Battle of Guardians NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Battle Of Guardians Game?

Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a real-time multiplayer NFT PvP arena game developed and built on the Unreal Engine. This is an advanced fighting game based on the Solana network in which players constantly fight to defeat other opponents for more rewards.

It allows users to benefit not only from the blockchain’s power but also from its unrivaled graphics.

In Battle of Guardians, players can engage in fierce multi-realm battles in various areas of the vast SciFi game world. BOG is designed for PC gamers, but it will eventually support cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android.

Battle Of Guardians Game Story

Long time ago, humanity coexisted alongside beings known as Guardians.

Guardians were venerated as Gods because they possessed superhuman talents and capabilities. In exchange, the Guardians safeguard humanity and maintain the earth’s balance.

Over time, technology began to take over the function of Guardians, and people began to fade away.

After that, the Guardians vanished.

After several millennia, a group of people unintentionally opened the portal connecting Earth and Hell.

The earth was overrun by creatures from Hell, and human civilisation was destroyed.

The Guardians, however, reappeared just as humanity’s hope was about to be extinguished.

What are the Battle of Guardians Characters?

Battle of Guardians Characters 3D

Battle of Guardians is a fighting game that firmly believes that all play-to-earn games should have a balanced “play” component in addition to their “earn” component.

As a result, we design our characters in such a way that no one player has an undue advantage over others.

We are a game that is both balanced and competitive.

We established races and tiers within the game to achieve that goal.

What are the Battle Of Guardians Races?

There are 3 races in Battle Of Guardians game as listed below:

  • Guardians
  • Humans
  • Demons

Health Points, Damage, and Intelligence are the three characteristics that distinguish the races.

  • Health Points – The number of health a character has.
  • Damage – Overall damage points that a character can bring upon its opponent.
  • Intelligence – Additional damage points for characters who uses its movement combinations (combos)

Gurdians Race

Guardians race is the protector of the Earth. They have 2 health points, 3 damage points and 2 intelligence points.

Guardians Race - Battle of Guardians

Humans Race

Humans race is the protector of the earth. They have 2 health points, 2 damage points and 3 intelligence points.

Humans Race - Battle of Guardians

Demons Race

Demons race is Embodiment of Doom. They have 3 health points, 2 damage points and 2 intelligence points.

To summarize, these are the attributes for each race.

  • Guardians – Have more damage points
  • Humans – Have more intelligence points
  • Demons – Have more health points

What are the Battle Of Guardians Tiers?

Tiers exist to provide each player with a unique experience within the game. Battle of Guardians will have three tiers, each with its own set of features. These are the tiers:

  1. Elite Fighter – Barebones of characters, has low rewards for every win.
  2. Legendary Warrior – Equipped with special skills, has moderate rewards for every win.
  3. God of War – Full set of special skills and ultra skill, has high rewards for every win.
Battle of Guardians Tiers

In order to maintain balance, Battle of Guardians has decided that players of the same tier can only play with other players of the same tier (e.g. God of War character can only fight against God of War character as well).

Players should experience a balanced yet competitive gaming with this rule set.

What are the Battle of Guardians Game Modes?

Battle of Guardians Game Modes

Battle of Guardians has 3 game modes, including:

  • Story (PvE) Players are going to fight against computers in a series of increasingly difficult stages. There are a total of 25 stages and each will have different amount of rewards in $FP.2.
  • Arena (PvP) – Players are fighting against other players in a 1v1 battle of a random matchmaking based on their Match Making Rating (MMR). For every win, players will earn $FP and points increase their MMR.
  • Bout (PvP) – Players (8/16/32 players) are put in a tournament bracket. One will fight with another in a 1v1 with knock out system. Prior to entering, players are required to pay entrance fee in $FP. Winner of the tournament takes all rewards including the pool of entrance fees and some additional $BGS.

Battle of Guardians Futures & Ecosystem

NFT Purchase

In our debut NFT drop, players can purchase their own NFT characters.

The characters themselves will be available in 3 packs. The packs are separated into three categories:

  • Common,
  • Rare,
  • Ultra rare.

Characters from higher tiers, such as Legendary Warrior or God of War, may appear in high rarity packs.

Players/users must stake a particular amount of $BGS in order to participate in the NFT drop.

In-Game Currencies

Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) and Fighting Points ($FP) become the official currencies of the game.

The dual token model will help themselves to be more valuable and become worthy rewards for players.

  • $BGS – Our main currency is useful for purchasing NFT characters, synthesizing NFTs, staking, and governance.
  • $FP – Our secondary currency is useful for purchasing NFT characters, synthesizing NFTs, and entering tournament mode/bout.

