DeRace NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is DeRace?

DeRace is the world’s first decentralized blockchain-based racehorse platform, bringing together millions of racehorse fans in a community where you can buy, breed, and stage races in your own hippodromes for real money.

DeRace NFT Game

DeRace Gameplay

DeRace is designed to be easy and sophisticated at the same time. The gamer can choose how he or she wants to engage. The player can take on the role of:

  • Horse owner
  • Bookmaker

You can play with varying degrees of involvement in each role, allowing for both aggressive and passive gameplay.

The profit produced would be influenced by the involvement.

All participants gain important advantages, with increased activity yielding higher rewards.

How Does it Work?

DeRace is a platform that simulates real-life horse racing and allows gamers to have the most realistic horse racing experience possible. It includes not only the racing but also other aspects of the business.

Horse owners have the option of owning, breeding, and trading their horses, as well as competing in races. Hippodromes hold races and compete with one another to attract spectators.

What are DeRace NFT Horses?

DeRace horses, like genuine racehorses, have a variety of characteristics that determine their rarity, performance, cool-down time, and, eventually, worth. They are one-of-a-kind in every way. A horse is an important asset that allows you to compete in races and earn money.

Every NFT horse has a set of distinguishing features that are both apparent and hidden in DeRace:

  • Sex, color, form, breed, breeding, and racing cool-down are all visible.
  • Speed and stamina are hidden abilities.

The important variables in winning the race are speed and stamina. Horse looks, bloodline (parent genetics), and past racing statistics can all be used to predict speed and stamina.

Example of NFT horse characteristics in DeRace:

Horse properties
Speed60 / 100
Stamina80 / 100
Racing cool-down5 min
Breeding cool-down20h
BloodlineMix Breed
Physical data
Eye colorRed
Eye shapeType 2
Body patternNone
Body typeFit
EarsType 3
JawType 0
Additional head elementnone
TailType 4

Every horse in the game is created and differentiated using NFT technology. NFT coins are used to store horses. Horses can be purchased (in-game or from a third party) or generated through breeding.

The data of every NFT horse is available to the general public. Users can examine the horse’s looks, race history, and bloodline. Users can travel through horse ancestry using family trees.
There will be a leveling system for the NFT horses.

The level will be determined by the number of races entered, the number of races won, and general activity on the platform. The greater the level, the more expensive it is. Horses of the same level can compete in hippodromes.

DeRace Horse Breeding

A third NFT token is created when two NFT tokens are combined. The player chooses two NFT horses to breed. One must be male, while the other must be female. The breeding cool-down for both horses must be zero.

Each horse has distinct characteristics that influence how it appears, breeds, and performs on the racetrack. Users can see all physical traits, sex, and breeding cool-down.

Speed and stamina, which are important factors in winning a race, are unknown and can only be estimated based on the horse’s looks, bloodline (parent genetics), and previous race results.

Through an Ethereum smart contract, both NFT horses tokens are delivered to GA (Genetic Algorithm). GA creates a third NFT horse by merging genes from the parents, with a +/- 5% variation (RNG factor is applied).

This means that even if both parents have a speed of 20, their child’s speed can range from 19 to 21.

Smart contracts are used to send the 3rd created NFT horse and parent horses back to the relevant user wallet.

DeRace NFT Marketplace

NFT horses can be sold in any NFT marketplace, including the in-game marketplace. The owner has full control over their NFT horses and DeRace money, which are kept in a separate wallet.

The payer has the option of purchasing either randomly produced horses or bred horses with a bloodline and racing history. Horses (whether pre-purchased or bred) can be sold for a set price or at auction.

  • DeRace coins are deducted from the user’s wallet if they choose to buy a horse from the marketplace for a set price. NFT horses are accounted for in their pocketbook.
  • If the user has purchased a horse from another user for a set price. The appropriate buyer’s wallet receives ownership of the NFT horse. The user who sold the horse receives the DeRace coins.

All in-game assets are represented in the currency of your choice – fiat or cryptocurrency. All transactions, however, are conducted entirely in DeRace Coins, ensuring a stable token volume and availability.

DeRace Horse Racing

Each race features a specific number of horses. For a predetermined fee, any horse owner can enter a hippodrome race. The hippodrome chooses its participants based on pre-determined criteria. The winning horse receives a percentage of all entry fees as well as other rewards.

Because the races are based on RNG technology, the race winner is determined at random. The speed and stamina characteristics are important; yet, they do not ensure victory.

Each speed parameter point represents a chance to win, which is diluted by the overall quantity of participants’ speed sums. The RNG algorithm is widely utilized in a variety of applications, including video games, statistical sampling, computer simulation, and cryptography.

You choose a race to compete in from the list of future races. The date, game regulations, registration fee, player quantity, hosting hippodrome, and winning pool can all be used to filter forthcoming races.

A participation fee is paid by the player. The winner is declared after the race, and DeRace coins are added to the winner’s account. The horse racing cool-down begins after the race.

