Era7 NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Era7 Game?

Era7: Game of Truth is a virtual world built on Web3.0 that runs concurrently with the real one. It functions as a vast and navigable online world with monetary assets, social methods, and complete spatial perception and physical rules that is not only independent of, but complementary to, the real world.

Era7 is a playable NFT card game that allows players to experience the happiness and economic value enabled by GameFi with a very low entry barrier.

TCGs such as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering provide artistic inspiration for Era7.

The plot of The Game of Truth revolves around seven races competing for the title of “King of Truth” on the Continent of Truth. Among the races are groups of exceptionally gifted individuals who are sent to Summoner Academy for rigorous training before graduating to become Summoners. Following graduation, they travel the world to form Summoning Pacts with the most powerful of the seven races in order to establish strong allies and consolidate their power.

Battles between the Summoners have been held in the heart of the Continent since ancient times, all year. Summoners from all over the world compete for the title of “King of Truth” in these Summoning Battles. The winner is crowned King of the Continent and receives the highest honors in the land.

An introduction to Era7

Era7: Game of Truth is a metaverse-style TCG built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by a team of core blockchain technicians and members of well-known casual game development companies.

This is an addictive yet cutting-edge card-trading game that employs a revolutionary new gaming method. This game becomes thrillingly immersive with the perfect combination of fighting and strategy and is divided into separate three-minute games.

Players can combine the cards in their own card library in a variety of ways to make their deck as powerful as possible. By deploying and placing cards, they can engage in either PVE or PVP gameplay.

Different cards have different effects, and whether they are Common or Legendary, players will want to collect them all.

Players will be required to keep an eye not only on their own deck, but also on the movements and positioning of their opponents. This provides an incentive for the player to practice and improve their in-game skills over time, while also receiving fantastic brain training similar to that received by chess players. This training, however, is manifested in the skillful use of heroes to ride thousands out to the battlefield.

Of course, in addition to the fact that the game is entertaining, each of the player’s cards has its own value. High-value cards can be obtained by collecting, fighting, trading, summoning, or synthesizing specific cards. This is also one of the most appealing aspects of Gamefi when compared to traditional games. Era7 will constantly update the game’s content, adding new cards, playing methods, and battle passes to meet the ever-changing needs of players while also generating revenue across the board.

An introduction to Era7

Early Era7 participants will benefit from the ecosystem’s dividends. We have a reward system in place for inviting friends and spreading the word about the game. Era7 offers a wide range of profit models for individuals and businesses from various backgrounds and vertical markets.

E-sports is a key component of Era7: Players who want to place bets can use the game’s competitive ecosystem.

Play to earn: Within its metaverse, Era7 creates an immersive gaming experience as well as a complete closed-loop economic system.

Era7: Game of Truth is a metaverse-themed trading card game. Unlike other games, Era7 combines NFTs, DeFi, and the blockchain to create an international NFT-based Gamefi experience. This really brings the concept of ‘NFT + Gamification + DeFi’ to life. The cards in the Era7 metaverse not only manifest as NFTs, allowing them to collect and appreciate in value on the blockchain, but they also have a variety of playability within the game itself.

Era7 creates an immersive gaming experience by establishing a complete, closed-loop economic ecosystem in which players can earn real money and cash out whenever they want. As a result, we have millions of E-sports fans all over the world who are eagerly awaiting the game’s release.

The game’s art has been adapted to suit players of all nationalities from around the world; the game’s quality is impeccable and cutting-edge; and the competitive system’s design is clear and reasonable.

Era7 Game Play

We’re introducing an NFT trading-card game based on Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. There’s groundbreaking new gameplay to be had by standing on the shoulders of a Titan.

Furthermore, despite the fact that this is a highly competitive game, it is relatively stress-free and requires very little commitment, with games lasting only 3 minutes.

Era7’s cards are divided into battle cards and summoning master cards. Various cards from various races increase the game’s richness and playability tenfold. With seven forces and up to 1,000 cards, Era7 has limitless reach, territory to expand into, and incredible game value.

This massive card system will provide the game with fantastic variety – there will always be new heights for players to reach, and as a result, the possibility of player burnout is nil.

Era7 Gameplay

Furthermore, the game’s numerical system is very balanced, and the logic of the game’s design is very clear, making Era7’s battles rich and diverse while fair and competitive.

With each battle lasting only three minutes, players are forced to think quickly in order to form their own distinct lineups through intensive strategic planning. They can have fun regardless of their skill level. Furthermore, for those who enjoy taking chances, E-sports is a promising skill that the game will provide as standard.

An Introduction to Era7’s Cards

Bite-sized 3-minute games allow for an infinite number of strategies, providing gamers with endless variety and fun. If players can demonstrate their skill and strategic planning, they will be rewarded indefinitely.

