Blade Warrior NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Blade Warrior?

Blade Warrior is a fantasy-themed, play-to-earn NFT blockchain game. Blade Warrior is a decentralized blockchain game ecosystem.

Blade Warrior Game Introduction

You can travel through the world as one of five hero types (NFTs), engaging in increasingly difficult combat. NFTs with powerful weapons improve their fighting abilities. Throughout the Blade Warrior game, cryptocurrency game tokens are (BLADE) earned. These can be monetized or returned to the Blade Warrior game’s ecosystem.

Blade Warrior Game Story

Blade Warrior NFT Game

It was a dark time, and ancient demons were reawakened. These monsters claimed power for themselves by recovering magical items left behind by the old gods. They hunted and slaughtered humans ruthlessly, eager to rule over the mainland and enslave any survivors.

The Abyss Judge, the leader of ancient warcraft, tore a dark rift through the continent of Thrall, absorbing and devouring the entire world’s dark matter energy, threatening humankind’s very existence. People were terrified when they saw ancient monsters.

These evil beings attacked and devoured the villagers, and while some brave residents fought back with wooden weapons, it was futile. These monsters possessed incredible power, and ordinary civilians were powerless to defeat them – their desperate cries could be heard for miles.

Against this bleak backdrop, Prince Everley swore in the name of the Blade Lord and on behalf of the royal family of the Edsab Empire to provide shelter for those who had lost their families while also personally leading the defense forces against the ongoing attacks.

Soon after, the Knights Templar, the most powerful fighting force on the continent of Thrall, responded to the Blade Lord’s call. These knights came from the Royal Castle of Vizima’s highest point. The Knights agreed to form an alliance with the Edsab Empire, joining the Bright Camp in order to discover new ways to combat the forces of evil. Dan, the Knights’ leader, raised his long knife and yelled, “The dawn will come!”

The Sluvia family, residents of the snow mountain peaks, then announced their intention to join the Bright Camp. Because of the area’s cold, harsh conditions and sparse population, most of their structures escaped the monster invasion. Finally, the Land of Freedom was the least affected by these attacks, thanks to the magical defenses erected by Thunder Mage Jinny, giving residents plenty of time to flee.

At this point, all of the major forces on the continent of Thrall had declared their support for the Bright Camp. They sent forth their five most powerful heroes, the Blade Dazzle – Dan, the Bleed Phantom – Fiji, the Blade Lord – Prince Everley, the Thunder Mage – Jinny, and the Holy Archer – Gretchen, vowing to restore the light of the world.

Surprisingly, despite the presence of a large number of monsters in Valentuna, No Man’s Land, the Bard family did not join the Bright Camp. The Knights Templar observed that the Bard family did not provide temporary shelters or emergency food to the people in the surrounding areas. Valentuna’s deaths and injuries accounted for 70% of all deaths and injuries on the Saar Continent, with half of them dying of starvation.

As a result, the civilians of Valentuna fled in terror to the Bright Camp’s four safety zones. There were rumors that the Bard family and the monsters shared unspeakable secrets.

Was the appearance of these demons connected to the Bards? Where did they truly originate? Every Saar Continent resident had these doubts, but there was no doubt that the era of war and chaos had begun, and that peace was no longer sustainable.

What are Heroes of Blade Warrior Game?

There are currently 5 heroes in the Blade Warrior game as listed below:

  • Dan (Blaze Dazzle),
  • Fiji (Bleed Phantom),
  • Everley (Blade Lord),
  • Jinny (Thunder Mage),
  • Gretchen (Holy Archer)

1. Dan (Blaze Dazzle)

Dan (Blaze Dazzle)

Dan (Blaze Dazzle): Dan, a descendant of a long line of brave knights, founded the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar have always been dedicated to protecting the weak and healing the injured. Dan has been at the forefront of the fight against darkness, dishing out justice without hesitation and gaining the trust of those he protects. He is known as the Blaze Dazzle because he has the ability to control the power of the holy flame.

Dan (Blaze Dazzle) Hero Ability: He is trained in the arts of combat and weaponry, aided by the power of his sacred beliefs. He has no fear of death and inflicts the most heinous injuries on those he encounters on the battlefield.

