Blockchain Cuties NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Blockchain Cuties?

Blockchain Cuties is a new collectible crypto adventure game in which you can play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats, and other real and fantasy creatures. Each cutie is one-of-a-kind and belongs entirely to you. You can collect them, breed them, put their skills to the test in battle, arm them, and even level them up!

You can trade cuties in-game using smart contracts on the Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and NEO blockchains. Each cutie, which is a non-fungible, can be transferred or sold to other players in the same way that a traditional cryptocurrency can.

Blockchain Cuties is a crypto collectible adventure game in which you can interact with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats, and other real and fantasy creatures. Each cutie is one-of-a-kind and belongs entirely to you. You can collect them, breed them, battle them, arm them, and level them up!

Blockchain Cuties game currently supports following 5 blockchains:

  • Ethereum,
  • Tron,
  • EOS,
  • NEO,
  • Matic.

Blockchain Cuties Introduction

Blockchain Cuties is a game set in Cutieland, a world that is similar to Earth in many ways but evolves differently, according to its own set of rules.

It’s an adventure world populated by mysterious little creatures known as Cuties. It’s a land where many epochs and timelines have been blended together to create a unique and vivid setting – a land just waiting to be explored!

Blockchain Cuties is a game that plays with assets from blockchains. Each Cutie is an NFT that lives on the blockchain and belongs entirely to you.

That is, you have complete control over the asset. You can sell it, breed more Cuties with it, or trade it for another Cutie with a friend.

What are Blockchain Cuties?

Blockchain Cuties NFT Game

Cuties are the primary in-game “resource.” Everything revolves around Cuties, which you breed, grow, send on adventures, send into raids, and buy, sell, and trade on the Blockchain Cuties marketplace. Every Cutie can gain experience, level up, and use items, including those that improve their cooldowns and genes.

All important Cutie attributes of Blockchain Cuties are stored on the blockchain in the most compact manner possible while keeping transaction costs in mind.

Each Cutie not only looks good and represents a specific species, but also follows the Blockchain Cuties hierarchy system.

In the Blockchain Cuties game, Cuties are divided into three groups, as listed below: 

  • Regular Cuties
  • Tribute Cuties
  • Unique Cuties
Blockchain Cuties - Regular Cutie

Regular Cuties are pets whose appearance and colors are derived directly from their genomes. They’re cute, but they don’t have any extra features.

Blockchain Cuties - Tribute Cutie

Tribute Cuties are homages to contemporary pop culture, film, and video games. These pets appear when players figure out the right gene combinations. In combat, they are more powerful than regular Cuties.

Blockchain Cuties - Tribute Unique

Unique Cuties are awesome-looking rare breeds of pets that players cannot reproduce. They are more powerful in combat than both regular and tribute Cuties and are only available in limited quantities.

Blockchain Cuties are all based on the same principles and use the same Genome Model.

The majority of Cutieland’s inhabitants are regular Cuties of various shapes and sizes. Blockchain Cuties has 8 Cutie Pet Types, as shown below:

  1. Cats,
  2. Dogs,
  3. Bears,
  4. Lizards,
  5. Foxes,
  6. Hedgehogs,
  7. Rabbits,
  8. Pigs.
Blockchain Cuties - Cats

Cats are adorable, independent creatures who do only what they want! They can do things that other animals cannot! Some say it’s because of their good fortune.

Adventure Bonus: Luck +4%

Blockchain Cuties - Dogs

Dogs are devoted and caring companions who will never abandon you. They always have the stamina to do whatever it takes to reach their goal.

Adventure Bonus: Defence +2

Blockchain Cuties - Bears

Bears are powerful and fearsome creatures that can be found all over the world. They are not as graceful as cats and foxes, but they are extremely powerful in combat.

Adventure Bonus: Attack +2

Blockchain Cuties - Lizards

Lizards are the wise offspring of ancient dragons. They have a very balanced approach to combat and perform well everywhere.

