Dogami NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Dogami?

Dogami is a virtual companion that can be earned through play and is Metaverse-ready. Gamers can participate in a variety of activities in the Petaverse, including adoption, play, earning (based on contributions), competing, and socializing.

The game’s overarching goal is to create the best and rarest Dogami (virtual dog).

Every Dogami will go through three stages of life:

  1. Puppy,
  2. Adult,
  3. Spirit.

To level up the avatar, you must nurture it and participate in casual mini-games that correspond to real-life activities performed by your Dogami at various stages of maturity.

Every action you take in the Petaverse affects the future of your NFT, and active participation will be rewarded in-game. You make a significant contribution to the evolution of your Dogami by engaging in activities such as training and exercise. Nurturing your Dogami is critical for increasing your pet’s bonding level and hastening the growth of your four-legged friend.

DOGAMI provides appealing play-to-earn mechanisms as well as novel Gamified DeFi Features. DOGAMI is based on the Tezos blockchain and issues the ‘$DOGA’ game-native utility token.

Dogami Game Features

Every Dogami is unique and can be defined by a variety of visual and non-visual characteristics. These characteristics will heavily influence your Dogami’s Rarity Score and scarcity rank. The rarity ranking table will help players understand their dogs’ individuality and what makes them so special.

Dogami Visual features:

  • Rarity Tier
  • Eye Color
  • Fur Color
  • Breed

Dogami Non-visual features

  • Personality
  • Dog Stats (Vitality, Robustness, Intelligence, Friendliness, Obedience)
  • Body Attributes
  • Dog Group
  • Gender

Dogami Stats

The statistics reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the various breeds. Throughout a Dogami’s life, each stat can be slightly improved (albeit in a limited way) through in-game activities. The Stats will influence your Dogami’s performance in future competitions as well as the amount of rewards you receive.

Furthermore, you will be able to customize your Dogami with NFT accessories (dog collar, hat, etc.) to make it uniquely yours.

Dogami NFT Features

Dogami NFT collectibles are central to our Petaverse.

Dogami NFT Features

Features of a Dogami

Features of a Dogamí

🐕 Generations of Dogami

DOGAMI initially releases Generation Alpha. Generation Alpha will be limited to 800 Dogami per breed and will be responsible for creating the original population for these breeds. The breeding of these original dogs determines subsequent population growth per breed. Generation Alpha Dogami will have a higher breed count and a higher chance of winning a reward.

🐶 Dogami Rarity Tiers

There will be four Rarity Tiers for each breed. When the NFTs are minted, players will be treated to a special unboxing event and will be randomly assigned a Dogami.

NFTs sold during normal sales will be divided into four different Rarity Tiers, as shown below:

Rarity TierProbability
🥉 Bronze60%
🥈 Silver30%
🥇 Gold8%
💎 Diamond2%

Your Dogami’s overall Rarity Score (which is part of the Dogami Score) is determined not only by the Rarity Tier, but also by his/her Fur Color, Eye Color, Personality (dominant & recessive), and Generation. The Rarity Score will be calculated using the number of occurrences of specific traits across the entire Dogami NFT population.

🎭 Dogami Personality

In addition to Stats, every Dogami is born with two ‘Personalities,’ one dominant and one recessive. Personalities can be passed down through breeding and will have an impact on your future offspring.

The full list consists of 30 different personalities, each with a unique rarity and effect on the Stat. Some may boost certain stats while decreasing others, resulting in a tradeoff.

Their effect will differ depending on their classification. The personalities are distributed evenly across all Rarity Tiers.

