Elementos NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Elementos?

Elementos is a new turned-based roleplaying NFT game with an advanced combat system and real-time movement and positioning features.

Tokens can be earned by playing. Players can battle other players, earn daily rewards by completing battles, and breed their pets.

Pro Tip: To play Elementos game, you must have 3 Mentos.

Elementos game was released on the Binance Smart Chain (the home of the BNB currency). It is designed for fast trading and low fees, giving players the best of both worlds.

How to Play Elementos Game?

Elementos is a mobile gaming app. You must be running Android or iOS. In order to play the game and must also have internet access. Each player must have a Meta Mask wallet where all transactions will take place. Furthermore, all EME tokens earned will be saved on the same Meta Mask account.

How to Start Playing Elementos Game?

How to Start Playing Elementos Game

Elementos excels at keeping players on their toes and putting their skills to the test in the heat of battle. Only the most powerful and capable strategists will rise through the ranks to become an Elementor master.

The road to success and wealth is not easy, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself. We are here to assist players by teaching them how to get started, the best battle strategies, and how to maximize potential earnings.

This guide will cover all of the fundamentals required to take your first steps in the Elementos game universe.

First things first

You must first create an account with your email address and password. After that, the first priority is to connect the Metamask wallet. To download the wallet and learn how to set it up, go to Metamask’s official website.

To begin playing Elementos game, you must also have at least 3 Mentos. Mentos can be purchased Crystal Egg public sale; however, you must first sync your Metamask wallet with Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Choose Your Adventure

Elementos Game Adventure Mode

When the game begins, you must assemble your team. Select which Mentos you want on your team by clicking the “My Teams” button.

You’re ready to embark on your first adventure after assembling your Mentos team. Because the PvP battle mode is still in development, we must choose the Adventure mode (PvE) and one of three arenas: Fire, Water, or Earth.

The elements of the various arenas have an impact on the scenario, enemies you face, and strategies you should employ. If you select the Fire arena, for example, you will begin the level facing a fire-spitting Dragon.

Learn your enemies’ attack patterns and use your reflexes to avoid their attacks. Simultaneously, use your other hand to accurately damage and wipe out enemies with your Mentos’ unique abilities.

Each skill has its own set of characteristics that can make it more or less effective depending on the enemies you face.

They can also be used in conjunction, which means that different skills can cancel each other out or form a powerful “wombo combo” that destroys enemies.

Ready, set, go!

You’re ready to dive into the Elementos universe now that you’ve armed yourself with the necessary knowledge. You’ll meet new friends and foes as you enjoy the thrill of action-packed battles and the satisfaction of amassing the ultimate Mentos collection.

PvE & PvP Gameplay of Elementos

Elementos PVE

In-game series: PvE & PvP gameplay

Do you have a case of war fever? Do you have a strong desire to become the greatest elementos master? Not to worry, we’re here to assist. You only need to sharpen your battle senses and summon the courage to enter the Elementos arena.

Elementos Game PVE Mode

You will easily maximize your earnings from both the Player versus Player (PvP) and the Player versus Environment (PvE) modes if you follow the advice in this free ultimate Elementos game guide. Conquer the game, and you’ll soon have a plethora of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and a steady stream of revenue flowing directly into your crypto wallet.

Throughout this Elementos game guide, we’ll look at all game modes and how players can start earning daily rewards for their efforts as soon as possible.

Adventure mode (PvE)

In PVE mode, you will face a wave of enemies that you must eliminate with your mentos. Each turn, a wave of enemies will be spawned by the enemy boss, and you must wipe them out using the cards drawn for that wave.

Elementos PVE mode

Going on the daily adventures offered by the PvE mode is a sure-fire way to make consistent gains, accumulate $EME, and strengthen your Mentos team. PvE is also a good place to practice your skills before moving on to PvP.

Good to know: There are 3 arenas in the PvE game mode: Fire, Water, and Earth.

Arenas require unique strategies and have unique enemies based on their element. You’ll face the fat evil Poseidon, for example, in the water arena, a powerful foe with a variety of attacks capable of springing tentacles from underground.

Elementos Game: Fat Evil Poseidon
fat evil Poseidon

You will need to dodge enemy attacks while damaging and killing waves of enemies. You will receive a card at the end of each wave to help them power up and fight the next wave of enemies. If they make it to the end of the stage, you will face a thrilling and difficult boss battle.

