Dogeon NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

Dogeon is play to earn NFT racing game that is built on Avalanche public blockchain. Players can do dog breeding and join the funny races.

The game is very easy to play for any basic player on block chain technology and also it is also interesting for experience game players to go around and explore more features.

The game mechanic and design is very simple for any game player.

To understand the mechanics of Dogeon you can watch below the demo video of the game.

The game itself has outstanding features to make any one happy while playing Dogeon.

Dogeon NFTs

Dogeon NFT

Dogeon has dogs called Dogies which helps you to win more extra rewards while playing the game.

Dogies are very helpful to win more and powerful rewards.

Basically when you have stronger dogs you have more chance to with better rewards in Dogeon game.

You can have Dogies by breeding dogs or combine different dog cards in game or you can buy them from the NFT markets.

The list of features of Dogies:

  • Dogies have four different stats like intelligence, speed, aligity and stamina and this stats define the power of Dogeon dogs and it is also important for racing in the game.
  • The more powerful stats that your dog have you have more chances to win the races.
  • Dogies hava rarities like Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
  • Dogies have skill set from 1 to 4
  • Dogies have maximum 12 energy and in Dogeon game each action or activity costs energy. If your dog finishes his/her energy do not worry it will be restored again.
  • The energy restoration rate in the game is 1 energy every 2 hours.
Dogeon Dogies

Another thing that you will need to know is The Dog Cards.

The Dog Cards are rare in the game and if you are lucky you can get them by your chance.

  • The dog cards have the same stats as dogs.
  • You can combine the dog cards to have another new dog card with new stats which makes the game more attractive and interesting.
  • If you have good chance and lucky you can get power dog cards to win the races more easy and get more rewards in the game.
  • The dog cards can be discovered in game or you can buy them easily on NFT markets.
Dogeon Dogecards

In the game there are 4 different lands with different sizes.

The game lands are called Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL).

Depends on the land size you can have more dogs in the land.

Dogeon Land Details

You can enchance your dogs in Dogeon game with different accessories and change your dog’s appearance and make them more fancy or funny.

Dogeon Equipments

Dogeon Gameplay

You can play Dogeon game in different modes like Adventure Race or Public Auto Race.

In adventure race you will be single and in public auto race you will be in multiple race.

Dogeon Gameplay Adventure

Jow to play Adventure mode in Dogeon?

  •  In this game mode you will have different small games which you will be controlling your dog in the races.
  • Adventure mode have small games with different difficulty levels to participate and to play in higher levels you should achieve to some levels with your dogs.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the dogs have 12 energy in the game and each action costs 1 energy for your dog so each game you play with your dog he/she will loose 1 energy.
  • But do not worry as I said also there is energy restoration in the game and remember: The energy restoration rate in Dogeon game is 1 energy every 2 hours.

How to play public auto race in Dogeon?

  • This mode is automatic race and you will have no control on your dog in the races of but you will be able to choose which of your dog will enter the race.
  • The game players will have notified with in game notification system before the races start. Some of this public races are paid races and you will have to pay a fee to enter the races.
  • After the race ends the in-game system will send the race results to players by in game mailbox and you will get paid directly.
  • You can race with your dogs in the game as many time as you want but each public auto race will cost 5 energy for your dog.

In Dogeon you can train your dogs and increase your dogs stats and improve your chance to win the games and races but training your dogs also cost an energy.

In Dogeon game the dog training costs 5 energy.

Tip for winning the race at Dogeon: Always train your dogs’ stats and always try to have maximum stats for your dogs’.

In Dogeon you will have daily quests, daily tasks and achivements which I recommend to finish them once they appear. By completing the tasks in you can earn more rewards which is free for every player daily.

Dogeon Gameplay

Dogeon Marketplace

You can buy, sell or exchange Dogeon NFTs or consumable in-game materials at marketplaces.

There are thousands of Dogeon items that you can get and power your dogs.

I personally to get some items if you are looking to win Dogeon races easily.

Dogeon Marketplace


Dogeon is one of my favorite play to ean game and I find the game is easy and fun to play.

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NFT market offers a lot of potential for innovative ideas, especially in the field of mobile gaming.

It’s not without reason that many game developers rely on blockchain, as the new technology is attracting more and more interested investors.

NFT is a great opportunity to sell hard-created items instantly.

Ultimately, NFT development in the near future remains exciting.

When this type of video game becomes more popular, play-to-earn games can become the next megatrend.

Have you played Dogeon already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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