Farmers World NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Farmer World NFT Game?

Farmers World is a play to earn farming NFT game built on Wax blockchain. You can pick up your tools and build your own farm.

You can watch Farmers World game trailer video below.

How to Play Farmers World?

In Farmers World you can discover many different resources, purchase your land to build your own farms in the game.

Farmers World is based on play to earn and also fight to earn.

While waiting for your harvest, you can visit other farms and compete for resources with other players.

As a result, you must also stand guard and defend your own farms from intruders.

Farmers World Rewards

Farming simulators have always been a popular game model which I also love to playing.

I remember when the first browser based farming games in earlier years that I was playing.

The game has its own membership card system that rewards cardholders with Farmer Coins and allows farmers to equip more working tools and track the number of mining attempts.

Another fantastic point is that membership cards can improve your luck and allows you to receive more resources during the mining process.

Furthermore, membership is divided into four levels:

Farmers World Membership Levels:

  • Level1: Bronze Member (Common)
  • Level 2: Silver Member (Uncommon)
  • Level 3: Gold Member (Rare)
  • Level 4: Diamond Member (epic)

Aside from that, Farmers World membership card entitles you to use more mining tools.

Typically, farmers can only mine with up to two tools at the same time for a given resource.

The number of extra working tools that players can wear is determined by the type of card they are using.


Farmers World appears to be cultivated not only as a very enjoyable game, but also as one that offers the opportunity to earn money.


How Do You Get a Stone AXE in Farmers World?

There are two ways for new Farmers to get new tools:

  1. You can purchase on AtomicHub
  2. Using the game’s “Craft” feature to create new tools.


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Have you ever played Farmers World Game? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you! What are your first impressions

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