Competitive mode (PvP)

The attacker draws cards based on the number of Mentos he has (each body part represents a different skill), and he must consider how much energy he will have to expend each turn.

The defender is then thrown into the arena and attacked by the attacker’s skills, but he has the chance to dodge some of them, so positioning is very important in the Elementos game. It will be as if the attacker was launching a boss attack! Combat is fast-paced and turn-based.

Each skill behaves differently, for example, the Tornado pulls enemies but also other types of debris, so combining it with the meteor one will also pull the player and start throwing around the meteor debris!

Elementos Game Competitive Mode

Although the Adventure mode is challenging in its own right, the real challenge is found in the PvP mode. In the arena, players will be pitted against each other and forced to engage in strategic and exciting 1vs1 battles.

There is an attack and a defender for each battle turn. The attacker will draw cards based on where he owns Mentos and use them to perform various energy-consuming skills. The defender must then dodge whatever is thrown at him, relying on quick reflexes to avoid projectiles and other spells.

If the defender survives the round, he will have the option to become an attacker on the next turn. The winner of each match will be announced and rewarded with $EME tokens and other perks.

Remember that if you are a competent elementos master capable of maintaining a winning streak, PvP is the quickest way to generate returns and climb the ladder.

Bring your A-game

Battles will be bloody, challenging, and highly strategic no matter which mode you choose. The world is still waiting, but the first true eleMentos master will be crowned soon, causing ripples throughout the cryptosphere.

Elementos Mobs Guide

We’re going to share the entire mobs (minions) collection with you in this thread. We’ll explain their behaviors and attacks to help you prepare for battle!

There are 2 mobs available in Elementos game as explained below:

1. Carpincho Soldier

Carpincho Soldier

Carpincho soldier has 3 types of attacks as explained below:

  1. ​​Hand grenade: close combat grenade thrower (cannot throw a grenade from the other side of the arena, just close combat, like a real grenade.) Because the grenade explodes in a few seconds, you can easily avoid it.
  2. Shotgun attack: This new feature, like the mentos, is a widespread attack, but it is now the enemy. The attack must be linear (direct) or at a specific angle.
  3. Mortar attack: Long-range attack that can traverse the entire arena. The Carpincho fires a mortar, which explodes in a specific area of the ground. The explosion is immediate and causes medium to heavy damage. The attack takes 1 to 2 seconds to prepare, so if you’re aware of the Carpincho Soldier, you can avoid it.
Carpincho Soldier

2. ​Acid Spider

Acid Spider attacks:

Elementos Game Mob: Acid Spider

Acide Spider has 2 types of attacks as explained below:

  1. Web: The Acid spider spits a web that temporarily paralyzes you. There is no harm.
  2. Ranged acid attack: The spider spits an acid ball that hits the ground and creates an acid pond for a few seconds; stepping on the acid causes damage, and leaving causes the damage to continue for a few seconds.

What are Mentos?

Elementos Game: Mentos

Mentos are cut pets that you will use to fight battles and earn the EME token in the Elementos game.

Mentos, despite their cute appearance, have a great deal of power within them. When properly developed by a dedicated eleMentor, they progress from simple pets to inept warriors with terrifying magical powers.

Mentos are distinguished by their appearance and can be classified into one of five elements: fire, water, air, earth, and lightning. They each have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, so a Mentos fire type will struggle against a Mentos water type.

When first assembling your team, make sure to include Mentos from various element types to ensure a balanced approach. As a result, your team will be more balanced and less vulnerable to a specific element type.

What are Mento Classes in Elementos game?

The following are the five classes available in the Elementos game:

  1. Air,
  2. Earth,
  3. Water,
  4. Fire,
  5. Lightning.

1. Air

Call on the winds to create storms, blow away your enemies, and let the poisonous gases overcome them. Take a deep breath in.

2. Earth

Control the continents’ foundations, manipulate the ground, and command the arena like a true Earth Mento! as well as Crush’em

3. Water

Command the oceans to create massive waves, turn water into ice, and don’t forget about the hidden powers deep beneath the seas.

4. Fire

The raw power of the fire at your disposal. Cast fire, use it as an energy source, and use it to overpower your opponents in style.

5. Lightning

The raw power of lightning at your disposal. Cast lightning, transform it into an energy source, and use it to overpower your opponents in style.

Elementos Game: Mentos Parts & Skills

Every Mento has 4 body parts, which are listed below:

  1. Head,
  2. Body,
  3. Hands,
  4. Tail.
Elementos Mento Body Parts

What are Skill Sets and Purity of Mento in Elementos Game?

