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Axie Infinity SLP Farming Guide 2022

Axie Infinity SLP Farming Guide 2022

How much SLP can you earn per day?

Axie infinity SLP farming: With a 75% win rate in Arena, a top player could earn up to 690 SLP per day playing Axie Infinity.

By just doing the bare minimum to complete the daily challenge (10 Adventure wins & 5 Arena Wins), a more average player could earn up to 200 SLP per day.

The top theoretical limit for daily SLP  earnings is 1,590 SLP , but would require 100% win rate and playing immediately when your energy was restored – essentially for the full 24hrs.

At a rate of $.03 per SLP, this would be almost $48 USD.

Not ready to farm yet? Learn more from my What is Axie Infinity SLP Small Love Potion

Axie Infinity SLP Farming: Quests

One of the first things to keep in mind when grinding SLP is the Daily Quest.

Eventually, there will be a Weekly quest and Special Event Quest as well, but they are not available at this time so we will not focus on them.

Axie Infinity Daily Quests

Daily Quests

Completing the Daily Quest earns you 50 SLP small love potion per day in Axie Infinity Game.

These refresh every 24 hours (Midnight Greenwich Mean Time GMT, 8pm EST, or 5pm PST), so be careful that your not in the middle of your quest while it refreshes – otherwise you’ll have to start over!

To earn your 50 SLP, you will need to:

  • Complete the daily check in
  • Complete 10 Adventure mode levels (these can be the same level each time, it doesn’t matter.)
  • Win 5 Arena Matches.

Axie Infinity SLP Farming: PVP – Arena Mode

Based on your MMR rating, or number of trophies held, you earn different amounts of SLP per Arena win.

The better you are, the more rewards you get.

Please note that these are averages for the different MMR ranges, and that total SLP may fluctuate slightly from this number.

TrophiesSLP Per Win
Under 800 TrophiesNo SLP
800 – 999 Trophies1 SLP per win
1000 – 1099 Trophies3 SLP per win
1100 – 1299 Trophies7 SLP per win
1300 – 1499 Trophies8 SLP per win
1500 – 1799 Trophies9 SLP per win
1800 – 1999 Trophies10 SLP per win
2000 – 2199 Trophies11 SLP per win
2200+12 SLP per win
Axie Infinity SLP Per Win Table with Trophies

Draws (tying a game) typically give half of the SLP for a win for your trophy level.

Another important thing to remember is that beating someone in PVP too quickly (before round 5), does not earn you SLP.

This is an anti-win-trading measure, so if you find yourself winning too quickly, it might be best to defend and beat your opponent in the next round!

Axie Infinity SLP Farming: PVE – Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is currently capped at 100 SLP per day.

It is an easy, brainless way to farm, but typically PVP provides a larger ROI on your time for medium-high ranking players.

SLP is distributed based on the Level completed, however it is sort of random how much will drop.

A good estimate for this is below:

LevelSLP Per Win
Level 1-41 SLP per win
Level 5-92 SLP per win
Level 10-144 SLP per win
Level 15-166 SLP per win
Level 17-20Random between 6-10 SLP per win
Level 21-36Random between 10-20 SLP per win
Axie Infinity PVE Adventure SLP win Table

Regarding the levels where the drop is randomized, I’ve found that the higher the level, the larger chance you have to get a bigger SLP drop.

It’s also worth noting that SLP drops go down after the first time you play the level that day – so while you can earn rewards, its never as high as the first time you play it that day.


Defeating certain bosses in Adventure mode earns you one time SLP rewards.

  • Winning Level 21 – 200 SLP
  • Winning Level 36 – 300 SLP
Axie Infinity Lvl31 Win

Tips on Adventure Mode SLP Farming

  • Having a fully leveled team of Axies with high damage moves tends to be the most effective at quickly beating levels. Select Axies with 3-4 moves that do at least a base damage of 90.
  • Focus your time on “quick to beat” levels. I find levels: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26 to not only be the quickest to beat, but also to give the highest rewards. These are also the most consistently winnable levels so you are not wasting your time on a potential loss, just for the chance of a quicker win.

Axie Infinity SLP Farming: Using your time wisely!

Depending on your goals, you may have need to approach farming SLP in different ways.

I always try to get the free 50 SLP from the Daily Quest first, and then consider anything else a bonus.

To do this, I first win my 5 rounds in area, then depending on whether I have time to play that day, I either quickly beat level 1 in Adventure mode 10x, or if I have have more time, I will play the quickest to complete levels that reward the most SLP.

Not much time:

Win 5 rounds in Arena. Play Level 1 in Adventure mode 10 times with a high level team. Claim 50 SLP from Daily Quest.

More Time:

Win 5 rounds in Arena. Play Level 1 in Adventure mode 10 times with a high level team. Claim 50 SLP from Daily Quest. Play arena until you are out of Energy or out of time.

No Time Restrictions:

Win 5 rounds in Arena. Play the levels recommended above under Tips for Adventure Mode Farming), and once you hit 100 SLP, beat Level 1 until you’ve completed your 10 levels.

Claim 50 SLP from Daily Quest. Play arena until you are out of Energy or out of time.

Several hours later you will have more energy, so you can continue farming as energy becomes available.


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