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Gods Unchained Best Decks

Gods Unchained Best Decks 2022

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game in which you have complete control over your in-game items. Each player has the ability to create their own deck, collect rare cards, and sell them to other players.

The game is very similar to the well-known card game Hearthstone.

In this article, I’ll go over the top 10 Gods Unchained Best Decks and cards of a neutral type that you can use to get started.

Gods Unchained: Key Tips & Tricks

Before we get into how to build the best Gods Unchained decks, let’s go over the basics of the game.

You can select which hero to play in each match.

The main character of the game is God by analogy with other games, it can be referred to as a race or faction.

Each God possesses three regular God Powers as well as one Ultimate Power.

The Ultimate Power can only be used once per game, whereas the other two main powers can be used multiple times.

You can choose the powers before each match, so that in a single battle, players can use different approaches to building a deck and strengthen their tactics based on the opponent’s cards.

All of these steps will eventually result in more deliberate strategy and variability during the game.

For example, the God of War’s abilities and skills are tailored to the attack power and health of units.

As a result, being able to defend yourself can be useful when playing against its army.

As a result, you can compensate for the difference in attack power between your units and your opponent’s army.

Simultaneously, when playing against the Goddess of Death, you should adopt a more aggressive playstyle to improve your chances of victory.

As a result, I conclude that Gods Unchained is a strategic game in which every turn, beginning with the selection of God Powers, should be part of your strategy. You will select one of six Gods:

There are 6 Gods in Gods Unchained game as listed below:

  1. God of Light — Thaerial, 
  2. Goddess of Death — Malissus, 
  3. God of War — Auros, 
  4. Goddess of Nature — Aeona, 
  5. God of Magic — Elyrian, 
  6. Goddess of Deception — Ludia.
6 Gods in Gods Unchained
6 Gods in Gods Unchained

How to Play Gods Unchained Game?

To begin the game and build Gods Unchained best decks, you will require thirty cards, which can be obtained for free.

It is impossible to lose the right to own cards in battle.

Each match is played in a 1v1 format, with the goal of destroying the opponent’s God.

You must spend mana to activate the ability of cards in order to complete a turn.

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Gods Unchained Match
Gods Unchained Match

At the start of each battle, players are given a small amount of mana to help them complete their first turns.

Throughout the game, the magical power resource is gradually replenished.

As previously stated, you do not have to buy cards from the start in order to build the best Gods Unchained decks.

The game is built on a free-to-play model, so anyone can try their hand at it.

Gods Unchained Best Decks 2022: Key Types of In-Game Cards

There are four types of God Unchained cards as listed below:

  1. Creatures,
  2. Spells,
  3. Weapons,
  4. God cards.

A typical Gods Unchained card looks like this:

A Gods Unchained Card
A Gods Unchained Card

The amount of mana required to use the card is indicated by the number in the upper left corner.

If you have a creature on your card, there will be two more stats on the yellow and green crystals in the lower corners, with the number on the yellow crystal representing a strength (damage) point and the number on the green crystal representing a health point (HP).

The abilities and effects of most cards are described in greater detail in the text.

Spells and weapons are the only cards that lack yellow and green crystals.

The spell effect is immediately activated.

Your god employs a weapon, which, like all cards, can be destroyed.

Otherwise, it is valid until the expiration date on the card.

Gods Unchained Cards Characteristics

Gods Unchained’s best cards have distinct abilities to play, as well as their own characteristics, which refers to as species.

Here is more detailed information about specices of Gods Unchained game:

  • Frontline: If the card has such an inscription, the opponent must attack this type of card first.
  • Flank: This card allows Frontline to be ignored after the first attack of a turn. Thus, you should play a card of another type, then just activate Flank to attack, bypassing Frontline.
  • Burn: Damage is dealt by gods and creatures with the Burn inscription.
  • Twin strike: These cards allow creatures to strike again, but only if one of their attacks hits another creature.
  • Blitz: This card grants a creature the ability to deal damage to an opponent’s creature without waiting for the next turn.
  • Control: This card only activates the ability for a friendly creature from the tribe indicated on the card. For example, you can only apply a Control Atlantean with the Gain +1/+0 attribute to a friendly Atlantean.
  • Roar: When you complete a turn with a creature from your deck, the roar effect is immediately activated.
  • Afterlife: Afterlife is an effect that occurs when a creature dies and before it is transported to the void.
  • Soulless. Some creatures self-destruct and do not migrate to the void.
  • Neutralize. Removes the creature’s effects, restoring the creature’s health and damage stats to their default values.
  • Deadly: When attacking deadly creatures, an automatic counterattack is triggered, resulting in the death of the attacking creature.
  • Leech: When you attack with creatures or weapons, your God restores the amount of health that corresponds to the amount of damage dealt.
  • Sleep: The following turn will be skipped.
  • Confused. Creatures subject to this effect have a 50% chance of attacking a random creature rather than the chosen one.

