Dragonary NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Dragonary?

Welcome to the magical world of Dragonary, where you can earn money for every minute you spend playing. In the end, your time is priceless! And Dragonary is looking forward to rewarding you simply for playing the game.

Dragonary alters “the name of the game”: rather than investing large amounts of time and possibly money just to advance and improve or finish playing, we provide a new perspective on the player/game relationship.

Dragonary is a free game that can be played on a PC, laptop, Mac, or any Android or iOS mobile device.

The main difference between Dragonary and other games is that the entire economy of the game is defined between players. This means that all of the game’s market elements, such as items and values, are tradable.

As a result, if you buy something today, you can exchange it or transfer it tomorrow. If that item was used to improve a dragon, the dragon’s quality and, as a result, its value in the game will increase.

Because everything is connected, every act of exchange or consumption is transformed rather than lost, according to the theory that nothing disappears but everything is transformed.

The main goal is that you are excited to progress until you reach the goal (as with any title you are looking forward to), and without realizing it, you are rewarded for all of the time spent improving and evolving each of your dragons, even if you are not an experienced player in the crypto-currency world.

These rewards in the form of items will be tokens that you can use within the game, exchange with other players in the Market, or exchange in a crypto-currency market.

Your dragons are the ultimate manifestation of your efforts in the game, and you will be able to train, level up, evolve, and improve their lineage in order to obtain unique, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical dragons.

These will not only be personal accomplishments that you will be proud of, but you will also be able to show them off in a real-time battle against other players in a PVP arena in order to become the best of them all.

But what if some of these dragons no longer pique your interest? What if you need to alter your strategy? Dragonary will not dismiss your efforts in breeding dragons and will allow you to trade them in the Marketplace.

These dragons will have a different value depending on their rarity, purity, details, and attack abilities. Dragons can increase in value and thus be valuable enough to be purchased.

Finally, each dragon is distinct, as evidenced by the appearance obtained through game technology.

Dragonary Gameplay

Dragonary uses all of the benefits of blockchain technology to create a universe in which dragons are the main characters. A semi-automatic battle-style system is used to train and breed dragons.

Dragonary game features two types of combat:

  • PVE (Player vs Environment),
  • PVP (Player vs Player),

in which you can farm items, Coinary Tokens, and other currencies to advance in the game and develop Dragonary’s economy.

Coinary will continue to collaborate with the community to improve gaming styles.

Dragonary Dragons

They are Dragonary’s superstars, and they will be the characters you can control (as a Dragon Tamer) and help evolve alongside battles.


At the moment, there are 7 different elements (roles) in Dragonary, each with their own set of skills that must be considered when assembling your team. Your dragons’ elemental balance will be critical to advancing in your PVE and PVP missions.

Dragonary will continue to add new elements on major updates; we plan to add two new elements per year.

Earth Element: The Tank

  • Innate ability: Reduce all incoming damage
  • Active ability 1: generates a shield for 5s or until broken. All basic attacks (not abilities) are forced to hit this dragon. All offensive abilities deal double damage to the shield.
  • Active ability 2: Select an allied dragon so you receive all his damage, with a reduction.

Fire Element: The physical DPS

  • Innate ability: increase basic damage when the dragon is in the front row
  • Active ability 1: throws a fireball at an enemy in the front row damaging it, also dealing 50% of that damage to an enemy behind him (in the back row)
  • Active ability 2: Deals damage to an enemy, and leaves the enemy burning, dealing damage during 10s. Healing abilities can remove this state.

Air Element: The main Healer

  • Innate ability: increase healing ability
  • Active ability 1: heals up to 3 dragons
  • Active ability 2: Reduces damage received to all allies by 25%.

Electric Element: The Range DPS

  • Innate ability: increases all damage
  • Active ability 1: sends thunder to your enemies, with a % probability of bouncing to another enemy up to 3 times.
  • Active ability 2: Deals damage to an enemy and paralyzes it.

Plant Element: Jack of all trades

  • Innate ability: increases HP and basic damage
  • Active ability 1: deals damage to 2 dragons, and entangles them for 5s, slowing their attack speed by 50%.
  • Active ability 2: Generates a shield around an ally.

