Decentraland NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Decentraland Game?

Decentraland is a virtual reality NFT game platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. You can create, experience, earn money within the Decentraland game.

Decentraland gaming platform is located on a 300×300 grid with nearly 100,000 land parcels.

You can create many in-game objects. 

Decentraland is interested in real estate market characteristics.

As a result, land parcels in prestigious districts are more expensive here.

If you buy several land plots in the neighborhood, you will be able to build large structures on them.

The main issue is that land is always in short supply and expensive.

As a result, in order to acquire a prime piece of real estate, you will need to invest a significant amount of time in the game.

Below you can watch Decentraland game video trailer.

Decentraland Gameplay

The ability of users to fully control the game is the game’s main feature.

There are no rules or corporate assignments to limit gamers.

The most important thing is to have an in-game currency that allows you to influence the game’s economy and vote on various initiatives.

Almost anything, including investments and permitted in-game items, can be influenced by anyone.

Decentraland is more than just exchanging in-game items.

You can get your hands on a variety of games and activities with which other users can interact.

With the help of NFT technology, you can create in-game items.

These are non-fungible tokens NFTS that can be bought and sold in the in-game marketplace.

All players can create NFTs, and the rest can use these assets by purchasing and reselling in-game items.

How Do I Advertising in Decentraland Game?

The NFT market expands on the well-known concept of computer games.

It blurs the distinction between the digital and physical worlds.

After all, players have more options than simply dressing up their avatars in a T-shirt with a specific company logo.

In Decentraland, you can put up a billboard on your property and rent it out to real businesses.

As a result, other users can read the billboard and use a browser to visit the company’s website.

 Decentraland Advertising
Billboard Advertising in Decentraland

All of these characteristics provide excellent opportunities in the real world.

Indeed, as the number of users increases, so do the opportunities.

For example, you could buy a nightclub and broadcast live performances by famous bands from there.

What Are Land Parcels & Districts in Decentraland Game?

Decentraland game metaverse is divided into distinct districts.

The data about them includes coordinates, owner, and description.

There are more than 36K land parcels, which are divided into 57 districts in Decentraland game.

Districts with varying levels of development and budgets were established.

The developers intend to hold voting sessions in each of them on a regular basis in order to change internal rules and make various decisions.

This could include deciding on an architectural style or a profit distribution.

District members can choose whether to distribute the budget more evenly or to help the community develop further with its assistance.

Land Parcels
Land for Sale

You should read the community manifesto before purchasing a land parcel in a specific area.

After all, it may be illegal to decide on your own what to build on your land parcel because the entire community will make a decision.

What are the Decentraland Districts?

All districts in the Decentraland NFT game adventure guide differ significantly.

Each of them has its own characteristics and stats.

There are 5 main districts in Decentraland game as listed below:

  1. Aetheria
  2. Vegas City
  3. Dragon City
  4. Fashion Street
  5. Red Light

Decentraland District: Aetheria

Aetheria is the largest district in the Decentraland metaverse, with over 10,000 land parcels.

Aetheria is designed in the Cyberpunk style, which appeals to fans of the films “The Fifth Element” and “The Matrix.”

As a result, all fans of the dystopian future have gathered here.

The Fractus nightclub is the district’s main structure.

It is housed in a large structure that also houses:

  • Hall for online games tournaments.
  • Casino.
  • Arena for tournaments.
The Fractus Nightclub in Aetheria

Decentraland District: Vegas City

Vegas City is a district made up of nearly 7K land parcels in Decentraland game.

It is the center of attraction for night lifes.

Vegas City is a shopping, and nightlife destination.

There is also an arena for broadcasting various tournaments, such as Esports Arena.

Vegas City
Vegas City

Decentraland District: Dragon City

Dragon City is a district where two cultures met in Decentraland Game:

  • West and East.

As a result, all buildings are constructed in a unified style.

There are structures similar to Tiananmen Square as well as well-known structures in Western Europe.

There is no such active development of commercial activities in this part of the metaverse.

Of course, there are some shops and casinos here.

However, this will have no effect on the district’s sharp price increases.

Dragon City
Dragon City

Decentraland District: Fashion Street

Fashion street is a district filled with well-known brand stores.

With the help of virtual reality glasses, they can try on any item they want.

You are able to instantly pay for a purse or T-shirt using cryptocurrency and son on thanks to this feature.

In addition, fashion shows and exhibitions will be held in the district.

This will save you money on renting halls, model flights, and other expenses.

And if this district becomes a draw for active users, any well-known brand will want to buy several plots of land here.

Fashion Street
Fashion Street

Decentraland District: Red Light

Red light is an adult-only district in Decentraland game.

You can use this site to participate in live chats, visit stores and so on.

In the Red Light District, it is very simple to monetize your own land parcel and profit from it.

How to Trade Digital Land in Decentraland?

As I previously stated, the game revolves around digital land parcels.

Today, the majority of the land is owned by active players, with the remaining land plots rented or sold by game developers.

All owners have the right to dispose of their property as they see fit.

As a result, the land can be sold, rented, or used to host your own unique content.

The land parcels are auctioned off in the style of a Dutch auction.

The bottom line is that owners set their own prices, and potential buyers decide whether to buy or wait for the value to fall.

If there is no demand, a seller will lower the price.

And so on, until at least one buyer is satisfied.

This method eliminates a variety of betting gimmicks.

Auction Price
Auction Price Changes Chart

How to Make Money in Decentraland?

There are several ways to earn money in Decentraland game as listed below:

  • Rent out a billboard for advertising
  • Set up virtual meeting rooms and chat rooms
  • Hold trainings or seminars
  • Hold exhibitions
  • Rent out your land parcels.

What is Decentraland Game Token: $MANA

Decentraland game’s native token is called $MANA.

$MANA tokens are used for all financial transactions in the Decentraland game.

It is used to purchase land parcels and construct infrastructure facilities.

As a result, landowners will be able to receive digital income in the future thanks to this token. 

Price Chart
All-Time $MANA Price Chart

You can buy $MANA cryptocurrency on a number of different popular exchanges..


I hope this Decentraland NFT game guide has helped you learn more about this exciting game!

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