Genopets NFT Game (Best Ultimate Free Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Genopets?

Genopets is a free-to-play NFT game on Solana that makes staying active enjoyable and rewarding. Genopets advances your Genopet NFT in game by using data tracked by your smartphone or fitness wearables. The first Move-to-Earn NFT game that makes it possible for you to earn crypto for staying active in your daily life.

Genopets is a Play-to-Earn NFT Game on Solana for the nurture and evolution of your personal Genopet, your digital spirit animal. Keep your Genopet in your pocket everywhere you go and get rewarded for getting off the couch, going about your day, or running your next marathon. Then, after a long day, just kick back, relax, and claim the fruits of your labor.

Genopets Gameplay

Do you remember Tamagotchis? Remember how much fun it was to care for your first digital pet as a child? A pet that accompanied you everywhere, hanging on a keychain in your pocket. When we think back, it brings back warm memories of the first emotional bond we ever had with a digital pet in the metaverse of its time.

There’s a new pocket pet on the market called a Genopet. It lives on your phone and this time doesn’t just fill your screen with digital poop. And it was created to inspire you to be your best self and become more valuable through self-care.

Genopets is the world’s first free-to-play, move-to-earn NFT mobile game that makes staying active fun and rewarding. The concept of converting your physical activity into in-game rewards and, in turn, real-world rewards is a game changer for gamers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Genopets provides an accessible Web3 gaming experience from the start, onboarding players from all over the world. We want to provide you with the opportunity to learn about blockchain technology while also earning rewards for staying active throughout the day. Genopets is changing the face of in-game grinding.

As interest in NFTs and their various use cases grows, play-to-earn games light the path for the gaming industry’s future. Welcome to the metaverse.

To Breed or Not to Breed: Why Do We Opt for Evolution?

To understand the impact of evolution-based games in the blockchain industry, we must first understand the fundamental concepts.

When the primary function of a game is breeding, it employs the standard variant of the formula: A+B=C. As a result, what you produce is simply predetermined, yielding the same result every time.

Genopets is an evolution game that depicts your and your Genopet’s evolution. Instead of making you grind by tapping on a screen for the repetitive A+B=C preset, you will traverse the Genoverse, crafting items for use in battle, leveling up, and customizing your Genopet’s evolution to be a digital representation of yourself.

Life, like Genopets, is not as simple as A+B=C. Curating and creating the life you want involves many factors and elements, as well as challenges to overcome along the way.

Your Genopet is a complex creature that evolves based on your real-world and in-game progress and achievements. Because your Genopet reflects your daily activities and personal preferences, it gains value as you play. Furthermore, as you evolve, you build your Genopet in your image, making it unique and extremely rare.

To fully encompass the evolution genre, we decided to take it a step further by incorporating fitness, coining the term “Move-to-Earn”.

Genopets enables you to earn money by staying active in your daily life by combining step data (from your wearable or mobile device) with blockchain play-to-earn economies.

Genopets makes it rewarding to have a new perspective on your physical activity by gamifying it. These one-of-a-kind features break down all barriers, redefining gaming, staying active, and GameFi, which overlays a virtual world over your real life.

The Birth of a Genopet

Your Genopet is essentially a representation of you that lives in the metaverse, brought to life by imbuing it with your personality. A link between the physical and the metaphysical that rewards you on a daily basis. It looks to you to direct its evolution through real-world physical activity.

So, whether your exercise consists of running a lap around your kitchen between meetings or pushing yourself to train for that 12k marathon, your Genopet will be there to remind you to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. Taking steps toward a more active lifestyle is no longer a chore with Genopets — it’s an adventure in the Genoverse and a reward we can look forward to at the end of the day when we bank our steps.

Your Genopet is an NFT that becomes rarer, more valuable, and one-of-a-kind as you customize and upgrade it while exploring the Genoverse. And while having your NFT as a profile picture is cool, having an NFT that evolves with you is a flex unlike any other.

Using the step data from your smartphone or fitness wearable, your real-world activity will be converted into in-game progression. Every day, accumulate XP to unlock in-game features and abilities such as story advancement, aesthetic customization, performance upgrades, and, of course, the evolution of your Genopet.

Genopets provides you with the perfect excuse to get up and get your blood flowing. Your Genopet is here to motivate you to stay active, serving as a daily reminder that investing in yourself will inevitably pay off.

A Day in the Life of the Genoverse

Genopets is a mobile RPG that takes you on a journey through the metaverse using the steps you take in real life. And every detail will be carefully curated to satisfy all of the senses.

Check in with your Genopet after a long day on your feet and bank your steps to traverse the planet Esoterra. Interact with the environment as you embark on exciting quests that reveal the story of the Genoverse, crafting and collecting rare items and NFTs as you go, and evolving your Genopet as you do.

Rage at the Battle Arena and challenge other players to turn-based asynchronous battles where you’ll perform each move by completing a series of minigames. You can also compete in wagered battles and play for keeps if you’re feeling daring.

Even if gaming isn’t your thing (yet), there will be plenty of fitness challenges beckoning you to engage in friendly, motivating competition or go solo and push yourself to reach your fitness goals.

As you immerse yourself in a dream-like macrocosm where the far future could very well be the ancient past, a magical story of mystery will begin to unfold. The gameplay of Genopets will pique your interest and take you on an unexpected adventure, all while leading your analog life down the path of gratifying self-discovery.

Putting the Earn in Move-to-Earn

Genopets is designed for you whether you are a crypto native or just starting out in Web3. So, whether you aped into a Genesis Genopet or are simply here to play for fun, you have the opportunity to earn. And the more time and effort you put into the growth and evolution of your NFT, the more it will appreciate.

Dual-earning economy gives players the option of paying to play or playing for free, but either way, there is an opportunity to earn.

When you buy limited-edition skins or character abilities with in-game currency in traditional mobile games, those items and your efforts spent playing the game are locked within the game’s walled garden. When you stop playing the game, all of your time, money, and valuable in-game items are forfeited. When you play with NFTs, you gain ownership of your in-game assets and the ability to sell them to other players.

Move-to-Play + Play-to-Earn = Move-to-Earn

The move-to-play model of Genopets has replaced traditional sedentary mobile game grinding. Move-to-Earn allows us to game in a new way, ensuring that the time we spend caring for ourselves facilitates an exhilarating game experience that can be mentally, physically, emotionally, and even financially rewarding for everyone who participates.

Soar through the neon Genoverse with your Genopet as you explore hidden terrain, unlock magical realms, craft mysterious items, and battle with friends from all over the world. This is how it works…

Move To Earn Mechanics of Genopets Game

Move-to-Play + Play-to-Earn = Move-to-Earn Gaming

Genopets is a free-to-play NFT game on Solana that makes staying active enjoyable and rewarding. Genopets advances your Genopet NFT in game by using data tracked by your smartphone or fitness wearables.

Genopets converts your real-life movement into XP that you can use to advance in-game. Your hard-earned in-game progress from walking around all day can now be traded as an NFT at market value, resulting in the first “Move-to-Earn” NFT gaming experience.

Nurture, battle, and evolve your Genopet NFT to increase its value with each step you take in real life, then sell it on the market to reap the benefits of our efforts. That’s why it is called by “Move-to-Earn”

What are Genopets In-Game Elements?

The following are the Genoverse’s fundamental building blocks:

  1. $GENE: Fungible governance and staking token
  2. $KI: Fungible in-game reward token earned by players
  3. XP: A state in a Genopet’s NFT metadata which increases with grinding
  4. Gene Crystals: NFTs crafted using $GENE & $KI, used for accelerating and directing Genopet evolution
The Building Blocks of Genopets

In-Game Elements: Energy

What is Energy?

