Dracoo Master NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Dracoo Master?

Dracoo Master is a play for Free, play to Earn deck-building NFT game based on blockchain technologies. You can form a Dracoo team to compete with others and earn rewards through battles. The gameplay of Dracoo Master combines teamwork and individual abilities. Dracoo Master also has PVE and PVP game modes to challenge yourself, and monthly updates with enticing rewards await you to learn more.

Dracoo Master provides a completely new gaming experience and ensures that each battle is unique in its own right. Arm yourself with hundreds of unique abilities and test your skills in Dracoo Masters to create your ultimate strategy. The fiercest battle has been waiting for you since the moment you set foot on the Dracoo Master battlefield.

Players in the Sacred Peak Adventure can enjoy the battle game in Roguelike mode and receive digital currency rewards. Because the game supports PVP, you can also battle other players in the arena for higher-ranking rewards. Furthermore, guilds with your friends are available to initiate a variety of exciting offensive and defensive game modes.

Dracoo Master will continue to battle new races. Each Dracoo race has its own set of card characteristics as well as its own gameplay system. The strongest deck could be formed by combining Dracoos to advance to the top of the Sacred Peak.

Individual adventure mode products primarily include BAS (the Dracoo Master game’s core currency) and elemental stone fragments (materials used exclusively for enhancement), whereas global real-time combat mode products primarily include resource chests and DRA (a type of rare currency).

Dracoo Master Game Introduction

The following are the six types of Dracoos in the game:

  1. Lighting type: With abilities that provide crowd control and card restrictions to your opponent, use the strong lights to blind your enemies.
  2. Dark type: Slow but high damage skills that will kill your incautions opponents.
  3. Plant type: Abilities to heal and grow, making you the key guardian of the team.
  4. Lava type: Strong attacks and applies burning debuffs, making you opponents suffer.
  5. Ocean type: Purges debuffs, fast shuffling and deals damage provides your team with great support.
  6. Steel type: Various type of damage reflection and resistance cards. You are the most powerful shield just stand there.

Ocean Type

Lava Type

Plant Type

Dracoo Master is made up of six parts, which are listed below:

  1. Horn,
  2. Face,
  3. Body,
  4. Tail,
  5. Wings,
  6. Back.

In a Dracoo battle, these Dracoo parts determine four cards. Dracoo’s body and face represent two of his abilities. These six body parts will provide Dracoo with basic attribute bonuses. In which case, the dracoo’s body’s strength, stamina, and tenacity will be more visible.


You could upgrade each part up to two times, for a total of 12 upgrades for each Dracoo. Only after all parts have been upgraded to level 1 can level 2 upgrades be made, and so on.

The level 1 component upgrade will increase the corresponding card and passive skill attributes, and you can spend relatively little $BAS token to increase the Dracoo’s strength. The level 2 component upgrade will add card animations and special body shapes to the cards. When a Dracoo reaches the maximum level, it gains cool special effects and flash effects.


The parts are classified as common, rare, epic, or legendary. The more rare the parts, the more powerful the effects and cards. The cards that correspond to these rare parts will also be used to determine the overall strength of the deck.


Dracoo’s power is determined by the value of his body parts. Power consumption of Dracoos are listed in below:

  • After a battle’s victory, a Dracoo will lose a small amount of his power.
  • Dracoos with less then 10 power cannot participate in PVE battles anymore.
  • Level-up or Evolution will also increase a Dracoo’s power.
  • The merging function allows two Dracoos to be merged into one. The host Dracoo will inherit all the Power of 2 merged Dracoos.

Dracoos Level-up

A Dracoo can also gain power by leveling up and evolving. A Dracoo can level up a maximum of 12 times. Each level-up improves a card and greatly increases its Power. Each card can level up only twice. Potion, corresponding elemental stone, and BAS are all consumables for leveling up.

Materials are required to level-up Dracoos is listed below:

  • BAS: Obtainable from the PVE mode,
  • Elemental stone: Obtainable from the PVE mode,
  • Elixir: Obtainable from the PVP mode.

Dracoos Evolution

A Dracoo can only evolve 12 times. Dracoo’s base attributes will improve with each evolution, as will its Power. The sixth and twelfth evolutions will endow Dracoos with unique physical characteristics.

