Gold Fever NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Gold Fever Game?

Gold Fever is a survival role playing play to earn NFT game build on blockchain. Through the power of NFTs, you own the items you create, find or purchase.

Gold Fever was created using the Unreal Engine 4 software, which allows for the creation of an immersive world full of jungles, mountains, rivers, and traps.

It is unquestionably a game for gamers.

Below you can watch Gold Fever game trailer video.

Gold Fever is a challenging free to play survival RPG hybrid that uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized economy based on limited resources and various NFT items.

You will be fighting, haunting in jungle against the opposing faction in fast-paced battles.

Fights are intense and highly strategic due to the complex terrain and widely varying character strengths and weaknesses.

Infrastructure required for players to navigate and play in our vast world, or to purchase expensive planes or gold tools and rent them out to other players.

Gold Fever Gameplay

Gold Fever is a massive virtual world made up of one main island and several smaller islands.

You will begin your adventure in the city before venturing out in search of gold.

Gold Fever World Map

Gold Fever world has a 7 infrastructures as listed below:

  1. Landing strips
  2. Donkey stables
  3. Boat piers
  4. Merchant shops
  5. Repair shops
  6. Banks
  7. Bars, restraurants and hotels.

Games are held on Mining Claims.

These are plots of land that contain a specific amount of gold.

Players must travel across the Gold Fever world to reach these Mining Claims in order to participate in an arena, which takes place at a predetermined time or when a certain number of players are present.

Some games are available for free to play (F2P). These games take place on Mining Claims owned by the Company.

These games do contain gold (in the form of our cryptocurrency NGL, which has real-world value), but not a lot of it.

Gold Fever is a battle between two factions: Tribals and Adventurers, over the limited resource of Native Gold (NGL).

There is a small amount of NGL released throughout the map.

You can buy mining claims, which are small areas of the map that yield more NGL.

A player who buys a mining claim establishes the rules for that area.

Game Fever Roles

The two factions Adventures and Tribals each have a few options for various roles with varying abilities.

There are some roles in Gold Fever Game as listed below:

  1. The Adventures: Scout the eerie depths of the rainforest on your own or as part of a group. When claims open, survive and mine as much gold as you can. Keep the gold you’ve managed to save and you’ll be able to earn real money.
  2. Capitalist: Purchase Mining Claims, then set the rules for a battle between Adventurers and Tribals over the gold (NGL) in each Mining Claim map. Purchase expensive items and rent them out to players.
  3. Tribal: Play as a tribesman defending your territories from greedy adventurers attempting to exploit your sacred rivers. Bonuses are awarded for killing them, returning stolen gold, or destroying their equipment.
  4. Merchant: Earn money and become an item creator, lead guilds, or invest in infrastructure by capitalizing on the ongoing demand for services and items required by adventurers.

Characters in Gold Fever are made up of 5 dynamic elements:

  1. Health: Food, water and liquids, damage, medicine, sleep, and the environment all have an impact on one’s health.
  2. Energy: Energy is a self-regenerating resource that allows the player to do things like run and harvest.
  3. Food: Food improves both health and energy.
  4. Hydration: Hydration is essential for health, whereas other liquids, such as alcohol, can temporarily increase energy but come at a cost.
  5. Conditions: Food poisoning, intoxication, dehydration, and bleeding all have an impact on Health and Energy.

Gold Fever Tokens:

Gold Fever Token: Native Gold (NGL)

Gold Fever game’s native token is Native Gold (NGL).

This is the most crucial token for the game’s mechanics.

NGL is central to the game and is what players compete for.

It is a fungible ERC20 token that can be bought and sold on exchanges.

You can lock your NGL for temporary rights and privileges or burn their NGL for permanent benefits such as discounts, exclusive items, exclusive events, mining claims, and guild formation.

If you do not have enough NGL to purchase an item or piece of equipment, you can rent it from another player.

It is unlocked by mining in the game for Adventurers or by Tribals killing Adventurers and destroying their equipment.

Gold Fever Token: Julius’s Brain (JBR)

This is the governance token, which is distributed to players on a regular basis.

The airdrop is based on reputation, providing liquidity to the pool, acquiring player rights, and other factors.

JBR will be used to make decisions about how the game will progress.

It is an ERC20 token as well.

Gold Fever Token: ERC1155

These NFTs can include your character (Adventurer or Tribal), artifacts, and other uncommon items in the game.

On third-party platforms such as OpenSea, NFT tokens can be borrowed, traded, or sold.

They are one-of-a-kind and can gain value from in-game events, such as a famous battle, which can raise the value of a weapon or character.


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Have you ever played Gold Fever? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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