Forest Knight NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Forest Knight?

Forest Knight is a mobile NFT game with turn-based strategy and role-playing game elements. Your goal is to assemble a team of heroes and fight in the various game modes available.

Forest Knight Gameplay


Before we go any further, we strongly advise you to download Forest Knight first. The Forest Knight game is only available on the Android platform. Following the initial Forest Knight cutscene, you will be transported to a small battlefield where you will meet your first hero.

The hero in this picture is Bris, also known as Forest Knight.

Forest Knight and all other heroes have a health bar above their heads that is indicated by a green bar and a mana bar that is indicated by a blue color but is currently empty.

This is the enemy that Forest Knight has to defeat.

His goal is to knock you out first, while yours is to knock him out first. The green bar is good, while the red bar is bad! But, because you have a sword and he has a mace, you two should get closer before you start hitting each other. But, how do you get there?


You’ll begin the tutorial very far apart and will be prompted to walk towards the enemy. You will end up in this position if you walk in a straight line with it. Is this, however, close enough?

Forest Knight can only attack adjacent tiles because he isn’t close enough. To walk, first click the hero, which will display all of the tiles to which he can walk, and then click on a tile to which we want the hero to go.

Forest Knight will need to click next to the big bad enemy to get close enough to attack! This also implies that your adversary has the ability to strike back. But, regardless, we’ll take the challenge and walk right alongside it!

We can hear the enemy breathing from this close. You can now attack by clicking the enemy!

Bris slashes the opponent, dealing 10 damage! But wait, he’s also gained mana – notice how the little blue bar under his health bar has grown. All of this walking and attacking exhausts the hero, and because he can only do so much in one turn, we must end the turn.

Our hero is now resting, and it is the enemy’s turn to strike!

Oh my goodness! Our hero has been wounded! But don’t worry! He is not defeated and has gained mana! He can FINALLY unleash his ultimate ability now that he’s full of mana! He only needs to click Forest Knight and then the hero icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

When you click the Forest Knight icon while he has full mana, the game will show you where his ultimate ability will hit, which is indicated by a purple color.

Activating his ability requires pressing the hero icon again, which now has a “activate” button.

Jump Clash!

Forest Knight leaps into the air and charges headlong into the ground. All enemies in a column in front of him are severely damaged.

As you can see, the skeleton has taken a lot of damage.

We’ll now end the turn, and it’ll hit us back, inflicting damage. We’ll go back and forth like this until one of us is knocked out.

By completing the first tutorial fight, you will be rewarded with some initial resources and advanced to the next section of the tutorial. The second section will go over obstacles and how to use them to your advantage, as well as how various enemies have different attack ranges. After defeating the second foe, you will finally arrive in Chronville.

Let’s start with an explanation of the game’s four basic resources.

Resources and Uses

In Forest Knight, there are four basic types of resources:

  1. Gold
  2. Gems
  3. Food
  4. Runes

The Four Basic Forest Knight Resources

1. Gold

Gold is the primary resource in Forest Knight. It is obtained through various game activities and can be used to upgrade heroes, purchase items, and do other things.


Forest Knight’s premium currency is gems, which can be used to buy items such as equipment and heroes.


Food is a regenerative resource consumed by players when they enter an adventure mode map.


Runes are a fundamental resource that can be used to level up heroes.

The Town of Chronville

The last line of defense against the Skeleton Master! Chronville is located on the outskirts of the kingdom, and heroes from all over the world have gathered here to fight the invasion.

Inside the town, you will find a variety of structures that will all serve as a hub for our daily Knight activities!

We’ll start by going over each building one by one.

1. Team

The team building, also known as the barracks, is used to switch between different hero formations. Your team would look something like this after you unlocked some of the initial heroes.

As you can see, my current formation is solely comprised of Forest Knights. By clicking on the Barbarian and Paladin heroes, we can add them to our formation. We can get rid of heroes by clicking on them and replacing Forest Knight with Mage.

I’ve now added the Paladin and Barbarian, and replaced the Forest Knight with the Mage.