Adventure Bonus: Attack +1, Defence +1

Blockchain Cuties - Foxes

Foxes are beautiful and agile creatures that can not only move quickly and dodge enemy attacks during combat.

Adventure Bonus: Evasion +4%

Blockchain Cuties - Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are small forest dwellers who are adept at carrying objects on their backs. They can attack Cuties with their spiky needles.

Adventure Bonus: Attack +1, Drop Chance +15%

Blockchain Cuties - Rabbits

Rabbits are Cutieland’s fast and furious warriors.

Adventure Bonus: +2% Luck, 2% Evasion

Blockchain Cuties - Pigs

Pigs are small, curious, and daring creatures who enjoy poking their noses into other people’s business without getting caught. Some people believe they are blessed by nature.

Adventure Bonus: Luck +2%, Drop Chance +15%

Blockchain Cuties - Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are small forest dwellers who are adept at carrying objects on their backs. They can attack Cuties with their spiky needles.

Adventure Bonus: Attack +1, Drop Chance +15%

There are also special types of Blockchain Cuties as listed below: 

  • Owls,
  • Aliens,
  • Mythic,
  • Mutants.
Blockchain Cuties - Owls

Owl attribute adds +3 to Air Element

Aside from the Owl type, there is another owl-based Cutie Owlbert, but it is a Mythic with its own special attribute.

Blockchain Cuties - Aliens

Currently, the Pet type can only have one Unique Cutie. Every 24 hours, these aliens regenerate one adventure cooldown step. Aliens Cuties were a limited edition run of ten Aliens sold exclusively on the Ethereum Blockchain. They were among the first Unique Cuties to appear in the game.

Blockchain Cuties - Mythic

Mythic Cuties are extremely rare. They are the only pet types capable of producing a Mutant Cutie. Two Mythic Cuties will always produce a Mutant; if a Mythic is bred with another pet type, the chances are %50-%50.

Adventure Bonus: +20% Drop Rate, +20% Drop Rate, +3 Raid Boss Bonus

Blockchain Cuties - Mutants

Some players use these Mutant Cuties on Raids when they don’t have a suitable group of Cuties for the Raid Boss’s weaknesses or strengths. They act as a sort of equalizer for Raid Boss runs.

In Blockchain Cuties, Cuties can be either Normal or Noble. Nobility not only provides additional adventure bonuses over regular Cuties, but it is also required for new late-game mechanics like land ownership and army leadership. Any Cutie has the potential to become a Noble as well!

Nobility is a bonus that can be obtained by any Cutie if they do not already have it.

Blockchain Cuties that are released on the Unique Cutie Sale page may be eligible for two bonuses:

  • Unique,
  • Noble.

Each bonus does not cancel out the other, and both can be applied to a Cutie; this is the best combination when looking for a competitive advantage with regular Cuties.

A Cutie can even be born as a Noble if both of his or her parents are noble. When both parents are noble, the chances of a Cutie being born as a Noble are 5%.

Blockchain Cuties - Noble

Blockchain Cuties Stats

Each Blockchain Cutie can start with a different set of stats.


Power is a bonus that cannot be obtained through items. The overall power bonus is determined by the pet’s attributes, rarity, level, and aristocracy. It is calculated as follows:



Attack is a bonus granted by attributes and items. This bonus is only applied during the pets’ “attack” phase of the battle. It is calculated as follows:



Defense is a bonus that can be obtained through attributes and items. This bonus is only applied during the pet’s “defense” phase. It is calculated as follows:



Luck is a bonus that appears during the round’s attack phase. If a cutie activates its luck bonus, it gets to re-roll D20 until only the highest value remains. It is calculated as follows:



Evasion is a bonus that activates before the round’s defense phase. If a Cutie triggers evasion, the attack is automatically avoided. It is calculated as follows:


Drop chance

Drop Chance is a bonus that increases the chances of all items dropping and decreases the possibility of getting empty loot. It is calculated as follows:


Experience bonus

Experience bonus is a type of bonus that increases the total amount of experience gained from adventures regardless of the outcome of the battle. It is calculated as follows:


As you can see, a Cutie’s attributes influence every stat. Check out all of the attributes that are already in the Blockchain Cuties game when looking for a new Cutie on the market.