Good to know: Primordial stone and BAS are evolutionary consumables.

Materials are required for Dracoos Evolution is listed below:

  • BAS: Obtainable from the PVE mode,
  • Unrefined stone: Obtainable from the material box.

How Do I Create My Dracoo?

Among the rewards for reaching the summit of the Sacred Peak are creation module fragments obtained with $BAS token and $DRA token. You can design the appearance of Dracoo’s body parts using creation module fragments and sell them as your exclusive NFT digital artworks on the market.

You can color a Dracoo however you want, print your favorite singer’s image on the wings of your Dracoos, and even draw your own body parts.

How to Play Dracoo Master?

The gameplay of Dracoo Master combines deck-building and card-playing strategies to defeat opponents in real-time card battles. Launch an attack with cards and defeat all three of your opponent’s Dracoos to win the game and receive the winners’ reward.


In the card round, each side of the battle takes turns managing their cards for 30 seconds. Playing cards have an immediate effect. The round will end after 30 seconds, or when the user clicks to end, and the card will be played in the next round. The game of cards will continue until all of the user’s dracoos are defeated.

Stamina Crystal

You will receive three Stamina Crystals at the start of each game. The number of cards that can be played in each round is determined by the stamina crystals, and each card requires stamina crystals to play. When the cost of a card exceeds the number of remaining Stamina Crystals, the card cannot be used in that round.

Pro Tip: The total number of Stamina Crystals will not naturally increase in the game, but they will be fully restored at the start of each round.

Dracoo Master Cards

Dracoo Master is a deck-building roguelike game. Every move is truly unique with over 300 cards, 90 relics, and powerful upgrades for every card. Fight formidable foes while upgrading your Dracoos and Relics; you’ll never use the same deck twice.

When the card is used, it will cause various effects such as attacking, gaining status, becoming passive, and so on. Card strategy and matching make it easier to win the battle. When a Dracoo is defeated, the corresponding card is removed from the current game as well.

After a winning the battle in Dracoos Master you will be rewarded with Big Amber Stone (BAS), Elemental Stone or Dracoo Soul Stone.

Dracoo Attributes

As explained below, there are three different attributes in the Dracoo Master game:

  • Strength: When pets with higher strengths use offensive cards, they deal more damage.
  • Health: Determine the monetary worth of Dracoo’s health. When a Dracoo’s health runs out, the Dracoo is defeated.
  • Resilience: Higher armor values can be generated by tougher pets.


Power is the most important attribute in the world of Dracoo Master game. Power has a direct impact on the amount of BAS you can earn per day as well as your gaming experience. Every Dracoo has its own point of Power in Dracoo Master, which is calculated based on its body parts and attributes.

The higher the initial point of Power of a Dracoo, the rarer it is. The Power bonus generated by leveling up and evolving is also based on the Dracoo’s initial Power.

The level of earnings in adventure mode is calculated by adding the Power of all Dracoos and NFT summoners in the account. Starting with a base of 1,025 points, the level of earnings and daily maximum earnings will be increased by one level for every 550 points obtained, and decreased by one level for every 200 points lost.

As a result, when it comes to earning money in the game, Power is the most important factor. With a high Power point, you are guaranteed to make a lot of money in the game.

Good to know: Please keep in mind that if your Power is less than 425 points, your earnings will be calculated using 425 points.

What are Dracoo Master Game Modes?

Dracoo Master has three game modes to choose from as listed below:

  • Sacred Peak Adventure: Player Vs Environment (PVE) mode,
  • Arena: Player Vs Player (PVP) mode,
  • Guild War: Guild Vs Guild (GVP) mode.

Pro Tip: A Dracoo Master battle requires a minimum of three dracoos to participate.


Starting a game of Dracoo Master require stamina. Each game start consumes 1 block of physical strength. The total amount of stamina would be determined by the player’s total number of dracoos. After stamina is depleted, players can use natural recovery or BAS or in-app purchases to purchase stamina directly.

