Angrymals NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Angrymals NFT Game?

Angrymals is a new game! It’s the newest NFT game you’ve probably never heard of. You get to join PVP turn-based battles in which players choose their own custom Angrymals and use their weapons and unique powers to eliminate their enemies and win the fight.

You can use the free tokens offered by the game’s developers to try it out, or buy more if you like it. The game also supports trading with other users so you can get started as soon as your account is made on this awesome PVP gaming experience.

We hope you’ll try it out because it’s really easy to get into once you start playing.

To keep things simple, Angyrmals game is built on “3 Simple Rules”:

  1. Build your fortress,
  2. Use your crazy Weapons,
  3. Protect your Angrymals Team

The official Angrymals game trailer video below will take you through the basics!

Angrymals’s development has been in the hands of a small Italian game company, Sionera Entertainment, which was acquired by Catheon Gaming, a leading distributor of blockchain-based gaming.

The original Angrymals creator team is hard at work modifying the game mechanics and design to make it blockchain based One of their goals is to fundamentally change the way in which players play Angrymals, by rewarding them for doing so!

Angrymals Game Introduction

Angrymals is set to launch as a free to play 2D physics-based mobile game in which the player engages in PvP battles on the field of battle, constructing and designing fortresses made out of buildings, pipes and other objects to protect his Angrymals team against the opposing side. By creating your own fighting style, players will choose from hundreds of game items ranging from story characters, skins and weapons to build their ultimate defense setup!

By playing Angrymals, the blockchain collectible token game, you’ll have a chance to earn rewards and create your own NFTs. How? By earning them while having fun!

The creators of the game believe that by merging blockchain technology with a leading play-to-earn (P2E) features in one simple package can result in a strong ecosystem capable of supporting both casual players and serious gamers alike. You see, there’s this special Chaos Orb token that allows for these special P2E features to take place inside of the main Angrymals DApp (decentralised application).

Can’t wait to get started? Head on over Angrymals official website and dive in today!

From the first time a player starts playing the Angrymals game they will be able to earn tokens in a variety of ways such as completing achievements, inviting friends, getting paid for playing and some other fun ways that we’ll reveal later. These tokens are known as Chaos Orbs and like most forms of currency are tradeable on stock exchanges all over the world.

To get your Chaos Orbs in Angrymals, you’ll have two options available to you:

  1. Earning Chaos Shards is fairly simple. First, you must build your Chaos Core through winning PvP matches, as well as tournaments and by building and then selling popular fortress designs for in-game currency. The more fights you win, the more resources you’ll earn to feed your stone. Afterward, you can reunite two or four Chaos Shards to create Chaos Orbs and begin upgrading your Cores to increase a variety of different stats like HP or Last Stand duration. However, if you want to utilize the shuffle feature in order to convert any NFT owned Digitals, you’ll need a full Core of 6 orbs (1 – 6).
  2. Leaderboard gems, given to the best players in the league at the end of each season. Leaderboard gems can be exchanged for chaos orbs through a vendor.

The Chaos Orb is a Angrymals’ game token that provides functionality as well as a means of governance – as such, it will allow you to effectively take part in the decision-making process regarding issues such as how quickly it should be launched. It also acts as one half of a set alongside another form of utility: merging NFTs.

However, this tiered system is dedicated to enhance your involvement and not just for show – you will have these abilities as holding players! Sionera Entertainment, is still very small and is dedicated to creating quality products that are sure to impress players out there. By working hard towards their goal of developing interesting toys, they believe they can get through the good times and bad times so that many people who specialize in various topics benefit from participating in the crypto economy.

Let me tell you about Angrymals. It’s a brand new game that you will be able to play on either Android or iOS devices and if expect to have some fun as well as unlock new content and gear, including skins, cosmetics and some special equipment for your mals. Following that, they want to engage players in different ways like interactive tournaments where they can meet more marmosets! They also plan to expand their game by investing in the development of different game modes, events, and new costs (like cosmetics) in order to keep things interesting!

Angrymals Game Mechanics

Angrymals Gameplay

Angrymals is a fast-paced, turn-based strategy game which can be best described as the combination of Angry Birds and Capture the Flag. At its core, it’s fairly straightforward concept, requiring you to defeat your opponents by lowering their HP to zero while preventing them from doing so to you.

After agreeing on a map to play on with your opponent, each team will be given 3 rounds during which they can use their shots earned during those rounds with their “buildings” to create offensive or defensive mechanisms aimed at defending themselves and weakening their opponent’s defenses.

As these are 1v1 games, each player is in fact representing an entire team of three players battling against one another and teams will be individually assigned “weights” based on the level of difficulty for that particular map.

