Bomb Crypto NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Bomb Crypto?

BCOIN’s Bomb Crypto is a Bomb game experience for NFT collectibles on the blockchain. Monsters can be collected, fought, and traded for real money by players.

The Bomb Crypto game is a Play-To-Earn title in which you control a team of bomb heroes who are cyborgs programmed to search for BCOIN and fight monsters. Each bomb hero has different stats; if you’re lucky, you might be able to find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade to improve performance and combat ability.

Each bomber hero is an NFT, increasing ownership and tradeability; you can also look for other NFT items such as decorations.

The Bomberland

Bombcrypto: A story of Bomberland

Bombcrypto A story of Bomberland

Far, far away from Earth, there is a peaceful land known as Bomberland, whose inhabitants live extremely peacefully and happily.

However, an evil force arrived one day to invade Bomberland.

He destroyed forests, burned down houses, arrested people, and stole BCOIN — the people’s property.

To restore peace to the land, the kingdom’s scientists have researched and developed heroic bombers that can be used to form a team that will rescue BCOIN and the people while destroying the henchmen of evil forces.

And, of course, no experiment is without flaws.

Scientists have experienced numerous failures.

They deduced that bomber heroes would have varying rarities based on their formula quantifications.

The rarity scale is hierarchical, ranging from common to rare, super rare, epic to legend, and the higher the rarity, the lower the success rate.

Bomber heroes also have 5 power stats in Bomb Crypto game:

  • Power: bomb’s destructive power
  • Bomb range: the length when the bomb explodes
  • Stamina: hero’s energy
  • Speed: movement speed
  • Bomb: the number of bombs can be placed
  • Ability: random strength

Each bomber hero’s power stat will be unique. The greater the rarity, the more powerful these five power stats will be. Individual bomber hero members will be revealed in the near future.

Henricus – The Knight

Henricus is the first revealed character in bomber hero of Bomberland.

Bombcrypto game Henricus The Knight

With the blood of an obedient knight who has always served to protect Bomberland since ancient times.

Henricus fought in countless battles, armed with a sharp sword and stud iron armor, as well as technological upgrades from scientists.

A chip has been implanted in his brain, allowing him to analyze the movement of his opponent and always strike fatal blows.

He is also the invincible shield that protects the team members.

Bully Frog – Frog

Bully frog is the cutest bomber hero in the team of Bomberland.

Bombcrypto game Bully Frog

It all starts with tragedy when the bully frog’s family is assassinated by evil forces. Bully Frog is determined to participate in Bomberland scientists’ research.

Bully frogs are gradually evolving to the point where they are no longer considered normal frogs.

With his long tongue and ability to jump far, he is a two-weapon that can defeat enemies at a distance.

Bully Frog will play an important role in the journey to save the land and obtain justice for the family.

Richard – Man

Richard – Man is the only human in the Bomb Crypto game.

Bomb crypto game Richard - ManBullyFrog-Frog

He’s a legendary gunman who has shot ten robbers with a single bullet.

Richard becomes the captain of the Bomber Hero squad, aided by science and his ability to recover energy quickly.

Richard is trusted by the bomber hero team members because of his leadership and experiences, and they are on their way to save Bomberland from the evil forces.

Jasper Vampire – The Vampire

Bomb Crypto Game - Jasper Vampire - The Vampire

It was the year 3060. A scientist was studying DNA in his laboratory.

Nurtured and implanted from an ancient creature’s DNA.

The scientists created a potion out of the DNA and placed it in a test tube.

Jasper the Vampire was created by scientists after a few months. They dubbed him Jasper Vampire.

Jasper Vampire was a vampire with human features.

Having the dark creature’s immense power.

Jasper Vampire, who can hypnotize enemies and move like the wind.

Jasper Vampire will band together with his comrades to bring freedom to the people and the Bomberland region.

