Epic War NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Epic War?

Epic War Is The First Global Online Blockchain Game That Brings The Real World And The Virtual World Together.

Epic War Game Features

  • 3D blockchain cinematic game and collectibles: Game + Comic Book + Film + NFT
  • Co-op strategy role-play action
  • Free-to-play-to-earn model
  • Gaming DAO (EpicDAO) = Fund DAO + NFT DAO
  • Open game build for all players

How to play Epic War?

Epic War Is The First Global Online Blockchain Game That Brings The Real World And The Virtual World Together.

  1. In the game, players may create their own avatar, weapon, gear, and exclusive battle maps.
  2. They have an infinite number of ways to customize their characters.
  3. Players may create their own guilds and conquer other planets in an open world game.
  4. And they can create a map and scenario using blockchain technology.

Make your own hero and join the fight to save the new world from the evil overlords and their thugs. Epic War is a fast-paced online multiplayer shooting game in which you can advance by accomplishing tasks in the PvE mode or fighting other players in the PvP or PvPvE modes.

Its core chain is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), while other integrated chains include Solana, Polygon, and Near. The game is both free and pay-to-play-to-earn, with in-game tokens earned by shooting down enemy soldiers and climbing the leaderboard. In addition, there is a marketplace where you may sell and buy items from other users.

Epic War is a state-of-the-art first-person shooting game built on the blockchain that blends the thrill of first-person shooting with a player-driven marketplace to offer a fun, modern gaming experience.

💎 Economy Flywheel

Epic War is a revolutionary blockchain game. Epic War uses the free-to-play-to-earn model, in which new players are not charged any money to get characters or equipment. The things may all be gained through playing the game. Even if you don’t have your own weapons, you can rent better ones for a small cost from other players.

Epic War is an online live-action game featuring a variety of revenue streams that will benefit both players and investors. Epic War’s community is the world’s creators, and it may build up a variety of passive cash streams for players and investors. They can either have fun playing games or invest in the community’s future growth by keeping and staking in-game tokens.

What makes the Epic War different?

  • Fair game mechanics
  • Play-to-earn through time-based efforts
  • Circular economy with low treasury intervention
  • Gaming fundamentals being fun at its core

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gamer, Epic War is likely to present you with a spectacular sci-fi experience and a tremendous economic flywheel in blockchain gaming.

🎯 Mission

Immerse yourself in a brand-new gaming experience: Virtual Wars. Epic War is a revolutionary cross-platform full of thrills and adventures set in a setting meant to take you through myth and legend. Fight alongside other players, avenge fallen friends, and lead your team to victory with cutting-edge matchmaking, voice communication, and data analytics. All the while, you’ll be immersed in thrilling player-versus-player combat and the excitement of monster fights fought by real people all over the world.

Everything can happen in a world of science fiction and heroism. Epic War was created by combining state-of-the-art technology for matchmaking, voice communication, and game data analytics with an ecosystem of exceptional gaming experiences with community and player-owned economies as core foundations.

Our goal is to create a virtual environment that allows people to play whatever game they desire while also allowing them to construct their characters using their ideas. Raise your weapon to your shoulder. Compete with other players. Bosses must be defeated. Climb the stairwell. At the same time, you’ll level up swiftly and make a fortune. When you find new objects, you can either sell them to a friend or use them as a weapon in battle.

🏆 Vision

Decentralized ownership will control the future of gaming. Epic War aspires to create a true gaming ecosystem that benefits all players and is completely owned by the community, with no boundaries between developers and players.

Epic DAO is a democratic governance architecture with community-determined aspects. The Epic DAO Council will be an important part of the game ecology because it will deal with both in-game issues and ideas for future game development and funding. Finally, Epic Dao is a global economy that is open to all Epic War players.

Together, we will build an Epic War game that truly belongs to the players:

  1. The leading game of the new world;
  2. The epic-scale multi-chain war simulator; and
  3. The independent decision-making Epic DAO. Let’s create a new legend!

