Aavegotchi NFT Game (Best Free Ultimate Guide 2022 Updated)

What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is a DeFi-enabled crypto collectibles game created by Pixelcraft Studios in Singapore that allows players to stake Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) avatars with interest-generating tokens and interact with the Aavegotchi metaverse. It is a one-of-a-kind hybrid of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFTs.

Aavegotchis are pixelated ghosts that live on the Ethereum blockchain and are supported by the ERC-721 standard. Their worth is determined by their rarity level, which is determined by a number of factors including base traits, the amount of staked collateral/aTokens, and equipped wearables.

Players can level up their Aavegotchis through a variety of activities such as mini-games, governance, and meetups. Aavegotchis can also gain rarity by wearing in-game wearables and leveling up.

Rare Aavegotchis not only have a higher secondary baazaar value, but they also help the Aavegotchi perform better in rarity farming—a minigame that awards the rarest Aavegotchis with GHST tokens.

Aavegotchi is governed by AavegotchiDAO, which manages all funds generated through the distribution of GHST tokens.

About Aavegotchis

Aavegotchis are crypto-collectibles that live on the Ethereum blockchain and are supported by the ERC-721 standard, which is used in popular blockchain games like CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity, and Cryptovoxels.

Aavegotchi NFT Game

Aavegotchis have three characteristics that determine their overall worth and rarity in the Aavegotchi universe: collateral stake, traits, and wearables.

  1. Collateral Stake: Each Aavegotchi ERC721 NFT manages an escrow contract address containing Aave-backed ERC20 collateral, or “aToken.” aTokens generate yield through Aave’s LendingPool, increasing the number of aTokens in the wallet. As a result, the number of aTokens held in the Aavegotchi’s escrow address increases over time.
  2. Traits: Aavegotchis have a variety of characteristics that influence their rarity, performance in mini-games, and the wearables they can use. Some are generated at random when the Aavegotchi is born, while others are determined by user interactions with the Aavegotchi.
    • Random Traits: Using the ChainLink VRF random number generator, each Aavegotchi is assigned several random trait values at birth. The values of traits are distributed on a bell curve, with each trait assigned a value of Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Mythical based on its rarity.
    • Kinship: “Kinship” is not assigned at random, but rather begins at a fixed value (50) at birth and increases or decreases based on a variety of factors, such as how long the Aavegotchi has been with the same owner and how frequently the owner interacts with it.
    • Experience: Aavegotchis gain experience and level up by voting in AavegotchiDAO and participating in mini-games. Aavegotchis receive one Spirit Point every three levels, which can be used to increase or decrease a specific trait.
  3. Wearables: Aavegotchis, in addition to managing the aToken escrow, extend the ERC998 Composables standard, allowing them to manage child NFTs, known as wearables in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Every Aavegotchi cannot be equipped with every wearable. Some wearables may only be equipped by Aavegotchis staked with specific collaterals, those of a certain level, and those with specific traits. Certain Aavegotchi traits can be increased or decreased by some wearables. Equipping a sword, for example, may slightly increase an Aavegotchi’s aggressiveness, whereas equipping a Bob Marley shirt may decrease its energy level.

Aavegotchi Gameplay

The Aavegotchi Universe includes all of the components that allow Aavegotchis to function:

  • Portals,
  • GHST Utility Token,
  • AavegotchiDAO
  • Aavegotchi Realm

What is Avegotchi Portals?

How do you summon an Aavegotchi from the Nether realm and bring it to your screen?

Of course, through a Portal!

Peer deep into its purple depths to see what lurks beneath – you might just find a friend.

Or, more precisely, ten friends.

So put on your wizard hat and get ready to learn more about Portals and the Aavegotchi summoning process.

Aavegotchi Portal
Aavegotchi Portal

Buying a Aavegotchi Portal

You must first summon your pixelated ghost baby via a Portal before you can raise it.

Aavegotchi Portals can be obtained in the following ways:

  • In an Aauction
  • In a Drop Ticket Raffle
  • At the Baazaar

Raffles and auctions are both time-limited events. If you don’t get them, the only way to get them is through the Baazaar, our secondary marketplace.

Portals are available in “Haunts” (editions). The first haunt will give away 10,000 Portals. Following that, the AavegotchiDAO will continue to vote on decisions concerning individual haunts. For example, portal prices and quantities may change in the future as a result of DAO decisions and voting.

Opening Your Aavegotchi Portal

Sweet! You are about to buy your portal. This is where the Portal Summoning Ritual enters the picture. This is the mechanism that will allow you to summon your Aavegotchi.

The very next step after purchasing the portal is to open it. The portal is opened on Polygon, where players must sign a contract. The Chainlink Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) is called behind the scenes after the transaction is signed. When the function is run, the portal is given a random number, ensuring that the Aavegotchi’s traits are truly random.

Here’s a helpful flow chart that summarizes the procedure:

Opening an Aavegotchi Portal
Opening an Aavegotchi Portal Procedure Schema

After opening a portal, you will see ten different Aavegotchis to summon from the Nether realm. You must choose one of the ten to summon. Unfortunately, the rest will perish.

These Aavegotchis all have randomly generated traits. You can see these traits and your Aavegotchi’s Base Rarity Score as you scroll through your options. This is a rarity score assigned to your Aavegotchi based on the traits it has when summoned. This rarity score can later be modified through a variety of activities, such as outfitting your Aavegotchi with wearables.

You can see the trait range and rarity probabilities in this table:

Rarity TypeRange (Low)Range (High)Percentage
Common25 – 7425 – 7450%
Uncommon10 – 2475 – 9030%
Rare2 – 991 – 9816%
Mythical0 – 199 – 1004%
Trait range and rarity probabilities table

Getting an Aavegotchi

To claim an Aavegotchi from the portal, you must stake the necessary amount of Spirit Force into it. Spirit Force can be obtained directly through Aave or through DEXes such as Uniswap.

Each Aavegotchi has an intrinsic value in addition to its monetary value, which is determined by scarcity and market forces. This intrinsic value is provided by the aTokens you stake in it.

In general, the minimum amount of Spirit Force (collateral) required depends on the Aavegotchi’s Base Rarity Score. The greater the score, the greater the collateral required.

The minimum amount of collateral required is 10 DAI, and the maximum amount of collateral required is 1000 DAI.

The following formula is used to calculate the amount of Spirit Force (collateral) required:

if (rarityScore < 300) return 10;
        else if (rarityScore >= 300 && rarityScore < 450) return 10;
        else if (rarityScore >= 450 && rarityScore <= 525) return 25;
        else if (rarityScore >= 526 && rarityScore <= 580) return 100;
        else if (rarityScore >= 581) return 1000;

To summon the Gotchi, for example, if the Base Rarity Score is less than 300, you must stake at least 10 DAI in collateral.

You can change the Spirit Force (amount staked) of your Aavegotchi later via the Aavegotchi Dapp UI.

You must complete two transactions in order to claim your Gotchi. To spend the aToken in your wallet, you must first approve the smart contract. The following transaction entitles you to the Aavegotchi.

Transferring Your Aavegotchi

When you trade an Aavegotchi, you also trade the staked collateral behind it, as well as any items and wearables in the Aavegotchi’s inventory. This occurs when you trade your Aavegotchi on an online marketplace such as OpenSea.

You have two options for retrieving the staked collateral that supports your Aavegotchi:

  1. Reduce the amount of collateral in your Aavegotchi (but not below it’s minimum stake).
  2. Burn your Aavegotchi, releasing it back to the Nether Realm and returning all of your collateral.

Please “lock” your Aavegotchi via the Dapp UI before listing it for sale on secondary markets such as OpenSea, to help the buyer ensure that all of the Aavegotchi’s belongings will transfer with it.

What is Avegotchi Traits?

Aavegotchis are born with characteristics. Just as your traits define who you are as a person, so do an Aavegotchi’s traits determine their livelihood as a ghost!

These various traits influence their Trait Base Rarity, their performance in mini-games, and the wearables that they are permitted to wear. Aavegotchis summoned from portals are born with a random combination of traits. However, the Aavegotchi’s characteristics can change depending on the level, equipped wearables, and consumables used.

Randomly Generated Traits

Aavegotchis have six traits:

  • AGG = Aggressiveness
  • NRG = Energy
  • SPK = Spookiness
  • BRN = Brain Size
  • EYS = Eye Shape
  • EYC = Eye Color

AGG is equivalent to Strength in RPG terminology, NRG is equivalent to Agility, BRN is equivalent to Intelligence, and SPK is a wildcard trait. Please keep in mind that these traits are not identical to standard RPG traits; lower trait values in the Aavegotchi metaverse are also extremely powerful!

Traits are determined when a Portal is opened. When a Portal is opened, Chainlink’s VRF random number generator function is invoked to assign Aavegotchis random trait values. The values of these traits are distributed on a bell curve, and each trait is assigned a value of Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Mythical based on its rarity.

The table below shows the odds of obtaining each trait rarity:

Rarity TypeRange (Low)Range (High)Percentage
Trait Range and Rarity Probabilities Table

The trait value distribution bell curve would look something like this:

bell curve

Aavegotchis have six traits at first, but these can be expanded in the future through voting in AavegotchiDAO. The AavegotchiDAO will define some characteristics, such as the Aavegotchi’s body color (other than plain old white), for each new haunt!

Unlike other games, there is no “optimal” trait in Aavegotchi. Except for eye shape and eye color, each attribute has a different effect in each mini-game. Aavegotchis with higher energy, for example, may perform well in races but not in a meditation mini-game.

The tables below detail each trait by rarity. 

Note: The two tables should be seen as one. It has been split apart to render on mobile devices.

Brain SizeSmolTinySmallNormal
Eye ShapeSingle DotFlat LineT EyesRound Eyes
Eye Color*Collateral Colour
Aavegotchi Personal Traits by Rarity
Brain SizeNormalBigHugeGalaxy
Eye ShapeRound EyesAnime EyesAwesome EyesCollateral
Eye Color*Collateral Colour
Aavegotchi Personal Traits by Rarity (Continued)

(L) denotes “Low”; (H) denotes “High”

*Common eye colours take on the colours of the staked collateral on your Aavegotchi. i.e. orange for aDAI, sky blue for aAAVE, purple for aETH etc.

Spirit Force Trait Modifiers

Your Aavegotchi’s spirit force influences their trait values as well:

Spirit ForceModifier
aDAI tokenNRG +1
aETH tokenAGG +1
aAAVE tokenSPK +1
aLINK tokenBRN +1
aUSDT tokenAGG -1
aUSDC tokenSPK -1
aTUSD tokenSPK -1
aUNI tokenSPK -1
aYFI tokenBRN +1
aWBTC tokenAGG +1
amWMATIC (Pending Image from Polygon)BRN +1


Kinship refers to your Aavegotchi’s sense of loyalty to you.


Aavegotchis gain experience (XP) for the following activities:

  • Voting in AavegotchiDAO
  • Participating in events held on Aavegotchi Discord (a Typeform will be released during the event for people to complete to receive XP for their Gotchis)
  • Playing mini-games (only during certain periods as announced on Discord)

Aavegotchis can also be sacrificed in order to transfer their spirit force to another Aavegotchi. The recipient Aavegotchi will receive 100% of the XP earned by the sacrificed Aavegotchi.

On the Aavegotchi smart contract, XP exists as an internal balance.

On the Aavegotchi profile page, you can see XP.


Aavegotchis gain XP as they level up. Aavegotchis receive one Spirit Point every three levels, which can be used to increase or decrease a specific trait. Some wearables are only available to Aavegotchis of a certain level.

  • The more guilds your Gotchi can join, the higher their level.
  • The Aavegotchi profile page displays your Aavegotchi level.


Aavegotchis travel from the Nether Realm to the Ether Realm in groups known as Haunts, much like pioneers to the New World. The first Haunt has 10,000 Aavegotchis. The AavegotchiDAO must then approve new Haunts for travel. Some wearables can only be worn by Aavegotchis from a specific Haunt.

Consider Haunts to be editions, with Haunt numbers indicated on the Gotchi. There will be no differences in stats between Haunts.

Aging Mechanic

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal 13 introduced an Aavegotchi aging mechanic.

Gotchis’ BRS would increase slightly as they aged. This is done to compensate for statistical differences between haunts and to reward long-term engagement.

Trait Mappings

These are the fundamental characteristics. More nuanced variables are required to turn Aavegotchi into a full-fledged game in the Gotchiverse.

What is Aavegotchi Wearables?

Wearables play an important role in the Aavegotchi game. Wearables not only give your Aavegotchi a fashionable appearance, but they also increase the Aavegotchi’s traits and rarity score, allowing them to perform better in mini-games and rarity farming.

  • The ERC-1155 standard is followed by wearables.
  • This page contains detailed information about every Aavegotchi wearable that has been confirmed.
  • The wearables are designed by Xibot and our community of aartists. Each wearable comes with four different perspectives (front, right, left, and back).
Aavegotchi Wearables

Note: There are some objects (IDs 162-198, 210) that are not reflected on this page as they are not wearables. These objects are Baadges and the Haunt 1 Background.


Wearables can change four characteristics of Aavegotchis.

  • AGG = Aggressiveness
  • NRG = Energy
  • SPK = Spookiness
  • BRN = Brain Size

The traits of “Eye Color” and “Eye Shape” cannot be modified by wearables.

Note: Negative values do not mean the trait is getting “weaker”. Aavegotchi traits are distributed on a bell curve, so the extremes (0,1) and (99,100) are actually the best!

Wearables Basic Rarity Score (BRS)

Wearables can be enabled or disabled at any time. Equipping and de-equipping wearables may affect an Aavegotchi’s overall rarity:

Rarity TypeQuantityBRS Bonus

Voting Power

Wearables now have voting power in AavegotchiDAO thanks to the passage of AGIP 9. The voting power (in GHST) of a given wearable is determined by its Rarity Type/Maall price.

Rarity TypeVoting Power
Common5 GHST
Uncommon10 GHST
Rare100 GHST
Legendary300 GHST
Mythical2000 GHST
Godlike10000 GHST


Certain Wearables have also been chosen to be Weapons in the Gotchiverse.

Weapons are hand wearables that can be classified as Melee or Ranged. These unique Wearables have the ability to inflict damage on Gotchis (in the Aarena), Lickquidators, Enemies, and Waalls.

Each Weapon will also have special benefits, such as increased damage to Waalls, increased damage to Lickquidators, increased attack speed, and so on.