Water Element: The damage reliever

  • Innate ability: creates a protective shield preventing damage on healed dragons (this shield does not force enemies attacks)
  • Active ability 1: Heals a moderate amount to a single dragon.
  • Active ability 2: Wraps the enemy in a bubble dealing damage, and slows its attack speed by 50%

Ice Element: The resistant DPS

  • Innate ability: increases HP, ability damage, and basic damage
  • Active ability 1: deals damage and freezes an enemy in place for 5 seconds.
  • Active ability 2: Creates a shield around the dragon, once the effect ends, or the shield is destroyed, deals damage to an enemy.

The difference in ability improvement

The rarity of dragons increases their “innate abilities.” A common Earth Dragon, for example, reduces incoming damage by 10%, whereas a rare Earth Dragon reduces damage by 12%. In different checkpoints, “active abilities” improve with the dragon’s base level.


We have stated 6 different rarities to make sure the game economy remains sustainable.

The total sum of the base stats, and the way to obtain the dragon, will determine it’s rarity:

  • Common: total stats between 30 and 49.
  • Uncommon: between 50 and 89.
  • Rare: 90 and up.
  • Epic: will be the result of fusing rare dragons.Legendary: will be the result of fusing epic dragons.
  • Mithycal: will be the result of fusing legendary dragons.

Common and Uncommon are the first two rarities. Dragons with these rarities will be virtual items: they cannot be bought or sold in the marketplace, but they will be necessary in order to obtain higher rarity dragons.

Rarities such as Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical will be considered NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and all dragons with these rarities will be able to be traded on the Coinary Hub marketplace.

All rarities will be available for all dragons, as well as other items in the game, allowing us to consider them NFTs that can be traded in the marketplace.

Level cap

The level cap of a dragon will vary according to its rarity as shown below:

  • Common: level 20
  • Uncommon: level 40
  • Rare: level 60
  • Epic: level 80
  • Legendary/Mythical: level 100

Dragons will also evolve/grow at different level checkpoints depending on their rarity, and will gain a small boost to their base stats when they learn their “Passive abilities” every 20 levels (Passive abilities are not yet implemented in the game)

Dragonary PVE Battle

Battles in Dragonary are fought between two teams: one controlled by the player and comprised of 3 to 5 dragons, and one controlled by the AI. This last one varies in size and shape, and the enemies may or may not be dragons.

Dragons will have two types of attacks in battle: basic attacks and special or active abilities.

For battles, Dragonary employs a semi-automatic system, in which the user chooses how to cast special abilities in manual mode, but basic attacks are automatically delivered to the enemy.

All abilities are automatically cast on the opposing team in auto-cast mode. The primary goal of PVE battles is to be casual: anyone can play anywhere and watch their dragons’ performance against various enemies while also looking forward to rewards battle after battle.


The reward for each PVE battle will vary depending on the mission. Rewards can be virtual or real (NFTs, tokens), and they will vary depending on the player’s dragon team.

Team of dragons

In the Barracks, you can choose your dragon team. The team must consist of at least three dragons and no more than five dragons. Changes will not be saved if you try to create a team with fewer than three dragons.

Each PVE mission will be completed with the available dragon team. This team will start with full health and will have to survive battle after battle until they face the final boss of each mission. The only way to heal dragons is to use healer/healing dragon; if you quit the mission, you will have to restart it, and the health bar will reset to full.

Speed and battle timing

Because PVE is intended to be a casual game mode, there is a 2x speed battling option, and if the battle lasts longer than 3 minutes, you will automatically lose.

Story Mode

Dragonary will have lore (a story that revolves around the game) that will be developed through missions in ‘Story Mode.’ These missions are crucial to the game’s development because they introduce you to the mechanics of Dragonary.

With Story Mode, players will be able to explore and comprehend what happens in Dragonary, as well as defend the dragon world from the powerful Darkwing ‘The Corrupt One,’ a dragon who seeks to destroy what little remains of Dragonarya.

In this adventure path, we will face various bosses and Darkwing’s minions. Each mission will have at least three battles that you must complete with your dragons while avoiding falling in battle as much as possible.

Dragonary Story Mode Rewards

  • Experience
  • Experience items (not yet implemented)
  • Experience boost (not yet implemented)
  • Dragon Equipment (only on rare occasions, not implemented yet)
  • Common dragon eggs (only on rare occasions, not implemented yet)

Ember Missions in Dragonary

The daily missions consist of three or more battles per day that aim to grant unique rewards so that the player can create more dragons or improve in-game items.