What are Blockchain Cuties Game Items?

In Blockchain Cuties Universe, items are in-game only offchain assets. They come in various varieties. From purely cosmetic items that change the background of your Cutie to blockchain interacting items that can change NFT data on the blockchain.

The following is a list of the different types of items that can be found in Blockchain Cuties game:

  • Gear Items
  • Consumable Items
  • Loot Boxes
  • Misc. Items
  • Ingredients

Every item in the game has a rarity associated with it, which can be used as a shorthand to determine how important/valuable these items are within the realm of the game. Not every item can be sold right away. Some must be unbound by the Forge and rendered impersonal.

Gear Items

Gear items are equippable items that players can use to improve the stats of their Cuties. These items are slot-type items that can be equipped into Cutie item slots. Furthermore, when equipped, these items alter the visual representation of a Cutie.

Equipment before after

Cutie before and after equipping items After equipping items on the Cutie, the stats of the Cutie changed in accordance with the item values (plus set bonus where applicable)

Equipment Comparison

Comparison of cute stats with and without equipment The appearance of Special Cuties does not change. These are known as Unique Cuties and Tribute Cuties. There are currently no items that improve Cutie’s element score.

The items can only affect the following stats:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Evasion
  • Luck
  • Drop Chance
  • Experience Boost
  • Raid Power

They can provide a “set buff” when multiple items from a set are equipped, in addition to the common values of the items. Set bonus items have “Set x#” columns in their stat sheets. The # denotes the number of set items that must be equipped on the Cutie in order for that bonus to be applied.

item set stats

Add bonus columns to an item page. Set bonuses do not stack. The bonus is based on the number of items equipped. Aside from the set bonus, some items provide a Season Buff during Seasons and Events.

Consumable Items

There are numerous types of consumable items in Blockchain Cuties Universe. From Adventure Potions that increase Cutie’s cooldown for adventuring to temporary buff potions and even some that interact with the blockchain data of the NFT on which it is used, there is something for everyone.

In the Blockchain Cuties game, there are several types of consumable items:

  • ​Potions and Elixirs​
  • ​Cosmetic Items​
  • ​Energy​
  • Tools

They perform various functions depending on the type of item. Potions can grant buffs, reduce cooldowns, and change Cutie data on the blockchain. ​

Cosmetic Items change the appearance of the Blockchain Cuties. ​

Energy items increase the player’s account’s energy capacity, which is useful for event and season adventures, raids, and other activities in Blockchain Cuties. Tool items typically aid in game functions such as equipment, crafting, and so on.

Blockchain Cuties Potions and Elixirs

There are numerous elixirs available in Blockchain Cuties Universe for use on Cuties. Some have only in-game effects, while others can even change information on the blockchain. Here is a list of the various potions and elixirs available in the Blockchain Cuties game as shown below table:

Potion NamePotion ImageDescription
Elixir of AdventureMakes your cutie stronger! Decreases the adventure cooldown by 1 step.
Grand Elixir of AdventureMakes your cutie stronger! Decreases the adventure cooldown by 2 steps.
Potion of LuckIncreases the Cutie’s drop chance for 5 adventures
Elixir of ExperienceThis potion increases the Cutie’s EXP gain for 5 adventures.
Elixir of KnowledgeGives a small amount of EXP to a target Cutie
Elixir of Vast KnowledgeGives a moderate amount of EXP to a target Cutie
Elixir of Universal KnowledgeGives a moderate amount of EXP to a target Cutie
Elixir of LifeMakes your cutie fast and swift! Increases the speed of breeding by 1 step.
Grand Elixir of LifeMakes your cutie fast and swift! Increases the speed of breeding by 2 steps.
Aristocracy ElixirUpon using this item on a Cutie, it gains Nobility. This item alters the Cutie’s genome to make it noble.
Spiked Elixir of YouthYour Cutie becomes one generation younger up to generation 5
Distilled Elixir of YouthYour Cutie becomes one generation younger up to generation 2
Pure Elixir of YouthYour Cutie becomes one generation younger up to generation 0