DeRace Hippodromes

All horse races are held in hippodromes. To determine who owns the hippodrome, the NFT hippodrome tokens are employed. The player can possess a share of the hippodrome as a whole because each hippodrome includes 10,000 unique NFT tokens.

You have the right to run hippodrome races if you own more than 5000 tokens (greater than 50%). As a result, hippodrome managers are referred to as bookies.

The bookmakers decide how and when the races will be held at their hippodrome. The races can be open to the public, subject to certain conditions (for example, having a proven track record of success), or by invitation only (for specific users). The race entry fee and winning reward fund are at the jurisdiction of the bookmaker.

The owners can market their hippodromes to other players because all hippodromes have the same parameters. It can be done both inside and outside of the game (for example Telegram). At all times, DeRace has complete control over the number of new and operational hippodromes.

Hippodromes will include a leveling system. Levels will be determined by the number of races held, total activity, and other factors. If the hippodrome is dormant, it may lose a level.

Different sorts of surfaces will be unlocked as the stages progress, as well as the amount of horses that can compete. As a result, users can build a variety of races with more horses.

Hippodrome earnings are distributed to users in proportion to their ownership stake (Tokens). 0.01 percent is represented by 1 token.

DeRace Game Tokenomics

What is DeRace Coin ($DERC)?

DeRace DERC Token

The DeRace Coin ($DERC) is an ERC20-compliant cryptographic token that works in the same way as Ether on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a DeRace platform money as well as a stand-alone store of value.

Using DeRace Coin (DERC) for in-game transactions allows us to reduce transaction fees to the absolute minimum.

Contributors from outside the project will be rewarded with the DeRace coin (payment). This will only pique their interest in tracking the project’s progress and contributing to its success.

DeRace Coin (DERC) utility

DeRace coin serves as a source of energy for the entire platform. DeRace’s crowdfunding and marketplace will accept both DeRace Coins and traditional payment methods, however all transactions will be completed with DeRace Coins.

DeRace Coins are used for all races, winnings, horses, and item swaps.

All in-game assets are represented in the currency of your choice: FIAT or crypto. However, DERC is used entirely for all transactions. This ensures that token volume and supply remain constant.

Deposits made with cryptocurrencies or standard payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and so on are automatically and transparently converted to DeRace Coins (by purchasing them from coin holders) and then used to complete the transaction.

DeRace Coins are used in the referral and reward systems.

DeRace Coins will be used to reward wallet users, influencers, social networking accounts, blogs, and news outlets for their referrals.

Earnings in DeRace Game

DeRace Horse

One of DeRace’s primary user experience principles is to provide users with a variety of options to acquire DeRace Coins quickly and effortlessly (DERC). DeRace coins are used to pay out all player earnings.

DERC can be earned in a variety of ways, including:

  • Breeding
  • Trading NFT horses
  • Participating in races
  • Hosting races in hippodromes
  • Selling analysis and predictions
  • Referral programs
  • Reward programs
  • Bug reporting
  • Watching advertisements
DeRace coins earned this week
Races won+150
Referral program+20
Bug reporting+5
Total coins178

Benefits of a player earning for game developers:

  • More revenue for game developers
  • Richer player base
  • Engaged players
  • Player retention

DeRace Token holder benefits

DeRace currency owners will have first access to asset drops, which will be available for purchase before the entire public. DERC holders will also have early access to the platform and will be among the first to try out new features.

Core token holder benefits:

  • VIP early access to the platform
  • VIP early access to the NFT asset drops
  • First invitees to test new features

DeRace Monetization

DeRace can be monetized in various ways:

  1. NFT asset sales – On the DeRace platform, participants will be able to acquire assets such as horses and hippodromes on a regular basis.
  2. In-game advertisements – we’d allow our hippodrome owners to place paid adverts on our platform in order to attract more racegoers to their venues.
  3. All transactions on the site would be subject to a nominal fee, including NFT horse sales, races, betting, breeding, deposits, and so on.

DeRace Fee structure

Every transaction on the site incurs a fee. The amount of the fee is determined by the type of transaction. Fee structure for DeRace:

NFT horses sales3%
NFT horse breeding1 USD
Participating in the race2% of entry fee

DeRace Growth model

User acquisition strategy

Every new DeRace user boosts game makers’ chances of getting funded. As a result, attracting and maintaining a big user base is critical.

Our user acquisition strategy is designed to bring people to the platform in a methodical and long-term manner. The four key pillars of our user acquisition method will be presented in the following section:

  1. Affiliate Programs,
  2. Influencer Marketing,
  3. Community Angels,
  4. Reward Systems.

DeRace also offers its users a variety of profit-generating options. Users can make money by running a hippodrome, advertising and holding races, breeding and trading horses, and competing in races, among other things.

It’s also crucial to keep the present user base, which is why the platform will be enhanced by adding additional gameplay options and NFT content.