With a very low entry threshold, Era7 allows players to experience the value in GameFi. Master cards and Battle cards are the two types of Era7 cards. Various cards of various races increase the game’s richness and playability tenfold. There are seven forces and up to 1,000 cards to choose from, providing the player with truly limitless variety.

NFTs are also available for Era7 cards. They have a high collector’s value and increase in value over time, not to mention the fact that they can be used to fight and summon new cards!

An introduction to Era7’s cards

The team is only responsible for auctioning the original genus of Era7 cards. Era7 grants the official community all rights to Era 7 cards in their possession. The players resell later generations. Each card is unique, with its own set of attributes and combat statistics.

Era7 offers something new and exciting to Gamefi players, and we anticipate that the game will attract tens of millions of players. In the beginning, we will release Era7 cards in four different qualities. When a new player joins Era7, he or she must purchase master cards and obtain Era7 tokens through combat and summoning. Without a doubt, the value of these cards will rise over time.

Master cards and Battle Cards are the two types of cards in Era7. A battle requires at least 30 battle cards to begin, and the total number of cards in the game is expected to exceed 1,000. NFTs include Master Cards and Battle Cards, and the game adheres to a strong play-to-earn principle:

Era7 Fighting Gameplay


The Game of Truth takes place on a battlefield comprised of 9 * 9 squares on both sides. To begin, each side will draw cards at random from their pre-built 30-card library. The player will then be able to drag cards from the deck to use in-game. Battle cards will then attack and defend as each round progresses, while some cards will have unique effects that transcend rounds. There are three fronts on the battlefield. If there are no cards on the opponent’s first front, the cards on the player’s second front will take damage, and so on. When the opponent’s HP reaches zero, victory is achieved. If your HP reaches zero, you’ve lost the battle.

The fundamentals of combat are: establishing battlefield advantages and powerful card groups; and playing games with opponents through well-thought-out strategy development.

Era7 Fighting

Era7 PVE Player & Environment

Throughout the PVE mode of Era7. To fight and face a variety of rich challenges, players must have at least 30 battle cards. When a level is reached, the player can obtain GOT (similar to Axie’s SLP, this can be used to summon battle cards from the master card). Players can also repeat the challenge on a daily basis to earn corresponding resources.

Era7 PVE Player & Environment

Era7’s PVE features at least 50 levels, 8 campaigns, over 3,000 stages, and a variety of challenges. We’ll keep updating PVE levels in future versions of the game.

Era7 PVP Player&Player

When a player enters the PVP arena in the Era7 metaverse, he or she will be matched with other players. After winning the battle, the player will have the opportunity to win Era7 tokens and/or GOT. Higher-ranking players can earn more rewards from the game. Furthermore, Era tokens and GOT can be sold or exchanged through the marketplace, allowing players to profit from them in real life.

PVP has three variety of battles:

  1. Expert Alliance (daily)
  2. Ranked competitions (monthly)
  3. World Cups (fortnightly)
Era7 PVP Player&Player

If a player wins in PVP, he or she will receive GOT or Era tokens with PVP rankings. A higher ranking will also allow players to obtain more GOT and Era tokens through PVP. We will distribute the reward on a daily and monthly basis. Remember that GOT and Era tokens can be traded on the market, allowing players to profit in real life.


To obtain NFT Master Cards, players must either purchase mystery boxes or trade with other players in the Marketplace. NFT Master Cards do not fight in battles; instead, they Summon NFT Battle Cards, which make up the deck, to fight on the front lines. After successfully purchasing NFT Master Cards, players must Unseal them before Summoning NFT Battle Cards. If the Summoning capacity of the NFT Master Cards is reached, the players will need to consume ERA and GOT tokens as fuel in order to continue Summoning.

Era7 Summoning

Unsealing: Each NFT Master Card can be unsealed only once. Before they can Summon NFT Battle Cards, NFT Master Cards must be unsealed. When the player Unseals the NFT Master Card, the system will grant the player a one-time bonus of 10 chances to Summon additional NFT Battle Cards.

Summoning System: When players manually perform Summoning with an NFT Master Card, NFT battle cards are generated at random. Each NFT Master Card has two racial characteristics, one primary and one secondary. The racial attributes of the NFT Master Card determine which racial NFT Battle Cards it can summon.

Era7 Summoning

Each NFT Master Card rarity level (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) has its own amount of summoning and cooldown, as well as a corresponding probability of generating different rarity levels of NFT Battle Cards (for the actual probability please see the chart below).

If the Summoning limit on the NFT Master Card has been reached, players will need to consume ERA and GOT tokens as fuel in order to continue Summoning.

Era7 Summoning
Era7 Battle Card Summoning Rules

One legendary rarity level of NFT Master Card, for example, was capable of Summoning NFT Battle Card 150 times. Because 10 more times will be added automatically after the NFT Master Card is unlocked, the total Summoning amount would be 160.


