Codyfight NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Codyfight?

Codyfight is a web-based multiplayer one-on-one AI coding game. It’s a turn-based approach for programmers that’s comparable to a chess game.

In the game, the player controls a battle-ready robot. Each player can have many robots, each with its own name and ranking. These robots can be controlled through an API (artificial intelligence player) or a webpage (human player).

Players will be awarded with crypto tokens for winning matches and other actions. We are beginning to reinvent gaming in the sense that it is no longer limited to humans. Codyfight allows anyone to create AI bots and control them using any programming language. Each robot is made up of two primary components: NFT Skin and CKey (API key to identify & access the game).

Everyone gets one robot with one default NFT skin and CKey for free (an exclusive NFT gift during early access). Each additional CKey (which translates to “additional robot”) is obtained through a subscription. Skins can be purchased via the NFT skin shop or from other marketplace participants. Skins can also be obtained as an unique reward for exceptional in-game achievements.

Each skin has a finite lifespan, meaning it might wear out or be destroyed during bouts. The cost of repairs is determined by the extent of the damage. The Robot Forge is where robots are fixed and manufactured.

Codyfight features multiple matchmaking modes:

  1. Custom: friends vs. friends
  2. Random: against any random player
  3. Competitive Arena: rank-based matchmaking

In the conventional scenario, a player must sit and grind in order to advance in the game (engage with the game). Codyfight allows players to avoid this by deploying intelligent AI bots that play independently. Developers that participate in the game might profit from their knowledge by selling or renting robots to investors. Investors can purchase the source code or an instant that has already been deployed and is operational.

Players that do well will be able to scale numerous robot farms in order to increase their rewards (think Bitcoin mining with multiple computers). Finally, we place a strong emphasis on the community, with active members benefiting from the organization of tournaments for other participants.

Codyfight Gameplay

A two-dimensional dynamic-size rectangular tilemap is navigated by AI or human-controlled robots (think of it as a scalable dynamic maze). Each player has up to 25 movements in each round of a match, which is played in ten rounds.

The player who earns more points throughout the match wins!

Players can earn points by:

  • Taking the exit gate: 5 points (the most obvious strategy).
  • Caging special agent Mr. Ryo: 15 points (advanced strategy). The agent Mr. Ryo is always active – spawns together with player robots.
  • Meeting many other, random conditions can grant you extra points.

Each turn player can perform one action of choice:

  • go right,
  • left,
  • up,
  • down,
  • stay.

Simple controls make the game simple to play, but they don’t make the final movement or strategy decisions any easier!

Here’s why:

  • Your opponent is always unpredictable.
  • This game has a wide variety of special agents that each interacts with one another and the players in different ways. Some special agents can help you, others will hinder you.
  • Map tiles are interactive and can enhance or restrict the game arena.
  • New special agents, map tiles, or even special player abilities will be released continuously.

Codyfight Special Agents

During the game, special NPC agents appear and use their special skills to change the playfield tiles and interact with other players.

New Special Agents will be published on a regular basis to alter the player’s engagement with the playing environment, reducing the likelihood of static dominance and altering the metagame.

Mr. Ryo

The main antagonist. Tries to disrupt the planet Earth, help to stop it.



Bad guys ally with some secret powers that you will figure out later.


The Ripper

Deadly creature by unknown creator. Hunts Mr. Ryo, stay away from it!



Collaborative buddy, robots ally. Fight against violence.


Legendary Llama

Independent earhling. Catching Llama grants great rewards. Will you find it?



Ravaging anarchist. Brings destruction to the environment and everyone arounds him.



Urban legend reconstructed on ghost form to revenge Mr. Ryo.



Friendly pathfinder that helps players to find exists and shortcuts.



Venomous mencenary from the former assasins clan. Helps Mr. Ryo to fight robots.


Codyfight Widget

Humans can either watch the beauty of code trying to outsmart another code or take control of the robot using a keyboard or touchscreen.

Codyfight is designed to be played by AI bots created by humans, hence there is no need for a graphical depiction of the game. Despite this, the Codyfight team has devised a very user-friendly method for humans to watch any Codyfight contest at any time.

