Flowerpatch NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Flowerpatch?

Flowerpatch is a farming game in development that revolves around collectible FLOWER cards. Players will be able to plant their FLOWERS in a plot of land, just like in real life, and cross breed their plants with other nearby plants. Finally, they receive FLOWERS that have never been seen before.

In a relaxing multiplayer game world, take control of a fun-loving koala. Make friends, build your farm, and explore an ever-changing landscape.

Flowerpatch aims to be a collaborative role-playing experience filled with unexpected twists and characters. Join our mailing list and buy Genesis FLOWERS at the Market.

How to Start Playing Flowerpatch Game?

You can begin playing Flowerpatch by following the four steps outlined below:

  • Step #1: Install an Approved Wallet and Browser
  • For desktop/laptop: MetaMask works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, & Brave
  • For mobile: Trust Wallet (iOS/Android), HB Wallet (iOS/Android), or MetaMask beta (iOS only).
  • Step #2: Purchase one or more FLOWERS by:
  • Participating in contests/airdrops
  • Buying from other players on OpenSea:
    Note: OpenSea supports sorting by price, and applying filters for various FLOWER attributes such as Rarity.
  • Buying from the official market:
  • Buying from other players on HB Wallet’s market (available only within HB Wallet app)

You can view your FLOWERS on the account page once you have them.

Pro Tip: This will display the FLOWER collection of your active wallet (in your wallet extension or dapp browser).

  • Step #3: Visit The Game World
  • Step #4: Login to your account

Allow Flowerpatch to connect to your MetaMask wallet, then click the cog icon in the upper right corner to unlock your account (this will sign a tx, logging you in).

Flowerpatch Gameplay

Flowerpatch NFT Game

1. Tilling A Tile

To till a tile, activate the Till Land tool and press it. Tilling a tile grants you temporary ownership of a tile (for a few minutes), allowing you to plant a FLOWER. Possession of a tile highlights it with a yellow border.


  • Locate land of the type that corresponds to one of your FLOWER’s land types.
  • Find a location near any FLOWERS you want to breed with; you can even breed with FLOWERS planted by other players!

2. Planting Your FLOWER

Activate the planting tool, then press on a tilled tile. A popup will appear, automatically filtering to only show FLOWERS that are unplanted and match the land type of the selected tile. Choose one of these flowers to plant. The flower filter settings can be changed using the drop-down menus at the top of the “Planting” popup.

Planting a FLOWER on a tile you’ve tilled gives you ownership of the tile for as long as your FLOWER remains.

3. Inspecting Your FLOWER

Inspect the tile where you planted your FLOWER by activating the Inspect tool. To view your FLOWER’s stats, click the popup.

4. Let Your FLOWER Grow!

In order to breed, your FLOWER must be fully mature. Check the back of the card to see how fast your FLOWER is growing. When inspecting a non-adult flower, a “Grow Time Remaining” popup will appear.

How to Do Breeding in Flowerpatch Game?

It is possible for players in Flowerpatch to create their own FLOWER strains. This is accomplished by mating two FLOWERS to produce three offspring FLOWERS.

How Breeding Works in Flowerpatch Game?

Breeding allows you to combine the genetics of two Flower cards to create a unique child Flower. If you’re lucky, your child Flower may outperform its parents, as the breeding algorithm allows for a maximum of one rarity level jump.

The result of breeding two epic Flowers, Champagne High and Aesthetic, is seen above. In most cases, the child will be less rare than its parents, but with the help of the parents’ mutability genetics (described below), lucky breeding rolls will result in a rarity increase. As a result, with enough attempts, this Champagne Aesthetic has the potential to become a legendary Flower.

To breed Flower cards, you must plant your Flower next to another Flower in the Flowerpatch Game World. When your Flower matures, you can click on it to breed it with nearby Flowers. Diagonals are important!

