Crypto Unicorns NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Crypto Unicorns?

Crypto Unicorns is a new blockchain-based game that centers on awesomely unique Unicorn NFTs that players can use in a fun farming simulation as well as a variety of exciting battle loops.

The farming gameplay revolves around Land NFTs, which players can purchase and upgrade over time. Unicorns enjoy assisting on the farm, so you can put them to use by increasing the productive output of Land and crafting materials to upgrade buildings.

Individual Land can be combined into neighborhoods designed for highly social real-time gameplay by players. In this way, you can personalize your Farm and show it off to the rest of the world!

We’ll start with Farming, then move on to Jousting, Racing, and Team RPG Battle. Over time, each game type will make use of different Unicorn abilities. A great racing Unicorn, for example, may not be a great jouster or “Battlecorn.”

Finally, we see an ever-expanding universe of game loops linked to the core farming loop. To accomplish this, we intend to collaborate with the community and other developers to continue adding utility and entertainment to the Crypto Unicorns Multiverse.

Crypto Unicorns Gameplay

Crypto Unicorns’ main gameplay mode is a farming simulation. You can buy Land NFTs, which you can upgrade over time. Community-owned economy is powered by land, which is where Unicorns are bred, hatched, and evolved.

Land Gameplay

Within the Unicorn Multiverse, the farm is your “home on the range.” It’s a completely customizable plot of land with a variety of useful structures such as the Stables, Nursery, Workshop, Gathering Cart, and Farm Plots. Unicorns are extremely helpful creatures who enjoy helping out around the farm. Working to upgrade their land benefits players by increasing its productive output.

Key Buildings of Crypto Unicorns game:

  • Farm Slots: Planting seeds allows you to grow berries, which are used in breeding, evolution, and crafting.
  • Gathering Cart: You can send Unicorns on quests and receive various rewards when they return!
  • Workshop: Unicorns can be assigned to craft items from a list of potential recipes by players.
  • Nursery: Unicorns can be bred, hatched, and evolved by players.
  • Stables: You can improve the stable to increase the number of Unicorns available for work on the Land.

Types of Land of Crypto Unicorns game:

As explained below, there are 3 types of land available in the Crypto Unicorns game:

  1. Common Land
  2. Rare Land
  3. Myhtic Land
1. Common Land

The most fundamental type of land is common land. To increase productivity, match Unicorns to their Land class.

2. Rare Land

The rare land has synergy with the entire Unicorn class group (for example, Wonder -> Cloud, Heart, Rainbow). To increase productivity, assign Unicorns that correspond to Land class groups.

3. Mythic Land

Mythic land is the most rare and works well with all Unicorn classes. To increase productivity, assign any Unicorn to work on a Mythic land.


Berries grow from seeds planted by the player or their unicorns!

To begin, you add farm plots to your Land. You can plant seeds and return later to harvest berries on the farm plots. Unicorns adore berries, did you know? When planting seeds, you can assign a Unicorn to increase berry production. They can increase berry production even more by keeping their Unicorns well-fed with berries so they don’t go hungry on the job!

You can initially farm 10 different types of berries, including plain berries and one berry type for each Unicorn class. Berries can be used to breed and evolve Unicorns, as well as as crafting ingredients. When you plant a seed, you should expect a variable number of berries based on the type of seed planted. Farms receive bonuses based on the proximity of their land.

Many players may be surprised to learn that Unicorns poop! Cleaning up Unicorn poop is a daily occurrence on the farm. The good news is that unicorn poop does not stink and can frequently contain items such as seeds, so it’s important to check back frequently so it doesn’t pile up!


Unicorns sleep in the Stables after a long day of farm work. Leveling up a Stable allows you to increase the number of Unicorns you can assign to work at any given time.

Workshop (Crafting)

You can create building materials and items such as breeding and evolutionary boosters in the Workshop. Unicorns are required to start crafting any unlocked recipe. Upgrading a Workshop grants access to more advanced crafting recipes.

At launch, the following recipe types are available:

  • Materials
  • Hatching & evolution boosters

Gathering Cart (Quests)

Unicorns enjoy going on gathering quests! The cataclysm dispersed valuable material throughout the Unicorn Multiverse. Send your Unicorns on a search and recovery mission. Gathering quests necessitate the use of a Unicorn with at least one energy.