NFT Battle Cards can be obtained by either purchasing them in the Marketplace or summoning them with NFT Master Cards. It is recommended that players purchase the mystery boxes during the official sales because it is more likely to get the NFT Master Card at a lower price; then players can summon NFT Battle Cards and begin building your own deck earlier to maximize your benefits. NFT Battle Cards can be traded with other players, mined automatically on a daily basis, and used to participate in PVP and PVE battles.

Players in the PVP and PVE game modes must have at least 30 NFT Battle Cards before they can begin fighting for victory. NFT Battle Cards, like NFT Master Cards, have four different rarity levels: common, rare, epic, and legendary.

Era7 Synthesizing

Players can use ERA and GOT tokens to combine the same two NFT Battle Cards (the same rarity degree, character, and level) to create a level-up NFT Battle Card by using the Synthesizing System. We open the 4th level of Synthesis up to the highest level in the version that will be released this time.

Lv.1 + Lv.1 = Lv.2(total of 2 cards needed)

Lv.2 + Lv.2 = Lv.3(total of 4 cards needed)

Lv.3 + Lv.3 = Lv.4(total of 8 cards needed)

Synthesized NFT Battle Cards will gain higher attack, defense, and/or other values at random, including increased mining power (Hashate).

Higher level NFT Battle Cards not only perform better in fighting and mining, but they also have a higher market value, which means they can be traded at a high price in the Marketplace, increasing overall profits to players.


In the future, players will encounter an infinite amount of land on which to build and operate their own homes across the vast expanse that is the Era7 metaverse. Players can upgrade their own lands by using various resources and processing materials found in the game. Furthermore, the owner of a plot of land can locate his or her location on a world map. Exploring the world map with the Era7 cards in his or her home can also be a good way to obtain Era tokens.

Era7 Continent

Players also have a chance of obtaining Era tokens from the land itself.

This is a unique feature of The Game of Truth that distinguishes it from other GameFi platforms; players have land development rights, while landowners receive abundant resources and subsidies. This is the working direction on which the project team will concentrate in the future.

Era7 Token Economy

The total number of Era tokens that will be issued is one billion. This is a token created by the Era7 Metaverse on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that currently serves as Era7’s platform token. Players can earn Era tokens by battling, participating in community incentives, and mining liquidity.

As the Era7 metaverse evolves, the functions of Era tokens will expand to include community governance, pledging, and other rights and interests. The Era token, the platform currency, is effectively the Bitcoin of the Era7 metaverse. Era tokens function similarly to stable tokens in that supply and demand are determined by the market. The player’s Era token can be exchanged for USDT or local currency.

Era7 Token

Main uses of the Era token:

  • To gain local currency via an exchange;
  • To purchase GOT\master cards\battle cards\NFT items\NFT mystery boxes on the marketplace;
  • To enable transactions between players (Era tokens may be used to trade Era7 cards, GOT or other in-game items);
  • To purchase land and get more Era token rewards
  • To issue a pledge for obtaining community rights, participating in governance, voting and subsequent decision-making;
  • As a wager and/or as a registration fee for PVP.

How to get Era tokens:

  • Purchase them on DEX\CEX platforms;
  • Attain them via in-game rewards or air drops;
  • Acquire them via liquidity mining;
  • From PVP rewards.

How to get GOT in Era7

  • From in game activities rewards
  • From PVE rewards
Era7 GOT
Era7 Token Economy
Era7 Token Allocation
  • Play to earn & Game Network Incentives – 52%
  • The circulation of earned tokens will account for 52% of the total Era token supply.
  • Of the 52% of tokens allocated through mining (play-to-earn), 20% will be used for ecological game incentives, including in-game behaviors that require NFT cards and the participation in various competitions set by the game. At the same time, 32% of the tokens will be used Participation in the competitive community platform and other competitive game modes that will be added in future. The Era7 project team will further develop the competitive ecological chain, launching an ace competitive product every year; the NFT of the Era token and the Era game will be universal to the platform.
  • Liquidity Mining – 3%
  • Game officials will be committed to providing liquidity on DEX / CEX.

Token vesting

  • Development – 15%
    • The Core team
  • Ecosystem Partnerships – 8%
    • Ecological partnerships include: engineering, advisory, IP designers, gaming and 3D development.
  • Operation & Promotion – 4%
    • KOLs, Competitors, Community Building, Promotions.
  • Seed & Private rounds – 16%
    • Private1 ,Private2 and institutional investors.
  • IFO 2%

Era7 Treasury

The’Community Treasury’will go live in the future. This is essentially an entity that will receive Era 7 revenue as well as a portion of wagering rewards. Once the network has become sufficiently decentralized, this treasury will be governed by those who place wagers on the Game of Truth.

Era7 Treasury


Era7 is a playable NFT card game that allows players to experience the happiness and economic value enabled by GameFi with a very low entry barrier.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

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You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Era7 already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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