These LINK-themed wearables will be distributed through an exclusive, limited-edition Raffle in November 2020 to commemorate Aavegotchi’s partnership with Chainlink, specifically our use of Chainlink VRF to ensure that Aavegotchis have verifiable, provably random traits.

aavegotchi chainlink camo cap1Camo HatCommonAGG +11000head
aavegotchi chainlink camo pants2Camo PantsCommonAGG +11000body
aavegotchi chainlink mk2 grenade3MK2 GrenadeCommonAGG +11000hands
aavegotchi chainlink snow camo cap4Snow Camo HatUncommonAGG +1, SPK +1500head
aavegotchi chainlink snow camo pants5Snow Camo PantsUncommonAGG +1, SPK +1500body
aavegotchi chainlink m67 grenade6M67 GrenadeUncommonAGG +2500hands
aavegotchi chainlink marine cap7Marine CapRareAGG +2, BRN +1300head
aavegotchi chainlink marine suit8Marine JacketRareAGG +2, BRN +1300body
aavegotchi chainlink walkie talkie9Walkie TalkieRareNRG +1, SPK +1, BRN +1300hands
aavegotchi chainlink white cap10Link White HatLegendaryAGG +2, BRN +2150head
aavegotchi chainlink mess dress11Link Mess DressLegendaryAGG +2, BRN +2150body
aavegotchi chainlink bubbly12Link BubblyLegendaryNRG +2, BRN -2150hands
aavegotchi chainlink sergey beard13Sergey BeardMythicalNRG -1, AGG +1, BRN +350face
aavegotchi chainlink sergey eyes14Sergey EyesMythicalSPK +1, BRN +450eyes
aavegotchi chainlink red plaid15Red PlaidMythicalNRG +3, AGG +250body
aavegotchi chainlink blue plaid16Blue PlaidGodlikeNRG -4, AGG -25body
aavegotchi chainlink cube17LINK CubeGodlikeBRN +65hands

Aave Themed Set

The Aave-themed set was given away in the second of three pre-launch Raffles, which took place on December 8, 2020. This aavesome collection honors Aavegotchi’s bond with the Aave community and leadership team.

aavegotchi aave hero mask18Aave Hero MaskCommonSPK +11000face
aavegotchi aave hero shirt19Aave Hero ShirtCommonSPK +11000body
aavegotchi aave plush toy20Aave Plush ToyCommonSPK +11000hands
aavegotchi aave captain aave mask21Captain Aave MaskUncommonNRG +1, SPK +1500head
aavegotchi aave captain aave suit22Captain Aave SuitUncommonNRG +1, SPK +1500body
aavegotchi aave captain aave shield23Captain Aave ShieldUncommonNRG +2500hands
aavegotchi aave thaave helmet24Thaave HelmetRareNRG +2, SPK +1250head
aavegotchi aave thaave suit25Thaave SuitRareNRG +2, SPK +1250body
aavegotchi aave thaave hammer26Thaave HammerRareNRG +3, BRN +1250hands
aavegotchi aave marc hair27Marc HairLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2100head
aavegotchi aave marc outfit28Marc OutfitLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2100body
aavegotchi aave rekt sign29REKT SignLegendaryBRN -4100right hand
aavegotchi aave jordan hair30Jordan HairMythicalAGG -2, SPK +350head
aavegotchi aave jordan suit31Jordan SuitMythicalNRG -3, SPK +1, BRN +150body
aavegotchi aave flag32Aave FlagMythicalAGG -2, SPK +350hands
aavegotchi aave stani hair33Stani HairGodlikeAGG -3, BRN +35head
aavegotchi aave stani lifejacket34Stani LifejacketGodlikeNRG +3, AGG -35body
aavegotchi aave boat35Aave BoatGodlikeAGG -65pet

Ethereum Themed Set

The Ethereum-themed set is the last of three pre-Mainnet sets.

aavegotchi ETH Logo Glasses36ETH Logo GlassesCommonBRN -11000eyes
aavegotchi ETH T-Shirt37ETH TShirtCommonBRN -11000body
aavegotchi 32 ETH Coin3832 ETH CoinCommonBRN -11000right hand
aavegotchi Foxy Mask39Foxy MaskUncommonAGG -2500head
aavegotchi Foxy Tail40Foxy TailUncommonAGG -1, SPK -1500petBack
aavegotchi Trezor Wallet41Trezor WalletUncommonNRG -1, AGG -1500hands
aavegotchi Eagle Mask42Eagle MaskRareNRG +1, SPK +2250head
aavegotchi Nogara Armor43Nogara ArmorRareNRG +2, SPK +1250body
aavegotchi DAO Egg44DAO EggRareNRG +1, BRN +2250right hand
aavegotchi Ape Mask45Ape MaskLegendaryAGG +1, BRN -3100head
aavegotchi Half Rekt Shirt46Half Rekt ShirtLegendaryNRG +1, AGG +1, BRN -2100body
aavegotchi Waifu Pillow47Waifu PillowLegendaryBRN -4100hands
aavegotchi Xibot Mohawk48Xibot MohawkMythicalNRG +550head
aavegotchi Coderdan Shades49Coderdan ShadesMythicalAGG +550eyes
aavegotchi GldnXross Robe50GldnXross RobeMythicalSPK +550body
aavegotchi Mudgen Diamond51Mudgen DiamondMythicalBRN +550hands
aavegotchi Galaxy Brain52Galaxy BrainGodlikeBRN +65head
aavegotchi All Seeing Eyes53All Seeing EyesGodlikeNRG -65eyes
aavegotchi Llamacorn Shirt54Llamacorn ShirtGodlikeNRG -3, AGG -35body

Aagent Wearables Set

The Aagent Wearables Set is a limited edition set given to all Level 12 Aagents who have completed all 12 Aagent Missions prior to the Mainnet launch of Aavegotchi.

aavegotchi Aagent Headset55Aagent HeadsetRareAGG +1, SPK +1, BRN +1308face
aavegotchi Aagent Shirt56Aagent ShirtRareNRG -1, AGG +1, SPK +1308body
aavegotchi Aagent Shades57Aagent ShadesRareNRG -1, SPK +2308eyes
aavegotchi Aagent Pistol58Aagent PistolRareAGG +3308hands
aavegotchi Aagent Fedora Hat59Aagent Fedora HatRareNRG -2, SPK +1308head

Wizard Wearables Set

aavegotchi Common Wizard Hat60Common Wizard HatCommonBRN +11000head
aavegotchi Legendary Wizard Hat61Legendary Wizard HatLegendarySPK +2, BRN +2125head
aavegotchi Mythical Wizard Hat62Mythical Wizard HatMythicalSPK +2, BRN +350head
aavegotchi Godlike Wizard Hat63Godlike Wizard HatGodlikeSPK +2, BRN +45head
aavegotchi Common Wizard Staff64Common Wizard StaffCommonNRG +11000hands
aavegotchi Legendary Wizard Staff65Legendary Wizard StaffLegendaryNRG +2, BRN +2125hands
aavegotchi Wizard Visor66Wizard VisorCommonNRG +11000eyes

Farmer Wearables Set

aavegotchi Farmer Straw Hat67Straw HatCommonNRG -11000head
aavegotchi Farmer Jeans68Farmer JeansCommonBRN -11000body
aavegotchi Farmer Pitchfork69PitchforkCommonAGG +11000hands
aavegotchi Farmer Handsaw70HandsawMythicalAGG +3, BRN -250hands

Santa Wearables Set

Anyone who donates more than $20 in ANY ERC20 token to SantaGotchi.eth will receive a limited edition Santagotchi Hat by airdrop. The wearable’s image will be released soon! Other items in the Santa wearables collection will be available soon.

aavegotchi Santagotchi Hat71Red Santa HatRareAGG -1, SPK -2250head

OKex Wearables

OKex’s CEO. Depositors who deposited GHST tokens on the OKex platform were eligible to win these wearables. There are 150 wearables available. The top five depositors will automatically receive the entire 5-piece set. However, the remaining 125 NFTs will be distributed at random to anyone who deposits more than 10 GHST.

aavegotchi Jaay Hairpiece72Jaay HairpieceMythicalBRN -530head
aavegotchi Jaay Glasses73Jaay GlassesMythicalNRG -2, AGG -2, BRN -110eyes
aavegotchi Jaay Suit74Jaay SuitMythicalNRG -2, BRN -320body
aavegotchi OKex Sign75OKex SignMythicalNRG -540hands
aavegotchi Big GHST Token76Big GHST TokenCommonBRN +11000right hand

Skater Wearables Set

aavegotchi Bitcoin Beanie77Bitcoin BeanieUncommonNRG +1, BRN -1500head
aavegotchi Black Jeans78Black JeansUncommonAGG +1, BRN -1500body
aavegotchi Skateboard79SkateboardRareNRG +1, BRN -2250hands

Sushi Wearables Set

aavegotchi Sushi Bandana80Sushi BandanaRareNRG -1, AGG +2250head
aavegotchi Sushi Coat81Sushi CoatRareNRG -2, AGG +1250body
aavegotchi Sushi Piece82Sushi PieceLegendarySPK -4125hands
aavegotchi Sushi Knife83Sushi KnifeRareAGG +3250hands

Gentleman Wearables Set

aavegotchi Gentleman Hat84Gentleman HatLegendaryNRG -1, AGG -3125head
aavegotchi Gentleman Coat85Gentleman CoatLegendaryNRG -1, AGG -3125body
aavegotchi Gentleman Monocle86MonocleMythicalAGG -2, BRN +350eyes

Miner Wearables Set

aavegotchi Miner Helmet87Miner HelmetUncommonNRG +1, BRN -1500head
aavegotchi Miner Jeans88Miner JeansUncommonNRG +1, BRN -1500body
aavegotchi Miner Pickaxe89PickaxeRareNRG +1, AGG +2250hands

Pajamas Wearables Set

aavegotchi Pajama Hat90Pajama HatCommonSPK -11000head
aavegotchi Pajama Shirt91Pajama ShirtUncommonAGG -1, SPK -1500body
aavegotchi Bedtime Milk92Bedtime MilkRareAGG -2, SPK -1250hands
aavegotchi Fluffy Pillow93Fluffy PillowLegendarySPK -4125hands

Runner Wearables Set

aavegotchi Sweatband94SweatbandUncommonNRG +2500head
aavegotchi Track Shorts95Track ShortsUncommonNRG +1, BRN -1500body
aavegotchi Water Bottle96Water bottleUncommonNRG +2500hands

Lady Wearables Set

aavegotchi Pillbox Hat97Pillbox HatLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -1, SPK -2125head
aavegotchi Day Dress98Day DressLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -1, SPK -2125body
aavegotchi Parasol99ParasolMythicalNRG +1, AGG -1, SPK -350hands
aavegotchi Clutch100ClutchLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -2, SPK -2125hands

Witchy Wearables Set

aavegotchi Witchy Hat101Witchy HatLegendaryAGG +1, SPK +3125head
aavegotchi Witchy Cloak102Witchy CloakLegendaryAGG +1, SPK +3125body
aavegotchi Witchy Wand103Witchy WandMythicalAGG +2, SPK +2, BRN +150hands

Portal Wearables Set

aavegotchi Portal Mage Helmet104Portal Mage HelmetLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +1, SPK +1125head
aavegotchi Portal Mage Armor105Portal Mage ArmorLegendaryNRG +1, AGG +2, SPK +2125body
aavegotchi Portal Mage Axe106Portal Mage AxeLegendaryAGG +4125hands
aavegotchi Portal Mage Black Axe107Portal Mage Black AxeGodlikeAGG +65hands

Rasta Wearables Set

aavegotchi Rasta Hat108Rasta HatUncommonNRG -1, AGG -1500head
aavegotchi Rasta Shirt109Rasta ShirtUncommonNRG -1, AGG -1500body
aavegotchi Jamaican Flag110Jamaican FlagRareNRG -1, AGG -2250hands

Hazmat Wearables Set

aavegotchi Hazmat Hood111Hazmat HoodLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -1, SPK +2125head
aavegotchi Hazmat Suit112Hazmat SuitLegendaryNRG +2, AGG -1, SPK +1125body
aavegotchi Uranium Rod113Uranium RodGodlikeNRG +65hands

Vacation Wearables Set

aavegotchi Red Hawaiian Shirt114Red Hawaiian ShirtMythicalNRG -3, AGG -250body
aavegotchi Blue Hawaiian Shirt115Blue Hawaiian ShirtLegendaryNRG -2, AGG -2125body
aavegotchi Coconut116CoconutRareSPK -3250hands
aavegotchi Cool shades117Cool ShadesCommonBRN -11000eyes

Independent Drink Items

aavegotchi Water Jug118Water JugLegendaryNRG +2, BRN +2125hands
aavegotchi Baby Bottle119Baby BottleLegendaryAGG -1, SPK -3125hands
aavegotchi Martini120MartiniLegendaryNRG -1, BRN -3125hands
aavegotchi Wine121WineRareBRN -3250hands
aavegotchi Milkshake122MilkshakeMythicalSPK -550hands
aavegotchi Apple Juice123Apple JuiceUncommonSPK -2500hands

Independent Head Items

aavegotchi Beer Helmet124Beer HelmetMythicalBRN -550head

Independent Body Items

aavegotchi Track Suit125Track SuitLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2125body


aavegotchi Kinship Potion126Kinship Potion+2 to Kinship500
aavegotchi Greater Kinship Potion127Greater Kinship Potion+10 to Kinship250
aavegotchi XP Potion128XP Potion+20 to XP500
aavegotchi Greater XP Potion129Greater XP Potion+50 to XP250

Layer 2 Themed Set

The Fourth Raffle, celebrating the launch of Aavegotchi on Polygon.

aavegotchi Fireball130FireballCommonAGG +11000hands
aavegotchi Dragon Horns131Dragon HornsUncommonAGG +1, SPK +1500head
aavegotchi Dragon Wings132Dragon WingsRareAGG +2, SPK +1250body
aavegotchi Pointy Horns133Pointy HornsLegendaryAGG +2, SPK +2100head
aavegotchi L2 Sign134L2 SignCommonBRN +11000right hand
aavegotchi Polygon Shirt135Polygon ShirtUncommonBRN +2500body
aavegotchi Polygon Cap136Polygon CapRareAGG -1, BRN +2250head
aavegotchi Vote Sign137Vote SignCommonAGG -11000right hand
aavegotchi Snapshot Shirt138Snapshot ShirtUncommonAGG -2500body
aavegotchi Snapshot Cap139Snapshot CapRareAGG -3250head
aavegotchi Elf Ears140Elf EarsCommonSPK -11000face
aavegotchi Gemstone Ring141Gemstone RingUncommonSPK -1, BRN +1500hands
aavegotchi Princess Tiara142Princess TiaraRareSPK -2, BRN +1250head
aavegotchi Gold Necklace143Gold NecklaceLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2100body
aavegotchi Princess Hair144Princess HairMythicalSPK -3, BRN +250head
aavegotchi Godli Locks145Godli LocksGodlikeSPK -4, BRN +25head
aavegotchi Imperial Moustache146Imperial MoustacheCommonNRG -11000face
aavegotchi Tiny Crown147Tiny CrownUncommonNRG -1, BRN -1500head
aavegotchi Royal Scepter148Royal ScepterRareNRG -2, BRN -1250hands
aavegotchi Royal Crown149Royal CrownLegendaryNRG -2, BRN -2100head
aavegotchi Royal Robes150Royal RobesMythicalNRG -3, BRN -250body
aavegotchi Common Rofl151Common RoflCommonBRN -11000pet
aavegotchi Uncommon Rofl152Uncommon RoflUncommonNRG -1, BRN -1500pet
aavegotchi Rare Rofl153Rare RoflRareNRG -1, BRN -2250pet
aavegotchi Legendary Rofl154Legendary RoflLegendaryNRG -2, BRN -2100pet
aavegotchi Mythical Rofl155Mythical RoflMythicalNRG -2, BRN -350pet
aavegotchi Royal Rofl156Royal RoflGodlikeNRG -3, BRN -35pet
aavegotchi Lil Pump Goatee157Lil Pump GoateeUncommonBRS +2, NRG +1, AGG +1500face
aavegotchi Lil Pump Drank158Lil Pump DrankRareBRS +5, NRG +1, AGG +2250hands
aavegotchi Lil Pump Shades159Lil Pump ShadesLegendaryBRS +10, AGG +3, SPK +1100eyes
aavegotchi Lil Pump Threads160Lil Pump ThreadsMythicalBRS +20, NRG +550body
aavegotchi Lil Pump Dreads161Lil Pump DreadsGodlikeBRS +50, NRG +4, AGG +25head

Auction Wearables

This first Aauction features two brand new sets of wearables as well as a fun new common-rarity item.

aavegotchi Steampunk Goggles199Steampunk GogglesRareSPK +3250eyes
aavegotchi Steampunk Trousers200Steampunk TrousersUncommonSPK +2500body
aavegotchi Mechanical Claw201Mechanical ClawLegendaryAGG +2, SPK +2100hands
aavegotchi VR Headset202VR HeadsetMythicalNRG +2, AGG +350eyes
aavegotchi Gamer Jacket203Gamer JacketRareNRG +1, AGG +2250body
aavegotchi Game Controller204Game ControllerUncommonNRG +1, AGG +1500hands
aavegotchi Gotchi Mug205Gotchi MugCommonNRG +11000hands

Aavegotchi x Venly Wearables

Aavegotchi and Venly collaborate to introduce Aavegotchi to a large NFT gaming audience. For more information, see this post.

