Definity Legend NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Definity Legend?

Definity Legend is a strategy role-playing game with a blockchain economy set in a fantasy world. Players can build a team of heroes to battle monsters and other players while also earning money through NFTs.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to acquire better equipment, heroes, guardians, and access exciting features like the Bowels of Tartarus, where you’ll face off against formidable boss fights. Join Definity Legend and experience the thrill of adventure and the potential to earn rewards!

  • In a gripping campaign, lead a team of heroes against bloodthirsty monsters, or compete against other players in PvP battles.
  • Don’t go it alone! Form a guild with other players and go to war with other guilds to conquer lands!
  • Acquire and upgrade heroes to create the best battle squad possible.
  • Earn NFT rewards that can be used to level up or traded in for BITTO potions.
  • To earn even better rewards, overcome the most difficult challenges Olympus has to offer by defeating the most powerful bosses in the Definity Legends universe.
  • All NFT items can be traded in DLD marketplace!

Definity Legend Gameplay

Summoning – Earth Guardian


  • You begin the game with heroes and equipment obtained via the marketplace, treasure chests, or limited sales.
  • Each hero is sensitive to a different element. These elements not only affect their performance against other elements’ enemies, but also the armor and weapons they can equip..
  • Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Aether are the five elements in Divinity Legends. Each of these elements also has Guardians that you can acquire and use to aid their heroes in battle. Once you have all of your heroes and guardians ready for battle, you can choose where to fight.
  • The main PvE encounters are available in the Campaign mode, which has many encounters. Test of Olympus is another PvE encounter where you can arena-style earn tickets for Bowels of Tartarus. Bowels of Tartarus contains the game’s most difficult bosses, where you can earn rewards.

Core Loop

  • Combat is at the heart of Definity Legends’ gameplay. You form a team of up to four heroes and lead them into battle against monsters in campaign mode, boss battles in Bowels of Tartarus, or other players in PvP battles and Nation War.
  • All combatants have Attack and Defense attributes that influence battle outcomes. Combatants also have skills that they can use in combat to provide additional actions and depth to the combat gameplay.
  • The heroes can also wear armor (Helmet, Breastplate, Gauntlets, Leggings, and Shield) and carry a weapon of their choice. All of the armors and weapons in the game are limited edition! The same armor or weapon set will never be released again!
  • You can earn rewards for your combat success, which you can use to upgrade or acquire new heroes, guardians, and equipment. You will be able to defeat stronger enemies and earn larger rewards as you progress.

Combat in Definity Legend Game

Earth Vs Fire Armor Set

Definity Legends’ combat is driven by turn-based Strategy/RPG mechanics. You select a team of heroes, including you main hero, and battle a similar force of opponents.

During combat, you can take actions based on your HP, Attack, and Defense stats. The higher the attack value, the more damage each character will inflict, especially on opponents with lower defense values than their attack value.

Combat damage is calculated as follows:

  • For Physical Hits = (Base Attack Value + (Self Physical Attack – Enemy Physical Defense)) * Elemental Multiplier
  • For Magical Hits = (Base Attack Value + (Self Magical Attack – Enemy Magical Defense)) * Elemental Multiplier

Characters also gain skills as they level up, which can come in handy during combat. While some skills are always active and can be used at any time, most skills can only be used after the character has filled up their skill bar in combat. The Basic Attack, which is always available, is the only exception to this rule.

Each turn, you can choose one skill from the skills available to that character to use. After all characters have taken their turns, the opponents perform their own abilities. This will continue until one side is completely defeated, unless there are specific limiters in place, such as a time or turn limit.

In addition to your characters, you receive guardians to use during combat. Guardians, like characters, have skills in addition to HP, Attack, and Defense attributes. They, however, cannot equip items, cannot be fielded as party characters, and each can only have one skill. When a deployed guardian’s skill bar is full, their skills are automatically activated.

Definity Legend Game Elements

Five Elements govern the world of Definity Legends. These elements shape everything, including people, objects, and land.

With the exception of Aether, the supernatural element, which has a slight advantage over all of them, each of these elements has advantages over another in a conflict.

Conflict advantages of elements over each other

Each character and piece of equipment has an Elemental Affinity that determines their advantage over the affected element. Each character or piece of equipment has a set affinity that cannot be changed. Fusion is the only way to improve Elemental Affinities.

Elements Illustration

What are Definity Legend Game Guardians?