1. Sacred Peak Adventure (PVE)

The Adventure Mode

Players form teams of three Dracoos and face 41 stages spread across nine scenes. Each stage provides 1-4 paths for players to choose from. A stage could be a monster encounter, a random event, a store, a rest stop, or treasure chests… A pleasant surprise or a hard-fought battle? Only your choice could decide.

The Fun Roguelike Card Game

Uses 3 Dracoo to construct 12 different types of basic cards, beginning with 12 cards to climb the Sacred peak. Would you rather take a safe path with no rewards or take on dangerous enemies in order to reap rich rewards? Obtaining powerful colorless cards during the climbing process will help you build a more complete card chain, as will obtaining artifacts from the BOSS and collecting various artifacts.

Every battle will reward you with BAS and elemental stone fragments based on your earning level and difficulty level. The final boss will drop a lot of BAS. These rewards are not easy to obtain; they necessitate a variety of strategies and efficient card combinations.

You can choose the “stage-accumulated power” option for higher earnings but also higher risks, or you can challenge the final boss in less time and collect your maximum earnings.

You can also choose “stage-accumulated earnings,” which have lower earnings but also lower risks, and extend the length of your daily earnings line. The benefits and drawbacks are obvious: the amount of time you spend playing the game and the amount of Power consumed by a Dracoo in battle.

Pro Tip: For each battle, a Dracoo consumes 0.23 points of Power.

No Games Will be Exactly the Same.

Knowing how to combine various Dracoos, cards, and strategies will assist you in clearing all stages and reaching the summit more quickly.

In adventure mode, your daily earnings are determined by your earning level plus the difficulty level. This is how your daily maximum earnings and battle earnings are calculated. The difficulty level earnings are calculated based on the highest difficulty level that you have currently passed, so switching to a different difficulty level will only reduce your battle earnings, not your daily max earnings.

2. Arena (PVP)

Sacred Peak City-A huge metropolis where the Sacred Peak lies in.

The Arena Mode

This is where players from all over the world compete in real-time battles. You can challenge players from all over the world to head-to-head battles here. The system will determine your tier based on your combat history – something that determines your rewards after you win or lose a combat.

When a season ends, players are ranked globally based on their tier points, and the top 100 players are rewarded with a large number of DRA.

Trophies and chest fragments are among the ranking rewards. In the arena mode, winning a battle results in trophy gains, while losing a battle results in trophy losses. A player’s ranking and matchmaking tier are determined by the number of trophies he owns. Players who secure their place on the ranking list will receive the final $DRA reward.

Tickets to and rewards from the arena differ according to tier. Tickets vary by tier, as do treasure chest fragments obtained from rewards and the number of rewards. However, rest assured that you will be rewarded whether you win or lose.

A chest containing potions, primordial gems, Dracoo mystery boxes, NFT summoner mystery boxes, and DRA can be obtained by exchanging 1,000 fragments. Chests of varying tiers contain varying amounts of these materials with varying probabilities.

3. Guild War (GVG)

Fight alongside your friends in Homeland Wars. Defend your homeland’s core, station your Dracoo on your own plot, and send a team of powerful Dracoos to attack the opponent’s plot at the same time. Choose the easiest path to take, and lead your team straight into the heart of the enemy’s territory.

The homeland war will last several days or until one of the homelands is breached. The player’s achievements during the event will be used to calculate and distribute rewards. The achievement points vary depending on the game mode selected. Participants with varying points will be assigned to various levels and rewarded at the end of the game.

What is Dracoo Master Missions?

Daily quests are added. You will be rewarded with a fixed amount of $BAS token for remaining active in the game after completing quests. The quest system is intended to help new players learn more about the game while also incentivizing daily active players.

Dracoo Master releases event quests on an irregular basis. A large number of prizes are poured into the game for each event. Anyone who completes the event quests is eligible to win a portion of the grand prize.

What is Dracoo Master Achievements?

The achievement system is a unique way to obtain rewards. A system that tracks users’ active behaviors in the game, such as the types of decks they build and the assets they own, in order to achieve various goals and receive corresponding rewards. Designed to assist users seeking new challenges in playing the game more purposefully.

What is Dracoo Master Card?

Before entering the battlefield, you must select you three Dracoos. Because each Dracoo’s skill card can be of a different type, players must make more deliberate decisions in order to form a more efficient team.