The future of gaming will be governed by decentralized ownership. Epic War strives to build a true gaming environment that benefits all players and is entirely controlled by the community, with no barriers between developers and gamers.

Epic DAO is a democratic governance system with aspects set by the community. Because it will deal with both in-game issues and proposals for future game development and finance, the Epic DAO Council will be an essential aspect of the game ecology.

Finally, Epic Dao is a global economy that all Epic War participants can participate in.

Epic War Gameplay

Epic War is an action game that tells the story of a family passing down stories and legends from generation to generation. Only the most valiant soldiers will be able to pass on their stories to future generations if they survive the battle for honor and glory.

Epic War have 3 game modes as listed below:

  1. Boss Fights:
    • City disaster (Normal level)
    • Planet disaster (Hard level)
    • Universe disaster (Super Hardcore)
  2. Team Fights in Bo1, Bo3 or Bo5:
    • 3 vs 3
    • 5 vs 5
    • 8 vs 8
  3. Battle Royale:
    • Last man standing (players only)
    • Last man standing (players & monsters)
    • Lawless zone (the winner takes it all)

In this real-time multiplayer action shooter that blends strategy and survival elements, you can become an Epic War hero. These game modes will have you combating foes with other brothers and sisters from all around the world, using your talents, reflexes, and a smart strategy.


A massive battle between humans and monsters is about to begin.

In the year 2837 CE, a nuclear war on Kepler-22b has killed most of civilization. Faced with annihilation, they decided to build a portal between the two planets to seek our assistance and pass on the technology needed to improve humanity’s ability to resist mutant monsters.


Epic War casts players in the position of Epic Warriors, tasked with saving the new planet while racking up the maximum possible score through heroic deeds. Epiceros (players) are free to do whatever they want and can work together or compete against each other.

Players can get experience through saving others, fleeing, killing opponents, and so on. They will face a range of trials, each of which will have variable degrees of reward and, in some cases, failure associated with it. Seeing other players’ brave deeds on live feeds will encourage them to make sure their efforts are not in vain.

🗡 PvE

Acquire a higher power level in Epic War PvE, a free game in which you can explore and conquer the Epic War world with other players. In this game, your goal is to collect as many coins as possible, which you can then spend on new weapons and equipment. Will you, however, make it to the top?

Boss Fight is a tactical survival PvE mode with real-time combat that takes place in real time. In a Boss fight, you fight a Boss at the end of a randomly generated connected set of levels. In certain periods, monster swarms, ambushes, and traps could be encountered. Each of these obstacles can be overcome. What is the maximum distance you can travel?

Build your guild, choose your greatest weapon, and lead the League of Champions on a quest to battle the terrible Bosses, your nemesis. To deal deadly strikes to opposing hordes of monsters, use each champion’s unique abilities and tactical talents. By fighting bosses, you can level up your guild and champions, and enjoy strategic, tactical, and survivor real-time RPG combat like no before!

⚔️ PvP and PvPvE

Epic War PvP and PvPvE:

Team fight and Battle royale are team battle modes in which people compete against one another in a crowded arena with weapons, shields, and monsters. In addition to fighting other players, they can join and establish alliances, as well as swap ammunition and other items. As a result, the game provides not only challenging gameplay but also a high level of social interaction.

In this real-time strategy game, dominate the battlefield with strong weaponry, tactical formations, and fascinating gameplay. As you strive for greatness, build an army of champions to face higher opponents and become a legend by destroying each opponent’s army in dramatic fights. Your universe’s fate rests on your ability to lead them to triumph.

Epic War Technology

Epic War is a cross-platform social, mobile, web, and console gaming system that is dynamic and fully scalable. With state-of-the-art in-game scripting, you can easily personalize characters, create environments, and automate gameplay.

⚙️ Game Engine

We created a war simulation engine from the ground up that provides lightning-fast performance and precise battles. The entire game is written in pure C++ code, which allows us to refactor or modify it whenever we want.