Guardians Summoning Shrine

Guardians are elemental beings that you can summon into battle. When summoned, they fight alongside the player until they are defeated or the battle ends.

Guardians have the same attributes as heroes, including HP, Attack, Defense, and Skills. They, however, cannot equip items, cannot be fielded in place of heroes, and have only one skill.

Guardians are divided into five fixed elements, which are explained further below:

  1. Demon – Fire Element
  2. Golem – Earth Element
  3. Slyph – Wind Element
  4. Dragon – Water Element
  5. Archangel – Aether Element

1. DEMON – Fire element

Demons, the elementals of fire, then taught the sages to manipulate the fiery power to melt and mold metal. Ignis’ sages became great smiths, learning how to make metal tools, weapons, and armors.

Demon Guardian – Fire

​2. GOLEM – Earth Element

Golems, earth elementals, taught the sages how to work with various types of stone and earth. Petra’s sages became master builders, learning to build walls, houses, and fortifications.

Golem Guardian – EARTH

3. SLYPH – Wind Element

The elementals of air, known as sylphs, taught the sages how to channel the subtle energies of air, which inspired creativity and imagination. Ventum’s sages became great inventors, creating writing and music.

Sylph Guardian – Wind

4. DRAGON – Water Element

Water Dragons, water elementals, taught the sages how to manipulate water from the inside (deep) and outside (shallow). Aqua’s sages became great healers and pioneered agriculture.

Dragon Guardian – WATER

5. ARCHANGEL – Aether Element

The mercenaries, who named their army “Army of the Chosen,” pooled their powers and prior knowledge of the other elements, creating a powerful ritual that allowed some of them to summon the power of the planet’s supreme guardians, the archangels, for the first time in history.

The Battle of the Cosmic Plains was unnecessary. The first displays of power by the mythical guardians were enough to send the enemy armies fleeing for their lives.

According to legend, the symbols painted on the ground by the Aetherians to summon the first Archangels were forever imprinted on the rocks of the Hills, and any inhabitants of Petra and Aqua would rather die than return there.

Archangel is the only Guardian with rejuvenation powers given.

Archangel Guardian – Aether

Definity Legend Guardian Classifications

Guardians are classified into three levels:

  1. Ultra Rare: 65% Elemental Affinity
  2. Epic: 70% Elemental Affinity
  3. Legendary: 80% Elemental Affinity
  4. Mythic: 84% Elemental Affinity

What are Definity Legend Game Heroes?

Heroes are the main character as well as their teammates. These are the characters that players can equip and use in battle. The combat party is made up of the main hero and up to five other heroes.

Full Custom Element Armours Sets

Each Hero has the following characteristics:

  • Health: The Hero’s total health pool. When it reaches 0, the hero becomes incapacitated and unavailable for combat.
  • Attack: The Hero’s total physical attack power.
  • Defence: The Hero’s total physical defensive power.
  • Magical Attack: The Hero’s total magical attack power.
  • Magical Defense: Hero’s total magical attack power.
  • Elemental Affinity: A hero’s affinity for a specific element. Except for the Main Player Hero, who is attuned to all elements, each hero can only attune to one element.

Leveling up heroes or acquiring better equipment can increase their health, attack, and defense. Elemental Affinity can only be increased by fusing existing heroes to create better versions of themselves.

Good to know: Each hero has four additional skills that define their combat output in addition to basic attack and defense. These abilities can also be improved by utilizing resources.

What are Definity Legend Game Equipments?

Take advantage of the Founders sale to obtain a full set of armours! In the future, only full sets of armour can be rented out for sponsorship programs.

In Definity Legends, you can collect a variety of items. The following are the main categories of items:

  • Weapons
  • ​Armor​
  • Artifacts
  • Consumables

Weapons and armor, for example, are elemental. They are best equipped by a hero with the corresponding elemental affinity. This will provide additional benefits to heroes who are facing opposing elements, such as increased damage and defense.

Tiers of qualities are assigned to each item. Definity Legends has six tiers as listed below:

  • Common (Non-NFT, Non-Tradable)
  • Uncommon : 15% drop rate from chests.
  • Rare: 12% drop rate from chests.
  • Very Rare: 9% drop rate from chests.
  • Epic: 5% drop rate from chests.
  • Legendary: 3% drop rate from chests.

Good to know: These drop rates are calculated using a single full armor set. As the number of armor sets increases, the drop rates will decrease significantly.

Pro Tip: Common items are non-NFT items with which players begin the game and can be rewarded in the early stages of the game. They cannot be traded on the open market.