Do you want to be a dragon breeder? These missions are intended for you! You will receive the items required for breeding your dragons or fusing them to obtain a higher rarity dragon.

There are seven different types of Ember Missions, one for each element. Each element will have a different difficulty, increasing the reward amount as it gets harder and harder.

Each attempt at an Ember mission consumes 10 energy points. Energy will be consumed whether you lose, win, or exit the mission manually.


  • Obsidian (Object used by goblins for mining CYT)
  • Sparks (Used to craft ember)

Dragonary Dungeons

We will fight Darkwing’s corrupted dragons in the dungeons. The battles will be PVE-style, but with a more dynamic approach, similar to PVP battles.

Dragonary Combat Rules:

  • To select skills and objectives, you can use the “qwerty” letter system and the numbers on your keyboard as shortcuts..
  • We will be able to activate “Command mode,” which will allow us to select one of our dragons and an enemy to receive all of this dragon’s attacks, which are usually carried out automatically at random (Cooldown: 7 Seconds).
  • There will be a damage and cooldown reduction to our dragon’s abilities in dungeon mode, which means your dragon’s abilities will deal less damage but you will be able to cast them more frequently, allowing you to have even more fun when battling.
  • For dungeons, automatic combat mode and 2X speed will be disabled.

Every account, regardless of rarity, will be able to complete missions in the Dungeons. The game will detect the player’s rarity and adjust the difficulty level accordingly. ​

Combat: The dungeon combat will take place against 5 corrupted dragons. The location and elements of these dragons will be determined at random and will vary from fight to fight. In one battle, you may face 5 corrupted dragons from different element types, while in another, you may face 5 dragons from the same element type.

Cost: The only cost to join a dungeon is 20 energy points.

Rewards: For every victory in dungeon mode we will be rewarded with the following:

Obsidian: 500

Equipment: The chances of obtaining an item as a reward for completing each dungeon are determined by the account’s rarity. All dungeon equipment will be basic tier or “broken,” meaning it will be of any element or type.

  • Rare accounts: 20% chances of obtaining an item.
  • Epic accounts: 25% chances of obtaining an item.
  • Legendary accounts: 30% chances of obtaining an item.


DRAGO, a virtual in-game currency that allows players to advance in the game, will be awarded to both common and uncommon players. Among other things, players will be able to breed new dragons, fuse items and embers, and play Dungeons.

At the same time, the value of this currency can be changed. In this manner, we can avoid long-term variations and increase the amount in the event that new players join the game. Accounts will receive DRAGO as a reward in every mode of the game; this is intended to allow players to enjoy the full experience of the game and progress without investing.

DRAGO cannot be used to breed rare or higher rarity dragons, items, or embers.

DRAGO will enable the game to be enjoyed by players who are not yet comfortable in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is available for purchase on the Playstore, making it easier for those who want to play Dragonary and advance faster.

DRAGO is a virtual currency. As a result, it cannot be exchanged for NFTs or actual money. Because it is a virtual currency, its quantity can be adjusted — making it the ideal solution for players who want to start playing the game from the beginning.

This coin allows players to advance in the free-to-play mode by allowing them to create new dragons while improving their stats and rarity.

Arena – PVP Battle

You are already familiar with the various PVP battle modes. What if I told you right now that you can compete against the teams of other players? What would you think? Dragonary has a game mode called ARENA that allows you to do just that.

The Dragonary Arena will feature a battle-to-the-death system between other players’ teams from around the world. Each team must meet certain requirements, and the system will attempt to pair you with a player of your level in each battle.

PVP battles will last no more than 5 minutes, and the winner will be the team with the most dragons standing, or the team with the most health if both teams have dragons on the battlefield after 5 minutes.

There will be no auto-casting of powers in PVP; you must cast them manually. It is critical that you form a well-balanced team using the dragons you have raised or acquired thus far.

Requirements in arena mode:

All players, regardless of rarity, can participate in the PVP mode with their friends, facing off against their teams of Dragons to see who is the best Dragon Tamer. The PVP will not have energy requirements to give you more freedom and allow you to play as much as you want.

Rewards in arena mode: (coming soon)

There will be a maximum of won battles with ECT distribution assigned. After reaching the limit, players can play for fun, which will improve the players’ matchmaking.

