Chimeras NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Chimeras?

Chimeras is a blockchain-based Metaverse NFT game. Become a Great Mage by managing your possessions, extracting resources, fighting, trading, and earning money from CHIM and NFT.

Chimeras Game Introduction

You assume the role of the Great Mage, ruler of a lost island in the Ocean of Timelessness. You looks after the island’s inhabitants and develops a domain in every way possible in order to achieve wealth and prosperity.

The Great Mage is facing an inspiring and complex challenge, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Alator once created Chimeras to help him build the world. They must now assist the Great Mage in ruling the island.

Chimeras are extremely powerful creatures:

  • They can go to the mine, the forest, or fish in lakes in search of valuable and rare Alchemy reagents.
  • Chimeras are also capable of running entire islands, increasing building efficiency, and generating additional income.

Chimeras require the Great Mage’s care and attention in exchange for their labor:

  • Chimeras are magical creatures who are born according to their own set of rules. The Great Mage will use magic to create new Chimeras and train them in valuable skills.
  • Chimeras are extremely skilled, but they can always improve. The Great Mage should improve his wards’ abilities to increase their effectiveness.
  • Chimeras are extremely hardworking creatures who can work indefinitely. The Great Mage should keep this in mind and prioritize their health and rest.

The title of Great Magician entails both exceptional magical abilities and management of the island. Saving a large treasury is not a significant accomplishment if the island is in decline. Only a prosperous island, on the other hand, increases its owner’s income and capabilities.

The wise and visionary magician will:

  • Make an investment in the economy. The development of an island mine, grove, or lake can significantly increase income and provide access to the extraction of new reagents.
  • Improve the infrastructure of the island in order to take advantage of new opportunities. Thus, investments in the Laboratory will pay off with the ability to test new recipes, and the Tavern’s construction will improve Chimera performance.
  • The Great Mage has complete control over the island’s decoration: will he build a theater, sculpt a massive golden statue for his beloved, or breed a unicorn? Whatever you do, the main goal is to make your island unique.

Understanding the secrets of magic is essential to the Great Magician’s existence. Alchemy, not only charms and spells, is the quickest way to wealth and power:

  • The preparation of magical potions allows you to multiply the abilities and number of Chimeras – your most devoted assistants.
  • The ability to create Summoning Crystals is the pinnacle of the magician’s skill, and those who have mastered it can summon the strongest of the Chosen and fierce warriors from myths and legends to serve.
  • Enchanting with runes is an ancient art that can help any of the Chosen develop their abilities. With runic magic, even a common Chosen can become a legendary warrior.

The Chosen are warriors, commanders, and heroes summoned from faraway lands to serve. Bygone wars are long gone, but the competition among magicians and the threat from Chaos remain, which means that the Great Mages will face new challenges:

  • Assemble or improve a legendary Chosen team that is both the best of the best and effectively complements each other’s skills.
  • Fight in the Arena against the Chosen team of other Great Mages for rewards and bonuses for their possessions.
  • Participate in the Clans tournaments.
  • In battles with Chaos’ henchmen, you can gain fame and wealth.
  • Participate in Boss raids with other Great Mages.
Chimeras NFT Game

The Great Mage has the ability to increase his possessions at the expense of free islands (Rimlands). They have the appearance of a home island: Chimeras can work there, and investing in the island increases its effectiveness, but there are two key features:

  • Rimlands necessitate upkeep but allow for the extraction of rare resources.
  • If desired, you can charge other players a fee to gain access to the Rimlands.

The Great Mage can band together with other Great Mages to form a clan. This type of cooperation opens the door to new activities such as clan tournaments and Bosses raids. The majority of the extracted resources and items can be sold as an NFT or exchanged for CHIM.

What is Chimeras Game World?

Chimeras is a versatile game with a variety of activities that will appeal to players of all ages. The Great Mage can evolve in one of the listed directions or a combination of them, depending on the preferences.

  • Champions actively participate in arena battles, clan tournaments, and other activities of a similar nature.
    • The Champions concentrate on the formation and upgrading of the Chosen team, as well as various battle tactics. Their assets are the Chosen.
    • Victories bring rewards in the form of one-of-a-kind items, allowing Champions to earn a good living. The greater the number of wins, the greater the income.
  • Creators and Geneticists create new objects or Chimeras, which are essential to Miners and Champions. On their island, they are actively developing structures in order to gain new opportunities and recipes.
  • Genetics focuses on creating Chimera with distinct appearances or sought-after abilities.
  • Creators concentrate on making desirable items and consumables.
  • Some reagents cannot be mined on the home island, according to landowners. That’s when the owners of the Rimlands come to your aid, leasing mines, forests, and reservoirs from which you can extract all the resources you need.
  • Landowners profit from their rent by investing in the acquisition and development of Rimlands.
  • Miners provide the majority of the resources to the market, making them indispensable.
    • Chimeras are an asset to them. The Miners concentrate on the magical creatures, keeping track of their health, strength, and time.
    • The Miners are resource market participants who keep their finger on the pulse.

