Binapet NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Binapet?

Binapet is a complete platform of Digital Creatures Universe live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Binapet is a platform that combines NFT games with decentralized yield farm software. Joining Binapet would not only keep you entertained, but it will also make you a lot of money. Our goal is to create a world where millions of people can easily and enjoyably participate in NFT and blockchain-based gaming. ​

🚀 Binapet will be the first ecosystem to bring together the best parts of gaming and digital collectibles, transforming it into a virtual world of digital creatures. Players can utilize their pets to fight, collect, grow, and earn money in Binapet.

🔱 On the Binance Smart Chain platform, the Binapet Game is a Play to Earn NFT RPG.

How to Play Binapet?

⭐ The Binance Smart Chain is where Binapets contracts are deployed. To pay for transactional fees, the player will need a little quantity of BNB coin.

💰 They will require a wallet (like as Metamask) that can store both the BNB cryptocurrency and the BPET token.

🌠 You must connect your Metamask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network in order to participate.

Binapet Game Characters

Binapet Dragon Egg

The five-color dragon eggs bred by dragons are called “Elemental Eggs,” and the dragon eggs that players can buy in the item market are called “Ancient Eggs.”

Binapet Pet Dragon Attributes

✨ Binapet Five elements attributes

There are 5 elements attributes in Binapet game as shown below:

  1. Gold (yellow),
  2. Wood (green),
  3. Water (blue),
  4. Fire (red),
  5. Earth (brown)

🔱 Binapet Battle Attributes

“Health”, “Attack”, “Defense”, “Speed”, when the life is 0, the battle fails or the player with low blood volume at the end of the round fails, and each battle is directly calculated on the chain.

💫 Energy Binapet

  • Energy Consumption: In battle, pets will consume Energy. The loser of PK will lose 10 energy points, while the winner will forfeit 5 energy points. When Energy is zero, pets are unable to fight.
  • Energy Supplement: There are two methods to recover energy: obtain it in the farm or use props to replenish it. When a pet is put in the farm, it recovers 10 points of Energy per hour (1200 blocks), and different levels of dragons have varied Energy caps. At the same time, Energy serves as the foundation for the proportional division of the farm’s reward pool.

🌟Level in Binapet

  • Dragon eggs are divided into five levels: common, senior, uncommon, legendary, and epic dragon eggs, which can be purchased in the shop. Each level of dragon eggs has a separate attribute upper limit. Each level’s upper limit is a multiple of the common level, for example, health: common 100, senior 200, uncommon 300, legendary 400, and epic 500.
  • The hatching dragon’s attributes are produced at random from 1 to the upper limit.
  • The average score of all dragon qualities (health, attack, defense, speed, and energy) is higher than the equivalent level of dragon eggs hatched from the dragon will be the same level as yourself, but there will be shape differences.
Different levels of Dragon

Binapet Pet Dragon Hatching

The dragon eggs that players can buy in the item market are “Ancient Egg“, and the five-color dragon eggs bred by dragons are called “Elemental Eggs.”

Ancient Egg will hatch a common dragon with random element,and you will have slim chance to hatch a dragon that level is higher than common.

Elemental Egg will have chance hatch a dragon of the same level and the same element as the egg.

Binapet Pet Dragon Breeding

Every two dragons can have chances to breed one dragon egg.

💫 Binapet Breeding Rules

  • The higher level of the two dragons serves as the reference dragon.There is a certain chance to breed a dragon that is one level higher than the reference dragon.
  • The attributes of the five elements of the dragon are reproduced according to the probability of the mutual proportion of the level, and there is a 1% probability that other attributes of the five elements will be reproduced.
  • Only dragons with the same ownership and in free state can breed.


🎯 When breed 2 dragon together, the 2 dragon will be burn , and get a higher level egg. For example, senior dragon breed with commom dragon will get a rare egg. Common dragon breed with common dragon will get a senior egg, breed doesnt require to use 2 same level dragon. The level of egg will be higher than the highest level of 2 dragon that used for breed.​

🎯 Eggs that are bred by two parent dragons have the probability to hatch a dragon that of lower level. Level of dragon is judged by the average attributes value of dragon (health+attack+defense+speed+energy/5). Upper limit of a rare egg attributes value is 300. (It is random pick). If the average attributes value is larger than 200, that is rare level dragon. If average attributes value is between 100 and 200, it is senior dragon. If average attributes value is less than 100, it is common dragon. Therefore, the risk of breeding exists. If you are not able to take the risk , please dont do breeding.​

Binapet Probability Calculation

You can see probability calculation of Binapet game:

Dragon LevelIncubation ProbabilityAncient Dragon Egg Incubation Probability

Binapet Game Shop

A variety of dragon eggs and special equipment are available here to aid Dragon warriors in developing their battle skills. If you buy eggs and items from the shop, there is a 5% exchange charge, 0.8 percent of shop revenue is spent on player referral rewards, and 94.2 percent of shop revenue is returned to the reward pool. The shop’s earnings is split between the battlefield and the farm, with 80 percent going to the battlefield and 20 percent going to the farm.

Ancient Dragon Egg: A five-color common dragon can be randomly hatched.

