Apeiron NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Apeiron NFT Game?

Apeiron is an NFT game inspired by old God games such as Populous and Black & White, as well as modern Roguelike action-adventure games.

You will be able to build the world from on high before descending to earth as a controlled Avatar to unravel the universe’s mysteries. Grow your planet until it can no longer grow, then reset the planetary cycle to allow for further advancement and exciting Alliance level PvE and PvP activity. The cosmos is waiting for you!

You can watch official video trailer of Apeiron Game.

Apeiron God Simulation

Aperion God Simulation

In Apeiron game, each planet has its own Doods, sweet and plump little men who frequently get themselves into mischief. It is your holy duty as a Wandering God to assist the Doods in the construction of their society. Make it rain so the Doods can grow their own food, or fracture a mountain to allow them to extend their settlements.

Alternatively, if some of them are getting out of hand, throw a fireball at them to keep them in order. The globe will progressively transform to reflect your affiliation, whether good or evil!

Apeiron is a game in which you can take on the role of a Godling in a mystical and varied environment, inspired by classic games such as Populous, Black and White, and Spore. You will be able to channel your divine abilities into creating magnificent elemental wonders to expand and enhance your Planets by using the enigmatic EDEN constructions found around the galaxy. Doods, cute little chubby animals, populate the planets and will worship your holy acts.

With a sufficient number of Dood followers, the player can manifest your divine will as a fully controllable Avatar, which they can utilize to engage in combat and explore the Apeiron Universe’s mysteries. The Planets, the heroic Apostle Doods, natural and Dood-made Planetary wonders, and other epic objects, for example, are all NFTs that can be traded in open markets.

Planet Simulation

Apeiron Planet Simulation

Planets with distinct biomes will be under the control of the players. The player can shape the environment around them using powerful elemental marvels such as nourishing rainstorms, soft winds, rising mountains, and spontaneous fire.

The Doods will live and develop their own communities in response to these Miracles. As your power as a deity rises as a result of this symbiotic relationship, you’ll be able to produce natural wonders and even incarnate your Avatar.

Each planet and its associated avatar is a one-of-a-kind NFT. New players will be given a “Seed Planet” to begin with and then have the opportunity to invest in others. In the heavenly event known as Celestial Conjunction, if a player gains possession of numerous Planets, they can even “breed” new Planets.

Your Godling will take a Planet’s Spirit Core and inhabit an EDEN, strange structures that dot the surface of most Planets, in order to interact with it. To enter EDEN, you must own a Planet, which may be purchased from public marketplaces or through Stella Tabula chests. Your Spirit Core can live in EDENs on planets you own, giving you power over the planet’s elements and allowing you to build and evolve the ecosystem as you see fit.

Players who want to give the game a try can sign up for a “Seed Planet” by subscribing. It will be non-transferable and have no market value, but it can be used to create Avatars and Apostle Squads, which can then be converted into publicly traded NFTs.

Players can perform Miracles using the EDEN. The four traditional elements of earth, water, air, and fire are all linked to the environment. The player can use them to shape the world, and the Doods will react appropriately. Send rain to aid their crop-growing efforts. Dismantle mountains to produce ore for the construction of their cities. Alternatively, if your followers disobey you, a fireball will always bring them back into line.

As the player’s EDEN progresses, more powerful miracles and Planetary functions become available. Primary Miracles can be combined to create new possibilities, such as when Air and Water unite to make Ice, which opens up new possibilities for interactions with the environment and your Dood society.

Certain Miracles can be combined or used repeatedly to create various environmental objects. Use water and soil miracles to nourish the ground and grow a forest of lush trees, or use unending fire miracles to create lava lakes.

Only one continent will be open to the participants at the start of the planetary simulation, and it will be populated with Doods. The players’ initial task is to turn these Doods into Followers by listening to their desires and executing Miracles.

Doods will have different preferences for miracles and items created in the environment, and it will be up to the player to figure out how to best suit their needs. The EDEN structure will level up after turning enough Doods into followers, allowing you to explore more continents and levels in the planet’s dungeon.

Your Alignment will change towards good or evil when you cast Miracles. Dood devotees would offer prayers to the player. If you respond benevolently, your alignment will shift toward good, giving you access to new abilities, missions, and an angelic appearance for your world.

If you punish the Doods for their impudence frequently, you will move to evil, which comes with its own set of unlocks and gradually transforms the planet into a demonic hellscape.

If a player maximizes their alignment, their Doods may be able to construct exceptional Planetary wonders or appear as unique Dood heroes.

A Planet’s play cycle will come to an end as time passes. Resources will be depleted, and Dood civilisation will reach its maximum potential. The player can choose to start an Armageddon at this point. This will basically “reset” the Planet, but it will also provide a specific number of Soul Gems, which may be used to enhance the player’s Spirit Core, giving them permanent passive and active bonuses.

