Cryowar NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Cryowar?

CRYOWAR is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game built in Unreal Engine and available on the Solana network. In an expansive Sci-Fi Medieval game world, players engage in fierce multi-realm battles.

CRYOWAR is an all-out battle of skill in which the best players compete for resources, territories, and world dominance. Every player will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to defend his realm while reaping enormous rewards.

Only the strongest will rise to the top of the leaderboards. CRYOWAR is currently being developed for the PC, iOS, and Android platforms, with crossplatform multiplayer.

Cryowar NFT Game

CRYOWAR Game Introduction

CRYOWAR is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game built in Unreal Engine and available on the Solana network. In the vast Sci-Fi Medieval gaming metaverse, players engage in fierce multi-realm battles.

CRYOWAR battles are all-out brawls with profound skill expression, with the best players constantly vying for resources, territories, and world dominance.

Every player will have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to defend their realm while earning enormous rewards. Only the strongest will rise to the top of the leaderboards.

CRYOWAR is a hybrid of a traditional PVP gaming experience and some of the best blockchain features, such as in-game platform decentralized governance elements (DAO/DAC), NFTs, and some DeFi characteristics.

In a decentralized blockchain environment, all participants will be able to win prizes and stake them. CRYOWAR is a gaming platform and ecosystem with deflationary token mechanics that integrate staking elements with traditional gameplay, allowing users to earn better rewards by increasing their in-game skill and experience levels.

CRYOWAR intends to create a long-term, stable, and ever-changing game environment and token economy.

The ultimate goal is to create a multiblockchain Sci-Fi Medieval Metaverse without boundaries and borders, where developers, investors, and players can all collaborate to create additional layers, features, modes, and content, as well as explore the limitless possibilities of human imagination.

Cryowar Gameplay

The following features are included in the Cryptowar game:

  1. Free-to-Play and Earn-to-Play
  2. Cross-platform Multiplayer
  3. Skill-based Gameplay
  4. NFT P2P Market
  5. Easy to use Crafting system

1. Play-to-Earn

This gaming platform’s foundation is P2E. P2E is currently one of the most popular blockchain gaming platforms. P2E is also one of the most recent gaming concepts, having been introduced with the help of NFT and Blockchain.

While in-game assets such as tokens and NFTs are in high demand, users can now own legitimate in-game purchases and even transfer them between games.

You can even keep your earned NFTs and sell them on Solana-powered marketplaces as their value rises in the NFT Marketplace.

2. Shorter Game Play sessions

Quite conveniently CRYOWAR has set a time limit of three minutes for combat gameplay. This allows you to play whenever and wherever you want, wherever you are. This cutting-edge gaming technology provides an incredible video gaming experience because the visuals are provided by AAA Graphics.

3. Rich Gaming Environment

This platform offers users a highly competitive environment.

PVP last man standing, VP deathmatch, PVP top score in 5 minutes, PVP 1v1 duels on player-owned land, PVE co-op epic boss fights, PVP battle arena, and PVE co-op survival mode are all exciting combat modes in CRYOWAR.

This makes for ideal in-game competition for NFT rewards and tokens.

What Makes Cryowar Game Different?

High-Octane Gameplay

A thrilling and engaging PVP gaming experience with diverse and intense game modes, fast-paced combat, and short match duration that keeps the adrenaline pumping and the fun guaranteed.

Defi-Inspired Incentives

Combination of some DEFI elements and gaming, with additional incentives and rewards through staking mechanics for both token holders and players.


Demand for NFT-based projects and games has increased. NFTs allow gamers to truly own in-game items and transfer them from one game to the next.


On the Solana Network, blockchain integration enables super fast and free marketplace transactions.


A DAO governance model will eventually be integrated to allow gamers to propose and participate in in-game competitions, new game modes, extra rewards, and to have a say in the decentralized game progress.

Deflationary Management

Ability to implement and manage deflationary mechanics such as token burns in order to stabilize the in-game economy, create new gaming content, and reach new players.

Cryowar Game Advantages

CRYOWAR is part of the ever-expanding crypto gaming chain DEFI NFT.

Cryowar Game History

The World of Solariance

Solariance had been ruled by four bloodthirsty Gods in an epic struggle for dominance since the beginning of time. There are 4 gods in CRYOWAR games as listed below:

  • Sullr, The Glacier God: Commanding the Guild of Nastra
  • Senemeer, The Shadow God: Commanding the Guild of Darakavan
  • Lavaden, The Firestorm God: Commanding the Guild of Faragoan.
  • Vigolar, The Desert God: Commanding the Guild of Akava
Cryowar Game

The world was on the verge of destruction as the Solarians gave up their lands, resources, loved ones, and lives to protect their realms and gain the favor of their Gods. The Armistice of Akava appeared to be the end of an eons-long war.