Energy digitally represents the value of your physical activity and in-game effort (steps). The Energy framework introduces a new level of strategy by allowing us to choose how we want to use the steps we bank to play Genopets. Consider Energy to be the fuel for your gameplay.

How does it work?

When you bank your steps, they will be converted into Energy. Energy is an in-game resource that you can use to perform various in-game actions at your leisure. This new concept turns every action you take into a strategic opportunity, rather than us spending your hard-earned steps for you or simply converting them to tokens.

Pressing the bank button is also more important now that it’s not just about claiming XP for leveling. Instead, it’s about ensuring a steady supply of a fundamentally useful resource that you can use to improve your gameplay.

Pro Tip: Energy is not a token, nor is it tracked on-chain.

Why Energy?

Traditional RPGs have you level up and unlock new features to customize your character and gameplay. Although this is a familiar framework, we believe that every player should have control over their in-game choices and earning opportunities. What if you could choose your own path?

Initial Genopets game design included a habitat that converted steps to XP and steps to KI Token, but as we dug deeper into the game’s design, we discovered that this was too limiting and simplistic to support the breadth of the gaming experience we want to deliver. Thus was born the concept of Energy (E).

  • Within the game, E will serve as action points. In other words, Energy is the primary in-game currency that will eventually “fund” all of your in-game actions.
  • E is automatically saved and ready to use (unlike steps, which are lost if not banked by the end of the day, so bank your steps at the end of each day to reap the benefits of staying active).
  • There are currently no plans to limit the amount of Energy that can be stored per game account.
  • The rate of conversion of Steps into Energy will be calculated in real-time using THIS top-secret formula.

E is required for you to:

  • Converting E into XP will help you level up your Genopet.
  • Obtain KI by converting E into KI Tokens using a Habitat.
  • Feed, groom, play, and generally entertain your Genopet.
  • Carry out battle actions.
  • Take part in PvE quests and challenges.

As the link between the player’s physical activity and the representation of its value within the game, energy is the fuel required for everyone to fully enjoy the Genopets.

We understand that the perceived complexities may appear complex to some players at first, but rest assured that committing to a system that increases the strategic depth and variety of each individual approach will result in a rich and sustainable gameplay experience.

In-Game Elements: GENE, KI & The Dual-Token System

With GENE and KI Tokens, the dual-token system separates governance and staking from in-game rewards. Genopets is developing a long-term move-to-earn game economy based on a dual-token system that allows you to choose how to spend your Energy as you move and earn.

As the world’s first free-to-play, move-and-earn game, you’ll be able to download the Genopets mobile app and start nurturing and evolving your Genopet with nothing more than your sweat equity (steps you take), increasing its rarity and market value. If you want to sell your Genopet, you can mint it and remove it from the game. Withdrawing it will allow you to sell and earn money on the open market.

So, how does this relate to the dual-token system?

Genopets game give you the option of how you want to invest in your gameplay and provide a variety of ways for you to use your earnings. The Genopets economy enables anyone to play and build value for their Genopet NFT for free, while also giving them the freedom to choose how they play.

On the one hand, you can reinvest your energy into your Genopet to increase its value by leveling up, but the path to continuing earning for the steps you take is to acquire and craft Habitats and Crystals, as well as participate in the game economy powered by that two native tokens, GENE & KI.

Genopets uses a dual-token system, which many play-to-earn gamers are familiar with. Each KI and GENE Token has its own in-game utility. As a Habitat owner, you can convert your daily activity’s energy into KI Token. GENE Token can be used to craft and terraform NFTs, as well as staked for rewards.

KI Token

The KI Token is an in-game utility token earned as a Habitat owner through various in-game actions. When you use KI, it is burned, and the more Habitats you have, the more KI you can earn per day.

How do I earn KI Token?
  • Converting Energy from Banking Steps into Habitat
  • Increased KI earning limits for multiple Habitat owners
  • With a Genesis Habitat, you can earn extra KI Tokens.
How do I use KI Token?

GENE Token & sGENE

GENE Token is the governance and staking token of Genopets game that, along with KI, will be used to craft in-game items. GENE token can be purchased on exchanges by players.

How do I earn GENE Token?

GENE token is recognized for:

  • Winners of seasonal games
  • Early investors
How do I use GENE Token?
  • Stake GENE in exchange for governance rights and rewards.
  • Spend GENE on high-level items.
  • In-game, spend GENE to terraform and upgrade your Habitat.
  • Participate in Genopets NFT Drops by spending GENE.

Good to know: Please keep in mind that if you are staking GENE token , you will be able to withdraw your GENE token rewards as sGENE to use immediately in game. sGENE is a fabricated token, which means it can only be used in-game. It is not intended to be traded and cannot be staked.

Unlock the Possibilities

In a nutshell, Genopets players will explore the Genoverse by converting real-world activities into gameplay. After a successful day, you can sit back and relax while customizing, battling, and evolving your Genopet to increase its value, or you can acquire Habitats and craft crystals to unlock new ways to play and earn.

Genopets game’s design process has been guided by the guiding principles of sustainability and fun, which are supported by the dual-token system. Genopets is more than a move-and-earn game; it’s the gamification of an active lifestyle.

The Dual-Earning Economy: Introducing P2E to F2P Gaming

Certain free-to-play games (that shall remain unnamed) have taken the cake since the early days of modern mobile gaming for demonstrating that sometimes, less is more. These games have demonstrated how effective gameplay simplification can be in hooking us.

With the introduction of the iPhone, players all over the world were introduced to a completely new type of entertainment. Okay, fine, I’ll name them: Anyone up for Candy Crush Saga, Apex Legends, or Clash of Clans? These titles paved the way for a completely new era of mobile gaming: the addictive world of hyper-casual F2P gaming.

A Sustainable Economy

Genopets combines the tried-and-true economic models of F2P mobile gaming and P2E NFT gaming to provide a player experience that combines the best of both worlds.

But how is this going to work?

We’ve learned from studying play-to-earn gaming models that all sustainable economies require a net inflow of cash for the game to thrive. To put it another way, for the economy to be viable, there must be more players spending money to enjoy the game rather than players cashing out to pay their bills.

A great way to do this is to restrict access to the game through the purchase of items. More money enters the ecosystem as new players join, tying the economy’s viability to user growth. The only issue with this is that (1) the barriers to entry it creates make it less accessible for players to join the game, and (2) because people pay so much to get started, the amount of money they earn becomes the focus of the gameplay.

As previously stated, all players in Genopets will begin for free, hatch an infant Genopet on your mobile device, and begin walking to earn. But how will that work if there must be a net inflow of cash in order to earn?

So, as you walk, we take those real-world steps and convert them to XP (not a token). If you accumulate enough XP, you can level up your Genopet to the point where it is valuable to other players and can be sold in an NFT marketplace.

A free player can only earn money by remaining active long enough to level up their Genopet and then selling it to another player. No cryptocurrency in, no cryptocurrency out of the game economy. That free player simply persuaded another player to purchase their Genopet so they could earn, with no effect on the in-game token economy.

However, if you’re not in it for the long haul and prefer to earn money on a daily basis, there is a path for you as well. The sustainability model, which allows free players to earn, is made possible by tying free players’ daily token earnings to the purchase of a Habitat NFT. A Habitat is similar to your home in Animal Crossing, but it is much cooler because it allows you to earn $Ki tokens in addition to XP. You can use $Ki to craft in-game items such as crystals to hasten the evolution of your Genopet and increase its rarity.