aavegotchi Biker Helmet206Biker HelmetRareAGG +2, BRN +1250head
aavegotchi Biker Jacket207Biker JacketUncommonAGG +2500body
aavegotchi Aviators208AviatorsUncommonSPK +2500eyes
aavegotchi Horseshoe Mustache209Horseshoe MustacheLegendaryNRG -2, SPK +2100face

Haunt 2 Wearables

aavegotchi Guy Fawkes Mask211Guy Fawkes MaskCommonSPK +11000head
aavegotchi 1337 Laptop2121337 LaptopMythicalNRG -2, BRN +350hands
aavegotchi H4xx0r Shirt213H4xx0r ShirtLegendaryNRG -4100body
aavegotchi Matrix Eyes214Matrix EyesGodlikeNRG -3, AGG -35eyes
aavegotchi Cyborg Eye215Cyborg EyeLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2100eyes
aavegotchi Rainbow Vomit216Rainbow VomitMythicalSPK -550face
aavegotchi Energy Gun217Energy GunMythicalNRG +2, AGG +350hands
aavegotchi Mohawk218MohawkUncommonNRG +1, AGG +1500head
aavegotchi Mutton Chops219Mutton ChopsRareSPK +2, BRN -1250face
aavegotchi Punk Shirt220Punk ShirtLegendaryNRG +1, AGG +3100body
aavegotchi Pirate Hat221Pirate HatCommonBRN -11000head
aavegotchi Pirate Coat222Pirate CoatUncommonSPK +1, BRN -1500body
aavegotchi Hook Hand223Hook HandUncommonSPK +1, BRN -1500hands
aavegotchi Pirate Patch224Pirate PatchRareSPK +2, BRN -1250eyes
aavegotchi Basketball225BasketballCommonNRG +11000hands
aavegotchi Red Headband226Red HeadbandRareNRG +2, AGG -1250head
aavegotchi 23 Jersey22723 JerseyRareNRG +1, AGG -2250body
aavegotchi 10 Gallon Hat22810 Gallon HatCommonBRN +11000head
aavegotchi Lasso229LassoUncommonAGG +1, BRN +1500hands
aavegotchi Wraangler Jeans230Wraangler JeansCommonAGG +11000body
aavegotchi Comfy Poncho231Comfy PonchoUncommonNRG -2500body
aavegotchi Poncho Hoodie232Poncho HoodieCommonNRG -11000head
aavegotchi Uncommon Cacti233Uncommon CactiUncommonSPK -1, BRN +1500pet
aavegotchi Shaaman Poncho234Shaaman PonchoMythicalNRG -550body
aavegotchi Shaaman Hoodie235Shaaman HoodieLegendaryNRG -4100head
aavegotchi Blue Cacti236Blue CactiRareSPK -1, BRN +2250pet
aavegotchi Mythical Cacti237Mythical CactiMythicalSPK -2, BRN +350pet
aavegotchi Godlike Cacti238Godlike CactiGodlikeSPK -3, BRN +35pet
aavegotchi Wagie Cap239Wagie CapUncommonAGG -2500head
aavegotchi Headphones240HeadphonesUncommonAGG -2500face
aavegotchi WGMI Shirt241WGMI ShirtRareAGG -3250body
aavegotchi Yellow Manbun242Yellow ManbunLegendaryNRG -2, AGG -2100head
aavegotchi Tinted Shades243Tinted ShadesRareAGG -3250eyes
aavegotchi V-Neck Shirt244V-Neck ShirtRareAGG -3250body

Partnerships Set

The Fifth Raffle is inspired Aavegotchi’s frenliest partnerships.

aavegotchi Gecko Hat245Gecko HatRareSPK -3250head
aavegotchi APY Shades246APY ShadesUncommonNRG +1, BRN +1500eyes
aavegotchi Up Arrow247Up ArrowUncommonNRG +1, BRN +1500hands
aavegotchi Up Only Shirt248Up Only ShirtUncommonNRG +1, BRN +1500body
aavegotchi Gecko Eyes249Gecko EyesRareSPK -2, BRN -1250eyes
aavegotchi CoinGecko Tee250CoinGecko TeeRareSPK -2, BRN -1250body
aavegotchi Candy Jaar251Candy JaarRareSPK -1, BRN -2250hands
aavegotchi Aastronaut Helmet252Aastronaut HelmetCommonSPK +11000head
aavegotchi Aastronaut Suit253Aastronaut SuitCommonSPK +11000body
aavegotchi uGOTCHI Token254uGOTCHI TokenCommonSPK +11000right hand
aavegotchi Space Helmet255Space HelmetLegendaryNRG +2, AGG -2100head
aavegotchi Lil Bubble Space Suit256Lil Bubble Space SuitLegendaryNRG +2, AGG -2100body
aavegotchi Bitcoin Guitar257Bitcoin GuitarLegendaryNRG +4100hands
aavegotchi Taoist Robe258Taoist RobeGodlikeNRG -3, BRN +35body
aavegotchi Bushy Eyebrows259Bushy EyebrowsGodlikeNRG -3, BRN +35eyes
aavegotchi Beard of Wisdom260Beard of WisdomGodlikeNRG -2, BRN +45face
aavegotchi Aantenna Bot261Aantenna BotMythicalAGG -2, BRN +350pet
aavegotchi Radar Eyes262Radar EyesMythicalAGG -2, BRN +350eyes
aavegotchi Signal Headset263Signal HeadsetMythicalAGG -2, BRN +350face

DeFi RPG Wearables

aavegotchi Brunette Ponytail292Brunette PonytailCommonAGG -11000head
aavegotchi Leather Tunic293Leather TunicCommonNRG -11000body
aavegotchi Bow and Arrow294Bow and ArrowCommonAGG -11000hands
aavegotchi Forked Beard295Forked BeardCommonAGG +11000face
aavegotchi Double-sided Axe296Double-sided AxeUncommonAGG +1, BRN -1500hands
aavegotchi Animal Skins297Animal SkinsUncommonAGG +2500body
aavegotchi Horned Helmet298Horned HelmetCommonBRN -11000head
aavegotchi Longbow299LongbowUncommonAGG -1, BRN +1500hands
aavegotchi Feathered Cap300Feathered CapUncommonNRG -1, SPK -1500head
aavegotchi Alluring Eyes301Alluring EyesRareAGG -2, BRN +1250eyes
aavegotchi Geisha Headpiece302Geisha HeadpieceRareNRG -2, AGG -1250head
aavegotchi Kimono303KimonoRareNRG -1, AGG -2250body
aavegotchi Paper Fan304Paper FanRareAGG -3250hands
aavegotchi Sus Butterfly305Sus ButterflyLegendaryAGG +4100pet
aavegotchi Flower Studs306Flower StudsLegendaryNRG -2, SPK -2100face
aavegotchi Fairy Wings307Fairy WingsLegendaryNRG -2, SPK -2100body
aavegotchi Red Hair308Red HairLegendaryNRG -2, SPK -2100head
aavegotchi Citaadel Helm309Citaadel HelmMythicalNRG +3, AGG -250head
aavegotchi Plate Armor310Plate ArmorMythicalNRG +3, AGG -250body
aavegotchi Spirit Sword311Spirit SwordMythicalNRG +2, AGG -350hands
aavegotchi Plate Shield312Plate ShieldMythicalAGG -550hands
aavegotchi Kabuto Helmet313Kabuto HelmetGodlikeAGG +3, SPK +35head
aavegotchi Yoroi Armor314Yoroi ArmorGodlikeAGG +3, SPK +35body
aavegotchi Haanzo Katana315Haanzo KatanaGodlikeAGG +2, SPK +45hands

What is Aavegotchi Wearable Sets?

Wearable Sets are groups of wearables that provide an additional benefit to the Aavegotchi who wears them.

The color of the border around the wearables indicates their scarcity:

  • Common: Cornflower Blue
  • Uncommon: Water Leaf
  • Rare: Malibu
  • Legendary: Koromiko
  • Mythical: Lavender Rose
  • Godlike: Aquamarine


  • BRS = Base Rarity Score
  • AGG = Aggressiveness
  • NRG = Energy
  • SPK = Spookiness
  • BRN = Brain Size