Best Gods Unchained Cards: Top 10 Must-Have Neutral Cards

In my list I only considered top neutral cards in our top which any newbie can play with.

Top 10 Neutral Gods Unchained Best Decks as listed below:

1- Vanguard Axewoman

This is regarded as one of the best Gods Unchained cards.

It is useful in combating early tempo loss, but it will also greatly benefit the winning side.

As a Viking, you might even be able to help bring that tribe back from the dead.

Vikings typically buff strength, so having a 2/2 stat line is extremely beneficial and powerful.

Vanguard Axewoman
Vanguard Axewoman

2- Wild Hog

Wild Hog could have a significant impact on the early game.

For newcomers, it can serve as a low-level replacement for many cards in the midrange-ish Nature archetypes.

Furthermore, its stats may become an important part of many full-Aggro decks.

We can’t say this card is particularly powerful, but it will undoubtedly aid Aggro.

Wild Hog
Wild Hog

3- Trial Spirit

Trial Spirit is a one-mana 1/3 card with the roar ability that adds 1 health to a friendly creature.

So, for one mana, you get five stats worth of strength and health, which is very good for a one-drop.

Trial Spirit has no drawbacks, and you can give plus one health to any creature on board, allowing you to play very effectively.

Trial Spirit
Trial Spirit

4- Helian Elite

Helian Elite is an 8 drop 10/12 protected and frontline card with an 8 drop 10/12 protected and frontline card.

If you play free-to-play, this is a fantastic high-end tier card.

As previously stated, it is a good protected and frontline card.

The only way to truly obtain it is to sack a large number of creatures or cast some extremely powerful spells, but you will have them available in the late game.

A lot of the time, this card will simply win the game.

Helian Elite
Helian Elite

5- Skeleton Heavy 

Skeleton Heavy card has no text on it; it’s just a standard two-drop with 2/4 stats.

This card is extremely powerful because it has a large amount of health and is difficult to deal with.

Having two-fourths of a set of stats allows you to trade effectively in the early game.

Because it is so versatile, this card can fit into almost any deck.

As a result, it’s simply a fantastic card to have.

Skeleton Heavy
Skeleton Heavy

6- Shieldbearer

This card is also extremely adaptable. It’s a 1 drop and 1/1, but its roar is what grants a friendly creature +1/+1.

This card allows you to completely dominate the early game.

You can buff one of your creatures, make it huge, and trade effectively.

As a result, the Shieldbearer can be used in nearly any deck.

When you play it on creatures with blitz, such as Vanguard Axewoman, it gives you 3/4 Vanguard Axewoman for only 3 mana.


7- Dryder Sailweaver

For one mana, you get a 2/2 creature that is immune to any opponent’s effect, except being hit by a creature.

This card provides a significant advantage at the start of the game, particularly if the opponent has a large number of spells and roar damage cards.

Dryder Sailweaver
Dryder Sailweaver

8- Hunt Warden 

It’s a standard three-mana card with 3/4 stats.

When you play creatures, this card is usually chosen to control the board.

This card is mostly associated with the Goddess of Nature deck.

As a result, it’s just another useful card to have in a starter deck.

Hunt Warden
Hunt Warden 

9- Carthaginian Marine

This card is excellent for board clearing and control. In addition, if we add up the total damage and HP, we get a 4-mana 5/3 card, which gives us a good advantage in the middle of the game.

Carthaginian Marine
Carthaginian Marine

10- Cyclops Defender

If you have less than 15 HP if you reached 7 mana, this card is extremely useful because if your opponent does not have spells that can bypass or destroy this card, you have a two-turn advantage.

Cyclops Defender
Cyclops Defender


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What are your Gods Unchained Best Decks?

Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments below!

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