So, in addition to earning $Ki tokens daily, your time and effort spent crafting crystals or leveling up your Habitat can now be rewarded financially (this includes selling your beloved Genopet if you’re ready to say goodbye to your spirit animal). Genopets provides an evolution game in which you can create and sell NFTs to other players in order to play and earn. So, aside from the free infant Genopet we give you to begin, every NFT will come from your fellow players.

Above all, the innovation in this model is that it links the economy’s viability to players’ daily active use and enjoyment of the game rather than relying on continuous user growth to be sustainable. The economy will thrive as long as players continue to craft, buy, and sell Crystals, Genopets, and Habitats.

Earnings for free players come from:

  • Genopet should be sold.

Paid Players Make Money by:

  • Genopet should be sold.
  • Create $KI on a consistent basis for daily activity.
  • Other in-game items for sale (Habitats, crystals, and more)

Genopets is built on the backs of giants. Genopets takes the best of both worlds and simply steers toward a different outcome from the start. In a dual-earning economy, players can choose whether to pay to play by purchasing a Habitat NFT or play for free, but in either case, everyone receives a Genopet and can earn.

Move-to-Earn model bridges the gap by combining F2P mobile gaming, P2E, and staying active with a dual-earning system that enables anyone to obtain a Genopet NFT and have an enriching experience regardless of the path they take.

In-Game Elements: All About XP

What comes to mind when you think of mobile game grinding? It’s a sore neck and strained eyes for us. And, as satisfying as it is to unlock and earn that sweet, sweet loot, that satisfaction doesn’t seem to outlast the realization that we just spent all that time mindlessly, repetitively tapping.

The vision of Genopets is to reshape and improve the concept and dynamics of traditional sedentary mobile game grinding. And, thanks to its patented Move-to-Earn mechanic, Genopets gives players a new way to play — a way to make every moment we spend an experience that can be mentally, physically, emotionally, and even financially rewarding.

What is XP & How can I more XP in Genopets?

XP, or experience points, are the units of measurement used to track your in-game progress and the growth of your Genopet NFT. Genopets uses your smartphone’s or fitness wearable’s step data to reward you for each step you take in real life with in-game features and abilities such as story advancement, aesthetic customizations, performance upgrades, and, of course, the evolution of your Genopet.

Your Genopet will level up as you gain XP. You will unlock new features and abilities as it levels up, bringing you one step closer to the next stage of your Genopet NFT’s evolution and the glory of its metamorphosis.

Here are some methods for gaining more XP in Genopets game:

  1. Carry On With Your Regular Life

Genopets can let you earn XP while simply going about your daily life because you bring your phone (or wear your fitness wearable) with you wherever you go, so even if you’re not actively playing, you’re still earning XP. As a result, every time you walk your dog, you will gain XP. You will gain XP if you go to the gym. Morning jog? You will gain XP. Taking a stroll through the mall? Earn XP. You get the idea.

  1. Encourage Yourself

If you need some extra XP, you can complete personal and community Bonus XP Challenges to double or even triple your earnings. The difficulty of each challenge determines how much XP you earn. It is important to note that you will only receive the Bonus XP Challenge rewards after completing the challenges you choose.

Challenges for extra XP include:

  • Daily Step Challenges: To gain extra XP, complete personal and community Daily Step Challenges.
  • Streak Challenges: Completing personal and community Daily Step Challenges for at least three days in a row will earn you even more XP.
  • Commitment Challenges: Commitment Challenges, like Streak Challenges, are for players who want to go the extra mile. Instead of meeting the same step goal every day, your step goal will increase every day for at least five days in a row. As a result, completing Commitment Challenges will yield the most XP that can be earned in a single challenge.
  1. Grow Your Genopet NFT

Grow your Genopet NFT to gain XP. Maintain your Genopet’s happiness by providing it with a Habitat or, for free players, some kind of shelter. By petting, grooming, and keeping your Genopet clean, you can ensure that it is not infected with any “Virus” caused by the evil nanobots.

  1. Discover the Genoverse’s Story

If you finish a physical challenge and want to take a break, try engaging your senses in the Genoverse. Immerse yourself in gameplay that includes esoteric quests, powerful storytelling, ethereal environments, powerful bosses, and satisfying Match 3 mini-games, all of which earn you (you guessed it) more XP.

  1. Be a Pal

Gift valuable items to players and compete with (and against) friends all over the world to win step races and challenges and declare victory, which earns you…nothing.

In short, every step you take, every mile you run, every goal you set, and every time you skate will earn you XP.

Pro Tip: It’s worth noting that owning a Habitat gives you more chances to earn XP and other exclusive rewards. Check out our previous article to learn more about the advantages of owning a Habitat and other Genopets NFTs, as well as how to convert your in-game achievements into cryptocurrency!

Genopets hopes to replace groggy mornings (or late afternoons) and mediocre perks with genuine rewards and a sense of long-term edification that pervades all aspects of your life. When the only certainty is uncertainty, our goal is to create an environment in which you can recognize your worth, be confident in it, take care of yourself, have fun, feel good, and find balance.

In-Game Elements: Habitats & Crystals

We are giddy with excitement at the prospect of gaming with NFTs. “NFT gaming” comes naturally to mind as well. The two appear to complement and harmonize so well. How could we not want to be a part of it?

NFTs are one of the most innovative blockchain applications to date. Traditional mobile gaming entails playing and paying for in-game items that are rendered useless when you exit the game. Unlike NFTs, Genopets allows you to own your in-game assets, which have real value both in and out of the game. Furthermore, NFTs, along with our patented Move-to-Earn model, allow us to provide you with an actual reason to justify the long hours and hundreds of dollars you spend grinding for in-game loot.

Genopets’ Dual-Earning Economy allows both free and financially invested players to earn money by selling their in-game NFTs to other players in the open marketplace. Although, as a free player (whose only source of income is the sale of your prized Genopet), we understand how difficult it may be to cut ties. We bring you near-endless discoveries and multiple ways to earn thanks to our dynamic use of NFTs.

What is Genopets Habitats?

Habitats are beautiful generative 3D landscape NFTs that promote the evolution and enhancement of your Genopet and enable you to earn KI on a regular basis. And, in case I haven’t already stated, they’re stunning. Furthermore, purchasing a Habitat allows you to become a paid player.

When you own a Habitat, you gain access to a plethora of in-game features, benefits, and financial opportunities. Furthermore, your Habitat serves as a “home sweet home” for your Genopet, shielding it from the plundering nanobot Virus… But be warned: they’re persistent buggers who will stop crystal production if you’re not careful.

For those on the fence about investing in your Genopets gameplay (despite the fact that we both know how much time and money we’ve previously spent on far less rewarding things), we’ve made it super easy to get in on the Habitat action.

What do I get out of owning a Habitat in Genopets? How do I earn?

There are numerous advantages to owning a Habitat!

  • Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Water are the five Elemental Classes of Habitats. Each Habitat generates an in-game item known as unrefined crystals of the corresponding Elemental Class (i.e., Fire Habitats spawn unrefined fire crystals). The unrefined crystals can then be harvested and refined in the Habitat Laboratory, resulting in Genotype Crystal NFTs. Players can then sell their Genotype Crystals to other players on the open market.
  • Every day, unrefined crystals spawn in habitats. You can harvest them as they appear, store them in your inventory, and refine them when you’re ready. If you look around your Habitat, you’ll notice a Laboratory where you can take your unrefined crystals to be refined (also known as minting) into Genotype Crystals. Use Genotype Crystals to change your Genopet’s appearance and unlock new movesets. Genotype Crystals can also be used to terraform and upgrade your Habitat.
  • There are three Habitat levels, each with its own Laboratory. Higher-level habitats spawn more unrefined crystals more quickly and have advanced Laboratories that reduce refinement and crafting time, allow you to refine more crystals at once, and allow you to craft more advanced recipes. So, if you want to make more valuable boosts, power-ups, items, and accessories for your Genopet, a higher-level Habitat might be a better choice.
  • Assume you’ve accumulated a sufficient number of a specific type of Genotype Crystal. Perhaps your current Habitat is no longer serving you, or perhaps you want to try another Habitat but have reached your maximum number of active Habitats. In any case, you can sell or trade your Habitat on the open market to a player who has most likely been waiting for you to do so.