What is Chimeras Metaverse?

The “Chimeras Metaverse” is a hypnotic and prosperous world full of magic and miracles. But it wasn’t always like this. Alator, the demiurge and creator, imagined this world full of beauty, magic, and life at the dawn of time. However, the more he worked on the world’s creation and gave it more strength, the more he became absorbed in it.

Then came Chaos, a primordial force alien to Alator’s creation. He threw an imbalance among the primordial elements and into the universe’s foundation, intending to destroy it. Weakened by the creation of the world, Alator was unable to stop Chaos on his own and created loyal helpers: the Chimeras, designed to limit the power of the original elements, then the older races capable of resisting Chaos.

The world was saved, but Alator’s powers dwindled with each subsequent creation. In this world, the demiurge was gradually dissolving. Alator’s final creation was the Mages. He endowed them with true knowledge of the world’s structure. The Mages are destined to take over the world’s care and protection.

After Alator left, the world’s balance began to crumble, and Chaos grew stronger. Its negative impact sowed discord among the tribes of the older races. Nobody knows for sure what happened at the time, but even the wisest of the Mages couldn’t stop the disaster.

The Ocean of Timelessness shattered the earth’s hardness into islands doomed to float in Ethereum’s streams. The abyss appeared to swallow up all living things, but at the last moment, wizards appeared and cast a powerful spell to protect the world’s fragments.

The Mages, endowed with lore, restore order to the islands. They opened the first portals in the hopes of reuniting the warring peoples and restoring order to the world. But not everything was as simple as it seemed. The peoples were slow to forget their former enmity, and Chaos’ desire to destroy this world remained unabated. Discord reached even the Mages, resulting in a clan war.

A long time has passed since the wisest of the Mages remembered that they were entrusted with keeping an eye on and protecting the world. Emrius, the wisest of the Mages, was able to gather enough power to put an end to the wars once and for all.

The old enmity had subsided, but the conflicts between the clans of magicians did not disappear anywhere. The solution came suddenly.

The Chosen are mighty warriors who serve Mages as the best representatives of their people. They used to lead troops into battle, but now they meet in the battle arena for a non-fatal fight to settle the Mages’ arguments. It was the start of a new era, the era of peace.

The war between the islands had lost its significance, and trade thrived in its place. The battles grew in popularity among the locals and became a source of entertainment for the public. The desire of Mages to win battles fueled the development of science and alchemy.

To give their Chosen teams an advantage, they began to seek out the rarest reagents and conduct extraordinary experiments.

Such a volume of work is beyond the abilities of even the most diligent Mage – there is no way to complete it without assistance. Chimeras are the most diligent and hardworking people on the planet.

These good-natured magical creatures, created by Alator before any wars, went through a difficult period and are now indispensable to any self-respecting Mage. For everyone, a golden age of wealth and prosperity has begun, and it is still going on today.

How Play Chimeras Game?

Brief Gameplay Description of Chimeras.

Chimeras gameplay consists of the following activities:

  1. Resource extraction – (Chimera’s health and endurance) resources and time management
  2. Battles – fights between Chosen teams in a step-by-step mode
  3. Chimeras breeding – Chimeras are bred to have a distinct appearance or to improve their abilities.
  4. Summoning and upgrading the Chosen – The easier the battle and the greater the reward, the more effective the Chosen in the player’s team.
  5. Rimlands – The player will profit from the lease by investing in the purchase of the Rimlands.

What are Chimeras Creatures?

The world is home to a wide variety of creatures, including the following:

  1. Chimeras are calm and hardworking companions. Chimeras do not know how to fight, but they excel at peaceful tasks.
  2. The Chosen are the most talented representatives of various peoples (including Chimeras). Mages summon The Chosen to protect their lands.
  3. Minions are ordinary fighters summoned by Mages to solve simple problems. Minions, unlike the Chosen, cannot upgrade, so their effectiveness remains constant.


Chimeras are kind and hardworking companions.

