DeFi Warrior NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is DeFi Warrior?

Defi Warrior is a Defi x NFT blockchain-based game genre inspired by the cryptocurrency universe, in which each Warrior is a crypto and each planet is a blockchain. Defi Warrior incorporates blockchain elements into the game and recreates a miniature blockchain world to assist players in both playing the game and better understanding how blockchain works in a fascinating way.

Each blockchain is a planet in DeFi Warrior, and each cryptocurrency is a warrior. Warriors can also build their coin mining factory on the planet and fight against bosses or enemies for rewards. Such game dynamics aim to accomplish two important goals: to introduce the world of cryptocurrency to the general public through gaming, and to pique the interest of both gamers and crypto investors.

Each warrior is an NFT, which is a cryptocurrency in the crypto world. Players who own warriors can now participate in game modes such as farming, mining, player vs. player battles, and championships. To maximize benefit for warrior owners, the warrior can be leveled up. The strength of the warrior is influenced in part by the movement of cryptocurrency prices. This special feature will almost certainly make the battle more dramatic than ever before.

DeFi Warrior intends to build a blockchain game ecosystem in which warriors can engage in cross-game play, which means that any warrior can easily enter different gameplays.

To that end, DeFi Warrior will become decentralized, allowing players and the community to contribute to the design of a warrior and a planet, as well as adding more gameplay to the DeFi Warrior crypto world.

Solidity is used to create Defi Warrior smart contracts. ‌

DeFi Warrior Game’s Highlight features:

The following three features are the highlights of Defi Warrior:

1. The first concept of a Crypto character and a Crypto galaxy game

  • DeFi Warrior game has a miniature world of blockchain in the game.
  • Each Warrior created represents a Cryptocurrency. For instance, Bitcoin Warrior, Ethereum Warrior, and so on.
  • Some games simulate how blockchain functions, such as mining or forking.

2. The movement of cryptocurrency prices boosts the character’s strength.

  • Warrior attributes will be boosted based on the market price of tokens.

3. The initial game offering (IGO)

  • Crowdfunding campaign for game projects

DeFi Warrior Gameplay

The galaxy of DeFi Warrior

The Galaxy

We call Defi Warrior’s miniature world a galaxy because it contains many different planets and entities that nourish Warriors to become stronger and more unique.

DeFi Warrior Planets

Planets are the highest level of differentiation between Warrior and other planets. As previously stated, each planet will be formed based on the criteria of a chain. Cryptocurrency with comparable standards will coexist on the same planet. This means that the Warriors who represent that cryptocurrency are also divided into planets. The planet is also where the Warrior’s conquest activities take place when battling bosses or enemies for rewards.

DeFi Warrior Pool

Each pool has a maximum size and is made up of many nodes. The greater the size of the pool, the more nodes it can hold. Players can purchase items from the Shop in-game to increase the size of their nodes and thus their mining income.

DeFi Warrior Nodes

Nodes are the smallest units on a planet, as well as entities that generate new assets for players through mining. Nodes are made up of facilities that players obtain in-game, such as playing Adventure or obtaining a Gacha ticket.

A complete node is fully assembled parts from required facilities. A node is made up of the following parts:








Node can only function if you supply energy. Energy can be collected at the Energy Planet generator or purchased in-game at the eCWIG shop.

DeFi Warriors

As stated in the introduction, Warriors are non-fungible tokens inspired by cryptocurrencies, making each one unique and collectible, and each Warrior is named after a different cryptocurrency.

The fact is that not all Warriors are named after all cryptocurrencies that are currently trading, but rather popular ones. Warriors are only available in limited quantities and at regular intervals. When the total number of Warriors issued is depleted, additional batches will be released via announcements on the project’s social media channels.

The game producer issues a maximum supply of 1000 Warriors for each Warrior line (warrior type).

Own a Warrior in DeFi Warrior

Warriors must be completed before you can use Defi Warrior. Here are some ways to obtain a Warrior.

Community Portal of DeFi Warrior Game

The Warriors are distributed in batches via the community portal. These sales do not have a set date, but they are usually announced ahead of time on Defi Warrior’s communication channels.

The FIWA token is used to buy Warriors from the Community Portal. It should be noted that all Warriors are priced the same when they are created.