Every day, the first five battles won will earn players a bonus reward proportional to their CYT stake:

  • For rare users: 0.15% of their balance in CYT paid in ECT as a reward
  • For epic users: 0.25% of their balance in CYT paid in ECT as a reward
  • For legendary users: 0.4% of their balance in CYT paid in ECT as a reward.

Furthermore, you can get Chests as a reward in these kinds of battles.

Breeding Dragons in Dragonary

Each player will begin with three common dragons, but the goal is to progress through the game and complete missions, earning better rewards each time. As a result, the breeding system is critical for producing new and improved dragons that can be used in battle or traded in the Marketplace as NFT Dragons (starting from dragons with Rare rarity and higher).

In Dragonary, you will be able to breed new dragons in two ways: by joining dragons and by fusing high rarity dragons.

In both cases, you will either get an egg (if you join them) or a dragon (if you fuse them). The incubation period for common and uncommon dragon eggs will vary depending on their rarity.

Incubation or growth timeframe

  • Common: 3 hours.
  • Uncommon: 12 hours.

Incubation period: only applies to eggs laid by common or uncommon dragons. Dragons will be visible and available immediately in Epic, Legendary, and Mythical fusions, as well as Rare dragon eggs that you obtain and unlock. ​

Breeding dragons

You’ll be able to hatch eggs from both Common and Uncommon dragons.

This will necessitate the use of two dragons, both of which must be Adults (50 percent of their maximum level)

The final stats will be the same as the average “dragon creators” plus an additional 20%. (each stat is calculated separetely from another). All results will be rounded, with XX.5 as the limit; if the result is equal to or greater than XX.5, it will be rounded up; if it is less than XX.5, it will be rounded down.

Dragons can have different elements as a result of breeding; this will vary depending on the “dragon creators” and the chosen ember. One of the “dragon creators” will determine 40% of the probability, the other dragon will determine 40%, and the chosen ember will determine the remaining 20%.


  • 2 Fire dragons and a fire ember = 100% chance the result will be a Fire Dragon.
  • 1 Fire dragon 1 air dragon and 1 air ember = 60% chance the result will be an Air Dragon and 40% a Fire Dragon.
  • 1 Fire dragon 1 air dragon and 1 plant ember = 40% chance the result will be an Air Dragon, 40% a fire dragon, and 20% a Plant Dragon.

If the element of the chosen ember is different from the element of both of the creator’s dragons, and the element of the new dragon is the same as the chosen ember, the resulting dragon will have the new element (different from those of its creators), but it will be a “basic dragon” (Common rarity, with a total sum of stats of 30) regardless of the rarity or stats of the creator’s dragons. ​

Dragons possess 3 basic Stats:

  • Strength
  • Cunning
  • Resistance.

The sum of these Stats determines the initial rarity of a dragon.

  • Common dragons: between 30 and 49.
  • Uncommon dragons: between 50 and 89.
  • Rare dragons: 90 and up.

This process will also necessitate the use of an ember as well as a commission fee paid in Coinary Tokens. The required ember rarity will be determined by the resulting egg rarity. Commissions will be determined by the number of times a dragon has been used to create an egg as well as the rarity of dragons.

Prices to unite two common dragons

Eggs QuantityPrice (Drago)

If the outcome is a rarer dragon, the price will be multiplied by 1.5. These tokens will be blocked and returned if the outcome does not retain the same rarity characteristic.

If you use a common dragon and an uncommon dragon to breed, the breeding cost will come from the uncommon list. If the outcome is an uncommon dragon, the cost will be multiplied by 1.5. ​

Prices to unite two uncommon dragons

Eggs QuantityPrice (Drago)

This method cannot be used to obtain rare dragon eggs. It means that any breeding that results in a dragon with stats greater than 90 is impossible.

Rare dragon eggs will be obtained from chests and unlocked through the payment of a fee. After that, you can hatch it to obtain your dragon.


  1. Two common dragons unite, both creating an egg for the first time. The price would be 1.000 Drago.
  2. A couple of common dragons unite, one of them being mixed for the first time, the other has been used 3 times previously. The price would be the highest: 8.000 Drago.
  3. Two dragons are mixed, one common and one uncommon, each of them has not created eggs before. The price would be 5.000.

