Brave Frontier Heroes NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

Brave Frontier Heroes is a turn-based strategy game that revolves around “Summoned” Heroes who must help end the turmoil in “Grand Gia” caused by the wrath of Fallen Gods. In keeping with traditional (Japanese) RPGs, as you level up characters, they become stronger, certain classes/elements are assigned to them, yielding strengths and weaknesses, and items can be obtained for purchase for added benefit.

Brave Frontier Heroes Game Introduction

One feature that allows this game to stand out while also keeping fans interested is its ability to consistently release new “Units.” These new summons have unique appearances thanks to extremely well-done illustrations and pixel art animations, not to mention powerful attack animations.

Long-time Brave Frontier Heroes fans will discover a new story within the ever-warring lands of Grand Gaia, branching off into uncharted territory known as “Cryptos.”

The similarities:

  • In Brave Frontier Heroes (i.e. “Heroes“), units remain units. All of your favorite Brave Frontier Heroes units will be manifested in Brave Frontier Heroes as well.
  • Spheres remain Spheres (Items)
  • Zel is still Zel, the in-game currency used to buy Units, Spheres, and other items.
  • Heroes continue to perform Brave Bursts (special attacks with special effects), but with a twist: equipping your Hero with custom art can change the parameters and appearance of the Brave Burst itself!

The differences (to name a few):

  • Heroes can be “on-chained,” that is, brought onto the blockchain. Once completed, they become your property in perpetuity, granting you the right to trade/sell them for a profit. This introduces a new type of game economy to the series, allowing you to earn money simply by playing.
  • Spheres can be brought “on-chain” and traded as a result.
  • Tournaments and PvP battles are held, allowing you to compete against other players’ parties.

Fans of Brave Frontier Heroes, both old and new, are in for a new adventure. Furthermore, this new journey occurs at the forefront of new technology that is revolutionizing how game economies can function.

How can I start playing Brave Frontier Heroes?

Brave Frontier Heroes is a new title from double jump tokyo that is a blockchain remix of Brave Frontier and also a product of MCH+.

Quick overview: What is blockchain and cryptocurrency?

In a nutshell, a blockchain is a digital ledger that is decentralized, distributed, and frequently public.

Transactions are verified by multiple computers rather than a single central computer, thus the term “decentralized.”

Alteration and “hacking” are virtually impossible when all computers contribute to a single transaction.

There are many different types of Blockchains.

But Brave Frontier Heroes is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, so we’ll be focusing on that in the future.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and how they related to games

Certain “tokens” and “assets” can be exchanged between users on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is when things start to get interesting!

  • ERC-20 is a fungible token that is also a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is used to buy items related to the Ethereum Blockchain, but it can also be converted to your local currency. The ERC-20 token Ethereum (ETH) can be used to purchase the in-game currency “ZEL” in BFH.
  • ERC-721 — In general, blockchain games use ERC-721 tokens to create game “assets” (ie. game characters, items and more). Your Heroes and Spheres (Items) in BFH have the potential to become ERC-721 tokens. You own it in perpetuity once converted to ERC-721! They can also be sold and traded between players. This allows you to earn money while playing!

Let’s talk more about Brave Frontier Heroes as we connect the dots now that you’ve got an idea!

What is Brave Frontier Heroes?

Brave-Frontier Heroes NFT game

As previously stated, Brave Frontier Heroes is a hybrid of the highly successful mobile game Brave Frontier and the number one blockchain game My Crypto Heroes! Players will experience a completely new style of Brave Frontier game play by combining these two fantastic games. Through the power of the Blockchain, players can now actually own their Heroes (Units), Weapons, Shields, and Items (Spheres).

How can I play Brave Frontier Heroes?

Brave Frontier Heroes can be played on any mobile device or desktop computer! You can download the game by clicking on the following links:

Mobile Play of Brave Frontier Heroes:

Brave Frontier Heroes NFT Game - Android
Android App using the Token Pocket Wallet
Brave Frontier Heroes NFT Game - IOS
iOS App using the GO! Wallet

Downloading the Brave Frontier Heroes App from the Google Play Store or the App Store is probably the simplest and quickest way to get in on the action. The iOS app uses the GO! Wallet, while the Android app uses the Token Pocket Wallet. You can also access the game with mobile wallet apps such as Trust Wallet.