Magic Yaga – The Witch

Bombcrypto game Magic Yaga - The Witch

Magic Yaga, the adorable witch in the Bomber Hero army, is endowed with powers from an ancient magic book as well as modern auxiliary powers from her costumes.

Magic Yaga’s powers allow her to control matter and explode objects.

Magic Yaga is a key member of the Bomber hero team, with a heart full of altruism and courage.
A thunderstorm jolted Magic Yaga to life.

“Argh…” she grumbled as she climbed the stairs to the attic.

She would spend the majority of her nights there. If she could be productive, sleeping was never an option for her.

She had become immune to the lightning and thunder over the years.

However, she had a lot of sleep deprivation.

Bomb Crypto Gameplay

How to collect a bomber hero

There are 3 ways to collect bomber heroes:

  1. via rescue hero,
  2. buy in shop,
  3. buy in auction in the marketplace.
Bomb Crypto Game Bomber Hero NFTs

Rescue Hero to Collect Bomber Heroes

You can acquire new heroes by participating in rescue missions.

Bomb Crypto Game: Rescue Hero

In some maps, there is a small chance that users will come across a prison block that has a bomber hero locked inside. After completing the rescue mission, players will receive a damaged hero that must be recovered for a short period of time before it can go wild again.

Bomb Crypto Egg

It should be noted that the prison blocks can only be discovered in Treasure Hunt Mode. There is a time limit on the rate of prison blocks.

Buy Hero to Collect Bomber Heroes

You can purchase heroes through shops and marketplaces; there is no limit to the number of heroes that can be purchased; you can purchase a large number of heroes at once by selecting the x1 x5 x10 package.

Bomb Crypto Buy Hero

Buy Bomb Crypto Hero in the Auction

The Crypto Bomb game has a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy and sell NFT items as well as bomber heroes. This will allow you to profit from play-to-earn while also increasing game assets and liquidity. In this market, BCOIN is the only payment currency.

bomb crypto auction

Bomb Crypto Game Modes

There are 3 game modes in Bomb Crypto game as listed below:

  • Treasure Hunt Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Battle Mode

Treasure Hunt Mode

Bomb Crypto Treasure Hunt Mode

In Treasure Hunt Mode, you can send bomber heroes to mining areas to plant bombs and destroy blocks in order to find BCOIN. These heroes can work automatically without the need for you to be present all of the time, allowing you to save time for other tasks.

Each time a bomb is detonated, the hero expends energy. When he runs out of energy, the hero enters a resting state to replenish his reserves. The charging speed will increase if you buy a house.

Story Mode

Bomb Crypto Story Mode

In Story mode, you create your own bomber hero to participate in each level. To pass each level, you must destroy all of the monsters. You can obtain BCOINs by breaking blocks and killing monsters.

Engaging in a level necessitates the bomber hero’s energy as well. As a result, if there is insufficient energy, the hero cannot be chosen to participate at any level. Furthermore, if you are touched by a monster during the game, you will lose energy. You will lose the battle if the hero’s energy reaches zero.

Battle Mode

Bomb Crypto Battle Mode

In Battle mode, you participate in a bomb battle against other players. To join, you must not only have a specific type of energy, but you must also pay a certain amount of tokens as an entry fee, which will later be used as rewards. The final winner receives the majority of the tokens from the losers.

What is The House in Bomb Crypto Game?

Bomber House in Bomb Crypto Game

After a long day at work, we all come home to our homes. It’s the same in our bomber world. Each bomber hero has a different level of endurance. When it is depleted, the bomber hero will return to his home to recover before returning to work.

The house can be decorated with fancy items to provide our heroes with a more comfortable environment in which to recover faster and potentially reveal more abilities.

There are also some mysterious features for house structure and decoration that will be determined by the community in the near future using government tokens.

How to Upgrade in Bomb Crypto Game?

Upgrade in Bomb Crypto Game

Bomber hero can be upgraded to unleash his full potential. He will take other bombers of the same level as his own material when upgrading a bomber. Some BCOINs are also consumed during the upgrading process.