Wearable Sets

SetItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5Set Bonus
Infantryaavegotchi chainlink camo capaavegotchi chainlink camo pantsaavegotchi chainlink mk2 grenadeBRS +1, AGG +1
Trooperaavegotchi chainlink snow camo capaavegotchi chainlink snow camo pantsaavegotchi chainlink m67 grenadeBRS +2, AGG +1
Sergeantaavegotchi chainlink marine capaavegotchi chainlink marine suitaavegotchi chainlink walkie talkieBRS +3, AGG +2
Generalaavegotchi chainlink white capaavegotchi chainlink mess dressaavegotchi chainlink bubblyBRS +4, AGG +2
Mythical Sergeyaavegotchi chainlink sergey beardaavegotchi chainlink sergey eyesaavegotchi chainlink red plaidBRS +5, AGG +3
Godlike Sergeyaavegotchi chainlink sergey beardaavegotchi chainlink sergey eyesaavegotchi chainlink blue plaidBRS +6, NRG -3
Apex Sergeyaavegotchi chainlink sergey beardaavegotchi chainlink sergey eyesaavegotchi chainlink blue plaidaavegotchi chainlink cubeBRS +6, NRG -4
Aave Heroaavegotchi aave hero maskaavegotchi aave hero shirtaavegotchi aave plush toyBRS +1, SPK +1
Captain Aaveaavegotchi aave captain aave maskaavegotchi aave captain aave suitaavegotchi aave captain aave shieldBRS +2, SPK +1
Thaaveaavegotchi aave thaave helmetaavegotchi aave thaave suitaavegotchi aave thaave hammerBRS +3, NRG +2
Marcaavegotchi aave marc hairaavegotchi aave marc outfitaavegotchi aave rekt signBRS +4, NRG +2
Jordanaavegotchi aave jordan hairaavegotchi aave jordan suitaavegotchi aave flagBRS +5, SPK +3
Godlike Staniaavegotchi aave stani hairaavegotchi aave stani lifejacketaavegotchi aave boatBRS +6, AGG -3
Apex Staniaavegotchi aave stani hairaavegotchi aave stani lifejacketaavegotchi aave boataavegotchi aave flagBRS +6, NRG +1, AGG -3
ETH Maxiaavegotchi ETH Logo Glassesaavegotchi ETH T-Shirtaavegotchi 32 ETH CoinBRS +1, BRN -1
Foxy Metaaavegotchi Foxy Maskaavegotchi Foxy Tailaavegotchi Trezor WalletBRS +2, AGG -1
Nogara the Eagleaavegotchi Eagle Maskaavegotchi Nogara Armoraavegotchi DAO EggBRS +3, NRG +2
DeFi Degenaavegotchi Ape Maskaavegotchi Half Rekt Shirtaavegotchi Waifu PillowBRS +4, BRN -2
DAO Summoneraavegotchi Xibot Mohawkaavegotchi Coderdan Shadesaavegotchi GldnXross Robeaavegotchi Mudgen DiamondBRS +5, BRN +3
Vitalik Visionaryaavegotchi Galaxy Brainaavegotchi All Seeing Eyesaavegotchi Llamacorn ShirtBRS +6, NRG -3
Apex Vitalik Visionaryaavegotchi Mudgen Diamondaavegotchi Galaxy Brainaavegotchi All Seeing Eyesaavegotchi Llamacorn ShirtBRS +7, NRG -3, BRN +1
Super Aagentaavegotchi Aagent Headsetaavegotchi Aagent Shirtaavegotchi Aagent Shadesaavegotchi Aagent Pistolaavegotchi Aagent Fedora HatBRS +4, NRG -1, SPK +2
Aagentaavegotchi Aagent Headsetaavegotchi Aagent Shirtaavegotchi Aagent ShadesBRS +3, NRG -1, SPK +1
Aagentaavegotchi Aagent Headsetaavegotchi Aagent Shirtaavegotchi Aagent Shadesaavegotchi Aagent PistolBRS +3, NRG -1, SPK +2
Wizardaavegotchi Common Wizard Hataavegotchi Common Wizard Staffaavegotchi Wizard VisorBRS +1, NRG +1
Wizardaavegotchi Legendary Wizard Hataavegotchi Common Wizard Staffaavegotchi Wizard VisorBRS +1, NRG +1
Wizardaavegotchi Mythical Wizard Hataavegotchi Common Wizard Staffaavegotchi Wizard VisorBRS +1, NRG +1
Wizardaavegotchi Godlike Wizard Hataavegotchi Common Wizard Staffaavegotchi Wizard VisorBRS +1, NRG +1
Wizardaavegotchi Common Wizard Hataavegotchi Legendary Wizard Staffaavegotchi Wizard VisorBRS +1, NRG +1
Legendary Wizardaavegotchi Legendary Wizard Hataavegotchi Legendary Wizard Staffaavegotchi Wizard VisorBRS +4, NRG +1, BRN +1
Mythical Wizardaavegotchi Mythical Wizard Hataavegotchi Legendary Wizard Staffaavegotchi Wizard VisorBRS +5, NRG +1, BRN +2
Godlike Wizardaavegotchi Godlike Wizard Hataavegotchi Legendary Wizard Staffaavegotchi Wizard VisorBRS +6, NRG +1, BRN +2
Farmeraavegotchi Farmer Straw Hataavegotchi Farmer Jeansaavegotchi Farmer PitchforkBRS +1, NRG -1
Mythical Farmeraavegotchi Farmer Straw Hataavegotchi Farmer Jeansaavegotchi Farmer HandsawBRS +5, NRG -2, BRN -1
OKex Jaayaavegotchi Jaay Hairpieceaavegotchi Jaay Glassesaavegotchi Jaay SuitBRS +5, NRG -1, BRN -2
OKex Jaay Haoaavegotchi Jaay Hairpieceaavegotchi Jaay Glassesaavegotchi Jaay Suitaavegotchi OKex SignBRS +5, NRG -1, BRN -2
Skateraavegotchi Bitcoin Beanieaavegotchi Black Jeansaavegotchi SkateboardBRS +2, BRN -1
Sushi Chefaavegotchi Sushi Bandanaaavegotchi Sushi Coataavegotchi Sushi KnifeBRS +3, AGG +2
Sushi Chefaavegotchi Sushi Bandanaaavegotchi Sushi Coataavegotchi Sushi PieceBRS +4, AGG +2
Master Sushi Chefaavegotchi Sushi Bandanaaavegotchi Sushi Coataavegotchi Sushi Knifeaavegotchi Sushi PieceBRS +4, AGG +2, SPK -1
Gentlemanaavegotchi Gentleman Hataavegotchi Gentleman Coataavegotchi Gentleman MonocleBRS +4, AGG -2
Mineraavegotchi Miner Helmetaavegotchi Miner Jeansaavegotchi Miner PickaxeBRS +2, NRG +1
Pajamasaavegotchi Pajama Hataavegotchi Pajama Shirtaavegotchi Bedtime MilkBRS +3, SPK -2
Pajamasaavegotchi Pajama Hataavegotchi Pajama Shirtaavegotchi Fluffy PillowBRS +3, SPK -2
Full Pajamasaavegotchi Pajama Hataavegotchi Pajama Shirtaavegotchi Bedtime Milkaavegotchi Fluffy PillowBRS +4, SPK -3
Runneraavegotchi Sweatbandaavegotchi Track Shortsaavegotchi Water BottleBRS +2, NRG +1
Runneraavegotchi Sweatbandaavegotchi Track Shortsaavegotchi Water JugBRS +2, NRG +1
Runneraavegotchi Sweatbandaavegotchi Track Suitaavegotchi Water BottleBRS +2, NRG +1
Long Distance Runneraavegotchi Sweatbandaavegotchi Track Suitaavegotchi Water JugBRS +4, NRG +2
Ladyaavegotchi Pillbox Hataavegotchi Day Dressaavegotchi ClutchBRS +4, SPK -2
Ladyaavegotchi Pillbox Hataavegotchi Day Dressaavegotchi ParasolBRS +4, SPK -2
Socialiteaavegotchi Pillbox Hataavegotchi Day Dressaavegotchi Parasolaavegotchi ClutchBRS +5, NRG +2, SPK -1
Witchyaavegotchi Witchy Hataavegotchi Witchy Cloakaavegotchi Witchy WandBRS +5, SPK +3
Portal Mageaavegotchi Portal Mage Helmetaavegotchi Portal Mage Armoraavegotchi Portal Mage AxeBRS +4, AGG +2
Supreme Portal Mageaavegotchi Portal Mage Helmetaavegotchi Portal Mage Armoraavegotchi Portal Mage Black AxeBRS +6, AGG +3
Rastafarianaavegotchi Rasta Hataavegotchi Rasta Shirtaavegotchi Jamaican FlagBRS +3, AGG -2
Off Duty Hazmataavegotchi Hazmat Hoodaavegotchi Hazmat Suitaavegotchi Apple JuiceBRS +4, NRG +2
On Duty Hazmataavegotchi Hazmat Hoodaavegotchi Hazmat Suitaavegotchi Uranium RodBRS +6, NRG +3
Blue Vacationeraavegotchi Blue Hawaiian Shirtaavegotchi Coconutaavegotchi Cool shadesBRS +4, NRG -2
Red Vacationeraavegotchi Red Hawaiian Shirtaavegotchi Coconutaavegotchi Cool shadesBRS +5, NRG -2, SPK -1
Crypto OGaavegotchi chainlink bubblyaavegotchi aave hero shirtaavegotchi ETH Logo Glassesaavegotchi Foxy Tailaavegotchi Bitcoin BeanieBRS +4, BRN -2
Rektboiaavegotchi aave rekt signaavegotchi Ape Maskaavegotchi Half Rekt ShirtBRS +4, BRN -2
Man of Cultureaavegotchi Waifu Pillowaavegotchi Aagent Fedora Hataavegotchi Jaay SuitBRS +4, BRN -2
Curve Surferaavegotchi Wizard Visoraavegotchi Big GHST Tokenaavegotchi Blue Hawaiian ShirtBRS +4, BRN +2
PoW Mineraavegotchi aave thaave suitaavegotchi Bitcoin Beanieaavegotchi Miner PickaxeBRS +3, AGG +2
Toddleraavegotchi Pajama Hataavegotchi Pajama Shirtaavegotchi Baby BottleBRS +4, AGG -2
FU Moneyaavegotchi aave boataavegotchi Red Hawaiian Shirtaavegotchi Cool shadesaavegotchi MartiniBRS +6, AGG -3
Farmer Alfaavegotchi chainlink sergey beardaavegotchi Farmer Straw Hataavegotchi Farmer Jeansaavegotchi Farmer PitchforkBRS +5, NRG -3
Battle Santaaavegotchi chainlink snow camo pantsaavegotchi chainlink sergey beardaavegotchi Santagotchi Hataavegotchi Portal Mage AxeBRS +5, AGG +3
Party Animalaavegotchi Rasta Shirtaavegotchi Foxy Tailaavegotchi Beer HelmetBRS +5, BRN -3
Snapshot Voteraavegotchi Vote Signaavegotchi Snapshot Shirtaavegotchi Snapshot CapBRS +3, AGG -2
Polygonistaavegotchi L2 Signaavegotchi Polygon Shirtaavegotchi Polygon CapBRS +3, AGG -1, BRN +1
Quickswap Dragonaavegotchi Fireballaavegotchi Dragon Hornsaavegotchi Dragon WingsBRS +3, AGG +1, SPK +1
Swappy the Dragonaavegotchi Fireballaavegotchi Dragon Wingsaavegotchi Pointy HornsBRS +4, AGG +1, SPK +1
Gotchi Elfaavegotchi Elf Earsaavegotchi Gemstone Ringaavegotchi Princess TiaraBRS +3, SPK -1, BRN +1
Gotchi Princessaavegotchi Elf Earsaavegotchi Gemstone Ringaavegotchi Princess Tiaraaavegotchi Gold NecklaceBRS +4, NRG +1, AGG +1
Gotchi Queenaavegotchi Elf Earsaavegotchi Gemstone Ringaavegotchi Princess Hairaavegotchi Gold NecklaceBRS +5, SPK -2, BRN +1
Godli Locksaavegotchi Elf Earsaavegotchi Gemstone Ringaavegotchi Godli Locksaavegotchi Gold NecklaceBRS +6, SPK -2, BRN +2
Gotchi Baronaavegotchi Imperial Moustacheaavegotchi Tiny Crownaavegotchi Royal ScepterBRS +3, NRG -1, BRN -1
Gotchi Lordaavegotchi Imperial Moustacheaavegotchi Tiny Crownaavegotchi Royal Scepteraavegotchi Royal RobesBRS +5, NRG -1, BRN -2
Gotchi Kingaavegotchi Imperial Moustacheaavegotchi Royal Crownaavegotchi Royal Scepteraavegotchi Royal RobesBRS +5, NRG -2, BRN -1
Gotchi Emperoraavegotchi Imperial Moustacheaavegotchi Royal Crownaavegotchi Royal Scepteraavegotchi Royal Robesaavegotchi Royal RoflBRS +6, NRG -2, BRN -2
Lil Pumpagotchiaavegotchi Lil Pump Goateeaavegotchi Lil Pump Drankaavegotchi Lil Pump Shadesaavegotchi Lil Pump Threadsaavegotchi Lil Pump DreadsBRS +6, NRG +2, AGG +2
Soundcloud Rapperaavegotchi Rasta Hataavegotchi Lil Pump Goateeaavegotchi Lil Pump Drankaavegotchi Lil Pump Shadesaavegotchi Lil Pump ThreadsBRS +5, NRG +1, AGG +2
REALM Tycoonaavegotchi Gentleman Hataavegotchi Gentleman Coataavegotchi Gentleman Monocleaavegotchi Imperial MoustacheBRS +4, NRG -1, AGG -1
Yegres the Dragonaavegotchi chainlink sergey eyesaavegotchi Dragon Hornsaavegotchi Dragon Wingsaavegotchi DAO EggBRS +5, SPK +1, BRN +2
Vacation Santaaavegotchi Santagotchi Hataavegotchi Red Hawaiian Shirtaavegotchi Martiniaavegotchi Cool ShadesBRS +5, NRG -1, AGG -1, SPK -1
VR Gameraavegotchi VR Headsetaavegotchi Gamer Jacketaavegotchi Game ControllerBRS +5, NRG +2, AGG +1
Steampunkaavegotchi Steampunk Gogglesaavegotchi Steampunk Trousersaavegotchi Mechanical ClawBRS +4, SPK +2
Casual Gameraavegotchi Cool shadesaavegotchi Gamer Jacketaavegotchi Game ControllerBRS +3, NRG +1, AGG +1
Gentleman Farmeraavegotchi Farmer Pitchforkaavegotchi Imperial Moustacheaavegotchi Steampunk TrousersBRS +2, SPK +1
Cyberpunkaavegotchi Nogara Armoraavegotchi Xibot Mohawkaavegotchi VR HeadsetBRS +5, NRG +3
Steampunk Grenadieraavegotchi chainlink camo capaavegotchi chainlink camo pantsaavegotchi chainlink m67 grenadeaavegotchi Steampunk GogglesBRS +3, SPK +2
Venly Biker Setaavegotchi Biker Helmetaavegotchi Biker Jacketaavegotchi Aviatorsaavegotchi Horseshoe MustacheBRS +4, NRG +1, AGG +1
Hacker Aanonaavegotchi Guy Fawkes Maskaavegotchi 1337 Laptopaavegotchi H4xx0r ShirtBRS +5, NRG -2, BRN +1
Shadowy Supercoderaavegotchi 1337 Laptopaavegotchi H4xx0r Shirtaavegotchi Matrix EyesBRS +6, NRG -2, BRN +1
Cyborgaavegotchi Cyborg Eyeaavegotchi Rainbow Vomitaavegotchi Energy GunBRS +5, AGG +3
Punk Rockeraavegotchi Mohawkaavegotchi Mutton Chopsaavegotchi Punk ShirtBRS +4, AGG +2
Piraateaavegotchi Pirate Hataavegotchi Pirate Coataavegotchi Hook Handaavegotchi Pirate PatchBRS +3, BRN -2
Aair Gotchiaavegotchi Basketballaavegotchi Red Headbandaavegotchi 23 JerseyBRS +3, NRG +2
Wraangleraavegotchi 10 Gallon Hataavegotchi Lassoaavegotchi Wraangler JeansBRS +2, AGG +1
Rancheroaavegotchi Comfy Ponchoaavegotchi Poncho Hoodieaavegotchi Uncommon CactiBRS +2, NRG -1
Rancheroaavegotchi Comfy Ponchoaavegotchi Poncho Hoodieaavegotchi Blue CactiBRS +2, NRG -1
Rancheroaavegotchi Comfy Ponchoaavegotchi Poncho Hoodieaavegotchi Mythical CactiBRS +2, NRG -1
Rancheroaavegotchi Comfy Ponchoaavegotchi Poncho Hoodieaavegotchi Godlike CactiBRS +2, NRG -1
Novice Shaamanaavegotchi Uncommon Cactiaavegotchi Shaaman Ponchoaavegotchi Shaaman HoodieBRS +5, NRG -3
Shaaman Priestaavegotchi Shaaman Ponchoaavegotchi Shaaman Hoodieaavegotchi Blue CactiBRS +5, NRG -3
Shaaman Mysticaavegotchi Shaaman Ponchoaavegotchi Shaaman Hoodieaavegotchi Mythical CactiBRS +5, NRG -3
Master Shaamanaavegotchi Shaaman Ponchoaavegotchi Shaaman Hoodieaavegotchi Godlike CactiBRS +6, NRG -3
WGMI Wagieaavegotchi Wagie Capaavegotchi Headphonesaavegotchi WGMI ShirtBRS +3, AGG -2
YOLO Guyaavegotchi Yellow Manbunaavegotchi Tinted Shadesaavegotchi V-Neck ShirtBRS +4, NRG -1, AGG -1
Psychonautaavegotchi Shaaman Ponchoaavegotchi Shaaman Hoodieaavegotchi Godlike Cactiaavegotchi All Seeing EyesBRS +7, NRG -3, BRN +1
Tech Broaavegotchi Yellow Manbunaavegotchi Tinted Shadesaavegotchi V-Neck Shirtaavegotchi 1337 LaptopBRS +5, NRG -2, BRN +1
Gunslingeraavegotchi Comfy Ponchoaavegotchi 10 Gallon Hataavegotchi Aagent Pistolaavegotchi Aagent PistolBRS +3, AGG +2
We Are Legionaavegotchi Gentleman Coataavegotchi Guy Fawkes Maskaavegotchi 1337 LaptopBRS +5, SPK +3
Aastronautaavegotchi Aastronaut Helmetaavegotchi Aastronaut Suitaavegotchi uGOTCHI TokenBRS +1, SPK +1
Geckogotchiaavegotchi Gecko Eyesaavegotchi CoinGecko Teeaavegotchi Candy JaarBRS +2, NRG +1
Super Geckogotchiaavegotchi Gecko Hataavegotchi Gecko Eyesaavegotchi CoinGecko Teeaavegotchi Candy JaarBRS +3, SPK -1, BRN -1
Lil Bubbleaavegotchi Space Helmetaavegotchi Lil Bubble Space Suitaavegotchi Bitcoin GuitarBRS +4, NRG +2, AGG -1
Radaraavegotchi Aantenna Botaavegotchi Radar Eyesaavegotchi Signal HeadsetBRS +5, AGG -1, BRN +2
Laozigotchiaavegotchi Taoist Robeaavegotchi Bushy Eyebrowsaavegotchi Beard of WisdomBRS +6, NRG -2, BRN +1
Wandering Sageaavegotchi Legendary Wizard Staffaavegotchi Taoist Robeaavegotchi Bushy Eyebrowsaavegotchi Beard of WisdomBRS +7, NRG -2, BRN +2
APY Visionaryaavegotchi APY Shadesaavegotchi Up Arrowaavegotchi Up Only ShirtBRS +2, NRG +1
Aarcheraavegotchi Brunette Ponytailaavegotchi Leather Tunicaavegotchi Bow and ArrowBRS +1, AGG -1
Baarbarianaavegotchi Forked Beardaavegotchi Double-sided Axeaavegotchi Animal Skinsaavegotchi Horned HelmetBRS +2, AGG +1
Raangeraavegotchi Leather Tunicaavegotchi Longbowaavegotchi Feathered CapBRS +2, NRG -1
Geishaaavegotchi Alluring Eyesaavegotchi Geisha Headpieceaavegotchi Kimonoaavegotchi Paper FanBRS +3, AGG -2
Fairyaavegotchi Flower Studsaavegotchi Fairy Wingsaavegotchi Red HairBRS +4, NRG -1, SPK -1
Sus Fairyaavegotchi Sus Butterflyaavegotchi Flower Studsaavegotchi Fairy Wingsaavegotchi Red HairBRS +4, NRG -1, SPK -1
Knightaavegotchi Citaadel Helmaavegotchi Plate Armoraavegotchi Spirit SwordBRS +5, NRG +2, AGG -1
Citaadel Knightaavegotchi Citaadel Helmaavegotchi Plate Armoraavegotchi Spirit Swordaavegotchi Plate ShieldBRS +5, NRG +1, AGG -2
Bushidogotchiaavegotchi Kabuto Helmetaavegotchi Yoroi Armoraavegotchi Haanzo KatanaBRS +6, AGG +1, SPK +2
Robin Hoodaavegotchi aave hero maskaavegotchi Leather Tunicaavegotchi Bow and Arrowaavegotchi Feathered CapBRS +2, NRG -1
Nure-onnaaavegotchi Gecko Eyesaavegotchi Geisha Headpieceaavegotchi Kimonoaavegotchi Paper FanBRS +3, AGG -2
Tinkerbellaavegotchi Royal Scepteraavegotchi Flower Studsaavegotchi Fairy Wingsaavegotchi Red HairBRS +4, NRG -1, SPK -1
Rave Gurlaavegotchi Rainbow Vomitaavegotchi Martiniaavegotchi Coderdan Shadesaavegotchi Shaaman Hoodieaavegotchi Fairy WingsBRS +5, NRG -1, AGG +1, SPK -1
Off Duty Knightaavegotchi Parasolaavegotchi Milkshakeaavegotchi Princess Hairaavegotchi Plate ArmorBRS +5, NRG +1, SPK -2
Daimyogotchiaavegotchi Mythical Roflaavegotchi Kabuto Helmetaavegotchi Yoroi Armoraavegotchi Haanzo KatanaBRS +7, AGG +1, SPK +2, BRN -1
Shogungotchiaavegotchi Royal Roflaavegotchi Kabuto Helmetaavegotchi Yoroi Armoraavegotchi Haanzo KatanaBRS +8, NRG -1, AGG +1, SPK +2, BRN -1
Noble Savageaavegotchi Imperial Moustacheaavegotchi Double-sided Axeaavegotchi Animal Skinsaavegotchi Horned HelmetBRS +2, AGG +1
Elven Aarcheraavegotchi Elf Earsaavegotchi Brunette Ponytailaavegotchi Leather Tunicaavegotchi Bow and ArrowBRS +1, AGG -1
Elven Raangeraavegotchi Elf Earsaavegotchi Gemstone Ringaavegotchi Leather Tunicaavegotchi Longbowaavegotchi Feathered CapBRS +2, SPK -1
Woodland Critteraavegotchi Leather Tunicaavegotchi Feathered Capaavegotchi Elf Earsaavegotchi Foxy TailBRS +2, SPK -1
Vacation Geishaaavegotchi Blue Hawaiian Shirtaavegotchi Paper Fanaavegotchi Tinted Shadesaavegotchi Geisha HeadpieceBRS +4, AGG -2
Tooth Fairyaavegotchi Flower Studsaavegotchi Fairy Wingsaavegotchi Red Hairaavegotchi Fluffy PillowBRS +4, SPK -2

What is Rarity Aavegotchi Farming?