You cannot use your assigned Unicorn in other modes while it is on a quest. Spending berries keeps a yourUnicorn from becoming hungry while questing and increases the potential rewards. The Unicorn will eventually return from their quest with materials and a small chance of Unicorn Milk and Rainbow Tokens. The gathering cart will be very simple at launch, but we plan to expand it into a more robust questing system in future versions.


All of the magic takes place in the Nursery. Insiders breed Unicorns to create new Unicorn eggs, which hatch into baby Unicorns! Players can also raise babies to become adult Unicorns.


  • Any two Unicorns with remaining breeding points can be bred. Normal berries + UNIM & RBW are required.
  • You can spend class berries to increase your chances of producing the desired class.


  • When an egg is ready for hatching (usually 24 hours after breeding), you can do so at any time. There will be gas charges.
  • You can also use a booster to boost your Unicorn’s stats. While it is not required, we strongly advise using it to increase the likelihood that a newborn will inherit parts from both parents..


  • Following the cooldown period, you may choose to evolve your baby Unicorn into an adult.
  • You can use an evolutionary booster to roll for higher-quality stats if you wish. We strongly advise using these if you want to maximize the stats of your Unicorn.


Unicorns adore competing in Jousting Tournaments! These tournaments, which will take place later in 2022, will feature up to 32 unicorns competing in a series of bracketed matches in which only one unicorn will emerge victorious! Some events will be free, while others will require payment in UNIM or RBW.

Jousting matches will be thrilling displays of strength and speed. Core jousting stats are ultimately determined by feeding a Unicorn’s base stats into an algorithm that generates top speed, acceleration, and endurance scores. Each match will be divided into three rounds, with the winner decided by points or Unicorn knockout.

Unicorns will charge at each other in each jousting round, with the following possible outcomes:

  • Miss: Both Unicorns miss each other.
  • Glance: One or both Unicorns strike a glancing blow.
  • Stagger: One or both Unicorns stagger.
  • Knockdown: One Unicorn is knocked down.

Note: A 10-second countdown begins when a knockdown occurs. The Unicorn must stand up before time runs out or the match is declared a knockout and the match is over!

If a round does not end in a knockout, the three judges will weigh in and award a score based on a variety of factors (strike quality being most important). The next round begins once the scoring phase is completed. If no Unicorn is knocked out by the end of the third round, the Unicorn with the highest aggregate score will be declared the winner.


Crypto Unicorns, believe it or not, enjoy racing!

Unicorn racing, which will also debut later in 2022, will feature various race tracks with distinct characteristics such as class, distance, weather, and length designed to produce exciting events. The first races will pit eight Unicorns against one another. Unicorn Racing attracts a diverse range of contestants because it tests every aspect of their abilities!

Smarter Unicorns can better pace themselves for long-distance races, stronger Unicorns can out-muscle their opponents in acceleration, tougher Unicorns can go for longer periods of time without getting tired, and fast Unicorns are… well, FAST! Players will be ranked based on the performance of their Unicorns. The greater the Unicorn’s rank, the greater their rewards. Racing will begin with three genesis tracks controlled by the developer, but tracks will be managed by the community over time.

Racing Stats:

Core racing stats are ultimately determined by combining a Unicorn’s base stats to generate Top Speed, Acceleration, and Endurance scores.

What are Crypto Unicorns Game Assets & Economy Design

Creating a sustainable blockchain-based game economy is a particularly difficult problem. A healthy economy requires both depth and breadth. One of the many reasons we chose farming as our core loop is because of this. As a result, Land becomes the economic engine of the Crypto Unicorns.

  • You purchase Land in order to harvest and produce resources for the Crypto Unicorns economy as a whole.
    • Trading on the Rainbow Token marketplace encourages cooperative gameplay..
    • These systems have a lot of extensible depth that will keep players optimizing for years to come.

Land also enables and facilitates the birth of new generations of Unicorns. The beauty of Land gameplay is that it is unconcerned with a Unicorn’s stats. As players advance, their Land will require a greater number of Unicorns to farm in order to maintain optimal production efficiency.

Combine this with battle loops that will always be hungry for high stat Unicorns, and we have the makings of a long-term sustainable economy in which players are forced to specialize in the systems and gameplay loops that they are most interested in. This is similar to how the real world economy operates.