Each player has the option of controlling multiple characters on the same or different planets. Biological characteristics will distinguish characters representing digital currencies. ​

DeFi Warrior NFT Game
Loyalty Portal

Locking in a certain amount of FIWA within a specific time frame in order to purchase a Warrior. When it comes to having a slot, users lock the same amount and follow the “first come, first served” rule. Similar to the Community Portal, users who successfully obtain slots will be able to purchase a new Warrior without having to queue.

DeFi Warrior NFT Market

The NFT Market has been launched, allowing users to buy and sell NFT Warrior. FIWA is the cryptocurrency used for trading. For a successful transaction, the seller is charged a 4% fee, and a portion of the transaction fee is burned to maintain the cash flow balance. The auction feature will also be available soon, making it easier in the future to buy and sell rare NFTs.


IGO is another way for users to own a Warrior from Defi Warrior projects that are raising funds on the platform. This section will be covered in greater detail below.


Warriors are classified into Planets and Classes, each of which has a unique effect on them in the game.


Every Warrior born will be assigned to a different planet. Based on the current standards for forming cryptocurrencies, the world is divided. This means that whichever standard the Warrior’s representative cryptocurrency is based on, the Warriors will be associated with the planet that follows that standard. Many cryptocurrencies will be used to name Warriors on a planet, and many Warriors will be born with specific traits and characteristics on a cryptocurrency.

The following planets will be released in Beta form soon:

  1. Bitcoin Planet has BTC, BCH and so on.
  2. Ethereum Planet has ETH, etc.
  3. Other planets will be revealed on the project’s official channels

Planets have no effect on the character’s base stats, but they do affect other game activities.


Characters are also divided into various classes. Warriors of the same class will have advantages in the game, such as the ability to swap body parts. A Warrior is a specific class that lives on a single planet. Warrior lines can be found in multiple classes, and Warriors from the same cryptocurrency can be found in multiple classes.

Warrior Line




Gangster, Knight

Gangster Class


Gangster, Mechanical

Mechanical Class


Mechanical, Knight

Knight Class


Soldier, Mage

Mage Class


Soldier, Hunter

Soldier Class


Mage, Hunter

Hunter Class

The classes and planets will be added over time as more Warriors are released.


From their appearance to their attributes, each Warrior is unique. The attributes of the character will contain both common and unique elements. ‌

Basic stats

Each Warrior has basic stats such as:‌

StatsStand forMin Cap ValueMax Cap ValueDisplayed form
CRCritical0%100% *Percentage
CDCritical Damage0%Percentage
  • (*) with CR rate, user can stack more than 100% CR rate, but will have cap value 100%
  • Only ATK, DEF, HP are added when leveling up

Default Base Stat = Initial Stat Random + Total Gained Stat Per Level

StatsInitial StatsGain stats
  • CR rate, user can stack more than 100% CR rate, but will have cap value 100%
  • CR and CD stats don’t increase when leveling up so no Gained stats
  • Gained stats is the amount that is added to each stat when Wariror levels up

Class Base Stat = Default Base Stat * Class Factor


Good to know: The stats will be updating over time and adjust to match the communities and market.

DeFi Warrior BUFF Stats

These indices will be influenced by another index called BUFF, which is based on cryptocurrency market volatility on the centralized exchange. The greater the price movement, the greater the BUFF on the fundamental indicators mentioned above. ‌

These indices will be influenced by another index called BUFF, which is based on cryptocurrency market volatility on centralized exchanges. The greater the price movement, the greater the BUFF on the aforementioned fundamental indicators. ‌

X valueModified stats
x% < -5%-x% (cap -20%)
-5% <= x% < 0-5%
0 <= x% <= 5%+5%
x% > 5%+x% (cap 20%)
  • The buff index is calculated using the 4-hour candle price difference of the token in the market. This means that matches will use the data from the previous 4h frame to buff the character’s stats in battle, increasing or decreasing ATK and HP.
  • The percentage change of the 4-hour candle is calculated by the formula x=(close – open)/open

Rarity in DeFi Warrior

The accessories attached to the bodyparts determine the rarity of a Warrior. These accessories affect not only the rarity of the Warrior, but also the Warrior’s base stats.

Rarity is classified into 6 types which are:

  • Common,
  • Uncommon,
  • Rare,
  • Mythic,
  • Legendary,
  • God.‌

When a player buys a Warrior, the rarity is generated at random; the higher the rarity, the higher the Warrior value. Each type of accessory affects two of the five basic Warrior stats listed above. ‌

Type of accessoriesATKDEFHPCRCD
Weapon/Secondary Weaponxx

Accessories or Rarity Stats

Rarity levelRarity rateATKDEFHPCRCD

Good to know: The stats is applied for the first version

  • The above bonus stats are a modified bonus based on warrior base stats.
  • Accessories, including weapons, are generally attached to bodyparts, so selling the bodypart also implies selling accessories.