Dragon Fusion

To keep the game’s economy deflationary, players must fuse dragons of a specific rarity to obtain a dragon of a higher rarity. During this process, dragons used for fusion will vanish and will no longer be available in the game.

The outgoing dragon from a fusion will be statistically superior to the dragons used in the fusion.

To fuse dragons, players will need five (5) dragons of the same rarity, such as five (5) rare dragons to create one (1) epic dragon.

The dragon chosen to increase rarity will be the one who determines the fusion’s outcome element. This first dragon will necessitate the highest level. The four remaining dragons that will be sacrificed must be adults (50% of their maximum level)

The basic stats of the dragon will be the same as the original dragon plus a 20% increase, and it will also inherit 10% of each stat of the four sacrificed dragons.

It’s important to note that, because you can’t have fewer than three dragons on your team, you must have at least eight dragons to use fusion. When you perform a fusion, you will always have at least three usable dragons for your team. ​

You will need an ember, and to pay a CYT fee.

Because rare or superior embers lack an element, the element of the new dragon will be the same as the element of the chosen base dragon.

Commissions for RARE dragons: 60 USD to become Epic

Commissions for EPIC dragons: 150 USD to become Legendary

Commissions for LEGENDARY dragons: Coming Soon

It’s important to note that the legendary to mythical embers fusion is currently unavailable. These embers will be available during special events that will be announced in advance.

Light Genes

When a Rare Egg is hatched or a fusion is performed, the resulting dragon has a chance to “awaken” the “Light Gene.” These dragons have been blessed by the “Tree of Light” and are more powerful than their mates.

These Genes can only “emerge” in Rare or Superior Dragons, and each time they increase their rarity, there are four chances to obtain a new gene. Only one gene can be awakened per rarity increase, allowing a dragon to have a total of four genes (when obtaining the Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical rarity)

If a Rare (or superior) dragon acquires a gene, this gene will be inheritable if you choose this dragon to increase its rarity via fusion.

If a dragon with one or more genes is used as a “sacrifice” in a fusion, those genes will be lost.

Types of genes

Simple Genes: There is a 0.5% chance that a dragon awakens genes of this type.

  • Strength gene: Strength +5%
  • Cunning gene: Cunning +5%
  • Resistance gene: Resistance +5%

Compound genes: There is a 0.1% chance that a dragon awakens genes of this type.

  • Tianlong gene: Strength +5% Resistance +5%
  • Fucanglong gene: Cunning +5% Resistance +5%

Superior Genes: There is a 0.01% chance that a dragon awakens genes of this type.

  • Shenlong gene: Strength +5%, Cunning +5%, Resistance +5%

Disenchanting Dragon

Do you have an excessive number of Dragons? Do you have any dragons that you no longer use? Or maybe you just don’t like dragons. Don’t worry, you can both create and disenchant dragons in the Altar!

The process is completely free, and you will be rewarded with Sparks of the same element as the disenchanted dragon. Be cautious, as there is no way to reverse a disenchantment.

There are a few limitations:

  • You can only disenchant common or un-common dragons
  • You can’t disenchant if you have 6 dragons or less
  • You can’t disenchant a dragon that has created an egg, and this egg hasn’t hatched yet (Dragons like to be present when their creations hatch)

Game ItemsGame items will be used to improve different aspects of Dragonary’s gameplay.

Dragonary Items:

  • Stardust (coming soon): This is a resource that you will obtain by opening chests. It is valuable because it allows players to repair their items and provide vital strength to their dragons. Take good care of your items and dragons, and don’t let them lose their magic or become disenchanted. When you combine Stardust and ECT, your items will shine like new, and your dragons will have their full fighting energy back.
  • Level Up X: It allows you to level up your dragons. The number indicates how many levels you can climb with it.
  • Level Up Max: It allows a dragon to get to the maximum level.
  • XP Boost: This item increases the experience won in battle by your dragons for a limited time.
  • Golden Dungeon’s ticket: It allows you to play one battle in the Dungeons without energy consumption.
  • Skins: It lets you give a special touch to your dragons by choosing a special look for them.
  • Appearance change item: It will randomly change the appearance of your dragon.
  • Element change item: It allows you to randomly change your dragon’s element.

How to get better items in Dragonary game?