Aavegotchi pioneered a novel game mechanism known as rarity farming. It aims to reward users who are the most thoughtful and enthusiastic about the ecosystem. This is a process in which you attempt to raise the rarest Aavegotchis and are rewarded for doing so.

How Do I Rarity Farm in Aavegotchi?

There are several methods for engaging in rarity farming. These are some examples:

  • Carefully selecting an Aavegotchi with rare traits during the summoning process
  • Equipping wearables to modify the traits of your Aavegotchi
  • Engaging in mini-games

However, the rarity level of a single Aavegotchi is dynamic and will change over time as the distribution of traits and wearables changes in the Aavegotchi universe. In other words, simply maxing out a specific trait in your Aavegotchi isn’t enough. You must also consider the actions of the other players.

For example, if too many players compete for a war-like gotchi with high aggression scores, this trait becomes less rare, and your Aavegotchi’s rarity level decreases.

What are Aavegotchi Mini-games?

What good is having an Aavegotchi if you can’t play with it? Exploring the Aavegotchi Realm overworld with friends and pitting your Aavegotchis against theirs will be one of the core experiences of the Aavegotchi game.

Some mini-games will be played with simple random number generators (RNGs), while others will be more immersive and player-controlled.

Each mini-game will employ various Aavegotchi traits to ensure fair gameplay across a wide range of trait distributions. A HYPER-AGGRESSIVE Aavegotchi, for example, might do well in an Aavegotchi Fight Club but not in a cake-baking mini-game.

Have an Aavegotchi that isn’t suited to any of the current mini-games? Take the plunge and create one! To assist developers in creating Aavegotchi mini-games, AavegotchiDAO V2.0 will manage a Development Fund, which has been established to support development work within the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Mini-games can award XP to winners as long as they adhere to trait distribution standards.

XP Rewards for Mini-Games

Select mini-games will occasionally award XP to the top scorers on the mini-leaderboard. game’s When these Mini-Game XP events become available, the Pixelcraft team will announce them on Discord.

Aavegotchis require XP to remain competitive on the Rarity Farming XP leaderboard and win GHST prizes.

Official Mini-Games

More information will be released here once it is available!

Community-created Mini-Games

Some of our aarchitect frens have created some mini-games of their own! Try them out!

The Mini-Games section of the DApp can be found here


Link to game Aavegotchi Pacman

Reverse Pacman Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Aavegotchi Rider game

Portal Rider Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Gotchi Tower Defense game

Gotchi Tower Defense Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Gotchi The Gaatherer game

Gotchi the Gaatherer Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Sushi Vader game

Sushi Vader Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Snake game

Snaake Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Whac-a-Rofl game

Whac-a-Rofl Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Gotchiminer game

GotchiMiner Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Aadventure game

Aadventure Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Arm Baandit game

1 Arm Baandit Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link Aavezon game

Aavezon Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Portal DDefenders game

Portal Defenders Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Sushibagotchi game

Sushibagotchi Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Samugotchi Shodown game

Samugotchi Shodown Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Astegotchi game

Astegotchi Aavegotchi Mini-Game


Link to Pinbaal game

Pinbaal Aavegotchi Mini-Game

What is Aavegotchi Gotchiverse?

Beyond the Human Realm, there is the Ether Realm, where smart contracts twinkle and dark forests lurk. Travel a bit further down the rabbit hole, and one eventually discovers the Gotchiverse Realm.

When a yield farmer in the Ether Realm is liquidated, its spirit journeys to the Gotchiverse, where it reincarnates as an Aavegotchi. Aavegotchis are a spectral species who love nothing more than farmingvoting, and shitposting with their frens.

The Gotchiverse began with only a handful of Aavegotchis, but as liquidations grew within the Ether Realm, so the population of the Gotchiverse burgeoned, with thousands of Aavegotchis exploring, building, and settling in its vast expanses, and even building great structures to worship the lickquidators, their creators.


The Gotchiverse occupies a vast expanse of land, with key landmarks distributed across its geography. It has three distinct zones:

  • The Citaadel
  • The Grid
  • The Beyond
The Citaadel

Protected by a Force Field that keeps out lickquidators, the Citaadel is the home base of Aavegotchis in the Gotchiverse. Towers cannot be built in the Citaadel, except for in special areas around the Great Portal.

The Great Portal

A key landmark within the Citaadel is the the Great Portal. The Great Portal is a structure of impressive magical character, capable of bridging the chasm between the Gotchiverse and the Human Realm. Within the Great Portal swirl the spirits of all Aavegotchis that ever existed. The Great Portal protects the Gotchiverse Citaadel, taking in return a small tithe of the Gotchus Alchemica harvested from the Gotchiverse.

The Grid

The Grid encompasses everything outside of the Citaadel. Parcels in the Grid are much more plentiful, but owners should beware — lickquidators are lurking in every corner. Grid Parcels can build both Walls and Towers.

The Aarena

A key landmark in the Grid is the Aarena.

Although Aavegotchis are frenly, they do realize that aggressive urges need an outlet, which is why they created the Aarena.

Within the Aarena, Aavegotchis with high enough Spirit Force (Aave-powered interest-bearing aTokens) can battle against each other in epic Battle Royales, competing for the Spirit Force of their opponents.

Lickquidators dare not enter into the Aarena, instead opting to frequent the Phantastic Grounds, another friendly-fire area that also allows lickquidators to enter.

The Beyond

Locked Parcels that will not be unlocked until the beginning of Act 2.


Districts comprise of groups of REALM parcels that are situated close to each other. The following image shows a portion of the Citaadel where REALM parcels have been released and the districts in it.

Guilds generally organize themselves in districts. Check out the Guild page for the list of Guilds and which districts they are situated in.

Aavegotchi Districts

Browse the REALM here at

REALM Parcel Sizes

Parcels come in three sizes, with each size providing greater deposits of Alchemica* and more building space

  • Humble: Contain smol deposits of Alchemica and building space (8 x 8 pixels)
  • Reasonably Sized: Contain reasonable deposits of Alchemica and building space (16 x 16 pixels)
  • Spacious: Contain huge deposits of Alchemica and building space (32 x 64 pixels)

Some parcels will be next to or adjacent to Alchemica deposits. These parcels will see farming boosters indicated on the gotchiverse dashboard and when they are listed on the Baazaar.

To make it more human frenly, each parcel will be assigned with a unique three word combination. This is in addition to the TokenID. Users will be able to use the search box on the Gotchiverse site to specifically filter for parcels with the word or words they are looking for.

REALM parcels that are adjacent to one another can be used to form estaates.

Aavegotchi REALM Parcel Sizes

REALM Gameplay


Owners of REALM parcels can employ their Aavegotchis (and those of others) to farm their REALM parcels, producing quantities of resources known as Gotchus Alchemica. These resources can be combined to create powerful structures known as Installations.

The Gotchiverse is an open-ended social space where players can engage in myriad activities, such as farming, crafting, trading, and combat.

Although there are no victory conditions or “end of game” scenarios, one overarching goal of the Gotchiverse is to collect Alchemica to bolster your parcel to produce more yield, and build defensive structures in preparation for the coming of the Prophecy, and the great lickquidators invasion.

Players that possess Lickquidator Credits can opt to play as lickquidators. Lickquidator Credits can be earned by completing tasks, referring friends, participating in airdrops, or other ways. They can also be purchased with GHST.

The main goal of a lickquidator is to collect loose Alchemica that has been spilled around the Gotchiverse, but they can also engage in combat with Aavegotchis and offensive Installations to earn Alchemica.

Lickquidators are envisioned as a free-to-play entry point to the Gotchiverse Realm, with no cap on supply and limited collectability.

There is also a Gotchi Lending feature that allows Gotchi owners to lend out their Gotchis to other players for a set period of time to try out the game.

Socializing in the Gotchiverse

Aavegotchis love socializing with their frens, and their favorite place to hang out is inside the Gotchiverse!

By default, text chat will be enabled for all Gotchis in proximity to each other. REALM Parcel owners can also construct special Installations on their parcels to enable voice chat for Gotchis within a Parcel, and upgrade the Installation to support global voice chat.

Gotchis can also band together to go on Aadventures together, exploring dungeons, fighting lickquidators and other baaddies to earn rewards. Aadventures are special regions outside of the main Gotchiverse where Aavegotchis can put their traits and wearables to work while exploring, battling NPC enemies, and gaining experience and resources. But they don’t last forever!

Gotchiverse Dungeon
Aavegotchi Chat Commands

The following table shows the chat commands in the Gotchiverse.

EExclamation point
FHappy Face
UUnhappy Face
BBurning Fire

Gotchus Alchemica

Gotchus Alchemica (ERC20 tokens) are the four elements of the Gotchiverse: Fud, Fomo, Alpha, and Kek. They can be combined to craft Installations and Aesthetica, among other uses. Read more about the tokenomics here.

Gotchus Alchemica

The table below shows their total supply:

TokenTotal Supply

Gotchus Alchemica can be extracted from REALM in four distinct ways:

  • Alchemical Channeling: A basic daily stipend earned by Aavegotchis that comes directly from the Gotchiverse ether, instead of being harvested from the parcel.
  • Communal Channeling: Aavegotchis can also collectively channel Alchemica when a Gotchi Lodge Installation has been built upon the REALM Parcel. In order to participate in communal channeling, the Aavegotchi must be wearing the associated Guild Insignia and be present on the REALM Parcel during the ritual. For every additional Aavegotchi participating in the Communal Channeling ritual, Alchemica will be farmed more rapidly.
  • Farming: Once a Harvester has been built, Alchemica begin accruing passively, with x amount going into the Reservoir, y amount spilling over to the nearby map, and z amount going to the Great Portal
  • Harvesting: Aavegotchis and lickquidators can roam the map, collecting loose Alchemica spilled from mining.

Trading of Gotchus Alchemica will take place on the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX).


Similar to the “Portal” mechanic in Aavegotchi, REALM Parcels must be surveyed before they finally reveal the quantity of Alchemica that rests inside them. The surveying process is an onchain call to Chainlink VRF, a truly randomized number generator.

When the Gotchiverse is released, all existing REALM Parcels can be surveyed if their owners choose to, or the surveying process can be delayed until a future date.

The range of Alchemica available for each Parcel Type is listed below, for the entire Act 1, and for Round 1 of Act 1, which distributes roughly 25% of the Alchemica contained within.

Note that total Alchemica within a Parcel is cumulative, which means future Surveyings will add additional Alchemica on top of the total.


The range of possible Alchemica that can be discovered during each surveying round. To prevent a bad player experience, the “minimum” that can be surveyed is 20% of the average, and the “maximum” is 1.8x of the average.

For example, the range of values of FUD for a Humble parcel for the entire Act 1 will be 5694 to 51251, averaging out to 28,473.

We believe this provides for interesting gameplay, while also providing a sufficient “safety net” for even the unluckiest of players.

Building on REALM parcels

Installations are special structures built on top of your REALM Parcel. Installations are crafted via various combinations of Alchemica, and can be freely traded for GHST in the Aavegotchi Baazaar.

Confirmed Installations include:

Installation NameDescription
Alchemical AaltarThe most important Installation on the Parcel. Initially used for Alchemical Channeling with the Parcel’s linked Aavegotchi. Can also be upgraded to further the tech tree of various other Installations. Included with REALM parcel.
Gotchi LodgeThe social hub of a Parcel. Can be upgraded to support voice chat within the Parcel or globally for Guild members. Aavegotchis can link to a Guild House to engage in communal channeling, a spectral ritual that lowers kinship but increases the Alchemical channeled to each Aavegotchi for a short period.
HarvestersHarvesters allow Parcels to harvest Alchemica from the Parcel without relying on Aavegotchi’s Alchemical channeling. Harvesters are initially not very accurate, and a large portion of the Alchemica extracted from the Realm will be spilled around the premises, for nearby Aavegotchis or Lickquidators to capture.
ReservoirsReservoirs store the Alchemica harvested by Harvesters. Initially the storage is quite small, but can be upgraded over time.
WallsWalls are defensive structures that can be built to enclose ones’ Parcel and prevent spilled Alchemica from being stolen. Walls can be upgraded to improve their toughness.
TowersTowers are offensive structures that can be built to protect against Lickquidator raids. They can be upgraded to improve their traits. Towers cannot be built inside the Citaadel premises, except in certain special regions.
Black HoleBlack Holes are powerful, mystical objects that exert a gravitational pull on all nearby Lickquidators, slowly draining their health and bringing them closer towards the Parcel.
NPC as DappsDapps will be playable directly within the Gotchiverse. An early example of this will be the GotchiDEX dapp, a DEX specially created for providing liquidity for the Gotchus Alchemica. A developer SDK will be created to allow other developers to re-skin their smart contract frontends to work as NPCs within the Gotchiverse.
AntennasAntennas are used for in-parcel voice chat among Gotchis. We are frenly and sociable!
Display CasesInviting a Gotchi fren over to your parcel? Show off your Art, Baadge, and Trophy NFTs in Display Cases.

Installations take a certain number of blockchain blocks to finish constructing, but this time can be reduced by spending GLTR (GAX Liquidity Token Reward), an in-game currency that can be earned by providing liquidity on the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX).

Aesthetica are aesthetic NFTs that can be added to a Parcel, but do not affect its Alchemica or other statistics. They just look dope.



Crafting Installations and upgrading them to become more powerful is an important part of the Gotchiverse experience. Different Installations require different “recipes” to craft and upgrade, which is why the Aadepts provided us with a handy Recipe Book for reference!

Harvest Rate, Capacity, and Spillover

Haarvesters and Reservoirs are special Installations that allow mining of Alchemica from beneath the Gotchiverse surface.

Each type of Haarvester is capable of harvesting one type of Alchemica, and each Reservoir can hold a certain amount of one type of Alchemica. As the Installation level increases, Harvest Rate and Capacity both increase.

Spillover is another property of Reservoirs that determines how much and how far Alchemica spills when it is claimed from the Reservoir. Lower level Reservoirs have higher Spillover Amount and Spillover Radius, and these amounts are reduced with further upgrades.

You can consult the Recipe Book to see exact Harvest Rates, Capacities, and Spillover Rates.

Removing Installations

Once an Installation is added to a Parcel, it can be upgraded or removed. Removing the Installation destroys the underlying NFT, but returns 50% of all Alchemica spent on the Installation and its upgrades to the original owner.


Whenever an Installation, upgrade or other item is crafted within the Gotchiverse, the underlying Alchemica are sent to four distinct places:

  • Great Portal (35%)
  • Pixelcraft (30%)
  • DAO (30%)
  • Burn (5%)

The Great Portal is the heartbeat of the Gotchiverse. Whenever items are crafted in the Gotchiverse, 35% of that Alchemica is captured by the most important Portal in the game. As the Great Portal’s treasury balloons, a great prophecy waits to be fulfilled…

Supply in excess of the capacity will be redistributed via Alchemical Channeling, instead of minting new tokens.

Any Alchemica in excess of the Great Portal Capacity will be recycled back into the ecosystem via Alchemical and Group Channeling, slowing the minting rate for new tokens.

Initially, the Great Portal Capacity will be 1% of total supply, but this can be altered by AavegotchiDAO. Speaking of AavegotchiDAO…

  • AavegotchiDAO, the governing body of the Aavegotchi Protocol, receives 30% of the crafted Alchemica split. This Alchemica balance represents a powerful opportunity for the community to have a direct stake in treasury management and put these tokens to work on the protocol’s behalf.
  • Pixelcraft Studios, the Gotchiverse’s dev house, also receives 30% of crafted Alchemica. These Alchemica balances can quickly be put to work in any endeavor supporting the growth of the Aavegotchi protocol and Gotchiverse game. Besides just diamond-handing, user acquisition, strategic allocations and marketing initiatives are some of the ways Alchemica can be put to work.
  • A 5% token burn is the cherry on top of this Crafting Revenue Distribution plan. A burn of this significance will help to offset the various ebbs and flows of Alchemica inflation, whether it be from player adoption spikes, planned Alchemical events like The Great Battles, or very lucky surveyed REALM Parcels.