The three types of personalities are as follows:

  • Super Rare (5%)
  • Rare (20%)
  • Common (75%)

🍀 Dog Groups

Dogami breeds will be split according to the 7 major dog groups:

  • Sporting: “Sporting Dogs are naturally active and alert. Known for their superior instincts in water and woodland areas, they are similar to Hound Dogs and make well-rounded companions.” Ex: Golden Retriever
  • Non-Sporting: “Diverse in backgrounds and places of origin. In this category you will find dogs who no longer perform the duties for which they were originally bred. They are largely sought after as companion animals”. Ex: Shiba Inu
  • Toy: “Toy dogs are their own version of working dogs, they work hard at being attentive and affectionate companions”. Ex: Spitz Pomeranian
  • Herding: “Their natural intelligence and responsiveness makes them highly trainable. Today, some herding breeds are commonly trained for police work”. Ex: German Shepherd
  • Working: “Regarded as blue-collar workers, they were developed to assist humans in some capacity. They are known for their imposing stature, strength and intelligence”. Ex: Great Dane
  • Hound: “Hound Dogs were bred to assist hunters in the capture and retrieval of feathered game. Known for their explosive speed, powerful noses and wide vision”. Ex: Beagle
  • Terrier: “Were first bred to go underground and pursue rodents or other vermin. They can be playful pets and enthusiastic companions. However, training terrier dogs may be challenging because of their stubbornness”. Ex: Fox Terrier

Dogami Score

As previously stated, active participation and consistent progression will be rewarded in-game. The Dogami Score allows us to keep track of the Petaverse’s best and rarest avatars.

The Dogami Score is made up of three elements:

  1. Rarity Score: It compares the probability of occurrence of a specific combination of a Dogami’s physical traits and Personalities within the overall population
  2. Stats Score: It compares a dog’s Stats with those of the rest of the population.
  3. Bonding Level: It describes the player’s overall level progression and bond with his/her Dogamí
Rarity Score
Dogami Generation Statics

Every Dogami is made up of a variety of unit variations that have been assembled together (Fur Color, Eye Color, Personality and Rarity Tier). Both the Gender (50:50) and the Breed have an equal distribution and have no effect on the Rarity Score in the first drop.

Every configuration of random unit variations has a different chance of appearing. The lower the likelihood of a particular combination appearing, the higher its Rarity Score.

The Rarity Tier aspect, like the other physical variations, is a criterion, but it has a greater weight in the final formula than the other traits.

The Rarity Score calculates the likelihood of a specific combination of unit variations occurring in the overall population. The Rarity Score will remain constant, changing only when new drops of NFTs are released. The potential variations in the scores reflect changes in the prevalence of certain traits within the population.

All NFTs sold through direct mints are Alpha Dogami generation.

Despite the fact that this will have no effect on the Rarity Score at first, we include it in the formula to give greater value to generation Alpha Dogami once future generations are born through breeding.

Bonding Level Rewards

Bonding Level

A Dogami is more than just a digital companion; it is an affectionate creature that requires nurturing and care, just like in real life.

The stronger the bond, the greater the assistance. You must ensure your dog’s happiness by playing with it, feeding it on a regular basis, taking it for walks, voting in governance events on a regular basis, and teaching it tricks. While this does not directly affect your Dogami’s stats, it does increase your chances of winning unique rewards and acts as a multiplier for any $DOGA rewards you may earn (or unlock new ways to play the game and earn additional $DOGA rewards).

The Bonding Level begins at 0 and defines the progression of the Dogami. Raising your Bonding Level grants access to new activities, features, and consumables. The Bonding Level also determines the daily token rewards that can be earned by participating in certain activities; the higher your Bonding Level, the greater your maximum daily rewards.

Every action taken by the player earns him points that count towards his Bonding Level.

Bonding Mechanics

The Bonding Level is the game’s focal point. It defines your dog’s progression through the game’s phases and allows you to earn $DOGA and other rewards.

Puppy Bonding

The Bonding Mechanics will change from one phase to the next. They will be simple and easy to develop during the Puppy Phase. As you complete the maximum number of essential actions, your Dogami’s Bonding Level increases, determining how much $DOGA you can earn.

The higher your Bonding Level, the greater the potential rewards. Every day, the maximum daily rewards are determined by dividing the monthly play-to-earn pool by the number of active players the day before.

Dogami Bonding

Example table:

Bonding LevelPotential Reward ($DOGA)
Level 15
Level 210
Level 525
Level 1050

Note : Exact values are subject to change and may be reviewed in order to keep the game & the rewards balanced. The Bonding Level is included in the metadata of your Dogami. So in case of sale, the level is kept by the dog.