Skills & bodypart

Each Warrior is divided into 6 body parts including:

  • Head,
  • Body,
  • 2 Arms,
  • 2 Legs.

Three of these bodyparts will have skills attached, while the remaining three will not.

Each warrior will have one default skill as well as one to three body part skills. Depending on the body part, there will be or will not be skills. Each warrior will have three body part skill slots that will become available as the warrior progresses. If a user purchases a warrior on the NFT market with a star number greater than one, the number of skill slots will correspond to the number of stars of that warrior, namely:

  • 1 star: 1 skill slot
  • 2 stars: 2 skill slots
  • 3 stars: 3 skill slots

These skill slots are used to attach body part skills for combat use, and this body part skill can be traded for another body part skill. Each Warrior is born with one default skill and 0 – one bodypart skill known as secondary skill; the other skills, as previously mentioned, can be unlocked through evolution: ‌

  • The default skill
  • Secondary skill will be attached to a random part of Warrior. Depending on the type of the bodypart, the warrior will have 1 or 2 skills.

Empower Warrior by collect bodyparts to diverse Warrior’s skills

As the Warrior evolves, players will be able to open more skill slots for using skills from other bodyparts. Players will be able to switch between skills at that point by transforming different bodyparts into Warrior. Keep in mind that only Warriors from the same planet can swap bodyparts, and each planet has a bodypart limit of 1000.

Bodyparts are collectible NFTs that are linked to a skill or accessory to demonstrate the power and rarity of that skill or accessory. Bodypart owners can improve their character’s combat abilities by swapping out bodyparts to suit their strategy. It should be noted that only warriors with their original bodyparts can evolve to a higher level. This means that in order to proceed with the next evolution, players must return all Warrior changes to the default Warriors of the most recently evolved Warrior.

In addition to purchasing it on the market, players can obtain this NFT bodypart through in-game activities or events. ‌

Fragment bodypart

You will be rewarded with fragment bodyparts after playing the game, which you must collect in order to assemble into a complete bodypart in the game.

  • There are only three types of Fragment bodyparts that are attached to three bodyparts: Equipped hand, Weapon hand, and body.
  • Each bodypart will be made up of three fragments.
  • Planet also divides fragment bodyparts.

Bodypart fragments must be assembled before a complete bodypart can be assembled. Forge requires the following prerequisites:

  • Full 3 types of Fragment bodypart: 1, 2 and 3
  • 3 fragments must belong to a planet
  • 3 pieces must share the same type of bodypart

Bodyparts that have been forged will have random accessories attached to them. The accessories will be randomly attached to the appropriate bodypart depending on what it is. ​


The Recycle function converts excess body pieces into complete body parts that can be assembled. Steps to recycle in DeFi Warrior game:

  • Step 1: Decompose excess body pieces into powder. There are 3 types of powder created corresponding to the 3 types of fragment bodyparts
    • Step 2: Use the powder decomposed before to create your expecting fragment bodypart
    • Step 3: Forge to get new NFT bodypart whenever having enough types of Fragment

What are DeFi Warrior Game Modes?

Battle system mechanics

The Defi Warrior battle system is a turn-based game in which the player’s goal is to eliminate all enemies.

When all warriors on one side finish their attack, a turn is counted.

Each warrior’s attack order on each side is determined by its initial hit points, power, and identification number.

On his turn, the player marks the target on the opponent’s side and then chooses an active warrior skill to attack with.

Each skill has a countdown timer that can be used. When it comes to its turn, a passive skill will be activated automatically.

There are 5 different game modes available in DeFi Warrior game as explained below:

1. DeFi Warrior Multiplayer Game Mode

Multiplayer mode is a PvP feature of the game in which players choose three to five monsters to battle against an opponent. To participate in this mode, the player must have at least three warriors. When entering the battle each season, the system will match two players based on the following two factors:

  • The current grade of player ( for the first 5 matches the opponent is determined randomly, then the player’s grade is formed based on the victory points acquired after these 5 matches.)
  • The recent percentage of winning matches.

Victory Winning matches earns points (or points). The amount gained from each battle is determined by the opponent’s ranking, with higher ranked players awarding more points and lower ranked players awarding less. When a match is lost, points are deducted. Point deductions are applied inversely to wins, which means that losing to lower-ranked players results in larger deductions, while losing to higher-ranked players results in smaller deductions.