Blockchain Cuties Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic Items are typically used to change the visual representation of a Cutie in-game and are an off-chain item that does not interact with the blockchain. In the Blockchain Cuties game, there are a few of these items:

WalpaperStandard wallpaper changes a Noble Cutie’s background pattern.
Upgradeable WalpaperThese wallpapers can be applied several times to a Cutie. Each additional application adds more details to the Cutie’s background.
Color SprayColor spray changes Cutie’s background color. The color ranges are different for the 3 different rarities of the Color Spray available in the game.

Rainbow Color Spray – Changes to a solid color
Rare Rainbow Color Spray – Changes to a gradient of up to 2 colors
Super Rare Rainbow Color Spray – Changes to a gradient of up to 3 colors

Some equipable items can change a Cutie’s visual representation when it’s hidden as an easter egg. For example – a strange trinket added to the Bone Dragon changes its eyes to glow green and breathe green fumes.

What are In Game Activities in Blockchain Cuties Game?

In the Blockchain Cuties game, you can do a variety of things, including:

  • Leveling up in Adventures
  • Raid Bosses
  • Trading goods
  • Breeding Tributes
  • Trading Cuties
  • Participating in Tournaments
  • Complete Quests
  • Craft equipment in the Forge

What are Adventures in Blokchain Cuties Game?

Blockchain Cuties is full of adventures. Each adventure has its own set of rules and requirements, and each adventure has its own pool of items that can be found in it. These adventures can be PVP, PVE, or a combination of the two.

There are both standard and event adventures. There are also some Special Adventures.

Standard Adventures in Blockchain Cuties

These adventures are always available in the game, regardless of the current event or season.

The complete list of adventures and their drop pools can be found below.

Windy Hills

Windy Hills

The Snowy Mountain

The Snowy Mountain

Magical Forest

Magical Forest

The Desert

The Desert

Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower



City Ghetto

City Ghetto

Gates of Babylon

Gates of Babylon

Blood Moon Forest

Blood Moon Forest



Yakuza District

Yakuza District

Dragon Lair

Dragon Lair

Special Adventures in Blockchain Cuties

These adventures play an important role in the game. They can include Cutie-specific rules, rotating elements, timed energy limitations, and even experimental rule sets.

They are always available, just like the Standard Adventures, but they can be changed and experimented with as the game evolves and in response to player feedback/ideas/suggestions.

There are currently two adventures like this.

1. Halls of Grumpy King’s Deep of Blockchain Cuties

The current setup for the adventure is that all of the Cutie’s equipment must be enchanted to at least +1 grade. It can be all +1 grade (or higher) items or 1 item equipped with the remaining slots empty.

The main source of toolkits for the players is this adventure. There are daily limits on how many toolkits can be dropped (player and server-wide).

Halls of Grumpy King's Deep

2. Blockchain Cuties: Tavern of Heroes

This is a PVP-only adventure. Cuties of level 10 and up are eligible to participate. The battles are all against other players.

Unlike most adventures, this one has a rotating element system. This means that the elements that provide a bonus to Cuties rotate at a set interval.

The remaining time for the current element setup can be found in the Adventure List’s top left corner on the adventure card.

Tavern of Heroes

For each victory, a player receives a Champions Mark, which can be used to craft item chests in the Forge under the “Champions Marks” subtab.

What are Raid Bosses in Blockchain Cuties?

Raid bosses are the more powerful and specialized opponents that the entire Cutieneer community must defeat in order to win prizes in Blockchain Cuties.

In Blockchain Cuties, there are several versions of raid bosses.

Each boss has their own set of rules that apply to the Blockchain Cuties who can take part.

Each boss also has a different prize pool.