Pro Tip: An unrefined crystal is not an NFT until it is minted and converted into a Refined Crystal NFT — this process also requires GENE and KI Tokens, which contributes to the game’s burn mechanics.

How do I purchase a Habitat, and how much does it cost?

To begin, players who purchase a Genesis Habitat crafted by Treasure Hunt and Guild partners will be the first to have Habitats in the game. Following that, habitats will be available for purchase from other players on a market-determined pricing scale based on their level and rarity, allowing you to choose how much you want to invest in relation to how much you want to get out of the Genopets economy.

How many Habitats can I own in Genopets game?

There is no limit to the number of Habitats you can own, but you can only have three active in-game at any given time. Active Habitats are useful because they generate and refine unrefined crystals before alchemizing them into new precious NFTs. Just make sure it’s well-maintained and free of nanobots.

For example, if you have three Lvl 3 Habitats, you can refine nine unrefined crystals at a time with enough GENE and KI Token and a little bit of time. For more information, see “Refined Crystals” below.

Genotype Crystals

To begin, crafting is a core mechanic in Genopets. Crafting refers to any item created by combining two or more in-game items without the use of Genotype Crystals. However, the process of creating new NFTs using Genotype Crystals is classified as Alchemy. Alchemy is the process of transforming specific Genotype Crystals created by perfect elemental balance into rare Genovian NFTs.

Habitats give birth to unrefined crystals of the corresponding Elemental Class. When you harvest an unrefined crystal, you can keep it in your inventory or take it to the Laboratory, where it will be refining (minting) using GENE and KI Token. Your unrefined crystal will gradually transform into a Genotype Crystal over time. Genotype Crystals are the building blocks used to alchemize various Genopets NFTs in-game. Consume Genotype Crystals to activate special upgrades or alchemize them into power-ups, items, accessories, and other items.

Genotype Crystals: Lvl 1 Habitats & Genotype Crystal Production

Lvl 1 Habitats spawn unrefined crystals every day, which you can refine with GENE and KI Token. Lvl 1 Laboratories have one crystal chamber capable of producing one Refined Genotype Crystal at a time. Genotype Crystals change the Elemental-type of your Genopet, as well as its battle performance, movesets, and visual attributes. Genotype Crystals can be saved in your wallet, used to give your Genopet a physical and visual advantage over your opponents, or sold and traded to other eager players in the open marketplace.

Refined Crystals: Lvl 2 Habitats & Basic Alchemy

More unrefined crystals are spawned by Lvl 2 Habitats than by Lvl 1 Habitats. You will also have two chambers to refine your unrefined crystals instead of just one. With two crystal chambers in your Laboratory, you can not only refine two crystals at the same time, but also perform Basic Crystal Crafting. Basic Crystal Crafting, also known as Basic Alchemy, is the process of transforming two Genotype crystals into Power-Up NFTs. Power-Ups grant you abilities that increase your XP, refining time, crafting time, and the spawning of unrefined crystals. Basic Crafting also necessitates the use of GENE and KI Token.

Genotype Crystals: Lvl 3 Habitats & Advanced Alchemy

The real magic happens when you’re ready to unleash the full power of Habitat ownership. The most unrefined crystals are produced by Lvl 3 habitats. Your Laboratory has three crystal chambers, allowing you to refine three unrefined crystals at the same time, yielding three Genotype Crystals. Having three crystal chambers also means you’ve mastered Basic Alchemy and can move on to Advanced Alchemy. The transmutation of three Refined Crystals into Advanced Items, Accessories, Boosts, and even other types of Refined Genotype Crystals is known as Advanced Alchemy (Gene Crystal NFTs). GENE and KI Token are also required for Advanced Alchemy.

Owning a Habitat unlocks a slew of features that can weave you right into the fabric of the Genopets in-game economy, allowing you to start earning without giving up your digital spirit animal or sacrificing your ability to pay your bills. Break free from your gaming constraints and enter the Genoverse to discover hidden realms, battle with friends, and earn cryptocurrency for staying active.

The Anatomy of a Habitat

Habitats, unlike typical NFTs, are procedurally generated on the fly rather than pre-designed. Every component is brought to life by your actions in-game. tl;dr Habitats are not a carbon copy, and they do not appear the same for everyone. In fact, each Habitat is one-of-a-kind and is created on the spot.

Every detail of each Habitat’s design is determined and created in Unity the moment you decide to mint, from its elemental properties to the foliage placement to the intricate little structures that occupy it. Because Habitat features are dependent on your actions, their rarity becomes player-controlled, which also applies to past and future game elements such as Augments and Genopets.

While we bask in the glory of the great Genesis Habitat, let us dip our toes into the ever-flowing wonders of the Genoverse’s Habitats.

Flora & Fauna

Have you noticed the little lights twinkling across the foreground? Genopets aren’t the only creatures who appreciate the privacy of a Habitat! Habitats are also appealing to the flora and fauna that inhabit Esoterra. The foliage and its colors are specific to the Elemental Class of each Habitat. Although you may not interact physically, they create an atmosphere fit for a cosmic monarch.


Each Habitat has element-specific formations that emerge from the ground to shape and detail the terrain.


Without structures, a Habitat would not be a cyber-ancient-future fortress!


Crystal refinement and alchemy take place in the Laboratory. The process of crafting with Genotype Crystals is known as alchemy.


The Workshop is where you can make useful NFTs that do not require a Genotype Crystal.


Habitats are safe havens that exist hidden within interdimensional pockets. Enter the Habitat via an Esoterric portal to find out where your Genopet would live.


It’s a decent lamp.

Exclusive Features

Keep an eye out for Habitats with unique features that set them apart from the rest.

Genesis Emblem

If you have a Genesis Habitat, you will notice the same symbol that Genesis Habitats have, indicating that it is one of the first Habitats to exist in the Genoverse.

Guild Flag

Guilds that have purchased Habitats and invested in Genopets will have custom branded Habitats with a flag instead of a lamp. While this has no additional utility in the game, it serves as a persona identifier and allows them to represent their community.

Elemental Power

Every Habitat embodies one of the five Elemental Classes: Earth, Water, Metal, Fire, and Wood. The Elemental Class then determines the Habitat’s color scheme and the type of unrefined crystals that it spawns.

When unrefined crystals are refined, they transform into NFTs known as Genotype Crystals. Give a Genotype Crystal to your Genopet and watch it take on the characteristics of the special elemental properties it carries, or use it as crafting material! Genesis Habitats, on the other hand, are a different story. Regardless of Elemental Class, Genesis Habitats can spawn ALL classes of unrefined crystals.

Day/Night Cycles

Your Habitat will sync with your phone’s clock to simulate day and night, brimming with a soft glow as the dawn emerges to guide your day into a dreamy twilight. You and your Genopet will both sleep at the same time. Remember to take breaks.

Habitats are procedurally generated NFTs that go through a delicate process that requires a precise balance of art and engineering to execute correctly. We’re not only combining technical 3D modeling with a modular and procedural system, as we did with the Genopets NFTs, but we’ve also given Habitats in-game utility.

