Guild of Guardians NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Guild of Guardians Game?

Guild Of Guardians is a multiplayer role playing NFT fantasy game built on blockchain. The game is free to play and allows you to earn real money.

Below you can watch Guild of Guardians game video trailer.

Guild of Guardians Gameplay

Guild of Guardians looks like you are playing Diablo or Dungeons & Dragons.

The game takes place in a traditional fantasy world.

There are dungeons to explore as well as monsters to slay.

Take on the roles of orcs, elves, humans, or strange magical creatures.

Guild of Guardians is a mobile role playing game where you will lead your group of heroes through difficult dungeons to collect resources.

You can use these resources to craft your own rare items and heroes that can be purchased with real money.

You can trade your items for real money which make the game more interesting to play.

You can also assemble your best team with heroes and collaborate with your Guild to earn leaderboard and seasonal rewards.

You can use this free registration link and play the game free any earn money while playing the game. 

You will enter dungeons with a team of heroes to fight.

Team strategy is just as important as individual skill.

Your team’s composition and synergies are important, as are your skill usage and dodge ability!

Synergies between factions, classes, and elements all play a role in combat.

Teams of all Hordes, for example, could have their raw attack boost increased, and teams of all Fire Elements could have a higher chance of inflicting damage over time.

A combo attack system would allow skilled players who dodge and time attacks correctly to deal massive amounts of damage.

Guild of Guardians Game Heroes

Heroes are main game characters that you will use to defeat monsters and collect rewards in Dungeons in the game.

As a player, you must develop your strategy and team of heroes based on your preferred playstyle.

Guild of Guardians Game Heroes

Summoning Heroes in Guild of Guardians can be done by purchasing a summon or earning summoning shards in the game.

Each hero has a different set of characteristics that govern its playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses.

You can assemble their ideal team of heroes and select how they want to play and specialize, implying that there will be heroes and synergies for everyone.

In Guild of Guardians there are traditional role playing game roles such as:

  • Tank,
  • Healer,
  • DPS
  • Support

In below picture you can see Hero Properties

Guild of Guardians Hero Properties

Guild of Guardians Factions

Factions in Guild of Guardians determines the general type of your hero.

Monsters have advantages and disadvantages against specific factions.

Different factions’ heroes has access to different drop tables, adding a layer of strategy to the game.

There are 3 factions in Guild of Guardians as listed below:

  1. Empire
  2. Glade
  3. Horde

Classes in Guild of Guardians Game

The hero class determines what equipment each hero can use in the game.

Units of a specific element deal %30 more damage to those of a “weaker” element, adding strategic depth to the game.

There are 3 classes in Guild of Guardians as listed below:

  1. Ranger
  2. Melee
  3. Mage

Elements in Guild of Guardians Game

Elements are very important in Guild of Guardians since it affects the damages calculation in the game.

Energy Boosters in Guild of Guardians Game

The game has an energy system that replenishes over time and depletes whenever a player enters a dungeon.

The game has Energy Booster NFTs that provide a permanent boost to your energy.

Furthermore, heroes will become “fatigued” if they enter too many dungeons in a single day, resulting in penalties such as stat reductions or requiring more energy to use.

Energy boosters will:

  • Energy boosters can remove the Fatigue rate increase that a hero would experience when entering a Dungeon.
  • Energy boosters allow you to use your favorite heroes for longer periods of time without incurring penalties to your Hero Stats.

Pets in Guild of Guardians Game

You can own a pet in the game as a companion.

Pets are creatures that you can “bind” to your team to gain various advantages such as increased crafting resources, increased item drop chances, or dungeon rewards.

There are 3 types of Pets in Guild of Guardians as listed below:

  1. Workers
  2. Scouts
  3. Hunters

Guild of Guardians Game Dungeons

You can go to dungeons to defeat mobs, creatures to loot items in the game.

Below you can some features of Guild of Guardians Dungeons:

  • To complete challenges, you must enter instanced dungeons,
  • Each dungeon is unique, with its own set of monsters, bosses, and traps that you must defeat,
  • You can earn resources, currency, and equipments from the dungeons,
  • You can use these rewards for recruiting and upgrading heroes, as well as crafting your own equipments,
  • You can use newly acquired heroes and equipment to progress through increasingly difficult dungeons.

Guild of Guardians Game Features

There are very inviting features to play the game. I have listed some of them for you below:

  • Guild of Guardians has engaging mobile role playing gameplay. The game has a mix of action role playing game, deep strategy, a dynamic trading economy metagame, and socially focused gameplay that will keep you interested to play the game more frequently.
  • Guild of Guardians has a deep and sustainable economy where you can play for free and earn both NFTs and tokens. You can choose how you want to specialize or play within the game’s Economy, just like in the real world.
  • Guild of Guardians engages and reward the community for their contributions to the overall ecosystem’s growth, as well as empower creators to build long-term businesses in the game’s metaverse.
  • Guild of Guardians is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it extremely accessible to everyone. The underlying technology will be based on Immutable X, allowing you to enjoy instant and gas-free trading while remaining unaware that you are using the blockchain.
  • You can purchase Guild of Guardians NFTs for your heroes, pets, or energy boosters directly from the marketplace.

Guild of Guardians Gems Tokens

Guild of Guardians game token is called Gems used in-game currency, which is an ERC-20 token.

Gems are a premium in-game currency that is given to players for free in exchange for certain gameplay actions.

Gems can be traded between players on a marketplace and will be distributed to them over time.

Furthermore, they may be distributed to community members in exchange for certain actions as part of a reward program, such as participation in community events, grants, bonus tokens, competitions, and so on.

Gems are used in the game whenever you want to perform premium actions that involve creating new blockchain assets.


In Guild of Guardians, there are many ways to make good money, given the relatively low entry threshold in financial terms 

You can use this free registration link and play the game free any earn money while playing the game.

NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

We already have a detailed review of another NFT game Splinterlands.

Thus, if you are also about to play it, make sure you have gone through our ultimate guide on it.

Have you ever played Guild of Guardians? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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