Brave Frontier Heroes
  1. When you open the app after downloading it, you will see this welcome screen.
Brave Frontier Heroes Welcome Screen

2. You’ll need to properly Sign-In to Brave Frontier Heroes

Brave Frontier Heroes Sign in

3. This is a critical step because you are now creating a Wallet where your ERC-721 digital assets/Heroes and ERC-20 in-game currency will be securely stored!

If you have never created a wallet before, click the “Start right now!” button. You can import your wallet if you already have one.

Brave Frontier Heroes Start

4. It is critical to understand that this wallet is solely yours. It is only available to you. If you forget your password or private key, you will lose it forever! Unfortunately, neither the Brave Frontier Heroes team nor anyone else can help you recover your wallet. Keep your password and Private Key in a secure location that only you are aware of.

Brave Frontier Heroes Backup Password

5. Create a password you’ll remember and keep it safe!

Brave Frontier Heroes Username

6. Finish by entering your in-game player name, country of origin, and invite code, if you have one.

When you enter a friend code and are both “Prime” Members of the program, you will both receive ZEL when your friend makes an ETH purchase.

Brave Frontier Heroes Starting

7. The story begins, with a tutorial to get you started!

Desktop Users

Metamask Logo

Playing Brave Frontier Heroes Desktop via Browser necessitates the use of a wallet that stores your ERC-721 Heroes, Items, and so on, as well as possibly your ERC-20 tokens.

Remember to safeguard the password and private key associated with your wallet. It cannot be recovered if it is lost!

When it comes to wallets, I recommend MetaMask. MetaMask enables you to run Ethereum dApps in your browser without having to run a full Ethereum node.

The easiest way to use MetaMask is to download the Chrome Extension, make an account, and then run it straight from your Chrome browser.

1. Download the MetaMask Chrome extension and make a Meta Mask wallet.

2. Then, by clicking the above link, you will be taken to the game.

Brave Frontier Heroes Metamask Connection

3. Enter your password here to sign into your wallet in the Chrome browser.

Brave Frontier Heroes Metamask Connection

4. You must connect your wallet to Brave Frontier Heroes after signing into your wallet.

Brave Frontier Heroes Starting

5. Once everything is in place, you can begin the game tutorial and embark on the exciting adventures of Brave Frontier Heroes!

Beginners Guide to Playing Brave Frontier Heroes!

So you’ve finally downloaded and logged into Brave Frontier Heroes, and an exciting adventure awaits you!

First, let’s go over some basic terms that will help you adjust!


Brave Frontier Heroes Units

Units come in six different rarities, each with a different limit on how far they can be leveled up, as listed below:

  1. Legendary- Level cap of 100
  2. Epic- Level cap of 90
  3. Rare- Level cap of 80
  4. Uncommon- Level cap of 70
  5. Common- Level cap of 60
  6. Novice- Level cap of 40

In addition, each Unit is associated with an element. Check out the effects chart below:

Brave Frontier Heroes Elements


Sphere are items that can be obtained through Quests, Title Matches, or by purchasing them from the Marketplace. Let’s take a closer look at the different types!

Original Spheres

Once updated, these items can be leveled up and traded on the blockchain’s Market.

Brave Frontier Heroes Muramasa

Original Spheres come in six different rarities, each with a different level cap as below list:

  1. Legendary- Level cap of 100
  2. Epic- Level cap of 90
  3. Rare-Level cap of 80
  4. Uncommon-Level cap of 70
  5. Common-Level cap of 60
  6. Novice

Replica Spheres

Replica Spheres are duplicates of original spheres that, once equipped, will expire after a set period of time. Replica Spheres cannot be leveled up or sold on the market.

Brave Frontier Heroes Replica Sphere

Replicas have there own rarities: Rep S, .Rep A, .Rep B, .Rep C, .Rep D, .Rep E, .Rep F

Your First Party

Brave Frontier Heroes First Party

After completing the tutorial, you will receive your first three units on the property:

  • Fire Beast Zegar
  • Dragoon Zephu
  • Holy Queen Luna

Let’s take a closer look at the icons and what they mean:

  • Pink hearts – symbolize your stamina. You can no longer play Quests or participate in Tournaments once you have reached your limit.
  • Gold coin – This is your current ZEL balance (In game currency)
  • Envelope – This is where you’ll find messages, actions, and announcements.
  • Avatar – Your profile image, which displays your player name, ID, Invite Code, and Assets.
  • My Party – The Units you currently have in your party.
Brave Frontier Heroes Icons

The other areas of Brave Front Heroes are accessible via the bottom Navigation Bar.