After each season, victory points will be reset. A season is one month long. Victory points are also used to calculate a player’s grade. There are 20 grades in total. Furthermore, players are rewarded based on their daily, weekly, and monthly rankings, which are determined by the number of points accumulated from battles. The player can receive daily lucky tickets, weekly gacha tickets and lucky tickets, and monthly body-parts, body-part fragments, and gacha tickets.

2. DeFi Warrior Adventures Game Mode

Adventure is a player versus environment aspect of the game with varying levels of difficulty. Adventures mode takes place on various planets, each of which has Zones, each of which has 9 stages. You will face a boss with extremely high stats at the final stage of each Zone. Each stage has several waves of enemies. Fighting on a stage necessitates the use of 5 stamina (energy). Every 30 minutes, 1 unit of stamina will be recharged.


After completing a level, warriors were rewarded with facilities and gained experience.

When a level is completed for the first time, the player receives body-part fragments and lucky tickets. When defeating a boss for the first time, you may receive body parts, gacha tickets, or fork cards as a reward.

Evolution in DeFi Warrior Game

Warrior must evolve between levels 10 and 20, otherwise players will be unable to play at higher levels and collect valuable rewards. The Warrior’s strength and rarity will increase as a result of the possession of additional accessories attached to the bodyparts. To confirm evolution, the player pays for the character’s evolution with a pair of CWIG – FIWA from their wallet. After evolving, the character will become a completely new NFT.

3. DeFi Warrior Mining Game Mode

To form nodes, players use facilities earned while playing the game. Every structure on the planet is made of facilities.

The mining mode currently consists of 6 planets:

  • 1 energy planet which creates electric for mining activities
  • 5 crypto planets (BTC, ETH, updating) where player can mine body-parts’ fragments relating to each planet’s type and eCWIG.

Some concepts in this mode:

  • When upgraded, each crypto planet is called a mega pool and can have up to 15 pools.
  • A planet’s resource capacity is represented by its wallet.
  • The resource extraction structure is known as a node. A node is larger than a full node.
  • There are two types of nodes and two types of full nodes; the first has a better chance of mining eCWIG than fragments, while the second does the opposite.
  • Pool is a group of nodes and full nodes.
  • Consensus is production rate bonus when the pool reach the specified number of nodes or full nodes.
  • Energy is used in both nodes and full nodes for mining

On an energy planet, the only structure that can be built is a power station. It produces energy for mining on other planets and can only be purchased with eCWIG. There are two types of power plants, which differ in capacity and output rate. The number of power stations that could be built on the energy planet is determined by the planet’s expandable capacity.

4. DeFi Warrior World Boss Game Mode

World boss is a game mode in which multiple players battle the boss at the same time.

About Boss:

  • There are 2 World Bosses and the following characteristics:
Start TimeBossHP
7 A.M UTCFire Dragon Boss
(All users)
2 P.M UTCIce Pluto Boss
(Users with ticket)
  • The boss will appear after 30 minutes and will end sooner if killed before that time. If the boss has not been defeated after 30 minutes, the system does not recognize the person who had the last hit but still awards a reward based on the leaderboard.

About the gameplay:

  • Each user can only select a maximum of three warriors and a minimum of one team to fight World Boss.
  • The player’s team will attack the boss first
  • After all warriors in the user’s squad have finished attacking, the boss will deal damage AOE, this damage is so large that it can destroy the entire user’s squad in 1 hit, every boss attack uses this skill.
  • After being defeated by the boss, the user will have 15 seconds to respawn and continue to fight the boss until the world boss is defeated.
  • Players can use eCWIG to respawn faster and compete for last hits. The first respawn will take 2 eCWIG and increase with the number of times, each subsequent respawn will add 2 eCWIG

About the reward

  • Players receive rewards at the claim box
  • Players participating in the World Boss fight will receive a certain number of points based on the amount of damage dealt to the Boss. Leaderboard will be reset until a new boss of the same type appears. Different bosses, the reward will also be different

Staking ticket

  • Players stake FIWA to receive tickets to beat Ice Pluto Boss. After staking, the ticket will be received at Claim box
  • Each boss ticket will have a time corresponding to the number of FIWA staking days
  • In a day, the user can only choose 1 of 2 types of tickets to beat the boss:
TicketFIWA StakeBenefits
Basic2,500 in 14 daysEarn 1 ticket/day
Premium10,000 in 14 daysEarn 1 ticket/day
10 times free respawn

5. DeFi Warrior Championship Game Mode

The championship is structured similarly to well-known football tournaments, with Warriors competing in multiple rounds for more attractive prizes donated by all participants.


