvl1?

The level of the pet will be limited to that of the rider. If the purchased pet is level 10 and the buyer’s rider is level 6, the pet level will be reduced to 6 when the buyer transfers it to the game.

The pet in my wallet does it appear in the game by itself or do I need to do something for it to enter the game?

Log in to your game and switch to transfer mode to transfer your pet from the blockchain to the pet station in-game.

Sometimes, I got RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceed at invoke_ii ( error when launching the Gunstar game, how to solve it?

It’s a well-known issue that many players use multiple browsers with extensions and cached data, resulting in high conflict and heavy memory usage. As a result, the Gunstar development team strongly advises players to:

  • Update the browser to the latest version
  • Use the official browser (should not use the Portable version)
  • Clear cache if it’s possible

In case you meet the issue please follow these steps:

  • On Windows: Press Ctrl + F5 –
  • On Mac: Press Command + Shift + R

If the problem persists, you can reinstall the game as follows:


Gunstar is a Play & Earn NFT game inspired by Worms / Gunbound games, is an exciting Play & Earn NFT game for gamers of all skill levels to put their skills to the test and compete with their friends in an attempt to create the “ultimate-high” shooting game, or even have the golden opportunity to engage in highly tactical games to secure an awesome victory.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Gunstar already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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