  • Home
  • Quest
  • Arena
  • Assets
  • Market


Brave Frontier Heroes Quests

Within the current Quests, you’ll fight enemies to gain EXP for your Units. Additionally, Original and Replica Spheres may “drop,” and you may even be fortunate enough to obtain a Legendary Sphere! Remember that stamina (those little pink hearts) is required to participate in battles.

Brave Frontier Heroes Prairie

After selecting the Quest you want to participate in, you must prepare for battle!

  • Party Edit – Edit the Units which will go on a quest
  • Difficulty level – Ranging from 1 star to 5 stars
  • Know your Enemy!
  • Back Story on the Quest you’re about to Embark on
Brave Frontier Heroes Party Edit

You can edit the party by selecting Party Edit.

  • Decide which Units to use
  • What Spheres to attach to each Unit (max of 2)
  • The Placement of the Units
Brave Frontier Heroes Party Edit
Brave Frontier Heroes Party Edit

You can learn more about a unit by clicking on its picture.

  • View all stats
  • Change the Spheres attached
  • Change the order of the Skills used in battle

There are 3 different Skills

  1. Sphere Skill – The action associated with the equipped Sphere.
  2. Art Skill – A skill based on the attached Art; you can change the Art to anything that you would like. Experiment to see what skills become available to you!
  3. Brave Burst – A special move that every unit has. This move will activate once all conditions are met.

Arena (PvP)

All one-on-one Player vs. Player (PvP) matches take place in the arena.

Title Match

A Brave Frontier Heroes hosted official PvP event. Every 24 hours, players are given 10 Battle Points (BP). Increasing your rank on the leaderboard rewards you with better spheres or titles.

Player Match

A place where you can engage in battles with other players using your assets. Make your own private or public lobbies to compete with your friends. Lobbies are classified into two types.

Brave Frontier Heroes League Rules:

  • All participants fight each other one time.
  • The Winner gets 3 points, Loser 0 point and 1 point goes to both players in the event of a tie
  • Player with highest point total wins
  • 12 players can join at most.


  • Team Battle! One team can consist of 5 players maximum.
  • You can set the order of your team.
  • Winner remains and battles the next opponent.
  • 10 players can join at most.


Brave Frontier Heroes Party Assets

The Assets menu contains all of the information about the Units or Spheres you’ve bought or earned. “Composition” should pique your interest.

Brave Frontier Heroes Composition

Composition is the process by which players can fuse original or replica spheres with an Original Sphere to raise its level. First, choose which Original Sphere you want to fuse.

Brave Frontier Heroes Composition

Then, click all of the Spheres you want it to Fuse with. The amount of EXP associated with the Sphere will vary depending on its rarity. A Sphere’s overall stats will improve as it levels up.


Brave Frontier Heroes Market

The Brave Frontier Heroes Marketplace is made up of four parts.


Brave Frontier Heroes Summon

You can summon (purchase) a new Unit for your team from this page. Each unit has a limited supply and a limited sale period.


Brave Frontier Heroes Prime

The Brave Frontier Heroes Prime Program is a monthly subscription service that provides many benefits to players, including:

  • Increase the overall limit of Stamina
  • Increase the number of recovering Stamina from 1 to 2!
  • Increase EXP that you receive from Quests
  • Increase the number of Units in your Party
  • Right to access EXP Exchange
  • Access to higher ranked Quests
  • Early access to Unit sales
  • Personal Invite code
  • Export/Mint NFTs at a reduced price
  • Right to challenge in special PvP event
  • Receive God Blade Mifune (Novice unit) when you join Prime for the first time.
  • Receive Flesh Armor (Novice Sphere) when you join Prime for the first time.

Players can join via ETH or credit card for either 0.035 ETH or $4.99 per month.

EXP Exchange

Only available to Prime Program participants. It has two features that add to the gameplay and can give you an advantage.


Players can buy EXP for their Units with ZEL to help increase their level

Sell Replica Spheres

Sell Replica Spheres for ZEL


Brave Frontier Heroes Trade

Players can sell Units and Original Spheres for ZEL in the Trade menu.


Brave Frontier Heroes is a turned based strategy game revolving “Summoned” Heroes to help end the turmoil in “Grand Gia” brought upon with the wrath of Fallen Gods. Staying true to traditional (Japanese) RPGs, as you level up characters they get stronger, they have certain classes/elements attached yielding strengths and weaknesses, and items can be obtained for purchased for added benefit.

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Have you played Brave Frontier Heroes already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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