  • To participate, players must pay 3,000 fiwa as a participation fee, and this amount of fiwa will be added to the prize pool.
  • There are 3 warriors (maximum). All Warriors participating in the tournament are counted from CP level 1
  • The user needs to set the squad to fight in the tournament, and can change up to 3 times during the tournament (calculated for each time the “Save team” button is pressed)
  • 1 tournament will have 16 teams participating and divided into 4 groups. Each team will play a total of 6 matches in the group. There can be many tournaments taking place at the same time, as long as there are 16 teams registered, it will form 1 tournament.


  • 6 matches of the group stage in each group will be held on the same day, and continuously (each match is 10 minutes apart).
  • 4 quarterfinals, 2 semi-finals and 1 final will be held the next day with the same time as the group stage.


  • When the player clicks register, the player’s slot will be kept for 10p, if successfully registered that slot will belong to the player.
  • If registration is not successful (cancel Metamask), the player will lose that slot, and must click re-register if he wants to play.
  • If many people register at the same time and the player does not keep the slot in time, he will be transferred to another league if there is still a league available
  • Each season (1 month) organizes 5 scheduled leagues


  • Each user’s next match will be notified of the time on the board.
  • Before the match time, the user needs to check ready (5 minutes before the match happens)
  • When the match starts, the user who has checked ready will automatically enter the match, the user who has not checked will not be allowed to enter the match.
  • If only 1 user enters the match, that user will fight (both manual or auto mode) with the other user’s squad according to the auto mechanism (currently 5 turns without moving will count as losing the battle)
  • If 2 users have checked to be ready (online), then the match will automatically enter and 2 users will fight each other as usual.
  • If by the time the game starts, both users are offline, both will be put into auto mode, after that user is online, they will see the result of that match.
  • Each match will take place for a maximum of 5 minutes, when the game starts, if players do not join, they will play in automatic mode. If the player joins, the player can switch from automatic to autonomous. When 5 minutes is up, the match result will be automatically calculated for the player. If 5 minutes is up and there is still no victory or defeat, the team with the most blood will win the match.

Tournament format

  • Group stage: Each team will play 6 matches in a round-robin format, including 2 turns to go and return.
  • After each match, the teams will be counted the winning – losing performance. If 2 teams have the same performance after playing all 6 matches, then there will be a tie-break to choose the winning team to proceed to the next round.
  • Each group will choose the top 2 teams to play in the quarterfinals
  • Quarterfinals will match the team according to: First A – Second B, Best B- look at A. Similar to tables C and
  • The winner of the quarterfinals will be qualified for the semi-finals, and the same goes for the final


Reward will be distributed equally to the following items:

  • First place in the group / Win the quarterfinals / Win the semi-finals and the Champion
  • There are no second, third and fourth prizes for groups.
  • After passing the qualifying round and the quarter-finals / semi-finals. Fiwa will be sent to the winner

How to Create New Warrior in DeFi Warrior Game?

The development of a new Warrior called FORK from the current one. To fork, the player must have the Fork card. Many of the parent Warrior’s characteristics will be passed down to the newly created Warrior. The child Warrior’s stats are affected by two factors:

  • Base stats of the mother Warrior.
  • Fork card bonus stats. The rarer the fork card, the higher the bonus stat

Requirements for Warriors to Fork

  • Warriors can fork at any level as long as they have a fork card
  • Each warrior has a maximum of 5 forks
  • The token pair of CWIG-FIWA is used to fork
  • Child stat will be based on parent stat and be bonus based on fork card stats

About Fork Card

  • 3 types of Fork card: Common, Rare, Extremely rare
  • Different rarity, different random bonus stats. The more precious the card, the higher the bonus will be.
  • On each Fork card, there will be information about the stats that the child warrior is bonus.
  • The number of fork cards will be released in each season and users can get multiple fork cards in each release.

Reservation Fork card (RFC)

  • Players receive RFC when playing Adventure.
  • When you pass a certain level, you will receive an RFC.
  • When you get an RFC, you will be placed in the queue to receive the Fork card.
  • Or use a Premium gacha ticket to draw out an RFC: 250 Premium Gacha tickets will be exchanged for one RFC

What are DeFi Warrior Game Rewards?