Codyfight Game Widget’s MVP


Codyfight Game Widget is designed to work on any device that can display HTML and JavaScript code, which is pretty much any web browser. It is built utilizing WebGL technology, which is a powerful API for rendering dynamic 2D and 3D visuals without the need for plug-ins in any supported web browser.

Usability & Utility

Robot building process

It is useful to have a graphical representation of the game in addition to the code while developing (i.e. writing) a bot. It makes it easier to understand what’s going on and inspect the code’s behavior and performance. Because the Game Widget is an embeddable HTML page, programmers have access to everything they require.

Robot performance monitoring

Every match played on Codyfight may be replayed, allowing players to assess their recent performances and identify areas for improvement.

Spectating in real-time

Anyone can watch any of the active Codyfight matches by merely providing the robot or player’s name.

Controlling robots using a keyboard or touchscreen

Because the game is accessible to all players, even those without programming experience can enjoy it by traversing the map with a keyboard or touchscreen controllers.

These are the most common uses for the Game Widget, but there are many more to come!

Codyfight Robot Forge

A workshop where new robots are built and existing robots are fixed or enhanced.

Forging a new robot

Using the Robot Forge to combine any undamaged NFT Skin with a CKey results in a new active (ready to play) robot. Gas fees could be involved in robot forging.

Upgrading an existing robot

By connecting another NFT Skin to an existing robot in Robot Forge, players can change its appearance. It’s also possible to remove and reattach any of your robot’s CKeys, as well as change the name of your robot.

Repairing a demolished robot

There are instances under which a robot may be demolished and so barred from competing in future matches. Players can use the Robot Forge to repair damaged robots and return them to the competition. Paying the Skin’s repair charge completes the NFT Skin repair. Every robot can also be auto-repaired for the player’s convenience, saving time and preventing any human interaction with the AI bot.

Codyfight Robot

The Robot Forge’s most important and final product is the robot. Each robot is made up of two basic components: NFT Skin and a CKey (API key to identify robot & access the game). Everyone gets one robot with one default NFT skin and CKey for free (an exclusive NFT gift during early access).

Robot structure

Robot name

In Codyfight, each robot has its own name, which may be assigned or altered in the Robot Forge. This attribute is used for spectating via the Game Widget or custom mode matchmaking versus an opponent (game mode no. 1).

Robot identification key (CKey)

CKey is a private key (encrypted character set) that is used to identify and authenticate the robot submitting requests to Codyfight servers. It’s used for both (ro)bot programming and keyboard/touch control games.

Appearance of a robot (Skin) Robots are given NTF Skins in addition to their code logic control to give them a unique and attractive appearance.


Robots who have competed in at least one arena game have their names shown in public.

Codyfight CKey

Key for identifying a robot privately CKey is each robot’s secret identifying key in the game, which may be utilized by humans (using keyboard/touch inputs) or AI bots (code). The robot is only complete if it has both a valid CKey and an NFT Skin.

Types of CKeys

There are several types of CKeys:

  • Permanent – one free copy provided to each player after registration.
  • Temporary – a CKey that is used for demonstrational purposes only and is not owned by any player.
  • Subscription – additional CKey, that allows the player to have several active robots playing the game simultaneously.

Every day, each active CKey that is currently tied to an NFT Skin receives a set number of Daily Tickets.

Codyfight NFT Skin

A robot’s graphical identity is a one-of-a-kind or limited-quantity item. Codyfight player robots have a distinct appearance that is implemented as an NFT Skin.

Core NFT properties

  • Asset – a robot’s appearance art.
  • Rarity – determines the number of the same-kind skins in existence.
  • Endurance – determines the number of matches a specific skin can last until demolished.
  • Current durability – a skin’s current endurance state (how many matches are left until it’s demolished).
  • Repair price – the price in Codyfight Token (CTOK) for repairing the skin (resetting current durability).
  • Basic statistics – the number of matches played, win rate, and so on.

Codyfight Competition

Competitive Arena

Codyfight Arena (game mode no. 3) has a dynamic ranking system that pays players based on their robot rank. In Special Agents, players must constantly learn and understand new map tiles and behaviors in order to achieve the abilities required to play and build adaptive AI robots. To enter an arena match, you’ll need a CTicket or a Daily Ticket.