  • Appearance – Chimera’s appearance is determined at birth and is a combination of various body parts that depend on the parents (ref. Chimera breeding).
  • Chimera’s performance is unaffected by his appearance.
  • Chimera can appear in a variety of ways.
  • Skills – Each Chimera has two skills that influence the type of work that Chimera can do.
    • Chimera can work in the mine with the Skill Miner.
    • Chimera can fish in reservoirs with Skill Fisherman.
    • Skill Alchemist – This skill allows you to save reagents when creating objects.
    • Chimera’s abilities are determined by her parents (ref. Chimera breeding).
    • The higher a Chimera’s skill level, the more effectively it performs the corresponding tasks.
    • Grade – The Chimera’s Grade indicates how advanced its skills are.
    • Under normal circumstances, Chimera is born with the First Grade and gradually increases it throughout his or her life.
    • Tools are items that aid Chimeras in their work.
    • Tools are linked to one or more skills. The pickaxe, for example, is used by the Miners.
    • The Tool adds a bonus to the level of the corresponding skill (the bonus depends on the quality of the Tool).
    • For example, if a Miner with skill level 3 employs Pickaxe + 4, he will begin working with the same efficiency as a Miner with skill level 7 (3 + 4 = 7).

Chimeras Breeding

The breeding of chimeras is divided into several stages:

  1. Crossing – Crossing results in the appearance of the Chimera Egg;
  2. Incubation – The Egg develops into a fully formed Chimera at this stage.
  3. Cultivation – gaining experience and honing skills throughout Chimera’s life


  • Each external characteristic or skill of a newborn Chimera is affected by the mechanism described in this section.
  • This mechanism is illustrated with hands in the example below.
  • Several factors influence the likelihood of a feature appearing (as depicted in the diagram). As a result, they can vary within certain bounds in relation to the example.
  • Chimera is born with a feature from one of her ancestors.
  • The type of feature inherited is determined by its dominance and the degree of kinship.
  • The dominant feature of the parent is most likely to be inherited by the newborn Chimera.
  • Progenitors’ characteristics (particularly dominant ones) have a high likelihood of appearing in Chimera.
  • Furthermore, any of the existing features have a 5% chance of appearing.

What are Chosen in Chimeras game?

The Chosen are gifted and, at times, aggressive representatives of their respective peoples. Summoning and training the Chosen is a costly endeavor, but it grants access to exclusive activities and rewards.

Sketch of a Chosen from the Humans
  • The Mage (player) summons the Chosen to protect the Island.
  • The Chosen can participate in arena battles, dungeon exploration, and other similar activities.

The Chosen differ in:

  • History – the background of the Chosen;
  • Fraction – each Chosen belongs to one of 6 Fractions;
  • Active abilities – used in battles;
  • Traits – features that also affect the effectiveness in battles;
  • Power – a parameter that reflects the approximate efficiency of the Chosen in battles.
Fractions Diagram

The Chosen can increase his efficiency by focusing on the following:

  • Level – With its increase, all of the Chosen’s parameters improve slightly. The level ranges from one to fifty. It can be improved by using an Experience Potion.
  • Runes – The Chosen can use a maximum of three Runes, each of which increases one or more parameters.
  • Grade – The Chosen can increase the Grade by collecting three Runes, which will improve the parameters and abilities of the Chosen. The Grade scale ranges from 1 to 25.
  • Rank – When the Rank rises, all of the Chosen parameters receive significant improvements. The Rank scale ranges from 1 to 5.

Chimeras Islands

The islands are the possessions of the players. The islands are classified into 3 types.

  1. Home Island is the player’s personal property. Each player has their own Island. The Home Island can be improved but not sold.
  2. Rimlands Islands are that can be purchased and sold. The main feature of the Rimlands is that they can be used by anyone, not just the island’s owner. However, you will be required to pay a commission to the owner in exchange.
  3. Clan Island is an island that serves as the clans’ headquarters.

Home Island

Home Island – the player’s personal possession.

  • When registering, each player receives a Home Island.
  • The Island has several buildings at the start that give the player access to the main opportunities such as initial alchemy, summoning minions, and so on.
  • There is also a location where the player can construct a resource extraction object such as a mine, lake, or forest (one building).
  • There are areas on the island where the player can place decorative objects to improve the island’s visual appeal.
  • The player can gain access to more valuable crafts, resources, and summons by investing in building upgrades.

Chimeras Game Structures


Scientists agree that this Obelisk has stood here since the time of the First Songs. But if you ask them why it’s standing here, or what role it serves, you risk spending the evening in a heated debate, and you’ll never know the truth.

However, the Chimeras have made significant progress in this regard. They have no idea why Obelisk was built, but they use it to check their wrist sundial.

Stone Well

There was no magic or ancient legends, just a stone well with fresh water. Take a sip – the water is cold!