Adventures Game Mode Rewards of DeFi Warrior Game

LevelsRewards Stage
Stage rewardsExperience hero, Facilities, eCWIG
Stage first passedFragment Bodypart, Basic Gacha Ticket, eCWIG
Boss first passedBodypart, Fork card, Premium Gacha Ticket, eCWIG

PVP Game Mode Rewards of DeFi Warrior Game

Ranking timeRewards
DailyBasic Gacha ticket
WeeklyBasic Gacha ticket, Premium Gacha ticket
MonthlyBodypart, Fragment Bodypart, Premium Gacha ticket

For each battle finished, users those who win will receive an amount of eCWIG and maximum 500 eCWIG a day per user.

Mining Game Mode Rewards of DeFi Warrior Game

MiningeCWIG, Fragment bodypart, Energy


What is Gacha Tickets in DeFi Warrior Game?

Gacha is the game’s lucky draw, which occurs both on a regular and irregular basis. One of the appealing aspects of this activity is the attractive and valuable rewards.

Basic Gacha and Premium Gacha are the two types of Gacha events. There are two types of Gacha tickets, one for each type of Gacha: Basic Gacha Ticket and Premium Gacha Ticket. The rewards for different tickets are also different.

What are Daily Missions in DeFi Warrior Game

Rewards for your loyalty

  • Daily Mission is about completing simple daily quests to receive rewards.
  • Quests and rewards will be reset every 24 hours whenever a new day starts ( 00:00 UTC )
  • Depending on the difficulty of the quest, the reward will be different.

There are a total of 11 daily tasks that players need to complete in DeFi Warrior game as shown below table:

1Complete the daily checking+20 eCWIG
2Buy anything at shop+4 staminas
3Consume 75 energy for mining+20 eCWIG
+2 Staminas
4Build any node in Mining Mode+40 Staminas
+1 Basic Gacha ticket
+2 Staminas
5Use 25 stamina+ 1 Basic Gacha ticket
6Revive 1 time in adventure mode+20 eCWIG
+1 Basic Gacha ticket
7Complete 4 stages in Adventure in a row+1 Basic Gacha ticket
8Complete 8 stages in Adventures mode+1 Basic Gacha ticket
9Win 4 PvP Matches+30 eCWIG
10Complete 8 PvP Matches+20 eCWIG
11Complete all daily missions+40 Staminas
+1 Basic Gacha ticket
+1 Premium Gacha Ticket

DeFi Warrior Game Ecosystem


Play-to-earn in the Arena

One of the main requirements for starting the game modes in Defi Warrior is that you have a Warrior.

  • You want to level up Warrior, you are a professional and play to find rewards for other activities, then Adventures is the place to give you everything. Play to find rewards that are NFTs or items to perform other tasks in the game and earn income
  • If you want more intense battles between players, PvP is for you. Here, you will come up with the right strategies for your team to fight with opponents and compete in the rankings to receive special rewards.
  • In addition, Championship or tournament will also be another dramatic competition format that takes place periodically or seasonal special events that promise to award extremely attractive prizes.
  • Owning a base of its own to gather miners and generate daily income is the idle earning mechanism that every player wants in Defi Warrior. Mining mode allows players to collect in-game facilities or purchase them at the in-game shop to build Nodes (miners) on their Pools and thereby receive tokens or other valuable rewards without battle.

NFT Staking

If you are not a gamer and simply want to invest, NFT staking is an excellent way to profit from the Warrior you own.

Stake NFT earn CWIG

  • Stake your NFT Warrior for a CWIG token. The amount of tokens you receive is determined by your Warrior level; the higher your Warrior level, the more tokens you earn. You may stake an unlimited number of Warrior.

Stake NFT + CWIG earn CWIG

  • In the NFT – CWIG pool, users only need 1 NFT as a condition to stake and the level of the NFT Warrior is also a bonus on the total amount of tokens received.
  • The amount of token receiving depends on the amount of tokens CWIG you put into the staking pool. The more CWIG you put in the pool, the more CWIG you receive back.
  • You can unstake CWIG at any time and in any amount. Once you unstake all staked CWIG in the pool, it will stop staking or when you unstake Warrior, staking is completed and you get your NFT and tokens back.
  • The amount of tokens when you harvest includes both the amount of CWIG deposited, and the staking reward
  • The supply of CWIG is unlimited.