The main characteristics of skill cards in Dracoo Master are classified into three types. The three abilities are as follows:

  • Attack cards: A card that deals melee or ranged damage to the opponent
  • Magic cards: Special effect cards, such as defense, recovery, energy stealing, and so on.
  • Ability cards: cards that provide various buffs to Dracoo

What is Summoner in Dracoo Master Game?

Dracoo Master will occasionally release the Summoner NFT image. Dracoo and artists collaborated to create the Summoner NFT. It has artistic value in addition to functional value. Each Summoner NFT has a distinct visual appearance, and the Summoner NFT can be displayed as your Summoner to all opponents.

  • Summoner could also be merged with Dracoo.
  • Summoner could get update in appearance and inherit the power of merged Dracoo.
  • Minimum of 50 points will be obtained.

You are able to convert your idling Dracoos to create your unique summoner NFT. You can get your Dracoo Master summoner NFT in various ways as shown below:

  • Get your summoner accessories from blind boxes,
  • Purchase your summoner NFT from the marketplace,
  • Limited edition NFT sales, created in collaboration with famous artists, thousands of unique summoners,
  • Unique summoner NFT spells to enpower your battles,
  • Up your summoner privelege and visual quality with Dracoo fusion.

Summoner Level

Summoner NFT has levels in Dracoo Master as well. Crafting Dracoo into upgrade points allows you to upgrade your Summoner NFT, and the upgraded Summoner NFT will set you apart from your friends.

Summoners are classified into four levels in Dracoo master game:

  1. Bronze,
  2. Silver,
  3. Gold,
  4. Diamonds.

The summoner’s level can be increased by:

  • Avatar frame unique to the level,
  • Level-specific matching animation,
  • Summoner NFT exclusive level.

LV4’s Summoner NFT will also unlock more collectible original paintings by various artists, in addition to the 1:1 avatar size.

Dracoo Master Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is a system that ranks players based on their in-game achievements. Leaderboards help to boost player competitiveness and create exciting challenges. Leaderboard competitions are activities in which the powerful attempt to climb the ranking ladder in order to achieve the highest possible position.

Only the best players will be rewarded. The prizes for this event are extremely valuable, well-deserved, and appealing to any player.

Reward Description

Top players who can occupy a position on the competitive ladder will be rewarded (top 10, top 100 and so on). Lower-ranked players will not be eligible for any rewards. The more valuable and generous the reward, the higher the level.

Leaderboard Classification

Dracoo Master’s leaderboard is divided into several categories, creating different challenges for players to overcome. Players can change and view their ranking based on the category of the leaderboard. The rankings are broken down as follows:

  • Trophy Leaderboard (Main List): Players are ranked based on the total number of trophies they have.
  • Victory Leaderboard: Sort players according to their number of victories.
  • Winning Streak Ranking: Players are ranked based on the number of consecutive wins.
  • Guild Ranking: The guild ranking is determined by each guild’s trophy.

Dracoo Master Guild

Guilds are organizations formed by the players themselves. With quests that require the efforts of all members to support the guild’s growth and collect valuable rewards, the guild helps to increase the connection between the players. Guilds make the game more difficult by ranking races on a scale between groups of players. ‌

How to Create a Dracoo Master Guild?

To form a Dracoo Master Guild, you must reach a certain level and pay a small fee. To improve the quality of Guild membership, you can set Guild membership requirements. ‌

How to Join the Dracoo Master Guild?

You can join any Guild as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for that guild. You can also participate by being invited by guild members. ‌

What are the Dracoo Master Guild Levels?

Levels are assigned to guilds. The higher the Level, the more valuable the features become. The Guild requires a large number of Glory Points and other resources to level up, so all guild members must work hard to accumulate enough. The maximum number of Guild members is also determined by Guild Level. ‌

What is the Dracoo Master Guild Leaderboard?

Guilds will be ranked against one another based on the total number of Glory Points. The more difficult the members’ work to earn Glory Points, the higher the Guild rank. To ensure fairness between the new Guild and the old Guild, the Guild Leaderboard will be reset at the start of each new season.

What are the Main Features in Dracoo Master Guild?