Bomb Crypto Game Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game’s token have any mechanism to push the price in favor of the holder? Can games generate stable passive income?

The game in phase 1 is very primitive so after each update and next phase there will be new functions, better UI UX improvements, more exciting new game modes, we believe this will contribute to attracting new investors and boosting the price of Bcoin over time.

Do you have a plan to Burn Token or not?

We can’t say what the plan is yet, but based on the situation of bcoin consumption and inflation, we will have different plans to balance the token.

We need time to monitor user metrics and user behavior in the game to come up with a suitable burn plan.

What are the benefits of VIP & Stake?

  • Users who stake Bcoin will receive Bcoin and some power advantages for a bomber hero.
  • The larger the amount of bcoin stake, the more advantage you will get of bomber hero.

Does the game use the player’s personal skills to win, or does the character’s stats in the game?

  • Phase 1 has only one mode, Treasure Hunt, which allows users to mine Bcoins through Bomber Heroes, the PVP function in phase 4 will allow players to use their skills more.
  • However, we also need time to analyze user trends and preferences before deciding to design a PVP.

Is the Bomb Crypto required to buy a House for Bomber Hero?

  • Not mandatory. If there no house, Bomber Hero will rest with a slow recovery speed.

Does Bomb Crypto plan to update the graphics?

  • Graphics is improved gradually but still has classic pixel style.

Is the amount of Bomber Hero limited?

  • We needed a short period to analyze the in-game user data, then we could decide to limit bomber heroes.

Does Bomb Crypto have any special mechanics to play and retain players for a long time?

  • The game will have many different game modes to satisfy the needs of all gamers as well as investors.
  • Featured functions include Story Mode, Treasure Hunt Mode, PvP Mode, collect & sell special NFT items.
    • The game has 3 main playstyles suitable for many audiences like Busy people they will love the Treasure Hunt mode.
    • The game has a Story Mode suitable for offline gamers who like to explore experiences and still earn money.
    • The game has a PVP Mode suitable for gamers who like to play online with competition and high skills.

What’s outstanding about Bomb Crypto to attract players?

  • Users can play and earn BCOIN right after the game is released.
  • Classic Casual games are a new niche in the NFT Blockchain market.
  • The game has proven a success on a mobile platform called Bomb Squad with over 1 million users.
  • The game has more than 1 million downloads and is a success when released on Google Play.
  • Our team has more than 10 years of experience in game development.
  • Our team has security and marketing advice from Google experts.
  • Pixel graphics is familiarity to users. There will be events to create characters and select beautiful characters for Airdrop.

What is the initial cost to join the Bomb Crypto game?

  • The initial estimated cost to be able to join the game is about 10 BCOIN (1$, equivalent to buying 1 Bomber Hero).

Is it possible to join Play-To-Earn at the Bomb Crypto’s launch stage?

  • Play-To-Earn is now available through the Treasure Hunt Mode, you can buy and collect heroes to help you hunt for Bcoin tokens.

What is the starting price on PancakeSwap?

  • The starting price when listing on PancakeSwap will be 1 BCOIN = 0.1 $.

Information IDO and Listing & Bomb Crypto Game Release

  • 13:00 UTC (20:00 GMT+7) September 21 IDO on LaunchZone.
  • 03:00 UTC (10:00 GMT+7) September 22 Listing on PancakeSwap.
  • September 30, 2021 web game release.

How many types of Tokens does Bomb Crypto have?

  • The game will have only 1 token, BCOIN.

Bomb Crypto will be released on which platform?

  • PC, login using MetaMask (using Network BSC).


The Bomb Crypto game is a Play-To-Earn title in which players control a team of bomb heroes who are cyborgs programmed to search for BCOIN and fight monsters. Each bomb hero has different stats; if you’re lucky, you might be able to find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade to improve performance and combat ability.

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You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Bomb Crypto already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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