Stake NFT + FIWA earn FIWA

  • Similar to the mechanism of the above pair NFT – CWIG, the NFT – FIWA pool require FIWA token and the reward token is also FIWA.
  • Unlike CWIG, FIWA has a given limited supply. Pool only lasts for a certain period of time

Boosted bonus

  • User when staking NFT will receive more NFT_boosted_bonus for staking_reward
  • User can stake multiple NFTs to increase NFT_boosted_bonus
  • MIN CAP NFT_boosted_bonus = 2%
  • MAX CAP NFT_boosted_bonus = 30%

Bonus formula for each NFT character:

  • CP: Combat Power
  • Tier Factor
    • Tier 1: 1
    • Tier 2: 2
    • Tier 3: 3

NFT two-dollar

There are, of course, a few steps you need to take

  • First of all, there is a proposal round, where each player will deposit an NFT and put a price on it.
  • There will be several NFT pools, and other DWers will vote for the ones they wish to see on sale. Those NFTs with the highest votes will make it to the sale round.
  • In this round, players who want to purchase the NFT of their choice will have to purchase a ticket that costs an amount of FIWA that is equivalent to $2 USDT. That ticket is your chance to win the NFT.
  • The lucky winner to claim each NFT will be randomly drawn with the system of Chainlink VRF, so the result will be transparent

DeFi Warrior NFT Marketplace

As soon as NFT warriors are “revealed,” DWERs can buy-sell your assets on DeFi Warrior’s NFT Marketplace. The game development team intended to propose as simple methods for players to access it as possible at an early stage of the game drop map. However, it will be more difficult or difficult to obtain a Warrior in the future as they become rarer over time, so the NFT Market must be a dynamic place for trading activities.

The NFT Market offers a variety of NFT types such as:

  • NFT Warriors is released in the very early stage of product roadmap.
  • NFT Bodyparts which are used for players to assemble or get changed with the current bodyparts of Warriors. The thing is about to diverse Warrior’s skill and power.
  • NFT Lands: the function of this will be revealed in a near futures.

The price:

  • FIWA is used for buying and selling. The price of Warrior is decided by users.
  • 4% total amount of transaction is deducted as transaction fee and a certain percentage of this 4% will be burnt for balancing purpose of the economy.

Featured function

  • Feature function allows you to sell your NFT faster when displayed at the top of the board.
  • For each successful featured NFT transaction, the fee will be 6%.

AUCTION Function

The features AUCTION applied on the trading of the platform will make buying and selling rare NFTs will become more bustling in the future.


  • Warriors’ level will be reset to level 1 whenever user confirms to buy on NFT Market
  • Tiers, skills and accessories will be remained as Warrior’s information on the NFT Market
  • Warriors bought on the NFT Market from Tier 2 or Tier 1 have a significant advantage is non-evolved needed. It means users do not have to pay for evolution fee.

DeFi Warrior Game NFT Lending

Essentially, the Lending feature allows players to lend their character’s NFT to others in order for them to participate in the game. Smart Contracts will record transactions, and no collateral is required.

Normal Lending

This is a type of rental in which all players can participate. Users were able to profit from this without having to do anything by posting NFT for rent on the marketplace and setting a desired rental price and duration. To complete the lending, fill out the following information for Lender:

  • Rental price/day
  • Duration
  • Allow forking or not and fees for this if having. A notice that the new Warrior created from the Lending Warrior will belong to the Borrower. Hence, Lender should make a consideration on this fee.
  • Promote: if you want your Warrior can be lent as soon as possible, use this function and your lending Warrior will be showed on the top.


  • Normal Lending allows user to use lending Warrior to join all the game modes and events of the game except IWO modes and Evolution
  • All assets created in game that relevant to the lending Warrior will belong to the Borrowers
  • When the rental period ends, the warrior will automatically return to the lender’s wallet

Private Lending

Unlike Normal Lending, Private Lending only leases to a specific wallet address, which means Warriors are not visible to everyone on the Marketplace, but only in the borrower’s wallet if given by the Lender. To lend warrior, the private lessor must fill out the following information:

  • Specific Wallet: the wallet that Lender wants to lend Warriors
  • Duration
  • Allow forking or not: for private lending, the new warrior will belong to the Lender
  • Allow evolution or not
  • Borrower profit: set a percentage of profit that Lenders want to share with Borrowers.


  • All assets created in game that relevant to the lending Warrior will belong to the Lenders
  • Lenders have right to withdrawn warriors lending any time.