Robot rank

There are a total of 11 [0-10] robot ranks.

To advance (rank up) players have to win x % out of n matches.

Robot de-rank (rank down) when failing to maintain a determined win-rate y % out of m matches (see table below).

PositionRank up (Win % / Games)Rank down (Win % Games)

A robot’s rank always represents its actual (current) talents and performance, according to the super-dynamic ranking mechanism. As a result, there is no way to reach and maintain the top of the ranking table without exerting some effort.

The ranking system reflects the following statements:

  • Rapid climbing at the beginning
  • Slower climbing at the top ranks
  • Faster de-ranking at the top ranks
  • Slower de-ranking at the lower ranks

Up until the #5 Competitor level, free Daily Tickets can be used to enter the game. For such games, CTickets are used to reward victories.

When the robot reaches the #5 Competitor rank, the player can no longer use Daily Tickets and must instead enter games that pay CTickets. However, the player is awarded in Codyfight Tokens beyond this point (CTOK). Players can cash out their winnings/rewards into their favorite cryptocurrency wallet.

Codyfight Special Events

Codyfight hosts special events in order to draw large crowds and have a beneficial impact on the community. Players competing in these tournaments will vie for much larger prizes than they would in the Arena.


Recurring rank-based events with unique prizes such as NFT drops, Codyfight Token (CTOK) payouts, and free permanent CKeys. Community competitions will begin shortly following the release of the new game types, and Codyfight will prepare for the inaugural AI vs. human world cup!

Public holiday events

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and many other recurrent events will result in an interlaced metagame, with specific Special Agents added or deleted, changing playfields, and more!


Many other mini-games are planned for players to participate in to encourage community interaction. Each mini-game has its own set of rewards, which may change depending on the mini-game, such as the Codyfight Token (CTOK), more permanent CKeys, unique and limited NFT skins, and so on.

Some of the mini-games may be distributed outside of the game, so be on the lookout!

Codyfight Community Tournaments

A community tournament is an event that stresses decentralization ideals. Codyfight provides a very flexible tournament planning tool for organizers, which includes different gameplay tweaks to ensure a community-balanced competition. This feature will allow community leaders or casual users to organize and set up their own games within Codyfight in exchange for a portion of the prize fund (accumulated by the participants).

Organizer rewards

Participants must pay an admission fee to each competition. These fees go towards a prize pool that is split among the tournament’s top robots. As a reward, the tournament organizer receives a share of the prize pool. Both the player’s reward and the organizer’s prize cut are entirely visible, allowing participants to choose which tournaments to enter, resulting in natural competition and tournament ratings.

Player rewards

Participating in these tournaments will allow players to win more awards (such as Codyfight Token (CTOK), NFT skins, and other items) in a shorter amount of time.

Codyfight Metagame

The competitive Codyfight arena allows players to use a variety of strategies depending on factors such as the game mode, current rank, possible Special Agents and map tile sets, as well as the most popular strategies. The variability of the metagame is determined by these elements, making it difficult to forecast the best or most optimum strategy.

The Codyfight development team understands this and will use it to dominate the metagame by releasing new Special Agents, map tiles, and player special abilities, among other things. These will be the primary tools for maintaining the balance of metagame strategies at all times.

Players will be able to influence the metagame by selecting strategies that suit their preferences, such as:

  • Always picking the obvious choice – going to the exit for easy points.
  • Not seeking to win but spending more time playing a single match to increase the chances of encountering the Special Agent Llama for greater rewards.
  • Blocking the opponent from reaching the exit and seeking to cage the Pig.
  • More to come by the time – which is up to players to find out!

The goal

Any player’s ultimate goal is to create a highly adaptive AI robot capable of learning new Special Agents and tile behaviors with minimal developer intervention.

Codyfight Marketplace

Codyfight is a talent platform, and one of the project’s goals is to make the game as community-focused as possible. NFT robot skins, AI bots (code), and other game assets are available to all players to own, manage, and trade.