Each Mento possesses one skill for each body part and purity percentage (0 percent -100 percent ). Players can track their Mento abilities and Purity by looking at their stats in the game or on the Elementos game website.

Each Mentos has 4 distinct statistics:

  1. Attack: Represents the power of the damage that your Mento can do,
  2. Health points (HP): Represents how many health points that your Mento has,
  3. Energy: Represents how many skills a player can use each turn in the game,
  4. Resistance: Represents the value of defense against elements.

All of these stats can be improved by leveling up your Mentos with $EME.

Each Mentos has four body parts (head, body, hands, and tail), each with its own set of skills and an elemental purity ranging from 0% to 100%. The purity level of each member should ideally be high because it allows Mentos to fully utilize the power of a specific element.

You should arrange the body parts in such a way that their Mentos team has a diverse skill set that includes both offensive and defensive techniques. Only by having synergy between the skills will you be able to unleash the most devastating combos.

Elementos Game: Skill Sets

You’re already ahead of the pack now that you’ve learned the five elements and how different stats and skills affect the strength of a specific Mentos. The Elementos battle arena awaits your arrival. Crush the competition with a well-planned strategy and earn cryptocurrency while climbing to the top.

How to Build Your Mento Team?

Elementos: Mento

Only the most cunning strategists will emerge victorious in the Elementos battle arena. To create the ultimate Mentos team, you must combine the appropriate element types, level up the most useful stats, and combine the most dangerous skill combinations.

Even the most experienced players will be challenged by the intricate battle system, which rewards the most active and skilled players with the $EME token and the ability to collect more Mentos and other in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Elementos Game: Mentos

Elementos Game Economy

Elementos – The P2E for all

Elementos Game: Economy

We will update our guide to include all of the use cases involving gas fees. Without further ado, prepare to delve deep into the Elementos game’s intricate play-to-earn economy and fee system.

Low gas fees & competition

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a highly scalable and interoperable blockchain that serves as the foundation for the Elementos ecosystem.

EleMentos trainers and collectors will be able to generate higher returns and maximize the potential of the play-to-earn model by charging low fees. When we compare Elementos to other play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity and Illuvium, the low fees become even more apparent.

Because these games run on the Ethereum blockchain, the gas fees are frequently prohibitively high, affecting the player’s bottom line. Many players found Axie Infinity almost unplayable during the market peak in November due to high network congestion and prohibitively high fees. At the moment, any deposit or withdrawal from Axie Infinity can cost players between $30 and $60.

Any transaction fee on the Elementos ecosystem, on the other hand, should cost no more than a few cents in gas fees. But now that we’ve established Elementos’ strategic advantage, let’s look at which in-game actions actually necessitate paying gas fees.

The only time you will be required to pay gas fees is when they need to record something on the blockchain. Here is an example of when you must pay fees:

  1. Selling ot buying MENTO,
  2. Claiming EME ($EME) TOKEN,
  3. Upgrades,
  4. Buying SKINS,
  5. Breeding.

Use Cases

Any action that involves creating a permanent blockchain record necessitates payment. This includes organizing tournaments, breeding new Mentos, and purchasing and selling Mentos on the market.

Other actions, such as purchasing new cosmetics (skins), improving Mentos’ skills and stats, and claiming your $EME rewards, will also incur a small fee.

With the exception of $MTO, which is used for ecosystem governance, all other token use-cases in the game will be subject to a gas fee.

Because the Elementos economy was designed with sustainability in mind, a portion of the fees collected will be added to the treasury automatically. A small portion of tournament buy-ins, 3% of all marketplace sales, and 100% of MTO tokens burned during the breeding process will be transferred to the Elementos treasury.

Get ready to rumble

Discover the magical lore of Elementos and have fun exploring its engaging battle system while increasing your crypto holdings. You can maximize every economic opportunity and ensure that their time on Elementos is both enthralling and profitable thanks to the low fee system.


The Binance Smart Chain is where the Elementos game’s smart contracts are deployed. Each player who wishes to participate in the game must have a certain amount of BNB to cover transaction gas fees.

Elementos NFT Game

Smart Contract NFT (BEP-721)

Because the smart contract was developed in accordance with ERC-721 (BEP-721), all functions that are expected to work in accordance with ERC-721 are implemented.