2. Arena

Forest Knight’s PvP game mode takes place in the arena. You will compete against other players for ranking points and possibly an arena treasure chest.

The “Find Opponent” button will begin the search for another Knight of equal rank for the duel. It is a good idea to double-check your formation before beginning your duel. Without leaving the arena, knights can directly access and change their formation. The number on the right represents your rank, which is divided into ladders.

3. Underworld

The Underworld, which was initially unavailable to players, is a game mode in which Knights fight enemies in custom puzzle scenarios.

The Underworld is a PvE (Player vs. Environment) game. It is intended to function more like a puzzle than an all-out battle of brute force. Levels can be unlocked using Orbs obtained from Arena Chests. The drop rate increases as the Arena chest rank increases.

More Orbs are required to unlock higher levels. If a level is unlocked, you can replay it as many times as you want without earning any loot. There are 20 levels, and they all have an amazing one-time completion experience bonus, so go find out for yourself.

4. Heroes

You can find, buy, and upgrade heroes and their items in the Heroes building, also known as the tavern. The tavern is also where you can learn about your hero’s basic stats, such as health, attack, and defense.

On the left, you can see the various Forest Knight heroes. Heroes that you do not own will be highlighted in red, and they can be unlocked by using gems, runes, gold, completing a stage in the adventure mode, or reaching a certain level.

Upgrading the heroes necessitates the use of two basic resources: gold and runes. We will increase the hero’s base stats by upgrading them.

Your inventory is displayed on the right side of the screen. You can find all of your belongings in this section.

5. Town Shop

The town shop is where you can buy items and NFTs to help your heroes become stronger and more capable of fighting tougher battles.

6. Town Quest

The town quest building, also known as the guildhall, is a structure where Knights can complete a series of daily quests that reward gold, experience, runes, and finally gems.

7. Town Square

The town square is where you will collect all of the king’s treasure rewards.

8. Adventure

Adventure Mode is Forest Knight game’s Player vs. Environment (PvE) experience. You use a resource called “Food,” which is represented by a “Meat” icon in the top toolbar. It has six different stages with 11 missions each, with the 11th mission being a difficult boss fight. With each stage, you’ll gain access to more difficult fights, better loot, and new heroes.

You will be pitted against a series of increasingly difficult missions, and they will need to upgrade their heroes, combine stronger items, and become more powerful in order to power through everything.

Forest Knight game map is divided into two modes: normal and hard. After completing all three-star missions on a stage, Hard Mode is unlocked.

A section of the Adventure Mode map.

The number of surviving heroes at the end of the battle determines the star system. You’ll get three stars if all three heroes survive, and so on. You can unlock the progress chests in the bottom left section of the screen that contain powerful treasures by combining the stars earned in normal and hard mode.

9. Mines

Another PvE activity available to players is the Mines. Pickaxes, a regenerable resource that you gain one of every 12 hours, are required to access the mines.

Mine battles are endless and reset every week. They can be fought to obtain either runes or gold. In any case, the fights here are much more difficult than in Adventure Mode, so you’ll need well-equipped heroes to push the mines deeper and deeper.

Now that we’ve learned about the town and all of its structures, it’s time to learn about the Forest Knight game heroes.



To defeat the Skeleton Master, Forest Knight requires good companions. These valiant heroes have traveled long distances, some across dozens of realms, just to join Forest Knight here in Chronville, where they will fight. But just who is Forest Knight? What is the Skeleton Master’s identity, and why is he attacking?


Bris, also known as Forest Knight, is the first hero you will meet. Forest Knight is a knight, the first knight, and one of the many heroes you’ll encounter during your adventure. These heroes are the best the realms have to offer, and they are available for you to recruit and team up with in the grand siege of the castle.

Basics of each Hero

Each Hero has a unique set of starting stats. These stats are:

  • Health: The total health pool of your hero
  • Defense: The amount of damage you avoid when attacked
  • Attack: Total damage you deal when you hit an opponent.