REALM Tokenomics


The total supply of REALM is 420,069. Initially, 155,069 REALM will be unlocked and distributed over a period of two years (Act 1). They make up the Citaadel and the Grid. The remaining REALM are currently obscured in an area known as The Beyond. As certain game milestones are reached, these REALM will be unlocked to offer new game experiences (Acts 2-3).


REALM Parcels will be distributed in two main ways:

Method 1: Incentivized GBM Auctions (80%)

The primary distribution method for REALM Parcels will be the incentivized GBM auction system. Participants will be able to select and bid on specific parcels from within the Gotchiverse world map. In a GBM auction, a participant can earn GHST by participating, even if they do not win the NFT.

First pioneered by Cryptographs back in 2019, the GBM auction is a patent-pending system, and Pixelcraft Studios has officially been licensed to use it for all Aavegotchi NFT Drops, including Haunt 2, REALM, and even Wearables.

This revolutionary auction model solves many problems inherent to the popular First Come First Serve (FCFS) drops, but they naturally, still favor those with the most capital to invest.

To balance this, the team has decided to raffle off the remaining 20% of REALM parcels using Chainlink VRF-powered Raffles.

Method 2: Raffle (20%)

The secondary distribution method for REALM Parcels will be Chainlink VRF-powered Raffles. Participants will enter via Drop Tickets that are used for Portal and REALM Raffles. Drop Tickets can be earned by holding summoned Aavegotchis, participating in Missions, or by converting FRENS points or other Raffle tickets at a rate of 10,000 FRENS points per Drop Ticket. Begin accruing FRENS points now by staking GHST.


Drop Tickets are ERC-1155 NFTs that are fully tradable on the Aavegotchi Baazaar. Each Drop Ticket represents one entry into the NFT Raffles, where you can win Aavegotchi Portals and REALM Parcels.

Aavegotchi Drop Tickets and REALM Parcels

There are three ways to get Drop Tickets:

  • Convert 10,000 FRENS into one Drop Ticket
  • Convert other Raffle Tickets into a Drop Ticket
  • Refer your friends to earn Drop Tickets 🔥

Some REALM parcels come with Parcel Boosts. Parcel Boosts are spots of Alchemica directly adjacent to REALM Parcels within the Gotchiverse. Unlike surveyed Alchemica, which is randomly given by Chainlink VRF, Parcel Boosts are base amounts of Alchemica that are added to the total Alchemica of a Parcel after surveying.

Alchemica Boost amounts are 1000, 500, 250, and 100 for FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK respectively.



After each Great Battle in Act 1, players will be able to survey their Parcel again, rolling to get more Alchemica. The Boost amount above will be added onto the amount rolled by the player for each surveying round.

Alchemica Bubble Ups

The Bubble Ups concept grew out of the debated Paatch 0.1c where Increase Boost Amounts failed to pass. Alchemica Bubble Ups provide additional utility to boosts, while still requiring the player to actively harvest the Alchemica that bubbles up.

Alchemica Bubble Ups are sporadic (but not infrequent) events where Alchemica pickups appear on top of deposits of Alchemica in the Gotchiverse, especially near active parcels. Notably, it is Pixelcraft’s Gameplay vested release allocation that will support these Alchemical releases, although AavegotchiDAO can also vote to supplement the amount.

What is Aavegotchi Maall?

The Aavegotchi Maall is the official Aavegotchi shop. The Maall sells wearables and consumables, with pricing in GHST tokens.

The Maall will be restocked from time to time, each time with totally new wearables.

Once these items are out of stock, they can only be purchased from others who are selling it on secondary marketplaces such as the Baazaar and other online marketplaces.

The Maall can be accessed here.

What is Aavegotchi Baazaar?

The Baazaar

The Aavegotchi Baazaar is the official secondary marketplace for Aavegotchi. Sellers can list their items for sale. There will be a listing fee of 0.1 GHST for every new listing on the Aavegotchi Baazaar. This is to prevent spam listings on Polygon. This 0.1 GHST goes neither to Pixelcraft Studios nor to AavegotchiDAO. Instead, it will be sent directly to the burn address on Polygon when a listing is created or updated.

When an item is sold, the seller gets 96.5% of the sales price deposited to their wallet. The other 3.5% is allocated as follows:

  • 2% to Pixelcraft Studios
  • 1% to AavegotchiDAO
  • 0.5% to Rarity Farming reward pool

All listings have a 1 GHST minimum. If a seller wants to price an item below 1 GHST, multiple items must be listed so that the total listing price is at or above 1 GHST.

Buyers may buy 1, some, or all of a multiple item listing.

Aavegotchi Bazaar

The Aavegotchi Baazaar can be found here.

Aavegotchi Baazaar Features

There are a variety of products listed on the Baazaar:

  • Aavegotchis
  • Portals
  • Gotchiverse Land
  • Installations
  • Wearables
  • Consumables
  • Raffle Tickets

The Baazaar comes equipped with Sort (price), Filter (rarity), & Search (name) functions to help buyers narrow down their choices.

Other features included in the Baazaar are:

  • Activity – View Baazaar sales (Closed Portals, Opened Portals, Aavegotchis, Wearables, Consumables & Raffle Tickets) here!
  • My Listings – View what you have put up for sale!
  • My Sales – Historical record of your sales on the Baazaar
  • My Purchases – Historical record of your purchases on the Baazaar

Aavegotchi Baazaar Rarible

Besides the Baazaar, another secondary marketplace that supports the buying and selling of Aavegotchis is the NFT platform Rarible on Ethereum Mainnet.

As Aavegotchis reside natively on Polygon, they have to be bridged back to Ethereum Mainnet before they can be bought/sold on Rarible. Refer to this on how to bridge your Aavegotchis guide. Do check out the FAQ in that guide for commonly-asked questions.

Aavegotchi Tokenomics

Token Distribution

GHST was distributed in three stages. These were the private sale, pre-sale and public bonding curve sale.

The Private Sale

Size: 5,000,000 GHST Price: 0.05 DAI / GHST

The private sale was held in August 2020. Anyone who performed KYC and met a 20k DAI minimum can join. The funds raised during this round were allocated to Pixelcraft Studios, the company behind Aavegotchi, to ensure the successful development of the Aavegotchi game.

The Pre-Sale

Size: 500,000 GHST Price: 0.1 DAI / GHST

The GHST Pre-Sale was held on 14 September 2020, with a time limit of 14 days or whenever the supply sold out, whichever came first. All Level 6 Aagents who had performed KYC by the aforementioned date were eligible to purchase GHST at this stage.

To conduct the sale, a snapshot of all Level 6 Aagents at the time was taken. This was then cross-checked with those who performed KYC. Then, a special “Verified Level 6” badge was assigned to all eligible participants in the Discord. These participants were then added to a special discord channel, where links to the presale were posted.

The funds raised here were used to bootstrap liquidity in the Token Bonding Curve reserve pool, at a reserve ratio of 100%.

Participants of the Private Sale and Pre-Sale will have their GHST tokens vested over a period of one year, beginning from the close of the Pre-Sale round. After 180 days, an initial release equivalent to roughly 50% of the total amount will be released, followed by a drip release of the remaining tokens over the next 185 days.

Public Bonding Curve Sale

As our frens would say, the curve never ends! For more information on the mechanics of the curve, check out our page on the curve.

There is no limit on the supply of GHST in this round, and no limit on the time. The price opened at 0.2 DAI/ GHST, and fluctuates along the curve. There is no lockup in this round either – tokens can be claimed straight away from the curve.

Anyone who participated in KYC and had their address whitelisted by the Aavegotchi team is able to purchase straight from the curve.

Funds raised from the Curve will be available to Pixelcraft Studios via a tap mechanism controlled by GHST token holders.

Ecosystem Fund

The Ecosystem fund consists of 1,000,000 GHST locked according to the same schedule as the Private and Pre-Sale rounds. Unlocked funds can be deployed via proposals made to the AavegotchiDAO V2.0 and above, for legitimate use cases such as funding development by non-Aavegotchi core team members, promotion and marketing of AavegotchiDao, as well as any other use case the AavegotchiDAO deems useful.

Team Fund

The Team Fund consists of 1,000,000 GHST locked according to the same schedule as the Private Round. However, once funds have been fully unlocked, they will be distributed according to a 3-year vesting schedule, and the remaining funds will be locked into a new vesting contract for another two years, and drip-released to the Aavegotchi core team.

Team funds are primarily used to incentivize core Aavegotchi team members to contribute with their full effort to the project, as well as to compensate external advisors.

Revenue Sharing Overview

What happens to all the GHST spent on portals and wearables?

We’ve made a handy diagram explaining Revenue Sharing V2:

Aavegotchi tokenomics

Read on to learn about the various categories in more detail.


A core part of the Aavegotchi experience is spending time with your Gotchis and equipping them with wearables in rarity farming. To incentivize continuous and active engagement with the game’s ecosystem, part of the revenue earned from portal sales and wearables will go towards rewarding the top rarity farmers.

To that end, 40% of all earned GHST will be distributed back to players via player rewards.

Initially, there will be three categories of Player Rewards:

  • Top 100 Rarest Aavegotchis (by BRS)
  • Top 100 Kinship Scores
  • Top 100 Experience (XP)

The three categories will total up to the 40% of all GHST earned. Exact percentages for each category will be confirmed before the start of each season of rarity farming.

More categories will be added, as the game continues to develop.

When a rarity farming season is live, these rewards will be distributed every two weeks via onchain snapshots.


Community governance is also a core tenet of the Aavegotchi experience. Part of AavegotchiDAO’s responsibilities include managing a treasury, to be used for any initiative it deems worthy. (Waifu pics, maybe?)

15% of revenue will initially be distributed to the DAO treasury. As the DAO continues to mature, this percentage may eventually increase. The end goal, of course, is for the DAO to grow into an entity fully capable of managing and even upgrading the protocol. While that might still be a couple of years away (Aavegotchi only started Mid 2020 after all), it’s still something to look forward to.


As a prelude, it would be good to get yourself acquainted with GHST’s bonding curve and how it works. Then, the fun begins.

5% of all GHST earned via portal and item sales will be burned. Forever. Yes, you read that right.

GHST is a token with a dynamic supply. Its supply increases with demand, meaning that the burn rate does not entail the rapid deflation of the token. That’s a problem for tokens with a fixed supply.

Burning GHST is a deflationary counterbalance to the downward pressure on GHST’s price, as potentially caused by giving out GHST gaming rewards in the form of GHST.

Sending GHST directly to the burn address also locks DAI within the bonding curve, creating a rising price floor for GHST. This is a net positive for all parties as it enables better liquidity for buyers and sellers on the curve (aka less slippage), lowers the circulating supply, and provides stability for the DAICO Tap Mechanism.


Last, but most definitely not least, 40% of revenue goes to the development team. After all, it’s important to feed our devs to make sure they can focus on helping build the best DeFi x NFT experience for everyone here.

That said, we’re all human here. Poorly-aligned incentives for protocol developers are a huge contributor to protocol failure, and is an issue Aavegotchi hopes to prevent.

When protocol developers are paid for their work exclusively in the native token, they are forced to sell the token to pay for expenses, leading to selling pressure and a potential “spiral of death” scenario from which the token never recovers.

However, if developers aren’t paid ANY native token, then incentives aren’t strongly aligned, leading to poor decisions being made.

The Aavegotchi bonding curve solves this problem via a separation of concerns — our community-governed Tap mechanism distributes DAI from the reserve to Pixelcraft Studios (the lead developers of Aavegotchi) every month to ensure a working budget for active development.

Additionally, Pixelcraft will also receive 40% of all GHST revenue, to be used mainly for liquidity incentives, giveaways, and other promotional activities that require GHST.

Historical Changes

The following table details the percentage changes in each category across Revenue Sharing versions:

EARN IT40%40%
DAO IT10%15%
BURN IT33%5%
BUIDL IT17%40%

GHST Token

GHST Token

Price action and trading is cool, but what else can you do with Aavegotchi’s native token, GHST?

The token is meant to be used as the base ecosystem currency for the purchase of various on-chain Aavegotchi assets. These include Portals, wearables, consumables and collectibles, amongst other goods. Beyond this, GHST also has several other functions, such as staking and enabling players to vote in the DAO.

Load up your bags, fren – in this part of our Wiki, we’ll be taking a closer look at these shiny round purple boys.


User incentives play a huge part in any project. In this case, GHST provides the economic incentives to encourage greater participation in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Specifically, the token helps to align the respective goals of the AavegotchiDAO, GHST holders, and Aavegotchi holders.

Players have to buy GHST and spend it in the process of summoning and training Aavegotchis. A portion of this is transferred directly back to the DAO to continue funding the development of the ecosystem. At the same time, part of the value is also distributed as rewards for wise governance in the DAO, and as rewards for engaging in rarity farming.

Using GHST

What can you do with GHST, other than buy it and wonder wen moon? Plenty, and once you learn about the various ways to use GHST, we have a feeling you might just rethink selling.

These include:

  • Buying portals to summon Aavegotchis
  • Buying wearables to equip on your Aavegotchis
  • Buying REALM parcels (more information TBC)
  • Stake GHST, make FRENS, buy tickets and win raffle prizes

Buying GHST

Get your wallets (preferably Metamask) ready – there are a couple of ways to buy GHST tokens:

  • Buying it straight from the curve on Ethereum Mainnet (though this requires KYC, which unfortunately precludes citizens of the United States and China)
  • Buying it from Decentralized Exchanges on Ethereum Mainnet such as Uniswap and Matcha
  • Buying it from Decentralized Exchanges on Polygon such as QuickSwap
  • Buying it from Centralized Exchanges such as OKex and Binance

Make sure you get the correct token address as well.

On Ethereum Mainnet: 0x3F382DbD960E3a9bbCeaE22651E88158d2791550

On Polygon: 0x385Eeac5cB85A38A9a07A70c73e0a3271CfB54A7

Please verify these links against other officially published Aavegotchi sources – it never hurts to be extra careful.

Earning GHST

Not everyone is a whale, and that’s fine – there’s plenty in the DeFi seas to go around.

There are several ways to grind it out and earn GHST. These include:

  • Engaging in rarity farming
  • Participate and vote in AavegotchiDAO
  • Playing and winning in mini-games 

Bonding Curve

A token bonding curve (TBC) is a mathematical curve that defines a relationship between price and token supply.

In a typical TBC, the price increases as the supply of the token increases, and decreases as the supply decreases. As the Aavegotchi Bonding Curve was launched through an Aragon Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offering (DAICO), this article discusses DAICOs as well.



Bonding Curves use a pricing algorithm to serve as an automated market maker and provide an always available source of liquidity. Users can interact with a bonding curve by staking tokens into the bonding curve’s reserve pool.

When they do so, the bonding curve mints the corresponding tokens for the user based on the pricing algorithm. The newly minted tokens can have specific utility and even be traded among users, but can always be exchanged back through the bonding curve for tokens in the bonding curve’s reserve pool.

When a token is purchased via a TBC, each subsequent buyer will have to pay a slightly higher price for each token, generating a potential profit for the earliest investors. As more people find out about the project and the buying continues, the value of each token gradually increases along the bonding curve. Early investors who find promising projects early, buy the curve-bonded token, and then sell their token back can earn a profit in the future.


Bonding curves come in different shapes and sizes. For the Aavegotchi project, the team adopted the Bancor Formula:

token bonding curve


The Reserve Token refers to the token that users stake into the bonding curve.

The Continuous Token refers to the token that is received from the bonding curve upon staking the Reserve Token.

In the case of Aavegotchi, the Reserve and Continuous Tokens are DAI and GHST, respectively.

The Connecting Weight (also known as Reserve Ratio) represents a fixed ratio (between 0 and 100%) between the Continuous Token’s total value (total supply × unit price) and the value of its Reserve Token balance. This CW is constant by the Bancor Formula as both the Reserve Token balance and the Continuous Token’s total value (a.k.a. ‘market cap’) fluctuate with buys and sells.