Heroes use weapons to increase their Attack stat. They are divided into tiers based on their strength.


Armors have an effect on heroes’ Defense stats. They, like weapons, have tiers. When the hero equips a set of armors, they can grant bonus stats and even skills.

The following armor types are available in the Definity Legend game:

  • Shield
  • Helmet
  • Gauntlet
  • Leggings
  • Breastplate

Shield is the only optional slot among all armor types that can be equipped with a secondary weapon instead of a shield to increase attack rather than defense.

Enhancement – for Weapons & Armor in Definity Legend Game

Metals and BITTO Potion can be used to improve weapons and armor. Enhancing items increases stats while also gaining visual changes. There is a risk of failure during enhancement, which can be reduced by using higher metals.

  • Enchancement +1-3 = Blue Aura
  • Enhancement +4-6 = Green Aura
  • Enhancement +7 = Gold Aura
  • Enhancement +8 = Purple Aura + Soft Lightning
  • Enhancement +9 = Purple Aura + Hard Lightning
  • Enhancement +10 = Red Aura + Soft Lightning

Definity Legend game contains 5 Metals as listed below:

  • Copper Ingot is used for +1 – +2
  • Iron Ingot is used for +3 – +4
  • Mithril Ingot is used for +5- +6
  • Titan Ingot is used for +7 – +8
  • Aetherium is used for +9 – +10

Pro Tip: Metals provide a 5% bonus when used in lower enhancements.

Blacksmith Refining

Definity Legend Game – PVE Battles

Definity Legends’ combat gameplay revolves around PvE battles. Throughout the various events, you will face increasingly difficult opponents.

There are three major events in which players can engage in PvE battles:

Campaign in Definity Legend Game


The campaign serves as the primary battleground for PvE battles. It is a linear story-driven progression of battles against common, rare, legendary, and epic monsters..

Each campaign chapter has 9 regular fights and a boss fight with higher tier monsters. You can earn BITTO potions and Metals for upgrading their armor by winning battles and completing chapters.

Test of Olympus

The Test of Olympus is a battle arena where you can fight previously defeated campaign monsters to earn tickets to the Bowels of Tartarus.

The monsters in the arena will be more powerful than those in the campaign. They will also award BITTO Potions and Metals in the same way that campaign mode does.

Bowels of Tartarus

The most difficult PvE battles in Definity Legend are fought in the Bowels of Tartarus, where you battle the game’s most powerful bosses. Winning these battles grants the user some of the game’s best rewards.

Definity Legend Game – PVP Battles

PVP with Guardians

In Definity Legend, PvP combat is asynchronous, with the player who initiates the battle fighting against an offline team formed by their opponent. These battles, like PvE, award NFT rewards such as Metals and Bitto Potion. As a result, you can only participate in a limited number of PvP matches per day..

In Definity Legend, there are two types of PvP content:

Olympic Arena awaits those who want to put their skills to the test against other players! The Arena provides players with both daily ranked fights and tournament events that provide additional rewards. The greater the rank, the greater the rewards!

Players looking for more difficult Player vs. Player action can join a guild and participate in Nation Wars!

Definity Legend Game – Guild Nation Wars

Guild Nation War Map

Definity Legend Game Guilds

Guilds can be formed using deeds that players can purchase. Once established, other players can be invited to join the guilds to fill out the ranks. Guilds can wage wars against one another in order to conquer Definity Legends’ territories.

Guilds will provide additional buffs to their guild members based on the number of lands conquered. Guild owners will also be able to charge guild members a weekly fee based on their ranking.

The size of guilds can vary depending on the acquired deed. There are four guild sizes available right now:

  • Level 1 – Company: 20 Players
  • Level 2 – Brigade: 30 Players
  • Level 3 – Legion: 40 Players
  • Level 4 – Corps: 50 Players
Map of the Nation

Definity Legend Game Nation War

Guilds can use DLD tokens to bid on conquering land. If the guild already has a position on the map, it may only attack adjacent territories adjacent to the guild’s own land. Nation War has 66 land plots divided into 5 elements, each with their own home base, for a total of 5 home bases.

When a guild joins the war against other guilds in the region, its members can engage in asynchronous PvP battles with the opposing guild members. Defeating opponents in battle awards points based on where they rank in their guilds.

When the battle is finished, the winning guild takes the land and holds it until the next weekly guild war, at which point another guild may bid to attack the land held.