DeRace Game Technical Data

Full automatization

Following the race, the horse owner and hippodrome owners are automatically paid their profits. Because the payout mechanism is totally automated, there is no room for manipulation or fraud. It is based on pre-programmed algorithms, ensuring that there are no errors.

Hippodrome owners can play without being connected to the internet. There is no need to administer the races because they can be run entirely without human intervention. Horse owners can register their horses for future races, which can happen even if they are not online.

What is DeRace NFT Tokens?

A non-fungible token is a unit of data kept on a blockchain that confirms a digital asset’s uniqueness and hence prevents it from being exchanged. It signifies that NFTs are one-of-a-kind. Only one token can exist, and it cannot be reproduced or replaced. The Ethereum network is the market leader because it allows users to effortlessly store, create, and send NFT tokens.

Photos, films, audio, and other sorts of digital media can all be represented using NFTs. NFTs are commonly used to sell virtual treasures such as NBA virtual trade cards, music, digital photos, video clips, and even virtual real estate in a virtual world.

NFT technology lets us to create and store unique horses as NFT tokens in this situation. Each horse is distinct and has its own distinct personality. Horses will eventually be able to be sold, gifted, or exchanged directly with other Etereum wallet users via our platform or a third-party NFT marketplace.

Genetic Algorithm

The GA (genetic algorithm) works in the same way as biological genetics does in real life, with genes — your DNA — storing information about the rest of your body. For instance, eye, skin, and hair color, hair texture, body type, and height are all factors to consider. Numbers reflect several properties in a GA.

We can breed horses by using NFT and Ethereum smart contracts (in a GA, it is called a crossover). It produces a new token out of the other two, maintaining some of the information (features) written in the smart contract by previous tokens.

The offspring genome is made up of half of the father’s genome and the other half of the mother’s genome. The exact split of the genes can vary from crossover to crossover, resulting in unique genomes for even two siblings. As if that were actual life.

The trick is to realize that storing a few numbers is all it takes to represent a genome. The crossover is a piece of software that accepts two numbers (parent genomes) and outputs a single number (child genome).

We can store data (like a genome) on the Ethereum blockchain and use Smart Contracts to execute calculations with it.

DeRace Game Horses

Controled RNG technology

A random number generator (RNG) is a method that produces a sequence of numbers or symbols that can’t be predicted better than by chance.

Controlled RNG is an algorithm that operates within predetermined parameters. It can, for example, create a random number between 0 and 10 or 20 and 60.

In many current games, the random number generator (RNG) is a defining feature. It is randomness that prevents things from getting monotonous. It’s what sparks interest and encourages players to take risks, and it’s one of the most effective ways to keep a game new. For breeding and racing, the DeRace Controlled RNG algorithm is utilized.

GA produces the third NFT horse in horse breeding by integrating genes from parent horses, with a +- 5% variation (RNG factor is applied). This means that even if both parents have a speed of 20, their child’s speed can range from 19 to 21.

In horse racing, the RNG algorithm will select a winner from among all of the race’s competitors. Horses that run faster have a better chance of winning. However, because the game is based on a random number generator, even the slowest horse has a chance to win.

The extra layer of security

To maximize security, use established and audited technologies and best practices. DeRace’s fundamental infrastructure is constructed by combining existing solutions and techniques that have been proved to work over time.

The encrypted seed phrase is retained in the user’s local storage, along with other sensitive data such as addresses, keys, and account information. No online app, website, or service provider has access to that encrypted information, and the user has complete control over their wallet.

MetaMask’s Eth-Keyring library is used to store and manage accounts. To reduce the risk of error, we use audited and verified open source technologies. All devices that have access to the account must be verified by the user. Unverified devices are unable to access the account.

Third-party betting and streaming solution

DeRace’s ecology will be enhanced by the addition of a third-party betting solution. For the execution of bets, we will integrate a betting provider (one or more).

We’ll also develop an API for horse racing streaming platforms, online casinos, and betting venues to use to incorporate DeRace horse races into their existing systems.

The betting solution brings the DeRace NFT horse racing ecosystem to a close.


The video game industry is expanding, and it is predicted to grow at a rapid rate over the next decade. The lines between gaming as a recreational pastime and gaming as a business have already blurred. As a result, video games with play-to-earn elements find a niche.

Horse racing is poised to overtake football as the most popular spectator sport in the United States, which has held that position for decades. In addition, the stagnant horse racing sector has a significant possibility for digitalization.

Cryptocurrency offers a tempting answer to many of the difficulties and inconvenient aspects of the online gaming industry. Cryptocurrency adoption delivers transparent and demonstrable outcomes, verified users, cheaper transactions, and near-instant payment transfers to online gaming.

DeRace is a hybrid of two multibillion-dollar markets: video gaming and horse racing, which have been brought together by blockchain and NFT technologies.

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Have you played DeRace already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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