Physical Strength Potion: Used to restore physical strength.

🔱 Props: Temporary increase, health, attack, defense, speed and other one-time props.


  • The pet is divided into five parts: head, left and right hands, body, and feet.
  • Each part of equipment may have four attributes: health, attack, defense and speed.
  • Each part can only be equipped with one piece of equipment. Every pet can be equipped with upper to five pieces of equipment.

Binapet NFT Farming

When a dragon is first hatched, its Energy level is 1. Players can take it to NFT Farming to gain Energy and receive a prize. Every hour, the dragon will regain 10 energy points (1200 blocks). NFT Farming rewards grow as energy increases, and dragons cannot increase energy after it reaches the upper limit.

  • Initial reward: 15 million BPET for the initial reward of the farm, Block reward is 1.5 BPET/block.
  • Additional reward: Additional reward will increase the total amount of reward for each block and extend the total release time on the farm.

🌠 Algorithm for reward increase and duration increase

  • The contract defaults to set the reward growth efficiency to 60%, that is, the proportion of new rewards in the cumulative rewards, and the corresponding block reward increase is 60% of the bonus increment ratio, and the remaining 40% will extend the proportional distribution cycle.
  • We will adjust the incremental ratio according to the actual total sales, so that the farm’s rewards and distribution cycle are in line with the actual economic ecology.

🔒 Farm Closed

  • Trigger condition: When the activity of the game (the number of addition reward) is greatly reduced and no one buys it, the distribution cycle may be terminated.
  • Dealing with unclaimed rewards: When the distribution of farm rewards ceases, a three-day buffer period will be provided for players to retrieve their pledged pets and rewards to be claimed. After more than 3 days, the project will have the authority to retrieve the unclaimed rewards from the farm for the issuance of new farms or other gameplay rewards.

How to Farm?

Step 1: You need to go to the Shop to buy eggs

Step 2: Go to My Home and use 5 BPET tokens to Hatch Eggs. After that, the eggs will randomly hatch into 1 of 5 types of dragons.

Buy Dragon Egg with the current value of 0.3 BNB amount of BPET, and the value of Dragon Egg remains constant at 0.3 BNB.

Step 3: Go to NFT Farming and select the farm corresponding to the type of dragon you have.

Step 4: Stake and confirm.

Binapet Battlefield

Players put pets on the battlefield to fight, distribute reward based on the honor obtained.

  • Initial reward: 25 million BPET for the initial reward of the battlefield. Block reward is 2.5 BPET/block.
  • Additional reward: Additional reward will increase the total amount of reward for each block and extend the total release time on the battlefield.

​🌟 Pets have an intrinsic attribute of honor, with a starting value of 100. Honor rewards pets proportionally on the battlefield. On the farm, you will be rewarded proportionally by Energy. It is not possible to enter both the farm and the battlefield at the same time.

Ⅰ. General rules

  1. When total attribute value ( health + attack + defense + speed +energy ) reaches 350, and the energy is filled up to its upper limit, Dragon can be transferred to Battlefield for free.
  2. Dragon can win reward in battlefield by winning honor points via PK, if Dragon need to get back to NFT farming, can be transferred to NFT farming.
  3. Once Dragon clicks join the battlefield, it can get reward in battlefield, if Dragon initiates challenge at first in battlefield, it need to spend 10 Energy points to challenge other dragons, it takes 1 hour to recover 10 Energy points in battlefield.
  4. We add referral function, Binapet players can have their referral link, for users invite others to play Binapet with their referral link, once invitee has bought ancient egg in shop, the inviter and invitee will bind together, inviter will get referral fee, that is 5‰ of the props consumption value spent by invitee. The referral mechanism is 2-layer mechanisim, the second layer indirect inviter will get 3‰ of the invitee’s props comsumption value.
  5. We add naming function for all players, players can name their dragons.​

Ⅱ. Battlefield reward

  1. The reward method of the battlefield is the same as that of the farm. It also relies on the Dragon being pledged on the battlefield, and rewards are produced through each block. Rewards are distributed to Dragons pledged on the battlefield.
  2. Honor points are the basis for distribution of rewards in battlefield.
  3. Players can challenge other Dragon in the battlefield. When become winner of the battle, the winner will win Honor points from the opponent’s dragon, and the loser will lose the Honor points accordingly.
  4. The total reward pool of the battlefield, the return ratio of shop revenue, and the number of rewards per block are all higher than that in the farm. When relaunch of game, the reward pool of NFT farming and battlefield will be set initially, initial reward pool of NFT farming is 15 million BPET, block reward is 1.5 BPET/block, initial reward pool of battlefield is 25 million, block reward is 2.5 BPET/block. 80% of the shop revenue is returned to the battlefield, and 20% is returned to the farm.
  5. The initial Honor value of each dragon is 100 points, in the PK of two Dragons, the reward of each battle is 10% of loser’s Honor points, the winner can win at least 1 Honor point. If challenger of the battle wins, it will additionally win 10% of the loser’s reward, if the challenger of battle loses, it will not lose its current reward. Kind reminder to collect your reward timely in case lose in battlefield.
  6. Honor only represents the basis for proportional distribution of reward in battlefield, do not represent the actual reward or loss.​