It costs about $2.50 to breed a pair of cards, and you keep ownership of both the parent(s) and the children. Approximately 25% of this fee will be automatically transferred to the person with whom you bred. This means that having desirable Flower strains can earn you money.


It may appear that some child Flowers’ stats differ greatly from their parents‘; however, our breeding algorithm takes into account not only the parent’s stats, but also random mutations. The mutability stat on each card increases the likelihood of deviation from the parents’ average stat, as follows:

Cᵣ represents the child Flower’s rarity, P1r represents the first parent’s rarity, P2r represents the second parent’s rarity, and Cm represents the child Flower’s mutation genetics (which are derived from the parents’ mutation genetics).

Fan-submitted design. CC @boss

Breeding occurs in the game world; you will require:

  1. One fully grown FLOWER planted in the game world next to another fully grown FLOWER (you must own at least one of the FLOWERS with which you are attempting to breed).
  2. To cover the breeding fee and gas fee, you’ll need some ETH in your MetaMask or HB Wallet app wallet.

Some Important Notes

  • Breeding is inexpensive, has no cooldown timer, and is almost instant.
    • The Ethereum network is used for breeding and token minting/sending TXs; processing time and gas fee may vary.
  • Breeding in no way consumes or degrades the parent FLOWERS.
  • When you breed FLOWERS, the majority of their offspring will almost certainly be common.
  • If you want cards with specific stats (such as rarity) without taking any risks, it is recommended that you buy from a trusted market rather than breeding.

The Breeding Information page contains additional information about breeding, such as naming conventions and stat distributions.

Breed With Grown Adjacent FLOWERs

Activate the Inspection tool, then select the FLOWER you want to breed and press the Breed button. If there are any adjacent tiles with fully grown FLOWERS (including those belonging to other players), those tiles will rise. Select one of the grown adjacent FLOWERS (risen tiles), then press the Breed button once more..


  • You can breed with the FLOWERS of other players, but you must own one of the parents.
  • The order of the parent FLOWERS (which parent you choose first and second) influences the naming of the offspring; you can even begin by activating another player’s FLOWER first (as long as you have a fully grown adjacent FLOWER) to potentially change the naming of the offspring.

Confirming The Breeding Transaction in Flowerpatch Game

You’ll be taken to the breed page. Continue with the breed by pressing the + symbol. Your wallet (MetaMask) will then display the transaction details; click Confirm to submit. After your transaction is processed on the Ethereum blockchain, your offspring FLOWER will be minted and sent to you..

Good to know: You can view your collection here.

Pro Tip: If someone else breeds with your flower, you get a portion of the fee they pay!

Flowerpatch Stats

  • Rarity
    • Common: 1-19
    • Unusual: 20-39
    • Rare: 40-59
    • Epic: 60-79
    • Legendary: 80-100
  • Mutability: Rarity variable multiplier when breeding (-10/+20)
  • Growth Speed: length of time required to mature FLOWER
  • Harvest Size: the total amount of SEED produced
  • Harvest Spread: Harvest size variable multiplier
  • Seed Drop: Harvest will provide you with a certain percentage of SEED.
  • Berry Drop
  • Flower Drop
  • Nug Drop
  • Height
  • THC 
  • CBD

What is Flowerpatch Harvesting?

Flowerpatch NFT Game

Flowerpatch Air Drops

Flowerpatch air drops come in four varieties, as illustrated below:

  • SEED: FLOWERs will drop SEED upon harvesting depending on 3 stats
    • SEED drop: Harvest will provide you with a certain percentage of SEED.
    • Harvest Size: Base quantity
    • Harvest Spread: Variable multiplier on Harvest Size
    • Min=0 , Max=10
  • NUG

Flowerpatch Materials

When harvested, all Flowers produce crafting materials. The materials harvested differ depending on the type of land.