Epic War is powered by the Unity Engine, which provides outstanding graphics and control programming. Play in a global, persistent battlefield with epic fights as thousands of players fight the enemy in squads or solo. To lead your squad to victory, use strategy and expertise. Epic War is a free-to-play game that runs on the Unity 3D engine.

🎥 Cinematic Mode

Epic War’s deterministic simulation allows for the creation of a ‘cinematic mode’ for individuals with less capable machines. This substantially improves the aesthetic features of matches while keeping the turn length constant. When cinematic mode is enabled for a match, it automatically takes pre-rendered camera and audio tracks and greyscales the underlying simulation. These renders are quite huge (about 1GB in size), but they are extremely high-quality videos that can be converted with any video codec.

🖼 High Quality Art Station

Epic War boasts high-definition graphics and animations that take advantage of cutting-edge technology, including the possibility to play in widescreen. The game provides a vivid fantasy world with each feature and asset loaded with great detail.

Epic War was created specifically to be played online. It will provide gamers access to a massive sci-fi world full of various individuals who have each had their own storyline but are all related in some manner by eliminating the need for regular instancing of settings for each player.

🔬Back End

Epic War is a serverless backend framework for huge database-backed games with significant traffic. Game developers may use our development framework to create sophisticated, scalable backend solutions while keeping their in-game UI code neutral to the underlying infrastructure. We empower our clients to focus on what they do best: designing and developing high-quality games, by removing the need for back-end developers to deal directly with infrastructure.

Epic War Tokenomics

The Epic War game will be constructed on the multi-chain, with its own token $EWAR that can be used to purchase upgrades, create new characters, and vote. An active development team will be striving to improve the game’s open-source code foundation in order to give a more engaging experience. The game will also be built on a blockchain, allowing for instant upgrades and simple contest/event implementation, thereby creating a never-ending campaign.

The utility token $EWAR can be used to buy in-game items, characters, and digital assets. Winning teams get $EWAR tokens, which may be exchanged for real money on cryptocurrency exchanges. Battle it out on the blockchain for more $EWAR tokens, which you can use to buy rare in-game items or swap for other cryptocurrencies.

The purpose of Epic War tokenomics is to reward teams, investors, and gamers for their contributions while also ensuring that their hard work will be remembered as the platform develops. One of the most intriguing parts of computer games is the easy to enter, hard to master environment. Epic War will give this experience while also being a blockchain game, which is expected to transform gaming on nearly every level.

Do you want to be a part of the next great thing in gaming? Epic War has arrived, aiming to be the market leader in first-person shooter games based on blockchain technology. You will be a cornerstone in this rapidly increasing war machine if you purchase $EWAR tokens early on, enhancing your position on the decentralized market and allowing you to participate in the DAO community and battles.

🕋 Token Metrics

The $EWAR token has the ability to change the game forever. The game industry will be transformed by decentralization and blockchain technology. As a result, the Epic War team intends to establish a new paradigm of applications for all platforms, including computer games, mobile games, smartphones, and tablets, in order to unite content creators, consumers, and contributors from all over the world together to bring virtual battlegrounds to life.

Have you ever wished for a game that would be great and allow you to enter a new realm where gaming imagination is limitless? Epic War ($EWAR) will not only be a game, but also a platform for blockchain and game creators, investors, and gamers to try their hand at creating the next generation of gaming:

🧲Epic War Token Allocation

Out of a theoretical Total Maximum Supply of 1 billion tokens, the Epic War team is distributing $EWAR tokens evenly among all teams (including investors, community, in-game awards, founding team, and so on). The Epicverse will be built with the monies earned during the token launch. This will give investors full information on the structure and distribution of $EWAR coins.

📆Epic War Token Release Schedule

The total supply of $EWAR token will never exceed 1,000,000,000. You can join the bounty to help us build our community and earn $EWAR tokens!

Opportunity will come only once so it is still time to accumulate some $EWAR before it is listed on an exchange, which then the moon will be not as far as it looks.


Epic War is The First Global Online Blockchain Game That Brings The Real World And The Virtual World Together.

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Have you played Epic War already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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