The four Gods, tired of fighting, ascended to their skyrealms, and the people of Solariance experienced peace for the first time. The Armistice had been forgotten for 10,000 years when the great oracles of Nastra and Akava mysteriously vanished.

The Solarians paid no attention to this; the oracles had only recently become token servants of the Gods. There were even rumors that Vigolar had ordered the oracles to be deposed in order to give his Darakavan Valkyries more power.

But then, not long after that, the earth shook and the sky shattered. Sullr and Vigolar awoke and descended on Solaria, eager to avenge the deaths of their most trusted servants.

Sanameer and Lavaden returned from the Astral Plane to confront them as they terrorized Faragoan’s kingdom. The Armistice was null and void, and growing rumblings in the Astral Plane foreshadow the rise of new Gods eager to join the fight.

What are Cryowar Heroes?

Cryowar Game Heroes

CRYOWAR allows players to select one of three distinct characters to battle with. Each has its own personality, fighting style, offensive artillery, and defensive mechanisms. Users can then set off and duel with other players in our ecosystem to begin earning rewards.

There are 3 different heroes in Cryowar game as listed below:

  1. Heavy,
  2. Valkyrie,
  3. Centurion.

1. Heavy

In the CRYOWAR game, heavy is a long-range, defensive class. Heavy is a colossus whose every blow is powered by ancient tactics and the ferocious firepower of angry Gods. His playstyle is long-range and defensive, with artillery comprised of multiple weapons and defensive mechanisms that allow him to inflict maximum punishment on those who dare to challenge him while receiving minimal damage.

Cryowar Game Class - ACS Heavy

Heavy Hero Skills:

  • Piercing Beam: A.C.S. Heavy fires a powerful beam from the weapon on his back, piercing anything in its path.
  • Testudo: Heavy takes a defensive stance, creating a protective sphere around himself and all friendly characters that absorbs damage over time.
  • Protective Artillery: Heavy launches his rockets into the air and begins firing. The rockets disintegrate into smaller projectiles that rain down in a wide radius. The rockets cause explosions throughout the area of effect.

2. Valkyrie

CRYOWAR’s Valkyrie close combat class. With swift and precise attacks that confuse opponents and leave them picking up the pieces. She was named after mythical spirits who transport the souls of fallen warriors to the afterlife. Valkyrie is agile and appears to dance as she moves in battle, but make no mistake: she is as lethal as she is grateful.

Cryowar Game Class - ACS Valkyrie

Valkyrie Class Skills:

  • Snake Bite: She slashes horizontally and launches a sharp blade in the desired direction. When the target is hit, a DOT effect is applied for a short duration.
  • Aurora of Blades: Valkyrie channels the Northern Lights and spins in a whirlwind of blades that damages all nearby enemies in a 360-degree range.
  • Berserker: Valkyrie calls to the Gods for help and the heavens answer. She goes berserk and her defense and attack go drastically up. Her entire body bursts with power and devastating energy.

3. Centurion

Centurion is a noble holy warrior who excels at attacking from medium range. He is not only a skilled swordsman, but also a skilled marksman who can target his opponents from a distance with pinpoint accuracy.

Cryowar Game Class - ACS Centurion

Valkyrie Class Skills:

  • Explosive Shot: Centurion aims his gun in the desired direction and shoots a blinding lightinfused projectile that explodes on impact. All affected targets get an attack power debuff.
  • Incandescent Slice: Centurion throws an incandescent copy of his sword in the desired direction. When it hits an enemy or terrain, it explodes in a medium radius. All affected targets get a defense power debuff.
  • Judgement Day: Centurion brings a oneman apocalypse in a large 360-degree radius, creating a devastating explosion of gunshots and sword slashes.