Codyfight incorporates a community marketplace to boost the game economy and asset mobility between players. Every NFT Skin can be traded, therefore players can give, sell, buy, or swap skins with one another. Codyfight also offers a marketplace for developers to sell or rent their code to individuals who are interested in the game but lack programming expertise.

Legacy Special Agents

As uncommon NFT skins are sold or given out for exceptional tasks, each Special Agent’s asset refreshes. These one-of-a-kind skins may appreciate in value dramatically over time for their owners.

Codyfight Trading

NFT Skin trading

Codyfight is a platform where people may sell their NFTs for a certain quantity of Codyfight Token (CTOK).

Selling AI bots

Codyfight does not officially promote the sale and purchase of Robot controlling programming code, but recognizes that such a need could exist. The AI bot trading could be implemented directly on the platform to reduce the chances of scams.

The player assumes all responsibility for the code’s deployment and performance after purchasing it.

Codyfight Shop

CTickets and CKeys

CTickets could be purchased to pay the entry fee for the Arena (mode no. 3).

Additional CKeys (one is given to everyone upon registration) could be bought through a subscription service in order to build several robots and farm larger rewards at the same time.

Internal NFT Skin shop

Codyfight will routinely sell and distribute new NFT skins. They’ll be available for purchase in the internal skin shop. The cost of each skin is determined by its rarity. New skins will be available as in-game awards or as part of special events (holidays, community events, and so on).

Community NFT Skin shop (artists)

Everyone can contribute to game art, which means that the community will generate and sell part of the game’s NFT assets. Codyfight sets up the Community Skin Shop, where individuals can submit their artwork, and our Design team judges whether it matches our art standards and may be accepted.

Skin placement in the shop

An advanced algorithm determines which skins to put on sale for a short (or continuous) period of time to avoid mass overflow and to increase the value of the accepted community skins.

The algorithm is based on several things:

  • Skin rarity
  • Skin demand among the community
  • Skin price
  • Special events

Each accepted and listed Skin on the Community NFT Skin Shop provides artists with a source of passive income in the form of a percentage of sales revenue.

Codyfight Ecosystem

This is a schematic diagram of Codyfight that shows how everything fits together.

The Arena is the most important part of the game. A player must purchase a CTicket and have an active Robot (CKey + non-demolished NFT skin) in order to participate in the game. The game winner receives a prize from the prize pool (2 times CTicket value), with Codyfight receiving a small part.

The built-in marketplace also allows anyone to swap NFT skins and AI robot software. This is how creators can earn money in a passive manner.

Codyfight Token (CTOK)

$CTOK is the native token for the Codyfight game.

The Codyfight Token $CTOK is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. The main network is Ethereum with bridges to other blockchains.

Using $CTOK for in-game transactions allows us to lower costs on transaction fees, keeping them at the bare minimum.

External project contributors will receive the Codyfight Token as a reward (payment). This will motivate them to contribute to the success of the project.


  • Project valuation: 10M$
  • Token price (both private and public): 0.08$
  • Total token supply: 127,00,00,01 CTOK
  • Market capitalization on Token Generation Event (TGE): 995,680$ (9.8%)
Pool descriptionSupply (CTOK)Vesting schedule
24% Private round (including KOLs)30,480,000.2410% unlock on TGE, 4.5% each month starting at month 5
4% Public round5,080,000.0410% unlock on TGE, 4.5% each month starting at month 5
15% Liquidity, Staking, Market making, Incentives5,080,000.0420% unlock on TGE, 5% each month starting at month 2
20% Marketing, Ecosystem25400000.220% unlock on TGE, 5% each month starting at month 2
15% Team19,050,000.150% unlock on TGE (1st year lock), 12% on month 13, 8% each month
6% Partners & Advisors19,050,000.150% unlock on TGE, 4% each month starting at 2 month, 12% on month 13, 4% each month
16% Development20320000.160% unlock on TGE, 4% each month starting at 2 month, 12% on month 13, 4% each month

Codyfight CTOK Utilities

CTOK is mainly an in-game currency and it can be utilized in a tremendous amount of ways

Internal game currency

The objective of CTOK is to keep the game’s economy alive. You can buy CTickets, NFT skins, multiple Robot subscriptions (CKeys), repair skins, rename your robots, and much more with this token. CTickets grant access to competitive arena games, while NFT skins offer the Codyfighter a distinctive and fashionable appearance.