Players will be offered the option to convert some of their game objects into NFTs during a reset. They will, however, have to spend tokens to do so. Because both the tokens and the NFTs may be exchanged for cryptocurrency, they encourage the user to interact with the Apeiron marketplace.

New continents will be randomly generated based on the planet’s elemental distribution every time a player resets their world!

As the player’s Spirit Core progresses, they will require more and more Soul Gems, necessitating greater and larger resets: in other words, the need to expand to other worlds. They will have to become active on the Apeiron marketplace in order to obtain other planets, reinforcing the play-to-earn gameplay loop.

Action RPG

Aperion Action RPG

Avatar: Each Planet NFT has its own Avatar, each with its unique battle class and statistics. When the player’s Spirit Core is not in the EDEN, it can occupy the Avatar. Players can lead the Avatar to explore other worlds and fight monsters, unlike the EDEN, which is stuck on the planet’s surface. Destroying foes boosts the Avatar’s level, unlocking new talents and abilities that expand the gaming world’s possibilities.

  • As the planet changes, so will the Avatar’s strength and appearance: for example, cover the earth in volcanoes and lava, and the Avatar will become a dark and desolate fiery titan. Make the planet a fertile haven for your Avatar, and it may bloom on its own.
  • On specially developed battle maps, players will be able to move and strike adversaries. Avatars will be able to use powerful Skills during combat. Each Avatar has its own set of skills, some of which are derived from the Avatar’s class, others from the elemental composition of the planet to which they are connected, and others which are earned through time by player activities. More unusual Avatars with great skills will be found on rarer and more distinctive planets. For each combat engagement, players will be able to freely alter their Avatar Skills.

Although the Avatar does not have full access to the EDEN’s power, it can use modest ambient conjurings to aid in fighting and problem solving.

Apostles: While the majority of Doods live carefree hedonistic lives, some, inspired or saved by your holy power, sense the call to adventure. These are the Apostles of Dood. Apostles are Dood disciples who lead squads of disciples and assist you in your travels and conflicts. They can be obtained by raising your EDEN level, completing planetary puzzles, or rescuing them from dark dungeons.

  • There are 0.3 billion distinct combinations of attributes, classes, weapons, special body parts, and talents among apostles. By combining Apostles, players will be able to further adjust these attributes and Skill Card decks through a Holy Ritual feature.
  • Each Apostle has his or her own set of Skill Cards. Combine several Apostles with your Avatar to see which combination is the most successful in battle!
  • You can come across some rare or even spectacular Dood Apostles on your beginning planet. However, the souls of mighty legendary Apostles can be found in the dark reaches of the Dungeon Worlds dispersed around the universe. Find the mighty Hercudood or the crafty Doowukong and form a party capable of taking on even the most powerful divines!

Apostles can be converted to NFTs and then exchanged on the market using a combination of our tokens.

Combat System: Avatars and Apostle Squads are at the heart of the battle system. On specially created combat maps, the user will be able to control the movement and targeting of their Avatar, while the Apostles will move around independently. The Avatar’s and Apostle’s skills will be jumbled together at the start of each engagement.

The player will be assigned a hand of skill cards, and each time they utilize one of the abilities from the hand, a new skill will be taken from the deck. This concept drives the player to continually readjust to the shifting flow of battle – what foes they may face, what talents they have and how to best employ them – making each encounter unique.

Dungeons: Once the player feels properly prepared, they can explore Dungeons with their Avatar and Apostle Squads. Each planet contains a dungeon that can only be entered by controlling the EDEN of that planet.

This dungeon depicts a section of the Dirac Sea, a spiritual confluence of souls that evolves in tandem with your planet, and features a range of combat and puzzle encounters that will test the player’s game knowledge and talents.

Players can rescue the souls of Dood Apostles and have them join their squad by exploring their world’s Dirac Sea. By increasing their EDEN, players can delve further into their world’s Dirac Sea. They can even travel around the galaxy with their Avatar to different Dungeon Worlds in search of magical relics.

  • The layouts of dungeons and opponent encounters are randomly generated, so players may expect a new challenge each time they play.
  • Apeiron’s play-to-earn tokens, Anima, will be available as a prize for completing dungeons. The Anima can be traded for bitcoin on the market or used to make NFTs during a planet reset. Each player’s Anima earnings will be capped on a daily basis.

The Galactic Arena: Players can enter the Galactic Arena after rescuing the souls of a whole squad of Dood Apostles and converting them into NFTs for usage.

Players will be able to put their Avatar and Apostles to the ultimate test by confronting other players in the Arena, which will be a 1v1 PvP warfare experience.

