Dinox World NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is DINOX World?

DINOX World is a sandbox-style combat and strategy game. A well-known gameplay genre combined with a dinosaur-themed fan favorite. You can train, breed, upgrade, and battle their own dinosaurs (NFTs) against AI and player opponents. As part of a Play to Earn model, players earn rewards for achievements, checkpoints, and battle victories.

DINOX World Story

DinoX World arose from the desire to create a fun, new way to interact with NFT collectibles while also attempting to fulfill our inner child’s dream of owning our very own dinosaurs. As a result, we’ve created a world of collectible and tradeable NFT dinosaurs that live and breed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Not only that, but the DinoX World universe is a fully interactive ecosystem with exciting games in which users can enjoy their dinos while potentially earning some rewards along the way.

DINOX World Gameplay

The assets mentioned in the early pages of this whitepaper are the project’s building blocks. However, the ecosystem is a complex solution in which all assets must work together to provide the full end-user experience. In this case, we have planned some of the most important features and functions that will be built on top of those assets in advance.

The game, which is an entire world in and of itself, is the main component of the ecosystem. It is intended to increase user engagement and trust while also providing entertainment and even rewards for playing. All of this is related to the collectible nature of DNX.

Staking and governance features are also important components of the ecosystem. We want the community to be as involved as possible in order to provide functionality for users of all types. Passive staking accounts, speculative collectors, dinosaur fans, and casual and softcore players are all welcome.

There is always a simple core loop for the player to experience at the heart of good game design. We don’t want to try anything new when it comes to having fun and enjoying ourselves. And with it comes the core loop, which is depicted above and explained further below.

There will be a story, non-player characters, and animated dinosaurs fighting other creatures in the DINOX World game. Overall, the game will incorporate elements from the “idle games” and “turn-based card games” genres, as well as “management” and “tycoon” game types.

We can divide the main loop into three phases: actions, rewards, and setup. Then, as follows, subdivide those into even smaller features:

Primary Actions

  • Dino Battles
  • DNX Training

Secondary Actions

  • Breeding
  • Idle Tournaments
  • Community created mini-games


• In-game Items (DNXI)
• Currency (DNXC)
• Experience (meta)
• Dinosaurs (DNX)


  • Island management
  • Dino care (Tamagotchi)
  • Inventory
  • Marketplace
  • Level ups / Experience usage
  • Preparations for actions

DINOX World Play to Earn Model

All of the features in the game and ecosystem are based on some fundamental ideas and thought processes. One of these concepts is known as “Play to Earn.” We want this concept to be a pillar of design choices for both the ecosystem and the game.

We want to use the ecosystem’s many dynamic features to the greatest extent possible in order to reward the player as much as possible. Getting better, being a little lucky, and thinking before acting will all lead to the user gaining more rewards and, eventually, he will be able to earn something for himself as well.

At the most basic level, it will take the form of DNX (a higher-valued token) and DNXC (a lower-valued but more widely available token).

Stake to earn and govern

DinoX users will be able to stake their DNXC tokens in exchange for rewards. The rewards will begin higher and gradually decline over time to aid in the growth of user acquisition. We will offer rewards on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis, with the value of the reward determined by the amount of time staked.

Users will be able to add value to the DinoX project and will be rewarded for doing so. For example, instead of just DNXC, they may be able to earn special DNX tokens.

Players will be able to contribute to the project in a variety of ways, including:

  • Participating in voting and governance
  • Playing the game and using other assets within the game
  • Completing the tasks all around the ecosystem and outside of the ecosystem

We want to add the ability to form guilds of users who can work on tasks together. Those guilds will receive tasks and quests for the game that are only available to those guilds. This way, we can expand the community in ways other than the game itself.

We wanted people to have the experience of owning their very own digital dinosaur! To pay homage to the digital age in which we grew up, we chose a pixilated artwork style for the DinoX collectible dinosaurs – DNX Tokens.

What is DINOX World NFTs?

Our dinosaurs are even based on real dinosaur genera, and we have all of your favorites – think Triceratops, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus – as well as tons of really cool ones that will amaze you when you see them!

We’ve created a procedural generator to aid in the creation of each dino’s uniqueness. We eventually hope to include the entire range of known dinosaur genera, as well as some new, never-before-seen dinosaurs unique to DinoX.

Usage of DinoX World NFTs

For this first generation (G0), we carefully selected specific dinosaurs and handcrafted them down to the smallest detail. Aside from being pixelated, the dinos’ genetic code has a lot of realism.

For example, the color patterns and physical features of each dinosaur NFT, such as actual size, scales, feathers, spikes, and so on, are described in the backstory and accurately depicted, just as they would be if the real dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth today.

Starting out as dino eggs, the owner has the option of hatching the egg and discovering what awesome dino is inside, or keeping the egg unhatched.

Unhatched eggs may be appealing to collectors because it is unknown which dino is inside, and when sold to a new owner, they gain the experience of solving that mystery themselves.

Prospective owners can trade, sell, or keep both hatched and unhatched dinos.

The plan for DinoX World

We have big plans for the entire DinoX universe. Given the project’s theme and the fact that the dinosaurs play a role within a well-designed ecosystem and game layered on top of blockchain, we believe we will have a significant impact on the entire crypto world.

