CryptoBlades NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is CryptoBlades Game?

CryptoBlades is an NFT crafting game built on blockchain. You can craft powerful weapons to fight opponents. Each battle you win gives SKILL tokens as a reward.

You can use your SKILL tokens that you earned from the game can be used in the system to create characters, various weapons and upgrading their level. 

One of the game’s features is that there is no need to download and install it.

CryptoBlades is a classic clicker game, you can enter the digital world through any browser.

One of the primary motivations for its development was an attempt to incorporate blockchain into everyday life. 

Below you can watch CryptoBlades game trailer video.

How to Play CryptoBlades Game?

Firstly; to play the CryptoBlades first you will need to connect your account with MetaMask Vallet by following steps:

  • Step #1: Dowload and install MetaMask Wallet extension on your browser
  • Step #2: Click on the “Create a Wallet” button
  • Step #3: Create a strong password. When logging in to MetaMask in the same browser, this will be used.
  • Step #4: Note your secret seed phrase and write it down in a safe place.
  • Step #5: Select each phrase in the correct order and then click “Confirm.”

MetaMask Wallet is available as a browser extension for any browser that supports it. MetaMask is also available for Android and iOS.

If you want to import your wallet to a new MetaMask installation on a different browser and/or device, use your seed phrase.

Never share your seed phrase with anyone.

This, like your password, can be used to gain access to your account.

Secondly; you will need to connect to Binance Smart Chain.

When you create an account on MetaMask, it will be set to the Ethereum Mainnet by default.

Your wallet must be set to the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet in order to use CryptoBlades and SKILL.

You can do that by following the steps below adding your wallet to the BSC network:

  • Step #1 Navigate to the Settings menu by clicking the circle in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Step #2 Select “Networks” and then “Add Network.”
  • Step #3 Enter the following details:
    • Network Name : Binance Smart Chain
      New RPC URL :
      Chain ID : 56
      Currency Symbol : BNB
      Block Explorer URL :
    • Step #4 Return to the main menu by clicking “Save.”
    • Step #5 In the upper right corner of the screen, make sure your MetaMask is set to the Binance Smart Chain network.
    • Step #6 You can now receive BNB at your address and purchase SKILL.

What are CryptoBlades Game Characters?

Characters are one of the most important NFTs that you can have in CryptoBlades. At any given time, each account can have a maximum of 4 characters.

CryptoBlades NFT Game Characters

To buy the first character in CryptoBlades, you must pay 0.001 BNB in gas. You will also need to pay 0.0025 BNB in gas to participate in each new battle.

Create an online wallet and buy BNB or SKILL coins.

CryptoBlades game starter pack includes:

  • Value: 4 characters, 3 swords;
  • Standard: 4 characters, 4 swords;
  • Maximum: 4 characters, 5 swords.

CBC is an abbreviation for CryptoBlades Character and refers to the character NFTs found in your wallet. If you want to add CBC to your MetaMask wallet, you can do so using the contract address found below:

CryptoBlades NFT game contract address is 0xc6f252c2cdd4087e30608a35c022ce490b58179b

Notice: if its asked, Set the decimal to “0”

Each character is represented by one of 4 elements in CryptoBlades as listed below:

  1. Fire: is effective against Earth but ineffective against Water.
  2. Earth: has a high resistance to lightning but a low resistance to fire.
  3. Lightning: is effective against water but ineffective against earth.
  4. Water: is effective against Fire but ineffective against Lightning.

Each character has their own stamina pool, which can be filled up to a maximum of 200 times. The regeneration rate of stamina is one point every five minutes.

When you engage in combat, stamina is spent at a rate of 40/80/120/160/200 stamina per fight, depending on the player’s stamina cost per fight.

This means that each character can gain 288 stamina in 24 hours, which equates to 7.2 fights.

What are the Weapons in CryptoBlades Game?

Weapons are one of the most important NFTs that a player can have in CryptoBlades. In contrast to characters, each account can have an unlimited number of weapons.

CryptoBlades Game Weapons

The cost of minting weapons is shown on the “Forge” button in the Blacksmith tab. Each weapon has a random element and a random rarity, which is indicated by the number of stars it has.

The weapon’s rarity determines the number of attributes it has and the values that these attributes can roll. Because the use of a weapon is not tied to a specific character, one weapon can be used by all four of your characters.

Weapons have durability, which limits how frequently a weapon can be used, preventing people from simply passing one weapon around to multiple accounts.

CryptoBlades Game Weapons Durability

Durability regenerates at the same rate as character stamina, allowing a single account to fight four characters with a single weapon.

Durability has no bearing on the win rate or the effectiveness of any weapon in combat.

You can do minting weapons in CryptoBlades which serves as the primary SKILL sink of the game along with Reforging.

All SKILL spent on minting weapons gets sent to the contract that handles fight payouts.

The rarity of a weapon is randomly determined upon minting.

Weapon Minting Chances in CryptoBlades game is listed below:

  • 1% chance for a 5 star weapon
  • 5% chance for a 4 star weapon
  • 15% chance for a 3 star weapon
  • 35% chance for a 2 star weapon
  • 44% chance for a 1 star weapon

The Plaza tab’s button displays the cost of minting characters. All SKILL spent on character creation is directed to the contract in charge of fight payouts. When they are minted, each character starts at level one and is given a random element. You can purchase element change potions from the SKILL shop to change the elements of their characters.

What is CryptoBlades SKILL Token?

The SKILL token is central to the game, which you can obtain by defeating opponents and participating in raids.

After that, you can spend the coins however you want: hire more characters, craft weapons, boost stats, and so on.

There is also an open market where existing NFTs can be sold.

Within the game, there is a function for betting on specific events.

The maximum SKILL offer is limited to 1 million coins.

Token Price Chart
1 Month SKILL Token Price Chart


I hope this CryptoBlades NFT game guide has helped you learn more about this exciting game!

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Have you ever played CryptoBlades?

Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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