Aside from base stats, each hero has a unique set of attributes:

  • Movement range
  • Attack range
  • Unique weapons


Every hero has a unique range of movement. This can range from two tiles for the average hero to three tiles for more mobile heroes. In order to get the most out of your heroes, movement is also a great way to avoid taking damage by kiting the enemy around.

Attack Range

Melees, rangers, and casters have different attack ranges. Melees must always swing at a melee distance, which means they must sit directly next to their opponent, whereas rangers and casters can do so from a safe distance. To compensate, rangers and casters typically have lower defenses, making them vulnerable to attacks once the enemy gets close.


Every hero has their own unique weapon that cannot be fitted to another hero. The comments on the actual weapon tooltip will make this abundantly clear. Aside from providing the hero with base stats, some weapons also provide special passive bonuses such as healing, poisoning, gaining mana on hit, various types of buffs and debuffs, and so on.

Good to know: Weapons can be upgraded through a process known as merging.


There are two kinds of accessories in Forest Knight game as shown below:

  1. Rings
  2. Necklaces

These can be worn by any hero and provide various stats based on their rarity and power. Accessories, like weapons, can provide special passive bonuses to the hero, such as healing, poisoning, gaining mana on hit, various types of buffs and debuffs, and so on.

Good to know: Accessories can be upgraded through a process known as merging.


There are currently four different types of heroes:

  1. Support heroes provide utility spells to the enemy, which are usually healing or major debuffs.
  2. Tank heroes are “meat shields” with massive health pools whose role it is to defend the damage dealers and supports.
  3. Damage dealer heroes are the most powerful in-game, but they are vulnerable and must be protected carefully.
  4. Hybrids are heroes who are a combination of more than one of the previous classifications and play roles that do not fit into any of the previous categories.
Forest Knight NFT Game

Full List of Fores Knight Heroes

Hero ImageHero NameHero TypeBase StatsMoving DistanceAttack RangeWeapon TypeSpecial SkillSkill Icon
BrisForest KnightHealth: 100
Attack: 15
Defense: 5
2 TilesMeleeSwordJump Clash
Forest Knight leaps into the air and charges headlong into the ground. All enemies in a column in front of him suffer significant damage.
GarekRaiderHealth: 150
Attack: 20
Defense: 10
2 TilesMeleeHammerChallenge Me!
The Raider taunts his opponents and challenges them to a fight. Enemies can only attack the Raider for the next two rounds.
LiluthElf ArcherHealth: 80
Attack: 20
Defense: 5
2 fieldsRange BowArrow Barrage
The Archer fires six arrows, damaging all enemies in a straight line.
WarrusSamuraiHealth: 100
Attack: 30
Defense: 5
2 TilesMeleeKatana SwordYami Explosion
The Samurai strikes his enemies with forbidden techniques, draining their mana with Dark Explosions in a diagonal in front of him.
FreyaAssassinHealth: 80
Attack: 25
Defense: 5
3 TilesMeleeDaggersDark Strike
The Assassin leaps to nearby enemies and backstabs them for massive damage.
VenaliNinjaHealth: 100
Attack: 30
Defense: 5
2 TilesRangeShurikenAncient Scroll
The Ninja summons three massive shuriken, which attack enemies in front of her.
AnoldorMageHealth: 90
Attack: 20
Defense: 5
2 TilesCasterStaffDark Tornado
The Mage gathers the powers of the void and deals damage to all nearby enemy units.
DaeronPriestHealth: 80
Attack: 20
Defense: 5
2 TilesCasterStaffHeal Circle
The Priest gathers the power of the light and heals himself and all nearby allies.
MedeiaWitchHealth: 90
Attack: 20
Defense: 0
2 TilesCasterStaffPillar Blast
The Witch strengthens her next attack, dealing damage to an enemy as well as all enemies above the target.
KaydenThiefHealth: 90
Attack: 20
Defense: 0
2 TilesMeleeDaggerPoison Strike
For one round, the Thief strikes multiple times and poisons two tiles in front of him.
GhondBarbarianHealth: 90
Attack: 15
Defense: 5
2 TilesMeleeAxeThunder Strike
The Barbarian charges his weapon with thunderbolts and stuns enemies in a L shape in front of him.
EstmondPaladinHealth: 120
Attack: 15
Defense: 10
2 TilesMeleeShieldHoly Battleground
A holy aura surrounds the Paladin. Friends within one tile of the Paladin receive an Attack buff, while enemies receive an Attack debuff.
LavenderArcanistHealth: 100
Attack: 30
Defense: 5
2 TilesCasterBookArcane Shield
The Arcanist bestows an Arcane Shield on all allies above and below her, making them immune to the next attack.