All things in the Genoverse are sentient, from the peace-mongering Genopets to the illuminating terrains, and most have the same crystalline structure at an atomic level. Genopets have a natural tendency to take any route necessary to find peace and forage for raw materials in order to survive. And because they have their own Habitats, they are safe in an elemental canopy that is abundant with everything they require to thrive.

Genopets: Built to Guild

Genopets is based on a Dual-Earning Economy, which allows both free and paid players to earn money. Free players can earn money by creating a baby Genopet, leveling it up, and selling it. However, as with all free-to-play games, it’s a time-consuming grind. You can speed up the process by acquiring a Habitat NFT.

Guilds in Their Natural Habitats

Habitats are beautiful 3D landscape NFTs that promote both the evolution and enhancement of your Genopet as well as your ability to earn Crystals and KI on a regular basis. Furthermore, purchasing a Habitat allows you to become a paid player, unlocking a plethora of in-game features, benefits, and financial opportunities.

A Habitat is required to produce Refined Crystals and KI Token. The higher your Habitat level, the more crystals you can produce, and the more crystals you can produce, the more NFTs you can use to customize your Genopet or sell to other players on a marketplace.

Unlock the ability to craft NFTs in-game and earn KI Tokens for your efforts. When you earn KI Tokens for remaining active, you have the option of withdrawing them to earn more KI Tokens or using them to craft valuable in-game NFTs that you can use to speed up your Genopet’s evolution and increase its rarity.

Habitats serve as a barrier between free and paid players. Being a member of a guild grants scholars Habitats, which they can use to craft valuable NFTs. Furthermore, because of the vast catalog of Crystals that can be crafted to evolve and transform your Genopet, being a part of a guild provides scholars with economies of scale to access all the various items required to be successful in-game and increase their earnings.

The Three Ways Genopets Is Revolutionizing Play-To-Earn for Guilds

  1. Asset Administration

The integrated Habitat leasing system eliminates the inefficiencies of manual tracking, asset settlement, and NFT transfer between scholars.

  1. Recruitment

Using the free-to-play model allows guilds to recruit a pool of potential scholars. Guilds can assess scholars’ abilities and dedication to the game by comparing their progress to the amount of XP earned by free players. Outside of blockchain gaming, an example of this is Esports teams recruiting players based on a traditional video game leaderboard..

  1. Education

Genopets, as a mobile app with a seamless user experience that abstracts the web3 complications from the end user, removes the barriers to educating and training that make play-to-earn games difficult to adopt.

As a Scholar in a guild, you can speed up your learning, earning, and crafting of NFTs in order to feed the in-game economy and provide your fellow Genovians with the items they need to upgrade their Genopet and improve their gameplay. And our patented Move-to-Earn model establishes a direct link between a Scholar’s real-life activities and the rewards they earn in-game. As a result, by remaining active in their daily lives, scholars create value in the virtual world.

Dedicated to the guilds that will make just as much of an impact on Earth as they will on Esoterra:

  • AAG Ventures: AAG Ventures is the tech firm behind AAG, one of the fastest-growing guilds in the Play-To-Earn space. Our mission is to promote global economic freedom through the Metaverse Economy.
  • AcadArena: AcadArena is the leading organization in the Philippines and Southeast Asia for Campus Gaming and Esports Education.
  • Adrena Guild: Solana play-to-earn DAO with NFT ownership.
  • AEY: AEY is a play-to-earn (P2E) community where anyone who wants to play games with blockchain-based economies and earn (mine) cryptocurrency is welcome.
  • Avocado Guild: Avocado Guild (AG) is a play-to-earn guild that aims to provide its members with life-changing opportunities and rewarding experiences.
  • BAYZ: BAYZ is a decentralized organization with world-class support personnel, esports operations, content creation, and a revenue share model that allows community members to contribute and be rewarded in the play-to-earn ecosystem.
  • BlackPool: BlackPool is the world’s first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) designed specifically for NFT gaming and trading.
  • Cosmic Guild: Cosmic Guild serves as a meeting place for capital and talent by acting as a gateway platform for gamers and NFT owners.
  • DUX: a Brazilian holding company focused on the crypto market, currently has over 300 teams and is rapidly expanding its operations, aiming to become one of the world’s largest providers of Axies scholarship.
  • Exnetwork: Exnetwork Capital is an investment firm dedicated to funding decentralization-related innovation.
  • GOAT Guild: Turn your passion into a source of income.
  • GOE: GOE is the Genoverse’s first community guild, and it is home to the most involved and dedicated Genovians. With our experience and knowledge, we will create a safe environment for all Guardians to thrive alongside their Genopets. We are the Esoterra Guardians!
  • GuildFi: GuildFi is a P2E platform that connects games, NFTs, and gaming communities in order to maximize player benefits and enable metaverse interoperability.
  • Hooga: Hooga Guild is a web3 Gaming Guild dedicated to driving GameFi evolution through competitive gaming.
  • Impact Realm (Formerly Zer0axe Gaming): Impact Realm is constructing a decentralized capital city to connect games and guilds with gamers, which will be integrated with a play-and-earn co-op game experience.
  • Les Veilleurs d’Esoterra: Les Veilleurs d’Esoterra was inspired by the passion of Genopets community members. This French-speaking guild is eager to promote mutual guidance and assistance as we evolve together across the Genoverse.
  • Lyceum: Lyceum is a pioneer in the fast-paced NFT gaming market. Their data-driven, tech-enabled approach to matching player skill and in-game NFTs improves the performance of gamers and guilds.
  • Merit Circle: Merit Circle aims to remain at the forefront of innovation in the play-to-earn industry, with activities spanning multiple sectors and niches, resulting in a constantly adapting and evolving organization.
  • Metaverse Magna: Our mission is to be Africa’s first and largest crypto-gaming DAO, enabling a new generation of gamers to play, earn, and grow wealth across the continent and beyond.
  • Morfyus League: One player at a time, bridging the metaverse.
  • Prominence Games: Prominence Games aims to connect gamers to the NFT metaverse and be the industry leader, allowing both players and investors to be at the forefront.
  • Rainmaker Games: the free global platform for playing hundreds of P2E games — connecting gamers, games, and guilds from all over the world.
  • ReadyPlayerDAO: Prepared Player DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to leveraging the collective power of play to achieve equity for all.
  • Snack Club: Snack Club is a new LATAM gaming guild acquiring assets and developing tools for scholars and players. The veteran team from LOUD founded the company, and they are bringing their experience in brand and community building to usher in the next generation of web3 users.
  • Undisputed Noobs: Through Play to Earn Crypto Games and DeFi Yield Farming, we are assisting incredible people in taking control of their financial freedom.
  • UniX: UniX Gaming was among the first to embrace the play-to-earn gaming revolution. They are a community-oriented guild that makes use of NFTs from existing games and platforms. UniX Gaming is one of the leading guilds in the Metaverse, with strong backers and investors. It continues to amass triple-A partnerships.
  • YGG SEA: Guild Games Produce Southeast Asia, also known as YGG SEA, aims to build Southeast Asia’s most extensive and sustainable play-to-earn (P2E) virtual economy. We are a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) specializing in the acquisition and management of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used in the metaverse.
  • YGG: YGG is a gaming guild that brings players together to earn money through blockchain-based economies. We are the metaverse’s settlers of new worlds.

What is Genopets Rarity?

There are a total of 3,333 Genopet Eggs. Many people have asked , “How do I obtain a green one with wings?” Alternatively, “How do I get a black one with gold lines?” Because each Genopet is procedurally generated, we have no way of knowing or dictating which Genopet you will receive. (This includes the one-of-a-kind Genopets we created for Lachlan, Tobias Harris, Keisuke Honda, and AB De Villiers, because their personality and wallet address dictated the type of Genopet they received — just like yours does.)