Adult Bonding

The system remains the same in the Adult Phase, but a new Booster is added. The Booster, as the name implies, will act as a multiplier for the $DOGA rewards that players may earn through interactions with the ecosystem.

A good Booster is obtained by maintaining a positive relationship with your Dogami and meeting his expectations on a regular and timely basis.

The faster you attend to your dog’s needs, the more satisfied he will be, and thus the larger your Booster will be.

The slower you go, the lower the Booster coefficient, and thus the lower your daily rewards.

Your training efficiency will have an effect on your Booster as well.

Dogami Bonding Level

The Booster is set to 1 by default, and it will fluctuate between 0.5 and 2.5 depending on your relationship with your dog and response time.

Example table:

Bonding levelDaily Playing Rewards ($DOGA)BoosterPotential Final Reward ($DOGA)
Level 1515 * 1 = 5
Level 2100.7510 * 0.75 = 7.5
Level 525225 * 2 = 50
Level 10502.550 * 2.5 = 125

Note : Exact values are subject to change and may be reviewed in order to keep the game & the rewards balanced. The Booster is not included in the metadata of your dog. So in case of sale, the Booster is reset to 1 but the overall Bonding Level remains the same.

🏆 Loyalty Rewards

Your Dogami will also reward you for your loyalty and consistency. If you take care of him every day without fail, a progressive achievement system will recognize your efforts.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of events that will be rewarded in $DOGA:

  • First encounter with your Dogami
  • Taking care of your Dogami several days in a row (3 days, 5days, 10 days, 50 days, …)
  • And much more…

Dogami Stats & Allocation Mechanism

Every Dogami has a total of 140 points that are distributed across five Stats by default. As a puppy, a Dogami has only a fraction of these 140 points, and the traits must be developed over the course of his or her life.

Example: Distribution of Stats for one Dogami

  • Vitality (35)
  • Robustness (30)
  • Intelligence (20)
  • Friendliness (20)
  • Obedience (35)

Total: 140

Rest assured! Accessories & Dog Attributes can extend the 140 points maximum.

Dogami Body Attributes
Dogami Dog Attributes

🐾 Body Attributes: Overview

When a Dogami evolves from a Puppy into an Adult, he/she is assigned five new Body Attributes

  • These Body Attributes are drawn at random from a list of nine different ones
  • The category of Attributes assigned will be influenced by the Dogami’s dog group, e.g., Toy Dogs will have a higher chance of drawing fashion attributes instead of hunting attributes
  • There are four Rarity Tiers for each Body Attribute
Rarity TiersStats BoostAbility
Common+1 Stat pointNo additional ability
Rare+1 Stat pointAdditional ability
Epic+1 Stat pointA boosted Rare ability
Legendary+1 Stat pointA boosted Epic ability
  • A Dogami with a high Rarity Score will have a larger probability of drawing Rare Body Attributes
  • Once a Dogami is assigned five Body Attributes, they cannot be changed
  • Body Attributes are passed on to offsprings during breeding. However, mutations are also possible

⚡️ Impact of Body Attributes

A Body Attribute grants you special abilities and thus acts as a stat boost for a specific type of activity.

For example, a Dogami can have a booster of 10% on his “Vitality” for all “Hunting” activities

  • The list of Body Attributes and their abilities will be released as the game development progresses
  • The ability of a Body Attribute is drawn between 3 possible options
  • Every Dogami will have the possibility to exchange this ability with one of the two remaining ones at a certain moment of his life-cycle

🧮 Probability of drawing a Body Attribute by Rarity Tier

Dogami Rarity TierCommon AttributeRare AttributeEpic AttributeLegendary Attribute

Note : Exact values are subject to change and may be reviewed in order to keep the game & the rewards balanced. The Body Attributes are included in the metadata of your Dogami. So in case of sale, the Attributes are kept by the dog

Dogami Consumables, Accessories & Collectibles


💊 Types of Accessories

As mentioned in the Dogami NFTs section, Dogami NFTs have multiple Stats that influence their Dogami Score as well as their performance in future mini-games. Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to buy or win a variety of accessories.

