Ertha NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is ERTHA Game?

ERTHA is an exciting play to earn NFT game that is built on Binance smart chain with compelling stories. The project was created during a period of rapid growth in both the cryptocurrency and NFT game markets.

Erthaverse is a 3D illusion inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic-style storytelling that depicts the social and economic life of a future Earth-like planet.

There will be a plethora of detail-oriented features in Ertha that will give player decisions a dynamic impact on the Metaverse world.

As a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic I would recommend this game to you if you also love to play Heroes of Might and Magic.

You can watch ERTHA Game video trailer below.

Erthaverse is divided into 350,000 HEX land plots, each of which represents a real-world plot of land.

The resources and features available on each plot differ from one another.

In ERTHA Game, you will take on the role of landowners who will build on their plots of land.

As a Landlord you can create environments, engage in core value, earn real money and earn real income by building and driving the in-game economy.

Ertha Image 1

ERTHA Gameplay

You have many oppurtunities and things to do while playing ERTHA. I will be trying to explain all of them below.

The Roles in Ertha

There are 3 Roles in ERTHA as listed below:

  1. Businessman Role
  2. Scientist Role
  3. Warrior Role

There are numerous paths to take, each with its own sub-tree of advancements to help you to become a dominant force in the game.

Businessman Role in ERTHA

The role of a businessman is for those who want to lead manufacturing and supply other players with equipment, food, and medical supplies.

Businesses will be required to gather resources, manufacture goods, and create materials.

Exporting and importing goods will expand the business internationally, becoming the supply line for the home country’s missing exclusive resources.

Scientist Role in ERTHA

The scientist character is for those who want to rule the market.

Because factory output is highly dependent on employee skills, players aspiring to become the world’s most educated people will need to study and improve their real-world knowledge.

Intellectuals from the game will be working tirelessly in research labs to improve production efficiency.

Professional scientists with high skills will be recruited and generously compensated by market leaders.

Warrior Role in ERTHA

Warriors will begin to build their names as they progress from military training against Artificial Intelligence powered bots to local or international fighting tournament winners.

Some characters will be tasked with defending the populace while the other combatants will no doubt irritate others by attacking players, factories, and warehouses.

Both groups will be the driving force behind the country for which they fight or the safety of their fellow citizens.

Ertha Fighters

Energy in ERTHA

One of the most important mechanics in the game is the energy mechanic.

The energy mechanic’s main goal is to limit the player’s actions per day.

As a result, players who can play for a shorter period of time are not at a disadvantage compared to those who can play for hours.

Your maximum energy level in ERTHA will be 24.


Every action you do in the game will cost you an energy so you should make your action stragety to use your energy very carefully and strategically.

Traveling, studying, training, hunting, managing businesses, committing crimes, and so on all consume energy but do not worry there are some ways to regain your energy.

Hunger can also deplete half of your energy.

The hunger level rises until one energy point is consumed per cycle.

There are 3 ways to regain energy in ERTHA as I listed below:

  1. Resting – every hour one energy point will be restored but limited and up to 12 energy bars.
  2. Eating – you can inrease your energy by eating some products that decrease your hunger but overeating will decrease your energy as well.
  3. You can use energy potions to increase your energy

Production in ERTHA

In ERTHA, every item is need to be manufactured.

These are the guidelines for developing game products (food, weapons, armors, etc).

There are two types of products in terms of production.

To manufacture any product, you must have access to a specific technology (blueprint), factory machinery (company), raw materials/stock, and skilled employees.


  • Each item in the game has a unique description. Blueprints are detailed lists of the resources, materials, skills, and energy required to manufacture a product. Materials necessitate the use of natural resources.
  • There are several methods for obtaining blueprints. Because every product has a different technological level, users can gain access to higher-level product blueprints by increasing their country’s industry level. Only those with blueprints will be able to produce high-tech products if the industry level falls.
  • Personal and constant access blueprints are available in the premium shop for in-game gold or game tokens.


The game’s land is rich in resources.

There are two types of resources: common and exclusive.

Each country possesses all generic resources but only one of the three exclusive resources.

Every country should strive for a well-balanced resource gathering in order to maximize production efficiency.


In the game, the main tool for creating resources and products is the company.

Companies are classified into two types: resource and product.

Each company has five levels of advancement.

Every company level adds new employee job openings and increases their security status.

Resources group company

Certain resources necessitate the establishment of specific factories in specific locations.

A player must construct a Wood factory in a hexagon containing wood resources in order to produce Wood.

Resource Group Company

Products group company

Instead of using natural resources as inputs, the production company uses raw materials that have already been harvested or extracted and must be present in a company warehouse for production.

Products Group Company

Jobs mechanics of Ertha

Working is an essential component of the process. Every player in the game must find skilled workers to keep factory machinery running smoothly.

A job contract can be used to hire additional players.

Job Market

It also enables employers and employees to trade energy for money: Contract type, duration, required skills, salary, and fine:

Industries mechanics of Ertha

There are 5 main industries in the game as listed: 

  • Resources, 
  • Armors, 
  • Weapons, 
  • Food 
  • Materials.

Market mechanics of Ertha

Ertha Market

The market is a location where all three major player roles interact.

Users can distribute their goods globally thanks to the market mechanic.

It relieves all players of the burden of having to do everything themselves by allowing them to purchase products manufactured by others.

Fight mechanics of Ertha

Combat is one of the game’s most notable features.

Players can take over companies, and countries can take over ERTHA hexes.

Tower Defense is the foundation of Ertha combat.

While each player selects his or her own equipment, opponents may select different items.

The battle was won by the player who used the best equipment.

By “rope pulling,” a country wins a war.

The country with the most wins over time has more points to pull the cord, and thus is more likely to win.

The country with the most points at the end of the fight wins.

A fight is declared a tie if both countries have the same number of points.


Every player has hit/health points, which must be used by all combatants.

Hit points are classified into three types: conscious, unconscious, and dead.

When a player loses enough health, he or she becomes unconscious and loses the fight.

To fight again, the player must regain hit points.

Every player has hit/health points, which must be used by all combatants.

Hit points are classified into three types: conscious, unconscious, and dead.

When a player loses enough health, he or she becomes unconscious and loses the fight.

To fight again, the player must regain hit points.


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Have you ever played Ertha? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you! What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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