In Blockchain Cuties, there are currently three types of Raid Bosses as listed below:

  • Alien Invader
  • The Red Devil
  • Seasonal\Event Raid Boss

Raid bosses expect you to have Raid Energy available in order to participate in the raid.

The raid bosses Invader and Red Devil use a different energy system than the Event Raid Boss.

This energy can be found on the boss page, when you select a raid boss to fight from the Raid boss list, and it looks like this:

Energy Level

In Blockchain Cuties, these bosses have two types of energy:

  1. Free daily, regenerative energy (Green)
  2. Premium energy (Blue)

1. Free daily, regenerative energy (Green)

Free daily energy can be claimed once every 24 hours by clicking the “Free Energy” button on the raid boss page’s interface.

Free Energy

2. Premium energy

Premium energy is only available for purchase and can be obtained by clicking on the button next to the “Free Energy” button:

Get Energy

Various blockchain currencies can be used to purchase energy.


Going into a raid is something that should be taken seriously. To defeat the boss, the cuties must be strong. Make certain that your Raiding Cuties are equipped with raid-bonus items. The higher the raid bonus stat of the cutie, the better it will fight the bosses.

Blockchain Cuties currently has 3 types of bosses, as explained below:

1. Alien Invader

Alien Invader Raid Boss Card

The first boss created for the game was Alien Invader. Where the ruleset differs from the rest of the raid bosses.

This raid boss’s main goal is for the community to have a collective win rate of more than 50% at the end of the raid session. Players receive a proper reward pool if the win condition is met, but the reward pool is significantly smaller if the condition is not met.

The Cutie must be at least level 5 and of generation 0, 1, or 2 to face the Alien Invader raid boss. Levels and generations that are not covered by this ruleset will not appear in the raid’s selection menu.

Boss Energy

  1. Pet requirements : Level , Generation.
  2. Elements and pet types against which the Boss is weak and strong. The Strong VS section shows which element types the boss is good against, and the pet types in that section are not allowed to participate in the current version of the raid. To face the boss every day, it is best to have a diverse army.
  3. There is still time to defeat the boss. When the timer runs out, the clock resets. (This boss works on a 24-hour basis.)

This raid boss proved to be extremely difficult because it required the entire community to have an average win rate of 51% or higher, which means that all players had to defeat the boss more than half of the time.

When the timer reaches zero, the raid boss is considered defeated or not, depending on the Win percent.

The prize pool in the Alien Invader raid boss is simpler than in others, as it only grants Cute Coins, which are erc-20 tokens.

The Winning pool is nearly four times the amount of Cute Coins to be distributed, whereas the Losing pool is typically around 30 Coins to be distributed amongst all players who participated in the currently running Raid Boss.

2. The Red Devil

The Red Devil boss is the second iteration of the raid bosses in the game; it uses some of the previous mechanics as well as a few new mechanics not seen before in the game.

As with the Alien Invader, the energy must be manually claimed. Both consume the same amount of energy, so choose wisely.

Before we get into the specifics of this raid boss, let’s take a look at what’s obvious at first glance.

Red Devil

  1. The pet level requirement remains in effect. You will need a Gen0-2 Cutie with a Level 5 or higher.
  2. The Strong and Weak segment works similarly to how it did in Alien Invader.
  3. The timer is still running. However, it works a little differently. When the boss’ level is defeated, the timer resets to 24 hours. If the boss is not defeated, the level is reset to Level 1.
  4. Levels exist for the raid boss. Each time a level is completed. The boss becomes more powerful.

Red Devil’s session lasts for 24 hrs, or until it is defeated.

Let’s talk a little more about the raid boss when you get to the boss’s page.