Ⅲ. Challenge rules

  1. In every battle, challenger needs to use 10 points of Energy. The defender does not consume Energy. When the dragon with the Energy is less than 10, it will not be able to actively attack other dragon.
  2. Dragons belong to the same player can’t attack each other.
  3. When the challenger wins, the defender will enter the protection period (1 hour, 1200 blocks). During the protection period, the challenger cannot challenge this defender again. The protection period is only valid for this challenger, other dragons can still actively attack the Dragon.
  4. When Honor point of Dragon is 0, the Dragon can’t be challenged by other dragons and can’t get reward in battlefield.​

Ⅳ. Battle instructions

  1. Basic algorithm is a three-round block calculation, in each round, the Dragon attacks the opponent once. After the three rounds, the player with the highest Health point wins, or if one Dragon‘s Health point is 0 in any of the three rounds, it loses.
  2. First-hand algorithm: Calculate the first-hand probability according to the ratio of the speed values of the two dragons. For example, if the speed of Dragon A is 60 and the speed of Dragon B is 40, then the first-hand probability of Dragon A and Dragon B is 60%: 40%
  3. Dodge algorithm: According to speed gap of two Dragon, probability rate is speed gap / 1000, for example, Dragon A speed is 300, Dragon B speed is 200, when B attacks A, A has dodge probability = (300-200)/1000 = 10%, the Dragon with lower speed points still has at least 1/1000 dodge probability.
  4. Damage algorithm: base damage equals to (attack point – defense point), damage coefficient (referring to the coefficient of the damage result) is (0-50%). Attack power coefficient is (0-70%). For example, when Attack point is 100, actual attack will be 100-170 randomly, when defense is 100, damage value is 0-70 randomly, and the actual damage result will add damage coefficient (0 – 50%), when attack power is less than defense, minimum damage result is 1. (damage means to deduct Health points)
  5. Level advantage: Attack power will expand by (level gap * 10)%
  6. Attributes advantage: gold>wood>earth> water>fire>gold. When the attribute is superior, the attack power will rise by 0-20%, this can take effect together with level advantage.

How to play

  • Step 1: Connect your wallet and swap for BPET via this link.
  • Step 2: Use BPET to buy at least one dragon on the Marketplace. Remember to keep some BNB in your wallet for handling fee.
  • Step 3: Pick a dragon for Battle
  • Step 4: Choose a dragon as your opponent
  • Step 5: Confirm your transaction and wait for the results after the automatic battles
  • Step 6: If you win, you can claim your reward. If not, you lost 10 points of Energy.

Binapet Marketplace

Players can trade pets, eggs and prop to obtain income. Exchange fee is 5%.

🌟 Note: When players put the eggs and pets on the market for sale,pets cannot participate in battlefields and farms.

Binapet My Home

In My Home, you can view items such as pets, dragon eggs, or equipment you own. You can use pet dragons to fight on the Battlefield, or sell dragons for profiting.

Binapet BPET Token

Token Information

  • Contract Address: 0x24d787e9b88cb62d74e961c1c1d78e4ee47618e5
  • Name: BinaPet
  • Symbol: BPET
  • Decimals: 18
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Supply: 100,000,000


Farm role: Restore the pets’ Energy, and proportionally divide the reward pool according to the proportion of Energy. (15million BPET and subsequent shop sales revenue)

Battlefield role: Fight with each other in PVP fight and proportionally divide the reward pool according to the proportion of Honor obtained by pets.(25 million BPET and subsequent shop sales revenue)

BPET use: Players can only use BPET to buy “dragon eggs” and “props”

How to obtain BPET:

  • Initial presale
  • Exchange purchase
  • NFT Farming Reward
  • Battlefield Reward

Exchange Fees:

  • Buying fee: 0 Selling fee: 5%
  • Marketplace and shop sales platform commission: 5.8%

Binapet Contracts

✅ BPET Token:0x24d787e9b88cb62d74e961c1c1d78e4ee47618e5

​✅ NFT Contract: 0x78f92e1fb54fce4061ad2c086c37b363e12ca

✅ Battlefield Contract: 0x202df32d76324f7ea6e5427618cf6e34efd1f820

✅ Marketing and Community Reward:0x90f73Bc7D49570eB4a7BE52A34473C39ef446480

94.2% of the props income will be re injected into the mine pool, of which 20% will be injected into the farm mine pool and 80% into the battlefield mine pool.

📎Binapet Current Situation📝

✨Farm: 15000000 BPET

✨Farming Contract: 0x78f92e1fb54fce4061ad2c086c37b363e12ca130

✨Battlefield: 25000000 BPET

✨Battlefield Contract: 0x202df32d76324f7ea6e5427618cf6e34efd1f820

✨Swap: 38000000 BPET

✨Swap Contract: 0x634283e79109408618bd31e699a228ec346b8cfa


Binapet is a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized yield farm applications. Joining Binapet not only entertains you but also generates a lot of profit. Our mission is to build a world where millions of people can participate in NFT and blockchain-based gaming in a simple and enjoyable way.​

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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Binapet already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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