Certain Accessories will have an effect on the stats of a Dogami. Some will be awarded at random to players who log in daily and interact with their pet on a regular basis, while others will have to be purchased or won at later stages of the game.

We can distinguish three types of Accessories:

  • Consumables(e.g., food, treats and meds)
  • Wearables(e.g., clothing items)
  • Collectibles and Badges(e.g., rewards offered during mini-games or upon reaching a certain stage in the game)

🍗 Consumables

Consumables will be used frequently throughout the game to feed your Dogami, train him, play with him, teach him tricks, and so on. Consumables, as the name implies, are perishable and must be replenished once depleted. Consumables can be given away for free or purchased on the open market.

Consumables will have the following parameters:

  • Item Name: Name of the consumable
  • Class: Determines the item’s class. We distinguish 3 classes of consumables: Basic, Premium, Deluxe
  • Activity Associated: Activity that the item will be associated with (feeding, playing, cleaning etc.)
  • Nurturing Efficiency: Factor by which the consumable reduces the number of instances required for an action
  • Number of Uses: Defines the number of uses of a particular consumable
  • Price : Fixed in $DOGA
Item NameActivity AssociatedItem ClassNuturing EfficiencyPrice
Dry KibbleNurturingBasic1Free
Raw BeefNurturingPremium1.25BasePrice * 1.25
Raw ChickenNurturingPremium1.25BasePrice * 1.25
Cooked BeefNurturingDeluxe1.5BasePrice * 1.5
Cooked BeefNurturingDeluxe1.5BasePrice * 1.5
Balanced Cooked FoodNurturingDeluxe2BasePrice * 2

The Basic consumables will be free of charge but their impact will be less efficient in comparison with the others. Premium and Deluxe consumables are paid and offer players more comfort regarding the number of times an action needs to be completed per day. E.g: If an action needs to be completed twice per day, using a consumable with a Nurturing Efficiency of 2 will reduce the number of instances required to 1. This system allows us to maintain a level playing field for all players, whether they opt for paid consumables or Basic ones.

👔 Wearables

Wearables will allow you to personalize your Dogami, increase its rarity, influence its stats, and, most importantly, make your Dogami stand out in the Petaverse.

Every article will be linked to a physical location on the dog. For each physical slot, only one item can be worn. The exact number and list of available slots will be announced soon.

Wearables will have the following parameters:

  • Class: Determines the item’s class. We distinguish 4 classes of wearables: Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary
  • Slot: The body section associated with the wearable. e.g: glasses will be associated with the “eye” slot
  • Effect: A wearable may or may not have an effect on the dog’s Stats. The entire list of wearables and their effect will be released soon.
  • Price: Fixed in $DOGA
Item NameDog slotItem ClassEffect
Blue GlassesEyesCommonNone
Yellow SocksPawsCommonNone
Warm Dog JacketBodyRare+1 Vitality Stats
Fashionista HatHeadEpicBonus effect on fashion Activity
Water CannonBackLegendaryBonus effect on firefighter activity

🏅 Collectibles & Badges

Collectibles and Badges will be given to players when they reach certain milestones and/or compete. Some will serve as trophies, allowing players to display their accomplishments, while others will grant access to specific areas of the Petaverse.

For example, when a player reaches the Adult Phase, they will be awarded a badge that grants them access to the Breeding grounds.

The complete list of Collectibles and Badges will be released as the game develops.

Dogami Gameplay

dogami gameplay

DOGAMI revolves around adopting, raising, and bonding with your virtual NFT dog at various stages of his/her life-cycle. Similar to Tamagotchi and Nintendogs, but this time we’re taking it to a whole new level. Or should we say “Petaverse”?

Each maturity stage will have its own set of activities, gameplay loops, and reward mechanisms. As part of the MVP, players will be required to actively care for their four-legged friends in order to strengthen their shared bond and generate daily $DOGA rewards.

The Dogami Life-Cycle

Dogamí Life-Cycle

🐕‍🦺 The Evolution of a Dogami

Every Dogami will go through 3 different Phases:

  1. Puppy Phase,
  2. Adult Phase,
  3. Spirit Phase.

Levelling up your Dogami is achieved by attaining a certain Bonding Level and reaching certain milestones.