So, because we don’t know what Genopets will be created from the eggs, we won’t be able to report on the specificity of attribute rarity until every Genopet Egg hatches into a Genesis Genopet. Until then, keep in mind that every, and I mean EVERY, Genopet is unique because it was created by YOU.

Genopets will provide millions of users with a digital spirit animal that they can nurture, battle-season, and evolve to their liking. Because no Genopets can exist without the instillation of a player’s personality, all Genopets are intrinsically valuable and rare because they are made in your likeness. So we’re not just making digital spirit animals with 12 different body parts for each player, 78 levels, and 12 stages of evolution, but we’re also giving you endless customization to feed your creative output and truly match its maker.

Genopets’ procedurally generated body parts and colors are generated on the fly as you hatch them. The choices you make during the Egg Hatching experience are combined with a salt of your wallet address to create truly unique Genopents.

The Genesis Genopets that hatch from Genopet Eggs are currently the rarest Genopets in existence. There is and will always be a maximum of 3,333. A Genesis Genopet is your chance to leave your mark on history!

So, if you already have an egg, DON’T FORGET TO HATCH!

You will be able to hatch if you have an egg in your wallet after purchasing on one of the marketplaces listed below.

If you want to sell your egg on a marketplace, you must remove it from the marketplace and hatch it before the deadline.

If you didn’t receive a Genopet Egg but still want to create your own Genesis Genopet spirit animal, visit one of the official partnered marketplaces to purchase.

Purchase and hatch the remaining Genopet Egg NFTs!

How does my Genopet’s personality so closely resemble mine?

The hatching process’s questions are based on a personality test that can be traced back to a concept known as “trait theory.”

According to trait theory, an individual is made up of distinguishable characteristics from other people. These characteristics are also known as habitual patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions. So, if you select the words that are most meaningful to you, the personality analysis will most likely reflect that!

Go to and enter your token address (not your wallet address) in the search bar to reveal your Genopet’s personal description, including personality analysis.

What is a Genopet?

A Genopet is a generative NFT that evolves, upgrades, and can be customized as you progress through the game. Your Genopet NFT is free and has just hatched. It will gain value over time as you invest time and effort into improving its type, battle performance, and aesthetics. A Genopet evolves with XP and is guided and accelerated by Refined Crystals.

What is $GENE Token?

The $GENE token is a fungible governance and staking token that represents Genoverse ownership. You vote on the future of gameplay as a $GENE token holder and stake your $GENE tokens to earn rewards.

How to Stake Your GENE Token?

Are you ready to stake $GENE token but unsure how? Don’t be concerned! To get you started, we’ve put together this simple step-by-step guid below: is our ONLY website. Beware of scams.
  • Step #2: Connect your Solana wallet
Make sure you are connected to the right wallet.
  • Step #3: Check that you have $GENE Token.

If you need to add GENE to your wallet, you can do so by exchanging your preferred token for GENE on Jupiter Exchange. Our staking website also allows you to exchange SPL tokens for GENE.

  • Step #4: Click “STAKE GENE”

You can buy and stake GENE on this page, as well as view the total GENE rewards distributed thus far, the total amount of GENE currently being staked, and the price of GENE. To begin, click “STAKE GENE.”

  • Step #5: Choose your preferred lock-up period.

Choose the desired lock-up period. The higher the estimated annual rewards, the more GENE you stake and the longer you choose to lock.

  • Step #6: Choose how much GENE you want to stake.

Stake your GENE Token to receive rewards from the reward pool. Earned GENE staking rewards are locked for one year by default, but can be withdrawn without restriction as sGENE. sGENE can be used in-game but has no protocol-specific liquidity. Synthetic GENE, or sGENE, exists solely for in-game use. sGENE is destroyed after use.

  • Step #7: Examine your vesting progress and pending rewards.

View your vesting progress to see a summary of the GENE you’re staking, including pending rewards, the amount you’ve staked, and the length of the lock-up period remaining.

What is $KI Token?

The $KI token is a fungible in-game reward token obtained by purchasing a Habitat. $KI can be used to evolve your Genopet, alchemize crystals, create new Habitats, and battle other players.

What is XP?

XP, or experience points, are a state in a Genopet’s non-fungible token metadata that grows through your daily grinding efforts. You can upgrade your Genopet once you have accumulated enough XP.

What are Refined Crystals?

Refined Crystals are non-fungible tokens that you can use to direct the evolution of a Genopet by crafting them with $GENE and $KI. Refined Crystals come in a variety of forms, each of which has a distinct impact on your pet’s evolution. For example, during evolution, use a Fire Gene Crystal to change your Genopet’s elemental Genotype to Fire, giving it a blazing appearance and Fire attack moves.

What is a Genopets Habitat?

Your Genopet lives and evolves in a Habitat. Habitats are non-fungible procedurally generated tokens that can be purchased from the Genopets Marketplace or crafted with $GENE, $KI, and Gene Crystals. Habitats also increase your XP, allow you to directly craft Refined Crystals, and earn you $KI on a daily basis.

Genopets Game Economics

The Genopets economic flywheel is based on a first-of-its-kind model that allows both free-to-play and paying players to earn money. This is referred to as the Dual Earning Economy Innovation.

Genopets Dual Earning Economy


All you need to get started with Genopets is a smartphone. Summon your Genopet NFT and begin earning XP as you move. Get rewarded for walking your dog, dancing in your room, running your daily 4k, or simply getting out of bed.

When you’re ready, connect to the Genoverse and explore the world through the eyes of your digital spirit animal. Use your XP to customize, evolve, and battle-ready your Genopet.

Once you’ve leveled up your Genopet, you can sell it in a marketplace and put some of the proceeds towards your first habitat, allowing you to evolve faster and earn more with a better Genopet the next time.

  • Nurture: To begin playing, hatch a unique Genopet NFT based on your personality and connect it with your step data.
  • Evolve: Earn XP by completing daily step challenges that level up your Genopet, allowing you to improve its battle performance and customize its appearance.
  • Battle: Head over to the Battle Arena and compete in competitive, strategic mini games against other free players to earn even more XP and claim your spot on the leaderboards.
  • Trade: Trade your upgraded Genopet NFT in the marketplace and sell it to other players looking to get a leg up in the Genoverse.


If you want to speed up your gameplay, you can buy a Habitat to hasten your Genopet’s evolution, craft Refined Crystals, and unlock the continuous $KI token earning daily in addition to XP as you move.

  • Purchase a Habitat from the Genopets Marketplace or from another player to begin earning $KI + XP on a consistent basis.
  • Stake $GENE to increase your daily $KI cap and accelerate your daily accrual of $KI and XP.
  • Generate and combine various Refined Crystals for your Genopet to evolve in unique ways, as well as new Habitats to accelerate your Genopet’s evolution.
  • When you’re not using your Habitat, you can rent it to other players and earn money while assisting others in hastening the evolution of their Genopet.
  • Sell your Habitats to other players and go shopping for a new one.
Free-to-Play Play-to-Earn NFT Game Powered by Solana

What is Genopets Egg?

For centuries, feuds over Genopet vs. Egg chronology have raged throughout the Genoverse. And now the solution has reached the human world.

Genopets is ecstatic to announce the success of our extradimensional re-materialization efforts. The Genesis Genopet Egg NFT is the Genoverse’s first creation.