  • Guild Shop: Exclusively for Guild members, selling unique items available only here.
  • Guild Role: a guild member positioning system, where members with specific positions can receive additional benefits when collecting in-game resources.
  • Guild Vault: the guild’s asset store, where members can contribute assets to help the guild grow.
  • Guild Quest: The Guild’s main feature. The Guild Quest system will generate many quests with increasing difficulty and rewards every week. Members will receive various rewards based on the number of quests completed. Guild Quest is also an important source of Glory Points for Guild Leveling.
  • Guild War: A feature that allows guilds to compete against one another.

How to Earn Money in Dracoo Master Game?

You can earn money while playing Dracoo Master in a variety of ways, as detailed below:

  1. As a Digital Asset Holder: As digital asset rewards, you can select Summoner NFT and Advanced Dracoo. Your Dracoo and Summoner NFTs can both be resold or leased in the market. Players who are unable to obtain these assets through the lottery or breeding can lease them in the market. Simultaneously, low-value Dracoo can be pledged to the market to generate consistent pledge income.
  2. As a Player: Each version of Dracoo Master’s roguelike elements can provide thousands of hours of gameplay. While playing the Dracoomaster card game, you can improve your skills, build the best Dracoo team, and earn $BAS token revenue.
  3. As a Breeder: You can also be a breeder in Dracoo Master, creating Dracoo with better attributes, designing and developing better Dracoo decks, and selling them in competitions or on the market to obtain super high value-added benefit.

If you are not a blockchain player, you can still play the game by renting Dracoo through in-app purchases using Fiat-Money currency. The game’s revenue is also the digital currency on the chain. You only need to link the wallet to complete the withdrawal when you want to convert it into actual revenue.

How to Earn Rewards in the Dracoo Master Game?

The roguelike PVE mode allows you to obtain Big Amber Stones ($BAS) up to your daily limit while climbing the Sacred Peak. If you have a strong Dracoo team that assists you in reaching the summit, you will receive $BAS up to your daily limit.

After winning each game in the PVP competitive mode, you will receive $BAS token rewards. The daily amount available is limited. Every season, if you have a stronger Dracoo team, you will receive more $DRA rewards from special events.

What is Low Threshold in Dracoo Master Game?

We proposed lowering the barriers to entry for players at the beginning of DracooMaster. In addition to investing funds, users are frequently required to go through the time-consuming entry process of registering a wallet, purchasing currency, and purchasing game assets, resulting in many excellent games failing to reach ordinary players.

More players in PVP e-sports games create more interesting battles. A high entry barrier would limit Dracoo Master’s future growth. This is why we decided to create a low-barrier mode into which ordinary users can enter and play.

In Dracoo Master, you will be able to play using in-app purchases. Even if there is no wallet, users will be able to enjoy the charm of Dracoo Master.

Users with a common access pass who download apps from the Appstore, Google Play, or will receive three random Dracoo. Through these three Dracoo, you can enjoy all game modes and obtain monetary incentive assets on the chain. To withdraw the digital currency assets in the account, the user (gamer) must link the digital wallet.

What is Dracoo Master Access Pass?

The Dracoo Master access pass will be drawn at random from the Dracoo pledge pool.

  • Dracoo is included in the access pass without any restrictions.
  • The access pass includes the user rental market Dracoo and the Dracoo pledge pool.

What is Dracoo Master Big Amber Stone?

  • Ticker: BAS
  • Total Supply: unlimited
Big Amber Stone (BAS)

Dracoo Master will not sell $BAS token to players directly. Playing games can earn you $BAS. You can withdraw your earnings to your wallet after earning them.

Earning in Dracoo Master Game

  • Battle: Winning in PVE mode will earn you a certain amount of $BAS token.
  • Arena: Winning in the arena will result in a specific $BAS token reward.
  • Mission: After completing daily missions, you will receive $BAS rewards.
  • Ranking rewards: Players who improve their rankings can earn $BAS token rewards.
  • Union Battle: The winning union in the GVG mode will receive $BAS token and other rewards.


Big Amber Stone ($BAS) is the primary currency used by Dracoo Master. $BAS is primarily used for the following purposes.