What are Crypto Unicorns NFTs

Unicorn NFTs

The Laguna Games team discovered 10,000 Genesis Unicorn eggs in a mysterious vault inside the dormant Unicorn Multiverse during the summer of 2021. According to ancient writings on the vault walls, this was the only store of Unicorn eggs, and they were placed here during the Unicorn extinction event in the hopes that the Unicorns would one day be reborn and retake their rightful place in the Unicorn Multiverse. Laguna Games sold all 10,000 genesis eggs to early community members on November 15, 2021. These eggs serve as the game’s foundation.

Many people are unaware that unicorns are amazing and extremely useful creatures. They begin as eggs, hatch into babies, and eventually mature into adults. As adults, they are incredible farmers, capable of growing and crafting everything required to sustain their Multiverse. Each Unicorn also has a distinct set of skills defined by their genes that allow them to excel at battle loops such as jousting and racing.

The original 10,000 Unicorns must breed in order for the Unicorn Multiverse to grow and thrive. Unicorns can be bred with Unicorn Milk, Rainbow Tokens, and Normal Berries. When two adult Unicorns breed, the genes of each parent Unicorn are passed down to the newly created Unicorn egg NFT. Each Unicorn can breed up to eight (8) times, assisting in supply control. We will also gradually introduce a number of deflationary mechanisms to further control supply.

Limited Edition 1/1’s:

We also discovered 99 Limited Edition experimental eggs that hatch into one-of-a-kind 1/1 Unicorns. Unfortunately, the commercialization required to bring these experimental eggs to life renders them sterile. These Unicorn eggs will most likely be tied to prizes for winning events and community contests. 1/1 Unicorns generate stats using the same genetic algorithm as normal Unicorns and are not guaranteed to be OP. Limited Edition Unicorns, like regular Unicorns, begin as eggs, hatch into babies, and can be evolved into adults. We plan to release these 99 limited edition Unicorns in collaboration with partners around the world over time.

Year 1 – Unicorn Utility:

  • Planting Seeds & Harvesting Berries
  • Crafting Materials & Items
  • Gathering Quests
  • Jousting
  • Racing
  • Team RPG
  • Mini-Games


There are 9 Unicorn Classes in total, 6 of which are Primary Classes and 3 of which are Hidden Classes, as shown below:

Six Primary Classes

  • Heart
  • Cloud
  • Flower
  • Candy
  • Crystal
  • Moon

Three Hidden Classes

  • Rainbow
  • OmNom
  • Star


A Unicorn’s parts and genes define their unique genetic identity once they hatch. Parts determine each Unicorn’s visual characteristics, while genes determine the stats/scores for each type of gameplay.

Unicorns of the same class begin with the same base stats. When a Unicorn hatches, its genes transform those base stats into what they are. Higher stats will result from better genes. Each Unicorn has six parts and a total of 18 genes.

To determine a Unicorn’s genes, we must first determine the parts of the newborn Unicorn. Parts that do not come from a parent will be rolled. We roll three genes for each part once it has been inherited and/or rolled.

A part has three gene slots:

  • Major Gene Slot: Genes in this slot have the greatest chance of being improved by evolution.
  • Normal Gene Slot: Genes in this slot have a lower chance of evolutionally upgrading than genes in the Major Gene Slot, but a higher chance than genes in the Minor Gene Slot.
  • Minor Gene Slot: This gene has the lowest chance of being upgraded through evolution.

Mythic Parts:

Mythic Parts are more likely than regular parts to upgrade a gene. Mythic Parts have three Major Gene Slots rather than one Major Gene Slot, one Normal Gene Slot, and one Minor Gene Slot.

This means that their genes are more likely to evolve. Mythic Parts can be inherited through breeding, and if the Mythic Part is rolled to be passed down to the child, the three Genes will still be passed down, and all three will remain Major Genes.

Core Stats:

Each Unicorn has the following core stats, which are used to generate Power, Speed, Endurance, and Intelligence scores. We can use the same foundational stats across all types of gameplay by deriving scores from common core stats shared by all Unicorns. Team RPG, for example, would use the Battle Stats directly, whereas Jousting and Racing would use the Scores.


Unicorn Milk, Rainbow Tokens, and Normal Berries must be purchased in order to breed Unicorns. When breeding, you can add Class Berries to influence the outcome. Every Class Berry used increases the likelihood that the newborn will be of the same class as the berry used.

