Battle Hero NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Battle Hero Game?

Battle Hero is a free to play and play to earn based NFT game which will reward you directly according to time you while playing the game.

You can watch below Battle Hero game trailer video.

Battle Hero Game Game Guide

Battle Hero game was designed to create an unique NFT game where users could be rewarded by proof of time that they spent playing and enjoying this fun game.

The more time you spent in the game the more coins you will chance to get.

You can enjoy in the game in a variety of ways, including playing every day and competing in tournaments, leagues, and events, or simply staking your characters and visiting the game daily to see your daily rewards, or perhaps you just want to play to open chests and make your team stronger and more valuable.

Remember that the game has its own marketplace where you can quickly, easily, and securely trade, sell, and buy any hero or weapon in the game.

The game is more than just a game you play; it is the result of a collection of needs that are considered and required in any NFT game.

The technology that is behind of the game gives you an ability to create 5000 possible combinations of heroes, weapons, and rarities,.

In Battle Hero there are 5 maps more that will be included in the game.

Each Hero or Weapon is defined by a unique gene.

There are over a million possible combinations in total.

Furthermore, each Battle Hero or Weapon has 5 rarities, each with 4 different stats and 1 training level.

You can combine each Hero and Weapon as many times as you want, isn’t that awesome?

With this feature you can make your own unique items with different rarity, power, and value.

This will make increase of your NFT items.

All of the NFTs have a 3D view whatever combination that you use.

Here’s an example of how a Hero and a Weapon might appear in the game world.

Is Battle Hero a Mobile Game?

No, it is not only mobile. You can play the Battle Hero on different platforms with a proper internet connection.

See the below list of the platforms that you can play Battle Hero:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

Battle Hero Rarity Heroes List

Battle Heroes

At the moment there are 20 different Heroes in Battle Hero, but you can be sure that the game developers is already planned to add some more and new Heroes throughout the game’s lifespan.

All these Heroes can be found in any of the 6 rarities as listed below.

Battle Hero Rarities:

  1. Common Heroes
  2. Low Rare Heroes
  3. Rare Heroes
  4. Epic Heroes
  5. Legendary Heroes
  6. Mythic Heroes

To add more competition to the game, the game mechanics make %30 margin of faults.

As a result, each Hero in the rarity that touches him will be assigned better or worse stats.

As a result, some NFTs will outperform others so there is no guarantee you will always create Heroes with huge stats.

There are 17 Heroes in Battle Hero which is listed below:

  1. Alien
  2. SuperWoman
  3. SuperMen
  4. Bear
  5. Chemist
  6. Chicken
  7. CowBoy
  8. Hero
  9. Jester
  10. Gentleman
  11. Ninja
  12. Machine
  13. Mr. X
  14. Samurai
  15. Sniper
  16. Soldier
  17. SpaceX

Battle Hero Rarity Weapons

Battle Hero Weapons

There are 20 different Weapons in the game but the game creators are working to add more new Weapons throughout the game’s development.

All battle hero weapons can be found in any of the 6 rarities.

Battle Hero Weapons Rarity List:

  1. Common
  2. Low Rare
  3. Rare
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary
  6. Mythic

Battle Hero Weapons

There are total 20 different weapons in Battle Hero as listed below:

  1. Assault Rifle
  2. Bazokah
  3. Chemical Weapon
  4. Crossbow
  5. Electric Gun
  6. Flamethrower
  7. Gravity Gun
  8. Grenada
  9. HMG
  10. Hunter Rifle
  11. Ice gun
  12. Sword
  13. Mini Gun
  14. Gun
  15. Rapid Shotgun
  16. Saw Gun
  17. Heavy Shotgun
  18. SMG
  19. Poisonous
  20. Pomegranate
Animated Battle Hero Weapons

Both weapons and heroes are completely self-contained entities.

You can attach and detach any weapon to any hero as many times as you want at no cost.


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Have you ever played Battle Hero? or any other NFT Game? We would love to hear from you!

What are your first impressions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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