Buy NFT Warriors in DeFi Warrior Game

As we’ve created different ways for users to purchase a Warrior, there’s been a commotion in Defi Warrior’s character release system.

  • Loyalty Pool: when joining this pool, users must stake FIWA tokens in the pool and definitely get a ticket to buy Warrior. Once the FIWA lock period has been completed, the user can withdraw the token back. This is how the project wants to benefit FIWA holders.
  • Community Pool: This is a pool for the public that allows everyone to buy Warriors according to the queuing mechanism and random selection to create fairness.

DeFi Warrior Game Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I play DeFi Warrior?

You can play Defi Warrior directly on the website via the link: Currently, the publisher is developing Mobile Version that will be released soon, then you can download and play the game on your mobile devices.

How to play DeFi Warrior game?

There are 3 steps for you to start playing Defi Warrior:

  • Step 1: Download and install Metamask: You can download Metamask here:
  • Step 2: Buy Warrior You can buy Warrior in the following ways Warrior batch: (From events from the publisher) Marketplace: NFT Two Dollar IWO event
  • Step 3: Play the game You can play the game through the link:

How many warriors needed for PVE and PVP in DeFi Warrior Game?

  • PVE: At least 1 Warrior
  • PVP: At least 3 Warriors

What’s the minimum investment for playing DeFi Warrior game?

This number depends on your investment in the game DeFi Warrior, and the investment value also depends on the Fiwa exchange rate in the market. The price can range from 30~100 USD 1 Warrior (Estimated) To play the game you need to have at least 1 Warrior To fully experience the features you need 3-5 Warriors

How long is the ROI for DeFi Warrior Game?

It also depends on how much you invest in Defi Warrior, how long you play the game, and your reinvestment.

Case 1: Buy Warrior, then Marketplace: With a basic squad (3 Warriors) and you accept to reinvest in the game, you can take 1-2 months to be able to pay back.

Note: This time is also affected by the FIWA rate as well as the CWIG rate. The above data is calculated at the price FIWA=0.005 USDT and CWIG=0.002 USDT

Case 2: You can buy Warriors from special events. This is the case when you are lucky to have bought Warrior cheaply from events organized by the publisher. In this case, it can only take a few days for you to pay back and make a profit because the amount of money you have to spend is not large

What is NFT Two Dollars in Defi Warrior Game? And How to join?

This is a special DeFi Warrior event where lucky players can get Warriors for just two dollars Learn more: 7.

If I win Two Dollars event, what will I get in DeFi Warrior Game?

For Participant as NFT Provider: Will get profit from selling tickets to buyer if NFT is sold successfully For participants as ticket buyers: You will get NFT if you win

What is lending function in DeFi Warrior Game?

This is a function that allows you to borrow Warrrior from Other Users to be able to play the game.

Can I borrow NFT for fork in DeFi Warrior Game?

This depends on the Warrior you hire. Warriors tagged Forkable on Marketplace are forkable Warriors. You will have to pay an extra fee to the lessor to be able to fork. In addition, you also need to prepare more fork cards to be able to Fork Warrior.

How to join IWOs in DeFi Warrior Game ?

To participate in IWO you need:

  • Step #1: Go to the page: For information on ongoing events.
  • Step #2: Click on the event you want to join
  • Step #3: Connect the wallet
  • Step #4: Own at least 1 Warrior (skip this step if you already have one)
  • Step #5: Sign and agree to the terms
  • Step #6: Deposit the respective funds
  • Step #7: Wait for the date and claim the prizes

How to earn in DeFi Warrior Game?

  • Play PvE
  • Play PvP
  • Play Bounty Hunting
  • Play World Boss
  • Play Mining
  • Complete Daily Mission
  • Spin Gacha
  • Play IWO mode

What is the fork and evolution function?

  • Fork: Create a new Warrior from the original Warrior Conditions: 1 amount of FIWA and CWIG (depending on the number of Forks of the original Warrior) and Fork Cards.
  • Upgrading Warriors to make them stronger Conditions: 1 amount of FIWA and CWIG and a certain level Warrior (10, 20) Introduction:


Defi Warrior is a Defi x NFT blockchain-based game genre inspired by the cryptocurrency universe, in which each Warrior is a crypto and each planet is a blockchain. Defi Warrior incorporates blockchain elements into the game and recreates a miniature blockchain world to assist players in both playing the game and better understanding how blockchain works in a fascinating way.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Defi Warrior already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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