Avania NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Avania?

Avania is a battle NFT card game in which all the players will be called “Aethers,” the magical people. They possess a magical stone called “Nexus” which can summon the Guardians to the battle and escort the world of Avania.

You will represent Aethers, and you can travel to Avania by using Nexus. Avania is another mysterious world.

According to an ancient legend, only this world was created by a mysterious man. He taught our forefathers how to make Nexus and use it to transform into Aether and teleport to Avania.

Humans knew how to enter this world before the first pyramid was built, but the method is still unknown today.

For thousands of years, our forefathers entered Avania to protect us from the Android, an evil species bent on conquering every world in order to achieve its ultimate goal.

An AI named Deleta commands all androids. It has the ability to transport into any world, unlike humans, who can only enter Avania through their Nexus.

As we all know, AI is designed to assist its creator in creating a perfect world. But, as they discovered, no species on the planet can do so without making a sacrifice.

As a result, AI intends to eradicate all other species from every world and construct a perfect world from its own creation in order to fulfill the will of its creator.

Normally, each Nexus is bonded with five distinct guardians.

Aether’s main weapon against Android is the Guardians. Guardians are ancient beings who have become trapped in Nexus. Only Aether’s mana can summon them for a limited time.

NOVA is the most pure energy in Avania. It is a common resource in Avania that we use instead of food. NOVA is also used in the Nexus Awaken rite.

Avania NFT Game

Avania Game Story

Avania is a planet in another dimension, a parallel world to our own, set in a fantasy world with science-fiction elements. You begin the game in the land of King Rothan, the leader of all Avanian’s (native citizens of Avania). He’ll start by inviting you to join the fight against the Androids, who have been programmed to create a perfect world. The only way for the android to fulfill its ultimate programmed goal is to eliminate all living things.

You play as an avatar called “Aether” that you can customize (at first, the options will be limited, but they will expand as the game progresses), and your Aether is the master of the “Guardians” who fight the “Androids,” which are the game’s objectives. In Arena mode, you can also fight another Aether.

The main in-game item in the form of NFT is “Nexus” (a digital verified and public proof of ownership for in-game items). Because Nexus grants you the ability to summon the guardians, you can use it to earn NOVA, our in-game currency, by defeating the androids or other players.

How To Play Avania Game?

For the battle, you will select and positions three guardians. You can only place one guardian in each row, but you can place them in any of three columns: frontline, midline, or backline. Avania game has four phases, as explained below:

1. Plan Phase

You select one Aether card. You gain mana and draws the Guardian card specified in the Aether card, as well as the effect of the Aether card.

  • Dischard hand limit is 12 cards.
  • Maximum mana is 10
  • At the first, player will draw 3 cards as a starting hand and 0 mana

2. Action Phase

Each player draws a Guardian card from their hand and pays the amount of mana indicated on the card. Each guardian may play a maximum of four cards per round.

3. Battle Phase

  • Guardians will begin their attack in sequence of turnorder.
  • Guardian with higher SPD will attack first.
  • Guardian with 0 HP will be eliminated.
  • The target of each attack will always be the nearest opponent.

4. Battle Phase

In case that Guardian is eliminated, player can choose another Guardian from bench to the battle. The battle will end after a player eliminate a total of 3 Guardians of their opposing player. They are then declared the winner.

However, in some cases that certain abilities, effects or skills can cause both players’ Guardians to be eliminated simulteonusly and trigger the victory conditions for both players, this will be considered as a draw.

In Avania game you can do PVE and PVP battles as well as explained below:

  • In PVE, the player win the game by defeating 3 or more enemy guardians.
  • In PVP, the player win the game by clearing all wave of android or lose once all 5 Guardians is defeated.

Avania Game Components

There are 3 main compenents in the Avania game as explained below:

  1. Nexus: This magical stone can be used for summon the Guardians. Each Nexus contain 5 Guardians.
  2. Guardians: Each Guardians has 4 skill cards and each Guardian has passive skills can be triggered under certain conditions
  3. Aethers Card: Aether cards is a strategy card in the game. Player can choose only 8 different cards from player’s deck in each battle.

What is Avania Aethers Card?

Once you own Nexus, the Aether card is no longer included with the guardians. It is unlocked during the game. From the start of the game, there will be 8 default Aether cards available.

To begin the game, you will need exactly 8 Aether cards.

In a team setup, you can choose which 8 Aether cards to bring into the battle. As a result, you can tailor the Aether card deck to benefit each unique nexus or guardian combination.

You will choose one Aether card per round. It determines how much mana you gain and the number of cards you draw that round.

Pro Tip: Aether cards will also have the ability to significantly change the game each round. So, use it with caution.

