Axie Infinity Damage & Shield (Best Ultimate Free Guide 2022 Updated)

Do you want to know how to do insane damage in Axie Infinity? Read this guide to know Axie Infinity Damage & Shield mechanics to do the biggest damage in Axie Infinity game.

While Axie battles may appear simple at first glance, there’s a lot more going on underneath the hood. After the first few battles, you begin to wonder how you can do more damage while keeping your tank alive for a few more rounds. Try these proven tactics from our Axie Infinity damage guide.

How to Calculate Axie Infinity Damage?

There are some factors that influence how much damage your axies deal with each attack like below:

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors / class advantages
  • Combo attacks
  • Same Class Attacking Axie & Card
  • Critical Attacks
  • Axie that has shield

Axie Infinity Damage System’s Rock Paper Scissors / Class Advantages

The Axie class advantages are based on the old “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game. Every class in Axie Infinity has classes against which it receives a 15% damage bonus, as well as classes against which it receives a bonus.

Class Advantages

The most important aspect of the “RPS Bonus” is that it is determined by the attacking Skill/Part and the defending Axie body class.

The attacking Axie’s body class has no effect on the RPS bonus, but it will in later sections. It’s also worth noting that the RPS bonus can work both ways.

Consider the following examples.

RPS Bonus Examples at Axie Infinity Damage System:

  • Beast attack card (Imp, Nutcracker, Hero) : The beast card has an advantage over the plant defender, so its damage is increased by 15%.
Bonus Examples
  • An aqua attack card (Teal Shell, Shoal Star, Koi): Because the plant defender has an advantage over aqua, the aqua attack deals 15% less damage.
Water Sphere
  • A bird attack card (Kestrel, Little Owl, Pigeon Post): Because the bird and aqua are both neutral and neither has an advantage, the attack will deal the base damage.
Patient Hunter

Combo Attacks at Axie Infinity Damage System

When an axie attacks with two or more cards in a round, this is referred to as a combo attack. Combos add a small amount of damage based on the skill of the axie performing the combo.

The greater the skill, the greater the bonus damage.

The formula for calculating combo damage in Axie Infinity is: 

(attack * skill) / 500

Combo Example at Axie Infinity Damage System

Lets do one combo attack example to understand the system much better.

Here is an example for it:

A 35-skilled aqua plays two cards: Hare (120 damage) and Hungry Bird (110).

35 * 120 = 4200 / 500 = 8.4

Because it was played with another card, Hare will receive an additional 8 damage.

35 * 110 = 3850 / 500 = 7.7

Because it was played with another card, Hungry Bird will take about 7-8 damage.

Combo Attack Notes:

  • Actually that formula is not precise but In my testing, it can be off by one or two digits (due to decimals and rounding), but it gets you close.
  • More cards in a combo do not increase the combo bonus. The formula is the same for each card played, whether it is a two-card or four-card combination.

Same Class Attacking Axie & Card at Axie Infinity Damage System

Another factor in calculating damage is whether the attacking axie is using a card from the same class as its body.

For instance, a beast with Imp or Goda.

Axie Card
The two skills in red circles get the “same class bonus”

Any attacks with the same attacking card class as the body class will receive a 10% bonus.

On a beast, for example, Imp (110 base damage) will deal 121 damage.

Critical Attacks at Axie Infinity Damage System

Critical attacks are somewhat random, so I won’t go into great detail about them, but you should be aware of them. Each axie’s chance of receiving a critical attack is determined by its morale. The greater the great, the more likely it is to land a critical hit.

If you and your axie is lucky and you can generate a “crit” it will do 200% damage to the defending axie.

Does The Defending Axie Have Shield at Axie Infinity Damage System?

It is also very important that if the defending axie has any shield in damage calculation.

  • If the opponent player’s axie does not have any shield then your axie will have great chance to big amount of damages.
  • If the axie has a shield, the attacking axie will remove it until the shield is gone, then begin removing health.

There are a few cards that can ignore shield for an attack.

Shield Example at Axie Infinity Damage System:

If a defending axie has 80 shield and is attacked for 100 damage, the defender loses 80 shield as well as 20 health.

Calculating Shield at Axie Infinity Damage System

There are two different bonuses that can increase the number of shields available to defenders:

  • Same class bonus
  • Chaining bonus

Same Class Shield Bonus at Axie Infinity Damage System

This shield bonus is the “same class bonus” that is similar to attacks. Each defending part you play that is the same class as the defending body will receive a 10% bonus.

Same Class Shield Bonus Examples:

You defend with a plant tank and play Hermit (aqua card) and Carrot (plant card). Because the card matches the class, only the Carrot will receive the 10% bonus.

Shield Bonus
The 3 plant moves in red will receive a 10% shield bonus when played.

Hermit (100 base shield – aqua card) and Carrot (40 base shield – plant card) are played by a plant.

The total number of base shields is 140.

Carrot receives a 10% bonus because it is a plant card and a plant played it.

Now that the Carrot shield is 44, the total shield for this axie will be 144.

Chaining Bonus at Axie Infinity Damage System

Chaining occurs when two or more axes play the same type of card in the same round. Chaining is unaffected by the axie body class.

For example, if a bqua axie plays Beech (plant card) and a bug axie plays Shiitake (plant card), they will be chained and receive a 5-6 percent shield bonus.

Chaining Bonus
Two axies playing the same class of cards to form a chain.

Chain Bonus Example:

  • Axie 1 plays Carrot (plant) and Hermit (aqua)
  • Axie 2 plays Shiitake (plant) and Tiny Dino (reptile)

Because carrot (40 base shield) and shiitake (40 base shield) are both plants, they both receive the Chain Bonus.

Because Hermit and Tiny Dino have no other cards of their class in play, they keep their base shield. Each axis’ shields are added together:

  • Axie 1 (42 shield after bonus increase) + Hermit (100 base shield) = 142 total shield
  • Shiitake (42 shield after bonus increase) + Tiny Dino (80 base shield) = 122 total Axie 2


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Have you ever played Axie Infinity? What are your first impressions?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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