Mage Tower

This structure should not be confused with anything else. The Mage Tower, built at the crossroads of magical lines, literally at the source of magic, is without a doubt the island’s beating heart.

Here you live, rule, study the world’s mysteries, and perform one of the most complex rites – the opening of a magical portal.

Furthermore, the beauty and style of the Mage Tower contribute to the owner’s prestige. It is a strange symbiotic relationship between a place of power and a local landmark that defines the architectural style of the entire island.


The Tavern is a popular hangout for both locals and visitors to the Island. They say the previous owner was a famous adventurer who traveled around the world and decided to open a tavern where you could eat delicious food and find good company at his advanced age.

So you can always get a jug of ale here and try the famous “Ribs with Spices.” Guests staying in cozy rooms exchange rumors and stories from faraway places. Companions or mercenaries can be found here for the most insane adventures. Just make sure you have plenty of gold.

Sword in Stone

The Sword in Stone is now one of the island’s main attractions.

According to an ancient legend, the Emrius abandoned this sword, and whoever can pull it out becomes the Greatest Ruler. No one has been able to pull it off thus far, and many believe it was all a joke by the creator. However, this did not stop the “Sword in Stone” from becoming one of the most popular destinations on the island.

It is shown to the guests, with the legend told and the newcomers invited to draw the sword.

Great Arena

This structure was constructed by ancient rulers of the past at the dawn of time. The Arena was initially used to train the island’s defenders. But then there are more peaceful times, and the arena is given a new purpose.

The demonstration battles between the Chosens immediately drew the attention of locals and gradually evolved into the main source of entertainment and the simplest way to resolve various conflicts, including those of global importance.

Within a short period of time, the strong team of the Chosen had become a must-have attribute for success, and all Rulers, Alchemists, and respectable people were honored to have their own team to participate in battles at the Great Arena.


A large and spacious home where Chimeras coexist. Everyone can find their own room here. The intertwining of common areas, corridors, and staircases can be extremely perplexing. There is so much within the four walls – it must have something to do with magic.

Chimeras are cheerful and active creatures, so life in the House is like a festival. They’re playing volleyball here, chess there, and there’s a drinking party at another table. Someone recites poetry over the music, while the musicians refuse to give up, and a trumpet solo enters at the climax.

You are unlikely to want to return to the House after spending a day there. You will, however, want to return because there is no other fun place on the island like this.

Statue of Angel

A holographic statue of an angel – an incredible combination of scientific and artistic achievements that became the island’s heritage. With the emergence of the statue, locals sincerely believe that life on the island has improved – harvests have improved, the weather has improved, and people have become kinder to one another.

It’s difficult to say whether this is due to chance or the statue. But we can confidently state that it is stunning at night!

Especially if it inspires others to seek out positivity.


The island’s main port. The world is made up of thousands of islands floating in the Ocean of Timelessness, and this is where they all come together to form a single network. The ships moored here are a true scientific and magical marvel, capable of overcoming the boundless void. And the sailors are rare daredevils who have bravely sailed into danger and the unknown.

Goods, people, and ideas from other islands flock to this noisy, eternally pulsing place thanks to the bravery of some and the genius of others.


A bench on the island’s shore. At sunset, a spectacular view opens up from here. Couples in love and young people frequent the location.

They say Tolstoy wrote his ten-volume novel while sitting here in the evenings. This is most likely not true, but does it prevent you from sitting down for a moment and taking in the scenery?


An entrance to the island’s gloomy and damp interior. Gold, gems, alchemical ingredients, and other valuables are discovered in its enigmatic depths. For centuries, locals attempted to explore the caves, but it was always a dangerous endeavor. Many prospectors never made it back to the surface.

The depths were explored more thoroughly as technology related to mineral extraction and construction advanced. New technologies have made it possible to tunnel in the rock, mine, and bring hidden treasures to the surface in a safe and efficient manner. Every year, mine shafts sink deeper, and who knows what awaits miners and prospectors at the bottom?

Statue of King

A magnificent statue of King Cornelius the 12th, a great hero of the past and the island’s ancient ruler.

There are many legends about him, such as his wise judgment, his war with pirates, the Magic Sword, his love of beer, and his journey to the underwater world.

Who knows how much truth there is in these legends, but King Cornelius remains a role model for today’s youth.


The alchemical laboratory is alchemy. The main magic of the island is created here by combining magical ingredients and creating new unknown creatures with which you can take over the world. Time will tell whether the laboratory is owned by a mad scientist or a brilliant inventor.


Chimeras is an exciting mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game that includes DeFi farming and NFTs.

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

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Have you played Chimeras already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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