❤️ Phase 1: Nurture, Raise and Train your Dogami

To progress through Phase 1 as a Dogami, gamers must nurture and care for their three-dimensional NFT while also teaching them special tricks inspired by real life. The game’s first phase will include Augmented Reality features and will primarily consist of hyper-casual single player gameplay. .

👨‍💼 Phase 2: Get Ready for the Dog’s Adult Life

Phase 2 will include breeding features as well as competitive multiplayer mini-games inspired by real canine sports and dog professions. Players can pursue specialized career paths by enrolling in training activities. Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to compete in the Annual DOGAMI Olympics, in which only the best performing dogs will be rewarded in a winner-take-all event.

💫 Phase 3: Land in the Petaverse during the Spirit Phase

After completing at least one career track and maximizing your breed count, you will enter Phase 3. Dogami in the Spirit Phase will gain new ownership rights in the Petaverse and will be able to buy plots of land and host activities of their choosing while receiving a percentage of the revenue generated. .

Puppy Phase (MVP)

Puppy Phase (MVP)

❤️ Phase 1: Nurture, Raise and Train your Dogamí

The first stage of the game is all about caring for and raising your puppy. The purpose of this phase is to help you become acquainted with the DOGAMI mechanics and, more importantly, to fall in love with your Dogami. During this phase, you will be able to interact with your Dogami in a completely immersive Augmented Reality experience.

In order to recreate the real-life experience of owning a pet, you will need to care for your virtual pet by completing a set of essential actions every day, just like in real life. The better you meet your Dogami’s needs, the faster you will progress. These activities include tasks that are necessary for your Dogami’s survival as well as teaching them specific tricks to strengthen your Bonding Level.

Mechanics of the Puppy Phase

Mechanics of the Puppy Phase

Players must go through all of the daily requirements in order to keep the dog happy/healthy. Every need will have different time constraints, and some may require multiple completions throughout the day.

Essential Actions

ActivityTime ConstraintsNumber of Daily Instances
Feeding (Nurturing)4 hours4
Drinking (Nurturing)4 hours4
Cleaning8 hours1
Potty training4 hours4
Playing6 hours3
Petting4 hours3
WalkingDepends on your Bonding LevelDepends on your Bonding Level

Note: Exact values are subject to change and may be reviewed in order to keep the game & the rewards balanced.

Non-Essential Actions (Tricks – non exhaustive list)

TrickBonding level unlockFinger gestureNumber of repetitions needed
SitLevel 1Swipe down from stomachTBD
Lay DownLevel 2Swipe down from headTBD
Give PawLevel 3Swipe up from pawTBD
SpinLevel 4Swipe from left to rightTBD
Fetch ItemLevel 5Flick itemTBD

Note: Certain tricks will be harder to teach than others. The list of tricks will be unlocked and discovered gradually as the Dogami evolves. Exact values are subject to change and may be reviewed in order to keep the game & the rewards balanced.

Adult Phase & Career Tracks

Adult Phase & Career Tracks

👨‍💼 Phase 2: Get Ready for the Dog’s Adult Life

In order to progress to the Adult Phase, players must first complete a certain number of Puppy Phase tasks. When you reach adulthood, you gain access to new career paths and training activities in the form of single-player and multiplayer mini-games.

Examples of possible careers include:

  • Police Dogs 👮
  • Firefighter Dogs 🚒
  • Farmer Dogs 🌾
  • Space Dogs 🚀
  • Yoga Dogs 🧘
  • Skater Dogs 🛹

Players who successfully complete a career path will be awarded a special NFT badge that serves as a certificate of completion. During governance events, badge holders will be granted special voting rights and will have a say in the future of the career track in question. The goal is to give players more say over which mini-games they want to see in each career path.

The player’s training efficiency will play a role in determining the Booster, which, in conjunction with the Bonding Level, will help determine the daily rewards. Regularly training your dog will earn you a boost and increase your daily $DOGA rewards.

As the MVP of the game progresses, the exact constraints and functions will be revealed.