Note: This only applies if the two parents are not from the same social class. For such breeds, three Class Berries will be available: one for each parent’s class and one for the hidden class, if applicable..

Without class berries, each class has an equal chance.

The use of class berries increases the likelihood of that class being produced.

In the preceding example, a player would need to add Crystal Class Berries to ensure the resulting class was Crystal. Using Boosters when breeding increases the likelihood of that class’s parent parts being passed down to the newborn. The higher the tier of booster used, the more likely it is that parts will be passed down.

Breeding Boosters can increase the likelihood of parts being passed down to the newborn. Breeding Boosters are crafted items in the Workshop. They are also available for purchase and sale in the $RBW Marketplace. Breeding Boosters are divided into six tiers. The higher the Booster tier, the more likely the parents will pass down their parts to the newborn Unicorn.

Optimizing a Unicorn’s stats will require a lengthy process of breeding Unicorns with good genes and using Breeding Boosters to increase the likelihood of parts with those good genes being inherited by the newborn Unicorn. When the baby Unicorn evolves into an adult, the good genes he or she inherited can be upgraded further. The adult Unicorn can then breed and attempt to pass down its parts to the newborn Unicorn. Repeat as necessary.


A new Unicorn Egg is produced every 24 hours after breeding begins. When the egg is ready, players can choose to hatch it at any time. Players can add a booster before the egg hatches by crafting it with Materials and Class Berries.


Players can evolve their Unicorns from their infant form at any time. Unicorns will always have their distinct visual characteristics, but Evolution gives them the opportunity to upgrade each of their 18 genes. We anticipate that most players will evolve their unicorns into adults because only adult Unicorns can breed.

Class Berries, unlike Breeding, are required for evolution. To evolve a Unicorn, the Player must spend Class Berries, Rainbow Tokens, and a small amount of Unicorn Milk.

Each Unicorn evolution requires 100 class berries. Additionally, when evolving their Unicorns, players can use Evolution Boosters to increase the chance of upgrading Genes.

Evolution Flow:

  1. Each Gene rolls to see if it upgrades during Evolution
    1. If Yes, the Gene will upgrade to a higher Rarity
    2. If No, the Gene will stay at its current Rarity
  2. After the roll for Gene upgrades, the Unicorn’s stats will increase to match the new rarities of the upgraded genes.
  3. Then all 8 Unicorn Stats increase by 20%.
  4. Next, each visual attribute or “part” asset is then upgraded to its next evolution stage.
  5. After all rolls and upgrades are complete the Unicorn is evolved.

Land NFTs

The focus of farming gameplay is land, which serves as the overall engine of the Unicorn economy.

Land NFT has three rarities: common, rare, and mythic:

  • There are nine different types of common land (one for each Unicorn Class). When a player uses a Unicorn of the same class as the Land, he or she gains buffs that make harvesting, gathering, and crafting more efficient.
  • There are three types of rare land (one for each class group). Rare land will grant buffs to all unicorns in a class group. This gives a player more options when it comes to optimizing their farming operation..
  • Mythic Land has only one type and benefits all nine classes! Because it buffs all Unicorn classes, this type of land is by far the rarest and most valuable.

Total Land Supply

Following the game’s release, you will be able to purchase new plots of land. Finally, there will be a maximum supply limit for each plot type:

  • Common Plots: 900,000 Max Supply
  • Rare Plots: 90,000 Max Supply
  • Mythic Plots: 10,000 Total Supply

You can buy land based on your preferred class (or class group) of Unicorns, allowing them to establish an efficient and competitive farming operation. There are several strategies available, such as purchasing multiple Common plots or pursuing a Rare or Mythic plot.

Land Adjacency:

Land NFTs can be linked together to create shared adjacency bonuses.


Unicorns are friendly and enjoy helping their neighbors. Neighborhoods will be formed by players bringing their land plots together with guildmates. This will allow people to optimize for shared adjacency bonuses in order to maximize their productive output collectively.

Purchasing Land Post-Launch:

You will be able to buy new lands at any time after the game launches. Purchasing land in this manner will necessitate the use of both ETH and a Keystone item. Keystones can be obtained by crafting them in the Workshop or as event rewards. The Keystone is consumed when land is purchased. Each Land type has its own Keystone.