An Aether card that has already been used in that game cannot be used again. However, this condition will be reset every 8 rounds.

What is Avania Guardian Card?

Avania is home to numerous guardian species. Each species will have six distinct skills (Guardian cards) that can be identified, but each guardian can only have four. Guardians who are of the same species but from different nexuses may not have the same skill.

To summarize, each nexus has 5 guardians. Each guardian possesses four skills, two of which are duplicates. As a result, each nexus comes with 40 cards. Furthermore, those 40 cards cannot be changed because guardians cannot be changed in a nexus.

Mana Cost

The top-left corner of the guardian card will show how much mana it costs to play the guardian card.


After the player has played a card with a shield icon. The relative guardian will gain X physical and magical shields capable of preventing X incoming damage of those types. At the end of the round, a guardian loses all of his shield.

Damage Type

The damage value will be displayed in the middle left, followed by four different symbols:

  • The symbol Red Sword indicates that this card will deal physical melee damage.
  • The symbol Red Bow indicates that this card will deal physical range damage.
  • The symbol Blue Sword indicates that this card will deal magical melee damage.
  • The symbol Blue Bow indicates that this card will deal magical range damage.

Skill Damage

Each guardian card’s skill damage will be listed next to the damage type.

Skill Effect

Each skill has a unique effect. It will be indicated in the text box beneath the image.

Element Attribute

The transparent icon behind the skill power text will indicate what element this guardian card possesses.

Avania Defending System

If you use Guardian card which contain Shield symbol, in that turn your guardian will be given extra buff of defend. Defending efficieny will base on the Physical defend and Magical defend stat of each guardian.

Avania Deck Building

In the Avania there are 2 types of card as explained below:

  1. Guardian card: The guardian card will be fixed with each Nexus and it cannot be changed.
  2. Aether card: You can choose your own Aether card to suit your strategy.

With this gameplay, each player will have their own unique playing style even they have the similar combination.

Each nexus in Avania comes with its own deck of guardian cards, which cannot be altered. However, players have complete control over which aether card they bring to the battle.

Semi-deck building is a new deck building game concept in which each player must modify their strategy deck (Aether card deck) to achieve the best possible result from an imperfect main deck (Guardian skill deck)

Avania Game Battle Position

Guardian Position

On one player’s side, the battlefield will be divided into three rows and three lines (Frontline, Midline, Backline).

  • Each row can only have one guardian, but each line can have multiple guardians.
  • A player must select only three guardians and place them on the battlefield at the start of the game.
  • The two remaining guardians will remain in Nexus, but their passive ability may help the game.
  • If you defeat any guardian on the battlefield, you will be able to summon the guardian who is waiting in nexus onto the battlefield in an empty row.
  • If a player’s guardian is defeated three times or more, the player loses the match.

Buff & Debuff in Avania Game Explained

What are Avania Game Buffs?

  • ATK+ : ATK increased 20%
  • MATK+ : MATK increased 20%
  • DEF+ : DEF increased by 10
  • MDEF+ : MDEF increased by 10
  • LUK+ : LUK increased by 10
  • SPD+ : SPD increase by 10
  • Brave : This guardian will not affected by fear.
  • Taunt : When enemy guardian attack, it will target this guardian first, if able.

What are Avania Game Defuffs?

  • ATK- : ATK decreased by 20%
  • MATK- : MATK decreased by 20%
  • DEF- : DEF decreased by 10
  • MDEF- : MDEF decreased by 10
  • LUK- : LUK decreased by 10
  • SPD- : SPD decreased by 10
  • Sleep : Cancel all actions of this guardian this round. (Any incoming damage will remove this debuff )
  • Stun : Next action of this guardian will be canceled.
  • Curse : Unable to restore HP.
  • Blind : Unable to perform range attack until the end of next round.
  • Death Sign : Guarantee critical on next incoming attack.
  • Confuse : This guardian will target random guardian (include friendly guardian) this round.
  • Corrosive : This guardian will lose HP when any guardian receive buff or debuff.
  • Corrupted : Max HP decreased by 10%
  • Silence : This guardian’s card can’t be drawn until the end of next draw phase.
  • Shock : When receive damage, this guardian will become stun.
  • Impulsive : At the end of round, there is a chance this guardian will move forward 1 space.
  • Fear : At the end of round, there is a chance this guardian will move backward 1 space.
  • Poison : This guardian lose some HP at the end of round.
  • Paralyze : Unable to perform melee attack until the end of next round.
  • Burn : Received 20% more damage from fire element.
  • Freeze : Disable guardian passive ability.