Dogami Puppy Phase

🌿 Breeding

When your Dogami reaches the Adult Phase, he or she will be given a special badge that allows him or her to enter the breeding grounds. Players will be able to put their Dogami up for sire and choose who to breed with.

Spirit Phase

dogami Spirit Phase

💫 Phase 3: Land in the Petaverse during the Spirit Phase

Players who complete both the Puppy and Adult Phases will receive a new Dogami whose physical form has evolved into a new Spirit form. A Dogami enters the Spirit Phase after successfully completing the Puppy and Adult phases and is no longer able to breed.

Dogami in the Spirit Phase can be sent to the Dogami Dojo to supervise the training and development of younger Dogami.

DOGAMI Olympics

DOGAMI Olympics

🏅 Annual DOGAMI Olympics

Dogami are competitive as well. DOGAMI intends to include a multiplayer mode in Phase 2. The first offering is called the ‘DOGAMI Olympics,’ and it is a collection of realistic canine mini-games in which players compete against each other for a chance to win attractive prizes and climb up the leaderboards.

Players who want to compete must pay a $DOGA fee to enter this winner-take-all competition! Potential mini-games may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Agility: In this activity, your Dogami must successfully navigate a series of obstacles such as ramps, wheels, and walls as quickly as possible. The primary goal is to test your Dogami’s agility and reflexes.
  2. Cani-Cross: The Cani-cross involves running with your dog on a leash. The goal is to run a certain distance with your Dogami while staying within a time limit. .
  3. Flyball: In this sport, your Dogami must navigate an obstacle course made up of four hay bales at full speed. At the end, he/she must use an automatic launcher to catch a ball in mid-air and return it to his/her owner. This sport puts your Dogami’s coordination, intelligence, and vitality to the test.

Dogami Breeding & Love Seasons

Dogami Breeding & Love Seasons

Breeding features will not be available until your Dogami has reached the Adult Phase. .​

As the game progresses, the Petaverse will be home to over 300 different Dogami breeds. The first stage will concentrate on releasing all of the different pure breeds of dogs that exist today. In the second stage, we will use selective cross breeding (i.e Golden Doodle).

Following these first two stages, we intend to implement creative and random cross breeding options powered by genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence. !

😍 Dogami Breeding Rules

  • A Dogami can only breed during specific periods called “Love Seasons”
  • Every Dogami has a limited breed count, meaning they can only breed a limited number of times during their life
  • Players will have to pay a dating fee in $DOGA for pairing up with the Dogami
  • Generation Alpha will have a larger breed count
  • For simplicity, at the beginning of the game, only dogs from the same breed will be able to breed. However, popular mixed breeds are in development and will be released as the game progresses
  • Your Dogami has a pre-determined sex (male/female), so a female Dogami can breed new puppies, and a male Dogami can sire
  • Once your Dogami have mated, the new Puppy is revealed
  • Both players enter a blind auction to decide who gets to keep the new offspring
  • During the first round, both players must bid a certain amount of $DOGA if they wish to keep the offspring
  • Once the bids are revealed, the losing bidder will have the option to place another bid if he/she wishes to keep the newly bred Puppy. This process continues until one of the two parties accepts the bid and grants the newly bred Dogami to the other party
  • The losing party gets the winning bid from the other player
  • Dogami charges a 5% breeding fee on the auction amount

🧬 Genetics

The characteristics of Dogami offspring will be determined using a genetic algorithm technique that crosses the genetic information (DNA) of the parents. Mutation techniques will also be used to randomize the pairing outcome. .

💌 Love Season Parameters

The Love Seasons are the only times when Dogami are fertile and capable of reproducing. To control the Petaverse’s population, each Love Season will have varying parameters that define breeding costs, breed counts, and cool-down periods. This mechanism will be used on a global scale to manage populations and implement new/limited edition breeding recipes.


Dogami is a virtual companion that can be earned through play and is Metaverse-ready. Gamers can participate in a variety of activities in the Petaverse, including adoption, play, earning (based on contributions), competing, and socializing.

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Have you played Dogami already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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