Good to know: A Genopet Egg NFT grants you the opportunity to be one of the first 1000 players to mint in the Genesis Genopet NFT Drop. You will be able to claim a one-of-a-kind pre-evolved Genesis Genopet NFT before anyone else in the world if you have a Genopet Egg and enough SOL in your wallet. However, you will lose your chance to mint if you do not mint within 7 days of the drop. If you didn’t get an Egg in the drop, they’re now available on and Solanart, with more locations coming soon…

The Full Eggsplanation

We’re sure some of you are wondering the same thing:

“This mechanical yet subtly organic NFT specimen is truly a wondrous sight.” But what exactly does it do? “There has to be more to it,” you say, touching your cheek in pleasant disbelief. So, even if you’re not touching your cheek in pleasant disbelief and just think they’re really cool, I’m here to tell you that there’s more!

It’s no surprise that space will be limited when the Genesis Genopet NFT drop goes live. After all, this is an NFT drop on Solana. Like all drops, there will be a whitelist, but this list will be made up of Genopet Egg NFT holders who are ready to hatch and mint their Genopet.

Egg holders will be guaranteed to receive a Genesis Genopet for a flat fee of 0.8 SOL (the exact amount will be determined closer to the launch based on the value of SOL). Now, I’m not your financial advisor, but here’s why you should plan ahead of time:

Assume you are one of the fortunate owners of a Genopet Egg NFT. You have several options:

You could save it until the drop, have SOL ready to mint with, and then show up at the right place and right time to claim that sweet, sweet Genesis Genopet.

However, suppose you decide along the way that you can’t meet the criteria or that you’d rather share the wealth with someone more deserving of the Genoverse. In that case, you could put your Genopet Egg on the market. Genopet Eggs are currently available on and will be available in additional locations soon. Above all, it is an NFT.

But what happens if you forget you have an Egg, or if you fall asleep and miss the drop?

You will have 7 days after the Genesis Genopet drop to mint your Genopet Egg NFT. If you miss the deadline, you will forfeit your opportunity to mint, and your Genopet Egg NFT will be rendered un-hatchable — or, as we like to say, scrambled. (However, if you prefer your eggs this way, you can keep it.)

Genopets & the Solana Ecosystem

Genopets & the Solana Ecosystem

The rise of NFT Gaming has brought the blockchain industry and the concept of “Play-to-Earn” to the general public’s attention. Furthermore, the growing popularity of games such as Axie Infinity has exposed GameFi to a global audience. According to Markets Insider, over a million people actively played a Play-to-Earn blockchain game on a daily basis last month. Needless to say, we’ll need a scalable platform to build on in order to support millions of users and provide a great blockchain-gaming user experience.

So… Why Solana?

Solana hosts hundreds of projects ranging from DeFi to NFTs to Web3. It has one of the fastest Layer 1 blockchains in the world, as well as one of the fastest-growing ecosystems.

Most importantly, it is an open-source, decentralized blockchain network capable of supporting tens of thousands of transactions per second with low transaction fees. Solana is scalable and cost-effective right out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about growth on fragmented Layer 2 systems or sharded chains.

Proof of History is one of the main features of Solana that piqued our interest. In short, Proof of History enables you to demonstrate that a specific event occurred at a specific point in time and validates those occurrences in parallels, resulting in massive performance efficiency.

Among Layer 1s, this approach to the problem of validating history within blockchains is unique. That, we believe, will stand the test of time as the network expands. Furthermore, the incredibly fast processing speeds enable near-instantaneous transactions, providing users with a smooth and seamless experience.

Solana has the most important properties that a Layer 1 blockchain could have:

  1. Scalability: Because of its high transaction capacity and near-instant finality, Solana serves as a highly scalable and resourceful foundation for development.
  2. Security: Solana’s decentralized blockchain is equipped with a highly secure, cutting-edge security operating system that grants you complete access and control over your assets.
  3. Fast Transactions & Low Fees: The liquidation process is completed in seconds without compromising network security or performance.

Genopets rewards staying active by introducing the first Move-to-Earn NFT game, which gives you all the benefits of blockchain without exposing you to the complexities of Web3 technologies.

What are Genopets NFTs?

Genopets have 6 different NFTs as shown below:

  1. Genopet NFT
  2. Augment NFT
  3. Habitat NFT
  4. Genotype Crystal NFT
  5. Terraform Seed NFT

The primary way to earn money in Genopets is to collect and trade in-game assets. The tradable NFT that you are awarded as a completely free player is your Genopet. As you nurture, grow, and battle your Genopet, the term “digital familiar” will come to represent your relationship with it more accurately. We understand how difficult it can be to let go of something as precious as your spirit animal, so here is a list of Genopets NFTs that you can hold, trade, and sell in the open market:

1. Genopet NFT

A Genopet is a generative spirit animal NFT with a distinctively marked body and eight variable bionic features and extremities that fall into one of five elemental types. All players are free to summon and hatch their Genopet. Starting as an infant, your Genopet can progress through 77 levels of upgrades and 12 stages of material evolution, as well as an infinite amount of customization to make it unique and your own.

Genopets evolve and grow based on the XP you gain from battling with friends, soloing PvE bosses, walking your dog, and going for an after-dinner jog. Your Genopet’s value will naturally increase as you invest your time and effort. Keep your Genopet happy by giving it head pats and healthy by keeping it and its surroundings clean. Your Genopet will evolve along with you.

2. Augment NFT

The NFT version of an Augment is a generative accessory NFT that you can use to improve the physical attributes and performance values of your Genopet. Genopets’ cybernetic nature allows you to swap their body parts for a more pleasing appearance and improved performance values. Consider Mr. Potato Head, but cyberpunk…and omnipotent spirit animals. If you don’t want a stock Genopet, you can unlock special body modifications by completing PvE quests.

Please keep in mind that the Augments earned by free players in PvE battles differ from those obtained by Habitat owners. Despite the fact that all Augments are used to improve your Genopet’s physical attributes and performance values, free players only unlock Augments and not Augment NFTs. As a result, they can be used in battle but cannot be sold or traded unless a permanent home for your Genopet is purchased.

3. Habitat NFT

Habitats are for players who want to advance in-game and ensure a successful evolution. A Habitat is a beautiful generative 3d vivarium NFT that promotes the growth of your Genopet by unlocking epic Augment NFTs and generating type-specific unrefined crystals on a daily basis, in addition to unlocking a dual-token earning economy. Each wallet can hold up to three Habitats.

Also, if you don’t keep your habitat in good condition, nanobots will take over and stop all crystal production. Habitats are divided into elemental classes (fire, wood, earth, metal, and water) and spawn unrefined crystals that correspond to the elemental class, which are then refined into Genotype Crystals in the Laboratory. More information about Habitats and their crystals can be found here.

A Genesis Habitat is a limited, first-edition Habitat NFT obtained through the Genopets Treasure Hunt that has a special Genesis emblem and spawns all 5 classes of unrefined crystals.

4. Genotype Crystal NFT

Your Habitat’s unrefined elemental crystals are not NFTs, but rather one of the precursors to Genoverse alchemy. Once obtained, players can bring them to the Laboratory for refining. They are refined to become Genotype Crystal NFTs. Genotype Crystals are one of the Genoverse’s basic crafting building blocks, ranging from common to mythic NFTs.

Genotype Crystals allow you to create new Habitats and change your Genotype’s Elemental Class, changing its appearance and moveset with the corresponding crystal. Genotype Crystals can be used to guide the evolution of your Genopet.

5. Terraform Seed NFT

Once you own a Habitat, you will be able to create new Habitats in-game. So, if you want to collect a wider range of Gene Crystals (either to sell in the open marketplace or to change your Genopet’s physical attributes and battle movesets), you can terraform new Habitats as long as you have the ingredients for the Habitat Recipe: Terraform Seed+Gene Crystal+GENE Tokens+KI Tokens.