Avania Game Modes

Adventure (PVE)

Avania is a card battle game. You will play an Aether card each round to support your guardians and generate mana. Then you use your mana to command your guardians to perform their special moves. The battlefield is divided into three lines: the frontline, the midline, and the backline. Normally, all attacks are directed at the nearest enemy. If there are more than two targets within the same range, your guardian will choose which one to use.

In adventure mode, your enemies will be androids that will appear in waves along the path. The higher the rank of android you defeat, the faster you can complete your daily tasks.

If you complete a daily task, NOVA will reward you.

Arena (PVP)

When a player defeats an opponent of higher rank, he or she earns more NOVA. Every season, the top 100 on the rank will receive a special prize as a reward.

What is Avania Game Metaverse?


Aether can own property in Avania. Every week, you can earn a lot of money by owning a piece of land. However, other players or androids may invade your land and steal your unharvestable resources by attacking it. You can, however, ask a friend to assist you in protecting your land and share the weekly reward with them.

Land Holder

  • Increase productivity by developing property.
  • Create teams to protect the land from androids ( or even other aethers.)
  • The more androids there are on the planet, the more resources are depleted.
  • Gain a weekly productivity bonus.

​Non Land Holder

  • Explore the Avania world to assist the landowner in eliminating androids.
  • A player can play the role of a bad aether invading another player’s land in order to steal their weekly productivity.


Each account will have a set amount of Stamina. Each time a player completes their duel mode, they will lose 1 stamina. If a player does not have any Stamina at the start of a match, they will not receive any NOVA rewards. Every day, stamina will be reset.

What is Avania Game NFT?


NFT is an abbreviation for non-fungible token. In simplest terms, it is the transformation of verifiable assets into easily traded assets on the blockchain. NFTs are digital content pieces that are linked to the blockchain, the digital database that underpins cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

Those assets, unlike NFTs, are fungible, which means they can be replaced or exchanged for another identical one of the same value, much like a dollar bill. NFTs, on the other hand, are distinct and not interchangeable, which means that no two NFTs are alike.

Unique-Team NFT

Cannot be changed or duplicated. The Gamefi platform (Game + Decentralized Finance) has made extensive use of the NFTs concept. However, its uniqueness has not been fully applied to any games.

For example, in all monster games, you can still see the same monster NFT that duplicates all skills or attributes from another monster NFT. As a result, it is not unique; it is simply a different object with all of the same characteristics.

As a result, Avania with the true function of NFT, each NFT will be completely different from the other.

Nexus, the main game NFT, will be a combination of 5 guardians from a pool of 64 first-generation guardians that cannot be changed. In the first generation, this method generates over 7,000,000 combinations. Every time we add a single type of new generation guardian to the pool, the number doubles.

There will be no combination duplication at any nexus. As a result, each NFT is truly unique and will add value to each nexus. Consider the following scenario: you have a nexus that no one else has. Because it is essentially exclusive, it has the potential to become the most valuable one day.


Aurora Guardian is a very rare guardian who can be distinguished from all others. Aurora guardians are only available in NFT Presales.

They have a unique glow that no other guardian has and can only be found with the luck of each Aethers. Guardians with aurora are rare, and some Aethers will never encounter one if you are fortunate enough to keep them safe.

Max Capacity

Each nexus has a different capacity limit for earning NOVA. When the NFT reaches its limit, the player will no longer be able to earn NOVA by playing the game. That NFT, however, can still be used to play the game. As a bonus, Aurora guardians will increase the maximum capacity of the nexus to which they belong.

Avania Game Tokenomics

What is NOVA Token?

NOVA is the purest form of energy in Avania. An ancient being used NOVA to create the world of Avania. In Avania, the player can spend NOVA on almost anything. As an example,

NOVA Token

You can use NOVE token in Avania game for followings:

  • Awaken Nexus (Mint New Nexus)
  • Enhance Nexus
  • Unlock Aether Card
  • Staking
  • Key Voting
  • Bidding for a legendary item
  • Game Fee

You can see the details of NOVA token allocation by following diagram:

NOVA token allocation
Unlock Schedule


Avania is a battle NFT card game that all the players will be called “Aethers”, the magical people. They posses a magical stone called “Nexus” which can summon the Guardians to the battle and escort the world of Avania.

Avania is a planet in another dimension, a parallel world to our own, set in a fantasy that is crossed over by science-fi themes. You start playing the game in the land of King Rothan, who is the leader of all Avanian’s (native citizens of Avania). He will begin by asking you to join the fight against the Androids who have been programmed to create a perfect world. The only way the android can complete that ultimate programmed purpose is to eliminate all living things.

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Have you played Avania already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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