As in Angry Birds, players tap and release to shoot weapons. Once they have aimed, players then drag their finger across the screen to control the trajectory of each shot. As structures are struck with these shots, their cover crumbles away. When animals are caught out in the open after their shelter has been destroyed there is a greater chance for them to be injured or die from attacks that occur afterwards.

Angrymals NFT Game

All three animals in a team together need to have their health points reduced to zero before it’s game over and the other team wins. You could choose to help or hinder the process, but sometimes you may well be playing on your own, as is often the case in live PvP battles!

Advanced Mechanics

The game is simple enough to pick up for casual players with its user-friendly mechanics, but hardcore gamers will also find something to love in the depth beyond the basics. That includes:

  • Angrymals are a variety of races who have each developed unique skills and attributes that make them unique from an individual personality standpoint.
  • Trying to get the upper hand on your opponents by choosing a strategic position from which to strike them is always a good idea in the game.
  • Angrymals instinctively defend their territory and friends by hiding behind covers, small blocks, and other objects in an area. By doing a precision shot with a powerful gun, players can use this feature to do direct damage to Angrymals without having to go through cumbersome combat sequences.
  • Angrymals have sensitive heads, “heads” as in the only half of their bodies that actually matter when it comes down to damage, when you hit them at the head they get more damages.
  • Different weapon options were used to strike a balance between reload time and damage.
  • Effects like as setting places on fire and electric shocks caused by particular types of building materials are examples of DoT effects.
  • Customizing fortresses to provide maximum defense
Angrymals Demoliton Arsenal

Fortress Designs

Once you’ve gained enough experience in developing your own fortress, you can use the workshop to build more precise fortifications. Assemble a large number of building blocks and joints to construct your ideal fortress! Choose between maximum protection, efficacy, attractiveness, and fun!

Angrymals Workshop

You will find several kinds of materials, weights, and resistances in your building pieces. The joints can be used to connect two blocks together. The fortress’s category will be determined by its total garbage point value but you can also select a limited number of game modes in which it can be employed. An approximate number of junk points, the more security it gives.

There are lots of ways to guard against your fortress becoming boring. For example, the farther away your Angrymals are from the ground, the less junk points you will get. Also, using different types of Angrymals helps too. When they aren’t spread out well enough, that’s when you lose points.

Some blocks such as the Fireworks Blocks can reduce the cost of junk points which can be dangerous, so use fire-proof materials when building with it!

The bigger the blast radius you create, the more chaos shards you’ll get in return, but some blocks are volatile and will explode if set on fire. Once you master fortress design, it’s time to sell your creations in the Bazaar!

The most popular designs will become a part of the Altar of Champions at the end of each season. The best designers will be rewarded with Chaos Shards for their ingenious contraptions!

Who Plays First in Angrymals?

When a new match begins, the player with the ‘cheaper’ stronghold will take the field first. If both players use the same fortress, the player with the lowest XP will be the first to enter.

In Quick Brawl mode, the loser of the previous match will play first in any successive match following the first.

To compensate for the disadvantage of shooting first or having a more expensive fortress (in terms of junk points), the disadvantaged player receives some bonus fury at the start of the game.

Angrymals Bazaar

Angrymals Bazaar

The bazaar is where you may gain access to more material such as races, weaponry, and emojis.
Even better, you may purchase fortress designs created by other players in the bazaar! Players review them on style, fun, and efficacy, and they may be arranged in a variety of ways with filters by category and price.

When a stronghold is put on sale, it is given the lowest possible price. The higher the number of sales, the higher the price. Only Gems and Shards can be used to purchase the most popular fortifications.

Angrymals Weapons

There are several unusual weaponry in the game, such exploding rubber chickens (with a pulley in the middle) and sperm whales descending from the sky.

Before beginning a match, the player carefully assigns one to each of his or her own Angrymals, attempting to strike a balance between firepower and reloading times.

A weapon can deal four different forms of damage:

  • Impact: basic – the faster the hit, the more damage is done.
  • Fire: depending on the material, building blocks can catch fire and become destroyed over time; at the conclusion of each turn, more flammable blocks can spread the conflagration to neighboring blocks; at the end of each turn, more flammable blocks can spread the conflagration to nearby blocks.
  • Electricity: When an object collides, electricity will spread through all conductive blocks, perhaps injuring some Angrymals.
  • Explosion: Explosions will both harm and fling nearby blocks away; within a certain range, all joints will be shattered.

Angrymals Races and Personalities

Angrymals Races

You can choose from various different races for your Angrymals, each with its own health and special action that can be employed in battle.

These special skills range from defensive abilities to bizarre attacks that can wreck havoc on your opponent’s citadel.

To use them, you must first gather fury: the more you damage your opponent’s citadel, the more anger you will receive. Special moves that are more powerful will demand more fury than those that are less effective.