Items will be obtained as rewards through PVE, PVP, Dungeon, and Chest battles, depending on the player’s rarity: the higher the rarity, the better the items. However, there will be items that are more difficult to obtain that you can make from 5 items of lower rarity. Fusion (the same method used to breed dragons) will be used to improve the items.

Costs to merge items in Dragonary game as shown below:

  • No Rarity (Sparks): 300 Drago to fuse into Common
  • Common: 500 Drago to fuse into Un Common
  • Rare: 15 USD to fuse into Epic
  • Epic: 50 USD to fuse into Legendary.

Dragonary Equipments

Dragon equipment consists of special items that you can equip on dragons to temporarily improve their base stats.

There are going to be 3 types of equipment as shown below:

  • Rings: Increase your dragon’s strength
  • Tiaras: Increase your dragon’s cunning
  • Bracelets: Increase your dragon’s defense

For each of the NFT rarities, there will be one item of each type, per element. Uncommon items will be virtual, which means they will not be NFTs (there will also be basic or broken tier items that will not be eligible for equipping your dragons with).

To summarize, with all NFT rarities, you will be able to obtain a basic ring, tiara, and bracelet, three uncommon ones, three rare ones, three epic ones, and so on. There will not be, for example, two types of different rare fire rings. All fire rings will be identical and will benefit your dragon in the same way.

You will be able to fuse 5 items of the same type together using the forge to create a new one with a higher rarity. ​

Item obtaining through Dungeons:

You will occasionally receive a random item after completing a dungeon. Every item obtained through Dungeons will be of the basic tier (broken), which means it cannot be equipped. All accounts, regardless of rarity, will be able to experiment with dungeons.

It’s important to note that the difficulty and item drop rate of dungeons are both affected by your account’s rarity.

  • Rare: 20% chance of item drop.
  • Epic: 25% chance of item drop.
  • Legendary: 30% chance of item drop.

This means that the higher your rarity, the more likely you are to obtain an item after successfully completing a dungeon.

Dungeons can also reward you with Chests. You can find items of any type and rarity within them, among other things.

Broken Equipment:

As previously stated, the items obtained through Dungeons will be of the basic tier and will not be eligible for equipping your dragons with; their only use will be fusing 5 of the same type together to obtain a new item of that category of “un-common” rarity.

The same procedure is followed to obtain epic and legendary items. We’d have to combine five rare rings to create an epic ring. You can equip a rare item to one of your dragons once it becomes rare.

However, equipment can only be worn by a dragon of the same or lower rarity as the item. That is, a dragon can only wear items that are the same or higher rarity than its own. For example, a rare dragon can wear any item of any rarity. An epic dragon, on the other hand, can only wear epic or higher rarity items.

How to equip items?:

To equip your dragons with items, go to the Barracks’ equipment section, where you can pick and choose which equipment items your dragons will wear in battle!

Each dragon has three item slots: one for rings, another for tiaras, and another for bracelets. The final stats of the dragons will be displayed on this tab so that you can compare different item combinations. The base dragon stats will be displayed in white, while the item’s bonus stats will be displayed in yellow.

Equipment levels: (Coming soon)

Equipments will have their own levels, which will be earned in conjunction with the dragon who is wearing the item. The rarity of an item determines its maximum level.

  • Rare: lvl 60
  • Epic: lvl 80
  • Legendary/Mythic: lvl 100

A dragon’s stats will improve after equipping it with an item, and as this item progresses in level, so will your dragon’s stats. This item stat increase will occur when you reach 50% of the item’s maximum level, and then again when you reach 100% of the item’s maximum level. (There may be exceptions where this does not occur.)

Fusing/Upgrading Equipment:

In order to fuse, you need to already have 5 items.

When fusing, all items must be the same rarity (Meaning 5 basic items, 5 rare items, 5 epic items and so on)

And must also be 5 of the same type (5 rings,5 tiaras, 5 bracelets)

At the time of the fusion you must choose 5 items from the same element (for example, 5 fire rings):

In this instance, we will always get a new fire ring of higher rarity.

Item fusing costs:

  • Basic/broken: (To obtain a un-common item). 500 Drago to create a un-common item.
  • Rare: (to obtain a Epic item). 15 USD to create an Epic item.
  • Epic: (to obtain a Legendary item). 50 USD to create a Legendary item.