The highest bidder’s tokens will be used to pay for the Territories held on a daily basis.

What are Definity Legend Game and Land NFT Assets?

The first generation 23xx lands will be sold.

As land is upgraded, the % earning increases

NFT Land Profit Sharing

Landowners will receive 67% of the profits from advertising billboards.

Lands in Zones 1 and 2 to the Center of the Advertising Area will receive a 30% and 20% revenue share, respectively. Zones 3 and 4 will receive 10% and 7%, respectively ( from users advertising on a billboard in the centre )

Lands will be used to generate resources, materials, blueprints, and passive income for in-game gold currency, which can then be used to upgrade land plots to gain more land points.

Higher land points will increase the percentage earned from the advertising area and the likelihood of DLD token drop.

  • Zone 1 – will have 360 lands
  • Zone 2 – will have 504 lands
  • Zone 3 – will have 648 lands
  • Zone 4 – will have 864 lands

By logging in daily and clicking on the billboard, users can claim 3% of the billboard revenue. Based on a CPC indicator, the billboard advertiser can gauge daily views and awareness..

What are the dimensions of each plot of Land in Definity Legend Game?

Each plot of land is made up of 36 blocks (6×6).

Mansion – Access To Land Management

​Land will be used for crafting, construction, war, and tower defense.

Tower Defense

Definity Legend Elemental Towers

What is Definity Legend Game Marketplace?

Definity Legend NFT Marketplace is where you can create, sell, and buy digital content for NFTs. You can also hold NFT auctions, earn commissions from affiliate programs, and amass your favorite NFT collection..

Marketplace Interface of Definity Legend Game

Definity Legend Game Tokenomics

What is Definity Legend DLD Token?

The DLD token is the primary utility token in the Definity Legend Eco-System. DLD Token can only be purchased and used in the DefinityLegend world for new launches, treasure chests, events, and DLD merchandise.

DLD Coin

​Utilities of DLD Coin

DLD Coins are the primary utility currency that can be used throughout the ecosystem to trade for a variety of in-game items. The most common application is the acquisition of new assets and the reward system within the World Game Editor Platform.

Definity Legend Epic Chest

Treasure Chests

Heroes, armor pieces, weapons, guardians, and consumables can be found in treasure chests. As more players open chests, their prices in DLD rise. DLD coins are required to obtain monthly updated events, new armor releases, and guardians.

  • The armor that emerges from the chests is made up of single pieces, which is significant.
  • Full sets of armor are only available for purchase directly during the Limited Sale Event.
  • To earn BITTO Potions, Future Sponsorships loans can only be made with Full Set armors and Guardians.


DLD coins can also be used to summon monsters. Heroes and Guardians can both be summoned from their respective structures.

Building for Summoning Guardians

There are various DLD costs for summoning various Tiers of Heroes and Guardians.

Guilds and Nation Wars

Guilds are only available in limited quantities and during limited sales. They are available for purchase with DLD coins..

Bidding for participation in Nation Wars, which allow guilds to compete for lands, is also done with DLD coins.

Billboard Rental

Lands can be rented by interested Advertisers and/or Publishers for the placement of ad images. These images will be used to promote the Land Gameplay to all players..

The rental fee is paid with DLD coins. The landowner receives 80% of the DLD paid for rental.


In addition to the benefits of Land Ownership, DLD is awarded to the top ten Guilds in Nation War.

Utility Summary

  1. Treasure Chests
  2. Summoning Heroes
  3. Summoning Guardians
  4. Guild System within DefinityLegend Sandbox Mode
  5. Land Ownership Rewards
  6. Purchase of Building Materials For Game Creation
  7. Top 10 Guild Rewards
  8. Bidding for NFT’s to be implemented within DLD Game Mods
  9. Purchase of in-game boosters, perks, tiered membership within DLD Game Mods
  10. Billboard & Banner Rentals

What is BITTO Potion?

You collect NFT Characters, Guardians, Equipment, and Land in order to earn items, rewards, and progress that can be sold to other players in exchange for BITTO POTION!

BITTO Potion Earned From Game Play
Definity Legend NFT Game


Definity Legend is a strategy role-playing game with a blockchain economy. In a fantasy setting, players use a team of heroes to fight monsters and other players.

You will gain better equipment, heroes, guardians, and access to other features as you progress through the game, such as the Bowels of Tartarus, where fearsome boss fights await!

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time. It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces. You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Definity Legend already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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