Here are some of the plans for DinoX in its early stages:

  1. Multiple generations of Dino NFTs (DNX)
  2. Breeding and the possibility to create new, never before seen
    genera of dinos.
  3. A full interactive game with the codename “DinoX WORLD

DINOX World Digital Genesis

To achieve all of DinoX Universe’s development goals, there are several different sales for each core type of asset that serves as fundraising.

It is the first step on the roadmap, which is divided into several phases. The majority of them use the DNXC token, which is an ERC20 standard token that can be used throughout the DinoX universe’s entire ecosystem. We decided to start the Digital Genesis of DinoX in the following phases because it is the best asset to use for liquidity and pre-sales:

Phase 1 – Seed and private token sale

This phase will allocate DNXC tokens to the first interested groups and will assist us in laying the groundwork for the successful launch of all subsequent phases.

Phase 2 – Public token sale

The next allocation will be for the community and individuals who want to get the DNXC ahead of time.

Phase 3 – Generation 0 DNX

We want the community, users, and players to be able to own the first pieces of their own DinoX universe before the game is released in ALPHA. These are the project’s building blocks: dinosaurs. The user will use DNXC to purchase individual or packages of unhatched DNX eggs. This will reintroduce DNXC coins into the ecosystem for use in the following steps.

Phase 4+

The final stage is the full after-genesis-sale phase, during which we will introduce many new DNX generations as well as the first interactive options such as breeding and others.

Phase X

The game introduction.

DinoX World Game Assets

DinoX World ecosystem can be divided into smaller functional pieces, all of which work together by utilizing three main assets that are fully deployed on the Ethereum main blockchain (and on sidechains).

  • DNX – Dinosaur NFTs (ERC 721)
  • DNXC – Currency used for trading DNX eggs, staking, governing, playing the game and fully liquidable on marketplaces (ERC 20).
  • DNXI – Tokens existing on ETH sidechains (Layer 2) – these tokens are representing all the utility assets to be used within the games.

For example: Character equipment, Dino upgrades, Island park utilities, etc.

1. DNX – Dinosaurs

DNX is a standard ERC 721 token that has been deployed and is currently active on the Ethereum mainnet. It has been enhanced with some basic features such as sales and breeding.

This token is represented in the game as a fully animated and functional one-of-a-kind “dinosaur.”
DNX is a component of the DinoX universe. These tokens are analogous to your WoW heroes.

We’ve created a custom complex solution for generating these creatures, complete with attributes, colors, names, animations, and so on. All of this was completed months before the start of DinoX’s first phases.

All DNX tokens start out as unhatched eggs. As the content of the egg is hidden unless hatched by the owner, all collectors and non-players could use the NFT as an asset on its own and use it as a simple plain collectible, similar to Pokemon booster packs.

Unhatched eggs, like hatched DNX, are all unique and have some corresponding traits/colors/patterns to the future dino that will hatch from it.

DNX dinos are associated with some blockchain-written traits as well as some centralized data. They have a family name (velociraptor, triceratops, and so on), a sizing indicator, a rarity indicator, a birthday, and a plethora of other game-related stats and traits.

2. DNXC – Currency

DNXC is a standard ERC20 token that can be used to interact fully with the DinoX app and game.
The ability to exchange (buy) this token for individual or packages of DNX eggs is the first and most important role of this token.

As a result, the DinoX ecosystem will have a significant in-and-out flow of DNXC.

It is not required, but because the ecosystem of this project is more than just DNXs as collectible and tradeable assets, and its main goal is to provide a fully developed casual but complex game, this token will be a very useful addition for DinoX.

This token will handle the in-game marketplace (only the DNX dinos may be sold on open-sea or other NFT markets as it is a standard erc721 token), so the user will be able to sell or buy other important items for usage. It will primarily be the DNXI token.

DNXC will also be used for staking and governance. We want to give the community the opportunity to vote on or select various aspects of the project, and we want to reward them for participating in the ecosystem.

Last but not least, this token will be used as a reward for playing the game. (Winning tournaments, battles, discovering treasures, and so on.)

3. DNXI – L2 tokens

DNXI are Layer 2 ERC721 tokens that will be used as a progression within the DinoX game and ecosystem. They exist on the second layer so that we can use them as frequently as possible without overwhelming users with high gas prices and reward players with some nice looking and functional items such as equipment, actions, island upgrades, and so on.

These tokens will serve as the user’s inventory’s top layer (with the bottom layer being DNXC and DNX on the main ETH blockchain).

Because these tokens will only be used within the game and will not have collectible values, they will be sold within the game marketplace and linked to DNXC contracts.

As the user upgrades their island, or even their DNXs equipment, the actual values of DNXs will rise over time. These DNX-DNXI relationships will be maintained by centralized storage and the DinoX API. As a result, when the player sells DNX in-game or on other NFT markets, it will include all of the connected DNXI.


DINOX World is a sandbox-style combat and strategy game. A well-known gameplay genre combined with a dinosaur-themed fan favorite. You can train, breed, upgrade, and battle their own dinosaurs (NFTs) against AI and player opponents. As part of a Play to Earn model, players earn rewards for achievements, checkpoints, and battle victories.

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