2. Fiji (Bleed Phantom)

Fiji (Bleed Phantom)

Fiji (Bleed Phantom): Fiji aspired to be a scholar or a musician when he was younger. He traveled over mountains and rivers, learning from the mainland’s greatest teachers. However, unforeseen circumstances caused a dark shift in his goals. The Duke of Lombard murdered his father, a devout theologian, in cold blood. Fiji has been quietly waiting for ten years, biding his time, preparing for the day when he can avenge his father’s death. Those who come into contact with him refer to him as the Bleed Phantom.

Fiji (Bleed Phantom) Ability: He’s as tough as a rock, and the longer he fights, the braver he becomes. His varied and excellent swordsmanship can handle any situation, striking fear into the hearts of even the most dangerous foes.

3. Everley (Blade Lord)

Everley (Blade Lord)

Everley (Blade Lord): Prince Everley was born into the royal family of the fading Edsab Empire. As the sole heir to an empire, he has long been charged with revitalizing his family’s kingdom. His preternatural self-assurance, on the other hand, renders him impervious to both inner and outer corruption and influences. The Blade Lord is said to wield the power of the sacred flame.

Everley (Blade Lord) Ability: He is a battlefield veteran of pure blood and iron, renowned for his perseverance, strong constitution, superb fighting skills, and charismatic leadership.

4. Jinny (Thunder Mage)

Jinny (Thunder Mage)

Jinny (Thunder Mage): She was born in a small town in the province of Blaine, a land known for its spirit of independence. Jinny has never had many close friends, preferring to feel closer to nature. Her extraordinary understanding of spells manifested when she was only a child, and she was competitive and arrogant at times. Jinny can summon thunder with the wave of her wand, but her pure heart is on the side of light. Jinny, despite his strength, is not eager to fight.

Jinny (Thunder Mage) Ability: She is a powerful spellcaster who specializes in thunder and wind magic. She is skilled at long-range attacks and nearly invincible from 30 feet or more. She is a natural leader who can inspire one army while decimating another.

5. Gretchen (Holy Archer)

Gretchen (Holy Archer)

Gretchen (Holy Archer): Gretchen was found abandoned as a baby atop a snow-capped mountain. Her survival was hailed as a miracle when the Sluvia family discovered her while on a hunting expedition. Gretchen’s first touch of a bow and arrow appeared to be the result of years of practice, and the people dubbed her the holy archer. The Duke of Bard assassinated her adopted father one dark day. She felt grief but refused to seek vengeance, instead committing herself to life, guarding the snow-capped peaks of her birth.

Gretchen (Holy Archer) Ability: Her expertise begins with a calm mind and body, similar to that of still water. She is an archer with incredible accuracy who gives her opponents chills. Her sacred breath keeps the darkness at bay.

Heroes Attributes of Blade Warrior Game


There are three levels of hero quality: 1, 2, and 3. The stronger the hero, the higher the hero class.

Special Move

A special move is a skill that is unique to the protagonist and deals significant damage to an enemy unit. Special moves improve combat ability and increase the likelihood of victory.

Physical Strength

Expenditure: Physical strength is a fixed value for heroes. Each time they participate in a battle, they lose 1 point.

Recovery: Every other day, the hero recovers to their full value.


Blade Warrior game has 5 magic elements as listed below:

  1. Water,
  2. Earth,
  3. Fire,
  4. Darkness,
  5. Light.

A magical element is a distinct and enigmatic energy that exists in the world. Each protagonist can use different magic elements, and each magic element has its own set of effects. The powerful and mysterious magic elements add to the gameplay, bringing many changes and unknowns.

How to Play

During battle, players can upgrade. The higher the level, the more power the player has, and thus the higher the win rate.

How to PlayContents
EnhancementPlayers can upgrade their hero by consuming Blade, which increases the hero’s experience value and level of combat power. Every time the hero is enhanced, their attributes are as well. Upgrading heroes effectively improves combat capabilities.


The majority of characters start at level 1. To advance in level, a character must gain experience points, which they gain primarily by engaging in combat with monsters and completing daily tasks. A certain number of experience points is required to raise a character’s level.

The hero’s attributes will improve slightly after the upgrade. Alternatively, consuming Blade can quickly raise a hero’s level. Some scenes and gameplay elements necessitate that the hero level be at or above a certain threshold. ​

Heroes‘ Attributes Value of Blade Warrior Game

Health Value (HP)

Each character has a health value (HP) that indicates how much damage they can take. When a character’s health value reaches zero, the character dies. The player must keep track of their hero’s health in real time.