What are the Forest Knight Game Items and NFTs?

Virtual Items, FTs, and NFTs

There are currently three types of items: virtual, FTs, and NFTs. Heroes can equip weapons, shields, and accessories in various slots. They help to boost the base stats and, in some cases, provide a passive bonus.

Virtual items are standard in-game items, just like in any other game. These items can only be obtained in-game and are bound to your account, so they cannot be traded. They play an important role in your initial progress because they can be merged and transformed into stronger versions of themselves.

In Forest Knight, there are two kinds of items:

  • Blockchain Items – FTs and NFTs
  • Virtual Items

Items are also available in a variety of rarities and can be equipped in slots such as:

  • Weapons
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Badge

Forest Knight will introduce more meaningful NFT types, such as pets, to the game.

There are two kinds of blockchain items:

  • Fungible tokens (FT)
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFT)

NFTs are blockchain-minted items that are numbered and unique, which means that if you own an NFT, it will never be owned by anyone else. At the same time, these items have a hard limit based on rarity, making them even more valuable.

Except for their lack of uniqueness, FTs are very similar to NFTs. They provide good stat boosts and unique effects, just like NFTs, but they are not unique and many of the same FT can exist at the same time.

Skins, weapons, and accessories will be the first generation of NFTs. The game developer team intend to add more NFTs to Forest Knight in various forms. Pets and land are notable examples.


The total supply of an item is defined by its rarity; the rarer it is, the fewer there will ever be. These are the items sorted by rarity starting with the first generation of Polygon NFTS:

  • Common – Normal virtual items with an unlimited supply. Not FTs/NFTs.
  • Uncommon – FT items with a limit of 10,000-20,000 items minted
  • Rare – NFTs with a limit of 500 items minted.
  • Epic – NFTs with a limit of 200 items minted.
  • Legendary – NFTs with a limit of 50 items minted.
  • Mystic – NFTs with a limit of 10 items minted.


Merging is an important game mechanic of Forest Knight. Merging is accessed via the Armory screen, which is located in the bottom-left corner of the town screen. By selecting the “Merge” button after clicking on an item. You will be taken directly to the merging screen.

It should be noted that the items do not have to be the same, but they must be of the same class and level. Merging four unleveled items results in a +1 item, merging three +1 items results in a +2 item, and so on. This can continue indefinitely, potentially resulting in the creation of extremely powerful items within the game.

Merging can be classified into two types:

  • ​Merging Virtual Items​
  • ​Merging Blockchain Items

1. Merging Virtual Items

When you choose merge on a virtual item, you will be asked to place items on four empty boxes.

  • The 1st item is located at the top and is the item that will be upgraded.
  • The other 3 below will be destroyed during the merging process.

Different types of items cannot be used in the merging process. For example, merging a shield necessitates the use of three other shields of the same type. Merging a staff necessitates the use of three other staves of the same item.

To upgrade a (+1) item to a (+2) item, you’ll need four (+1) items of the same type, and so on.

Choose the main item on top with caution because that is the one you will upgrade. Using a +1 item to improve a +0 item will only result in a +1 item, not a +2.

If you want to improve your heroes, make sure you remove their equipment. Items that are equipped do not appear in your inventory.

2. Merging Blockchain Items

This will be introduced in later stages.


Forest Knight is a mobile NFT game with turn-based strategy and role-playing game elements. Your goal is to assemble a team of heroes and fight in the various game modes available.

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Have you played Forest Knight already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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