Chests/Loot Boxes

Chests are rewards for completing PVP and Dungeon missions. They can contain virtual objects, any type of item, dragon eggs, or any type of NFT, even islands.

The following are the Chests that can be found in Dragonary:

  • Wooden Chest: wait time to open: 3 hours – Cost to open: 0
  • Diamond Chest: wait time to open: 6 hours – Cost to open: 0
  • Ruby Chest: wait time to open: 12 hours – Cost to open: 0
  • Lucky Chest: wait time to open: immediately – Cost to open: 5.49 USD in CYT

The higher the quality of the chest, the more likely it is to receive NFTs equipment. Every player will have three slots in which to store their chests, but only one of them can be opened at a time.

It is important to note that when a player obtains a rare egg or any NFT object, a fee in CYT must be paid to unlock it, depending on the item. If the item is not unlocked within 24 hours, it will be lost. Virtual items will be added to the player’s inventory. Only in the case of Lucky Chests, any NFT object obtained will have no unlocking cost.

Unlocking action: USD cost

  • Prime Pass: 14.99 USD
  • Rare Dragon: 60 USD
  • Epic Dragon: 300 USD
  • Legendary Dragon: 1,500 USD
  • Rare ember: 15 USD
  • Epic ember: 50 USD
  • Legendary ember: 250 USD
  • Rare equipment: 15 USD
  • Epic equipment: 50 USD
  • Legendary equipment: 250 USD
  • Island: 20,000 USD


Since the release of the Marketplace, Coinary has been collaborating with Oracle. It’s simple to understand how it works: because every object is valued in dollars, the price of the Dragons on CYT and BNB is adjusted based on the current value of the dollar.

Along with the chests, an additional oracle has been implemented. It predicts the monetary value of each item that players can obtain from chests.

The lower the amount of CYT in the game to be distributed weekly, the higher the price of CYT. The lower the price of CYT, the more CYT will be distributed in the game. The CYT amount required to unlock the prizes will be updated through the oracle every minute, and it will also participate in the ECT rewards in PVP mode.

Energy within the game

Each mission (except story mode) in the game will consume energy to varying degrees. This energy will be limited to a total of ten energy points. 1 energy point is recharged every 20 minutes.

In story mode, players will be able to play without limits.

We will provide the option to recharge using Coinary Token, but there will be a limitation. We’ve devised an anti-pay-2-fast system in which each energy recharge significantly raises the price of the next recharge. This price will be reset 24 hours after your most recent recharge.

The prices according to the number of recharges made per day are as follows:

  1. recharge: 2 USD
  2. recharge: 6 USD
  3. recharge: 18 USD
  4. recharge: 54 USD
  5. recharge: 162 USD

This fee will be paid in-game in CYT. The CYT price will fluctuate constantly because it is determined by the Oracle system.

All Coinary Token energy recharges paid in-game will be treated as in-game purchases, and 20% of those tokens will be burned. The remaining 80% will be returned to the distribution process.

Dragonary Islands

Dragons in Dragonary are self-sufficient beings who rarely live in groups. They enjoy having large caves with plenty of space to store the treasures they find throughout the story and battles.

Treasures are the most valuable thing dragons have, so they live and sleep for them. As a result, islands will play a critical role that may alter our perception of Dragonary.

Each team will be able to have their own island with various caves where dragons will live, guarding their treasures and protecting them from ferocious enemies. Islands will be NFTs that can be traded on the market at any time.

Islands are limited in number and will be distributed through a public auction open to all Dragonary players.

By now, it is forecast that there will be up to 777 islands in all Dragonary.

Price per island

The majority of islands will be sold at a fixed price. Some, however, will be auctioned off. Prices will be announced a few days before the auction.

Public sale date

There is no estimated date yet.

Release date of new game mode

The second half of 2022.

Game requirements for Dragonary

The goal is to get the game to work on as many different devices as possible. The game will be available on the platforms listed below:

  • Windows 64 bit
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

To play, all you need is an internet connection, an account on, and some free time.

In Dragonary, you will not need a wallet to log in or any browser extensions.


Welcome to the magical world of Dragonary, where you will get paid for each minute spent playing. In the end, your time is gold! And Dragonary looks forward to rewarding you just for participating in the game.

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You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Dragonary already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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