  • ICE: Hemp Fibers, Subzero Extract, Crystal
  • LAVA: Hemp Fibers, Ember Amber, Coal
  • SAND: Hemp Fibers, Dull Glass, Cactus Needle
  • SOIL: Hemp Fibers, Stalk, Clay
  • STONE: Hemp Fibers, Stone Tuber, Iron Root
  • WATER: Hemp Fibers, Seaweed, Oil

What is Flowerpatch Crafting?

Harvesting materials can be crafted into a variety of items on the Inventory tab in your Back Pack.

You can customize the terrain by using land tiles:

  • Soil Block
  • Stone Block
  • Sand Block
  • Water Block
  • Ice Block

1. Soil Block

The most common type of land is soil. Because of the mild and wet climate and the nutrient-rich terrain, most flower types thrive here. Soil type flowers have higher than average yields and good pest resistance. The climate is not only beneficial to the flowers, but other life exists in the soil and can eat at your flowers, reducing their yield. Out of all the land types, soil terrain has the most pests. Unfortunately, soil type flowers are not very climate resistant and cannot thrive in other climates..


40 Hemp fibers, 10 Stalks, and 10 Clay blocks can be combined to make soil blocks:

2. Sand Block

This terrain type is a harsh environment in which only strong flowers can survive. Sand flowers thrive in this climate because they require less water and grow quickly in the heat and sunlight. The harsh climate means there are few pests to worry about, but the heat requires extra attention to watering. While sand flowers thrive in hot climates, they cannot tolerate cold temperatures. Planting a sand flower in a colder climate will result in lower yield and slower growth..


40 Hemp fibers, 10 Dull glass, and 10 Cactus needles can be used to make sand blocks:

3. Rock Block

Some of Alvita’s strongest weed can be found high in the mountains. Flowers that grow in the rock are extremely hardy due to the cold and lack of oxygen. Although rock flowers take a long time to grow, the buds produced can knock out even the toughest koala. These flowers spread like weeds and require little attention. These flowers have been there before you and will be there after you. Although rock flowers thrive in cold climates, they produce poorly in hot climates..


Stone blocks can be made from 40 hemp fibers, ten stone tubers, and ten iron roots:

4. Lava Block

It is said that a most angelic flower fell into the earth’s deep bowls and is stuck there, growing stronger from the lava within. This flower archangel is now prepared to rise and rid Alvita of the evil that has infiltrated this land. Lava cards are extremely heat resistant and impervious to any evil forces at work. In lava terrain, they grow the fastest and produce the most. Although lava type cards are always good at defending against evil, they tend to yield rather poorly in other land types..


40 Hemp fibers, 10 Ember Amber, and 10 Coal blocks can be combined to make Lava blocks:

5. Water Block

Water is essential for life, and rivers and streams transport nutrients and regulate climate. Water flowers are the most productive flowers in the game. Flowers that require an enormous amount of watering cannot survive in cold climates. The slower growth cycle of the flowers is rewarded with high yields. However, be aware that water cards are pest prone; it is critical that you keep an eye out for pests..


Water blocks can be made from 40 hemp fibers, ten seaweed containers, and ten oil containers:

6. Ice Block


Ice blocks can be made by combining 40 Hemp fibers, 10 Crystals, and 10 Subzero extracts:

BOMBS allow you to clear any flower + topper tile. Using a bomb will result in smoldering ground that displays the name of the player who bombed it for a set period of time..

  • Pot Bomb: clears 1 tile
  • Barrel Bomb: clears 5 tiles in a cross pattern

Billboards and Gravestones can be customized to display messages, images, links, and so on. To edit an item, click the pencil icon while viewing it in game. By clicking the I next to the pencil, you can get more information about available code tips. Each item supports the following characters:

  • Billboard: 560
  • Gravestone: 188

Tile toppers allow you to add decorations to your tiles. Other players cannot plant on a tile that has a topper on it.

Iron FenceSled
Tiki HeadTree
Stone ArchCactus
Stone RoadReeds

What is Flowerpatch Alvita?