Angrymals Personalities

As shown here, each race has the same three Angrymal kinds. They have varied hit points in terms of gaming (which are further modified by the racial HP modifier).

Angrymals Plump

Plump: The chubby one. He’s sluggish, frequently out of breath, and continually on the lookout for nourishment.
Health: 150

Angrymals Runt

Runt: The team’s commander. Small, abrasive, and perpetually enraged. He is extremely clever, but he frequently misses the mark and his schemes fail.
Health: 100

Angrymals Dumb

Dumb: He’s the team’s slowest thinker since he’s the tallest. He always appears befuddled and enjoys tampering with things.
Health: 125

Angrymals Game Modes

There are 3 different game modes in Angrymals game:

1. Arena Game Mode

Angrymals Arena

The Arena is the first location to go for some casual matches. It enables you to rapidly locate a random opponent from anywhere in the world who is eager to engage in combat.

There are 4 different settings to choose from, ranging from the easiest to the most difficult.

Quick Brawl: This model is intended for games that must be completed in a short amount of time. You will not be able to choose your setup because the weapons and Angrymals will be chosen at random.

Skirmish: In this and all following modes, you will select which Angrymals as well as the fortress and weapons to send to the battlefield.

Battle: This is the most balanced game style, allowing for the use of several medium-sized fortresses.

Warfare: You will have access to the most powerful strongholds and there will be no damage or special move enhancements. These matches are far more time consuming, but they are extremely rewarding.

2. Ranked Game Mode

Angrymals Ranked

In ranked mode you will be trying to reach to the Golden Banana. The higher you travel on the way to the Golden Banana, the more you win. Every time you lose, you’ll be knocked down a notch. If you win a game, you receive a given number of matchmaking points while your opponent loses a certain number of matchmaking points.

There are 5 distinct leagues in Angrymals game as listed below:

  1. Wooden Fishbone,
  2. Iron Horseshoe,
  3. Bronze Acorn,
  4. Silver Starfish,
  5. Golden Banana

Each league is further divided into five divisions, ranging from E (lower) to A (upper) (higher). When you’re ready to move up a division, you’ll need to win at least two of your next three matches.

You’ll be paid based on your rank and division at the end of each Season. Top-ranked players will receive a big amount of Chaos Orbs or very rare NFT item that can not never be bought.

3. Missions Game Mode

Every day, you’ll receive two brand new missions and quests to complete, as well as two additional assignments that will last the entire week. You’ll be awarded with a wooden/iron/bronze/silver/gold loot box containing some amazing loot depending on the difficulty.

Angrymals Game Economy


Coins are used as the game’s soft currency. It is collected largely via winning matches and watching advertisements after a match, but it can also be obtained by opening crates and accumulating levels. Coins are used to obtain weapons and other equipments or items in the game.


The game’s hard currency is called gems. It’s mostly gained through in-app purchases. You can spend your gems instead of coins to unlock progress.


They are obtained by winning the first match of each day, watching video advertisements, successfully recruiting Facebook friends, and as a reward for completing a Ranked season. You will be rewarded with keys if they continue to log in every day to play and view video advertising, as well as invite additional friends to join.

Chaos Orbs and Chaos Shards

Chaos Orbs and Chaos Shards are the core token currency of Angrymals around which the P2E economy is structured.

What are Angrymals NFTs?

Angrymals NFT
Angrymals NFT
Angrymals NFT

Overview of NFTs in the game

In Angrymals game, none of the NFT goods will have a direct impact on a player’s ability to win matches versus other players. NFT items will have no effect on PvP balance, including damage dealt to other players, damage resistance, and so forth.

You will gain the following bonuses from Agrymals NFT goods and skins:

  • Aesthetic value: the major function of NFT things will be to make the owner and other players appear cool! The crazy, quirky appeal of the base Angrymal persona will be boosted even more with NFT goods.
  • Play to Earn: By equipping blockchain NFTs, you will be able to convert your earned Chaos Shards into Chaos Orbs and so on.
  • Improved earning efficiency and potential: Higher rarity NFTs will pay lesser transaction taxes when converting Chaos Orbs to Chaos Shards and when transacting on the marketplace. It will also have lower conversion cooldowns and larger daily conversion limitations.
  • Access to prestige game modes: some prestige tournaments are exclusively open to players with a certain level of NFT rarity. Limited edition NFTs, which cannot be found in loot boxes and are expected to have significant cosmetic improvements over standard NFTs, will be held infrequently and they will have significant rewards.
  • Additional effects: Higher rarity NFTs may alter in-game graphical effects, such as the inclusion of pigeons flying to typical explosions.


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NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Angrymals already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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