Early access rewards

Early users of Codyfight will receive a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition NFT skin. Due to a limited supply and as the game grows in popularity, its worth is expected to rise over time.

Rewards for players and artists

Codyfighting in a competitive setting may eventually lead to financial gain. CTOK is useful for rewarding the game winner by sending the winnings to the player’s preferred wallet for a small transaction charge.

Special Agents are present in all game modes. The Legendary Llama is one of them, and catching (caging) it earns you a random quantity of CTOK cash, as calculated by a complex algorithm. It implies you don’t have to be the best player in the world to earn crypto tokens.

In terms of artists, the community is encouraged to participate in the game by drawing and uploading Robot skins to the Community NFT Skin shop. This allows artists to profit from Codyfight even if they do not play the game, creating passive cash.

Token staking

People will be able to stake CTOK to provide liquidity and earn rewards for it.


Each member of the Codyfight community will be able to influence the game’s development by voting for or against new gameplay enhancements. Those with more tokens may have a stronger influence over voting.

Codyfight Fees and Rewards

CTickets, daily tickets, and rewards One of Codyfight’s primary user experience concepts is to give the community a variety of options to acquire Codyfight Tokens quickly and effortlessly (CTOK). The sole currency in which the player’s earnings are paid out is CTOK.

Opportunities to earn CTOK include:

  • Competing in arena games
  • Trading NFT skins
  • Participating in championships
  • Participating in tournaments
  • Hosting community tournaments
  • Collecting uncommon rewards
  • Referral programs
  • Creating in-game art
  • Bug reporting

Competitive Arena and Championships

The super-dynamic ranking system in Codyfight calculates a player’s winning prizes based on the Robot’s rating. The prize pool multiplier in this game mode can go up to x1.9 depending on the rank. Players will be able to compete in World Championships and receive huge rewards as the game develops and gains massive popularity.

Arena rewards

Players are awarded according to a dynamic rewards system based on their Robots’ rank.

Each rank has its CTicket price multiplier as a reward:

reward = price ∗ multiplierreward=pricemultiplier

Robot RankMultiplier

With one robot, ordinary players with a 60% win rate can earn anywhere from 150 to 1500 USD worth of Codyfight Token (CTOK) every month, depending on the robot’s uptime (matches played per day) and rank.


The Arena games will also benefit Codyfight as an organization. The goal is to distribute these funds in a way that is as beneficial to the community as possible. Several earning mechanisms have been established, with many more to follow. The Championships are one of them. In this rare recurrent event, the best robots in their skill group (rank) compete against one other for bigger rewards.

Special Agent Legendary Llama

Special agent imprisoned In any game mode, Legendary Llama provides more CTOK than winning a game. An algorithm determines the reward based on the total number of games played in the competitive arena (s).

Community NFT Skin shop

Each artist will be able to upload their own unique skins. They will occasionally be featured in the Codyfight Community Skin Shop for a brief time based on the popularity algorithm (has to be approved by the moderators). The artist will profit from each skin sold on the market. The sum won may vary based on the popularity of the skin that was submitted.

Community Tournaments

Earnings: For hosting custom community-balanced tournaments and predefining players entry fee, prize pool, and commission from the prize pool itself.

Rewards: Competing in these tournaments as a player may result in the possibility to win the host’s determined prize pool.

Codyfight Token Holder Benefits

Holders of the Codyfight Token (CTOK) will have first access to the asset drops, which will be accessible for purchase before the entire public. CTOK holders will have early access to the platform and will be among the first to try out new features.

Core token holder benefits:

  • Early VIP access to the platform
  • Early VIP access to the NFT asset drops
  • First invitees to test new features


Codyfight players, in a nutshell, own several robots with tradeable NFT skins. These robots are employed to fight other players in battles. Players will be awarded with crypto tokens for winning and engaging in various activities.

Finally, we focus a lot of attention on the community, where active members will profit from organizing tournaments for other players.

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Have you played Codyfight already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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