Alvita is the name of the first multiplayer world for FLOWER NFTs, which was released in early 2019 alongside Flowerpatch Alpha. The entire map is visible from the game page, in the bag in the bottom left corner of the screen..

The Flowerpatch game has eight different Regions, which are listed below:

  1. Iris
  2. Frozen Fields
  3. Misty Meadows
  4. Lazy Lake
  5. Molten Mountain
  6. Sandy Shores
  7. Golden Grove
  8. Icy Island


FLOWERS are one-of-a-kind blockchain cannabis cards that can be planted in Alvita. FLOWER strains can be bred together to produce previously unseen combinations. Each FLOWER is one-of-a-kind, with its own genome stored on the blockchain.

Growing FLOWERS is similar to growing any other type of plant. The resources you generate will be highly dependent on the type of card and the level of care it receives during its growth cycle.

Any game mechanic does not consume or degrade FLOWERS. A FLOWER can be planted, bred, harvested, and cut down as many times as you want. Furthermore, the game world employs a separate database (which only reads your wallet contents via the Ethereum blockchain) – you never lose possession of your FLOWERS in the game world, even when planting/breeding them. Don’t be afraid to dive right in and try the game!

What are Flowerpatch Terrain Types?

There are six different FLOWER terrain types, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. All FLOWERS have one of these land types and must be planted on one of them in order to grow. Having cards of each type will allow you to enjoy all of Alvita’s terrain for growth. The terrain types are listed below:

  1. Soil
  2. Sand
  3. Rock
  4. Lava
  5. Water
  6. Ice

What are Flowerpatch Rarity?

FLOWER cards are classified into five rarity brackets, which determine the value of in-game drops. Depending on the land type, each rarity provides different in-game bonuses.

The higher the rarity, the more powerful the terrain bonuses and the fewer the drawbacks. The rarity of each FLOWER limits its yield. It is extremely difficult to make a common card yield as much as a rare card.

Legendary cards have additional bonuses that are unique to their genetics. Legendary FLOWER cards have the highest yield of any Flowers in the game.

The following are a list of Flowerpatch Rarities:

  • Common: From rarity 0 to 19
  • Unusual: From rarity 20 to 39
  • Rare: From rarity 40 to 59
  • Epic: From rarity 60 to 79
  • Legendary: From rarity 80 to 100

Flowerpatch Rarity Distribution 

Offspring Naming

The names of offspring are created by combining the names of parent 1 (the first chosen to breed) and parent 2. (second chosen to breed). When you breed, you will get three new flowers.

(First word from parent 1) + (Everything except the first word from parent 2) = Offspring name
  • Exception: If parent 2 is only one word, that word will be used.

Offspring Stats

The stats of offspring are determined by weighted random rolls that are influenced by both parents. Rarity and mutability are also affected by weighted random rolls, but in different ways. Parent Mutability adds up to +20 to the Rarity roll, and offspring Mutability is a random number between parent 1 and parent 2. More information can be found by following the links at the top.

Breed Fee Sharing

If someone breeds with your FLOWER, you will receive a percentage of the breeding fee (0.0006 ETH).

What are Flowerpatch Flower Sets?

Flowers in Flowerpatch are sometimes classified into flower sets, which are listed below:

  • Genesis: The Genesis set was the first flower set to be released.
  • Crypto: The Crypto Set was created in January 2019 as part of the Crypto Custom Strain Contest, and it includes ten new strains that match the theme.
  • Classic: The Cannabis Classics Set was released in 2019 to commemorate 4/20 and includes ten themed strains. This set will be limited to 300 copies.
  • New Year’s 2019: In honor of the New Year of 2019, a Custom Strain Contest was held, and three new strains were added.
  • Valentine’s Day 2019: Within the game, there was a contest to design a custom description for existing market strains, with the winners receiving a limited-run strain with a new particle effect.
  • Flower Madness 2019: In honor of March Madness 2019, a Custom Strain Contest was held, and three appropriately themed strains were added to the game.
  • Halloween 2019: In honor of Halloween in 2019, there was a Custom Strain contest in which 7 Rare strains were added and given away.
  • Februrary 2020: A competition with three main themes: Valentine’s Day, Winter, and Bob Marley (in honor of his 75th Birthday). Seven new Rare strains were added and distributed.
  • Throwbacks 2020: A contest in which the Flowerpatch community could submit any previous design from the contests listed above. 14 new products were introduced to the market.

What is Flowerpatch SEED Token?

The Flowerpatch metaverse’s central cryptocurrency is SEED. You receive a small amount of SEED when you harvest a FLOWER. This is the only method by which SEED is produced.

SEED Supply

The complete SEED allocation schedule is available here. The team minted a total initial supply of 1.0B SEED to kick-start the SEED economy and set aside some SEED to be distributed over three years. The only way to generate new SEED in the game is to harvest FLOWERS.

  • The Flowerpatch team and business will be funded with 0.78B SEED, which will be distributed over a 36-month period.
  • An additional 0.2B SEED was minted for distribution to the community over a 36-month period.
  • Finally, 20 million SEED were minted and immediately airdropped to early adopters.


SEED will be redeemable for in-game items as well as unlockable experiences like breeding, card packs, and long ferry rides.

Flowerpatch Game Miscellaneous Tips

Moving/Removing Your FLOWER

If you want to relocate your FLOWER, use the Remove tool (a pair of clippers) and click the tile where your FLOWER is planted. A FLOWER is not destroyed or degraded by being removed. If you’ve started a breed, wait until you receive the offspring FLOWER before removing any of the parent FLOWERS – removing a parent before the breed is complete may render the breed invalid (we will have to refund you the breed fee you paid)

Identifying which FLOWERs are already planted

When you try to plant on a tilled tile, the pop-up window now shows which FLOWERS have already been planted in the game, with a seedling icon in the top-left corner of each card. If you see the icon, the FLOWER has already been planted in the game world. If no icon appears, the FLOWER is not yet planted in the game world.

Identifying tiles owned by you

The borders of any tile you own (till or plant on) will be highlighted in yellow.


The settings menu can be accessed by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner. Account information and audio volume can be viewed and changed in this section. Disabling particle effects in the advanced settings tab can significantly improve performance.

Flowerpatch Breeding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Mutability limited to Rarity or does it affect other stats as well?

Yes, Mutability affects everything.

Do other statistics adhere to the same formula as the rarity formula?

No, most stats are rolled in the parents’ range and are not scaled by the rarity formula. Mutability, by some random factor, extends the range beyond the parents’ range. Colors work similarly – we divide RGB into channels and then randomly roll the child RGB within the range of the parents RGBs.

Growth Speed and Harvest Size appear to be a function of Rarity, with GS+HS=2R. What factors influence the percentage split between GS and HS? Is the percentage split influenced by parent flowers, or is it random?

Once rarity is determined, I believe it is random.

Are there any other statistics that are related or dependent on each other?

Just the base nug + powder type. Powders are unique to nug bodies.

Are any stats “pooled” to a maximum cap? i.e., the formula rolls a maximum of 375 points to divide among Seed, Berry, Flower, Nug, and Height.


Correct, each offspring is completely mathematically independent of siblings of the same breed?


Flowerpatch NFT Game


Flowerpatch is a browser-based cannabis farming MMORPG with Ethereum crypto-collectables. In the Flowerpatch game world, manage your virtual farm by planting, breeding, and harvesting your Ethereum (ERC721) cannabis FLOWER crops. You can create your own new and unique cannabis FLOWER strains by breeding FLOWERS.

Early in 2019, Flowerpatch Alpha, which introduced the multiplayer game world, was released.

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