FTribe Fighters NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is FTribe Fighters?

FTribe Fighters is a multiplayer online battle arena NFT game designed for mobile platforms and built on blockchain. It is free to play and play to earn game.

The most exciting feature is that the game supports AR/VR headsets. FTribe Fighters is being developed by FTribe Games, Vietnam’s largest game studio with more than 40 members.

Below you can watch FTribe Fighters game video trailer.

FTribe Fighters Gameplay

FTribe Fighters has 3 game modes:

  1. Battle Royale
  2. Control Point
  3. Defend the Monument

FTribe Fighters Battle Royale

You can join the game queue to form teams with one or up to three friends or with random players as a Squad.

There are 3 games modes in FTribe Fighters as listed below:

  1. Solo
  2. Duo
  3. Squad
Game Modes

Solo Game Mode in FTribe Fighters

After you enter the match and the game begins the game, a danger zone will be announced on the map.

The danger zone and you will only 30 seconds to be in the safe zone before its shrinks down.

You can join forces with friends or other players to fight for survival in the game and last person or team stands will win the game.

The game looks like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) but with additional features are added.

You can get traps, ammo boxes, bunks, and other items are scattered throughout the map which you can use an advantages to eliminate the other players in the game.

Ftribe Fighters

Duo Game Mode in FTribe Fighters

When you enter the match with you team Control Points will be marked on the map for you to capture.

If you capture the Control Point with your team you will gain the generation of points, encouraging players to defend captured territory and invade enemy territory in order to reap the greatest number of points.

Each match is limited to 5 minutes and if you have the most point you will win the game.

Squad Game Mode in FTribe Fighters

Each team will be defending a monument.

You must be working with your team together and make your best strategy to destroy your opponent’s monument while defending your own.

Victory and winning is achieved by destroying an opponent’s monument or eliminating their team from the game!


FTribe Fighters Play to Earn Model

There are two ways of earning in FTribe Fighers game:

  1. You can earn rewards token by winning the matches which you exchange your tokens for cash
  2. Upgrading your NFTs items and sell them on NFT marketplaces
Product Viability

Highlight Features of FTribe Fighters

The game is good for anyone who is looking to earn some cash while playing a game.

The list of the earning in FTribe Fighters:

  • Free to Play and Play to Earn
  • See NFTS in VR and AR
  • Lend your NFTs
Game Character


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Have you ever played FTribe Fighters? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you! What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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