Players will be able to ascend the galactic leaderboard by winning matches. Rewards will be distributed at the end of each monthly season of play, with the lion’s portion going to those who battled their way to the top.

Apeiron Roguelike

Aperion Roguelike

You’ve completed all of the dungeons, and the Doods have engulfed the planet in their structures. Call down an Armageddon to reset the game; your followers and buildings will be destroyed, but the Soul Gems you receive can be utilized to upgrade your Spirit Core permanently, allowing you to continue progressing. So the cycle begins again: keep it up, and you’ll be able to play Alliance PvP and PvE at a high level.

What is Apeiron NFT?

Planets, Stars, and Relics will be the three basic types of NFTs in Apeiron. These NFTs are ERC 721 Tokens that are non-fungible and may be bought and sold. Later phases will allow them to be transferred to the sidechain. From planets to stars to relics, here are the main points in the system:

The core gameplay cycle takes place on planets, and they are required to play Apeiron. Players can get their first Planet NFT in a variety of ways:

  1. They can subscribe for a free, non-transferable Seed Planet;
  2. They can purchase a Primeval Planet from our Primeval Planets Presale – the “Gen 0” Planets that have never been bred before;
  3. They can purchase any Planet available on the marketplace. Every planet is made up of a unique mix of traits and characteristics distributed throughout the four elements.

Planets occur in a variety of rarities, with unique features and elemental distributions being more common on the rarer planets.

The Primeval Planets are the forefathers of all other Planets in the Godiverse. 84 percent will be available for general purchase, 15% will be sold to strategic partners, and 1% will be held in reserve and handed to players as rewards.

  • Planets will be assigned 100 elemental points, which will be allocated among the four classical elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. This distribution determines a Planet’s basic properties, including not only its appearance but also the types of objects that the player and Doods can develop.

Planetary Traits: Each planet has a set of traits that are randomly produced from a pool, with certain traits being more rare than others. While many attributes have a real bearing on gameplay, others are just for show.

  • If a player purchases multiple Planets through the cosmic NFT marketplace, they will be able to accomplish a Celestial Conjunction. A Celestial Conjunction takes both parent Planets’ spiritual essence – their Planetary Elemental Distribution and Traits – and creates a new one. Players will be able to “breed” their own utopias by repeating the Celestial Conjunction procedure.
  • The user will be able to concentrate their elemental traits through Celestial Conjunctions to create spectacular Primal Planets – a Primal Fire Planet, for example, will have its entire surface wreathed in flames. For constructing Primal Planets and other forms of unique planets, players will be able to earn special rewards.
  • New Planets will have a greater probability of inheriting traits from one of the two parent Planets, as well as gaining other features at random from the pool.

Planets age in real time, and the more Relics and planetary wonders a planet can use and preserve, the older it is. Players will start with a young Planet that matures slowly, but as their strength grows over numerous Planets, they may choose to accelerate the aging of a Planet in order to gain access to additional Relics and higher level content.

They might be able to accomplish so through a process called Chronomerging. The player selects a Planet to sacrifice at this step. The Planet being infused will have its aging sped up based on the age of the sacrificial Planet, allowing for speedier development.

Renting Planets: Players who have extra Planets can rent to other players for a fixed
period of time. In this case, the owner receives a fixed share of the resources that the
tenant generates during their play. The tenant may not use the Planet for Celestial
Conjunction, but they may reset the Planet as many times as they wish.

Stars: They are analogous to “Lands” in previous NFT games. Stella Tabula chests can be used to buy Stars. All Planets orbiting a Star receive passive bonuses as a result of their ownership. Rare Stars may also include Celestial Objects such as dark nebulae or black holes, which have their own explorable adventures. Stars, like Planets, are NFTs that may be bought and traded. Stars will also have their own set of passive qualities that provide cosmetic or gameplay benefits.

  • At least one orbital track for a planet is included with each Star. Planets must be “parked” in the orbital track in order to reap the advantages of that Star. When the owner is not using the orbital tracks, they can be rented out to other players.
  • Owners will benefit from player activity within the star’s system (for example, other players exploring Celestial Objects or planet formation).
Aperion NFT Stars

Relics: A player will come across many artifacts and objects throughout their Planetary cycle that can be forged into Relics. Apostles, Equipment, Skill Cards, Cosmetics, and even rare Planetary Wonders are examples of relics that would otherwise be lost during reset.

These Relics can be placed in the Relic Slot of a Planet and triggered in the next Planetary cycle. Relics revert to their original form after being activated for a new cycle or planet, and must be converted back into a Relic if they are to be utilized again, demanding a new expenditure of tokens, which needs either more play or purchase on the marketplace. Relics are one-of-a-kind NFTs that can be traded openly with others.