Attack Value (ATK) and Armor Value/Defense Value

The attack value (ATK) of a character represents the amount of damage he or she can inflict on an opponent. The greater the attack value, the greater the damage. A higher attack value, of course, reflects an improvement in combat ability. A character’s armor value/defense value is his or her ability to reduce damage. It reflects an increase in the hero’s combat endurance.

Hit Value (DEX) and Evasion Value (AGL)

The hit value (DEX) of a character represents the likelihood of inflicting any damage at all. The higher the value, the more precise a character’s attacks. Evasion Value (AGL) is a character’s chance of avoiding damage. Evasion can render an enemy’s attack completely useless. The higher a character’s evasion value, the more likely he or she will be able to avoid taking any damage from an attack.

Critical Hit Rate (CRT)

The critical hit rate (CRT) indicates that the unit has the potential to do more damage to the enemy unit. The higher the crit rate, the greater the chance of crit damage. A good use of the crit rate can significantly improve combat ability while also providing flexible and diverse battles. The secret weapon for unexpected success is skill.

Crit rate (%) = 50*ATAN (attack party crit/3000) -15/SQRT (attack party crit/50+1)+20

Speed ​​Value (SPD)

A critical hit indicates that the unit has the potential to inflict additional damage on the enemy unit. The greater the critical hit, the greater the chance of critical damage. A good use of the critical hit can significantly improve combat ability while also providing flexible and diverse battles. The secret weapon for surprising moves is skill.

Critical Hit (%) = 50*ATAN (attack party crit/3000) -15/SQRT (attack party crit/50+1)+20.

Hero Weapons of Blade Warrior Game

Weapons can effectively improve a hero’s combat power.

Weapon Types of Blade Warrior Game

There are currently 5 types of weapons in Battle Warrior game as shown below:

  1. Sword,
  2. Battle axe,
  3. Heavy hammer,
  4. Bow and Arrow,
  5. Wand.

Heroes can use any type of weapon, but each hero will be especially skilled in one, unlocking attribute bonuses. A hero can use two weapons and attack the enemy separately during the battle, causing them to take multiple hits.


Battle Axe

Heavy Hammer


Bow and Arrow

Weapon Attributes of Blade Warrior Game

Weapons boost attack value, as well as hit value, critical hit rate, and health value.

Durability Consumption

  • Consumption: When a monster is killed, 1 point of weapon durability is depleted.
  • Recovery: Every day, the durability value is automatically recovered.
  • Quality: There are three weapon quality levels: 1, 2, and 3. Different quality weapons have different capabilities, with level 3 being the best.

How to Play

You can upgrade your weapons to improve their combat effectiveness and power in battle.

How to PlayTitle
EnhancementPlayers can strengthen and upgrade their weapons by consuming Blade, which improves the attributes of their weapons. Strengthened weapons effectively improve the fighting capability of a character.
FusionPlayers can combine several low-level weapons to forge a new high-level weapon. However, there is a chance of failure. The higher the levels used, the greater the chance of failure.


Each weapon possesses a unique elemental power. This element provides the weapon with tremendous power and special effects. When the weapon element and the hero element are the same, the hero will be able to unlock the weapon’s hidden power, improving the hero’s combat ability.

What are the Monsters in Blade Warrior Game?

1. Dullahan

Its entire body smells like a raging fire. When standing upright, the flames it emits burn and scorch the ground. It is extremely aggressive, with powerful limbs and ruggedly developed wings. When it encounters an enemy, it will rush forward with zeal until it either kills or is killed.

Ability: The massive double horns atop its head appear to incite its ferocious heat. Its sharp claws keep the fire going. When enraged, it stands upright and burns a cursed flame, reducing everything it comes into contact with to ashes.


2. Goliath

Dark matter strongly binds its muscles throughout its body, and crystallized dark matter spines cover its back and elbows. It has strong wings. This monster is astute and cruel. It plays with its captured prey like a vicious predator before breaking and swallowing it whole. It is a vengeful beast.

Ability: The Goliath’s body color conferred by dark matter gives it an excellent ability to hunt at night. It uses its powerful combat ability to kill its prey after closing in on it, often with a single blow. If its opponent dies quickly, the Goliath’s quick movement allows it to flee, looking for the next opportunity to attack.


3. Goliasus

Its barbed body is hideous and frightening. When it comes across an enemy, it lowers itself to the ground and lets out a low roar. If the fight does not go its way, it will flee quickly. When you encounter just one Goliasus, there is a glimmer of hope, but a group will endanger a monster several times its size.