Cryowar Game Tokenomics

Cryowar Game Economy
  • The CWAR token serves as the primary utility token for the CRYOWAR game platform and ecosystem as a whole.
  • 1.000.000 000 CWAR tokens will be minted (pre-mined) to eventually achieve an effective game platform decentralized governance model, fully built on the Solana network.
  • The CWAR token will be primarily used for in-game staking for stability and reward, yield farming, game platform governance voting, and internal medium of exchange use cases.
  • Staking for stability rewards;
  • A marketplace for buying and selling CRYOWAR NFTs – initially character skins at the platform’s launch (with further future steps to include: ingame items, pets and most importantly in-game virtual land plots).
  • Tokens are burned as needed to stabilize the in-game economy as a result of in-game marketplace fees and tournament entry fees.
  • The only way to purchase access and tickets to tournaments and duels.
  • A chance for each player – free-to-play or pay-to-win – to receive tokens and NFTs. Skin/item loot drops will be more likely for CWAR token holders.
  • As a reward for the World Championships – or other tournaments that will be organized in the future.
  • When PvE modes are implemented, players will be able to choose a difficult game mode to which they will be able to join only by risking their equipment or tokens. However, if they win, they will receive greater rewards.
  • As a medium for hardcore farming or duels, during which fees will be collected.
  • To reward streamers, most active players, and others with ongoing incentives and bonuses.
  • To be used as a means of exchange in NFT trading and minting.
  • To acquire Deflationary NFT Land Plots.

Here’s a short summary of the Cryowar Ecosystem Tokenomics:

  • Token Name: $CWAR
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Initial Market Capitalization: $1,000,000
  • Seeding: $40,000,000(4%)
  • Staking and Community Rewards: $450,000,000 (45%)
Cryowar Game NFTs

Staking for Stability

For gamers and token holders, the CRYOWAR ecosystem offers a variety of reward mechanics. The developer team will build a sophisticated system based on DeFi principles such as staking for liquidity provision, NFTs, CRYOWAR token staking for stability, and game platform governance via a DAO/DAC-like software interface.

NFT staking will provide monthly randomized rewards to its holders in the form of CWAR tokens, other types of NFTs, arena tickets, tournament tickets, and much more.

Holders of CWAR tokens will be able to provide liquidity and stability to the internal economy and will be rewarded with additional tokens.

DAO Governance

Later stages of development will see the introduction of some forms of game/platform DAO Governance mechanics, as well as additional incentives for our active community to receive rewards and help the project and game reach new heights.

Token Stabilization Mechanics

Cryowar has implemented several safeguards to protect the token from excessive volatility:

  • Token burns,
  • Reinvestment of Team profits in CRYOWAR over a two-year period,
  • To demonstrate our commitment and full accountability to our community, we repurchase tokens on the secondary market on a regular basis,
  • Social media awareness campaign to expand and diversify our community of gamers and enthusiasts,
  • TBA, Strong Strategic Partnerships,
  • World Championships in E-sports are held on a regular basis, both online and live.

Revenues generated during the first two years of CRYOWAR will be used entirely to expand the CRYOWAR ecosystem.

The CWAR token is the foundation of our in-game economy. Several constantly improving deflationary mechanisms will be implemented during the project’s development and maintenance to stabilize it.

  • Staking Fees: The entire budget (100%) is dedicated to project development and enhancements.
  • NFT Land Sales + NFT Item Sales: The entire budget (%100) is allocated to project development and enhancements.
  • Fees From Marketplace Trades: 40% for project development; 30% for token burn; 30% for live and online tournament funds + mining rewards.
  • Profits from NFT Wars Tournaments and Battles: 40% of the project is being developed; 30% of the tokens are being burned; 30 percent of funds from live and online tournaments + mining rewards.
  • Professional Gameplay and High Risk – High Reward Level Modules: 40% of the project is being developed; 30% of the tokens are being burned; 30 percent of funds from live and online tournaments + mining rewards.
  • Any Additional or 3rd Party Revenue: The team is required to repurchase tokens, burn newly issued tokens, or reinvest in the CRYOWAR ecosystem.

What can you do with $CWAR Tokens?

You can use these $CWAR Tokens in-game for DeFi Staking, Yield Farming, Exchange Trade Utility, and Governance Voting. NFT Staking will earn token holders randomized monthly rewards such as NFTs, $CWAR Tokens, Arena and Tournament Tickets, and so on. Token holders will have the option of providing liquidity, receiving extra tokens, or staking their tokens for rewards.

CRYOWAR intends to implement DAO governance and offer additional rewards to the community in order to help the project reach new heights. There will also be a 30% token burn, so investing in $CWAR now may provide you with more value in the future.


CRYOWAR is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game built in Unreal Engine and available on the Solana network. In an expansive Sci-Fi Medieval game world, players engage in fierce multi-realm battles.

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