Each purchase or sale of the Continuous Token (GHST) triggers an increase or decrease of Reserve Tokens (DAI). The price of the Continuous Token with respect to its Reserve Tokens must then continuously recalculate to maintain the configured Connecting Weight between them.

The Connecting Weight determines how sharply a Continuous Token’s price needs to adjust in order to be maintained with every transaction, or in other words, its price sensitivity.

A higher reserve ratio between the Reserve Token balance and the Continuous Token will result in lower price sensitivity, meaning that each buy and sell will have a less than proportionate effect on the Continuous Token’s price movement. Conversely, a lower ratio between the Reserve Token balance and the Continuous Token will result in higher price sensitivity, meaning that each buy and sell will have a more than proportionate effect on the Continuous Token’s price movement.

Aavegotchi’s Reserve Ratio is 33% frens! This means you don’t need to fear dem whales. They can’t pump & dump GHST as the bonding curve is hardened against their huuugge transactions!

Aavegotchi Bonding Curve

The Aavegotchi Bonding Curve was created on 14 September 2020 via a bonding curve smart contract powered by Aragon Fundraising. After the conclusion of a presale for 500,000 GHST, the bonding curve was immediately opened. The bonding curve is unlimited in size, has no time limit, and offers an opening price of 0.2 Dai per GHST. It has a connecting weight of 33%.

You will have to complete KYC in order to purchase straight from/sell to the curve. Compliance is important my dudes – we live in a society, and we also don’t want the project to get rugged by the government. Purchases from the curve are made in DAI. The reverse also applies; you can sell your GHST back to the curve for DAI.

If you are unable to perform KYC because of your citizenship, don’t worry! You will still be able to interact with every other part of the Aavegotchi metaverse. You simply have to purchase your GHST off a DEX such as Uniswap or Balancer, or a CEX like OKex instead.

Aavegotchi DAICO

A Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offering (DAICO) is a new fundraising method that seeks to incorporate the best features of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with those of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in order to create a structure that provides a higher level of effectiveness to the token sale fundraising model.

A DAICO is a model whereby investors have control over the funds collected once the fundraising is over. The investors could influence how developers have access to the funds and at what frequency through a “tap” mechanism. In addition, investors can also vote to do away with the project and have their funds returned.

The Aavegotchi project launched the token bonding curve through a DAICO on Aragon.

This is SAFU. Do. Not. Remove. The. Bonding. Curve. It prevents investors from getting rugged as they ultimately have control over the funds within the DAICO/bonding curve!

The first iteration of AavegotchiDAO launched in tandem with the GHST distribution on the bonding curve. GHST holders had the power to vote on increasing / maintaining the funds distributed by the tap mechanism of the token bonding curve (TBC) reserve to Pixelcraft Studios (the team behind Aavegotchi) to support development. The first AavegotchiDAO proposal of increasing the Aavegotchi DAICO tap from 50,000 DAI to 100,000 DAI per month passed with 99% approval on 18 October 2020.

Aavegotchi Token Supply Dynamics

In our discussion of the token bonding curve/DAICO above, we learned that the total supply of the GHST token is dynamic. When investors purchase GHST using DAI from the bonding curve, new GHST tokens are minted and the total supply of circulating GHST would increase.

When GHST tokens are sold back into the bonding curve, the GHST tokens would be burnt, the seller would receive an equivalent amount in DAI based on the prevailing GHST price on the bonding curve, and the circulating supply of GHST tokens would decrease.

The inflation of GHST tokens through net purchases on the bonding curve is positively correlated to the GHST price. The bonding curve has been mathematically programmed to increase the price of GHST as the circulating supply of GHST increases.


For users who have completed KYC, they will be able to arbitrage the GHST price differences between the token bonding curve and other DEXes such as Uniswap and Balancer. According to Investopedia, “Arbitrage is the purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from a difference in the asset’s price between markets. It is a trade that profits by exploiting the price differences of identical or similar financial instruments in different markets or in different forms. Arbitrage exists as a result of market inefficiencies and would therefore not exist if all markets were perfectly efficient.”

This is possible as DEXes come equipped with their own Automated Market Maker (AMM) formula and the net purchase/sale actions of GHST tokens on these DEXes would result in prices that are different from the token bonding curve. A savvy investor might consider exploiting such inefficiencies in the market (alpha leak here).

What is Aavegotchi Spirit Force?

Every Aavegotchi is powered by Spirit Force. Upon opening a portal, the summoner (you!) has to imbue your Gotchi with Spirit Force to summon your new-found friend to life!

So what exactly is Spirit Force?

Spirit Force are interest-bearing tokens embedded within your Aavegotchi! This makes your Aavegotchi increasingly valuable over time!

In Aavegotchi, the terms “Spirit Force”, “Collateral”, “aTokens”, “maTokens”, and “amTokens” mean the same thing. Confused?

This page will provide you with some helpful information on what are the available aTokens and how do you get them.

Do note that you eventually need maTokens/amTokens to summon your Gotchis on Polygon. There are various ways to get maTokens without needing to go through aTokens. However, for the sake of representativeness, we explain how to get aTokens here.

While the underlying asset is loaned out to borrowers, aTokens accrue interest in real time, directly in your wallet! Seriously, you can watch your balance grow every minute.

aTokens can be classified into one of two categories: (1) cryptocurrencies, or (2) stablecoins. Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are secured by cryptography.

Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. Stablecoins are a class of cryptocurrencies that attempts to offer price stability by being pegged to an external reference such as the US Dollar (USD). The underlying mechanism of pegging differs across stablecoins, with each having its own risk profile.

The following aTokens (cryptocurrencies and stablecoins) are available on the Aave Protocol. The Supported by Aavegotchi column indicates whether a given aToken will be available for Aavegotchi gameplay. The list of supported aTokens are not finalized; there will be twitter votes/DAO votes to add in more aTokens for Aavegotchi gameplay based on player demand.


ImageNameDescriptionSupported by Aavegotchi
aDAI tokenaDAIStablecoin backed by collateral on the Maker Platform.Yes
aUSDC tokenaUSDCA fully collateralized US dollar stablecoin jointly created by Circle and Coinbase.Yes
aTUSD tokenaTUSDStablecoin issued by TrustToken that is fully collateralized and legally protected.TBC
aUSDT tokenaUSDTA stablecoin that mirrors the price of the U.S. dollar, issued by Tether.Yes
asUSD tokenasUSDA synthetic USD token enabled by the Synthetix protocol.TBC
aBUSD tokenaBUSDA 1:1 USD-backed stable coin issued by Binance (in partnership with Paxos).TBC
aGUSD tokenaGUSDA USD Stablecoin issued by Gemini.TBC


ImageNameDescriptionSupported by Aavegotchi
aETH tokenaETHDigital, global money. The currency of Ethereum DApps.Yes
aAAVE tokenaAAVEGovernance token of Aave Protocol. Stakers provide security to the protocol.Yes
aUNI tokenaUNIGovernance token of Uniswap Exchange.Yes
aYFI tokenaYFIGovernance token of Yearn Finance.Yes
aBAT tokenaBATToken that powers Brave Browser and digital advertising.TBC
aREN tokenaRENToken that powers the RenVM and Darknodes.TBC
aENJ tokenaENJToken used to back the value of assets created on Enjin.TBC
aKNC tokenaKNCToken that powers Kyber Network.TBC
aLINK tokenaLINKToken that powers a decentralized oracle network.Yes
aMANA tokenaMANANative currency in Decentraland.TBC
aREP tokenaREPToken used to participate in Augur’s prediction markets.TBC
aSNX tokenaSNXToken that backs the synthetic assets on Synthetix Exchange.TBC
aWBTC tokenaWBTCTokenized version of Bitcoin on Ethereum.TBC
aZRX tokenaZRXToken that is used to pay fees on the 0x protocol.TBC
aCRV tokenaCRVGovernance token of Curve Finance.TBC
aBAL tokenaBALGovernance token of Balancer.TBC

Getting aTokens

1. Head over to the Aave Protocol to get started!

2. Here you have a few options to link your crypto wallet, depending on which type of wallet you have:


3) Before you can use Aave Protocol, you’re going to want to have some crypto assets. The list of available crypto assets are shown in the Stablecoins and the Cryptocurrencies sections above.

If you don’t own any crypto but you want to join the fun, you’ll need to convert your fiat currency (normal money, like dollars, euros, etc.) into a cryptographic asset (like one of the above).

Lucky for you, Aave recently introduced a fiat to crypto onramp where you can buy crypto assets directly from the Aave Protocol application! Now you can use Transak or Ramp Instant to buy the asset of your choice directly with a credit or debit card or wire transfer in just a few minutes (see below).


4) Once you have connected your wallet to the platform, you can deposit an asset into Aave Protocol. When you click “deposit”, the interface will show you what you have available in your wallet to deposit. You then select the asset you would like to deposit, choose how much to deposit, and then voilá, you’ve done it! 

Note: there will be an “approve” transaction before the actual deposit transaction takes place. This is to grant permission to the deposit contract to use that particular asset you are depositing.


As soon as your deposit transaction goes through, you benefit from the deposit interest rate. The aToken version of the asset can now be seen in your wallet.

Converting aTokens into maTokens

Got your aTokens? Good!

Let’s head over to the maTokens page for Step 2!

Differences between maTokens and amTokens

Both maTokens and amTokens accrue interest. However, the way they accrue interest differs:

  • maTokens increase in value over time. This applies to Haunt 1 Aavegotchis that use maTokens. The value of the maTokens are increasing, but as the quantity does not change, it is not possible to withdraw maTokens from the Gotchis unless you sacrifice your Gotchi to get at the underlying collateral.
  • amTokens increase in quantity over time. This applies to Aavegotchis from Haunt 2 and onwards. The interest accrued is reflected as quantity. Hence, it is possible to withdraw amTokens once sufficient interest has been generated.

What is Aavegotchi Tickets?

Aavegotchi Tickets

Tickets are NFTs that allow you to participate in Aavegotchi Raffles to win prizes. They can be purchased using FRENS obtained from staking or on the Baazaar using GHST tokens.

In this page, you will learn how to purchase tickets using FRENS and to participate in raffles using those tickets!

Purchasing Tickets

Once you have enough FRENS, head to the Shop Bulk Buy user interface to purchase tickets with FRENS.

Unlike FRENS, Tickets can be transferred from one wallet to another. They can also be bought/sold on secondary marketplaces such as the Baazaar.

The current supply of Tickets can be determined using the OpenSea Polygon interface.

There are two main categories of tickets:

  • Raffle Tickets
  • Drop Ticket

Raffle tickets can be subdivided into six different subcategories, ranging from Common (least valuable) to Godlike (most valuable). These are used to participate in Wearable Raffles.

On the other hand, Drop Tickets are used to participate in NFT Raffles to win Portals and REALM Parcels.

CategoryFRENS RequiredImage
Common50 FRENSAavegotchi Common Raffle Ticket
Uncommon250 FRENSAavegotchi Uncommon Raffle Ticket
Rare500 FRENSAavegotchi Rare Raffle Ticket
Legendary2500 FRENSAavegotchi Legendary Raffle Ticket
Mythical10000 FRENSAavegotchi Mythical Raffle Ticket
Godlike50000 FRENSAavegotchi Godlike Raffle Ticket
Drop Ticket10000 FRENSAavegotchi Drop Ticket

Users are allowed to buy tickets belonging to different categories in a single transaction. You do not need to create separate buy transactions for each category of raffle ticket.

Entering Raffles

A raffle (both wearable raffles and NFT raffles) runs for a period of time. During this period, you can submit your tickets for a chance to win prizes. Submitting tickets into the draw involves a transaction on Polygon; it is not done automatically. If you have many different categories of raffle tickets and wish to enter them together as a bundle, this is also possible. You do not need to create separate transactions for entering each category of tickets into the raffle.

When the raffle is over, you can find out what prizes you have won and can claim them.

If you choose not to participate in a given Raffle, you do not need to do anything with your tickets. You can also accumulate tickets for subsequent raffles if you like to do so.

As an example, the first wearable raffle had a Chainlink Theme.

Here were the prizes for the raffle:

Aavegotchi Chainlink-theme Raffle Prizes

A total of 6010 prizes.

Each prize will be allocated to a randomly drawn raffle ticket, where each ticket has an equal chance of winning.

You can improve your probability of winning by:

  • Submitting multiple tickets
  • Enter raffle ticket categories with more prizes (e.g. Common)

Random numbers for the Raffle prize winners are generated through Chainlink’s on-chain verifiable randomness generator.

After the raffle has concluded, winners can claim their prizes on Polygon Network and equip their Gotchis with those wearables.

The entire process of staking GHST and winning prizes can be illustrated using the following infographics:

  • Process of staking GHST to winning wearables in Wearable Raffles
Aavegotchi Raffle Tickets
  • Process of staking GHST to winning Portals/REALM parcels in NFT Raffles
Aavegotchi Drop Tickets
  • Process of staking GHST to winning REALM parcels
Aavegotchi Drop Tickets

What is AavegotchiDAO?

The AavegotchiDAO Crest

DAO is a decentralized form of governance, which allows token holders to vote in order to shape the way the organization makes decisions.

Aavegotchi follows in the footsteps of successful DeFi protocols such as Compound and Synthetix by following a process of “gradual decentralization”, beginning with the founding team, Pixelcraft Studios organizing a DAO-governed token distribution event (DAICO) and culminating in placing governance of Aavegotchi, including all game mechanics, smart contracts, and funding, under the auspices of the AavegotchiDAO, but subject always to the prevailing regulatory environment. This will be accomplished in three phases.


The first iteration of AavegotchiDAO was launched in tandem with the GHST token distribution event. GHST token holders had the power to vote on increasing / maintaining the funds distributed by the tap mechanism of the token bonding curve (TBC) reserve to Pixelcraft Studios (the team behind Aavegotchi) to support development. This initial proposal of raising the tap from 50,000 DAI to 100,000 DAI per month passed with 99% approval on 18 October 2020. When the time comes to migrate to AavegotchiDAO Metamorphosis, token holders will also vote to perform the migration.

Token holders will not receive rewards in GHST for active participation in this iteration of AavegotchiDAO.

Features for Genesis include:

  • No smart contract calls
  • No contract upgrades
  • GHST token based governance
  • Platform: Aragon
  • Rewards: None
  • Layer: Ethereum Mainnet


V1.5 of AavegotchiDAO. The intermediate point between Genesis and Metamorphosis. The priority for the Cocoon stage is to influence game mechanics.

Its features include:

  • Contract calls called by Pixelcraft
  • No contract upgrades
  • GHST token based governance
  • Platform: Snapshot/Discourse
  • Rewards: XP for Core Votes
  • Layer: Polygon

There are 2 types of voting in the Cocoon stage:

  1. Signal Proposal,
  2. Core Proposal.

A Signal Proposal can be posted by anyone to the Community tab on Snapshot. These votes are non-binding, but if quorum is achieved, the proposal will automatically be upgraded into a binding Core Proposal. Before you come up with a Signal Proposal, it is mandatory to discuss it with the community on Discord and/or Discourse/AavegotchiDAO Forum. The rationale is to ideate further and to discover whether there is worthy support to move forward with the Signal Proposal. Please follow the template found in the Creating Signal Proposals section.

The Signal Proposal will be upgraded to a Core Proposal once the former passes with a quorum reaching 20% of circulating GHST eligible to vote on Polygon at the time of proposal creation.

A Core Proposal is a proposal that Pixelcraft puts forward, with options based on Signal Proposals that reached or nearly reached quorum. These votes are binding and are eligible for XP rewards to participants.

If your Signal Proposal is successfully upgraded to a Core Proposal, 150 XP* will be given to the Aavegotchi you have noted in your Signal Proposal.