The minting process can only be performed by the owner to ensure that the minted NFTs (Mentos) are valid and verified by our own server before they are minted, so we can use them in-game to ensure they are balanced and working properly with the game. ​

As a result, when a user wants to mint, or buy a crystal egg, the user sends a request to the smart contract using our site via metamask.

Once the request is recorded on the smart contract, the Elementos Back End server generates the data that details the Mento’s skills, color, and facial features, then it generates the image according to those specifications, and finally the NFT is minted pointing to the IPFS uri. ​

IPFSWhat is IPFS and why do we use it?

The Mentos data and images will be pinned by IPFS; we chose IPFS because we want to ensure that once the data and images are minted, they cannot be changed by anyone and are always available.

IPFS is the solution!

IPFS is a distributed system that allows you to store and access files, websites, applications, and data.

Mentos, because of its distributed peer-to-peer file hosting system, will always be available to be inspected, downloaded, and viewed by fetching the URI pointed by the NFT token on the smart contract.

The content on the IPFS system is referenced by the file’s CID, which is unique to each file, and the CID describes the content of the file, so your NFT’s will always be safe from tampering, once uploaded to IPFS and then minted, it will always be available as long as there is an IPFS node serving the data, which is safer than any other alternative!

What is Mento Generator?

The origins of mentos and how they are created. The elementos backend server generates the first generation mentos as soon as a request is recorded on the smart contract.

To create a diverse first generation Mentos, the algorithm generates what skill the Mentos will have with equal probability (using secure random).

The generation algorithm

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, Mentos have four main body parts that differ in appearance depending on the skills they possess; each body part can only have one skill, so all Mentos will have four skills in total, one for each body part.

Mentos have 5 elements and 4 body parts, so each body part has 20 skills, making the total possible combination of Mentos 20*20*20*20 = 160,000!

Skill Generation

  • Head Skill = HeadSkillArray [RandomSeed1 mod (Total amount of skills of head part )]
  • Body Skill = BodySkillArray [RandomSeed2 mod (Total amount of skills of body part )]
  • Tail Skill = TailSkillArray [RandomSeed3 mod (Total amount of skills of tail part)]
  • Hand Skill = HandSkillArray [RandomSeed4 mod (Total amount of skills of hand part)]

Face Generation

The face generation affects the Mento only through their appearance, not their abilities and power.

  • Brows = BrowsArray[RandomSeed5 mod (Total amount of available brows)]
  • Eyes = EyesArray[RandomSeed6 mod (Total amount of available eyes)]
  • Mouth = MouthArray[RandomSeed7 mod (Total amount of available mouths)]

Color Generation

Each element has a few colors that best describe it; for example, the fire element has many colors in various shades of red.

After the skills are generated, the purity of the mento determines the base element of the mento. Assume the skill set is as follows:

  • Head: Trial of fire (fire)
  • Body: Phoenix (fire)
  • Tail: Chain Lightning (lightning)
  • Hand: Diamond Sword (earth)

Because the purity of such Mento is 50 percent fire, 25 percent lightning, and 25 percent earth, the color of the mento will be determined as follows:

Color = RedColors[RandomSeed mod (total amount of fire colors)]

Rare Color Combination

Each mento also has a gene that describes the color mixture; there are various types of color rarity; currently have two color combinations, but more will be added: ​

Common color mixture
Common color mixture
Common color mixture
Rare color mixture
Rare color mixture
Rare color mixture

The probability of obtaining the color combinations is as follows:

  • Common: 85%
  • Rare: 15%

Elementos Game Tokenomics

What is EME ($EME) Token?

Elementos EME Token

The EME ($EME) token is the native token and game currency token of the Elementos game that can be earned by playing the game. The EME ($EME) token is essential to the Elementos ecosystem.

EME ($EME) token can be used in variety of ways in Elementos game as explained below:

  • Play to Earn: Everyone can earn EME ($EME) tokens by playing the game’s PVE and PVP modes. EME ($EME) is rewarded differently in each game mode.
  • Breeding: Using the EME ($EME) token, anyone can breed their own pair of Mento pets. Each stage of breeding has a different cost.
  • Skins: The EME ($EME) token can be used to purchase Mentos. Each skin has a different price and will be listed in-game in the Shop.
  • Upgrades: Players can level up their skill sets and stats..
Elementos Game: EME Token

The in-game currency Elementos will be used for all transactions within the game’s economy. All tokens follow the BEP-721 protocol and are stored on the Binance Smart Chain to ensure low transaction fees across the board (BSC).