  • Breeding Dracoo: The breeding system is the source of the majority of Dracoo, and each breeding will cost $BAS.
  • Dracoo Upgrade: In Dracoo Master, each pet has 18 component levels and 12 pet (individual) levels. Dracoo’s upgrade will cost $BAS.

What is Dracoo Master Blind Box?

Blind Box is a box system sold by Dracoo Master system to marketplace users.

Purchase Blind Boxes for $BUSD or $DRA. Blind Box’s price is variable and will be adjusted based on economic factors.

Blind Box will be released on a regular basis. When a new series of Blind Box is released, new card content, dracoo types, and gameplay are introduced.

Blind Box is available in limited quantities, with the selling price and quantity of each batch announced prior to the sale.

A Dracoo and its six body parts are included in the box. The six parts of the dracoo opened in the box will be distributed at random according to a predetermined ratio..

What is the Blind Box Drop-Rate in Dracoo Master Game?

TypeBlind Box

A Dracoo born from a mystery box has a 2% chance of having a mystic part, which is much higher than the 2% chance for a Dracoo born from breeding.

What is Dracoo Master Material Box?

A material box contains large quantities of assests that cannot be directly obtained in the game but necessary for your adventure. The more advance the material box is, the richer the reward it contains. There is a chance to directly get a Dracoo or summonet from the material box.

Pro Tip I: 1,000 material box shards can be exchanged for a material box.
Pro Tip II: Props obtained from material box can be traded in the Marketplace.

How to Do Breeding in Dracoo Master?

A Dracoo can be breed up to five times, and breeding will consume a certain amount of BAS and DRA. The more times a Dracoo breeds, the more BAS it will consumed for breeding. The offspring will inherit some characteristics of parents, and offspring will be born randomly according to Dracoo’s genetic structure role. Theoritacally, stronger parents will breed stronger offspring.

How to Witdrawal in Dracoo Master Game?

Every users earnings will be calculated at 00:00 (UTC-0) every day. After a locking period of 14 days, the earnings can be withdrawn or used for breeding and upgrading. The earnings can be used in-game during the locking period except for breeding, upgrading and withdrawals.

What are Dracoo Master Daily Tasks?

You can obtain a fixed amount of BAS by completing the daily tasks. There are also special tasks that you can complete in Dracoo Master game.

  • The special task pool is updated every season.
  • You could gain points after completing daily tasks. At 00:00 every day players will be rewarded BAS based on the total points they hold.
  • The prize amount in the task pool is updated every season.
  • The prize will be released linearly.
  • The reward is available to all users who complete special tasks.

Dracoo Master Tokenomics (Dracoo Point)

Ticker: DRA

Dracoo Point (DRA)
Token nameTotal Supply
Dracoo Point2,100,000,000
TokensSupply (%)Release ScheduleComments
Play2Earn861,000,00041%Issued over 60 monthsPlayer rewards, the most important part of the ecosystem
Private sale378,000,00018%3 months cliff, 12 months linear vestingRaise money for project continuation
Staking210,000,00010%Issued over 60 monthsDRA in-game returns on investing
Ecosystem Fund420,000,00020%10% on TGE, Issued over 60 monthsFor liquidity, marketing, cooperation and the like
Team210,000,00010%Issued over 60 monthsTeam and volunteer rewards
Advisor21,000,0001%6 months cliff, 36 months linear vestingAdvisor rewards

Token Release Scheduled

Dracoo Master will host Special Events where you can earn $DRA and unique crypto collectibles (NFTs).

  • You can earn $DRA token by participating in tournaments.
  • You can earn $DRA token by participating in the Marketplace.

Dracoo Master’s native digital cryptographically-secured fungible token (ticker symbol $DRA) is a transferable representation of attributed governance and utility functions specified in Dracoo Master’s protocol/code, and is intended to be used solely as an interoperable utility token on the games ecosystem.

$DRA token is a functional utility token that will be used as a decentralized medium of exchange between DracooMaster participants.

The goal of introducing $DRA is to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the Dracoo Master ecosystem, and it is not, and is not intended to be, a medium of exchange accepted by the public (or a segment of the public) as payment for goods or services or for the discharge of a debt; nor is it designed or intended to be used by any person as payment for any goods or services that are not exclusively related to DracooMaster.