Ability: With its sharp horns, this creature punctures its prey. It can also use its back spines to slice through enemies while running at high speeds. Goliasus’ teeth are not particularly sharp, but the powerful force of its bite will not allow any form of prey to escape from its mouth.


4. Echinda

Since ancient times, men wandering through the woods have come across a slim figure with the appearance of a human woman, a shapely body, and exquisite features. These men are invited to come closer during the night, but few are ever seen again.

Ability: It uses its human-like appearance to lure unsuspecting people away from the safety of civilization and into the wilderness. Once its true identity is revealed, it directs the floating dark matter crystals that surround it and unleashes a powerful dark matter stream that destroys everything at which its magic ball points. ​


Combat System of Blade Warrior Game

Map Exploration (PVE) in Blade Warrior Game

Characters can explore a map’s various locations, battling monsters in open areas, providing players with a variety of gaming experiences. When a player completes a crusade against all of the monsters on a given map, they are rewarded for this area, and when they reach a certain level, a new map area becomes available for exploration.

Area (PVP) in Blade Warrior Game

This section of the game is dedicated to player-versus-player combat. Players enter the arena via the arena interface. The arena will match players for battles automatically. The avatar list is refreshed after each combat, and their rankings are displayed. The arena’s winners will be rewarded handsomely.

Daily Quest in Blade Warrior Game

Players who complete daily tasks will be rewarded with tokens.

Extreme Challenges in Blade Warrior Game

Players can enter the continuous stage mode and fight monsters without being buffed. Every day, they are ranked based on their winning position, and players with high rankings receive corresponding rewards.

Land in Blade Warrior Game

Players can purchase land for mining, hero training upgrades, pk (playing killing) events, and event bonuses.

Territory in Blade Warrior Game

To satisfy players’ desire to be a lord, each hero can own territory, gain power, and fight on the battlefield. As the hero’s base, the territory is also in charge of resource output. You only need to select the address and confirm with a single click for the resources to start flowing in. The territory’s output will be collected every day, making it simple and labor-saving. If you avoid the time-consuming upgrade operations and stick to the simple upgrade, you will reap more benefits. To obtain more resources, you can also send troops to attack other territories, siege the city, and defeat the enemy forces.

Customized Map in Blade Warrior Game

Maps can be customized and opened to various partners, expanding on the Blade project’s powerful ecology, and players can win additional forms of reward by winning battles on these alternative maps.

Blade Warrior Game Tokenomics

Token Symbol of Battle Warrior game is Blade‌.

Total Supply of Battle Warrior game is 10,000,000‌.

Play2Earn Model of Blade Warrior Game

Users gain real value by playing Blade Warrior and earning money by fighting, completing challenges, and collecting and trading weapons. All in-game features add real value to the player’s experience. Combat power, level, and battle experience all have a direct relationship to user income. A high-level hero with high-level weapons, for example, will earn far more than a low-level hero with low-level weapons.

Token Distribution of Blade Warrior Game

OKC network


Blade Contract Address0xa07403c1bd0c5cf53df07f15faa589241352527b


NBLC Contract Address0x9c091e98c0d80bd331961614833234e019f1acec


NBLW Contract Address0xd70350104200b23b0effc146627b231eadf5eaed

Lotex Network


Blade Contract Address0xc9950a24e98b7d71f0565c3e10048e5f8ec43050


NBLC Contract Address0x3cca8164adbf428DfEB292c2D1ec9803F67c9EDb


NBLW Contract Address0x9f60E573197D1eeF369b155eFA5F048d8d510942

BSC network


Blade Contract Address0x26380930191673eA8D3887BeE116d2e9996D048B


NBLC Contract Address0x9663fA3feeCDEF2A0EfFAb389a0E7F98Da5188E0


NBLW Contract Address0xdea6076902959A45E30878Dfe237643C8556445d


Blade Warrior is a fantasy-themed, play-to-earn NFT blockchain game. Blade Warrior is a decentralized blockchain game ecosystem.

Players journey through the world as one of five hero types (NFTs), engaging in progressively higher levels of combat in Blade Warrior game. Powerful weapon NFTs enhance their fighting abilities. Cryptocurrency game tokens are earned throughout Blade Warrior game. These can be monetized or recirculated back into the game ecosystem.

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Have you played Blade Warrior already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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