Genopets Glossary

  • Alchemy: Alchemy is a term used to describe crafting. It describes the transformation of one or more things into something entirely new.
  • Augment: An Augment is a generative NFT accessory that players can use to improve the physical attributes and performance values of their Genopet. Genopets’ cybernetic nature allows players to swap body parts for a more appealing appearance and better performance values. When you augment your Genopet, your Genopet NFT will be visually updated.
  • BankingBanking refers to the action of pressing the app’s “Bank Button” mechanism to record real-world steps and apply them to the player’s in-game progression.
  • DNA: DNA is a private channel in the Genopets community discord for active community members who have reached rank 10, correctly answered the DNA entry quiz questions, and have been nominated for DNA by other server members. It is made up of the most passionate and dedicated members who genuinely care about the game’s long-term success.
  • Dual-Token System: The Dual-Token System is a popular model in play-to-earn games that consists of two tokens that represent governance and utility.
  • Dual-Earning Economy: The Dual-Earning economy refers to our method of monetizing in-game NFTs for both free and paid players.
  • Earth Crystal: An Earth Crystal is an NFT that allows players to change their physical appearance and movesets to reflect the element of earth.
  • Elemental Class: Elemental classes are archetypes that determine the “type” of physical attributes and movesets that a Genopet has. They are also used to categorize Habitats and to control the type of unrefined crystals that they produce. There are five elemental classes: water, earth, metal, fire, and wood, and you’ll need one of each to create a Genesis Habitat.
  • Esoterra: The Genopets’ home planet is called Esoterra.
  • Evolution: The path of development that Genopets take as they reach level milestones is referred to as evolution. Genopets go through 12 stages of evolution.
  • Fire Crystal: A Fire Crystal is an NFT that allows players to change their physical appearance and move sets to reflect the element of fire.
  • Gematria Galaxy: The Galaxy in which Esoterra exists is known as the Gematria Galaxy.
  • GENE Token: GENE Token is a governance token that represents the overall value of the Genopets game and is used in conjunction with KI to create in-game NFTs.
  • Genesis Genopet: A Genesis Genopet is a rare first edition Genopet NFT that has a special Genesis tattoo, is pre-evolved to the fourth stage of evolution, and unlocks exclusive customizable features. There were 3,333 made, but only 3,218 were hatched, with the remainder becoming cracked Genopet Eggs.
  • Genesis Habitat: A Genesis Habitat is a limited-edition Habitat NFT with a Genesis emblem that produces all five classes of unrefined crystals. More and more curious!
  • Genopet Egg: A Genopet Egg is a generative NFT that can be hatched by players to reveal a Genesis Genopet. Any Genopet Eggs that did not hatch were cracked, rendering them incapable of producing a Genesis Genopet. There were 3,333 made, and 3,218 were hatched, leaving only 115 alive.
  • Genoverse: The Genoverse is the Biopets ecosystem. It’s a parallel world linked to ours with a neon fantasy theme best described as “cyber magic”
  • Genovian: A Genovian is a member of the Genopets community who enjoys and supports the game.
  • Genotype Crystal: A Genotype Crystal NFT is a Refined Crystal consumable that allows players’ Genopets to temporarily change their elemental class, and thus their physical appearance and movesets. Unrefined elemental crystals are refined to produce genotype crystals.
  • Habitat: A Habitat is a generative 3D landscape NFT that serves as a home for a player’s Genopet while also encouraging its enhancement and evolution. Habitats also allow players to earn KI and generate unrefined crystals on a consistent basis.
  • KI Token (/kEE/): KI Token is an in-game utility token that can be earned with Habitat NFTs or purchased on exchanges.
  • Laboratory: A Laboratory is a structure in a Genopet’s Habitat where players can refine unrefined crystals into Refined Crystal NFTs.
  • Landlord: A landlord is a player who buys a Habitat with the intention of leasing it to other players in order to earn a consistent flow of resources.
  • Merchant: A merchant is a player who chooses to farm and refine valuable crystals in order to regularly trade in the open marketplace as a means of earning money.
  • Metal Crystal: Metal Crystals are NFTs that allow players to change their physical appearance and movesets to reflect the element of metal.
  • Move-to-Play: Genopets coined the term “move-to-play” to describe the action of converting players’ real-life movements into in-game progression.
  • Move-to-Earn: Genopets coined the term “move-to-earn” to describe the action of converting players’ real-life movements into in-game progression in order to appreciate their in-game assets and sell them in the open marketplace.
  • Nanobots: Nanobots are a plague that has infiltrated Esoterra. If infected, Nanobots can take over how Genopets and Habitats function.
  • Refined Crystal: A Refined Crystal is a type of NFT created in the laboratory by refining unrefined crystals. A Genotype Crystal is an example of a refined crystal.
  • Refining Process: In Genopets, the refining process refers to the process of converting an unrefined crystal to an NFT.
  • Terraform Seed: A Terraform Seed is an NFT and one of the necessary components for acquiring a Habitat NFT for your Genopet.
  • Trainer: A trainer is a player who nurtures, battles, evolves, and customizes their Genopet in order to increase its rarity and value.
  • Unrefined Crystal: Unrefined crystals are not NFTs, but rather NFT precursors produced by Habitats. Players can refine them in the Laboratory to create Genotype Crystals, a type of Refined Crystal NFT.
  • Water Crystal: A Water Crystal is an NFT that allows players to change their physical appearance and movesets to reflect the element of water.
  • W.H.I.T.T.A.K.R: The first NPC in the Genoverse is known as W.H.I.T.A.K.R.
  • Wood Crystal: A Wood Crystal is an NFT that allows players to change their physical appearance and movesets to reflect the element of wood. To make a Genesis Habitat, you’ll need one of these.

Genopets Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Genesis Genopets?

They are stage 4 pre-evolved pets with a glowing Genesis mark. This is a one-time occurrence in the history of our project. In the game, no pets will ever bear the Genesis mark again.

How many Genesis Genopets will there be?

There will be 3333 Genesis Genopets only.

Does it cost SOL to mint a Genesis Genopets?

Yes. The Genesis Genopet’s mint price is determined by Metaplex’s Fair Launch Protocol. Everyone will be able to bid the amount they believe is fair, up to the maximum. After some time has passed, the median price will be selected as the price to mint.

So what’s the point of the Genopets Eggs?

Egg holders will be guaranteed to receive a Genesis Genopet for a flat fee of 0.8 SOL (the exact amount will be determined closer to the launch based on the value of SOL).

Is minting free in Genopets game?

When the game is released, every player will be able to generate a free baby Genopet and level it up from infancy. The Genesis Genopets are both a collectible and a playable character in the game.

How many Genopets Eggs are there?

There are only 1000 eggs available. As a result, 1000 people will be guaranteed to mint at a low cost. The remaining 2333 Genesis Genopets will be distributed via the Fair Launch lottery.


Genopets is a free-to-play NFT game on Solana that makes staying active enjoyable and rewarding. Genopets advances your Genopet NFT in game by using data tracked by your smartphone or fitness wearables. The first Move-to-Earn NFT game that makes it possible for you to earn crypto for staying active in your daily life.

Genopets is a Play-to-Earn NFT Game on Solana for the nurture and evolution of your personal Genopet, your digital spirit animal. Keep your Genopet in your pocket everywhere you go and get rewarded for getting off the couch, going about your day, or running your next marathon. Then, after a long day, just kick back, relax, and claim the fruits of your labor.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time. It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces. You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Genopets already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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