$DRA token may only be used on Dracoo Master, and ownership of $DRA confers no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use $DRA to enable usage and interaction with DracooMaster.

$DRA token also provides the economic incentives that will be distributed to encourage users to contribute to and participate in the Dracoo Master ecosystem, resulting in a mutually beneficial system in which every participant is fairly compensated for their efforts.

$DRA token is an essential component of DracooMaster because there would be no incentive for users to expend resources to participate in activities or provide services for the benefit of the entire DracooMaster ecosystem without $DRA.

Given that an additional $DRA token will be awarded to a user based solely on its actual usage, activity, and contribution on Dracoo Master and/or proportionate to the frequency and volume of transactions, Dracoo Master users and/or $DRA token holders who did not actively participate will not receive any $DRA token incentives.

How to Earn More BAS in PVE Mode?

You can earn more BAS by doing followings:

  • Collect more Dracoos and Summoners
  • Increasing daily earning ceiling
  • Complete higher levels

How to Earn More Rewards in PVP Mode?

Winning a PVP battle will increase the ranking of the player. There are 6 ranking levels in total. In higher levels you will face:

  • Stronger opponents,
  • More victory rewards,
  • Higher level material box shards.


You would earn $DRA token by staking Dracoos and taking part in a variety of ecosystem games and tasks, such as completing specific challenges, outperforming other players, accruing play-time, introducing new users to the game, or participating in governance.

Double Token Model

The game’s goal with $DRA token and $BAS token is to encourage users to participate in ecosystem activities. The mechanisms described above have two primary goals:

  • To incentivize players to use tokens for transactions while rewarding them for interacting with Dracoo Master, in order to create an internal circulating economy.
  • Dracoo Master’s ownership and governance will be decentralized..

Why 2 Tokens Model?

  • To ensure the ecosystem’s sustainability and scalability.

What is Dracoo Treasury in Dracoo Master Game?

All Dracoo Master revenue will be placed in the Community Treasury, which is governed by the players.

The treasury would be re-distributed as incentives for active contributors interacting within the ecosystem in order to develop a self-sustaining, closed-loop economy. To receive rewards, all users must participate in the game’s development.

Once governance is implemented and the network is decentralized, governance will determine the parameters and conditions for allocations to various groups, and no centralized party will be able to control such aspects unilaterally.

Treasury Inflows

Inflows to the Treasury come from:

  • 4.25 percent of all transactions on the Dracoo NFT marketplace.
  • The DRA portion of the ecosystem fee is $DRA token.
  • Dracoo, Blind Box, cosmetics, and in-game consumables are available for purchase. There will also be fees when players level up their game characters, participate in tournaments, and upgrade Dracoo.

Cosmetic sales, tournament entry fees, licensing fees, and other similar income streams will be available in the future as new opportunities arise.

Dracoo Master Game Assets

  • DRA Token: Limited supply and it is the Governance Token. Service fee for core asset appreciation can it can be traded in secondary market.
  • BAS Token: Unlimited supply and it is the consumable in-game utility token. Its a Arena ticket and can be used for breeding, level up and evolving for Dracoo.
  • Gold Coin: Obtainable from monsters in PVE adventure. Used to purchase new cards and artificats. Exists only within the PVE mode.
  • Elixir/Unrefined Stone/Elemental Stone: Obtained from the PVP arena and material boxes. Necessary for level ups and evolution.
  • Dracoo Soul Stone: Collect a certain amount of Dracoo soul stones to exchange for a Dracoo egg.
  • Dracoo Egg: Hatchable for a new Dracoo.
  • Material Box: Contains various kinds of props.
  • Material Box Shard: Obtain from PVP arena. Used to exchange for a material box.


Dracoo Master is a play for Free, play to Earn deck-building NFT game based on blockchain technologies. You can form a Dracoo team to compete with others and earn rewards through battles. The gameplay of Dracoo Master combines teamwork and individual abilities. Dracoo Master also has PVE and PVP game modes to challenge yourself, and monthly updates with enticing rewards await you to learn more.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time. It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces. You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Dracoo Master already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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