The price of land sold after pre-sales will be determined by a bonding curve. Each type of land will have its own bonding curve. This allows players to purchase land without requiring us to set up timed sales. In addition, we get a system in which new land is naturally minted to meet incoming demand.

Rainbow Marketplace

This feature is a type of light PvP that is at the heart of our farming gameplay. In practice, players use a real-time marketplace to buy and sell berries, materials, and booster items for Rainbow Tokens.

Bonding curves are used as the pricing mechanism per bundle on the RBW Marketplace. When a player buys or sells a bundle, the listing price is adjusted in accordance with the underlying bonding curve.

This is a peer-to-peer marketplace with bonding curves for each item. As they buy and sell bundles (denominated in RBW), players can collectively influence the price. Every day, a new set of bundles will be added to the marketplace, allowing players to trade against one another.

What is Rainbow Token $RBW?

Rainbow Tokens (RBW) are the Unicorn multiverse’s primary value token. Holders of these tokens will be able to use them in a variety of ways, including:

  • Stake to vote on DAO governance and earn staking rewards
  • Purchase high-value boosters, items, and materials from the Rainbow Marketplace
  • Breed and evolve Unicorns
  • Pay entry fees for Jousting, Racing, and Battle Tournaments
  • And much more to be announced…

The ultimate goal of RBW is to decentralize ownership and governance of the Crypto Unicorns Treasury and Intellectual Property (IP).

Multi-Sig Wallet Treasury

An industry-standard Gnosis multisig wallet protects the funds. The keys to the Treasury wallet are held by eight members of the Laguna Games team. To be valid, a transaction must have 5 of 8 signatures. This protects the project from hackers and malicious team members. In the interest of complete transparency with our community, we have provided the address below. Anyone can see the status of transactions as they are submitted for approval, as well as the history of every previous transaction.

Allocation and Unlock Schedule

Total Supply = 1,000,000,000

Initial Circulating Supply = 50,000,000

Play & Earn

In Crypto Unicorns you will have several ways to play and earn money, including:

  • Harvesting Class Berries and selling them on the market
  • Gathering on Lands Crafting Breeding, Evolution, and Building Materials and selling them on the market
  • Harvesting and crafting upgrade materials
  • Entering race events
  • Entering Jousting events and tournaments
  • PvE and PvP Battle

Below table shows the RBW token allocation:

Token Amount% of Total SupplyUnlock Schedule
300,000,00030%gradual unlock over ~5 years

Staking Rewards

Crypto Unicorns to a community-owned Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, using RBW tokens. People can use their RBW to vote on important governance decisions and earn rewards.

Token Amount% of Total SupplyUnlock Schedule
200,000,00020%gradual unlock over ~5 years

What is Unicorn Milk (UNIM) Token?

UNIM is an ERC20 Token that is used to breed and evolve Unicorns, as well as to craft high-value items and boosters. This currency is earned by participating in various events and tournaments. It is burned and removed from the supply when it is used. We expect UNIM to serve as our economy’s lifeblood, and we will closely monitor its distribution to ensure long-term economic health.

On-Chain Mini Games in Crypto Unicorns

This launch encapsulated many of our long-term objectives for Crypto Unicorns, including:

  • This is a mini-game that is entirely on-chain and encapsulated into a smart contract.
  • It was developed in collaboration with an external development team (shout out to our analytics partner Moonstream!).
  • We see this as a template for many future collaborations in which we work with external development teams to add utility to our NFT assets.

What is the Crypto Unicorns Smart Contract Address?

  • Unicorn Diamond Contract is 0xdC0479CC5BbA033B3e7De9F178607150B3AbCe1f
  • Unicorn Farm Diamond Contract is 0xA2a13cE1824F3916fC84C65e559391fc6674e6e8
  • Unicorn Milk Diamond Contract is 0x64060aB139Feaae7f06Ca4E63189D86aDEb51691
Crypto Unicorns NFT Game


Crypto Unicorns is a new blockchain-based game that centers on awesomely unique Unicorn NFTs that players can use in a fun farming simulation as well as a variety of exciting battle loops.

The farming gameplay revolves around Land NFTs, which players can purchase and upgrade over time. Unicorns enjoy assisting on the farm, so you can put them to use by increasing the productive output of Land and crafting materials to upgrade buildings.

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Have you played Crypto Unicorns already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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