We’ll go over all of the token use-cases and how you can earn $EME while playing throughout this guide.

Using $EME

Please avoid participating in bogus $EME token sales. We understand that many eleMentors are eagerly awaiting the release of $EME, but the token will not be sold. The only way to get $EME is to play Elementos.

To level up, breed, and purchase skins for their Mentos, players will need $EME. It is possible to improve skill-sets and stats, making your Mentos stronger and more valuable, by spending $EME, or to purchase an exclusive art design (skin) to make your Mentos stand out.

It is also possible to breed a new and more powerful Mentos by burning $EME and $MTO tokens. Breeding is divided into stages, with each successive breeding stage producing rarer Mentos.

Later-stage breeding, on the other hand, is more expensive. The chart below, while an estimate, shows all of the $EME costs associated with breeding.

How to Earn $EME Token

Elementos stands out for its play-to-earn model, in addition to its intricate battle system and unique gameplay. Players will receive $EME tokens for participating in the Player versus Player (PvP) mode and the daily adventures of Player versus Environment (PvE).

The rewards will vary depending on how well the players complete each PvE mission and PvP match. Once the final launch occurs, an estimate of how much players can earn per game will be available.

Both modes require skill, but the PvP mode is where the most money can be made. Players can climb the ranks and build the ultimate Mentos team with the right strategy and insanely fast reflexes. We anticipate that once our PvP mode is available, the competitive landscape will flourish.

It’s also worth noting that there is a 9 days waiting period before claiming new $EME tokens, which means players will have to wait nine days before their earnings are available.

Play-to-earn at its finest

While playing Elementos, there are numerous opportunities to earn tokens and NFTs. The best part is that anything you win in the game has value outside of the game, so you’ll be able to easily exchange your hard-earned $EME tokens for real money.

The revolution of play-to-earn has already begun. Will you remain on the sidelines or join the Elementos frenzy and begin earning $EME?

What are Elementos Game Rewards? How and when to claim?

EME ($EME) is the token and currency of the Elemento game that can be earned by playing the game.

You will earn EME tokens by battling other players and completing PvE battles in Elementos game.​

How to claim EME?

After 9 days from their starting point, you will be able to claim their EME tokens. This means that your earned EME ($EME) tokens will be locked for the first 9 days and will be available for claim after that time. Players cannot withdraw their EME tokens before the deadline.

What are Elementos Crystal Eggs?

Crystal eggs are used for hatching Mentos in Elementos game. Mentos can only be acquired by hatching Crystal eggs.

In contrast to the real world, where pets are delivered by Storks, pets in Elementos – Mentos can be bred to create new offspring.

How to buy Elementos Game’s Crystal Eggs?

Elementos Game Crystal Eggs

The Crystal Eggs will be available through BNB. The price of crystal eggs is fixed on BNB. For the first 25,000 eggs, the price will be 0.025 BNB ($10) per egg. The price will then rise by $2.5 for every 1,000 eggs. You can purchase Crystal Eggs by following the steps below:

  • Step #1: Prepare your MetaMask and BNB funds

To begin, go to the MetaMask website or browser extension marketplace and download the MetaMask extension for your favorite web browser. Go to the website and select the link for your web browser. Ascertain that you have sufficient BNB funds to cover transaction gas fees.

Step1: Buying Crystal Eggs
  • Step #3: Select the number of Crystal Eggs you want, then click “BUY” and confirm the transaction on your MetaMask.
Step2: Buying Crystal Eggs

That’s all! Wait for your Mento to appear in your inventory by going to your dashboard!


​Mentos NFT Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I buy Crystal Eggs?

Connect to your Meta Mask account and purchase the eggs from the sale page. The eggs will be sold through BNB.

Elementos game have a page on their website dedicated to purchasing Crystals; you will be asked to connect to your Meta Mask account before you can purchase the Crystals.

What time is the Crystal Eggs sale?

The sale will begin on September 13 at 12:00 PM CET (or 6 PM PHST time)..

After buying the eggs, can I hatch them immediately?

Yes! You can immediately hatch them.

How can I sell my Mento after hatching it?

Elementos marketplace will open immediately following our sale, where you can buy and sell Mentos for BNB.

What device do I need to play the game?

Elementos is available for the PC, Android, and iOS platforms.


Elementos is a new turned-based roleplaying NFT game with an advanced combat system and real-time movement and positioning features.

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It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Elementos already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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