Raid Boss
  1. Red Devil has a health bar. When a Cutie wins a battle, it deals damage using the following formula:Damage Done = 0.8 * (RAID SCORE SUM - PLAYER SCORE SUM) ^ 0.5 This means that if the Cutie deals more damage than the Raid Boss, the difference is accounted for in the formula above. When the Boss’s HP runs out, the Players advance to the next level and receive prizes for the level they defeated. The prizes awarded correspond to the leader board. The leader board is based on the amount of “damage dealt to the boss.” If the players fail to defeat the boss, only the Loss Prize pool – only Cute Coins – is distributed.
  2. There is still time to defeat the boss. If it runs out, the boss is reverted to level 1.
  3. Stats for the boss’ level. You can see the difference in boss strength by clicking on the top right or left corner with Level 3 or Level 5 as an example. The boss gets stronger in stats and HP with each level, but the prizes get better as well.
  4. Buttons for navigating through boss levels. You can see future bosses’ HP and Stats, as well as look through the leader boards to see who won the previous bosses.
  5. Current Boss level

3. Season / Event Boss

Raids Event
An example of an event based Raid Boss. In this example it is the Demonic Eireen Holmes from Season 7

Seasonal and Event bosses are very similar to the Red Devil boss, but there are no restrictions on the cutie’s level or generation that can participate in the raid.

Seasonal Raid bosses differ in a few key ways as explained below:

  1. The Seasonal raid boss will not be reset. It must be defeated by the community. The Timer displays the amount of time spent defeating the current raid boss.
  2. This raid boss’s energy is not the same as the previous two. It can also be replenished with Energy Boss potions, and the Max Energy cap can be increased by purchasing seasonal event items.
  3. Unlike previous bosses, the energy regeneration is operational, with a bar of energy replenished every 2 hours.
  4. Energy can also be purchased on the raid page by clicking the “Get energy” button.
  5. There is no prize pool for losing. If the boss is not defeated, the players are not rewarded based on their leaderboard position.
  6. While the boss does not have levels, each defeat makes it a little bit stronger.

What are Blockchain Cuties Game Tournaments

Tournaments are a unique feature of Cutieland. The team began testing the HP battle mechanics that would later be transferred to the Adventures. This mechanic is intended for more experienced players, as well as those who are always interested in the current meta of the game and are not afraid of grinding out some of the adventures or events in order to obtain the newest and coolest items in the game.

Tournaments are entirely PVP, with a maximum of 32 participants. If there are insufficient players, the tournament will be canceled. A tournament must begin with at least four players.

When you sign up a Cutie for a tournament, the Cutie picker will filter out Cuties who are unable to participate in that tournament. Furthermore, Cuties with equipment that is above their level will be unable to participate in the tournament. Keep in mind that when a Cutie signs up for a tournament, it is “preparing” for the tournament and will be unable to perform multiple actions or participate in any other tournaments until the tournament ends and 2 hours after. Furthermore, the items equipped on the Cutie will become locked in and unremovable until the tournament is over. So keep that in mind as you prepare for a tournament!

Each tournament has its own registration fee. Depending on the tournament, the following types of fees may apply:

  1. Adventure potions
  2. Magic Dust
  3. Crypto Currencies

Furthermore, the higher the level of participation required, the higher the entry fees. Higher levels imply higher stakes, which means a larger prize pool for the winner.

When the tournament battle starts, the Cutie who attacks first is chosen at random from the current build. Each fight has a Best of One format. This means that if you win the fight, you advance to the next grid stage. If you lose, you are out of the tournament. In the current tournament format, there is no losers bracket.

Season pass holders will be able to participate in additional tournaments that are only available to them during seasons. These tournaments will provide extra special resources or items for the current season. There are also more chances to win money in tournaments.

How to Breed Blockchain Cuties?

Blockchain Cuties Breeding

One of the most important aspects of the game is breeding. It is critical that you first visit the Genome page to grasp the fundamentals of how the genome works in Blockchain Cuties.

When breeding cuties, the player must select one as the “father” and the other as the “mother.” It makes no difference in which order these cuties are chosen, nor does it matter who is the father and who is the mother.

Breeding Fee in Blockchain Cuties

To breed with another cutie, the player must pay a small breeding fee, which increases slightly with each subsequent breeding cooldown.