*May increase or decrease throughout COCOON period


Metamorphosis is the second iteration of AavegotchiDAO, and is charged with managing simple game mechanics of Aavegotchi, such as the total supply of Aavegotchis, adding new collaterals, deciding on their functions, and adding new wearables created by the community. When the time comes to migrate to AavegotchiDAO Oasis, the AavegotchiDAO will again vote to perform the migration.

Token holders will receive rewards in the form of GHST for active participation in this iteration of AavegotchiDAO.

Its features include:

  • Can execute smart contract calls
  • Can upgrade certain mechanics
  • Aavegotchi + GHST governance
  • Platform: Custom dapp front-end
  • Rewards: XP + badges for voting
  • Layer: Polygon


Although AavegotchiDAO Oasis is the final iteration of AavegotchiDAO’s evolution, it is only the beginning of the realization of a DAO-governed game. All decisions related to Aavegotchi game mechanics, REALM mechanics, ecosystem spending, and even smart contract upgrades will be voted on by the AavegotchiDAO.

Token holders will receive rewards in GHST for active participation in this iteration of AavegotchiDAO.

Its features include:

  • Can execute smart contract calls
  • Can upgrade certain mechanics
  • Aavegotchi + GHST governance
  • Platform: Aavegotchi Realm
  • Rewards: XP + badges for voting
  • Layer: Polygon

Participating in Governance

I’m psyched up! So how do I participate in the AavegotchiDAO? Fren, we got you covered!

  • You can participate in the discussions in the AavegotchiDAO forum or the #🌱dao-discussion channel on Discord. We welcome everyone!
  • Taking part in AavegotchiDAO votes (when they are available!)
  • The Aavegotchi Docs details the list of DAO functions that members can call/use in order to implement changes that have been voted in. For example, let’s say that asUSD has been voted in as a collateral type. AavegotchiDAO could implement the change by using the addCollateralTypes() function and specifying asUSD within the function.

AavegotchiDAO Forum

The AavegotchiDAO Governance Forum is powered by Discourse. Having this forum will help centralize discussion on important topics related to Aavegotchi game mechanics, funding requests, and other proposals.

We hope that #GotchiGang can become a model for DAO-owned games in the future, so get involved and remember to be frenly to your fellows.

AavegotchiDAO Forum can be found here.

Type of Proposals

There are 2 types of proposals in the Cocoon stage:

  • Signal Proposal — A proposal that can be posted by anyone. These votes are non-binding, but if quorum is achieved, the proposal will automatically be upgraded into a binding Core Proposal. Share your proposal idea and discuss it with other community members on the #🌱dao-discussion channel on Discord or on the AavegotchiDAO Forum. Once you have finalized the details of your proposal, create an official thread for it on the AavegotchiDAO forum using the framework outlined in the Creating Signal Proposals section below. After which, create a vote for it on Snapshot.
  • Core Proposal — If a Signal Proposal achieves 20% or greater quorum (amount of circulating GHST eligible to vote on Polygon), Pixelcraft will reintroduce the proposal as a Core Proposal. These votes are binding and are eligible for XP rewards to participants.
AavegotchiDAO Proposal Type

Core Proposals are further subdivided into 3 types:

Reminder: Quorum percentages are calculated from the amount of circulating GHST eligible to vote on Polygon, not the total supply!

  • Smol votes: Quorum of 5%. These votes are intended for small decisions that do not affect the overall meta or value of existing Aavegotchis in any significant way (e.g. introduction of a cosmetic feature, proposal for a marketing strategy).
  • Medium votes: Quorum of 10%. These votes are intended for decisions that may have some notable effect on the meta (e.g. introducing a new game item, allocating XP to some item or event, changing something about an Aavegotchi that does not affect its rarity score).
  • Galaxy votes: Quorum of 20%. These votes are intended for major decisions that have significant effects on the meta and wider Aavegotchi ecosystem (e.g. a new Haunt, changing something about an Aavegotchi that affects its rarity score).

Vote Differentials

Vote differentials are the difference between the top two options, and are indicative of whether or not a reasonable consensus has been achieved.

Here is an example Core Proposal with 3 options:

  • Option A receives 25%
  • Option B receives 35%
  • Option C receives 40%.

The required Vote Differential is 5% (the difference between Option C [40%] and Option B [35%]).

This would not be enough to achieve consensus, thus the Proposal is not implemented.

Typically, the more options a vote has, the higher Vote Differential it requires to demonstrate that true consensus has been reached.

For COCOON, we will begin with the following Vote Differential parameters, and course correct if necessary:

  • 2 Options — 10% VD
  • 3 Options — 15% VD
  • 4 Options — 20% VD

Creating Signal Proposals

To create signal proposals for the #GotchiGang to vote on, please adhere to the following format:

  • Author + GotchiID
  • Link to the matching Discourse thread (Proposals without significant discussion in the forum will be automatically removed from Snapshot)
  • Summary (include rationale, timeline, goals and any key performance indicators) Copy/paste proposals of existing proposals will be removed while proposals with similar but distinct variations are permitted to exist side by side.
  • Effect
  • Highlight end goal and benefits
  • Acknowledge potential risks or unintended consequences
  • Any alternative paths (Plan B, Plan C, etc)
  • The end time of a proposal should not be longer than 30 days from its starting time, to ensure that only active proposals are displayed on Snapshot Community board.


There are two ways to vote:

  1. Snapshot Voting,
  2. Aragon Voting.


Snapshot is a voting DApp on Ethereum. Votes made on Snapshot does not require any gas and are not on-chain.

To vote on Snapshot, follow the steps below:

1). Go to an open proposal.

2). Connect your wallet.

Snapshot Voting Ethereum
Snapshot Voting Ethereum

3). Select a poll option, and click “Vote.” A pop-up will appear to confirm your choice.

Snapshot Voting Ethereum
Snapshot Voting Ethereum

4). Your Metamask will pop up. Sign the transaction, and you’re done!

sign transaction on Snapshot Voting


Aragon is a tool for creating and participating in decentralized organizations on Ethereum. Votes made on Aragon requires gas and exists on-chain.

Aavegotchi’s Aragon page can be found here.

To vote on Aragon, follow the steps below:

1). Go to an open proposal.

2). Connect your wallet.

Aragon Voting Ethereum

3). Choose to vote “Yes” or “No.”

Aragon Voting Ethereum

4). A Metamask transaction will pop-up. Take note that your transaction has to be mined to be confirmed, so consult a site like gasnow for the latest gas price.

5). Once your transaction is mined, your vote will be reflected accordingly.

Aragon Voting Ethereum

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposals (AGIPs)

See those votes on Aragon? They are Aavegotchi Improvement Proposals (AGIPs)!

Visit the Aavegotchi Improvement Proposals page for a list of historical votes. If you’d like to be informed of future proposals, follow Aavegotchi on social media.

Vote on AGIPs and get POAP badges for it!


AavegotchiDAO earns 0.3% of all trades on the Aavegotchi Bonding Curve on Ethereum Mainnet. This is the current source of all DAO funds.

As responsible stewards, members of AavegotchiDAO will play a role in determining how these funds are to be allocated.

The AavegotchiDAO treasury is located here.

What is Aavegotchi Guilds?

REALM gameplay is coming soon! There will be plenty of activities in the Gotchiverse — from socializing to communal channeling at a Gotchi Lodge. Get to know more frens and participate in Guild-only activities here!

Accessing a Guild

Gotchi Lodges will be accessible to Gotchis with a “Guild Crest.” A Guild Crest is a particular NFT that must be held or equipped by an Aavegotchi.

By default, Gotchi Lodges will be accessible to any Gotchi with the proper Guild Crest in its Pocket (open access), but Guilds can also restrict access to certain Gotchi IDs by requiring Aavegotchis to apply for membership (restricted access) or even designating which Aavegotchis can apply for membership (whitelisting).

There are 2 types of Guild Crests:

  • Wearables Crests: An established Aavegotchi protocol ERC-1155 Wearables (such as Common Rofl, or Aave Hero Mask) with limited supply.
  • Insignia Crests: Special ERC-1155 NFTs without a fixed quantity that can be minted by Guild Owners and held by Aavegotchi members to allow access into a Gotchi Lodge.

Each Gotchi Lodge can link one Insignia Crest and up to three Wearable Crests. The main difference between the two Crests is that Wearable Crests endow Guild Channeling privileges, whereas Insignia Crests only allow Guild access.

Guild Channeling

Guild Channeling (also known as Communal Channeling) is a ritual that Guild members can engage in every week to summon Alchemica to rain down nearby from the Gotchiverse.

Alchemica earned is dependent on the following 3 factors:

  • Base Channel Rate – how much Alchemica is allocated, before any modifications
  • Gotchi Presence – how many Guild members are present
  • Wearable Crest Rarity – the rarity of the Wearable used for channeling

The Base Channel Rate will initially be set at 20 FUD, 10 FOMO, 5 ALPHA, and 2 KEK. This Rate may need to be adjusted by the community over time to prevent going over the Alchemica budget for Alchemical Channeling (25% of total supply over the lifetime of the game, 50% of which is allocated to Guild Channeling).

Every extra Aavegotchi holding the designated Wearable that joins in the ritual increases the total by the Base Channel Rate Gotchi Presence, which results in exponentially more Alchemica being dropped:

Wearable RarityBonus

Wearable Crest Rarity Multiplier designates the base rate at which Alchemica is dropped:

Wearable RarityBonus

Linking your Guild to a Crest

Wearable Crests

A Gotchi Lodge has to link with a Wearable Crest on-chain before it can engage in Alchemical Channeling. Initially, only one Guild can use each Wearable.

A Gotchi Lodge will be considered “linked” with its Wearable Crest if its REALM parcel holds a special ERC-1155 Wearable Crest NFT onchain.

This ERC-1155 Crest cannot be purchased off the open market, but must be won in a Bid-to-earn Auction using GLTR. Auctions will be held every three months for all Wearable Crests, and the winners of those auctions will automatically be transferred the Wearable Crests on-chain, thus earning their Guild the privilege to engage in Guild Channeling.

This gives a strong incentive for Guilds to hold and LP their Alchemica, to continue earning GLTR, and providing Guild Channeling for their members.

Insignia Crests

Each Gotchi Lodge can mint an onchain ERC-1155 Insignia Crest for its members, to allow access to the Lodge without holding the Wearable Crest. The Lodge owner can update the Crest metadata to change the name and appearance of the Crest, but not the Crest’s onchain ID.

Guild Map

Guilds organize themselves in districts. The following guild map has been compiled by MonsterRNG#3333 of Avid Aavegotchis

Aavegotchi Guild Map
Aavegotchi Guild Map

What is Aavegotchi Bridge?

The Aavegotchi Bridge

A bridge is a piece of software that allows you to transfer assets from one blockchain to another.

The initial plan was to launch Aavegotchi on Ethereum Mainnet on 4 January 2021. Due to high gas fees, the community voted to launch the project on Polygon Network instead. As a result of this decision, assets have to be bridged from one network to another.

To facilitate the transfer of assets, Pixelcraft studios created the Aavegotchi Bridge that allows users to send assets back and forth across both networks. Since then, other bridging solutions have also arrived at the scene. This page will cover some of the most common bridges.

The Aavegotchi Bridge is the official bridge created by Pixelcraft Studios. Currently, it allows for the transfer of ERC-20 tokens and ERC-721 assets (Aavegotchis) from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Network and vice versa. Bridging for ERC-1155s (Wearables) will be coming shortly.

Aavegotchi Bridge

The Aavegotchi Bridge can be accessed here.

The following is a step-by-step example of bridging ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon:

1). Click on the token image (circled in red below) to open a dropdown menu of tokens. Select the token that is to be transferred to Polygon.

Aavegotchi Bridge to Matic

2). Key in the amount that is to be transferred.

Aavegotchi Bridge to Matic

3). Click the “Approve Transfer” button.

4). Click the “Transfer to Polygon” button.

5). Wait for ~10 minutes for your asset to appear on Polygon network.

The same concept applies for sending assets back to Ethereum Mainnet from Polygon Network.

Decentralized Bridges


The Polygon bridge was the first cross-chain bridge created between Ethereum and Polygon. It is the official bridge of the Polygon team, and uses a validator driven model to transfer assets between Ethereum and Polygon. This bridge can transfer $GHST tokens, but cannot bridge NFT assets.

For those who want to use the Polygon Bridge, here are the steps to take:

  1. Access the Polygon Web Wallet v2. Click on Polygon Bridge (circled in red below).
Polygon Bridge
  1. Select the token from the dropdown menu, key in the amount into the textbox, and click the Transfer button
Polygon Bridge

It can take up to 10 minutes for the tokens to arrive in your Polygon address.

If you need help with anything you can join the Aavegotchi Discord and ask a fellow community member.


The Narni bridge is a novel bridging solution created by Umbria Network, that uses a liquidity-bridge model, to reduce the cost of bridging by up to 90%. The Narni bridge resolves transactions in approximately 5 minutes, and costs approximately $40 (100 GWEI) to transfer GHST tokens between the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Currently, only ERC-20 tokens are compatible with the Narni bridge; NFTs cannot be bridged.

To use the Umbria Narni Bridge, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Visit the Umbria Narni Bridge. Select the originating and destination networks.
  1. From the dropdown menu, select the token to be bridged.
  1. Key in the amount of token to be bridged. The Narni bridge will provide an estimation of the amount of tokens you will receive post-bridging. The bridge takes a 0.5% fee for bridging assets between chains. The fees go to the liquidity providers that are providing assets on the Narni bridge.
  1. At the point of bridging, you will be provided with 2 options (QR code or MetaMask). Bridging using MetaMask is the recommended approach. It is also recommended to select the fastest speed you can afford to minimize the risk of the transaction getting temporarily stuck.
  1. After sending the transaction, a modal will be displayed. The 1st section displays your transaction process to reaching the bridge. Once your transaction has reached the bridge, you will receive the first tick. It can take a few minutes for you to receive both ticks, but if it takes longer than 10 minutes, please contact the Umbria team on Discord and they will help you solve the issue.

Finally, you will receive two pink ticks, which means that your transaction has successfully bridged, and you will be able to see the assets in your wallet on the destination blockchain. You will also be able to see the transaction on the destination block explorer by clicking the relevant button on the screen at this stage.

Centralized Bridges


AscendEX (formerly BitMax) is a cryptocurrency platform that allows withdrawals to the Polygon Network. Check out the infographic below for more details.

Using AscendEX to play Aavegotchi

Transak is a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway. Users pay using their credit cards and receive the tokens at the wallet address they specified.

CRYPTO.COM is a mobile app wallet. They enable withdrawals of MATIC and USDC to Polygon Network.

  1. Select Transfer –> Withdraw –> Crypto –> External Wallet
  2. Click the + sign at the top right corner
  3. Select the token to be withdrawed. If withdrawal is available for that particular token, you will see an Option for “Polygon” in the “Select Network” field (see screenshot below). withdrawal to Polygon

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They also provide withdrawals to the Polygon Network.

At the withdrawal page, set the Network to MATIC Polygon (see screenshot below).

Withdrawal from Binance to Polygon


Aavegotchis are pixelated ghosts that live on the Ethereum blockchain and are supported by the ERC-721 standard.

If you are interested in playing other NFT games like ApeironAngrymalsEmber SwordEra7MetamonGoBomb CryptoUntamed IslesDragonaryMy Defi PetArena of WarriorsHeroes of the LandBinapetPuzzles CrusadeMonsterraKingdom QuestOceanlandMetaSpetsVulcanoLegends of ElumiaEpic War, Codyfight, Rebel Bots, MetaGear, Kingdom Karnage, Space SIP, MetaGods, WonderHero, Solice, Prometheus, Oly Sport, DeRace, Gunstar, Mytheria, Dinox World, Bemil, Legend of Fantasy War, PlaceWar, Monsters Clan or DeFi Warrior make sure you have gone through our ultimate guides on them.

NFT items which is so popular these days offers so many new ideas and potential money earning if you catch the correct time.

It is also super easy to sell anything on NFT marketplaces.

You can sell your game character or crafted item or reward items.

Have you played Aavegotchi already? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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