  • Relics give players a way to progress indefinitely while also incentivizing them to interact with the marketplace.
Aperion NFT Relics
Aperion NFT Planets

World Exploration

When the player has amassed a sufficient number of Dood followers, they can summon their Planetary Avatar, which transforms the game into a roleplaying action-adventure experience. Avatars are strong creations that evolve alongside your Planets, accompanied by brave Apostle Squads.

Each planet has its own Avatar, which may be customized and has different strengths and limitations. To obtain amazing artifacts, the Avatar can travel realms, solve riddles, and combat frightening enemies in hazardous dungeons.

Galactic Progression

Players as Godlings are not restricted to the planet surrounding their starting Star. They will be able to explore the Axis Mundi, a relatively peaceful galaxy in the center of the cosmos, using an accessible galactic map overlay. Players may explore branching out into other galaxies as their power and confidence grow.

We’ll introduce galaxies styled after famous mythical people and stories from throughout the world at the start of the game. We anticipate chances to cooperate with other creators and companies to offer customized galaxies based on well-known brands and IPs as the Apeiron metaverse expands.

Apeiron Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of Apeiron is based on three pillars: god-game simulation, action roleplaying game, and NFT Ownership. Players will be able to harness elemental marvels to build their planet and solve mind-boggling riddles at the start of the game.

As a result, more Doods will become followers, increasing the players’ divine power and authority over the world. This takes the shape of an Avatar, which may be utilized to explore dungeons that will gradually become available as the planet develops.

As the user develops their planet to its full potential, they can use their Avatars, as well as any Dood Apostle heroes they may have discovered in dungeons, to battle other players from all around the galaxy!

They may eventually elect to reset their planet through an Armageddon event, which will provide them with a significant number of resources to level up their player account, allowing them to progress in the long run.

As players expand their presence in Apeiron space, they will discover that they will require many planets to obtain the resources needed to level up their Godling. They’ll have to either buy one on the market or create a new one to get more planets.

Players will require both Anima and Apeiros, two of our three tokens, to create new planets or any other NFT. They’ll either have to go back into the game to earn additional tokens, or they’ll have to buy them on the market. As a result, our system encourages participants to join the Apeiron NFT marketplace and become active traders.

The play-to-earn system keeps players interested in playing to earn more tokens, then feeding those tokens back into the game to earn more NFTs, allowing them to level up and reach the exclusive endgame, which includes large-scale PvE encounters with galactic world bosses and top-tier PvP arena combat.

What are Apeiron Blockchain Features?

Blockchains are a revolutionary new technology that the gaming industry is perfectly positioned to exploit. Gamers have become accustomed to the tokenization of wealth in the form of some in-game currency during the last half-century (e.g. gold).

However, a lack of liquidity has caused frustrations and misgivings about long-term investment. You cannot transfer or liquidate any of your assets as a player if you devote your time and money into building up a profile in a game under the existing structure.

You may not even own anything you create under the conditions of usage. This may cause you to be hesitant to make an investment in the first place. And it is here that the blockchain provides a game-changing solution.

What if you could trade or exchange everything you made? Apeiron intends to be at the vanguard of this new wave, as blockchain opens the door to a metaverse of interconnected gaming IPs.

Tri-Token Driven Structure

Aperion Tri-Token

The majority of NFT games have two tokens: a restricted Proof of Stake governance token that functions similarly to corporate stock and a game currency token that is generated through daily activity.

While this model works well for the many casual NFT games on the market, having too few game currencies can lead to price fluctuations.

Because growth is primarily driven by new users staking their claim in the game, the value of the play-to-earn token depreciates over time as new users enter the system.

Apeiron seeks to provide a third type of currency to promote high-level gameplay, one that can only be acquired by players who commit to joining and playing in Alliances, but which offers distinct rewards, preventing deflation and allowing for a dynamic economy at all levels.

NFT Metaverse

The intrinsic value of digital assets is created through their use, and the NFT metaverse provides a unique platform for expanding digital asset use cases like never before. It’s nothing short of a fully connected virtual environment in which players will be able to not only transfer their assets from one game to the next, but also use them across several game sessions.

Free to Play x Play to Earn

The player-developer relationship has considerably developed since the initial wave of NFT games introduced play-to-earn models. We will support free-to-play, allowing a limited number of gamers to participate without fee.

They will acquire tokens and resources along the way, which they will be able to trade on the marketplace, where they will be able to purchase and swap NFTs in order to advance to higher levels of play, thereby introducing them to the world of crypto. Our business approach will be based on these two fundamentals: free to play and play to earn.

The Apeiron metaverse’s great vision will be realized through asset sales, which will be revealed phase by phase as we reach each development milestone.


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Have you played Apeiron already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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