NFT Synthesis

Players can use NFT synthesis to combine NFT characters of the same kind and tier to create a character that is one tier higher.

Three Elite Fighters, for example, can be united to form a Legendary Warrior.

Players should not only have the identical NFT characters, but they should also pay in both $BGS and $FP to perform a synthesis in order to achieve this.

NFT Marketplace

The official marketplace for Battle of Guardians is here to exclusively drop our own NFTs and have them ready to fight.

The marketplace will serve as a central location for players/users to trade NFT characters (fighters), in-game stuff, and NFT rentals.

All of the NFTs traded in this marketplace will have a high value in the game.

NFT Renting

Owners can rent their NFT assets to players who are skilled and motivated to profit from the game through a specific NFT Renting program.

Both sides are able to split earnings in this manner, making it a win-win situation.

Battle of Guardians Scholarships

As guilds become more prominent and gaming center projects become more popular among gamers, we at Battle of Guardians recognize the issue and offer a scholarship program incorporated within our smart contract.

Prior to leasing the NFT characters, guilds and scholars can agree on a sharing agreement, and earnings will be distributed automatically.

Staking in Battle of Guardians

Users/players that bet a large amount of $BGS will receive a competitive APY on their tokens as well as the opportunity to participate in our NFT drop and other events.

Battle of Guardians Arts

Battle of Guardians Share – $BGS

The Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) is the game’s main currency.

$BGS is a BOG governance token that may be used in a variety of ways within the game.

  • Payment – $BGS can be used to purchase NFT characters and other in-game items inside the game.
  • Governance – $BGS is a governance token which means holders of $BGS can contribute to the development of our game franchise, Battle of Guardians.
  • Staking – Players/users can stake $BGS to receive an competitive yield. Not only yield, players/users who stake a certain amount of $BGS will be eligible to join our first NFT drop.

Staking and winning in our tournament mode are two ways for players/users to earn $BGS.

What are the Battle of Guardians Fighting Points – $FP?

$FP, or Fighting Points, is the secondary currency that will be traded on the market.

The common reward for the play-to-earn mechanism within BOG is $FP.

In that sense, $FP has its own set of applications.

  • Payment – Like $BGS, $FP can be used to purchase NFT characters and in-game items, as well as to pay costs for NFT synthesis.
  • Entrance Fee – $FP can also be used to pay entrance fee for our Bout / Tournament Mode.

Players/users can obtain $FP by winning in one of the three game modes.

Battle of Guardians $BGS Token Metrics

BGS will have a total supply of one billion tokens. Tokens are distributed for various purposes for the game. The following are the token metrics and token sale terms of $BGS.

Team%10100,000,00015 months lock and 12 months distribution
Advisor%220,000,0009 months lock and 12 months distribution
P2E%18180,000,000Monthly distribution for 4 years
Staking%12120,000,000Monthly distribution for 3 years
Token Sale%28280,000,000Depends on the round
Liquidity%330,000,000Unlocked at TGE
Ecosystem%27270,000,0006 months lock and 12 months distribution
BGS Token Metrics

Twenty-eight percent of the total tokens are set aside for fundraising purposes.

The token sale will be broken down as follows.

Token SaleAmountPriceRaisedVesting
Seed60,000,000$0.01$600,0002.5% included at TGE, 2 months cliff, and 6.5% monthly distribution
Private191,000,000$0.02$3,820,0005% included at TGE, 2 months cliff, and 8% monthly distribution
Public29,000,000$0.03$870,00020% included at TGE and 20% monthly distribution
BGS Token Sale

According to the vesting periods mentioned above, the release schedule of the token $BGS can be summarized in a monthly chart as follows.

Battle of Guardians Token Release Schedule


With each new game released, the Battle of Guardians creates a fun and entertaining gaming metaverse experience with stunning graphics, unique NFTs, and numerous opportunities to earn real profits.

The global gaming market is now worth more than $300 billion USD.

Whereas the NFT gaming market contributes less than 10 % of it.

The gaming industry, especially the NFT Fighting Game, has a lot more potential.

NFT market offers a lot of potential for innovative ideas, especially in the field of mobile gaming.

It’s not without reason that many game developers rely on blockchain, as the new technology is attracting more and more interested investors.

NFT is a great opportunity to sell hard-created items instantly.

Ultimately, NFT development in the near future remains exciting.

When this type of video game becomes more popular, play-to-earn games can become the next megatrend.

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Have you ever played Battle of Guardians? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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