Dark Country NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Dark Country Game?

Dark Country is a deck building card battle NFT game based Universe on the Wax blockchain.

There are 4 groups in Dark Country game:

  1. Cowboys
  2. Criminals
  3. Indians
  4. Undead demonds

When you play Dark Country you will be asked choose and pick one of any of those groups.

Each group has different hero powers and deck buildings in their invetories.

Here you can watch Dark Country game video trailer below.

Dark Country is based on battling, building, exploring, owning and earning.

In the game you can partipate in PVP and PVE battles with your cards.

You will also be build and developing your “hometown” to unlock some other features.

By unlocking the features you will be able to card crafting, joining a guild to get advantages and help from your guildmates and also get more adventures within the game.

You can send your heroes with the decks you built to adventure and fight with the monsters.

After defeating a monster succesfully you will get rewards.

Dark Portal and adventures provide you many opportunities to earn in-game currency.

You can earn rewards from various in-game activities and passive income by renting land to others and borrowing cards.

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Dark Country Characters
The characters roaming around Dark Country are either cowboys, criminals, ‘Indians’ and undead demons. Credit: Dark Country

What is Dark Country’s Token? Shadow Dime (SDM)

Dark Country game’s native token is named Shadow Dime.

You can use your Shadow Dime token to purchase game assets or trade your tokens on blockchain marketplaces.

There is total 100 billion Shadow Dime tokens per blockchain. 

Shadow Dime is transferable token that you can mine in Dark Coutry lands and used for followings:

  1. To buy cards and heroes, renting and upgrading of your cards and heroes
  2. Building construction in your hometown or for upgrades
  3. You can use your Shadow Dime tokens in quests and adventures
  4. Staking and Voting

Dark Country Deck Building Game 

How to start Playing Dark Country

  • Step #1 Firstly you will need to create your deck by using the deck builder to start playing Dark Country game.
  • Step #2 When your deck is complete, you can begin looking for an opponent in game’s battle finder.
  • Step #3 When you find an opponent, you will be redirected to the game field, much like in traditional games.

Dark Country cards are used to construct decks for play. Exodus Cards are the first Dark Country item collection. This series contains 100 different card types, each with a different rarity.

Dark Country Cards

Dark Country Gameplay: Lands and Landlords

There are Lands and Landlords in the game which makes the game more attractive and different from other card building games.

Lands grant access to Adventure zones to Landlords.

Every land has its own set of buildings that can be built and upgraded to improve players’ gameplay abilities and buff heroes for exploration and farming.

To begin, you will need a Land plot and a “Deck” of at least 5 Dark Country cards.

This Land plot can be yours or someone else’s land.

Choose a land, assemble a deck of the best cards you have, and hope for the best.

Dark Country Lands

There is another interesting feature of Dark Country that you can do PvP battles on Lands against other players.

The Landowners rewarded with Shadow Dimes token if they win the game.

You can use this free registration link and play the game free any earn money while playing the game. 

Landowners can organise activities in the game.

Every weekend, Dark Country owners can pay Shadow Dimes to open the Portal to the center of the map within their land.

The expedition is divided into 25 levels of increasing difficulty.

Lands also make passive PvE activities easier.

Players basically build decks around their heroes, send them on short quests, and are rewarded with game resources and Shadow Dimes.

Dark Country NFTs and Tokens

Because the Dark Country is a multichain NFT-game, the DC World map is divided into continents, each of which is designed for a different Blockchain.

A Dark Portal is located in the center of each Continent Map and serves as a primary source of in-game currency Shadow Dimes as well as a location to go on quests and farm other resources.

Lands provide both landlords and players with Shadow Dimes currency.

Furthermore, Dark Country Lands are valuable assets that can be sold and traded as non-financial instruments (NFTs).

Every day, landowners divide 0.001% of the remaining supply of Shadow Dimes.

As a result, the more influence a land parcel possesses, the more Shadow Dimes they will receive.

Dark Country Shadow Dimes Pool
Players earn SDM by increasing activities on their lands. Credit: Dark Country

The game creators have set a land parcel’s basic influence to 100 and it cannot be lower.

Land closer to the center of the world, on the other hand, will have a higher level of influence.

If you are a landowner and organise an activity you can increase your profit multiplier.

Landowners can reduce deflation by staking Shadow Dimes on their property.

For example, 1 million Shadow Dimes would result in a 5% deflation reduction, all the way up to 50%.

In short, stake Shadow Dimes on your land and your influence will remain slightly higher.


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Have you ever played Dark Country? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you!

What are your first impressions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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