This fee remains constant across generations, even though the breeding price of later generations cuties decreases. This means that breeding later generations is less expensive.

Blockchain Cuties Breeding formula fee is:

Ethereum: 1 finney + 3 szabo*N*N;

TRON: 10 trx + (27000 sun)*N*N;

EOS: max(memFee, 0.065) + N*N*0.00015;

where N = |momCooldown + dadCooldown – momGen – dadGen|;

memFee is 650 bytes cost when allocating new memory for cutie.

Current EOS RAM: 650 bytes cost is around 0,03 EOS.

All USD and RAM prices are calculated on 2019-03-05. and are subject to change.

Blockchain Cuties Marketplace

Blockchain Cuties has a marketplace where players can sell their cuties or buy one to begin breeding.

Marketplace Page of Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties Marketplace Page

There are six categories listed above:

  • For Sale
  • For Siring
  • Generation 0
  • All
  • Unique
  • Items Market

Here we can buy or sell Cuties, top up Elixirs, buy or sell items, browse other players’ Cuties, and even buy a Limited Edition Unique Cuties Cutie or special Tribute Tribute Cuties.

Blockchain Cuties Auction


Cuties can be purchased in this section of the Marketplace. The Cuties in the row above are the “Featured” Cuties.

That is, the seller will put the Cutie up for auction and pay an additional fee for the Cutie to be always above the Marketplace inventory of cuties in order to increase the visibility and potential for these Cuties to be purchased.

Below the “Featured” section is the full marketplace for the Blockchain Cuties platform – anyone can sell or buy a Cutie and the prices are entirely determined by the player, with prices based on how rare the Cutie is and how much a player values the Cutie. Generation, attributes, background, and nobility all influence rarity.

Cutie Template
  1. Nobility mark
  2. Current price of the Cutie (in ETH)
  3. Cutie Name
  4. Cutie stats : Generation , Breeding cooldown, Adventure cooldown
  5. How many players liked the Cutie
  6. Background

Filters are also available to help with your search!


The basic Click and Go system will assist you in navigating and exploring the market in order to find the Cutie you are looking for.

After you’ve chosen a Cutie, you can view some additional information about it, such as stats and its Auction status.

Note: When the auction timer runs out, the player must manually retrieve the cutie from the auction.


When a player lists a cutie on the marketplace, he or she must consider several factors, including the starting and ending prices. It can be any value that the player chooses. From less expensive to more expensive, from high to low, or simply set the same price on both endpoints of the auction timeline and set it at a solid price. It is entirely up to the players to determine the worth of their Cuties.

If you’re ready to purchase a Cutie, simply click “BUY NOW” and then “Ok, buy this Cutie” at the bottom of the page. Complete the transaction and you’ll have a brand new Cutie!


For Siring

You can use this tab to find cuties to sire with in order to expand their gene pool, add more variety to their cuties, and possibly breed a Tribute cutie.

Players can breed with any cutie set up for auction for a fee set by the other players and get a new Cutie!

It has the same Filters and sorting tools as the For Sale tab to help you find your favorite Cuties, but it does not have a “Featured” function.

Generation 0

It is a collection of all generated Gen0 Cuties currently owned by players in the game. There are also cuties for sale and siring on the market.


It is a collection of all Cuties owned by the players. The page also includes Filters and sorting tools for narrowing down Cuties searches. This tab lacks a “Featured” section.


You can find limited edition Unique Cuties under this tab.

They provide a slight advantage in PVP due to their +2 Power for being Unique, and each Unique Cutie will have additional stat bonuses and/or abilities.

Items market

You can purchase items for their Cuties here, such as Gear, Potions, and other Utility Items.

This tab is also governed by the community, and players decide how much they want to sell to other players.


Blockchain Cuties is a new collectible crypto adventure game in which you can play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats, and other real and fantasy creatures. Each cutie is one-of-a-kind and belongs entirely to you. You can collect them, breed them, put their skills to the test in battle, arm them, and even level them up!

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